Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Complete Walkthrough

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo GBA ROM Hack Cover-Boxart

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Author: DecaPod

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Littleroot Town


Surfing (44): 60% Squirtle, 30% Totodile, 5% Croconaw, 5% Wartortle

Old Rod (4-5): 70% Luvdisc, 30% Goldeen

Good Rod (20): 60% Corphish, 20% Goldeen, 20% Poliwhirl

Super Rod (65): 41% Luvdisc, 40% Seaking, 15% Poliwhirl, 4% Crawdaunt


Route 103


Grass (4): 20% Sunkern, 20% Wingull, 10% Ledyba, 10% Spearow, 10% Skitty, 10% Ekans, 5% Mareep, 5% Hoppip, 4% Poliwag, 4% Spoink, 1% Aipom, 1% Taillow

Surfing (43): 60% Kingler, 30% Seaking, 5% Qwilfish, 5% Mantine

Old Rod (5): 70% Remoraid, 30% Tentacool

Good Rod (20): 80% Octillery, 20% Tentacool

Super Rod (65): 40% Qwilfish, 40% Octillery, 15% Kingler, 5% Seaking


Oldale Town


Grass (2-5): 21% Vulpix, 20% Slugma, 20% Numel, 20% Growlithe, 6% Ponyta, 5% Magby, 4% Cyndaquil, 4% Charmander


Route 102


Grass (4-7): 20% Meowth, 20% Sandshrew, 10% Nidoran(m), 10% Electrike, 10% Hoothoot, 10% Gulpin, 5% Spinarak, 5% Spoink, 4% Farfetch'd, 4% Ralts, 1% Minun, 1% Pikachu

Surfing (43): 60% Luvdisc, 30% Seaking, 5% Carvanha, 4% Poliwrath, 1% Politoed

Old Rod (5): 70% Carvanha, 30% Barboach

Good Rod (23): 60% Psyduck, 20% Goldeen, 20% Corphish

Super Rod (65): 40% Golduck, 40% Whiscash, 20% Seaking


Youngster Calvin

Sentret(m) Lv.6: Assist, Quick Attack, -----, ----- [0|Mild]

Poochyena(m) Lv.6: Bite, Super Fang, Mud-Slap, Rock Smash [0|Lax]

Zigzagoon(m) Lv.6: Swift, Sand-Attack, -----, ----- [0|Timid]


Bug Catcher Rick

Caterpie(m) Lv.5 @Choice Band: Tackle, -----, -----, ----- [Hasty]

Wurmple(m) Lv.5 @Poison Barb: Tackle, Poison Sting, String Shot, ----- [15]

Kakuna(m) Lv.5 @Berry Juice: Iron Defense, Poison Sting, -----, ----- [Mild]

Cascoon(m) Lv.5 @Berry Juice: Iron Defense, Poison Sting, Tackle, ----- [Impish]


Lass Tiana

Igglybuff(f) Lv.6: Present, -----, -----, ----- [12|Lax]

Sunkern(f) Lv.6 @Berry Juice: Mega Drain, Synthesis, Leech Seed, Protect [Impish]

Togepi(m) Lv.5 @Berry Juice: METRONOME, Softboiled, -----, ----- [24|Hasty]


Bug Catcher Allen

Weedle(m) Lv.7 @Choice Band: Poison Sting, -----, -----, -----

Wurmple(m) Lv.7 @Choice Band: Tackle, -----, -----, ----- [Naughty]

Metapod(m) Lv.7: @Sitrus Berry: Iron Defense, Tackle, -----, ----- [Naughty]

Silcoon(m) Lv.7 @Sitrus Berry: Iron Defense, Poison Sting, Tackle, ----- [Relaxed]


Petalburg City


Grass (7): 20% Krabby, 20% Corphish, 15% Poliwag, 15% Psyduck, 10% Surskit, 10% Marill, 4% Totodile, 4% Squirtle, 2% Slowpoke

Surfing (43): 60% Crawdaunt, 30% Golduck, 5% Whiscash, 4% Azumarill, 1% Poliwhirl

Old Rod (5): 70% Azurill, 30% Luvdisc

Good Rod (20): 60% Marill, 20% Goldeen, 20% Corphish

Super Rod (65): 40% Golduck, 40% Seaking, 15% Poliwhirl, 4% Crawdaunt, 1% Azumarill


Route 104 (South)


Grass (7): 20% Jigglypuff, 20% Cubone, 10% Seedot, 10% Snubbull, 10% Nidoran(f), 10% Natu, 5% Mareep, 5% Spoink, 4% Hoothoot, 4% Venonat, 1% Drowzee, 1% Elekid

Surfing (43): 60% Seaking, 30% Pelipper, 5% Swellow, 4% Pidgeot, 1% Wartortle

Old Rod (8): 100% Magikarp

Good Rod (20): 100% Magikarp

Super Rod (65): 99% Magikarp, 1% Gyarados


*Heart Scale 1 tile east and 5 tiles south from Fisherman Darian.


Bird Keeper Billy

Pidgey(m) Lv.7 @Silk Scarf: Quick Attack, Mud-Slap, Gust, Whirlwind

Wingull(m) Lv.7 @Mystic Water: Gust, Water Gun, Supersonic, PURSUIT [18|Impish]

Taillow(m) Lv.7 @Silk Scarf: Quick Attack, Snore, Mud-Slap, Peck [15]


Fisherman Darian

Magikarp(m) Lv.9 @Choice Band: Bounce, -----, -----, ----- [Careful]

Feebas(m) Lv.8 @Sitrus Berry: Water Pulse, Hypnosis, Icy Wind, Facade 

Goldeen(m) Lv.7: Aerial Ace, Dive, Horn Attack, Rain Dance [24]

Luvdisc(f) Lv.7: Sweet Kiss, Attract, Dive, Toxic [12|Quiet]


Lady Cindy

Cleffa(f) Lv.8 @Leppa Berry: METRONOME, -----, -----, ----- [15]

Pichu(f) Lv.8: Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Sweet Kiss, Thief [6]

Azurill(f) Lv.7 @Choice Band: Uproar, -----, -----, ----- [3|Sassy]


Petalburg Woods


Grass (7-8): 20% Oddish, 20% Hoothoot, 10% Phanpy, 10% Teddiursa, 10% Bellsprout, 10% Pineco, 5% Illumise, 5% Volbeat, 4% Cascoon, 4% Silcoon, 1% Mankey, 1% Slakoth


Bug Maniac Lyle

Spinarak(m) Lv.8 @Berry Juice: Night Shade, SPIDER WEB, Baton Pass, Mega Drain [Hasty]

Ledyba(m) Lv.8: Baton Pass, Mach Punch, Gust, Supersonic [Naive]

Venonat(m) Lv.8: Stun Spore, Psybeam, Baton Pass, Mega Drain [12|Timid]


Bug Catcher James

Paras(m) Lv.9 @Silverpowder: Mega Drain, Spore, Aerial Ace, Secret Power [Naive]

Surskit(m) Lv.8: Water Pulse, Mega Drain, Mud Shot, Psybeam [Gentle]

Nincada(m) Lv.9 @Miracle Seed: Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Dig, Snore [Brave]


Team Magma Grunt

Magnemite Lv.8 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon

Koffing(m) Lv.8 @LAX INCENSE: Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, Protect, Thief [Quiet]

Houndour(m) Lv.9 @Scope Lens: PURSUIT, Ember, Super Fang, Toxic [Lonely]

Duskull(m) Lv.8 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Sneak, Protect, Confuse Ray [Careful]

Bagon(m) Lv.8 @Scope Lens: Twister, Ember, Bite, Headbutt [15|Sassy]


Route 104 (North)



Rich Boy Winston

Snubbull(f) Lv.8 @Oran Berry: METRONOME, Pay Day, Bite, Mud-Slap [18|Adamant]

Growlithe(m) Lv.8 @Oran Berry: Ember, Swift, Bite, Rock Smash [18|Calm]

Electrike(m) Lv.8 @Oran Berry: Thundershock, Bite, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave [18|Jolly]


Lass Haley

Skitty(f) Lv.9: Assist, Attract, -----, ----- [24|Lonely]

Oddish(f) Lv.9: Poisonpowder, Protect, Mega Drain, Acid [18]

Vulpix(f) Lv.9: Quick Attack, Ember, Confuse Ray, Bite [18]


Twins Gina & Mia [Double Battle]

Smeargle(m) Lv.8: Reflect, Teeter Dance, Softboiled, Focus Punch [Quiet]

Smeargle(m) Lv.8: Light Screen, Follow Me, Milk Drink, ----- 


Pkmn Trainer Red

Eevee(m) Lv.9 @Sitrus Berry: Quick Attack, Rest, Snore, Curse [Adamant]

Bulbasaur(m) Lv.9 @Berry Juice: Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, Cut, Light Screen [Naive]

Charmander(m) Lv.9 @Berry Juice: Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Bite, Will-o-Wisp [Rash]

Squirtle(m) Lv.9 @Berry Juice: Fake Out, Water Pulse, Yawn, Bite [Impish]

Pikachu(m) Lv.9 @Sitrus Berry: Shock Wave, Quick Attack, Surf, Thunder Wave [Rash]


Rustboro City


Grass (9): 20% Shroomish, 20% Seedot, 10% Cacnea, 10% Bellsprout, 10% Oddish, 10% Hoppip, 5% Sunkern, 5% Roselia, 4% Chikorita, 4% Bulbasaur, 1% Exeggcute, 1% Lotad


Route 115


Grass (19-43): 20% Swablu, 20% Clefairy, 10% Eevee, 10% Absol, 10% Wigglytuff, 10% Swellow, 9% Beldum, 5% Kangaskhan, 4% Bagon, 1% Shelgon, 1% Metang

Surfing (43): 60% Tentacool, 30% Qwilfish, 5% Relicanth, 4% Kabuto, 1% Omanyte

Old Rod (9): 70% Kabuto, 30% Omanyte

Good Rod (20): 60% Kabuto, 20% Relicanth, 20% Omanyte

Super Rod (65) 44% Kabutops, 40% Relicanth, 16% Omastar


Route 116


Grass (9): 20% Grimer, 20% Makuhita, 10% Yanma, 10% Natu, 10% Paras, 10% Voltorb, 5% Spoink, 5% Chimecho, 4% Ralts, 4% Unown, 1% Kakuna, 1% Metapod


Hiker Devan

Geodude(m) Lv.10 @Sitrus Berry: Rock Tomb, Dig, Secret Power, Seismic Toss [Calm]

DIGLETT(m) Lv.9: Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Dig, Secret Power

TRAPINCH(m) Lv.9: Quick Attack, Dig, Rock Tomb, Secret Power


Bird Keeper Johnson

Hoothoot(m) Lv.9: Hypnosis, Night Shade, Reflect, Confusion [18|Quiet]

Swablu(m) Lv.9: Sing, Aerial Ace, Secret Power, Rest [18|Jolly]

Natu(m) Lv.9: Confuse Ray, Confusion, Aerial Ace, Night Shade [18|Calm]


School Kid Karen

Totodile(m) Lv.9: -----, Bite, Dive, Dig [21|Sassy]

Cyndaquil(m) Lv.9: -----, Quick Attack, Ember, Dig [18|Lonely]

Chikorita(m) Lv.9: -----, Synthesis, Mega Drain, Secret Power [24|Impish]


School Kid Jerry

Nidoran(m) Lv.10: Horn Attack, Toxic, Dig, Rock Tomb [24|Calm]

Shuppet(m) Lv.9: Shadow Sneak, -----, -----, ----- [12|Careful]

Phanpy(m) Lv.10: Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Secret Power, Attract [24|Timid]


Lady Sarah

Spoink(f) Lv.10 @Oran Berry: Confusion, Confuse Ray, Bounce, Secret Power [18|Relaxed]

Meowth(f) Lv.10 @Oran Berry: Fake Out, Aerial Ace, Pay Day, Bite [18|Rash]

Bellsprout(f) Lv.10 @Poison Barb: Stun Spore, Acid, Secret Power, Mega Drain [24]


Rich Boy Dawson

Swinub(m) Lv.10 @Oran Berry: Ice Shard, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Secret Power [24]

Mareep(m) Lv.10 @Oran Berry: Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Secret Power, ----- [Impish]

Aipom(m) Lv.9: Fake Out, Aerial Ace, Cut, Tickle [24|Naive]


Youngster Joey

Rattata(m) Lv.10 @Sitrus Berry: Quick Attack, Bite, Secret Power, Water Pulse [Adamant]

Ekans(m) Lv.10: Glare, Acid, Bite, Mega Drain [24|Brave]

Sandshrew(m) Lv.10: Sand Tomb, Rock Tomb, Swift, Aerial Ace [24]

Slakoth(m) Lv.10 @Choice Band: Crush Claw, -----, -----, ----- [Adamant]


Hiker Clark

Slugma(m) Lv.10 @Charcoal: Recover, Flame Wheel, Rock Tomb, Body Slam [Calm]

Teddiursa(m) Lv.10 @Spell Tag: Lick, Facade, Snore, Rest [24|Calm]

Gulpin(m) Lv.10 @Berry Juice: Acid, Swallow, Toxic, Secret Power [24|Modest]


Lass Janice

Jigglypuff(f) Lv.10: -----, Sing, Present, Tackle [24|Quiet]

Nidoran(f) Lv.10: -----, Toxic, Bite, Secret Power [18|Rash]

Marill(f) Lv.9: -----, Bubblebeam, Secret Power, Tickle [Adamant]


Bug Maniac Jose

Dustox(m) Lv.10 @Sitrus Berry: Iron Defense, Light Screen, Confusion, Toxic [Impish]

Beautifly(m) Lv.10 @Miracle Seed: Gust, Leech Life, Mega Drain, Stun Spore [24|Mild]

Beedrill(m) Lv.10 @Black Belt: Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Secret Power, Giga Drain [24|Naughty]

Butterfree(m) Lv.10 @Cheri Berry: Stun Spore, Supersonic, Mega Drain, Confusion [24|Quiet]


Rusturf Tunnel


Cave (10-12): 20% Nosepass, 20% Geodude, 14% Onix, 10% Rhyhorn, 10% Phanpy, 10% Sandshrew, 5% Dunsparce, 5% Cubone, 4% Swinub, 1% Whismur, 1% Zubat


Rustboro Gym


School Kid Josh

Geodude(m) Lv.15 @Choice Band: SELFDESTRUCT, -----, -----, ----- [0|Modest] +276

Zubat(m) Lv.11 @Cheri Berry: Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Hypnosis, Leech Life [Mild] +126

Sudowoodo(m) Lv.12 @Sitrus Berry: Calm Mind, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Rock Tomb [Sassy] +346

Omanyte(m) Lv.14 @Hard Stone: Water Pulse, Rock Tomb, Aurora Beam, Bite +360


School Kid Tammy

Aron(m) Lv.13 @Sharp Beak: Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Brick Break, Secret Power +267

Corsola(f) Lv.13 @Hard Stone: Recover, Rock Tomb, Aurora Beam, Water Pulse [Sassy] +313

Rhyhorn(m) Lv.15 @Lum Berry: Megahorn, Magnitude, Rock Tomb, Ice Beam [Relaxed] +433

Yanma(m) Lv.11: Aerial Ace, Ancientpower, Silver Wind, Giga Drain [24|Careful] +346

Larvitar(m) Lv.15 @Persim Berry: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Facade, Sleep Talk [24|Rash] +214


Hiker Marc

Onix(m) Lv.15 @Liechi Berry: Swagger, Dig, Rock Tomb, SELFDESTRUCT [Gentle] +346

Cacnea(m) Lv.12 @Silk Scarf: Thunder Wave, Teeter Dance, Needle Arm, Stomp [Adamant] +249

Kabuto(m) Lv.14 @Miracle Seed: Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Giga Drain, Mud Shot +357

Baltoy Lv.12 @Twistedspoon: Psybeam, Rock Tomb, Signal Beam, SELFDESTRUCT [24|Jolly] +148


Leader Roxanne

Nosepass(f) Lv.15 @Sitrus Berry: SELFDESTRUCT, Attract, Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave [Naughty]

Lileep(m) Lv.14 @Sitrus Berry: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Recover, Ancientpower

Anorith(m) Lv.14 @Lum Berry: Aerial Ace, Brick Break, X-Scissors, Rock Slide [Quiet]

Relicanth(m) Lv.14 @Sitrus Berry: Rock Throw, Secret Power, Yawn, Water Pulse [Lax]

Shuckle(f) Lv.14 @Sitrus Berry: Toxic, Curse, Rollout, Sunny Day [Adamant]

Lunatone Lv.15 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Moonlight, Confusion, Rock Slide [Lonely]


Rusturf Tunnel



Team Aqua Grunt

Dratini(m) Lv.14 @Scope Lens: Thunder Wave, Dragonbreath, Water Pulse, Headbutt [24|Impish]

Tentacool(m) Lv.14 @LAX INCENSE: Toxic, Water Pulse, Icy Wind, Secret Power [Quiet]

Voltorb Lv.13 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Shock Wave, SELFDESTRUCT [Jolly]

Barboach(m) Lv.14 @FOCUS BAND: Magnitude, Dragon Dance, Water Pulse, Secret Power [Lonely]

Snorunt(m) Lv.13 @King's Rock: Bite, Body Slam, Ice Shard, Attract 

Carvanha(m) Lv.15 @Scope Lens: Ancientpower, Bounce, Water Pulse, Crunch [Calm]


Rustboro City (Optional)



Pkmn Trainer May

Farfetch'd(f) Lv.14 @Stick: Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Mud-Slap, Cut [Brave]

Minun(f) Lv.14 @Berry Juice: Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Quick Attack, Seismic Toss [Modest]

Nidorina(f) Lv.16 @Silk Scarf: Toxic, Secret Power, Drill Run, Protect [0|Naughty]

Chikorita(m) Lv.15 @Sitrus Berry: Light Screen, Reflect, Mega Drain, Secret Power [Rash]

Squirtle(m) Lv.15 @Mystic Water: Water Gun, Attract, Secret Power, Icy Wind [Bold]

Combusken(m) Lv.16 @Charcoal: Ember, Double Kick, Rock Tomb, Quick Attack


Route 106


Surfing (43): 60% Seel, 30% Spheal, 5% Shellder, 4% Dewgong, 1% Sealeo

Old Rod (15): 100% Seel

Good Rod (20): 80% Spheal, 20% Seel

Super Rod (65): 40% Spheal, 40% Seel, 15% Sealeo, 5% Dewgong


*Heart Scale straight north from in between the two houses in Dewford until reaching the edge of the beach, 2 tiles to the right.


Route 107


Surfing (43): 60% Corsola, 30% Huntail, 5% Lanturn, 4% Clamperl, 1% Gorebyss

Old Rod (15): 100% Clamperl

Good Rod (20): 60% Shellder, 20% Seel, 20% Spheal

Super Rod (65): 40% Seel, 40% Spheal, 15% Cloyster, 5% Sealeo


Dewford Town


Grass (3-15): 34% Makuhita, 29% Mankey, 20% Machop, 16% Tyrogue, 1% Meditite

Surfing (43): 60% Corsola, 30% Seel, 5% Spheal, 4% Krabby, 1% Slowpoke

Old Rod (15): 70% Spheal, 30% Shellder

Good Rod (20): 60% Clamperl, 20% Sealeo, 20% Seel

Super Rod (65): 40% Huntail, 40% Dewgong, 15% Cloyster, 4% Gorebyss, 1% Walrein


Dewford Gym


Battle Girl Laura

Makuhita(m) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Fake Out, Force Palm, Rock Tomb, Shadow Punch +297

Machop(m) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Revenge, Rock Tomb, Facade, Sleep Talk [Bold] +301

Meditite(f) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Fake Out, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Body Slam [27|Mild] +312


Black Belt Takao

Tyrogue(m) Lv.16 @Salac Berry: Mach Punch, Hi Jump Kick, Facade, Rock Slide [Relaxed] +312

Mankey(m) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Facade, Bulk Up [Timid] +253

Vigoroth(m) Lv.16 @Rawst Berry: Brick Break, Slack Off, COUNTER, Shadow Ball [18|Modest] +432


Battle Girl Lilith

WYNAUT(f) Lv.15 @Lum Berry: COUNTER, Mirror Coat, Tickle, Safeguard +141

Shroomish(f) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Spore, Giga Drain, Facade, Substitute [Timid] +222

Combusken(m) Lv.16 @Starf Berry: Ember, Double Kick, Rock Tomb, Endure [24|Jolly] +486


Black Belt Cristian

Magby(m) Lv.15 @Black Belt: Fire Punch, Brick Break, Thunderpunch, Psychic [18|Modest] +375

Makuhita(m) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Bulk Up, Revenge, Rock Slide, Shadow Punch [Impish] +297

Elekid(m) Lv.15 @Black Belt: Thunderpunch, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Fire Punch [15|Mild] +340

Mankey(m) Lv.16 @Liechi Berry: Substitute, Reversal, Rock Tomb, Secret Power +253


Sailor Brenden

Breloom(m) Lv.16 @Miracle Seed: Stun Spore, Mach Punch, Giga Drain, Rock Tomb [18] +565

Poliwhirl(m) Lv.16 @Soft Sand: Hypnosis, Water Pulse, Ice Punch, Mud Shot [24|Sassy] +448

Machoke(m) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Karate Chop, Rock Tomb, Bulk Up, Rest [Naughty] +499


Battle Girl Jocelyn

Heracross(f) Lv.16: Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Sleep Talk [0|Mild] +685

WOBBUFFET(f) Lv.15: Charm, MIRROR COAT, COUNTER, Encore [0|Lonely] +568

Meditite(f) Lv.16 @Lum Berry: Revenge, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Psychic [Bold] +312



Leader Brawly

Hitmontop(m) Lv.17 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Mach Punch, Rock Slide, Secret Power [Quiet]

Hitmonlee(m) Lv.17 @Sitrus Berry: Sleep Talk, Rolling Kick, Rock Slide, Secret Power 

Hitmonchan(m) Lv.17 @Chesto Berry: Shadow Punch, Mach Punch, Rock Slide, Facade [Gentle]

Meditite(m) Lv.19 @Lum Berry: Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide, Fake Out [Mild]

Poliwrath(m) Lv.17 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Surf, Ice Punch, Brick Break 

Hariyama(m) Lv.19 @Lum Berry: Force Palm, Shadow Punch, Rock Slide, Fake Out [Modest]


Route 106



Team Aqua Grunt

Gastly(m) Lv.14 @Scope Lens: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, SELFDESTRUCT, Hypnosis [Gentle]

Porygon Lv.14 @Starf Berry: Tri Attack, Psybeam, Recover, Recycle [24|Adamant]

Marshtomp(m) Lv.16 @FOCUS BAND: Mud Shot, Water Pulse, Ice Punch, Toxic [12|Calm]

Drowzee(m) Lv.14 @Scope Lens: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Brick Break, Confusion 

Sneasel(m) Lv.13 @King's Rock: Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, Secret Power, Surf [24|Modest]

Clamperl(m) Lv.15 @Deepseascale: Toxic, Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Rest [Impish]


Fisherman Elliot

Poliwag(m) Lv.15: -----, Hypnosis, Secret Power, Water Pulse [Bold]

Wooper(m) Lv.15: -----, Magnitude, Rock Tomb, Recover 

Remoraid(m) Lv.15: -----, Flamethrower, Psybeam, Water Pulse [Sassy]

Horsea(m) Lv.15: -----, Aurora Beam, Dragonbreath, Water Pulse [Careful]


Granite Cave


Cave [1F] (14-15): 25% Aron, 25% Mawile, 14% Spoink, 10% Clefairy, 10% Spinda, 10% Teddiursa, 4% Ralts, 1% Drowzee, 1% Chimecho


Cave [B1F] (15): 24% Seel, 21% Smoochum, 10% Delibird, 10% Sneasel, 10% Swinub, 10% Snorunt, 9% Spheal, 6% Shellder


Cave [B2F] (16): 21% Snorunt, 21% Swinub, 15% Smoochum, 15% Shellder, 14% Seel, 14% Spheal

Rock Smash [B2F] (15-16): 70% Geodude, 30% Nosepass


Cave [Steven's Room] (15-16): 20% Spoink, 20% Ralts, 10% Onix, 10% Voltorb, 10% Spinda, 10% Magnemite, 5% Nosepass, 5% Makuhita, 4% Aron, 4% Dunsparce, 1% Clefairy, 1% Abra


Ice cave 1

  • Start one step above the ladder:

  1. Up 

  2. Right

  3. Up

  4. Left

  5. Up

  6. Right

  7. Down

  8. Right

  9. Up

  10. Right

  11. Up

  12. One step right

  13. Down

  14. Right

  15. Enter ladder

Ice cave 2

  • Start on the same step as the ladder

  1. Left

  2. Up

  3. Left

  4. Up

  5. Right

  6. Up

  7. Left

  8. Down

  9. Right

  10. Up

  11. Right

  12. Up

  13. Step left once

  14. Down

  15. Left

  16. Up

  17. Right

  18. Down

  19. Step left once

  20. Up

  21. Enter ladder


Route 109


Surfing (43): 60% Pelipper, 30% Kingler, 5% Seaking, 4% Wartortle, 1% Blastoise

Old Rod (15): 100% Squirtle

Good Rod (20): 60% Krabby, 20% Tentacool, 20% Goldeen

Super Rod (65): 56% Sharpedo, 40% Wartortle, 4% Mantine


*Heart Scale under a red parasol southwest of the Zigzagoon, left tile.  


