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Pokemon Primeval Black 2 Documentation

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TM Changes & Locations

TM Changes:

TM05 Roar -> TM05 Mega Kick

TM21 Frustration -> TM21 Rage

TM32 Double Team -> TM32 Headbutt

TM90 Substitute -> TM90 Reflect Type

TM Location Changes:

TM01 Hone Claws (Victory Road)

TM02 Dragon Claw (Dragonspiral Tower) -> TM02 Dragon Claw (Victory Road)

TM03 Psyshock (Giant Chasm)

TM04 Calm Mind (Striaton City Mart)

TM05 Roar (Route 23) -> TM05 Mega Kick (Route 23)

TM06 Toxic (Seaside Cave) 

TM07 Hail (Mistralton City Mart) -> TM07 Hail (Victory Road Mart)

TM08 Bulk Up (Striaton City Mart)

TM09 Venoshock (Gym #2)

TM10 Hidden Power (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM10 Hidden Power (Aspertia City)

TM11 Sunny Day (Mistralton City Mart) -> TM11 Sunny Day (Victory Road Mart)

TM12 Taunt (Route 23) -> TM12 Taunt (Chargestone Cave)

TM13 Ice Beam (Giant Chasm) -> TM13 Ice Beam (Route 17)

TM14 Blizzard (Lacunosa Town)

TM15 Hyper Beam (Shopping Mall Nine)

TM16 Light Screen (Nimbasa City Mart) -> TM16 Light Screen (Humilau City Mart)

TM17 Protect (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM17 Protect (Route 5)

TM18 Rain Dance (Mistralton City Gym) -> TM18 Rain Dance (Victory Road Mart)

TM19 Telekinesis (Route 18)

TM20 Safeguard (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM20 Safeguard (Route 7)

TM21 Frustration (Floccesy Ranch) -> TM21 Rage (Nimbasa City)

TM22 Solarbeam (Pinwheel Forest) -> TM22 Solarbeam (Lostlorn Forest)

TM23 Smack Down (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM23 Smack Down (Driftveil City)

TM24 Thunderbolt (Victory Road) -> TM24 Thunderbolt (Route 1)

TM25 Thunder (Lacunosa Town)

TM26 Earthquake (Route 15) -> TM26 Earthquake (Victory Road)

TM27 Return (Aspertia City) -> Return (Castelia City/Battle Factory Building) 

TM28 Dig (Route 4)

TM29 Psychic (Route 13)

TM30 Shadow Ball (Reversal Mountain) -> TM30 Shadow Ball (Strange House)

TM31 Brick Break (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM31 Brick Break (Virbank Complex)

TM32 Double Team (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM32 Headbutt (Relic Castle)

TM33 Reflect (Nimbasa City Mart) -> TM33 Reflect (Humilau City Mart)

TM34 Sludge Wave (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM34 Sludge Wave (Castelia Sewers)

TM35 Flamethrower (Route 23) -> TM35 Flamethrower (P2 Laboratory)

TM36 Sludge Bomb (Route 8) -> TM36 Sludge Bomb (Route 9)

TM37 Sandstorm (Mistralton City Mart) -> TM37 Sandstorm (Victory Road Mart)

TM38 Fire Blast (Lacunosa Town)

TM39 Rock Tomb (Relic Castle) -> Floccesy Ranch

TM40 Aerial Ace (Mistralton City)

TM41 Torment (Castelia Sewers)

TM42 Facade (Humilau City)

TM43 Flame Charge (Tubeline Bridge)

TM44 Rest (Castelia City)

TM45 Attract (Castelia City)

TM46 Thief (Virbank Complex)

TM47 Low Sweep (Route 20)

TM48 Round (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM48 Round (Nimbasa City)

TM49 Echoed Voice (Nimbasa Musical Theatre)

TM50 Overheat (N's Castle)

TM51 Ally Switch (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM51 Ally Switch (Lentimas Town)

TM52 Focus Blast (Wellspring Cave)

TM53 Energy Ball (Aspertia City)

TM54 False Swipes (Reversal Mountain) -> TM54 False Swipes (Castelia City/Battle Factory Building)

TM55 Scald (Gym 8) 

TM56 Fling (Route 6)

