Pokemon Fire Ash Pokemon, TM, Move Tutor, Mega Stone Locations

Pokemon Fire Ash Pokemon, TM, Move Tutor, Mega Stone Locations

Pokemon Fire Ash Cover

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Pokemon that cannot be obtained are at the bottom of this list. U2=Unova Route 2. K2=Kalos Route 2. A2=Alola Route 2.

* means the Pokemon that appears there can only be found once.
^ means the Pokemon cannot be found thereupon the first visit.
' means the Pokemon will disappear by the time the story is completed.
+ means the Pokemon is found in an Egg.

It is possible that some things were missed while creating this list. Please email the creator if anything is missing.


001 Bulbasaur-Hidden Village*
004 Charmander-Route 24*
007 Squirtle-Route 25*
010 Caterpie-Route 24|30|43|K20|Viridian Forest|Hidden Village|National Park|Eterna Forest
011 Metapod-Route 24|30|Hidden Village|National Park
012 Butterfree-Route 19|26|29|42|215|K20|A2|A5|S.S. Anne*'|Valencia Island| Ascorbia Island|Melemele Meadow|Manalo Stadium'
013 Weedle-Rotue 24|30|43|K20|Viridian Forest|National Park
014 Kakuna-Route 24|30|Viridian Forest|National Park|Eterna Forest
015 Beedrill-Route 120|121|210|U14|Viridian Forest|Ascrobia Island|Ilex Forest|National Park|Battle Factory|Metallica Island
016 Pidgey-Route 1|3|5|7|8|24|25|30|35|36|37|203|U4|Viridian Forest|National Park|Ilex Forest
017 Pidgeotto-Route 22|37|111|K11|Viridian Forest|Hidden Power
018 Pidgeot-Route 203|209|215|Battle Pyramid
019 Rattata-Route 1|16|17|43|U16|Hidden Village|Pokemon Mansion|Burned Tower|Dragon's Den
020 Raticate-Route 16|17|209|S.S. Anne*'|Pokemon Mansion|Valencia Island
021 Spearow-Route 1|3|11|16|17|19|24|26|203|215|A1|Viridian Forest
022 Fearow-Route 17|34|K17|A7|A8|Viridian Forest|Frost Cavern
023 Ekans-Route 3|8|11|37|Navel Rock|Petalburg Woods
024 Arbok-Pummelo Island
025 Pikachu-Pallet Town*
026 Raichu-Route 222
027 Sandshrew-Route 1|8|11|34|42|113|205|Mt Moon
028 Sandslash-Route 22|Pummelo Island
029 Nidoran♀-Route 3|29|35|36|37|Valencia Island|Izabe Forest
030 Nidorina-Safari Zone|Pummelo Island
031 Nidoqueen-Pokemon Swap Meet*
032 Nidoran♂-Route 3|29|35|36|37|Valencia Island|Izabe Forest
033 Nidorino-Safari Zone|Pummelo Island
034 Nidoking-Metallica Island
035 Clefairy-Route 44|Mt Moon|Battle Factory
036 Clefable-Mt Moon
037 Vulpix-Route 7|8|12+|36|37|Pokemon Mansion
038 Ninetales-Route 26|Battle Pyramid
039 Jigglypuff-Route 3|22|Battle Factory|Aether Paradise
040 Wigglytuff-Pummelo Island
041 Zubat-Route 216|217|222|Mt Moon|Navel Rock|Burned Tower|Ice Cave|Oreburgh Gate|Oreburgh Mine|Ragged Path|Hau'oli Outskirts
042 Golbat-Route K12|Navel Rock|Vast Poni Canyon
043 Oddish-Route 5|7|19|24|25|32|33|34|43|44|110|111|118|119|K4|Hidden Village|Dragon's Den|Ever Grande Conference'
044 Gloom-Route 32|34|44|Eterna Forest|Lily of the Valley Island'
