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Game Name: Pokemon Silent Destiny
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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People have been seen coming in and out of a place they call the Ancient Forest. However, that's not entirely the truth. Some people have been seen going in and never coming out. Some people have been seen going in and coming out... different.
You play as Agent Giver: An expertly trained ultra beast hunter with the skills, knowledge, and Pokemon needed to get the job done. Your instructions: Find the source of the anomaly and neutralize it, by any means necessary. Whether this is the work of an as-of-yet unseen ultra beast or the work of a rogue legendary Pokemon, you're the only one capable of keeping it from extending its influence across the entire region, and possibly even the entire world.
You're on a mission, not an adventure. You're not here to make new friends. You're here to get the job done.

List of Features

  • High difficulty. There are no free wins in this game. Thankfully, you have the tools you need. Do you have the skills?
  • Come prepared. Start the game with a full inventory of items one would expect a Pokemon master to have.
  • Assemble a team. You have several powerful battle-ready Pokemon already in your PC box when you start the game. Build the team you want to use out of the Pokemon you like or come up with unique and powerful strategies.
  • Don't hold back. Mega evolutions, Z-moves, legendary Pokemon, and even ultra beasts will come into your possession. Their power will prove useful. Don't hesitate to use them, because your opponents are worthy of them.
  • What is this place? The Ancient Forest is not an easy location to explore. Expect to lose yourself in surreal, dreamlike environments that push the limits of your comprehension, and possibly the limits of Agent Giver's sanity.
  • Hidden depths. Agent Giver might have more going on than you realize. Will you be capable of finding the truth?
  • No time for games. Because you might find yourself using new Pokemon often, grinding EVs and IVs is handled for you in-game. No grinding. Focus on the mission.
  • Where are we? Field effects from the Reborn region make their appearance. Will you be able to use the terrain to your advantage or will your opponents use it to crush you?


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Developer: princessyiris

Original Source: https://twitter.com/piris44828524?lang=en