TM57 Charge Beam (Lentimas Town)

TM58 Sky Drop (Mistralton City)

TM59 Incinerate (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM59 Incinerate (Plasma Frigate) 

TM60 Quash (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM60 Quash (Castelia City)

TM61 Will-O-Wisp (Celestial Tower)

TM62 Acrobatics (Gym 6)

TM63 Embargo (Driftveil City Market)

TM64 Explosion (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM64 Explosion (Route 14)

TM65 Shadow Claw (Celestial Tower)

TM66 Payback (Route 16)

TM67 Retaliate (Plasma Frigate)

TM68 Giga Impact (Shopping Mall Nine)

TM69 Rock Polish (Reversal Mountain)

TM70 Flash (Castelia City)

TM71 Stone Edge (Twist Mountain)

TM72 Volt Switch (Gym 4)

TM73 Thunder Wave (Nimbasa City Mart) -> TM73 Thunder Wave (Humilau City Mart)

TM74 Gyro Ball (Nimbasa City Mart) -> TM74 Gyro Ball (Humilau City Mart)

TM75 Swords Dance (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM75 Swords Dance (Route 18)

TM76 Struggle Bug (Gym 3)

TM77 Psych Up (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM77 Psych Up (Route 12)

TM78 Bulldoze (Gym 5) 

TM79 Frost Breath (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM79 Frost Breath (Driftveil Drawbridge)

TM80 Rock Slide (Mistralton Cave)

TM81 X-Scissor (Route 7)

TM82 Dragon Tail (Gym 7)

TM83 Work Up (Gym 1)

TM84 Poison Jab (Moor of Icirrus)

TM85 Dream Eater (Dreamyard)

TM86 Grass Knot (Pinwheel Forest)

TM87 Swagger (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM87 Swagger (Abundant Shrine)

TM88 Pluck (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM88 Pluck (Route 7)

TM89 U-turn (Battle Subway/PWT) -> TM89 U-Turn (Relic Castle) 

TM90 Substitute (Twist Mountain) -> TM90 Reflect Type (Reversal Mountain)

TM91 Flash Cannon (Twist Mountain)

TM92 Trick Room (Abundant Shrine) -> TM92 Trick Room (Striaton City)

TM93 Wild Charge (Victory Road)

TM94 Rock Smash (Virbank Complex)

TM95 Snarl (Lostlorn Forest)


Type Changes

Kanto (Gen 1)

Ivysaur: Grass → Grass/Poison
Charizard: Fire/Flying → Fire/Dragon
Blastoise: Water → Water/Steel
Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot: Normal/Flying → Electric/Flying
Spearow, Fearow: Normal/Flying → Dark/Flying
Arbok: Poison → Poison/Dragon
Ninetales: Fire → Fire/Psychic
Meowth, Persian: Normal → Normal/Dark
Psyduck, Golduck: Water → Water/Psychic
Farfetch’d: Normal/Flying → Fighting/Flying
Grimer, Muk: Poison → Poison/Dark
Kingler: Water → Water/Steel
Voltorb, Electrode: Electric → Electric/Steel
Lapras: Water/Ice → Water/Dragon
Aerodactyl: Rock/Flying → Rock/Dragon

Johto (Gen 2)
Bayleef, Meganium: Grass → Grass/Psychic
Croconaw, Feraligatr: Water Water/Dark
Noctowl: Normal/Flying → Psychic/Flying
Ampharos: Electric → Electric/Dragon
Bonsly, Sudowoodo: Rock → Rock/Grass
Sunflora: Grass → Grass/Fire
Girafarig: Normal/Psychic → Psychic
Granbull: Normal → Normal/Fighting
Magcargo: Fire/Rock → Fire/Poison
Stantler: Normal → Normal/Grass