045 Vileplume-Route 13|32|44|118|119|203|Valencia Island|Lily of the Valley Island'
046 Paras-Route 34|204|A2|Mt Moon|Hidden Village|Safari Zone|Valencia Island|Ascorbia Island|National Park|Lush Jungle
047 Parasect-Route 44|Safari Zone|Ascrobia Island|Lush Jungle
048 Venonat-Route 19|24|Safari Zone
049 Venomoth-Route 26|National Park
050 Diglett-Route 32|33|222|K19|K21|Navel Rock
051 Dugtrio-Route 14|15|119|Navel Rock
052 Meowth-Route 5|7|8|25
053 Persian-Route 22|26
054 Psyduck-Route 203|210|212|K7|K10|Safari Zone|Ascorbia Island|Izabe Island|Twinleaf Town|Oreburgh Gate|Canalave City|Laverre City|Hau'oli Outskirts
055 Golduck-Route 203|204|Twinleaf Town|Poni Wilds
056 Mankey-Route 1|3|7|42|Battle Pyramid
057 Primeape-Route 7|32|42
058 Growlithe-Route 7|8|26|36|37|205|211|Pokemon Mansion|Battle Factory
059 Arcanine-Pmmelo Island|Battle Factory
060 Poliwag-Route 1|4|17|37|K15|Pallet Town|Cerulean City|Fuchsia City|Ecruteak City|Cianwood City|Blackthorn City|Hau'oli City
061 Poliwhirl-Route 22|120|222|K15|Valencia Island|Laverre City
062 Poliwrath-Route 118|119|210|218|Celestic Town|Canalave City
063 Abra-Route 19|24|35|210|Navel Rock|Granite Cave
064 Kadabra-Pummelo Island|Oreburgh City*
066 Machop-Route 13|Navel Rock|Silver Conference'|Ten Carat Hill|Vast Poni Canyon
067 Machoke-Route 22|32|210|Silver Conference'|Vast Poni Canyon
068 Machamp-Route K11
069 Bellsprout-Route 7|24|25|205|Dragon's Den
070 Weepinbell-Route 111|118|Hidden Village|Valencia Island
072 Tentacool-Route 109|110|213|A12|Tangelo Island|Ogi Isle|Dewford Town|Mossdeep City|Sootopolis City|Pacifidlog Town
073 Tentacruel-Route 12|Safari Zone|Izabe Island|Sootopolis City|Pacifidlog Town|Poni Breaker Coast
074 Geodude-Route 113|Mt Moon|Granite Cave|Battle Factory|Oreburgh Gate|Oreburgh Mine
075 Graveler-Route 206|207|Navel Rock|Battle Factory
076 Golem-Route 206|207|Lily of the Valley Island'
077 Ponyta-Route 210|Cinnabar Island*|Pokemon Mansion|Silver Conference'|Metallica Island|Wela Volcano Peak
078 Rapidash-Metallica Island
079 Slowpoke-Route 34|A1|Fuchsia City|Tangelo Island|Slowpoke Well|Hau'oli City|Hau'oli Outskirts
081 Magnemite-Route 211|U16|K12|Gringey City Power Plant|Valley of Steel
082 Magneton-Gringey City Power Plant|Pummelo Island|Valley Steel
083 Farfetchd-Route 13|Ilex Forest|Vermillion City*|Santalune City*
084 Doduo-Route 16|17
085 Dodrio-Route K18
086 Seel-Route U20|K15|Navel Island|Red Rock Isle
088 Grimer-Gringey City Power Plant|Pokemon Mansion|Fiery Path
089 Muk-Route 37|210|Gringey City Power Plant|Pokemon Mansion
090 Shellder-Route K8|Ascorbia Island|Kumquat Island|Cianwood City|Cyllage City
091 Cloyster-Route 216|217|Valencia Island
092 Gastly-Pokemon Tower|Burned Tower
093 Haunter-Route 29|Pokemon Tower|Cinnabar Island*|Burned Tower
094 Gengar-Route 29|210|A14|Pokemon Tower
095 Onix-Route 22|206|207|222|U16|K7|Violet City*|Ilex Forest|Silver Conference'|Battle Factory|Oreburgh Mine|Lily of the Valley Island'