Sailor Huey

Seel(f) Lv.16: -----, Aurora Beam, Water Pulse, Ice Shard [Careful]

Electrike(f) Lv.15: -----, Secret Power, Shock Wave, Bite [Jolly]

Spheal(f) Lv.16: -----, Powder Snow, Water Pulse, Secret Power 

Growlithe(m) Lv.15: -----, Secret Power, Flame Wheel, Bite [Relaxed]


Tuber Gwen

Spheal(f) Lv.15 @Sitrus Berry: Ice Ball, Defense Curl, Rollout, ----- [Modest]

Treecko(m) Lv.15: Mega Drain, Bite, Quick Attack, Secret Power [24|Sassy]

DIGLETT(f) Lv.15 @Soft Sand: Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Secret Power, Flail [24|Naughty]


Tuber Austina

Lotad(f) Lv.15: -----, Fake Out, Mega Drain, Dive [18|Lax]

Hoothoot(f) Lv.15: -----, Hypnosis, Night Shade, Aerial Ace [24|Bold]

Mudkip(m) Lv.15: -----, Water Gun, Endeavor, Mud-Slap [24|Quiet]


Bird Keeper Elijah

Psyduck(m) Lv.15: -----, Bubblebeam, Confusion, Aerial Ace [24|Impish]

Delibird(m) Lv.15: -----, Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, Ice Shard [24|Bold]

Torchic(m) Lv.15: -----, Will-o-Wisp, Aerial Ace, Seismic Toss [24|Naive]

Doduo(m) Lv.15: -----, Quick Attack, Mud-Slap, Peck [Naive]


Fisherman Carter

Slowpoke(m) Lv.15: -----, Slack Off, Bubblebeam, Confusion [24|Gentle]

Shellder(m) Lv.15: -----, Ice Shard, Bubblebeam, Mud Shot [Impish]

Barboach(m) Lv.16: -----, Mud Shot, Bounce, Water Pulse [Sassy]


Tuber Ricky

Seedot(m) Lv.16: Giga Drain, Nature Power, Quick Attack, Synthesis [Mild]

Sandshrew(m) Lv.16: Magnitude, Rock Slide, Slash, Mud-Slap [Brave]

Farfetch'd(m) Lv.16 @Stick: Quick Attack, Slash, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing [Adamant]


Tuber Hailey

Azurill(f) Lv.16 @Choice Band: Double-Edge, -----, -----, ----- [Relaxed]

Numel(f) Lv.16 @Berry Juice: Magnitude, Flame Wheel, Rock Tomb, ----- [Impish]

Jigglypuff(f) Lv.16 @Mystic Water: Sing, Water Pulse, Secret Power, Seismic Toss [Jolly]


Sailor Edmond

Krabby(m) Lv.16 @Mystic Water: Crabhammer, Mud Shot, Secret Power, X-Scissors 

Gulpin(m) Lv.16 @Berry Juice: Sludge Bomb, Swallow, Water Pulse, Giga Drain [Impish]

Exeggcute(m) Lv.15: Mega Drain, Confusion, Hypnosis, Secret Power [Timid]


Tuber Lola

Hoppip(f) Lv.16: -----, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Aerial Ace

Marill(f) Lv.16: -----, Rollout, Defense Curl, Bubblebeam [Modest]

Swablu(f) Lv.16: -----, Aerial Ace, Secret Power, Rest [24|Impish]


Tuber Chandler

Corphish(m) Lv.16: -----, Aerial Ace, Crabhammer, Mud-Slap [24|Impish]

Spearow(m) Lv.16: -----, Drill Run, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace [24|Calm]

Spoink(m) Lv.16: -----, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Secret Power [24|Jolly]


Beach House (Optional)


Tuber Simon

Luvdisc(f) Lv.16: Attract, Sweet Kiss, Waterfall [Jolly]

Sunflora(m) Lv.16: Razor Leaf, Secret Power, Synthesis [Brave]

Aipom(m) Lv.16: Fake Out, Secret Power, Brick Break 


Beauty Johanna

Ponyta(f) Lv.16 @Charcoal: Flame Wheel, Wild Charge, Quick Attack, Double Kick [Brave]

Murkrow(f) Lv.16 @Blackglasses: PURSUIT, Aerial Ace, Night Shade, Confuse Ray 

Delcatty(f) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Attract, Assist, Thunder Wave, Secret Power [Lonely]


Sailor Dwayne

Poliwhirl(m) Lv.16: -----, Mud Shot, Water Pulse, Ice Punch [Modest]

Spinda(m) Lv.16: -----, Metronome, -----, ----- [Quiet]

Quilava(m) Lv.16: -----, Ember, Quick Attack, ----- [Bold]

Machop(m) Lv.16: -----, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Facade [Modest]


Slateport City


*Delay encounter until obtaining the Good Rod.

*Swagger Move Tutor inside the Pokémon Fan Club house.


Aqua Grunt #1

Shellder(m) Lv.17 @Scope Lens: Icy Wind, SELFDESTRUCT, Water Pulse, Mud Shot [Sassy] 

Croconaw(m) Lv.18 @Scope Lens: Brick Break, Crunch, Body Slam, Water Pulse

Grimer(m) Lv.17 @Scope Lens: SELFDESTRUCT, Brick Break, Shadow Sneak, Sludge Bomb [Jolly]

Lombre(m) Lv.18 @FOCUS BAND: Leech Seed, Synthesis, Icy Wind, Mega Drain [Lax]

Staryu Lv.19 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Tri Attack [Naive]

Vigoroth(m) Lv.18 @Rawst Berry: Aerial Ace, Surf, Slack Off, Secret Power [Hasty]


Aqua Grunt #2


Chinchou(f) Lv.19 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Headbutt 

Smoochum(f) Lv.19 @Scope Lens: Sing, Ice Punch, Psybeam, Rain Dance [Naughty]

Wailmer(f) Lv.18 @LAX INCENSE: SELFDESTRUCT, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Water Pulse 

Dratini(f) Lv.18 @Leppa Berry: Thunder Wave, Dragon Rage, -----, ----- [Lax]

Clamperl(f) Lv.20 @Deepseatooth: Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Rest, Sleep Talk [Brave]


Route 110


*Delay encounter until after Route 118's encounter.


Pokéfan Isabel

Wailmer(f) Lv.16 @Sitrus Berry: Attract, Dive, Protect, Bounce [Brave]

Nidorina(f) Lv.16: Attract, Sludge Bomb, Brick Break, Water Pulse 

Delcatty(f) Lv.16 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Attract, Protect, Headbutt [Calm]


Pokéfan Kaleb

Pikachu(m) Lv.17 @Sitrus Berry: Thunderpunch, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss [Adamant]

Nidorino(m) Lv.16 @Mystic Water: Brick Break, Sludge Bomb, Attract, Water Pulse [Timid]

Mawile(m) Lv.16 @Berry Juice: Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Attract, Ice Punch [18]


Psychic Edward

Slowpoke(m) Lv.18 @Leftovers: Psychic, Water Pulse, Slack Off, Body Slam [Hasty]

Exeggcute(m) Lv.18: Giga Drain, Stun Spore, Psychic, Sludge Bomb [24|Jolly]

Abra(m) Lv.18: Psychic, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch [Timid]


Psychic Jaclyn

Unown Lv.19 @Choice Band: HP Fight, -----, -----, ----- [30|Impish]

Shuppet(f) Lv.19: Psychic, Shadow Sneak, Secret Power, Will-o-Wisp [Hasty]

Kirlia(f) Lv.19 @Sitrus Berry: Psybeam, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp [Adamant]


Youngster Timmy

Kecleon(m) Lv.19: -----, Secret Power, Shadow Sneak, Aerial Ace [18|Careful]

Nuzleaf(m) Lv.19: -----, PURSUIT, Fake Out, Giga Drain [19|Bold]

Lickitung(m) Lv.19: -----, Lick, Water Pulse, Cut [24|Calm]


Collector Edwin

Chimecho(m) Lv.19: Signal Beam, Psybeam, Recover, Safeguard [24|Impish]

Porygon Lv.19: Tri Attack, Recover, Thunder Wave, Psybeam [Modest]

Omanyte(m) Lv.19: Earth Power, Aurora Beam, Waterfall, Rock Slide [Calm]


Guitarist Joseph

Elekid(m) Lv.20: -----, Thunderpunch, Quick Attack, Seismic Toss [24|Quiet]

Lombre(m) Lv.18: -----, Rain Dance, Teeter Dance, Water Pulse [24]

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.19: -----, Sing, Hyper Voice, Seismic Toss [12|Sassy]


Route 103 (Optional)



Aroma Lady Daisy

Butterfree(f) Lv.16: Sleep Powder, Silver Wind, Giga Drain, ----- [Adamant]

Roselia(f) Lv.16: Stun Spore, Magical Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis [Quiet]

Skiploom(f) Lv.16 @Leftovers: Leech Seed, Substitute, Protect, Aerial Ace [Impish]

Lombre(f) Lv.16: Water Pulse, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch [24|Sassy]

Sunflora(f) Lv.17: Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Sludge Bomb, Secret Power [Naive]


Dragon Tamer Rhett

Bagon(m) Lv.17 @Dragon Fang: Dragonbreath, Rock Tomb, Double-Edge, Brick Break [24]

Dratini(m) Lv.17 @Dragon Fang: Dragonbreath, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Secret Power [24]

Charmeleon(m) Lv.17 @Dragon Fang: Dragon Claw, Fire Punch, Crunch, Quick Attack [24|Naughty]


Guitarist Marcos

Voltorb Lv.17 @Silk Scarf: Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Return, Sonicboom [Relaxed]

Lombre(m) Lv.16: Teeter Dance, Mega Drain, Fake Out, Water Pulse [24|Adamant]

Whismur(m) Lv.17 @Silk Scarf: Hyper Voice, Teeter Dance, Water Pulse, Extrasensory [Mild]


Twins Amy & Liv [Double Battle]

Volbeat(m) Lv.17: Giga Drain, Silver Wind, Moonlight, Confuse Ray [20|Timid]

Illumise(f) Lv.17: Silver Wind, Giga Drain, Water Pulse, Flatter [20|Gentle]

Plusle(m) Lv.17: Signal Beam, Return, Shock Wave, Brick Break [20|Timid]

Minun(m) Lv.17: Shock Wave, Helping Hand, Thunder Wave, Protect [20]


Pokéfan Miguel

Spheal(m) Lv.17 @Sitrus Berry: Attract, Aurora Beam, Water Pulse, Secret Power [Gentle] 

Flaaffy(m) Lv.17: Attract, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Seismic Toss [24|Careful]

Spoink(m) Lv.17 @Twistedspoon: Attract, Psybeam, Return, Shadow Ball [Gentle]

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.17: Present, Attract, Thunder Wave, Water Pulse [Calm]


Fisherman Andrew

Gyarados(m) Lv. 20: -----, Thrash, Dragon Rage, ----- [0|Modest]



Route 110



Pkmn Trainer May

Minun(f) Lv.22: Thunderbolt, Attract, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam [Impish]

Pidgeotto(f) Lv.24: Aerial Ace, Quick Attack, Secret Power, Steel Wing 

Nidorina(f) Lv.24: Drill Run, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse [Naive]

Bayleef(m) Lv.24: Giga Drain, Attract, Synthesis, Body Slam [Rash]

Wartortle(m) Lv.25: Fake Out, Water Pulse, Ice Punch, Body Slam 

Combusken(m) Lv.26: Bulk Up, Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Brick Break 


Triathlete Alyssa

Staryu Lv.20 @Silk Scarf: Bubblebeam, Recover, Tri Attack, Signal Beam [Careful]

Magnemite Lv.20 @Metal Coat: Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave [Sassy]

Doduo(f) Lv.20 @Silk Scarf: Tri Attack, Quick Attack, Drill Peck, Steel Wing [Naive]


Fisherman Dale (Optional)

Luvdisc(f) Lv.24: -----, Attract, Sweet Kiss, Surf [18|Lax]

Slowpoke(m) Lv.24: -----, Earthquake, Thunder Wave, Water Pulse [18|Naughty]


Mauville City


Grass (20): Elekid 20%, Pikachu 20%, Voltorb 15%, Magnemite 14%, Mareep 10%, Porygon 10%, Electrike 5%, Pichu 4%, Flaaffy 2%


*Rollout Move Tutor next to the Gym.


Pkmn Trainer Wally

Ralts(m) Lv.70 @Oran Berry: Pain Split, Teleport, Encore, Will-o-Wisp [0|Naughty]


Route 110


Grass (15): 20% Delcatty, 20% Roselia, 10% Pidgeotto, 10% Murkrow, 10% Nuzleaf, 10% Skiploom, 5% Tropius, 5% Togetic, 4% Lickitung, 4% Kecleon, 1% Oddish, 1% Poochyena

Surfing (43): 60% Chinchou, 30% Seaking, 5% Croconaw, 4% Feraligatr, 1% Lanturn

Old Rod (16): 70% Qwilfish, 30% Remoraid

Good Rod (20): 60% Chinchou, 20% Tentacool, 20% Remoraid

Super Rod (65): 40% Lanturn, 40% Mantine, 16% Sharpedo, 4% Whiscash


Cycling Road (Optional)


Triathlete Abigail

Linoone(f) Lv.24: -----, Swift, Surf, Mud-Slap [12|Rash]

Seadra(f) Lv.24: -----, Bubblebeam, Aurora Beam, Secret Power [12|Hasty]

Roselia(f) Lv.24: -----, Toxic, Protect, Leech Seed [Bold]


Triathlete Anthony

Baltoy Lv.24: Earthquake, Signal Beam, Psychic, Ice Beam [12|Lonely]

Beldum Lv.25 @Choice Band: Take Down, -----, -----, ----- [Impish]

Porygon Lv.24 @Sitrus Berry: Recover, Tri Attack, Psybeam, Conversion [24]


Triathlete Benjamin

Magnemite Lv.24: Wild Charge, Flash Cannon, Tri Attack, Thunder Wave [18|Jolly]

Poliwhirl(m) Lv.24 @Sitrus Berry: Belly Drum, Hypnosis, Brick Break, Body Slam 

Stantler(m) Lv.23: Confuse Ray, Stomp, Bite, Mud-Slap [12]


Triathlete Jasmine

Meditite(f) Lv.24: -----, Fake Out, Substitute, Focus Punch [Gentle]

Vigoroth(f) Lv.24: -----, Seismic Toss, Swift, Dig [18|Gentle]

Rhyhorn(f) Lv.25: -----, Rock Tomb, Drill Run, Double-Edge [Relaxed]


Triathlete Jacob

Voltorb Lv.25: -----, Thunderbolt, SELFDESTRUCT, Sonicboom [24|Jolly]

Ivysaur(m) Lv.25: -----, Magical Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis [18]

Slowpoke(m) Lv.25: -----, Slack Off, Psychic, Ice Beam [Gentle]


*Trainer list from north to south.


Route 118


Grass (41): 20% Growlithe, 20% Manectric, 10% Vulpix, 10% Rapidash, 10% Grumpig, 10% Nuzleaf, 5% Weepinbell, 5% Gloom, 4% Nidorina, 4% Nidorino, 1% Pikachu, 1% Exeggcute

Surfing (41): 60% Tentacool, 30% Chinchou, 5% Mantine, 4% Qwilfish, 1% Octillery

Old Rod (20): 70% Tentacool, 30% Carvanha

Good Rod (20): 60% Chinchou, 20% Remoraid, 20% Carvanha

Super Rod (65): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Mantine, 15% Octillery, 5% Qwilfish


*Heart Scale in the second rock south from the entrance.


Slateport City


Grass (15): 20% Mareep, 20% Elekid, 14% Voltorb, 14% Electrike, 10% Pikachu, 10% Minun, 5% Plusle, 5% Pichu, 1% Magnemite, 1% Flaaffy

Surfing (43): 60% Octillery, 30% Mantine, 5% Pelipper, 4% Sharpedo, 1% Seadra

Old Rod (15): 70% Chinchou, 30% Corsola

Good Rod (20): 60% Mantine, 20% Remoraid, 20% Horsea

Super Rod (65): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Octillery, 15% Lanturn, 4% Mantine, 1% Seadra


Route 117


Grass (20): 20% Beautifly, 20% Dustox, 10% Oddish, 10% Volbeat, 10% Illumise, 10% Ledian, 5% Ariados, 5% Beedrill, 4% Butterfree, 4% Nuzleaf, 1% Shroomish, 1% Vulpix

Surfing (43): 60% Azumarill, 30% Seaking, 5% Politoed, 4% Golduck, 1% Poliwrath

Old Rod (20): 70% Corphish, 30% Krabby

Good Rod (20): 60% Barboach, 20% Goldeen, 20% Marill

Super Rod (65): 40% Crawdaunt, 40% Kingler, 15% Psyduck, 5% Golduck


Triathlete Melina

Ponyta(f) Lv.21 @Lum Berry: Agility, Baton Pass, Flamethrower, Iron Tail [Relaxed]

Girafarig(f) Lv.20 @Cheri Berry: Agility, Stomp, Psybeam, Baton Pass [Brave]

Flaaffy(f) Lv.21 @Lum Berry: Agility, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Seismic Toss [Lonely]


Triathlete Dylan

Hitmontop(m) Lv.20 @Cheri Berry: Agility, Rolling Kick, Fake Out, Secret Power [0|Lonely]

Mantine(m) Lv.20 @Cheri Berry: Agility, Bubblebeam, Air Slash, Aurora Beam [Timid]

Magnemite Lv.21 @Metal Coat: Agility, Wild Charge, Sonicboom, Flash Cannon [Quiet]


Sr. and Jr. Anna & Meg [Double Battle]

Gligar(m) Lv.21 @Choice Band: Magnitude, -----, -----, ----- [Timid]

Gastly(m) Lv.22 @Spell Tag: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Sneak, Night Shade [Sassy]

Noctowl(m) Lv.20 @Leftovers: Reflect, Hypnosis, Aerial Ace, Secret Power [Impish]

Baltoy Lv.22 @Choice Band: Earthquake, -----, -----, ----- [Mild]


Battle Girl Aisha

Meowth(f) Lv.22 @Silk Scarf: Fake Out, Assist, Slash, Water Pulse [Adamant]

Meditite(f) Lv.22 @Black Belt: Fake Out, Rock Smash, Secret Power, Rock Tomb 

Delcatty(f) Lv.22 @Sitrus Berry: Assist, Secret Power, Attract, Thunder Wave


Pkmn Breeder Lydia

Gloom(f) Lv.22 @Sitrus Berry: Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Razor Leaf, Moonlight [Impish]

Azumarill(f) Lv.21 @Sitrus Berry: Water Pulse, Rollout, Ice Punch, Belly Drum [24|Mild]

Chansey(f) Lv.22 @Lucky Punch: Double-Edge, Brick Break, Softboiled, Water Pulse [Naive]


Pkmn Breeder Isaac

Cubone(m) Lv.23 @Thick Club: Bone Rush, Double-Edge, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb [Calm]

Weepinbell(m) Lv.23 @Silk Scarf: Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Secret Power, Stun Spore [Lonely]

DITTO Lv.20 @Leppa Berry: Transform, -----, -----, ----- [0|Quiet] 


Psychic Brandi

Unown Lv.23 @Choice Band: HP Dark, -----, -----, ----- [29]

Kirlia(f) Lv.23 @Cheri Berry: Psybeam, Magical Leaf, Shock Wave, Hypnosis [Gentle]

Chimecho(f) Lv.22: Recover, Psybeam, Secret Power, Thunder Wave [Quiet]


Triathlete Maria

Rhyhorn(f) Lv.24 @Salac Berry: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Megahorn, Endure

Seel(f) Lv.24 @Nevermeltice: Ice Shard, Waterfall, Body Slam, Aurora Beam [Quiet]

Linoone(f) Lv.22 @Leftovers: Swift, Rock Smash, Mud-Slap, Snore [Modest]


Bug Maniac Derek

Pineco(m) Lv.23 @Sitrus Berry: Signal Beam, SELFDESTRUCT, Giga Drain, Spikes [Quiet] 

Masquerain(m) Lv.23 @Sitrus Berry: Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Giga Drain, Mud Shot [Careful]

Ariados(m) Lv.23 @Leftovers: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Sneak, Signal Beam


Verdanturf Town


Grass (23): 24% Sandshrew, 21% Phanpy, 15% Rhyhorn, 14% Cubone, 10% Geodude, 10% Swinub, 5% Numel, 1% Sunflora


*X-Scissors Move Tutor inside the Pokémon Center.