Hoenn (Gen 3)
Sceptile: Grass → Grass/Dragon
Masquerain: Bug/Flying → Bug/Water
Ninjask: Bug/Flying → Bug/Fighting
Volbeat: Bug Bug/Electric
Illumise: Bug → Bug/Psychic
Spoink, Grumpig: Psychic → Psychic/Dark
Trapinch: Ground → Bug/Ground
Vibrava, Flygon: Ground/Dragon → Bug/Dragon
Seviper: Poison → Poison/Dark
Lunatone: Rock/Psychic → Rock/Ghost
Solrock: Rock/Psychic → Rock/Fire
Kecleon: Normal → Normal/Ghost
Shuppet, Banette: Ghost → Ghost/Dark
Tropius: Grass/Flying → Grass/Dragon
Chingling, Chimecho: Psychic → Psychic/Steel
Glalie: Ice → Ice/Rock
Huntail: Water → Water/Dark
Gorebyss: Water → Water/Psychic

Sinnoh (Gen 4)
Staraptor: Normal/Flying → Fighting/Flying
Luxio, Luxray: Electric → Electric/Dark
Rampardos: Rock → Rock/Dragon
Pachirisu: Electric → Electric/Psychic
Floatzel: Water → Water/Electric
Lopunny: Normal → Normal/Fighting
Hippopotas, Hippowdon: Ground → Ground/Electric
Carnivine: Grass → Grass/Poison
Electivire: Electric → Electric/Fighting
Magmortar: Fire → Fire/Steel
Dusknoir: Ghost → Ghost/Fighting

Unova (Gen 5)
Servine, Serperior: Grass → Grass/Electric
Pignite, Emboar: Fire/Fighting → Fire/Dark
Dewott, Samurott: Water → Water/Fighting
Watchog: Normal → Normal/Psychic
Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant: Normal/Flying → Fighting/Flying
Cottonee, Whimsicott: Grass → Grass/Flying
Darmanitan: Fire → Fire/Fighting
Maractus: Grass → Grass/Water
Cofagrigus: Ghost → Ghost/Steel
Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle: Psychic → Psychic/Ghost
Sawsbuck: Normal/Grass → Fighting/Grass
Klink, Klang, Klinklang: Steel → Steel/Electric
Tynamo, Eelektrik, Eelektross: Electric → Electric/Water
Elgyem, Beheeyem: Psychic → Psychic/Steel
Beartic: Ice → Ice/Fighting
Cryogonal: Ice → Ice/Ghost
Accelgor: Bug → Bug/Dark
Druddigon: Dragon → Dragon/Rock
Bouffalant: Normal → Normal/Ground
Heatmor: Fire → Fire/Dragon

Trade Changes

Note: All Received Trades have Randomized Gender, Natures, and Abilities. 

Route 4:

(Give) Vileplume (Any Level/Gender) → (Receive) Tropius (Random IVs/Level 30)

Route 7:

(Give) Volbeat (Any Gender/Level) → (Receive) Illumise (Random IVs/Level 30)

Humilau City:

(Give) Sudowoodo (Any Gender/Level) → (Receive) Gallade (Random IVs/Level 35)

Route 15:

(Give) Ditto (Any Level) → (Receive) Porygon2 (Random IVs/Level 50)

Accumula Town & Yancy/Curtis Trades are Unchanged

Item Changes and Redistributions

Item Location Changes:

Shards are now gifts after completing Optional Trainers (Pokemon Rangers)

(26 Red Shards) (30 Blue Shards)  (36 Yellow Shards total) (40 Green Shards) 

**Note: Shards are no longer farmable in Hidden Grottos**

Heart Scales have been increased from 13 to 20.
-Removed from NPCs in Driftveil and Mistralton and wild Luvdisc. NPCs now give Star Pieces and Nuggets. 

**All Vitamins have been removed from Marts & Overworld, as well as Unusable**

**All Feathers have been made unusable/no effect**

**All X-Items have been made unusable in battle**

Pickup (Ability) has been removed from all Pokemon (and hidden abilities)

Rare Candies are now $10 at all Marts.

Figy, Wiki, Mago, Aguav, and Iapapa berries are now available in Virbank City Mart

All Evolution Stones are available in Castelia City Mart

Oran, Leppa, and Status removing berries are available from trainers in Castelia Sewers (x50).

