Pokemon Unbound Mission List and Rewards

Pokemon Unbound Mission List and Rewards

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001-A Hero's Journey--->Frozen Heights--->The Main Game Mission
002-A Life of No Regrets--->Dehara Game Corner--->10000 Coin
003-A Minor Scrap--->Antisis City (Black Player HQ)--->Power Bracer
004-A Rift in Space--->Dehara City (Post-game)--->Lustrous Orb
005-Abandonment Issues--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ)--->Power Belt
006-All the Right Moves--->Polder Town--->Gold Bottle Cap
007-Armoured Magma--->Seaport City (Breeder's School)--->Ditto (Perfect IVs, different OTID)
008-As Hard as They Come--->Gurun Town--->TM111 (Smack Down)
009-Average Angler--->Polder Town--->10 Dive Balls
010-Bad Babysitter--->Blizzard City--->TM27 (Return)
011-Basic Literacy--->Dresco Town
012-Blazing Emeralds--->Crystal Peak (Post-game)--->Jade Orb
013-Butterfly Effect--->Magnolia Town--->Shiny Vivillon (Perfect IVs, Pokéball Pattern)
014-Bye-Bye, Butterfree--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->Gigantamax Butterfree
015-Darwin Was Right--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->Mew (Perfect IVs + Mewnium Z)
016-Don't Turn Off the Power--->Dresco Town--->Bottle Cap
017-Dowsing Wizard--->Tehl Town (Underground Pass)--->Gold Bottle Cap
018-Exp. Millionaire--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->2 Lucky Eggs
019-Extreme Hyperosmia--->Pokémon Day Care--->Oval Charm
020-Fisher Master--->Polder Town--->Feebas
021-Flaming Body--->Seaport City (Breeder's School)--->Baby Monitor
022-Flushed Away--->Antisis City (Black Player HQ)--->Black Sludge
023-Great Piscator--->Polder Town--->10 Heart Scales
024-Guardians of the Lake--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->Adamant Orb
025-Herd But Not Seen--->Magnolia Town (Post-game)--->100 Moomoo Milks
026-Hero of the Hall--->Route 18 (Pokémon Centre)--->5000 BP + 30 Big Nuggets
027-Home for a Hobo--->Epidimy Town--->Icium Z
028-Honey Gather--->Flower Paradise--->TM62 (Silver Wind)
029-Hunter of the Swamp--->Cootes Bog--->15 Timer Balls
030-If We Were Meant to Fly--->Blizzard City--->Power Anklet
031-Island Saviour--->Auburn Waterway--->TM28 (Dig)
032-Juicy Pie--->Blizzard City--->20 Revives
033-Leg Day--->Route 5--->50 Carbos
034-Lost Hanky--->Magnolia Café--->Lycanium Z
035-Major Miner--->Crater Town (Post-game)--->Diancite
036-Master Incubator--->Seaport City (Breeder's School)--->Magma Stone
037-More Than A Game--->Battle Frontier (Post-game)--->200 BP
038-Nine Tails of Snow--->Blizzard City--->Alolan Vulpix Egg
039-Numbskull--->Redwood Forest (Post-game)--->Pinsirite
040-No Fall Damage--->Route 8--->60 Proteins
041-Odd Odd Docks--->Antisis City (Black Player HQ)--->Dream Mist
042-One Purple Balloon--->Crystal Peak (Post-game)--->Quick Powder
043-Pangs of Hunger--->Seaport City 3--->Balm Mushrooms
044-Population Control--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->50 Quick Balls
045-Portal Purge--->Frozen Heights (Post-game)--->Master Ball + Borrius Starter Mega Stones
046-Protector of the Swamp--->Cootes Bog--->TM120 (Nature Power)
047-Pyukumuku Chucker--->Dehara City--->Power Band
048-Seasonal Research--->Tehl Town--->1x Free Nature Change
049-Shark Bait--->Seaport City (Post-game)--->Sharpedonite
050-Splishy Splash--->Redwood Village--->Shiny Magikarp (Perfect IVs, Jolly Nature)
051-Supply and Demand--->Antisis City (Black Player HQ)--->Alolan Grimer Egg
052-Sweet Pie--->Blizzard City--->5 Hyper Potions
053-Swords of Justice--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->10 Fast Balls
054-The Battle of Antisis--->Ferrothorn Turf--->Heracronite
055-The Black Emboar--->Crater Town--->TM98 (Work Up) + Motorcycle
056-The West Borrius Pokédex--->Frozen Heights--->Catching Charm
057-The Capitalist Revolution--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->200 Premier Balls
058-The Communist Revolution--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->50 Full Restores
059-The Endless Nightmare--->Tarmigan Town (Post-game)--->Member Card
060-The Food Thief--->Bellin Town--->TM56 (Hone Claws)
061-The Most Dangerous Game--->Magnolia Fields--->30 Beast Balls
062-The National Pokédex--->Frozen Heights
063-The Powerhouse of the Cell--->Dresco Town
064-The Rogue Electivire--->Thundercap Mt.--->Electirizer + Power Weight + Gold Bottle Cap + Elekid Egg (Perfect IVs, Adamant Nature)
065-The Strongest There Is--->Dehara City--->Master Ball
066-The Terror Granbull--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ)--->TM106 (Smart Strike)
067-The Trash-Man--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ Post-game)--->Shiny Gigantamax Garbodor (Perfect IVs, Relaxed Nature)
068-The Wayward Kid--->Thundercap Mt.--->TM73 Thunder Wave
069-Tomb Raider--->Tomb of Borrius (Post-game)--->Psychium Z
070-Too Much TV--->Polder Town--->Rotom
071-Trader Trator--->Vivill Town--->10 Link Stones
072-Treasure Hunter--->Gurun Town (Post-game)--->Larvesta Egg
073-Ultimate Pie--->Blizzard City--->3 Gold Bottle Caps
074-Warmonger--->Great Desert--->Lucarionite
075-Weed Whacker--->Grimm Woods--->Beedrillite
076-Wingin' It--->Fallshore City (Mission HQ)--->50 Swift Wings
077-You Are My Only--->Pokémon League--->Necrozium Z