Mauville Gym


Lady Vivian

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.25 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Headbutt, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt [Naughty] +583

Pikachu(f) Lv.27 @Light Ball: Thunderbolt, Seismic Toss, Surf, Quick Attack [Jolly] +474

Shuppet(f) Lv.26 @Sitrus Berry: Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Night Shade, Double-Edge [Jolly] +540

Togetic(m) Lv.25 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Softboiled, Seismic Toss, Water Pulse [Relaxed] +610

Flaaffy(f) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Seismic Toss, Fire Punch [Rash] +676


Guitarist Kirk

Voltorb Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, EXPLOSION, Sonicboom [Bold] +595

Loudred(m) Lv.26 @Lum Berry: Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Flamethrower +702 

Elekid(m) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Seismic Toss, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Fire Punch [Naughty] +612 

Golbat(m) Lv.26 @Lum Berry: Confuse Ray, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Heat Wave +952 

Ludicolo(m) Lv.25 @Magnet: Water Pulse, Thunderpunch, Razor Leaf, Teeter Dance [Relaxed] +969


Fisherman Ben

Staryu Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Waterfall, Ice Beam [Bold] +612

Chinchou(m) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Surf +520

Dragonair(m) Lv.26 @Magnet: Thunder Wave, Dragonbreath, Water Pulse, Shock Wave [Impish] +801

Qwilfish(m) Lv.26 @Poison Barb: Thunder Wave, Waterfall, Acid, Headbutt [Adamant] +556

Octillery(m) Lv.26 @Soft Sand: Thunder Wave, Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Mud Shot [Timid] +913


Bug Maniac Angelo [Double Battle]

Plusle(m) Lv.27 @Silverpowder: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Seismic Toss, Signal Beam [Naughty] +693

Minun(m) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Reflect, Rain Dance [Bold] +693

Volbeat(m) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Signal Beam, Giga Drain, Confuse Ray +844

Illumise(f) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Giga Drain, Flatter, Water Pulse [Sassy] +844

Dunsparce(m) Lv.26 @Blackglasses: Thunder Wave, Headbutt, Rock Slide, Bite [Quiet] +417


Collector Shawn

Koffing(m) Lv.27 @Chesto Berry: Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, SELFDESTRUCT [Lonely] +658

Electrode Lv.27 @Liechi Berry: Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Wild Charge, SELFDESTRUCT +867

Porygon Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Recover [Naughty] +751

Kadabra(m) Lv.26 @Magnet: Thunder Wave, Psybeam, Thunderpunch, Seismic Toss [Naive] +807

Magneton Lv.27 @Metal Coat: Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, Flash Cannon, Wild Charge [Gentle] +931


Leader Wattson

Jolteon(m) Lv.28 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, HP Grass, Thunderbolt, Bite [Adamant]

Lanturn(m) Lv.28 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt

Ampharos(m) Lv.29 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, HP Grass [Relaxed]

Raichu(m) Lv.28 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Surf, Body Slam [Sassy]

Electabuzz(m) Lv.28 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch [Quiet]

Manectric(m) Lv.29 @Lum Berry: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Crunch, Thunder Wave [Hasty] 


Rusturf Tunnel



Hiker Mike

Golbat(m) Lv.23 @Cheri Berry: Confuse Ray, Aerial Ace, Sludge Bomb, Super Fang [Mild] 

Graveler(m) Lv.25 @Lum Berry: Rock Slide, Earthquake, SELFDESTRUCT, Secret Power [Naive]

Clefairy(f) Lv.24 @Sitrus Berry: Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt [Impish]


Route 111 


*Delay encounter until the desert area is accessible.


The Winstrates (Optional)


Winstrate Victor

Linoone(m) Lv.25 @Sitrus Berry: Facade, Thunderbolt, Surf, HP Fire [Calm]


Winstrate Victoria

Roselia(f) Lv.26 @Sitrus Berry: Stun Spore, Magical Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Attract [Mild]

Swellow(f) Lv.25 @White Herb: Attract, Aerial Ace, Facade, Steel Wing [Quiet]


Winstrate Vivi

Azumarill(f) Lv.26 @Cheri Berry: Bubblebeam, Secret Power, Ice Punch, Seismic Toss [Adamant]

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.26 @Chesto Berry: Secret Power, Seismic Toss, Water Pulse, Sing [Modest]


Winstrate Vicky

Kadabra(m) Lv.26 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch [Timid]

Meditite(f) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide [Careful]

Camerupt(f) Lv.27 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Body Slam [Impish]


Picnicker Bianca [Double Battle with Hayden]

Ivysaur(m) Lv.24: -----, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb [Careful]

Wartortle(m) Lv.24: -----, Water Pulse, Ice Punch, Secret Power [Timid]


Kindler Hayden [Double Battle with Bianca]

Charmeleon(m) Lv.25 @Lum Berry: Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Secret Power, Protect [Careful]


Interviewers Gabby & Ty [Double Battle] (Optional)

Magneton Lv.27 @Metal Coat: Wild Charge, Protect, Flash Cannon, Signal Beam [Naive]

Loudred(m) Lv.27 @Choice Band: Hyper Voice, -----, -----, -----


Camper Tyron [Double Battle with Celina]

Poliwhirl(m) Lv.27 @Nevermeltice: Hypnosis, Blizzard, Protect, Hydro Pump [Rash]


Aroma Lady Celina [Double Battle with Tyron]

Skiploom(f) Lv.25: -----, Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Aerial Ace

Butterfree(f) Lv.25: -----, Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Supersonic [Impish]

Gloom(f) Lv.26: -----, Sweet Scent, Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb [Calm]


Picnicker Irene [Double Battle with Travis]

Bayleef(m) Lv.25 @Leftovers: Light Screen, Reflect, Giga Drain, Protect [Naughty]

Quilava(m) Lv.25 @Silk Scarf: Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Protect, Secret Power

Croconaw(m) Lv.25 @Mystic Water: Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Protect, Crunch [Mild]


Camper Travis [Double Battle with Irene]

Vigoroth(m) Lv.26 @Choice Band: Uproar, -----, -----, ----- [Adamant]


Route 112 (South)


Grass (27): 20% Ponyta, 20% Vulpix, 10% Numel, 10% Spoink, 10% Absol, 10% Sandshrew, 5% Skiploom, 5% Natu, 4% Snubbull, 4% Growlithe, 1% Flareon, 1% Mightyena


Team Magma Grunt #1

Haunter(f) Lv.26 @Scope Lens: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Thunderbolt [Naive]

Flareon(m) Lv.27 @Scope Lens: Will-o-Wisp, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball 

Kadabra(m) Lv.26 @Scope Lens: Fire Punch, Signal Beam, Extrasensory, Ice Punch

Cacturne(f) Lv.27 @Scope Lens: Magical Leaf, Faint Attack, Revenge, Sleep Talk [Timid]


Team Magma Grunt #2

DUGTRIO(f) Lv.26 @King's Rock: Aerial Ace, Dig, Rock Tomb, Tri Attack

Magneton Lv.26 @Scope Lens: Thunderbolt, SELFDESTRUCT, Flash Cannon, Thunder Wave [Adamant]

Absol(f) Lv.27 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Bite, Aerial Ace, Will-o-Wisp, Quick Attack

Ninetales(f) Lv.27: Will-o-Wisp, Bite, Extrasensory, Confuse Ray [Timid]


Hiker Trent

Graveler(m) Lv.28 @FOCUS BAND: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Double-Edge, ----- [Lax]

Furret(m) Lv.26 @Silk Scarf: Shadow Ball, Secret Power, Super Fang, Brick Break

Machoke(m) Lv.28 @Chesto Berry: Vital Throw, Rock Slide, Secret Power, Facade [Modest]

Onix(m) Lv.29 @FOCUS BAND: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-Edge, EXPLOSION 


Team Magma Grunt #3

Golbat(m) Lv.27 @Scope Lens: Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball [Lax]

Shelgon(m) Lv.27 @Shell Bell: Dragonbreath, Flamethrower, Dragon Rage, Body Slam [Hasty]

Mightyena(m) Lv.27 @Shell Bell: Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Poison Fang, Super Fang [Brave]

Metang Lv.27 @Scope Lens: Psychic, Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, Brick Break

Pupitar(m) Lv.29 @Choice Band: Earthquake, Rock Slide, -----, ----- [Gentle]


Fiery Path


Cave (27): 20% Torkoal, 20% Magcargo, 10% Ponyta, 10% Growlithe, 10% Vulpix, 10% Magby, 5% Koffing, 5% Quilava, 4% Flareon, 4% Charmeleon, 1% Numel, 1% Magmar


Route 112 (North)



Team Magma Grunt #4

Magmar(m) Lv.29 @Scope Lens: Fire Punch, Brick Break, Will-o-Wisp, Secret Power [Timid]

Ariados(m) Lv.28 @Lum Berry: Signal Beam, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Shadow Sneak [Lax]

Hariyama(m) Lv.27 @Scope Lens: Fake Out, Force Palm, Rock Slide, Body Slam [Adamant]

Smeargle(m) Lv.30 @Sitrus Berry: Sacred Fire, Aeroblast, Extremespeed, Muddy Water [Gentle]


Team Magma Grunt #5

Venomoth(f) Lv.27 @Lum Berry: Stun Spore, Signal Beam, Psychic, Giga Drain [Bold]

Magcargo(f) Lv.30 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Overheat, Rock Slide, Earthquake [Impish]

Vibrava(f) Lv.29 @King's Rock: Mud Shot, Dragonbreath, Giga Drain, Signal Beam [Bold]

Dunsparce(f) Lv.27 @Leftovers: Glare, Headbutt, Rock Slide, Bite [Modest]

Arbok(f) Lv.27 @King's Rock: Glare, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Giga Drain 


Route 111


*Bring Mach Bike or Cut to skip the optional battles.


Cooltrainer Wilton (Optional)

Forretress(m) Lv.31 @Lum Berry: Spikes, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Protect [Impish]

Gyarados(m) Lv.30 @Lum Berry: Dragon Rage, Bounce, Waterfall, Protect [Bold]

Porygon2 Lv.30 @Leftovers: Conversion, Tri Attack, Shadow Ball, Recover [Lax]


Ruin Maniac Bryan (Optional)

Omanyte(m) Lv.30 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ancientpower [Gentle]

Lileep(m) Lv.30 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Protect, Leech Seed, Sludge Bomb [Hasty]

Duskull(m) Lv.30 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Night Shade, Protect, Pain Split [Jolly]


Black Belt Daisuke [Double Battle with Brooke]

Hitmontop(m) Lv.29 @Hard Stone: Fake Out, Mach Punch, Detect, Rock Tomb [18|Quiet]

Hitmonchan(m) Lv.29 @Spell Tag: Mach Punch, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Shadow Punch [18|Naive]

Hitmonlee(m) Lv.29 @Silk Scarf: Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Mega Kick, Detect [18|Gentle]


Cooltrainer Brooke [Double Battle with Daisuke]

Skarmory(f) Lv.30 @Leftovers: Spikes, Drill Peck, Flash Cannon, Whirlwind [Timid]

Miltank(f) Lv.30 @Lum Berry: Attract, Milk Drink, Body Slam, Brick Break [Rash]

Quagsire(f) Lv.30 @Leftovers: Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Sludge Bomb, Protect [Gentle]


Route 113


Grass (30): 20% Noctowl, 20% Shroomish, 10% Parasect, 10% Koffing, 10% Rhyhorn, 10% Magby, 5% Phanpy, 5% Teddiursa, 4% Gloom, 4% Numel, 1% Torkoal, 1% Absol


Pokémaniac Wyatt

Lairon(m) Lv.32 @Metal Coat: Iron Tail, Double-Edge, Rock Slide, Earthquake [Timid]

Grovyle(m) Lv.33 @Dragon Fang: Giga Drain, Crunch, Dragonbreath, Quick Attack [Timid]

Lickitung(m) Lv.32 @Chesto Berry: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Body Slam [Naughty]


Dragon Tamer Lawrence

Vibrava(m) Lv.32 @Dragon Fang: Quick Attack, Mud Shot, Dragonbreath, Giga Drain

Shelgon(m) Lv.32 @Dragon Fang: Double-Edge, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, Crunch

Dragonair(m) Lv.32 @Dragon Fang: Thunder Wave, Secret Power, Dragonbreath, Dragon Rage [Careful]


Ninja Boy Lung

Ninjask(m) Lv.32 @Lum Berry: Aerial Ace, Swords Dance Baton Pass, Silver Wind [Naughty]

Koffing(m) Lv.34 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Secret Power 

Kecleon(m) Lv.32 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Secret Power, Ice Punch [Brave]

Venomoth(m) Lv.33 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Signal Beam, Steel Wing [Modest]


Youngster Dillon

Raticate(m) Lv.33 @Silk Scarf: Quick Attack, Crunch, Secret Power, Super Fang 

Spinda(m) Lv.34 @Twistedspoon: Teeter Dance, Secret Power, Psychic, Brick Break [Lax]

Azumarill(m) Lv.31 @Mystic Water: Water Pulse, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Brick Break [Careful]


Twins Tori & Tia [Double Battle]

Smeargle(m) Lv.35 @Sharp Beak: Teeter Dance, Dragon Rage, Extremespeed, Nightmare [Calm]

Smeargle(m) Lv.35 @Lum Berry: Spore, Super Fang, Dragon Rage, Aeroblast


Picnicker Sophie

Slaking(f) Lv.36 @Leppa Berry: Solarbeam, -----, -----, ----- [Careful]

Drowzee(f) Lv.34 @Silverpowder: Hypnosis, Psychic, Signal Beam, Fire Punch [Naive]

Parasect(f) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: Spore, Signal Beam, Giga Drain, Brick Break


Bird Keeper Coby

Fearow(m) Lv.33 @Silk Scarf: Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Quick Attack, Secret Power

Noctowl(m) Lv.34 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Psychic, Faint Attack, Light Screen [Relaxed]

Pidgeot(m) Lv.34 @Silk Scarf: Quick Attack, Air Slash, Steel Wing, Secret Power [Lax]


Parasol Lady Madeline

Numel(f) Lv.36 @Soft Sand: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Protect, Body Slam [Gentle]

Seaking(f) Lv.34 @Cheri Berry: Rain Dance, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Secret Power [Timid]

Tropius(f) Lv.33 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Sunny Day, Giga Drain, Air Slash [Hasty]


Ninja Boy Lao

Shedinja Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Shadow Sneak, Signal Beam, Giga Drain, Toxic

Shuckle(m) Lv.33 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Wrap, Rest [Brave]

Golbat(m) Lv.34 @Lum Berry: Confuse Ray, Protect, Toxic, Shadow Ball


Pkmn Trainer Red

Pikachu(m) Lv.37 @Light Ball: Volt Tackle, Surf, HP Ice, Sing [Sassy]

Espeon(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Reflect, Psychic, Bite, Signal Beam [Sassy]

Snorlax(m) Lv.36 @Leftovers: Curse, Snore, Earthquake, Rest

Blastoise(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Surf, Yawn, Ice Beam, MIRROR COAT [Adamant]

Venusaur(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis [Quiet]

Charizard(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, Earthquake


Fallarbor Town


Grass (34): 20% Aron, 20% Sudowoodo, 10% Stantler, 10% Noctowl, 10% Persian, 10% Mawile, 5% Rapidash, 5% Nosepass, 4% Spinda, 4% Seviper, 1% Zangoose, 1% Golduck


*Metronome Move Tutor inside the Pokémon Mart.


Route 114


Grass (34): 20% Pikachu, 20% Swablu, 10% Spinda, 10% Zangoose, 10% Nuzleaf, 10% Stantler, 5% Sudowoodo, 5% Electrike, 4% Swalot, 4% Seviper, 1% Lombre, 1% Lotad

Surfing (43): 60% Masquerain, 30% Whiscash, 5% Blastoise, 4% Feraligatr, 1% Gyarados

Old Rod (35): 70% Tentacool, 30% Qwilfish

Good Rod (35): 60% Whiscash, 20% Carvanha, 20% Poliwhirl

Super Rod (65): 40% Magikarp, 40% Barboach, 15% Seaking, 4% Whiscash, 1% Gyarados

Rock Smash (5-20): 100% Geodude


Pokémaniac Steve

Rhydon(m) Lv.36 @FOCUS BAND: Drill Run, Double-Edge, Rock Slide, Body Slam [Quiet]

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.34: Fake Out, Brick Break, Secret Power, Shadow Ball [24|Bold]

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.35 @Blackglasses: Drill Run, Poison Fang, Crunch, Surf [Naughty]


Sr. and Jr. Tyra & Ivy [Double Battle]

Swellow(m) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Toxic, Facade, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace [Gentle]

Linoone(m) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Facade, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail [Naive]


Kindler Bernie

Shiftry(m) Lv.33 @Blackglasses: Giga Drain, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Brick Break [24|Quiet]

Flareon(m) Lv.35 @Shell Bell: Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail [Rash]

Pelipper(m) Lv.34 @Magnet: Air Slash, Surf, Shock Wave, Quick Attack


Team Magma Grunt #1

Weezing(f) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Sludge Bomb, Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower [Lonely]

Magneton Lv.36 @FOCUS BAND: EXPLOSION, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam [Careful]

Rapidash(f) Lv.36 @King's Rock: Flamethrower, Megahorn, Drill Run, Quick Attack [Quiet]

Bellossom(f) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Synthesis, Double-Edge


Team Magma Grunt #2

Exploud(f) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Hyper Voice, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Earthquake

Marowak(f) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Double-Edge, Ancientpower, Aerial Ace [Jolly]

Altaria(f) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Rest, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Dragon Claw [Relaxed]

Vileplume(f) Lv.35 @King's Rock: Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight, Giga Drain [Lonely]


Team Magma Grunt #3

WOBBUFFET(m) Lv.34 @Leftovers: COUNTER, MIRROR COAT, Encore, ----- [Modest]

Camerupt(m) Lv.36 @QUICK CLAW: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Body Slam [Timid]

Venusaur(m) Lv.34 @Shell Bell: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake

Dodrio(m) Lv.34 @Silk Scarf: Steel Wing, Drill Peck, Quick Attack, Body Slam [Calm]


Team Magma Grunt #4

Vibrava(m) Lv.34 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Signal Beam, Giga Drain, Rock Slide [Impish]

Ninjask(m) Lv.34 @Leftovers: Signal Beam, Steel Wing, Air Slash, Substitute [Careful]

Torkoal(m) Lv.35 @QUICK CLAW: Overheat, Earthquake, Body Slam, Rock Slide [Sassy]

Metang Lv.35 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Ice Punch, EXPLOSION, Rock Slide [Jolly]

Golem(m) Lv.36 @QUICK CLAW: Earthquake, Double-Edge, Ancientpower, EXPLOSION [Modest]


Team Magma Grunt #5

Sandslash(m) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissors, Crush Claw [Sassy]

Breloom(m) Lv.34 @Shell Bell: Spore, Brick Break, Giga Drain, Mach Punch

Zangoose(m) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Swords Dance, Quick Attack, Crush Claw, Brick Break

Shelgon(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Double-Edge, Brick Break, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide [Lonely]


Team Magma Grunt #6

Jumpluff(f) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace [Jolly]

Sudowoodo(f) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Ancientpower, Earthquake, Double-Edge, EXPLOSION [Adamant]

Xatu(f) Lv.34 @King's Rock: Psychic, Drill Peck, Giga Drain, Confuse Ray [Careful]

Chansey(f) Lv.34 @Leftovers: Softboiled, COUNTER, Toxic, Seismic Toss [Calm]


Team Magma Grunt #7

Smeargle(m) Lv.36 @Leftovers: Spore, SPIDER WEB, Substitute, Baton Pass [Naughty]

Manectric(m) Lv.35 @King's Rock: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Crunch, Thunder Wave

Arcanine(m) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Body Slam, Crunch, Morning Sun [Brave]

Granbull(f) Lv.35 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Attract, Earthquake, Body Slam, Shadow Ball


Team Magma Grunt #8

Steelix(f) Lv.36 @FOCUS BAND: Earthquake, Toxic, Protect, Iron Tail

Misdreavus(f) Lv.36 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt

Fearow(f) Lv.36 @Silk Scarf: Drill Peck, Drill Run, Tri Attack, Quick Attack [Lonely]

Chimecho(f) Lv.36 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Recover, Dream Eater, Nightmare [Careful]


Team Magma Grunt #9

Nidoking(m) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Drill Run, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Megahorn [Sassy]

Scizor(m) Lv.35 @QUICK CLAW: Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Superpower, Air Slash

Lunatone Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Hypnosis, Psychic, Ice Beam, EXPLOSION

Smeargle(m) Lv.36 @FOCUS BAND: Spore, Belly Drum, Extremespeed, EXPLOSION [Hasty]


Meteor Falls


*Delay encounter until Waterfall is usable.


Route 115


*Heart Scale 3 tiles south, 2 tiles west from the right stair tile leading to the beach. 

*Bring Rock Smash to skip the optional battles.