Sitrus, Lum, and All Super Effective-reducing Berries are available in Nimbasa City Mart 

All Gems are available in Driftveil City Mart

Micle, Custap, Jaboca, and Rowap berries are now available in Mistralton City Mart

Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Apicot, Lansat, Starf, and Enigma berries are now available in Opelucid City Mart

Super Repels are available in the Aspertia, Floccesy, and Virbank City Pokemarts 

Both Fossils (Claw and Root) are now available in Relic Castle (TO BE DONE AT A LATER TIME

Choice Band, Specs, and Scarf are now available in Victory Road

Toxic Orb and Flame Orb are now found in Lostlorn Forest and Desert Resort Respectively 

Held Item Changes:

Pokemon Removed of their Naturally Held Items:
Butterfree (SilverPowder)
Beedrill (Poison Barb)
Fearow (Sharp Beak)
Sandshrew Line (Quick Claw)
Venomoth (Shed Shell)
Diglett Line (Soft Sand)
Meowth Line (Quick Claw)
Poliwhirl Line (King’s Rock)
Abra Line (Twistedspoon) 
Tentacool Line (Poison Barb)
Slowpoke Line (Lagging Tail/King’s Rock)
Magnemite Line (Metal Coat)
Farfetch’d (Stick)
Doduo Line (Sharp Beak)
Grimer (Black Sludge)
Cubone Line (Thick Club
Lickitung (Lagging Tail)
Horsea Line (Dragon Scale)
Ditto (Metal Powder/Quick Powder)
Snorlax Line (Leftovers) 
Dratini Line (Dragon Scale)
Chinchou Line (DeepSeaScale)
Yanma (Wide Lens)
Qwilfish (Poison Barb)
Steelix (Metal Coat)
Sneasel Line (Quick Claw/Grip Claw)
Corsola (Hard Stone)
Beautifly/Dustox (Shed Shell)
Masquerain (SilverPowder)
Hariyama (King’s Rock)
Aron Line (Hard Stone)
Roselia (Poison Barb ONLY)
Carvanha Line (DeepSeaTooth)
Trapinch (Soft Sand)
Cacnea Line (Sticky Barb)
Zangoose (Quick Claw)
Lileep Line (Big Root)
Shuppet Line (Spell Tag)
Clamperl Line (DeepSeaTooth/Scale)
Luvdisc (Heart Scale)
Bagon Line (Dragon Fang)
Beldum Line (Metal Coat)
Munchlax (Leftovers)

Item Redistributions:

Absorb Bulb: Now found in Lostlorn Forest

Air Ballon: Now found in Mistralton City

Berry Juice: Now found in Virbank Complex 

Big Root

Binding Band: Now found in Chargestone Cave

Black Belt: Now found in Mistralton City

Black Glasses: 

Black Sludge: Now found in Castelia City & Castelia Sewers

Bright Powder: Now found in Anville Town

Cell Battery: Now found in Castelia City


Damp Rock: Now found in Celestial Tower

Destiny Knot

Dragon Fang: Now found in Opelucid City

Dragon Scale 

Eject Button

Eviolite: Now found in Relic Passage (Castelia Side) 

Expert Belt

Float Stone

Focus Band: Now found in Mistralton Cave

Focus Sash: Now found in Route 22

Full Incense

Grip Claw

Hard Stone: Now found in Relic Passage (Driftveil Side)

Heat Rock: Now found in Route 9

Icy Rock: Now found in Moor of Icirrus 

Iron Ball: Now found on wild Magnemite (5%)

King’s Rock: Now found on wild Poliwrath

Lagging Tail: Now found on wild Onix

Lax Incense


Life Orb: Now found in Twist Mountain

Light Ball: Now found on wild Pikachu (50%)

Light Clay: Now found in Route 4 (Colress Reward) 

Lucky Punch: Now in Route 16

Macho Brace: (Unavailable)


Mental Herb: Now found on wild Lotad and Lombre (5%)

Metal Coat: Now also found in Route 4

Metal Powder


Miracle Seed

Muscle Band: Now found in Seaside Cave

Mystic Water: Now found in Castelia Sewers

Never-Melt Ice: Now found in Dragonspiral Tower (All Seasons)

Odd Incense

Oval Stone

Poison Barb: Now found in Virbank City

Power Items: (Unavailable)

