Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced(Reloaded) Ability List

Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced(Reloaded) Ability List

Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced(Reloaded) Cover

Category: Documentation
Language: English

Author: Zeta Sukuna


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Name --- Effect
Jealousy --- Lowers encounter rate
Drizzle --- Summons rain
Speed Boost --- +1 Speed at end of turn
Guard Armour --- Blocks critical hits
Sturdy --- Negates OHKO
Damp --- Prevents Self-Destruct and Explosion
Limber --- Prevents paralysis
Sand Veil --- Raises evasion during a sandstorm
Static --- May paralyse on contact
Volt Absorb --- Heals from Wind attacks
Water Absorb --- Heals from Water attacks
Oblivious --- Ignores Attract
Unconscious --- Ignores weather
Focus --- Raises accuracy
Insomnia --- Prevents sleep
Mysterious --- Changes type to match the last attack that hit
Immunity --- Prevents poison
Flash Fire --- Raises power of Fire attacks if hit by Fire attacks
ADVENT --- Prevents additional effects from attacks
Own Tempo --- Prevents confusion
Gate Keeper --- Cannot be forced to switch or flee
Intimidate --- -1 Attack on foe
Dark Tag --- Foe cannot switch or flee
Doll Wall --- Damages on contact
Ghost Wall --- Can only be directly damaged by super effective attacks
Levitate --- Immune to Earth
Infectious --- May status on contact
Synchronise --- Copies status to foe
Hakurei Miko --- Prevents stat reduction
Natural Cure --- Cures status on switch
Lightning Rod --- Wind moves target you, immune?
Serene Grace --- Doubles chance of additional effects
Swift Swim --- Doubles Speed in rain
Chlorophyll --- Doubles Speed in sun
Diva --- Raises encounter rate
Trace --- Copies ability
Unzan --- Doubles Attack
Poison Body --- May poison on contact
Inner Focus --- Prevents flinching
Fire Veil --- Prevents freeze
Water Veil --- Prevents burn
Magnet Pull --- Steel foe cannot switch or flee
Soundproof --- Immune to sound attacks
Rain Dish --- Heals in rain
Sand Stream --- Summons a sandstorm
Pressure --- Doubles foe's PP use
Wall of Ice --- Half damage from Fire and Ice attacks
Early Bird --- Half sleep duration
Flame Body --- May burn on contact
Run Away --- Always escape
Keen Eye --- Prevents Accuracy reduction
High Strength --- Prevents Attack reduction
Pickup --- May find items
Fretful --- Skips every other turn
Hustle --- Raises power and reduces accuracy of Physical attacks
Cute Charm --- May Attract on contact
Plus --- Raises power with Minus ally
Minus --- Raises power with Plus ally
Forecast --- Type depends on weather
Collector --- Can't lose items
Maintenance --- May cure status at end of turn
Guts --- +50% Attack if affected by status, ignores burn Attack reduction
Spring Charm --- +50% Defence if affected by status
Strange Mist --- Drain attacks hurt the user
Overgrow --- Raises power of Nature attacks if HP < 30%
Blaze --- Raises power of Fire attacks if HP < 30%
Torrent --- Raises power of Water attacks if HP < 30%
Inner Power --- Raises power of Reason attacks if HP < 30%
Rock Head --- Prevents recoil damage
Drought --- Summons sun
Shadow Tag --- Foe cannot switch or flee
Vital Spirit --- Prevents sleep
Shield --- Prevents stat reduction
Pure Power --- Doubles Attack
Shell Armour --- Blocks critical hits
Cacophony --- Immune to sound attacks
Hisouten --- Ignores weather