Black Belt Nob

Hariyama(m) Lv.35 @Black Belt: Fake Out, Brick Break, Headbutt, Rock Slide [Naughty]

Lairon(m) Lv.35 @Black Belt: Double-Edge, Brick Break, Head Smash, Iron Tail [Careful]

Poliwrath(m) Lv.35 @Black Belt: Brick Break, Surf, Rock Slide, Body Slam [Impish]


Collector Hector (Optional)

Marshtomp(m) Lv.35 @Starf Berry: Mud Shot, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam [Adamant]

Combusken(m) Lv.35 @Starf Berry: Flamethrower, Brick Break, Thunderpunch, Quick Attack

Grovyle(m) Lv.35 @Starf Berry: Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Brick Break [Gentle]


Psychic Marlene (Optional)

Grumpig(f) Lv.35: -----, Extrasensory, Signal Beam, Fire Punch [Careful]

Medicham(f) Lv.35: -----, Meditate, Hi Jump Kick, Rock Tomb [Relaxed]

Hypno(f) Lv. 35: -----, Meditate, Brick Break, Shadow Ball


Mt. Chimney



Team Magma Grunt #1

Banette(f) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, HP Fight [Rash]

Golem(f) Lv.36 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Gentle]

Ampharos(f) Lv.35 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Fire Punch, Seismic Toss [Bold]

Magmar(m) Lv.36 @Lum Berry: Fire Blast, Thunderpunch, Cross Chop, Psychic [Naughty]

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.35 @Leftovers: Fake Out, Body Slam, Earthquake, Rest [Gentle]


Team Magma Grunt #2

Camerupt(m) Lv.36 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Earthquake, Overheat, Body Slam

Shiftry(m) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: EXPLOSION, Brick Break, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball [Impish]

Granbull(f) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Thunder Wave, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Shadow Ball

Gengar(m) Lv.36 @Scope Lens: Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, EXPLOSION [Hasty]

Octillery(m) Lv.36 @QUICK CLAW: Octazooka, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Body Slam [Naughty]


Magma Admin Tabitha

Dodrio(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Double-Edge, HP Ground, Quick Attack, Drill Peck

Manectric(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: HP Water, Crunch, Overheat, Thunderbolt [Jolly]

Weezing(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Gunk Shot, Flamethrower, HP Grass

Aggron(m) Lv.38 @QUICK CLAW: Head Smash, Superpower, Earthquake, Flash Cannon [Impish]

Flygon(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Giga Drain, Signal Beam, Rock Slide

Arcanine Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Extremespeed, HP Grass, Wild Charge [Brave]


Magma Leader Maxie

Registeel Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, EXPLOSION, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Sassy]

Crobat(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Giga Drain, Poison Fang, Heat Wave, Air Slash [Naive]

Claydol Lv.39 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Earthquake, Psychic, Signal Beam

Alakazam(m) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch [Mild]

Dusclops(m) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Seismic Toss, Rest [Modest]

Houndoom(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Crunch, HP Grass, Poison Fang [Modest]


Fallarbor Town


*Trade Meteorite for TM27[Return].


Jagged Pass


Grass (36): 20% Numel, 20% Magcargo, 10% Machoke, 10% Spoink, 10% Ponyta, 10% Mankey, 5% Koffing, 5% Grimer, 4% Doduo, 4% Onix, 1% Quilava, 1% Rapidash


*Can't leave after the first battle without an Acro Bike.


Team Magma Grunt #1 [Double Battle with Grunt #2]

Electrode Lv.35 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, -----

Donphan(m) Lv.36 @Choice Band: Earthquake, -----, -----, ----- [Mild]

Solrock Lv.35 @Soft Sand: Earthquake, Ancientpower, Signal Beam, Light Screen [Gentle]


Team Magma Grunt #2 [Double Battle with Grunt #1]

Gengar(f) Lv.36 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Will-o-Wisp, Brick Break [Jolly]

Altaria(f) Lv.35 @Scope Lens: Dragon Claw, Ice Ball, Fire Blast, Aerial Ace [Relaxed]

Scyther(f) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: Air Slash, Signal Beam, Brick Break, Quick Attack [Quiet]


Team Magma Grunt #3 (Optional)

Mr. Mime(f) Lv.35 @FOCUS BAND: Psychic, Seismic Toss, Hypnosis, Fire Punch [Modest]

Clefable(f) Lv.36 @QUICK CLAW: Sing, Flamethrower, Psychic, Tri Attack [Naughty]

Meganium(f) Lv.35 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Synthesis, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Ancientpower [Modest]

Ninetales(m) Lv.36 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Body Slam [Jolly]


Camper Ethan

Kingler(m) Lv.35 @Soft Sand: Surf, Ice Beam, Mud Shot, Body Slam [Sassy]

Pinsir(m) Lv.35 @Hard Stone: X-Scissors, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Body Slam [Gentle]

Stantler(m) Lv.35 @Black Belt: Hypnosis, Return, Jump Kick, Psychic [Gentle]


Picnicker Diana

Tangela(f) Lv.36 @Sitrus Berry: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Protect, Pain Split [Gentle]

Nosepass(f) Lv.36 @Sitrus Berry: Ancientpower, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss, Protect [Lonely]

Plusle(f) Lv.36 @Magnet: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss, Signal Beam [Hasty]


Triathlete Julio

Persian(m) Lv.36 @Mystic Water: Fake Out, Shadow Ball, Double-Edge, Water Pulse [Sassy]

Swalot(m) Lv.35 @Miracle Seed: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball, Brick Break [Modest]

Sealeo(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Protect, Body Slam [Timid]


Lavaridge Town


Grass (36): 20% Torkoal, 20% Vulpix, 15% Magby, 14% Ponyta, 10% Growlithe, 10% Flareon, 5% Numel, 4% Quilava, 2% Charmeleon

Gift (Egg): Wynaut


*Mimic Move Tutor inside the bottom right house.


Mt. Chimney (Optional)  



Beauty Shirley

Ledian(f) Lv.37 @Silverpowder: Signal Beam, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Giga Drain

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.36 @Silk Scarf: Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Psychic [Jolly]

Chimecho(f) Lv.36 @Sitrus Berry: Recycle, Psychic, Signal Beam, Hypnosis [Jolly]


Beauty Sheila

Clamperl(f) Lv.36 @Deepseatooth: Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, ----- [Careful]

Ninetales(f) Lv.36 @Shell Bell: Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Substitute, Flamethrower

Jumpluff(f) Lv.36 @Sleep Powder, Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Synthesis [Lax]


Expert Shelby

Cloyster(f) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Spikes, Ice Shard, Surf, EXPLOSION [Sassy]

Medicham(f) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide [Impish]

Marowak(f) Lv.37 @Thick Club: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Aerial Ace [Lax]

Ursaring(f) Lv.37 @Chesto Berry: Facade, Earthquake, Return, Rest [Lonely]


Beauty Melissa

Camerupt(f) Lv.36 @Soft Sand: Earthquake, Flamethrower, -----, ----- [Timid]

Rapidash(f) Lv.36 @Charcoal: Blaze Kick, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Body Slam

Kecleon(f) Lv.36 @Sitrus Berry: Body Slam, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Brick Break


Hiker Sawyer

Golbat(m) Lv.36: -----, Sludge Bomb, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball [Mild]

Stantler(m) Lv.36: -----, Body Slam, Protect, Shadow Ball [Modest]

Primeape(m) Lv.36: -----, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Return [Impish]


Lavaridge Gym


*Weather is always sunny.


Kindler Jeff

Magmar(m) Lv.36 @Charcoal: Fire Blast, Thunderpunch, Cross Chop, Psychic [Lonely] +1287

Ninetales(f) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Solarbeam, Quick Attack, Extrasensory [Modest] +1410

Camerupt(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Earthquake, EXPLOSION, Rock Slide [Lonely] +1387

Torkoal(m) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Overheat, Solarbeam, Body Slam, Attract [Mild] +1311


Ruin Maniac Eli

Exploud(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Lax] +1458

Solrock Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Solarbeam, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Impish] +1188

Weezing(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Will-o-Wisp, Thunderbolt [Impish] +1371

Camerupt(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Heat Wave, Rock Slide, Solarbeam [Sassy] +1462


*Can't leave between the next two trainers. 


Aroma Lady Colette

Bellossom(f) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, HP Fire, Substitute [Adamant] +1497

Blissey(f) Lv.37 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt [Adamant] +7 

Vileplume(f) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, HP Fire [Naughty] +1497

Rapidash(f) Lv.39 @Leftovers: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Wild Charge, Hypnosis [Bold] +1603


Triathlete Geraldine

Tangela(f) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, Ancientpower, HP Fire [Hasty] +1351

Altaria(f) Lv.37 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Aerial Ace [Naive] +1489

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.37 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Poison Fang [Lonely] +1537

Magmar(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Cross Chop, Thunderpunch, Solarbeam [Lax] +1395


Triathlete Jace

DUGTRIO(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Rock Slide, Tri Attack [Modest] +1212

Seviper(m) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Flamethrower, Poison Tail, Earthquake [Rash] +1342

Dodrio(m) Lv.37 @Lum Berry: Drill Peck, Tri Attack, Quick Attack, Steel Wing [Impish] +1252

Rapidash(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Drill Run, Solarbeam, Wild Charge [Calm] +1603


Beauty Danielle

Slowbro(f) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Psychic, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Ice Beam +1335

Clefable(f) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Tri Attack, Ice Beam [Timid] +1050

Manectric(f) Lv.38 @Charcoal: Overheat, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Thunder Wave [Calm] +1368

Flareon(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Quick Attack, Double-Edge [Impish] +1654


Pokémaniac Axle

Torkoal(m) Lv.39 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Earthquake, Rock Slide [Mild] +1345

Tropius(m) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Earthquake, Air Slash, HP Fire [Brave] +1375

Slowking(m) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Psychic, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Flamethrower +1335

Nidoking(m) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Megahorn, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Careful] +1587


Expert Keegan

Electabuzz(m) Lv.37 @ Lum Berry: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt, Cross Chop [Lonely] +1236

Octillery(m) Lv.38 @ Lum Berry: Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Octazooka, Body Slam [Jolly] +1335

Hariyama(m) Lv.38 @Leftovers: Fake Out, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Force Palm [Lonely] +1497

Victreebel(m) Lv.38 @Lum Berry: Gunk Shot, Weather Ball, Solarbeam, HP Rock [Gentle] +1554

Houndoom(m) Lv.39 @Salac Berry: Overheat, Crunch, PURSUIT, HP Ice [Impish] +1704


Leader Flannery

Ninetales(f) Lv.41 @Lum Berry: HP Electric, Overheat, Solarbeam, Hypnosis

Charizard(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Dragon Claw [Lonely]

Blaziken(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Thunderpunch, Solarbeam [Relaxed]

Arcanine(m) Lv.41 @Leftovers: Wild Charge, Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Extremespeed [Careful]

Typhlosion(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Heat Wave, Earthquake, Wild Charge

Castform(f) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Solarbeam [Calm]


Fiery Path


*Bring Strength to get TM06[Toxic].


Route 111


Desert (37-42): 20% TRAPINCH, 20% DIGLETT, 10% Sandslash, 10% Cacturne, 10% Donphan, 10% Arbok, 5% Rhyhorn, 5% Nidoqueen, 4% Nidoking, 4% DUGTRIO, 1% Claydol, 1% Vibrava

Surfing (43): 60% Poliwhirl, 30% Psyduck, 5% Carvanha, 5% Marill

Old Rod (5-10): 70% Magikarp, 30% Goldeen

Good Rod (20): 60% Magikarp, 20% Goldeen, 20% Barboach

Super Rod (65): 100% Barboach 

Rock Smash (5-20): 100% Geodude


*Heart Scale at the southernmost point.

*Trainer list from north to south.


Camper Drew

Donphan(m) Lv.40 @Choice Band: Earthquake, Hyper Beam, -----, ----- [Rash]


Camper Beau

Castform(m) Lv.40 @Choice Band: Weather Ball, -----, -----, ----- [Sassy]


Picnicker Heidi

Cacturne(f) Lv.40 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Needle Arm, Brick Break, Faint Attack, Thunderpunch [Careful]


Picnicker Becky

Sandslash(f) Lv.40 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Ancientpower, Substitute [Brave]


Ruin Maniac Dusty

Relicanth(m) Lv.40 @Shell Bell: Head Smash, Earthquake, Surf, Yawn [Lax]


*To skip both Branden and Celia, walk between them with Celia on the leftmost corner of the screen.


Picnicker Celia

Sandslash(f) Lv.40: Sand-Attack, Dig, Slash, Body Slam

Octillery(f) Lv.40: Octazooka, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Signal Beam


Camper Branden

Pidgeot(m) Lv.42: Whirlwind, Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Double-Edge [Naive]

Cacturne(m) Lv.43: Ingrain, Faint Attack, Spikes, Needle Arm


Mirage Tower


Tower [1F] (38): 20% Cacnea, 20% TRAPINCH, 10% Sandshrew, 10% DIGLETT, 10% Phanpy, 10% Numel, 5% Baltoy, 5% Cubone, 4% Rhyhorn, 4% Onix, 2% Unown


Tower [2F] (39): 30% TRAPINCH, 20% Rhyhorn, 10% Phanpy, 10% Sandshrew, 10% Camerupt, 5% Sandslash, 5% DUGTRIO, 4% Nosepass, 4% Graveler, 1% Claydol, 1% Gligar


Tower [3F] (40): 20% DUGTRIO, 20% TRAPINCH, 10% WOBBUFFET, 10% Cacturne, 10% Marowak, 10% Donphan, 5% Onix, 5% Sandslash, 4% Nidorino, 4% Nidorina, 2% Vibrava


Tower [4F] (10): 100% Bagon


*Delay encounter until the top floor.

*Bring Rock Smash and Mach Bike.


Petalburg Gym


A1. Triathlete Randall (Speed Room)

Ninjask(m) Lv.40 @Leftovers: Substitute, Baton Pass, Signal Beam, HP Rock +1327

Granbull(f) Lv.41 @QUICK CLAW: Thunder Wave, Facade, Shadow Ball, Earthquake [Lax] +1563

Girafarig(m) Lv.42 @QUICK CLAW: Psychic, Body Slam, Earthquake, Thunder Wave +1341

Jolteon(m) Lv.40 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Bite, HP Ice [Timid] +1687

Altaria(m) Lv.40 @QUICK CLAW: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing [Adamant] +1611

Linoone(m) Lv.42 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Belly Drum, Extremespeed, Shadow Ball, HP Ground [Adamant] +1152


B1. Triathlete Mary (Crit Room)

Primeape(f) Lv.40 @Scope Lens: Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Earthquake, HP Ghost [Brave] +1276

Fearow(f) Lv.42 @Scope Lens: Drill Peck, Drill Run, Slash, Sleep Talk +1458

Sceptile(m) Lv.40 @Scope Lens: Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Rock Slide [Bold] +1782

Crawdaunt(f) Lv.41 @Scope Lens: Crabhammer, X-Scissors, Crunch, Body Slam [Timid] +1414

Rapidash Lv.41 @Scope Lens: Blaze Kick, Drill Run, HP Ice, Wild Charge +1686

Ursaring(f) Lv.42 @Scope Lens: Slash, Cross Chop, Rest, Sleep Talk [Lonely] +1701


A2. Pokéfan Parker (Confusion Room)

Raichu(m) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Teeter Dance, Thunderbolt, Surf, Signal Beam [Brave] +1098

Umbreon(m) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Confuse Ray, Body Slam, Moonlight, Psychic [Brave] +1773

Tentacruel(m) Lv.41 @Leftovers: Confuse Ray, Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb [Hasty] +1800

Exploud(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Teeter Dance, Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Modest] +1695

Grumpig(m) Lv.42 @Silverpowder: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Fire Punch, Signal Beam [Impish] +1476

Stantler(m) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: Confuse Ray, Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball +1519


AB2. Pokéfan Alexia (Stall Room) 

Glalie(f) Lv.41 @Lum Berry: Spikes, EXPLOSION, -----, ----- +1642

Shuckle(f) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Sandstorm, Rest [Rash] +720

Dusclops(f) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Will-o-Wisp, Rest [Lax] +1611

Blissey(f) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Charm, Softboiled +9

Claydol Lv.42 @Leftovers: Toxic, Drill Run, Psychic, Protect [Brave] +1701

Clefable(f) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Moonlight, Protect, Toxic, Seismic Toss [Naive] +1161


B2. Pkmn Breeder George (Recovery Room)

Meganium(m) Lv.41 @Leftovers: Synthesis, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Ancientpower +1827

Miltank(f) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Attract, Milk Drink, Body Slam, Earthquake [Bold] +1800

Lunatone Lv.42 @Leftovers: Moonlight, Psychic, Ice Beam, Hypnosis [Impish] +1350

Porygon2 Lv.42 @Starf Berry: Recover, Tri Attack, Recycle, Psychic [Gentle] +1620

Milotic(m) Lv.40 @Leftovers: Recover, Ice Beam, Attract, Waterfall [Relaxed] +1825

Arcanine(m) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Morning Sun, Extremespeed, Overheat, HP Grass [Jolly] +1917


A3. Cooltrainer Jody (Strength Room)

Dodrio(f) Lv.43 @Silk Scarf: Double-Edge, Drill Peck, Quick Attack, HP Fight [Rash] +1455

Marowak(f) Lv.42 @Thick Club: Earthquake, Double-Edge, Ancientpower, HP Flying [Hasty] +1116

Medicham(f) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide [Jolly] +1377

Flareon(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Double-Edge, HP Fight, Quick Attack [Naive] +1782

Vaporeon(m) Lv.42 @Mystic Water: Hydro Pump, Quick Attack, Ice Beam, HP Grass [Mild] +1764

Zangoose(f) Lv.43 @Silk Scarf: Crush Claw, Quick Attack, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Rash] +1519


B3. Cooltrainer Berke (Sleep Room)

Smeargle(m) Lv.44 @Lum Berry: Spore, Extremespeed, Substitute, Super Fang [Calm] +999

Venomoth(m) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Psychic, Signal Beam, Giga Drain [Gentle] +1270

Azumarill(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Sing, Double-Edge, HP Ground, Surf [Rash] +1408

Mr. Mime(m) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch [Bold] +1252

Breloom(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Spore, Mach Punch, Substitute, Rock Slide [Careful] +1519

Persian(m) Lv.44 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Double-Edge, Shadow Ball, HP Ground [Adamant] +1395


Leader Norman [Double Battle]

Slaking(m) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Hyper Beam, Crush Claw, Shadow Ball, Superpower

Espeon(m) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Light Screen, Skill Swap, Sing [Timid]

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Crush Claw, Shadow Ball, Superpower [Jolly]

Swellow(m) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Double-Edge, Sky Attack, Steel Wing, HP Ground

Tauros(m) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Body Slam, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Earth Power

Snorlax(m) Lv.48 @Leftovers: Curse, Snore, Rest, Stockpile [Relaxed]


Littleroot Town


*Get Amulet Coin from Mom. 


Route 103 (Optional)



SwimmerF Isabelle

Qwilfish(f) Lv.43 @Mystic Water: Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Toxic, Gunk Shot [Lax]


SwimmerM Pete

Raichu(m) Lv.43 @Silverpowder: Seismic Toss, Signal Beam, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt [Relaxed]


Route 115 (Optional)


*TM01 [Focus Punch] accessible after the first two battles.

*Bring Mach Bike.


Battle Girl Cyndy

Medicham(f) Lv.46 @Black Belt: Bulk Up, Recover, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Modest]


Ninja Boy Jaiden

Starmie Lv.43: Psychic, Recover, Hydro Pump, Confuse Ray

Swalot(m) Lv43: EXPLOSION, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Gunk Shot [Brave]


Triathlete Kyra

Rapidash(f) Lv.43: Flamethrower, Drill Run, Heat Wave, Megahorn [Careful]

Girafarig(f) Lv.43: Body Slam, Crunch, Psychic, Earthquake [Quiet]


Black Belt Koichi

Machop(m) Lv.55 @Everstone: Mega Kick, Facade, Cross Chop, Rock Slide [Rash]

Hitmonchan(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Body Slam, Earthquake, Sky Uppercut, Shadow Punch [Timid]


Battle Girl Helene [Double Battle with Alix]


Hariyama(m) Lv.44: Knock Off, Cross Chop, Shadow Punch, Rock Slide [Adamant]


Psychic Alix [Double Battle with Helene]

Grumpig(f) Lv.43: Magic Coat, Psychic, Fire Punch, Signal Beam

Exeggutor(f) Lv.43: Ancientpower, Sleep Powder, EXPLOSION, Stun Spore [Lax]


Expert Timothy

Kingdra(m) Lv.46 @QUICK CLAW: Dragonbreath, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Hydro Pump [Naughty]

Miltank(f) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Milk Drink, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Body Slam

Ampharos(m) Lv.46 @QUICK CLAW: Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, HP Water, Thunder Wave [Naive]


Route 105


Surfing (43): 60% Unown, 30% Mantine, 5% Octillery, 4% Qwilfish, 1% Relicanth

Old Rod (43): 70% Octillery, 30% Tentacruel

Good Rod (43): 60% Gyarados, 20% Qwilfish, 20% Relicanth

Super Rod (65): 40% Mantine, 40% Relicanth, 19% Sharpedo, 1% Wailmer


*Heart Scale northwest of the point where the route changes to 106, in the lower tile of a 2-tile patch of sand.


Ruin Maniac Foster (Optional)

Relicanth(m) Lv.44 @QUICK CLAW: Head Smash, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Yawn [Naive]

Glalie(m) Lv.43 @QUICK CLAW: Hail, Protect, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Bold]


Bird Keeper Josue [Double Battle with Andres] (Optional)

Fearow(m) Lv.66 @Scope Lens: Steel Wing, Tri Attack, Drill Peck, Drill Run [Modest]

Xatu(m) Lv.66 @QUICK CLAW: Psychic, Wish, Confuse Ray, Drill Peck


Ruin Maniac Andres [Double Battle with Josue] (Optional)

Rhydon(m) Lv.66 @QUICK CLAW: Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Megahorn [Careful]

Marowak(m) Lv.66 @Thick Club: Body Slam, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-Edge [Naive]


Dewford Town


*Get TM36[Sludge Bomb] from inside Dewford Hall.