Power Herb: Now found in Route 22

Quick Claw

Quick Powder

Rare Bone

Razor Claw: Now found in Route 11

Razor Fang

Red Card: Now found in Reversal Mountain

Ring Target

Rock Incense

Rocky Helmet

Rose Incense

Scope Lens

Sharp Beak

Shed Shell: Now found in Nimbasa City

Shell Bell

Silk Scarf

Silver Powder: Now found in Castelia City

Smooth Rock: Now found in Desert Resort

Soft Sand: 

Spell Tag

Stick: Now found in Pinwheel Forest

Sticky Barb: Now found in Route 5

Thick Club: Now found in Relic Castle (Volcarona Side)

Twisted Spoon

Wave Incense

White Herb: Now found in Route 17

Wide Lens

Wise Glasses: Now found in Strange House

Zoom Lens: Now found in Nacrene City 

Berries Held by Wild Pokemon

Cheri Berries
Glameow, Blitzle Line, and Emolga

Chesto Berries 
Whismur, and Minccino Line

Pecha Berries
Poochyena, Stunky, Tympole Line, Skitty Line, and Buneary Line

Rawst Berries
Vulpix Line, Growlithe, Numel Line, and Darumaka Line

Aspear Berries
Jynx, and Cubchoo Line

Leppa Berries
Clefairy and Clefable

Oran Berries
Furret, Zigzagoon, Bibarel, Pansage/Pansear/Panpour, and Audino

Persim Berries
Girafarig, Kecleon, Gothita Line, Solosis Line, and Spoink Line

Sitrus Berries
Bibarel and Audino

Occa Berries
Pansage and Mawile

Passho Berries

Wacan Berries
Buizel Line

Rindo Berries
Finneon Line and Panpour

Yache Berries
Starly Line

Kebia Berries
Shroomish Line

Shuca Berries
Ponyta Line

Payapa Berries
Mankey Line

Charti Berries
Taillow Line

Kasib Berries
Duskull Line

Haban Berries
Gible Line

Colbur Berries
Chingling and Chimecho 

Level Curve

Hugh #1 (Aspertia City): 5

Hugh #2 (Floccesy Ranch): 10

Gym #1 (Aspertia City): 15

Virbank Complex: 17

Gym #2 (Virbank City): 22

Castelia Sewers: 24

Royal Unova (Optional): 26

Gym #3 (Castelia City): 30

Colress #1 (Route 4): 32

Subway Bosses (Nimbasa City): 34-35

Gym 4 (Nimbasa City): 38

Rood (Driftveil City): 41

Gym 5 (Driftveil City): 45

Hugh 3 (PWT): 45

Cheren (PTW): 46

Colress 1 (PTW): 47

Plasma Frigate (#1): 48

Gym 6 (Mistralton City): 55

Hugh 4 (Undella Town): 54

Zinzolin 1 (Lacunosa Town): 57

Gym 7 (Opelucid City): 62

Zinzolin 2 (Opelucid City): 61

Shadow Triad 1 (Opelucid City): 62

Gym 8 (Humilau City): 66

Plasma Frigate (#2) 65

Zinzolin 3 (Giant Chasm): 68

Colress 2 (Plasma Frigate #3): 69

Shadow Triad (6v18): 70

Ghetsis: 73

Victory Road: 73-76

E4: 76-79

Champion: 80

Gift Pokemon Changes

Driftveil City:

Rood’s Zorua is now replaced with a Magby

Route 6: 

The Weather Institute’s Deerling is now replaced with a Stantler 

Castelia City: 

Dream World Research’s Eevee is unchanged

Floccesy Town: 

Benga’s shiny Gible is unchanged

Nacrene City: 

Pokemon Breeder’s Happiny is unchanged

Twist Mountain: 

Hiker’s Daily gift of fossils is unchanged

Marvelous Bridge: 

Fish Salesman’s Magikarp is now unchanged

Nacrene City: 

Lenora’s gift of either Tirtouga or Archen is now irrelevant, as you receive both fossils.