Route 108


Surfing (43): 60% Sharpedo, 30% Tentacruel, 5% Seviper, 4% Qwilfish, 1% Gyarados

Old Rod (44): 70% Magikarp, 30% Tentacool

Good Rod (44): 60% Magikarp, 20% Tentacool, 20% Sharpedo

Super Rod (20-66): 99% Sharpedo, 1% Wailmer 


Team Aqua Grunt (Optional)

Starmie Lv. 45 @ Lum Berry: Psychic, Recover, Hydro Pump, Confuse Ray [Brave]


Cooltrainer Carolina (Optional)

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Body Slam, Superpower, Crush Claw, Shadow Ball

Torkoal(f) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Flamethrower, EXPLOSION, Earth Power, Superpower [Careful]

Vileplume(f) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Sleep Powder, Moonlight, Sludge Bomb, Petal Dance [Careful]


Sailor Cory (Optional)

Seaking(m) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Double-Edge, Drill Run, Waterfall, Megahorn

Hitmontop(m) Lv.43 @QUICK CLAW: Seismic Toss, Revenge, Rock Slide, Detect [Adamant]

Raticate(m) Lv.43 @QUICK CLAW: Shadow Ball, Super Fang, Facade, Quick Attack [Careful]


Route 109


*Heart Scale straight north from where route 108 ends, in the central tile of a small island.  

*Heart Scale straight east from where route 108 ends, in the left tile under a blue parasol on an island.


Route 134


Surfing (43): 60% Horsea, 31% Seadra, 5% Remoraid, 4% Seaking

Old Rod (43): 70% Horsea, 30% Seadra

Good Rod (43): 60% Octillery, 40% Remoraid

Super Rod (43): 40% Corsola, 40% Mantine, 15% Horsea, 5% Chinchou


New Mauville


*Pekachu disappears after Elite 4


Cave [1F] (43): 20% Electrode, 20% Plusle, 10% Minun, 10% Magneton, 10% Raichu, 10% Manectric, 5% Porygon, 5% Electabuzz, 4% Ampharos, 4% Flaaffy, 1% Voltorb, 1% Pikachu

Cave [1F Room 2] (43): 20% Electrode, 20% Raichu, 10% Magneton, 10% Manectric, 10% Muk, 10% Porygon, 5% Voltorb, 5% Ampharos, 4% Electabuzz, 4% Porygon2, 1% Pikachu, 1% Jolteon


Route 118


*Bring Cut to skip the optional battles.


Interviewers Gabby & Ty [Double Battle] (Optional)

Xatu(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Drill Peck, Giga Drain, Quick Attack

Exploud(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Hyper Voice, Brick Break, Teeter Dance [Bold]


Fisherman Wade

Kingler(m) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: Crabhammer, Hyper Beam, Double-Edge, X-Scissors [Mild]

Whiscash(m) Lv.42 @Mystic Water: Earthquake, Surf, Rock Slide, Ice Beam [Gentle]

Seadra(m) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dragonbreath, Octazooka [Quiet]

Wailmer(m) Lv.43 @QUICK CLAW: Water Spout, Ice Beam, Earthquake, SELFDESTRUCT [Brave]


Fisherman Barny

Corsola(f) Lv.43 @Lum Berry: MIRROR COAT, Recover, Surf, Ancientpower [Hasty]

Seaking(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Megahorn, Surf, Double-Edge, Drill Run [Lax]

Mantine(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Confuse Ray, Surf, Ice Beam, Air Slash [Quiet]

Huntail(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Crunch, Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray [Naughty]


Bird Keeper Perry

Noctowl(m) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Return, Fly, Night Shade [Relaxed]

Pidgeot(m) Lv.42 @Leftovers: Fly, Quick Attack, Return, Steel Wing [Sassy]

Togetic(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Fly, Softboiled, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss [Bold]

Fearow(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Quick Attack, Drill Run, Tri Attack, Fly


Youngster Deandre (Optional)

Raticate(m) Lv.43 @Silk Scarf: Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Return, Super Fang [Rash]

Arbok(m) Lv.43 @Miracle Seed: Poison Fang, Glare, Earthquake, Giga Drain

Sandslash(m) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: Swords Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissors, Rock Slide


Guitarist Dalton (Optional)

Electrode Lv.44 @Silverpowder: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, EXPLOSION [Rash]

Exploud(m) Lv.43 @Nevermeltice: Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Flamethrower [Bold]

Jynx(f) Lv.42 @Lum Berry: PERISH SONG, Mean Look, Protect, Ice Beam

Ludicolo(m) Lv.41 @Miracle Seed: Teeter Dance, Giga Drain, Waterfall, Ice Beam [Modest]


Bird Keeper Chester (Optional)

Togetic(m) Lv.44 @Leftovers: Follow Me, Softboiled, -----, ----- [Brave]

Swellow(m) Lv.42 @Silk Scarf: Facade, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing [Careful]


Aroma Lady Rose (Optional)

Breloom(f) Lv.44 @Black Belt: Spore, Focus Punch, Mach Punch, -----

Meganium(m) Lv.43 @Leftovers: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Synthesis


Route 119


Grass (43): 20% Zangoose, 20% Tangela, 10% Breloom, 10% Absol, 10% Seviper, 10% Scyther, 5% Linoone, 5% Tropius, 4% Furret, 4% Raticate, 1% Pinsir, 1% Scizor

Surfing (43): 60% Golduck, 30% Pelipper, 5% Whiscash, 4% Carvanha, 1% Feraligatr

Old Rod (44): 70% Carvanha, 30% Magikarp

Good Rod (44): 60% Sharpedo, 20% Politoed, 20% Feraligatr

Super Rod (65): 40% Gyarados, 40% Poliwrath, 15% Whiscash, 4% Feraligatr, 1% Blastoise

Gift (25): Castform


*Delay encounter until Weather Institute.

*Bring Acro Bike.


Bug Catcher Kent (Optional)

Weedle(m) Lv.100 @Poison Barb: Poison Sting, String Shot, -----, ----- [Calm]


Bug Catcher Greg (Optional)

Metapod(m) Lv.100 @Leftovers: Iron Defense, Tackle, -----, ----- [Adamant]


Bug Maniac Donald (Optional)

Cascoon(m) Lv.100 @Leftovers: Iron Defense, Tackle, Poison Sting, ----- [Naive]


Bug Maniac Taylor (Optional)

Silcoon(m) Lv.100 @Leftovers: Iron Defense, Tackle, Poison Sting, -----


Bug Catcher Doug (Optional)

Kakuna(m) Lv.100 @Choice Band: Poison Sting, -----, -----, ----- [Relaxed]


Bug Maniac Brent (Optional)

Wurmple(m) Lv.100 @Leftovers: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, ----- [Bold]


Fisherman Chris (Optional)

Magikarp(m) Lv.100: Flail, Tackle, Bounce, ----- [Quiet]

Tentacruel(m) Lv.40: Acid, Bubblebeam, Sludgebomb, Toxic [Jolly]

Feebas(m) Lv.100: Flail, Tackle, Bounce, ----- [Lax]

Sharpedo(m) Lv.44: Crunch, Ancientpower, Poison Fang, Hydro Pump


Bird Keeper Hugh

Dodrio(m) Lv.44 @Silk Scarf: Drill Peck, Hyper Beam, Steel Wing, Body Slam 

Altaria(m) Lv.44 @Lum Berry: Dragon Claw, Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, Earthquake

Skarmory(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Drill Peck, Flash Cannon, Rock Slide, Return [Jolly]

Swellow(m) Lv.44 @Silk Scarf: Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam, Facade, Steel Wing [Relaxed]


Pkmn Ranger Catherine

Manectric(f) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Thunder, Crunch, Quick Attack, Iron Tail [Sassy]

Politoed(f) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Waterfall, Belly Drum, Return, Earthquake

Victreebel(f) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: HP Rock, Sleep Powder, Gunk Shot, Leaf Blade [Lonely]

Ursaring(f) Lv.45 @Silk Scarf: Facade, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break [Jolly]


Pkmn Ranger Jackson

Primeape(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Body Slam

Crawdaunt(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: PURSUIT, Crabhammer, X-Scissors, HP Flying [Hasty]

Jolteon(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Thunder, Quick Attack, Bite, Reflect [Rash]

Tauros(m) Lv.44 @Chesto Berry: Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Return, Rest [Naughty]


Ninja Boy Yasu

Absol(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Quick Attack, HP Fight [Calm]

Banette(m) Lv.44 @Spell Tag: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Thunder, Confuse Ray [Rash]

Sudowoodo(m) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Earthquake, HP Bug [Lax]

Ninjask(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Aerial Ace, Signal Beam, Double-Edge, HP Ground


Bird Keeper Phil [Double Battle with Missy]

Fearow(m) Lv.45 @Choice Band: Drill Peck, Quick Attack, Hyper Beam, Steel Wing

Xatu(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Drill Peck, Psychic, Reflect, Light Screen


Parasol Lady Missy [Double Battle with Phil]

Granbull(f) Lv.44 @Soft Sand: Earthquake, Attract, Body Slam, Shadow Ball [Timid]

Mawile(f) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Attract, Protect, Flash Cannon, Brick Break


Bug Maniac Darrin

Masquerain(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Air Slash [Lax]

Pinsir(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: X-Scissors, Earthquake, HP Rock, Quick Attack [Calm]

Vibrava(m) Lv.44 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Signal Beam, HP Rock, Giga Drain


Ninja Boy Takashi

Weezing(m) Lv.45 @Lum Berry: DESTINY BOND, Sludge Bomb, Thunder, Shadow Ball [Impish]

Lunatone Lv.45 @Hard Stone: Hypnosis, Psychic, Ice Beam, Ancientpower

Misdreavus(m) Lv.46 @Spell Tag: Thunder, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Shadow Sneak [Gentle]


Weather Institute


Team Aqua Grunt #1

Sharpedo(f) Lv.46 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Crunch, Hydro Pump, Poison Fang

Exeggutor(f) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Sleep Powder, Egg Bomb, EXPLOSION, Psychic [Timid]

Quagsire(f) Lv.46 @Lum Berry: Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Recover [Bold]

Dragonair(f) Lv.45 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunder Wave, Double-Edge, Ice Beam, Surf

Seviper(f) Lv.45 @King's Rock: Glare, Poison Tail, Earthquake, Giga Drain [Quiet]

Slowbro(f) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Psychic, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Jolly]


Team Aqua Grunt #2

Electrode Lv.45 @Liechi Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Endure, EXPLOSION

Octillery(m) Lv.46 @QUICK CLAW: Water Spout, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Double-Edge [Bold]

Cradily(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Toxic, Recover, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Lax]

Starmie Lv.46 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Signal Beam, Psychic, Surf [Mild]

Muk(m) Lv.45 @QUICK CLAW: Gunk Shot, EXPLOSION, Brick Break, Giga Drain [Rash]

Walrein(m) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Impish]


Team Aqua Grunt #3

Cloyster(f) Lv.46 @FOCUS BAND: Ice Beam, Surf, Tri Attack, EXPLOSION [Timid]

Whiscash(f) Lv.46 @Lum Berry: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, HP Flying, Rock Slide [Jolly]

Umbreon(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Toxic, Confuse Ray, Moonlight, PURSUIT [Jolly]

Omastar(m) Lv.46 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Surf, HP Grass, Ice Beam, Ancientpower [Relaxed]

WOBBUFFET(f) Lv.45 @Leftovers: COUNTER, MIRROR COAT, DESTINY BOND, Safeguard [Hasty]

Gorebyss(f) Lv.46 @Lum Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, HP Electric, Confuse Ray [Lax]


Team Aqua Grunt #4

Armaldo(m) Lv.46 @Lum Berry: Ancientpower, Earthquake, X-Scissors, Agility [Quiet]

Kabutops(m) Lv.47 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Rain Dance, Ancientpower, Surf, X-Scissors [Timid]

Poliwrath(m) Lv.47 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Brick Break, Earthquake [Gentle]

Ursaring(m) Lv.45 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Double-Edge, Yawn, Facade [Lonely]

Ludicolo(m) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Leech Seed, Waterfall, Ice Beam [Timid]

Tentacruel(m) Lv.46 @Leftovers: MIRROR COAT, Sludge Bomb, Muddy Water, Ice Beam [Rash]


Team Aqua Grunt #5

Qwilfish(f) Lv.46 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Sludge Bomb, EXPLOSION, Hydro Pump [Lonely]

Dragonair(f) Lv.46 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Body Slam [Brave]

Huntail(f) Lv.47 @King's Rock: Rain Dance, Double-Edge, Muddy Water, Ice Beam [Lax]

Mantine(f) Lv.47 @FOCUS BAND: Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray

Lanturn(f) Lv.46 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam [Lax]

Dewgong(f) Lv.46 @King's Rock: Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Beam, Body Slam


Aqua Admin Shelly

Milotic(f) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: MIRROR COAT, Ice Beam, Surf, Recover

Hypno(f) Lv.47 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Psychic, Signal Beam, Fire Punch [Bold]

Shuckle(f) Lv.47 @Leftovers: Toxic, Double Team, Rest, Protect [Careful]

Medicham(f) Lv.47 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide [Rash]

Dragonite(f) Lv.48 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Surf, Dragon Claw, Return [Adamant]

Lapras(f) Lv.49 @Leftovers: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Drill Run [Impish]


Pkmn Trainer May

Raichu(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Thunder, Surf, Signal Beam, Rain Dance [Impish]

Clefable(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Thunder, HP Water, Body Slam, Ice Beam [Rash]

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Poison Tail, Thunder, Surf [Rash]

Meganium(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Giga Drain, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Synthesis [Brave]

Blastoise(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Water Spout, MIRROR COAT, Ice Beam, HP Electric [Modest]


Guitarist Beth

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.48 @Leftovers: Sing, Hyper Voice, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Hasty]

Swalot(m) Lv.48 @Poison Barb: Sing, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Brick Break [Gentle]

Azumarill(m) Lv.47 @Mystic Water: Sing, Return, Surf, Ice Beam [Quiet]

Electabuzz(m) Lv.49 @Lum Berry: Thunder, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Psychic [Brave]


Ninja Boy Hideo

Kecleon(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Sneak, Double-Edge [Naive]

Octillery(m) Lv.48 @Leftovers: Octazooka, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Gunk Shot [Careful]

Cacturne(m) Lv.48 @BRIGHTPOWDER: DESTINY BOND, Needle Arm, Brick Break, Faint Attack

DITTO Lv.50 @Leppa Berry: Transform, -----, -----, ----- [Lonely]


Fortree City


Grass (47-50): 20% Pidgeot, 20% Fearow, 14% Swellow, 10% Pelipper, 10% Noctowl, 10% Tropius, 5% Swablu, 5% Altaria, 4% Dodrio, 1% Pineco, 1% Shiftry 


*Sleep Talk Move Tutor inside the second house on the top side.


Route 120


Grass (47): 20% Scyther, 20% Absol, 10% Zangoose, 10% Pinsir, 10% Kecleon, 10% Primeape, 5% Tangela, 5% Azumarill, 4% Seviper, 4% Spoink, 1% Linoone, 1% Scizor

Surfing (47): 60% Azumarill, 30% Fearow, 5% Whiscash, 4% Seaking, 1% Golduck

Old Rod (49): 70% Barboach, 30% Seaking

Good Rod (49): 60% Golduck, 20% Kingler, 20% Crawdaunt

Super Rod (65): 40% Crawdaunt, 40% Kingler, 15% Slowpoke, 4% Slowking, 1% Slowbro


Bird Keeper Robert

Dodrio(m) Lv.50 @Choice Band: Quick Attack, Hyper Beam, Steel Wing, Drill Peck [Hasty]

Altaria(m) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Aerial Ace [Lax]

Swellow(m) Lv.50 @Silk Scarf: Quick Attack, Facade, Aerial Ace, Endeavor [Naive]


Parasol Lady Clarissa

Parasect(f) Lv.50 @QUICK CLAW: Spore, Giga Drain, X-Scissors, Brick Break [Mild]

Politoed(f) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Hypnosis [Modest]

Jynx(f) Lv.50 @Silverpowder: Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Ice Beam, Signal Beam


Ninja Boy Riley

Ninjask(m) Lv.51 @Miracle Seed: Giga Drain, X-Scissors, Dig, Aerial Ace [Timid]

Azumarill(m) Lv.50 @Silk Scarf: Camouflage, Double-Edge, Surf, Brick Break [Lonely]

Kecleon(m) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Fake Out, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Body Slam [Sassy]

Shedinja Lv.51 @FOCUS BAND: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, X-Scissors, Return [Naive]


Interviewers Gabby & Ty [Double Battle] (Optional)

Exploud(m) Lv.53 @Silk Scarf: Hyper Voice, Teeter Dance, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Gentle]

Xatu(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Giga Drain, Drill Peck, Quick Attack [Bold]

Lunatone Lv.51 @Leftovers: Psychic, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Moonlight [Rash]

Chimecho(m) Lv.52 @Silk Scarf: Psychic, Hypnosis, Signal Beam, Recover [Bold]


Scorched Slab


Cave (50): 20% Vulpix, 20% Growlithe, 10% Rapidash, 10% Quilava, 10% Charmeleon, 10% Ninetales, 5% Manectric, 5% Magby, 4% Magmar, 4% Torkoal, 1% Flareon, 1% Arcanine

Surfing (50): 60% Grimer, 30% Koffing, 5% Muk, 5% Weezing

Old Rod (45): 70% Grimer, 30% Muk

Good Rod (50): 60% Remoraid, 20% Muk, 20% Kingler

Super Rod (65): 40% Crawdaunt, 40% Octillery, 15% Muk, 5% Slowpoke


Fortree Gym


Pkmn Ranger Ashley

Stantler(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Return, HP Flying, Earthquake +1767

Pidgeot(f) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Sky Attack, Double-Edge, Quick Attack, HP Ground [Brave] +1953

Sudowoodo(f) Lv.52 @QUICK CLAW: Earthquake, Ancientpower, Double-Edge, HP Flying [Careful] +1503

Heracross(m) Lv.51 @QUICK CLAW: Megahorn, Brick Break, Rock Slide, HP Ghost [Rash] +2185

Raichu(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Thunderbolt, Surf, HP Flying, Brick Break [Mild] +1306

Ludicolo(f) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Fake Out, Surf, Giga Drain, Ice Beam +1977


Bird Keeper Jared

Swellow(m) Lv.51 @Choice Band: Double-Edge, Sky Attack, HP Fight, ----- [Timid] +1770

Skarmory(m) Lv.53 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Spikes, Flash Cannon, Sky Attack, HP Ground [Mild] +1908

Pelipper(m) Lv.52 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, HP Electric, Surf [Lax] +1827

Tropius(m) Lv.52 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Ancientpower, Leaf Blade, Air Slash +1882

Magmar(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Fire Blast, Mach Punch, Thunderpunch, HP Grass [Lax] +1788

Altaria(m) Lv.53 @Lum Berry: Sing, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Sky Attack [Lonely] +2134


Ninja Boy Edwardo

Forretress(m) Lv.54 @QUICK CLAW: Spikes, EXPLOSION, Rock Slide, Earthquake [Hasty] +1365

Dusclops(m) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Protect, Toxic +1917

Venomoth(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Signal Beam, Sludge Bomb, HP Ground [Relaxed] +1537

Claydol Lv.51 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Ice Beam, Psychic [Impish] +2065

Lanturn(m) Lv.50 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunderbolt, Surf, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam [Brave] +1671

Scyther(m) Lv.53 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Signal Beam, Air Slash, Superpower, Quick Attack [Lax] +2122


Pkmn Ranger Flint

Noctowl(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Double-Edge, Sky Attack, HP Water +1839

Gligar(m) Lv.53 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack [Sassy] +1225

Shiftry(m) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain [Timid] +2016

Slaking(m) Lv.50 @Choice Band: Hyper Beam, -----, -----, ----- +2250

Dodrio(m) Lv.53 @Lum Berry: Quick Attack, Double-Edge, Drill Peck, HP Ground [Jolly] +1794

Blaziken(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Thunderpunch [Quiet] +2328


Pkmn Breeder Humberto

Piloswine(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Ancientpower [Brave] +1713

Xatu(m) Lv.53 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Giga Drain, HP Fire, Signal Beam [Brave] +1941

Breloom(m) Lv.51 @QUICK CLAW: Spore, Sky Uppercut, HP Ghost, Giga Drain [Lax] +1803

Golduck(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Surf, Ice Beam, Hypnosis, HP Grass +1938

Porygon2 Lv.52 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Recover, Double-Edge, HP Water [Naive] +2005

Swellow(m) Lv.54 @Lum Berry:Double-Edge, Sky Attack, HP Ground, Quick Attack [Calm] +1873


Dragon Tamer Sora

Charizard(m) Lv.53 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Thunderpunch, Dragon Claw [Modest] +2373

Sceptile(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Dragon Claw, Leaf Blade, Thunderpunch, Grasswhistle [Lax] +2227

Gyarados(m) Lv.53 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Bounce, Hydro Pump, HP Rock [Lax] +2430

Kingdra(m) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Ice Beam, Dragonbreath, Body Slam, Hydro Pump +2217

Shedinja Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Signal Beam, Shadow Sneak, HP Rock, Shadow Ball [Quiet] +1017

Salamence(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Flamethrower +2475


Leader Winona [Double Battle]

Aerodactyl(m) Lv.54 @Lum Berry: HP Flying, Ancientpower, Double-Edge, Earthquake [Naive]

Zapdos Lv.55 @Lum Berry: Sky Attack, Thunderbolt, HP Ice, Return [Careful]

Crobat(m) Lv.54 @Lum Berry: Sky Attack, Poison Fang, Giga Drain, HP Ground

Articuno Lv.55 @Lum Berry: Ice Beam, Sky Attack, Ice Shard, HP Grass [Hasty]

Flygon(m) Lv.55 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Giga Drain [Impish]

Moltres Lv.55 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Sky Attack, HP Grass, Steel Wing [Lax]


Route 120



Battle Girl Tara

Pikachu(f) Lv.52 @Light Ball: Thunder, Surf, -----, -----

Dragonair(f) Lv. 52 @Dragon Fang: Dragonbreath, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Double-Edge [Calm]

Clamperl(f) Lv.52 @Deepseatooth: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, -----, ----- [Relaxed]


Bird Keeper Colin

Skarmory(m) Lv.50 @Metal Coat: Spikes, Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Whirlwind [Relaxed]

Golduck(m) Lv.50 @Twistedspoon: Waterfall, Psychic, Brick Break, Ice Beam [Bold]

Fearow(m) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Steel Wing, Drill Peck, Return, Drill Run [Relaxed]