Evolution Changes

Generation 1 (Kanto)

Venonat now evolves into Venomoth at Level 20
Psyduck now evolves into Golduck at Level 28
Tentacool now evolves into Tentacruel at Level 26
Poliwhirl now evolves into Politoed by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a King’s Rock
Kadabra now evolves into Alakazam at Level 36
Machoke now evolves into Machamp at Level 36
Graveler now evolves into Golem at Level 36
Ponyta now evolves into Rapidash at Level 35
Slowpoke now evolves into Slowbro at Level 33
Slowpoke also evolves into Slowking by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a King’s Rock
Magneton now evolves into Magnezone using a Thunderstone 
Grimer now evolves into Muk at Level 28
Haunter now evolves into Gengar at Level 36
Onix now evolves into Steelix by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Metal Coat
Exeggcute now evolves into Exeggcutor at Level 30
Lickitung now evolves into Lickilicky at Level 33
Koffing now evolves into Muk at Level 30
Rhyhorn now evolves into Rhydon at Level 30
Rhydon now evolves into Rhyperior at Level 40
Tangela now evolves into Tangrowth at Level 36
Seadra now evolves into Kingdra by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Dragon Scale 
Goldeen now evolves into Seaking at Level 28
Staryu now evolves into Starmie at Level 28
Scyther now evolves into Scizor by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Metal Coat
Electabuzz now evolves into Electivire by leveling up (During the Day) while holding an Electrizer
Magmar now evolves into Magmortar by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Magmarizer
Eevee now evolves into
Espeon using a Sun Stone
Umbreon using a Moon Stone
Glaceon using a Dawn Stone
Leafeon using a Leaf Stone 
Porygon now evolves into Porygon2 by leveling up (During the Day) while holding an Up-Grade
Omanyte now evolves into Omastar at Level 30
Kabuto now evolves into Kabutops at Level 30

Generation 2 (Johto):

Aipom now evolves into Ambipom at Level 32
Yanma now evolves into Yanmega at Level 33
Gligar now evolves into Gliscor at Level 38
Sneasel now evolves into Weavile at Level 30
Piloswine now evolves into Mamoswine at Level 40
Porygon2 now evolves into Porygon-Z by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Dubious Disc 
Tyrogue now evolves into
Hitmonchan using a Dawn Stone
Hitmonlee using a Dusk Stone
Hitmontop using a Shiny Stone
Smoochum now evolves into Jynx at Level 25
Elekid now evolves into Electabuzz at Level 25
Magby now evolves into Magmar at Level 25
Pupitar now evolves into Tyranitar at Level 45

Generation 3 (Hoenn): 

Ralts now evolves into Kirlia at Level 15
Kirlia now evolves into Gallade using a Dawn Stone regardless of its Gender 
Nosepass now evolves into Probopass using a Thunderstone
Meditite now evolves into Medicham at Level 30
Trapinch now evolves into Vibrava at Level 30
Lilieep now evolves into Cradily at Level 30
Anorith now evolves into Armaldo at Level 30
Feebas now evolves into Milotic by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Prism Scale
Shuppet now evolves into Banette at Level 32
Dusclops now evolves into Dusknoir by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Reaper Cloth
Snorunt now evolves into Glalie at Level 40
Snorunt now evolves into Froslass using a Dawn Stone regardless of its Gender
Spheal now evolves into Sealeo at Level 24
Sealeo now evolves into Walrein at Level 40
Clamperl now evolves into
Huntail by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Deep Sea Tooth
Gorebyss by leveling up (During the Day) while holding a Deep Sea Scale

Generation 4 (Sinnoh): 

Budew now evolves into Roselia at any time of the day (Base 255 Happiness)
Combee now evolves into Vespiquen regardless of its Gender
Chingling now evolves into Chimecho at any time of the day (Base 255 Happiness)
Stunky now evolves into Skuntank at Level 32
Bonsly now evolves into Sudowoodo at Level 20
Mime Jr. now evolves into Mr. Mime at Level 15
Happiny now evolves into Chansey immediately (Base 255 Happiness) 
Riolu now evolves into Lucario at any time of the day (Base 255 Happiness)
Skorupi now evolves into Drapion at Level 30
Mantyke now evolves into Mantine at Level 22

Generation 5 (Unova): 

Boldore now evolves into Gigalith at Level 40
Gurdurr now evolves into Conkeldurr at Level 36
Karrablast now evolves into Escavalier at Level 40
Shelmet now evolves into Accelgor at Level 40