Cooltrainer Jerome

Heracross(m) Lv.51 @QUICK CLAW: Megahorn, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Brick Break [Impish]

Cloyster(m) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice Shard [Bold]

Magneton Lv.52 @Salac Berry: Thunder, HP Water, EXPLOSION, Endure [Lax]

Gengar(m) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Giga Drain, HP Water, Thunder [Lax]

DUGTRIO(m) Lv.52 @Choice Band: Earthquake, -----, -----, ----- [Brave]


Ninja Boy Keigo

Electrode Lv.50 @Leftovers: Reflect, Thunder, Signal Beam, Toxic [Naive]

Weezing(m) Lv.50 @Magnet: Thunder, Sludge Bomb, DESTINY BOND, Shadow Ball [Sassy]

Scizor(m) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: X-Scissors, Quick Attack, Light Screen, Brick Break [Calm]


Parasol Lady Angelica

Jumpluff(f) Lv.50 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Double-Edge, Aerial Ace

Furret(f) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Super Fang, Quick Attack, Double- Edge, Surf [Relaxed]

Seaking(f) Lv.51 @Nevermeltice: Surf, Ice Beam, Return, Attract [Bold]


Cooltrainer Jennifer

Gorebyss(f) Lv.50 @Petaya Berry: Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Double-Edge [Sassy]

Ludicolo(f) Lv.50: Fake Out, Giga Drain, Waterfall, Ice Beam [Timid]

Lanturn(f) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Thunder, Surf, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam [Hasty]

Castform(f) Lv.49 @Salac Berry: Ice Beam, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Attract [Careful]

Porygon2 Lv.51 @Starf Berry: Thunder, Ice Beam, Recycle, Recover


Pkmn Ranger Jenna

Hitmonlee(m) Lv.51 @Black Belt: Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Return, Rock Slide [Naive]

Rapidash(f) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Blaze Kick, Quick Attack, Drill Run, Wild Charge [Quiet]

Manectric(f) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Thunderbolt, Crunch, Quick Attack, Flamethrower [Gentle]

Girafarig(f) Lv.52 @Twistedspoon: Body Slam, Earthquake, Psychic, Crunch [Modest]


Pkmn Ranger Lorenzo

Ursaring(m) Lv.50 @Silk Scarf: Facade, Earthquake, Crunch, Brick Break [Careful]

Grumpig(m) Lv.50 @Spell Tag: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderpunch, Confuse Ray [Careful]

Feraligatr(m) Lv.51 @Blackglasses: Crunch, Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Relaxed]

Flareon(m) Lv.52 @Metal Coat: Fire Blast, Body Slam, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail 


Ruin Maniac Chip

Aggron(m) Lv.52 @Hard Stone: Rock Slide, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Double-Edge [Lax]

Claydol Lv.51 @Hard Stone: Psychic, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Reflect [Impish]

Cradily(m) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Giga Drain, Recover, Sludge Bomb, Confuse Ray [Relaxed]

Kabutops(m) Lv.52 @Mystic Water: Surf, Ancientpower, X-Scissors, Brick Break [Calm]


Bug Maniac Jeffrey

Venomoth(m) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain [Careful]

Flygon(m) Lv.50 @Dragon Fang: Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Slide [Bold]

Masquerain(m) Lv.52 @Mystic Water: Ice Beam, Air Slash, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam [Timid]

Armaldo(m) Lv.51 @Hard Stone: X-Scissors, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Body Slam


Route 121


Grass (50): 20% Absol, 20% Exeggcute, 10% Tropius, 10% Exploud, 10% Rapidash, 10% Pidgeot, 5% Stantler, 5% Gloom, 4% Weepinbell, 4% Jumpluff, 1% Arcanine, 1% Pinsir

Surfing (50): 60% Crawdaunt, 30% Octillery, 5% Tentacool, 5% Pelipper

Old Rod (50): 70% Seaking, 30% Qwilfish

Good Rod (50): 60% Mantine, 20% Chinchou, 20% Corsola

Super Rod (65): 40% Octillery, 40% Seviper, 15% Tentacruel, 5% Relicanth


Hex Maniac Tammy

Chimecho(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Recover, Psychic, Signal Beam [Rash]

Absol(f) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Protect [Bold]

Banette(f) Lv.52 @Spell Tag: Shadow Sneak, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball


Bug Maniac Ali

Ledian(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Light Screen, Reflect, Attract, Protect [Relaxed]

Gligar(m) Lv.52 @Soft Sand: HP Ground, Aerial Ace, Sludge Bomb, Rock Tomb [Relaxed]

Pinsir(m) Lv.52 @Hard Stone: X-Scissors, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Rock Slide


Beauty Jessica

Hitmontop(m) Lv.52 @Black Belt: Fake Out, Brick Break, Mach Punch, Rock Tomb [Brave]

Dewgong(f) Lv.51 @Silk Scarf: Ice Beam, Waterfall, Body Slam, Protect [Sassy]

Persian(f) Lv.52 @Silk Scarf: Fake Out, Return, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail [Lax]


Pkmn Breeder David

Ninetales(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Body Slam [Rash]

Bellossom(m) Lv.52 @Silk Scarf: Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Return [Bold]

Ampharos(m) Lv.51 @Silverpowder: Thunder Wave, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam


Sr. and Jr. Kate and Joy [Double Battle]

Togetic(m) Lv.54 @Leftovers: Follow Me, Softboiled, -----, -----

Medicham(m) Lv.53 @Choice Band: Focus Punch, -----, -----, ----- [Hasty]


Pokéfan Vanessa

Misdreavus(f) Lv.52 @Green Scarf: Calm Mind, Psychic, DESTINY BOND, Mean Look [Naive]

Arcanine(m) Lv.52 @Blue Scarf: Sunny Day, Overheat, Overheat, Morning Sun [Bold]

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.53 @Pink Scarf: Belly Drum, Rest, Snore, ----- [Naughty]

Sudowoodo(f) Lv.53 @Yellow Scarf: Harden, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Rock Slide [Relaxed]

Raichu(f) Lv.53 @Red Scarf: Thunder Wave, Volt Tackle, Double Team, Quick Attack [Hasty]


Pkmn Breeder Nora

Sunflora(m) Lv.54 @QUICK CLAW: Leaf Blade, Synthesis, HP Ice, Return [Brave]

Luvdisc(f) Lv.54 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Attract, Sweet Kiss, Substitute, Dive

Spinda(m) Lv.54 @Silk Scarf: Teeter Dance, Double-Edge, Shadow Ball, Brick Break [Relaxed]


Cooltrainer Cristin

Steelix(f) Lv.54 @QUICK CLAW: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Flash Cannon [Timid]

Slaking(f) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, -----

Crobat(f) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Air Slash [Jolly]

Exeggutor(f) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Psychic, Ancientpower [Adamant]

Blissey(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Softboiled, Seismic Toss, Ice Beam


Cooltrainer Marcel

Gyarados(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Double-Edge, Thunder Wave

Flygon(m) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, Rock Slide [Modest]

Electabuzz(m) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Quick Attack [Lax]

Breloom(m) Lv.52 @Lum Berry: Spore, Brick Break, Giga Drain, Mach Punch [Lax]

Houndoom(m) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: Crunch, PURSUIT, Flamethrower, Body Slam


Gentleman Walter

Eevee(m) Lv.55 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Substitute, Body Slam, Double Team, Baton Pass [Jolly]

Flareon(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Baton Pass [Gentle]

Vaporeon(m) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Acid Armor, Baton Pass, Surf, Substitute [Bold]

Jolteon(m) Lv.52 @Petaya Berry: Agility, Substitute, Thunderbolt, Baton Pass [Impish]

Espeon(m) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Baton Pass, Psychic, Substitute

Umbreon(m) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Mean Look, Moonlight, Baton Pass, Faint Attack [Adamant]


Lilycove City


Grass (55): 20% Granbull, 20% Jumpluff, 10% Blastoise, 10% Vileplume, 10% Wigglytuff, 10% Bellossom, 6% Lickitung, 5% Togetic, 5% Feraligatr, 4% Exploud

Surfing (55): 60% Sharpedo, 30% Crawdaunt, 5% Kingler, 4% Octillery, 1% Blastoise

Old Rod (55): 70% Sharpedo, 30% Crawdaunt

Good Rod (55): 60% Sharpedo, 20% Qwilfish, 20% Mantine

Super Rod (65): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Tentacruel, 15% Cloyster, 4% Gyarados, 1% Lanturn


*Lilycove Department Store TM listings:

 -TM38[Fire Blast]     -TM40[Aerial Ace]

 -TM36[Sludge Bomb]    -TM20[Safeguard]

 -TM14[Blizzard]       -TM33[Reflect]

 -TM47[Steel Wing]     -TM16[Light Screen]

*Save and reset next to the gentleman on the northeast side until Lum Berry. 

*Heart Scale in the rock on the beach directly of the elderly couple gazing at the sea.

*Harbor Mail can be purchased on the 1st floor in Lilycove Mart (Get Coin Case now).


Pkmn Trainer May

Miltank(f) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Fake Out [Rash]

Ampharos(f) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, HP Ice, Fire Punch

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Poison Fang, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Meganium(m) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Grasswhistle, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Giga Drain [Impish]

Blastoise(m) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Water Spout, HP Electric, Ice Beam, MIRROR COAT [Gentle]

Blaziken(m) Lv.60 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Superpower, Thunderpunch, Rock Slide [Hasty]


Mauville City


*Mauville Game Corner TM listings:

 -TM32[Brick Break]    ₽30.000

 -TM29[Psychic]        ₽70.000

 -TM35[Flamethrower]   ₽80.000

 -TM30[Shadow Ball]    ₽80.000

 -TM13[Ice Beam]       ₽80.000



Safari Zone


Grass [Area 1] (45-50): 20% Vileplume, 20% Granbull, 10% Girafarig, 10% Victreebel, 10% Rapidash, 10% Dodrio, 5% Vigoroth, 5% Forretress, 4% Primeape, 4% Grovyle, 2% Ivysaur


Grass [Area 2] (50-56): 20% Exeggutor, 20% Rhydon, 10% Miltank, 10% Kangaskhan, 10% Nidoqueen, 10% Dodrio, 5% Arbok, 5% Zangoose, 4% Sandslash, 4% Venusaur, 1% Ivysaur, 1% Bulbasaur

Surfing [Area 2] (50): 90% Psyduck, 10% Golduck

Old Rod [Area 2] (52): 70% Corphish, 30% Crawdaunt

Good Rod [Area 2] (10-45): 60% Ludicolo, 20% Lombre, 20% Lotad

Super Rod [Area 2] (25-65): 40% Psyduck, 40% Golduck, 15% Seadra, 4% Milotic, 1% Feebas


Grass [Area 3] (42-55): 20% Eevee, 20% Flareon, 10% Espeon, 10% Umbreon, 10% Vaporeon, 10% Jolteon, 5% Kangaskhan, 5% Rhydon, 4% Dodrio, 4% Miltank, 1% Tauros, 1% Snorlax

Surfing [Area 3] (50): 60% Omastar, 30% Kabutops, 5% Kabuto, 5% Omanyte

Old Rod [Area 3] (40): 70% Wartortle, 30% Squirtle

Good Rod [Area 3] (10-50): 60% Whiscash, 20% Barboach, 20% Wooper

Super Rod [Area 3] (25-46): 40% Croconaw, 40% Totodile, 15% Quagsire, 4% Marshtomp, 1% Mudkip


Grass [Area 4] (27-56): 20% Donphan, 20% Arcanine, 10% Nidoking, 10% Scyther, 10% Ursaring, 10% Seviper, 5% Tauros, 5% Heracross, 4% Bayleef, 4% Grovyle, 1% Chikorita, 1% Treecko

Rock Smash [Area 4] (5-30): 100% Geodude


*Area 1: entrance area.

 Area 2: west of entrance.

 Area 3: Mach Bike area.

 Area 4: Acro Bike area.

*Heart Scale beyond the lake in the northeastern side of Area 3.


Route 122


Surfing (51): 60% Golduck, 30% Golbat, 5% Sharpedo, 5% Pelipper

Old Rod (50): 70% Crawdaunt, 30% Tentacruel

Good Rod (50): 60% Gyarados, 40% Sharpedo

Super Rod (65): 55% Tentacruel, 40% Gastly, 5% Qwilfish


Mt. Pyre


Tower [1F] (51): 20% Shuppet, 20% Gastly, 10% Abra, 10% Drowzee, 10% Vulpix, 10% Cubone, 5% Absol, 5% Misdreavus, 4% Mr. Mime, 4% Grumpig, 1% Kirlia, 1% Umbreon


Tower [2F] (51): 20% Unown, 20% Murkrow, 10% Golbat, 10% Drowzee, 10% Shuppet, 10% Gastly, 5% Raticate, 5% Persian, 4% Misdreavus, 4% Mightyena, 1% Marowak, 1% Haunter


Tower [3F] (51): 20% Seviper, 20% Persian, 10% Xatu, 10% Abra, 10% Exeggcute, 10% Vulpix, 5% Absol, 5% Misdreavus, 4% Grumpig, 4% Marowak, 1% Banette, 1% Kirlia


Tower [4F] (51): 20% Chimecho, 20% Gastly, 10% Shuppet, 10% Drowzee, 10% Cubone, 10% Unown, 5% Xatu, 5% Vulpix, 4% Mr. Mime, 4% Persian, 1% Haunter, 1% Jynx


Tower [5F] (52): 20% Abra, 20% Mr. Mime, 10% Xatu, 10% Vulpix, 10% Cubone, 10% Raticate, 5% Persian, 5% Golbat, 4% Seviper, 4% Banette, 1% Haunter, 1% Hypno


Tower [6F] (52): 20% Kirlia, 20% Ninetales, 10% Venomoth, 10% Xatu, 10% Misdreavus, 10% Marowak, 5% Persian, 5% Golbat, 4% Banette, 4% Haunter, 2% Kadabra


Grass [Outside] (53): 20% Noctowl, 20% Ninetales, 10% Marowak, 10% Cacturne, 10% Banette, 10% Absol, 5% Murkrow, 5% Shiftry, 4% Persian, 4% Misdreavus, 1% Hypno, 1% Umbreon


Grass [Peak] (55): 20% Banette, 20% Absol, 10% Cacturne, 10% Marowak, 10% Hypno, 10% Shiftry, 5% Noctowl, 5% Jynx, 4% Espeon, 4% Gengar, 1% Umbreon, 1% Gardevoir


*Bring Mach Bike.


Young Couple Dez & Luke [Double Battle]

Delcatty(f) Lv.55 @Silk Scarf: Attract, Hyper Beam, Fake Out, Sing [Relaxed]

Machamp(m) Lv.50 @White Herb: Cross Chop, HP Ghost, Attract, Rock Slide [Timid]


Hex Maniac Leah

Misdreavus(f) Lv.52 @Silverpowder: Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt [Hasty]

Absol(f) Lv.52 @Spell Tag: Protect, Substitute, Shadow Ball, Superpower [Bold]

Grumpig(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Psychic, Signal Beam, Confuse Ray, Attract [Impish]

Golduck(f) Lv.50 @Silk Scarf: Psychic, Ice Beam, Surf, Return [Adamant]


Team Aqua Grunt #1

Walrein(m) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Surf, Substitute, Ice Shard

Mantine(m) Lv.51 @King's Rock: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Surf, Air Slash [Adamant]

Huntail(m) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: Waterfall, Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Double-Edge [Timid]

Whiscash(m) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: Rain Dance, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Jolly]

Qwilfish(m) Lv.50 @FOCUS BAND: Rain Dance, Sludge Bomb, Waterfall, EXPLOSION [Rash]

Kabutops(m) Lv.51 @Scope Lens: Rain Dance, Waterfall, Rock Slide, X-Scissors


Pkmn Breeder Gabrielle

Swalot(f) Lv.52 @Poison Barb: Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Shadow Ball, Fire Punch [Lonely]

Jumpluff(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Substitute, Protect [Naughty]

Blissey(f) Lv.50 @Leftovers: Softboiled, Seismic Toss, Charm, Ice Beam [Relaxed]


Team Aqua Grunt #2

Seviper(f) Lv.52 @King's Rock: Glare, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Poison Fang

Sharpedo(f) Lv.53 @FOCUS BAND: Crunch, Earthquake, Poison Fang, Surf [Timid]

Banette(f) Lv.52 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Return, HP Fight [Lax]

Ursaring(f) Lv.52 @Scope Lens: Scary Face, Earthquake, HP Ghost, Crush Claw [Naive]

Mr. Mime(f) Lv.52 @Scope Lens: Psychic, Fake Out, Fire Punch, Signal Beam [Lax]

Feraligatr(m) Lv.53 @King's Rock: Scary Face, Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Hasty]


Team Aqua Grunt #3

Exeggutor(m) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: Sleep Powder, EXPLOSION, Psychic, Giga Drain [Sassy]

Crawdaunt(m) Lv.53 @Scope Lens: Crabhammer, X-Scissors, Crunch, HP Ground

Nidoking(m) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: Surf, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Thunderbolt [Quiet]

Blastoise(m) Lv.50 @Leftovers: MIRROR COAT, Ice Beam, Roar, Surf [Impish]

Slowking(m) Lv.50 @QUICK CLAW: Psychic, Surf, Signal Beam, Earthquake

Dragonite(m) Lv.55 @Salac Berry: Double-Edge, Thunder, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump


Team Aqua Grunt #4

Muk(m) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: EXPLOSION, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb [Naive]

Jynx(f) Lv.50 @Scope Lens: Blizzard, Psychic, HP Fire, Fake Tears [Lonely]

Relicanth(m) Lv.53 @Choice Band: Head Smash, -----, -----, ----- [Calm]

Sableye(m) Lv.48 @Scope Lens: Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Brick Break, Shadow Ball

Azumarill(m) Lv.53 @Scope Lens: Hydro Pump, Double-Edge, HP Ghost, Blizzard [Jolly]

Swampert(m) Lv.53 @Salac Berry: Hydro Cannon, Sludge Bomb, HP Electric, Ice Beam [Mild]


Hex Maniac Valerie

Ninetales(f) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Bite [Brave]

Persian(f) Lv.51 @Lum Berry: Double-Edge, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse

Alakazam(m) Lv.52 @Black Belt: Substitute, Focus Punch, Psychic, Shadow Ball


Team Aqua Grunt #5

Lunatone Lv.51 @Scope Lens: Hypnosis, Psychic, EXPLOSION, Ice Beam [Calm]

Ludicolo(f) Lv.51 @Scope Lens: Ice Beam, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Giga Drain [Naughty]

Cloyster(f) Lv.53 @Scope Lens: EXPLOSION, Ice Shard, Surf, Ice Beam [Rash]

Electabuzz(m) Lv.51 @King's Rock: Thunder, Cross Chop, Quick Attack, Ice Punch [Modest]

Clamperl(f) Lv.55 @Deepseatooth: Hydro Pump, Surf, Blizzard, HP Grass [Impish]

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.52 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Blizzard, Thunder, Surf [Hasty]


Team Aqua Grunt #6

Umbreon(m) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Mean Look, Baton Pass, Moonlight, Toxic [Hasty]

Tentacruel(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Swords Dance, Sludge Bomb, HP Ground, Muddy Water [Calm]

Gorebyss(m) Lv.53 @Salac Berry: Blizzard, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Baton Pass

Quagsire(m) Lv.54 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Yawn, Recover, Ancientpower [Jolly]

Clefable(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Belly Drum, Sing, Frustration, Meteor Mash [Brave]

Gyarados(m) Lv.53 @FOCUS BAND: Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Bounce, Double-Edge [Bold]


Team Aqua Grunt #7

Glalie(m) Lv.52 @Leppa Berry: Blizzard, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Crunch

Poliwrath(m) Lv.54 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Focus Punch, Ice Beam, Substitute [Naughty]

Armaldo(m) Lv.52 @QUICK CLAW: Earthquake, Ancientpower, X-Scissors, Swords Dance [Timid]

Slowbro(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Thunder Wave, Psychic, Surf, Signal Beam

Gengar(m) Lv.50 @Salac Berry: DESTINY BOND, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt

Omastar(m) Lv.54 @QUICK CLAW: Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Ancientpower, Ice Beam


Team Aqua Grunt #8


Dewgong(f) Lv.55 @Leftovers: Surf, Drill Run, Blizzard, Ice Shard [Gentle]

Ludicolo(f) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Toxic, Leech Seed, Protect, Fire Punch [Bold]

Vaporeon(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Wish, Muddy Water [Naughty]

Miltank(f) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Attract, Body Slam, Earthquake, Milk Drink

Starmie Lv.54 @Leftovers: Cosmic Power, Recover, Psychic, Toxic [Jolly]


Team Aqua Grunt #9

Electrode Lv.51 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, -----

Feraligatr(m) Lv.54 @Lum Berry: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Ice Beam [Naive]

Nidoking(m) Lv.51 @Scope Lens: Megahorn, Earthquake, Poison Tail, Thunderbolt

Walrein(m) Lv.54 @Leftovers: Blizzard, Surf, Super Fang, Earthquake [Naive]

Hypno(m) Lv.51 @Leftovers: Psychic, Fire Punch, Hypnosis, Thunderpunch [Sassy]

Relicanth(m) Lv.55 @FOCUS BAND: Head Smash, Earthquake, Hydro Pump, ----- [Mild]


Team Aqua Grunt #10

Jynx(f) Lv.53 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Blizzard, Fake Tears [Careful]

Milotic(m) Lv.52 @Leftovers: Toxic, Surf, Ice Beam, Recover

Cradily(m) Lv.53 @Leftovers: Stockpile, Recover, Toxic, Earthquake [Timid]

Banette(m) Lv.52 @Leppa Berry: Thunder Wave, DESTINY BOND, Shadow Ball, HP Fight [Lax]

Lanturn(m) Lv.54 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Blastoise(m) Lv.55 @Leftovers: Hydro Cannon, Ice Beam, HP Electric, Roar [Sassy]


Aqua Admin Matt

Wailord(m) Lv.57 @QUICK CLAW: SELFDESTRUCT, Water Spout, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Adamant]

Machamp(m) Lv.56 @Chesto Berry: Superpower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP Ghost [Impish]

Slaking(m) Lv.56 @Lum Berry: Hyper Beam, Surf, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Gentle]

Exeggutor(m) Lv.56 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Egg Bomb, Psychic, Ancientpower [Timid]

Gyarados(m) Lv.58 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, HP Flying, Dragon Dance, Frustration [Mild]

Dragonite(m) Lv.57 @Lum Berry: Superpower, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Extremespeed


Magma Hideout


Cave [Room 1] (56): 20% Camerupt, 20% Weezing, 10% DUGTRIO, 10% Torkoal, 10% Golem, 10% Magmar, 5% Mightyena, 5% Typhlosion, 4% Golbat, 4% Rhydon, 1% Aggron, 1% Magcargo


Cave [Room 2] (57): 20% Magmar, 20% Torkoal, 10% WOBBUFFET, 10% DUGTRIO, 10% Dunsparce, 10% Golem, 5% Weezing, 5% Muk, 4% Ninetales, 4% Aggron, 2% Rhydon


Cave [Room 3] (58): 20% DUGTRIO, 20% Manectric, 10% Electrode, 10% WOBBUFFET, 10% Sudowoodo, 10% Weezing, 5% Rapidash, 5% Swalot, 4% Torkoal, 4% Camerupt, 2% Charizard


Cave [Room 4] (59): 20% Electrode, 20% Weezing, 10% WOBBUFFET, 10% Dunsparce, 10% Steelix, 10% Aggron, 5% DUGTRIO, 5% Crobat, 4% Electabuzz, 4% Arcanine, 2% Lunatone


Cave [Room 5] (5-60): 20% WOBBUFFET, 20% Crobat, 10% Electrode, 10% DUGTRIO, 10% Camerupt, 10% Torkoal, 5% Magmar, 5% Typhlosion, 4% Charizard, 4% Claydol, 1% Houndoom, 1% Houndour


Cave [Room 6] (61): 20% WOBBUFFET, 20% Electrode, 10% DUGTRIO, 10% Crobat, 10% Magmar, 10% Weezing, 5% Camerupt, 5% Typhlosion, 4% Torkoal, 4% Claydol, 1% TRAPINCH, 1% Rhydon


Cave [Room 7] (25-63): 20% DUGTRIO, 20% Magmar, 10% Electrode, 10% Torkoal, 10% Golem, 10% Aggron, 5% Rhydon, 5% Typhlosion, 4% Charizard, 4% Claydol, 1% Blaziken, 1% Combusken


Cave [Room 8] (63): 20% WOBBUFFET, 20% Crobat, 10% Electrode, 10% Torkoal, 10% Magmar, 10% Hariyama, 5% Manectric, 5% DUGTRIO, 4% Weezing, 4% Claydol, 2% Flygon


*Weather is always sunny.

*Room 5 is a side room off Room 4, remaining rooms are in order.

*Bring Strength.



Team Magma Grunt #1

Smeargle(m) Lv.57 @Leftovers: Spore, Super Fang, Nightmare, Substitute [Naughty]

Vileplume(m) Lv.56 @Leftovers: Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed [Careful]

Donphan(m) Lv.57 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Swagger, Ancientpower, Body Slam [Brave]

Ninetales(f) Lv.57 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Hypnosis, Overheat, Solarbeam, Extrasensory

Absol(m) Lv.57 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunder Wave, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Superpower [Lax]


Team Magma Grunt #2

Gengar(m) Lv.56 @FOCUS BAND: DESTINY BOND, EXPLOSION, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt [Naughty]

Camerupt(m) Lv.59 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Earthquake, Overheat, Solarbeam

Shiftry(m) Lv.56 @Scope Lens: EXPLOSION, Solarbeam, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Lonely]

Manectric(m) Lv.57: Thunder Wave, Flamethrower, Crunch, Thunderbolt [Gentle]

Solrock Lv.58 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Morning Sun [Lonely]


Team Magma Grunt #3

Flygon(f) Lv.56 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Rock Slide

Xatu(f) Lv.58 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Solarbeam, Psychic, Drill Peck, Light Screen [Calm]

Manectric(f) Lv.58 @King's Rock: Overheat, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Crunch [Modest]

Bellossom(f) Lv.59 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, Weather Ball, Leech Seed [Mild]

Arcanine(m) Lv.59 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Overheat, Extremespeed, Crunch, Solarbeam [Rash]


Team Magma Grunt #4

Granbull(f) Lv.57 @FOCUS BAND: COUNTER, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Body Slam [Gentle]

Victreebel(m) Lv.59 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, Gunk Shot, Weather Ball [Sassy]

Claydol Lv.59 @Scope Lens: Solarbeam, Earthquake, EXPLOSION, Psychic [Lonely]

Charizard(m) Lv.59 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Belly Drum, Earthquake, Heat Wave, Rock Slide [Impish]

Aggron(m) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunder Wave, Head Smash, Earthquake, Iron Tail [Hasty]


Team Magma Grunt #5

Smeargle(m) Lv.59 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Spore, Substitute, Belly Drum, Baton Pass [Naughty]

Crobat(m) Lv.56 @Scope Lens: Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, Confuse Ray [Naive]

DUGTRIO(m) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower, Tri Attack

Venusaur(m) Lv.58 @FOCUS BAND: Solarbeam, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Naive]

Dodrio(m) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Quick Attack, Double-Edge, Drill Peck, HP Fight [Timid]


Team Magma Grunt #6

Misdreavus(f) Lv.60 @Leftovers: Mean Look, Substitute, PERISH SONG, Protect [Lonely]

Torkoal(f) Lv.60 @QUICK CLAW: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Earthquake, EXPLOSION

Aggron(f) Lv.61 @FOCUS BAND: COUNTER, Head Smash, Earthquake, Iron Tail [Adamant]

Jumpluff(f) Lv.59 @Leftovers: Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Protect, Substitute [Gentle]

Ampharos(f) Lv.58 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Tail Glow, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, HP Ice [Bold]

Sandslash(f) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Ancientpower, X-Scissors, Crush Claw [Mild]


Team Magma Grunt #7

WOBBUFFET(m) Lv.58 @Leftovers: COUNTER, Encore, MIRROR COAT, DESTINY BOND [Modest]

Magmar(m) Lv.61 @Scope Lens: Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Cross Chop, Thunderpunch [Naive]

Shiftry(m) Lv.60 @FOCUS BAND: Swords Dance, EXPLOSION, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Mild]

Gligar(m) Lv.62 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance [Gentle]

Golem(m) Lv.63 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Earthquake, Head Smash, Double-Edge [Careful]

Exploud(m) Lv.59 @QUICK CLAW: Hyper Voice, Overheat, Solarbeam, Ice Beam [Brave]


Team Magma Grunt #8

Smeargle(f) Lv.60 @Leftovers: Spore, Tail Glow, Substitute, Baton Pass [Jolly]

Gengar(f) Lv.58 @Scope Lens: Giga Drain, Fire Punch, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch 

Typhlosion(m) Lv.60 @King's Rock: Heat Wave, Thunderpunch, Solarbeam, Earthquake [Rash]

Alakazam(m) Lv.57 @Scope Lens: Psychic, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch [Adamant]

Altaria(f) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Draco Meteor, Solarbeam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam [Sassy]

Vileplume(f) Lv.61 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, HP Ice, Weather Ball, Sleep Powder [Mild]


Team Magma Grunt #9

Octillery(m) Lv.60 @QUICK CLAW: Water Spout, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, HP Electric [Naughty]

Glalie(m) Lv.60 @FOCUS BAND: Ice Beam, Weather Ball, Earthquake, Ice Shard [Hasty]

Ludicolo(m) Lv.60 @QUICK CLAW: Solarbeam, Ice Beam, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch [Calm]

Walrein(m) Lv.60 @Leftovers: Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Surf [Lax]

Quagsire(m) Lv.60 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower, Recover [Naughty]

Charizard(m) Lv.60 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Heat Wave [Hasty]


Team Magma Grunt #10

Marowak(f) Lv.60 @Thick Club: HP Flying, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Ancientpower [Lax]

Shiftry(f) Lv.57 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Hasty]

Solrock Lv.60 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Mild]

Manectric(f) Lv.60 @Lum Berry: Light Screen, Thunderbolt, Overheat, Crunch [Hasty]

Dodrio(f) Lv.61 @Scope Lens: Body Slam, Quick Attack, Drill Peck, Steel Wing [Relaxed]

Blaziken(m) Lv.61 @Lum Berry: Blaze Kick, Solarbeam, Brick Break, Thunderpunch


Team Magma Grunt #11

Smeargle(f) Lv.61 @Leftovers: Spore, EXPLOSION, Light Screen, Reflect [Jolly]

Armaldo(m) Lv.62 @Lum Berry: Swords Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissors, Ancientpower [Rash]

Venusaur(m) Lv.59 @Scope Lens: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower [Impish]

Granbull(f) Lv.61 @QUICK CLAW: Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Frustration, Super Fang 

Flygon(f) Lv.58 @Scope Lens: Solarbeam, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Earthquake [Careful]

Torkoal(f) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Curse, Earthquake, Heat Wave, Rest [Sassy]


Team Magma Grunt #12

Gengar(m) Lv.59 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Mean Look, PERISH SONG, Substitute [Naughty]

Claydol Lv.58 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Impish]

Exeggutor(m) Lv.59 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Swords Dance, EXPLOSION, Ancientpower, HP Fight [Rash]

WOBBUFFET(m) Lv.61 @Leftovers: COUNTER, MIRROR COAT, DESTINY BOND, Encore [Careful]

Exploud(m) Lv.62 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Hyper Voice, Solarbeam, Extrasensory [Brave]

Arcanine(m) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Morning Sun, Extremespeed, Solarbeam [Bold]


Team Magma Grunt #13

Weezing(f) Lv.62 @Lum Berry: DESTINY BOND, EXPLOSION, Fire Blast, Gunk Shot [Lonely]

Granbull(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Attract, Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Hasty]

Jumpluff(f) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Attract, Stun Spore, Substitute, Leech Seed [Naughty]

Espeon(m) Lv.61 @Lum Berry: Psychic, HP Fire, Bite, Morning Sun [Naughty]

Umbreon(m) Lv.61 @Leftovers: Mean Look, Toxic, Charm, Rest [Naughty]

Flareon(m) Lv.63 @QUICK CLAW: Overheat, Superpower, Shadow Ball, Double-Edge [Brave]


Team Magma Grunt #14

Smeargle(m) Lv.63 @Lum Berry: Spore, EXPLOSION, Light Screen, ----- [Naughty]

Sudowoodo(m) Lv.63 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Head Smash, Earthquake, Double-Edge [Rash]

Victreebel(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Weather Ball, Gunk Shot, HP Rock [Calm]

Manectric(m) Lv.63 @Scope Lens: Overheat, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Quick Attack [Modest]

Claydol(m) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Earthquake, Solarbeam, Ice Beam, Psychic [Rash]

Rapidash(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Drill Run, Solarbeam, Hypnosis [Jolly]


Team Magma Grunt #15

Sudowoodo(f) Lv.59 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Timid]

Meganium(m) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Solarbeam, Earthquake, Ancientpower, HP Fire [Gentle]

Misdreavus(f) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Mean Look, PERISH SONG, Protect, Attract [Brave]

Altaria(f) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Sing, Earthquake, Sky Attack, Flamethrower [Gentle]

Clefable(f) Lv.63 @QUICK CLAW: Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Solarbeam, Thunderbolt [Timid]

Ninetales(f) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Heat Wave, HP Electric, Solarbeam [Impish]


Team Magma Grunt #16

Solrock Lv.63 @Lum Berry: Light Screen, EXPLOSION, Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp [Mild]

Aggron(m) Lv.64 @QUICK CLAW: Thunder Wave, Head Smash, Earthquake, Superpower [Rash]

Weezing(m) Lv.63 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Gunk Shot, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball

WOBBUFFET(m) Lv.62 @Leftovers: COUNTER, MIRROR COAT, Safeguard, DESTINY BOND [Naughty]

Houndoom(m) Lv.60 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Crunch, PURSUIT [Sassy]


Magma Admin Courtney

Charizard(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Dragon Claw, Solarbeam, Earthquake

Regirock Lv.65 @Lum Berry: COUNTER, EXPLOSION, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Timid]

Salamence(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor, Air Slash [Gentle]

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.63 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Crush Claw, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Relaxed]

Venusaur(m) Lv.65 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Weather Ball, Solarbeam, Ancientpower [Modest]

Castform(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Weather Ball, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Solarbeam [Quiet]


Magma Leader Maxie

Tyranitar(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Adamant]

Flygon(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Heat Wave, Solarbeam [Modest]

Gengar(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Ice Punch, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Fire Punch [Modest]

Arcanine(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Solarbeam, Extremespeed, HP Ice

Exeggutor(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Solarbeam, Psychic, Ancientpower, HP Fire

Entei Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Sacred Fire, Solarbeam, Extremespeed, Ancientpower [Impish]


Aqua Hideout



Team Aqua Grunt #1

Exeggutor(m) Lv.60 @QUICK CLAW: Sleep Powder, EXPLOSION, Egg Bomb, Ancientpower [Sassy]

Qwilfish(m) Lv.63 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Adamant]

Swampert(m) Lv.64 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Swagger, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Ice Beam

Walrein(m) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Double Team, Earthquake, Rest, Ice Beam [Calm]

Jolteon(m) Lv.62 @King's Rock: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Bite, Reflect [Jolly]

Snorlax(m) Lv.60 @Leftovers: COUNTER, Body Slam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball [Adamant]


Team Aqua Grunt #2

Cloyster(f) Lv.63 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Timid]

Ludicolo(f) Lv.63 @Scope Lens: Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Beam, Surf [Rash]

Tentacruel(f) Lv.64 @Leftovers: MIRROR COAT, Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Giga Drain [Adamant]

Clefable(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Belly Drum, Moonlight, Frustration, Meteor Mash [Quiet]

Hypno(f) Lv.61 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Psychic, Brick Break, Shadow Ball

Kingdra(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Octazooka, Ice Beam


Team Aqua Grunt #3

Glalie(m) Lv.60 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, -----

Wailord(m) Lv.60 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Relaxed]

Nidoking(m) Lv.62 @Scope Lens: Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Slowking(m) Lv.65 @Chesto Berry: Psychic, Thunder Wave, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Mild]

Quagsire(m) Lv.65 @Leftovers: Toxic, Double Team, Recover, Ice Beam [Hasty]

Hypno(m) Lv.62 @Leftovers: COUNTER, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Psychic [Rash]


Team Aqua Grunt #4

Jynx(f) Lv.65 @Leftovers: Lovely Kiss, Mean Look, PERISH SONG, Substitute [Relaxed]

Wailord(f) Lv.59 @Choice Band: SELFDESTRUCT, -----, -----, ----- [Gentle]

Nidoqueen(f) Lv.63 @QUICK CLAW: Poison Fang, Shadow Ball, Earthquake, Ice Beam

Milotic(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Light Screen, Surf, Ice Beam, Recover [Relaxed]

Clefable(f) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Toxic, Cosmic Power, Moonlight, Psywave [Gentle]

Relicanth(m) Lv.65 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Head Smash, Earthquake, Rest, Sleep Talk [Modest]


Team Aqua Grunt #5

Raichu(m) Lv.64 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Signal Beam [Brave]

Starmie Lv.62 @King's Rock: Rain Dance, Surf, Thunder, Psychic [Lax]

Ludicolo(m) Lv.61 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Waterfall, Leech Seed

Omastar(m) Lv.65 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Ancientpower

Dragonite(m) Lv.60 @Scope Lens: Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Double-Edge

Poliwrath(m) Lv.65 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Earthquake, Superpower, Ice Beam [Timid]


Team Aqua Grunt #6

Dragonite(f) Lv.60 @Leftovers: Toxic, Protect, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw [Relaxed]

Muk(f) Lv.60 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- [Timid]

Lapras(f) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Rest, Thunder, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray

Exeggutor(f) Lv.62 @QUICK CLAW: Sleep Powder, Psychic, Ancientpower, Egg Bomb [Naughty]

Blissey(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: COUNTER, Softboiled, Psywave, Seismic Toss [Sassy]

Medicham(f) Lv.64 @Scope Lens: Psychic, Fake Out, Brick Break, Shadow Ball [Gentle]


Team Aqua Grunt #7

Gyarados(m) Lv.63 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Frustration, Bounce [Naive]

Cradily(m) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Giga Drain, Recover, Toxic, Earthquake

Slaking(m) Lv.60 @Choice Band: Hyper Beam, -----, -----, ----- [Adamant]

Nidoking(m) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Earthquake, COUNTER, Shadow Ball, Poison Tail [Naive]

Snorlax(m) Lv.60 @Choice Band: SELFDESTRUCT, -----, -----, ----- [Naughty]

Starmie Lv.62 @Scope Lens: Hydro Pump, Signal Beam, Psychic, Ice Beam [Hasty]


Team Aqua Grunt #8

Lapras(f) Lv.63 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam [Adamant]

Kingdra(f) Lv.62 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Octazooka, Ice Beam, Double-Edge [Lax]

Gorebyss(f) Lv.65 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Psychic [Relaxed]

Lanturn(f) Lv.64 @Leftovers: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Ice Beam [Naughty]

Victreebel(f) Lv.63 @Scope Lens: Sleep Powder, Gunk Shot, Leaf Blade, HP Water [Bold]

Castform(f) Lv.62 @Petaya Berry: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Thunder [Jolly]


Team Aqua Admin Matt

Glalie(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: EXPLOSION, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Gentle]

Kingdra(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Octazooka, Draco Meteor, Ice Beam [Bold]

Machamp(m) Lv.67 @QUICK CLAW: Superpower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, HP Ghost [Timid]

Tauros(m) Lv.66 @Choice Band: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Iron Tail, ------ [Impish]

Dragonite(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Dragon Dance, HP Flying, Earthquake, Superpower [Careful]

Wailord(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Amnesia, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Rest [Modest]


Route 124


Surfing (63): 60% Qwilfish, 30% Mantine, 5% Tentacruel, 5% Pelipper

Old Rod (63): 70% Corsola, 30% Seaking

Good Rod (63): 60% Qwilfish, 20% Remoraid, 20% Tentacruel

Super Rod (63): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Octillery, 15% Mantine, 5% Lanturn


Team Aqua Grunt #1 [Double Battle With Team Aqua Grunt #2]

Ludicolo(m) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Waterfall [Calm]

Qwilfish(m) Lv.65 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Waterfall, Sludge Bomb, DESTINY BOND [Lonely]

Omastar(m) Lv.65 @Mystic Water: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ancientpower [Calm]


Team Aqua Grunt #2 [Double Battle With Team Aqua Grunt #1]

Dewgong(f) Lv.65 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Ice Beam, Drill Run, Waterfall [Quiet]

Gorebyss(f) Lv.64 @Lum Berry: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Psychic [Modest]

Whiscash(f) Lv.65 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Earth Power, Ancientpower


Sis And Bro Lila & Roy [Double Battle] (Optional)

Gyarados(m) Lv.66 @QUICK CLAW: Double-Edge, Body Slam, Hydro Pump, Bounce [Bold]

Pikachu(m) Lv.65 @Light Ball: Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Surf, Volt Tackle [Modest]


SwimmerM Declan (Optional)

Luvdisc(f) Lv.100: Attract, Sweet Kiss, Flail, Surf [0] 


SwimmerF Jenny (Optional)

Azumarill(f) Lv.64: Ice Beam, Double-Edge, Superpower, Hydro Pump [Bold]


Triathlete Isabella (Optional)

Nidoking(m) Lv.65: Poison Fang, Drill Run, Megahorn, Head Smash [Modest]


Mossdeep City


Grass (65): 20% Ralts, 20% Abra, 10% Spoink, 10% Mr. Mime, 10% Exeggcute, 10% Slowpoke, 5% Girafarig, 5% Drowzee, 4% Xatu, 4% Chimecho, 1% Espeon, 1% Jynx

Surfing (65): 60% Mantine, 30% Octillery, 5% Seaking, 4% Relicanth, 1% Tentacruel

Old Rod (65): 70% Slowpoke, 30% Shellder

Good Rod (65): 60% Huntail, 20% Slowbro, 20% Slowking

Super Rod (65): 40% Gorebyss, 40% Cloyster, 15% Kingler, 4% Crawdaunt, 1% Sharpedo


*Dynamicpunch Move Tutor left Black Belt on shallow water to the south.


Route 125


Surfing (64): 60% Dewgong, 30% Walrein, 5% Cloyster, 4% Slowking, 1% Slowbro

Old Rod (64): 100% Sealeo

Good Rod (64): 60% Slowking, 20% Slowbro, 20% Shellder

Super Rod (64): 40% Cloyster, 40% Dewgong, 15% Walrein, 5% Sharpedo


Sailor Ernest (Optional)

Mightyena(m) Lv.65: Poison Fang, Hyper Voice, Super Fang, Shadow Ball

Hitmonchan(m) Lv.65: Sky Uppercut, Shadow Punch, Rock Slide, Mach Punch [Gentle]


Bird Keeper Presley (Optional)

Tropius(m) Lv.64 @QUICK CLAW: Air Slash, Earthquake, Giga Drain, Synthesis

Pelipper(m) Lv.64 @Mystic Water: Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Sky Attack [Modest]


Expert Auron (Optional)

Flygon(m) Lv.67: Double-Edge, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Earthquake

Machamp(m) Lv.67: Vital Throw, Facade, Cross Chop, Rock Slide [Hasty]


Sr. and Jr. Kim & Iris [Double Battle] (Optional)

Togetic(m): Lv.100 @Shoal Shell: Follow Me, Softboiled, -----, -----

Marowak(m): Lv.66 @Thick Club: Belly Drum, Ancientpower, Earthquake, Body Slam [Jolly]


Shoal Cave


Cave [1F] (63-65): 20% Spheal, 20% Seel, 10% Sealeo, 10% Smoochum, 10% Swinub, 10% Slowpoke, 5% Shellder, 5% Delibird, 4% Kingler, 4% Golduck, 1% Cloyster, 1% Walrein

Surfing [1F] (64): 60% Sealeo, 30% Dewgong, 5% Shellder, 4% Slowbro, 1% Walrein

Old Rod [1F] (65): 70% Shellder, 30% Seel

Good Rod [1F] (65): 60% Seel, 20% Spheal, 20% Shellder

Super Rod [1F] (4-65): 40% Sealeo, 40% Dewgong, 15% Walrein, 4% Cloyster, 1% Wailmer


Cave [1F Room 2] (64): 20% Swinub, 20% Sealeo, 10% Smoochum, 10% Seel, 10% Shellder, 10% Delibird, 5% Sneasel, 5% Kingler, 4% Slowking, 4% Slowbro, 1% Jynx, 1% Walrein

Surfing [1F Room 2] (64-65): 60% Dewgong, 30% Slowking, 5% Slowbro, 4% Cloyster, 1% Walrein

Old Rod [1F Room 2] (65): 70% Shellder, 30% Clamperl

Good Rod [1F Room 2] (65): 60% Seel, 40% Sealeo

Super Rod [1F Room 2] (4-65): 40% Dewgong, 40% Cloyster, 19% Walrein, 1% Wailmer


Cave [1F Room 3] (64): 20% Snorunt, 20% Smoochum, 10% Swinub, 10% Seel, 10% Sealeo, 10% Shellder, 5% Slowpoke, 5% Cloyster, 4% Jynx, 4% Glalie, 1% Piloswine, 1% Walrein


Cave [B1F] (65): 20% Piloswine, 20% Glalie, 10% Jynx, 10% Seel, 10% Sealeo, 10% Slowpoke, 5% Slowking, 5% Slowbro, 4% Delibird, 4% Swinub, 1% Smoochum, 1% Snorunt


Cave [B1F Ice] (63-65): 20% DUGTRIO, 20% Jynx, 10% Dewgong, 10% Cloyster, 10% Piloswine, 10% Glalie, 5% Walrein, 5% Slowbro, 4% Slowking, 4% WOBBUFFET, 1% Hariyama, 1% Lapras


*Bring Strength.


Mossdeep Gym


Psychic Preston [Double Battle with Maura]

Solrock Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Signal Beam, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Light Screen [Timid] +2121

Girafarig(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Psychic, Body Slam, Signal Beam [Naive] +2016

Claydol Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Signal Beam, Psychic, Light Screen +2673


Psychic Maura [Double Battle with Preston]

Lunatone Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Psychic, Moonlight [Naive] +2121

Xatu(f) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Calm Mind, Giga Drain, Psychic, Drill Peck [Adamant] +2418

Chimecho(f) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Psychic, Recover, Reflect [Rash] +2079


Psychic Samantha [Double Battle with Virgil]

Jynx(f) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Lovely Kiss, Ice Beam, Psychic, Fake Out +1936

Slowbro(f) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Slack Off, Psychic, Hydro Pump [Jolly] +2319

Exeggutor(f) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Sleep Powder, Psychic, Giga Drain, Ancientpower [Naughty] +2997


Cooltrainer Virgil [Double Battle with Samantha]

Clefable(f) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Follow Me [Careful] +1851

Hitmonlee(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Rock Tomb, Mach Punch +1965 

Armaldo(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: X-Scissors, Ancientpower, Brick Break, Body Slam [Timid] +2827


*Avoid the top right switch before using either of the other two.


Gentleman Nate [Double Battle with Nicholas]

Espeon(m) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Skill Swap, Psychic, Bite, Toxic [Bold] +2827

Alakazam(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Skill Swap, Psychic, Toxic, Fire Punch [Impish] +2629

Claydol Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Skill Swap, Toxic, Drill Run, Ice Beam +2713


Expert Nicholas [Double Battle with Nate]

Slaking(m) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Slack Off, Body Slam, Superpower, Shadow Ball +3015

Hitmonchan(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Facade, Brick Break, Shadow Punch, Fake Out [Naughty] +2010

Swellow(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Facade, Steel Wing, Quick Attack, Sky Attack [Lax] +2325


Psychic Blake [Double Battle with Hannah]

Grumpig(m) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch [Timid] +2319

Slowking(m) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Slack Off [Naive] +2319

Hypno(m) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Calm Mind, Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch [Adamant] +2332


Cooltrainer Hannah [Double Battle with Blake]

Granbull(f) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Return, Superpower, Shadow Ball, Bulk Up [Quiet] +2517

Hitmontop(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Bulk Up, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Fake Out [Jolly] +1951

Tyranitar(f) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Ice Beam, Superpower, Ancientpower, Crunch [Timid] +3082


Hex Maniac Sylvia [Double Battle with Macey]

Lapras(f) Lv.69 @QUICK CLAW: PERISH SONG, Sleep Talk, Rest, ----- [Quiet] +3237

Misdreavus(f) Lv.69 @QUICK CLAW: PERISH SONG, Sleep Talk, Rest, ----- +2173

Wigglytuff(f) Lv.69 @QUICK CLAW: PERISH SONG, Sleep Talk, Rest, ----- +1611


Expert Macey [Double Battle with Sylvia]

WOBBUFFET(f) Lv.69 @Lum Berry: Encore, MIRROR COAT, DESTINY BOND, COUNTER [Lonely] +2616

DUGTRIO(f) Lv.69 @Leftovers: Ancientpower, Protect, Substitute, ----- [Naive] +2262

WYNAUT(f) Lv.100 @Leftovers: COUNTER, MIRROR COAT, Encore, DESTINY BOND [Gentle] +942


Expert Clifford [Double Battle with Kathleen]

Electrode Lv.67 @Choice Band: EXPLOSION, -----, -----, ----- +2152

Snorlax(m) Lv.66 @Choice Band: SELFDESTRUCT, -----, -----, ----- [Naive] +2178

Metagross Lv.66 @Lum Berry: Agility, EXPLOSION, Flash Cannon, Earthquake [Lonely] +2970


Hex Maniac Kathleen [Double Battle with Clifford]

Gengar(f) Lv.68 @Lum Berry: Imprison, Protect, Shadow Ball, Brick Break +2767

Dusclops(f) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Imprison, Protect, Shadow Ball, Brick Break [Adamant] +2530

Misdreavus(f) Lv.69 @Lum Berry: Imprison, Protect, Shadow Ball, Psywave [Impish] +2173


Gym Leaders Tate&Liza [Double Battle]

Latias(f) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Dragon Claw, Mist Ball, HP Fire, Waterfall [Impish]

Latios(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Dragon Claw, Luster Purge, HP Fire, Thunderbolt [Sassy]

Gardevoir(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, HP Grass [Sassy]

Medicham(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Fake Out, Brick Break, HP Psychic, Shadow Ball [Careful]

Starmie Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic [Relaxed]

Jirachi Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Meteor Mash, Signal Beam, Fire Punch, Ancientpower [Naughty]


Mossdeep Space Center


Magma Grunt #1 [Double Battle with Grunt #2]

Clefable(f) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt [Lax]

Exeggutor(f) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Sunny Day, Egg Bomb, Psychic, HP Fire [Calm]

Castform(f) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt [Adamant]


Magma Grunt #2 [Double Battle with Grunt #1]

Typhlosion(m) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Sunny Day, Overheat, Wild Charge, HP Ice

Venusaur(m) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Sunny Day, HP Fire, Leaf Blade, Sludge Bomb [Jolly]

Houndoom(m) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: : Sunny Day, Overheat, Crunch, HP Grass


Magma Grunt #3

Solrock Lv.67 @FOCUS BAND: Swagger, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Ancientpower [Mild]

Banette(m) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Shadow Ball, HP Fight, Shadow Sneak, Swagger [Modest]

Tyranitar(m) Lv.66 @Lum Berry: COUNTER, Crunch, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

Skarmory(m) Lv.68 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Flash Cannon, Drill Peck, Rock Slide, Swagger [Impish]

Claydol Lv.67 @Scope Lens: Earthquake, Psychic, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball

Blaziken(m) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Earthquake, Thunderpunch [Bold]


Magma Admin Courtney

Crobat(f) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Heat Wave, Sky Attack, HP Ground, Giga Drain

Regirock Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Thunder Wave, EXPLOSION, Ancientpower, Earthquake [Sassy]

Gardevoir(f) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch [Naive]

Arcanine(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Extremespeed, Wild Charge, HP Grass [Hasty]

Meganium(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Grasswhistle, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Ancientpower [Mild]

Dusclops(f) Lv.70 @Leftovers: Will-o-Wisp, Rest, Shadow Ball, Earthquake [Brave]


*Can't leave between the next three trainers.


Magma Grunt #4

Dodrio(m) Lv.66 @Silk Scarf: Hyper Beam, Quick Attack, Drill Peck, Steel Wing [Relaxed]


Steelix(m) Lv.69 @QUICK CLAW: EXPLOSION, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Rock Slide [Sassy]


Magma Grunt #5

Camerupt(m) Lv.69 @QUICK CLAW: Overheat, Earthquake, EXPLOSION, Rock Slide

Weezing(m) Lv.66 @Scope Lens: EXPLOSION, Gunk Shot, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast

Altaria(m) Lv.66 @Scope Lens: Earthquake, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower


Magma Grunt #6

Breloom(m) Lv.66 @Scope Lens: Spore, Mach Punch, Giga Drain, Brick Break [Jolly]

Magmar(m) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Heat Wave, Cross Chop, Thunderpunch, Confuse Ray

Kangaskhan(f) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Attract, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Body Slam [Naughty]


*Superboss ... [Double Battle with You]

 Aerodactyl(f) Lv.70: Fly, Steel Wing, Rock Blast, Return

 Starmie Lv.70: Dive, Surf, Psychic, Thunderbolt [Lonely]

 Metagross Lv.70: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Meteor Mash, Brick Break [Brave]


Magma Leader Maxie [Double Battle with Tabitha]

Tauros(m) Lv.71 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Double-Edge, HP Ghost, Iron Tail [Jolly]

Flygon(m) Lv.71 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Ancientpower 

Metagross Lv.72 @Lum Berry: Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball, HP Grass [Jolly]


Magma Admin Tabitha [Double Battle with Maxie]

Gengar(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch [Sassy]

Salamence(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Draco Meteor, Air Slash, Flamethrower, HP Grass [Relaxed]

Charizard(m) Lv.71 @Lum Berry: Overheat, Thunderpunch, Dragon Claw, HP Ice [Relaxed]




Diving [Route 124] (68): 60% Kabutops, 30% Omastar, 5% Lanturn, 4% Relicanth, 1% Kingdra


Diving [Route 126] (68): 60% Huntail, 30% Lanturn, 5% Gorebyss, 4% Armaldo, 1% Cradily


Route 124


*Heart Scale in the Dive spot west of the island above Hunter's House, under the light.

*Heart Scale in the Dive spot west of the three trees on the Mossdeep beach, under the light.


Route 126


Surfing (65): 60% Poliwrath, 30% Feraligatr, 5% Blastoise, 5% Seaking

Old Rod (65): 100% Slowpoke

Good Rod (65): 60% Slowbro, 20% Qwilfish, 20% Tentacruel

Super Rod (65): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Corsola, 15% Gyarados, 5% Octillery


*Heart Scale underwater, northwest of Sootopolis.


Triathlete Pablo (Optional)

Rapidash(m) Lv.65 @QUICK CLAW: Heat Wave, Megahorn, Morning Sun, Hypnosis [Lonely]

Poliwrath(m) Lv.66 @QUICK CLAW: Mud Shot, Hypnosis, Brick Break, Hydro Pump [Impish]


Sootopolis City


Grass (5-60): 40% Heracross, 29% Lotad, 29% Lombre, 2% Ludicolo

Surfing (70): 60% Mantine, 30% Relicanth, 5% Octillery, 5% Magikarp

Old Rod (70): 70% Seaking, 30% Relicanth

Good Rod (70): 60% Huntail, 20% Kabutops, 20% Relicanth

Super Rod (70): 40% Armaldo, 40% Omastar, 15% Gorebyss, 5% Cradily


*Double-Edge Move Tutor inside the Pokémon Center.


Route 127


Surfing (65): 60% Sharpedo, 30% Mantine, 5% Qwilfish, 5% Tentacruel

Old Rod (65): 70% Octillery, 30% Slowbro

Good Rod (65): 60% Qwilfish, 20% Mantine, 20% Tentacruel

Super Rod (65): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Kabutops, 15% Omastar, 5% Lanturn


*Heart Scale in the underwater rock north of Seafloor Cavern.


Bird Keeper Aidan (Optional)

Pidgeot(m) Lv.65: Steel Wing, Double-Edge, Heat Wave, Sky Attack [Impish]

Skarmory(m) Lv.64: Air Slash, X-Scissors, Rock Slide, Flash Cannon [Timid]


Cooltrainer Athena (Optional)

Shuckle(f) Lv.70 @Leftovers: Protect, Toxic, Attract, Rest [Gentle]

Dusclops(f) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Protect, Shadow Sneak, Brick Break, Attract


Fisherman Roger (Optional) 

Wailmer(m) Lv.67: Double-Edge, Roar, Hyper Voice, Hydro Pump [Quiet]

Armaldo(m) Lv.63: Crush Claw, Superpower, X-Scissors, Ancientpower [Gentle]

Gyarados(m) Lv.64: Double-Edge, Body Slam, Hydro Pump, Bounce [Sassy]


Fisherman Jonah (Optional)

Milotic(m) Lv.63: Water Sport, Whirlpool, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam [Brave]

Wailord(m) Lv.62: Double-Edge, Roar, Hydro Pump, Hyper Voice

Dragonair(m) Lv.66: Dragonbreath, Whirlwind, Hydro Pump, Double-Edge [Impish]


Fisherman Henry (Optional)

Mantine(m) Lv.65: Air Slash, Surf, Ice Beam, Confuse Ray [Naughty]

Tentacruel(m) Lv.64: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Hydro Pump [Adamant]


Black Belt Koji (Optional)

Hitmonlee(m) Lv.67 @QUICK CLAW: Body Slam, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Hi Jump Kick [Calm]


Route 128


Surfing (65): 60% Sharpedo, 30% Lanturn, 5% Tentacruel, 4% Jumpluff, 1% Gyarados

Old Rod (65): 100% Clamperl

Good Rod (65): 60% Cloyster, 20% Huntail, 20% Gorebyss

Super Rod (65): 40% Corsola, 40% Octillery, 15% Relicanth, 4% Armaldo, 1% Cradily


*Heart Scale in the center of the shallow water patch northeast of Seafloor Cavern.

*Heart Scale next to the rock on the shallow water patch east of Seafloor Cavern.

*Heart Scale in the bottom right tile of the small shallow water patch southwest of Seafloor Cavern.


Triathlete Isaiah (Optional)

Magneton Lv.65: Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave [Lonely]


Triathlete Katelyn (Optional) 

DUGTRIO(f) Lv.66 @Choice Band: Tri Attack, Slash, Earthquake, Rock Slide [Hasty]


SwimmerM Harrison (Optional)

Quagsire(m) Lv.65: Earthquake, Muddy Water, Body Slam, Sludge Bomb [Hasty]


SwimmerF Carlee (Optional)

Seaking(f) Lv.35: Ice Beam, Double-Edge, Drill Run, Waterfall [Jolly]


Seafloor Cavern


Surfing [Room 1] (67): 60% Crobat, 30% Gyarados, 5% Feraligatr, 5% Tentacruel

Old Rod [Room 1] (65): 70% Huntail, 30% Gorebyss

Good Rod [Room 1] (65): 60% Tentacruel, 20% Qwilfish, 20% Feraligatr

Super Rod [Room 1] (65): 40% Blastoise, 40% Sharpedo, 15% Relicanth, 5% Walrein


Cave [Room 2] (66): 20% Crawdaunt, 20% WOBBUFFET, 10% Crobat, 10% Muk, 10% Gengar, 10% DUGTRIO, 5% Feraligatr, 5% Kingler, 4% Blastoise, 4% Seviper, 2% Kabutops


Cave [Room 3] (68): 20% WOBBUFFET, 20% DUGTRIO, 10% Omastar, 10% Kabutops, 10% Crobat, 10% Muk, 5% Cloyster, 5% Crawdaunt, 4% Kingler, 4% Steelix, 2% Claydol


Cave [Room 4] (68): 22% WOBBUFFET, 20% DUGTRIO, 10% Seviper, 10% Dunsparce, 10% Crobat, 10% Feraligatr, 5% Blastoise, 5% Electrode, 4% Glalie, 4% Steelix


Cave [Room 5] (68): 20% DUGTRIO, 20% WOBBUFFET, 10% Parasect, 10% Feraligatr, 10% Ariados, 10% Crobat, 5% Seviper, 5% Muk, 4% Crawdaunt, 4% Misdreavus, 2% Vaporeon


Cave [Room 6] (68): 20% WOBBUFFET, 20% Glalie, 10% Jynx, 10% Piloswine, 10% Walrein, 10% DUGTRIO, 5% Armaldo, 5% Dewgong, 4% Misdreavus, 4% Gyarados, 1% Dunsparce, 1% Steelix

Surfing [Room 6] (66-69): 60% Gorebyss, 30% Cloyster, 5% Dewgong, 4% Walrein, 1% Lapras

Old Rod [Room 6] (68): 70% Walrein, 30% Tentacruel

Good Rod [Room 6] (68): 60% Dewgong, 20% Cloyster, 20% Qwilfish

Super Rod [Room 6] (68): 40% Sharpedo, 40% Huntail, 15% Gorebyss, 4% Lapras, 1% Wailmer


Cave [Room 7] (68): 100% WOBBUFFET

Surfing [Room 7] (68): 60% Qwilfish, 30% Mantine, 5% Gorebyss, 4% Huntail, 1% Dewgong

Old Rod [Room 7] (67): 70% Seviper, 30% Gorebyss

Good Rod [Room 7] (67): 60% Muk, 20% Tentacruel, 20% Mantine

Super Rod [Room 7] (67): 40% Muk, 40% Mantine, 15% Lapras, 4% Wailmer, 1% Wailord


Cave [Room 8] (68): 26% WOBBUFFET, 20% DUGTRIO, 10% Gengar, 10% Muk, 10% Huntail, 10% Gorebyss, 5% Steelix, 5% Gyarados, 4% Octillery


Cave [Room 9] (70): 100% WOBBUFFET


*Weather is always rainy.

*Encounter list follows the room progression required to advance.

*Bring Strength and Rock Smash.

Room 6, ice puzzle

Note: Flash is very helpful after this room.

- Start where you first enter the room

1. Up 1x (You’re still on solid ground here!)

2. Left

3. Down

4. Left

5. Up

6. Right

7. Up

8. Left

9. Down

10. Left

11. Down 

12. Left

13. Up

14. Right

15. Up

16. Left

17. Up

18. Right

19. Up

20. Left

21. Up

22. Right

23. Down

24. Left

25. Down

26. Right (Possible encounter here)

27. Up 

28. Left

29. Up

30. Right

31. Up

32. Right

33. Down

34. You can now surf to move on

*Room 7 water puzzle solution:

Start on the left side

1. Surf

2. Up

3. Left x2

4. Down

5. Left x2

6. Up

7. Left x2

8. Up x7

9. Left x2

10. Right x5

11. Up 

12. Right until you hit land

13. Up 

14. Completed


Aqua Grunt #1

Starmie Lv.67 @King's Rock: Thunder Wave, Thunder, Ice Beam, Psychic [Brave]

Swampert(m) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Earthquake, Swagger, Muddy Water, Sludge Bomb [Bold]

Dewgong(f) Lv.69 @King's Rock: Signal Beam, Surf, Disable, Ice Beam [Brave]

Victreebel(f) Lv.68 @QUICK CLAW: Weather Ball, Sleep Powder, Gunk Shot, Leaf Blade [Adamant]

Jolteon(m) Lv.66 @Petaya Berry: Thunder, Bite, Reflect, Baton Pass [Gentle]

Dragonite(f) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam, Superpower [Impish]


Aqua Grunt #2

Kabutops(m) Lv.70 @King's Rock: Ancientpower, X-Scissors, Earth Power, HP Flying [Naughty]

Ludicolo(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Toxic, Ice Beam, Leech Seed, Protect [Jolly]

Electabuzz(m) Lv.68 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunder, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Psychic [Lax]

Golduck(m) Lv.68 @Scope Lens: Calm Mind, Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic [Rash]

Snorlax(m) Lv.68 @Leftovers: Thunder, Surf, Body Slam, Shadow Ball [Lax]

Salamence(m) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Hydro Pump, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Air Slash [Lonely]


Aqua Grunt #3

Gorebyss(f) Lv.67 @Petaya Berry: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Psychic, Substitute

Poliwrath(f) Lv.67 @Lum Berry: Hypnosis, Superpower, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Naughty]

Dragonite(f) Lv.67 @Scope Lens: Surf, Dragon Claw, Thunder, HP Flying [Mild]

Milotic(f) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Toxic, Recover, Waterfall, Ice Beam

Lanturn(f) Lv.67 @BRIGHTPOWDER: Thunder, Confuse Ray, Ice Beam, Waterfall [Gentle]

Castform(f) Lv.67 @Scope Lens: Thunder, Weather Ball, Ice Beam, Attract [Naughty]


Aqua Grunt #4

Wailord(m) Lv.70 @Lum Berry: Amnesia, SELFDESTRUCT, Hyper Voice, Water Spout

Slaking(m) Lv.70 @Leftovers: Double-Edge, Surf, Thunder, Shadow Ball [Timid]

Qwilfish(m) Lv.70 @Scope Lens: Substitute, EXPLOSION, Sludge Bomb, Surf [Mild]

Ampharos(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Flatter, Thunder, HP Water, Signal Beam

Glalie(m) Lv.70 @Scope Lens: EXPLOSION, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Earthquake [Relaxed]

Kingdra(m) Lv.66 @Leftovers: Octazooka, Toxic, Ice Beam, Protect [Jolly]


Aqua Grunt #5

Omastar(m) Lv.70 @Scope Lens: Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Ancientpower [Bold]

Exeggutor(m) Lv.69 @Leftovers: Sleep Powder, Psychic, Ancientpower, Egg Bomb [Mild]

Blissey(f) Lv.69 @Leftovers: Thunder, Softboiled, Ice Beam, COUNTER [Lax]

Gengar(m) Lv.69 @King's Rock: Thunder, Giga Drain, Ice Punch, Confuse Ray [Brave]

Politoed(m) Lv.70 @Leftovers: Hypnosis, Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam [Mild]

Kingdra(m) Lv.67 @Leftovers: Dragon Dance, HP Ground, Body Slam, Octazooka [Sassy]


Aqua Admin Shelly

Lapras(f) Lv.72 @Lum Berry: Drill Run, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Thunder

Ludicolo(f) Lv.72 @Leftovers: Leech Seed, Waterfall, Protect, Ice Beam

Starmie(f) Lv.72 @Lum Berry: Hydro Pump, Thunder, Psychic, Ice Beam [Timid]