096 Drowzee-Route 11|35
098 Krabby-Route 25|34|222|Ascorbia Island|Olivine City|Red Rock Isle|Sunnyshore City|Undella Town|Manalo Stadium'
099 Kingler-Route 210
100 Voltorb-Route 34|118|Navel Rock|Olivine City*|Silver Conference'|Lily of the Valley Island'
101 Electrode-Cinnabar Island*
102 Exeggcute-Route 19|34|42|Cinnabar Island|Safari Zone
103 Exeggutor-Route 13|14|15|19|39|Pummelo Island
104 Cubone-Route K5|Navel Rock
106 Hitmonlee-Route 32
107 Hitmonchan-Route 32
108 Lickitung-Route 18*|19|Pokemon Swap Meet*
109 Koffing-Pokemon Mansion|Navel Rock|Burned Tower|Petalburg Woods|Fiery Path
110 Weezing-Pokemon Mansion
111 Rhyhorn-Route K4|Safari Zone|Pokemon Swap Meet*|Metallica Island
112 Rhydon-Route 39|209|Pokemon Swap Meet|Izabe Desert
113 Chansey-Route 214|Safari Zone|Valor Lakefront
114 Tangela-Pallet Town|Cerulean City*|Safari Zone|Silver Conference'
115 Kangaskhan-Route 14|15|42
116 Horsea-Pallet Town|Safari Zone|Cinnabar Island|Mikan Island|Pummelo Island|Blue Rock Isle|Blackthorn City
117 Seadra-Safari Zone|Dragon's Den
118 Goldeen-Route 12|13|32|111|205|209|Pallet Town|Cinnabar Island|Seven Grapefruit Islands|Ascorbia Island|Kumquat Island|Element Islands|Blue Rock Isle|Petalburg City|Twinleaf Town|Celestic Town|Aether Paradise
119 Seaking-Route 37|39|203|204|Celestic Town|Canalave City
120 Staryu-Route 34|210|218|Pallet Town|Hidden Village|Mikan Island|Seven Grapefruit Island|Ascorbia Island|Pummelo Island|Element Islands|Celestic Town|Canalave City|Undella Town
121 Starmie-Route K8|Cyllage City
122 Mr. Mime-Pallet Town*^
123 Scyther-Route 14|15|22|K22|National Park|Safari Zone
124 Jynx-Route 26|Ice Cave|Ever Grande Conference'
125 Electabuzz-Navel Rock|Snowpoint City*
126 Magmar-Route 209|Pokemon Mansion B1F|Burned Tower|Ten Carat Hill|Snowpoint City*
127 Pinsir-Route 29|K14|National Park|Safari Zone|Petalburg Woods|Ten Carat Hill|Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
128 Tauros-Route 42|210|A2|Safari Zone|Izabe Forest|Paniola Town
129 Magikarp-Route 1|4|12|17|32|110|111|203|204|209|213|Pallet Town|Cerulean City|Hidden Village|Vermillion City|S.S. Anne|Navel Island|Violet City|Lake of Rage|Blackthorn City|Petalburg City|Twinleaf Town|Celestic Town|Brooklet Hill
130 Gyarados-Route 12|26|37|119|209|212|213|218|A7|A8|Lake of Rage*|Battle Pyramid|Paniola Town|Paniola Ranch
131 Lapras-Route K12|Tangelo Island*|Coumarine City
132 Ditto-Route 35|Pokemon Mansion B1F|Aether Paradise|Mount Hokulani
133 Eevee-Route 12+|A11|A12|Celadon City*|Ilex Forest|Trophy Garden|Vetress City'|Frost Cavern (1F|2F|3F)
134 Vaporeon-Route K18|K21|Couriway Town
135 Jolteon-Route K18
136 Flareon-Route K18
137 Porygon-Pokemon Swap Meet*|Trophy Garden
138 Omanyte-Navel Rock*|Aether Paradise
140 Kabuto-Navel Rock*|Aether Paradise
142-Aerodactyl-Route 36*|Aether Paradise
143 Snorlax-Route K20|Seven Grapefruit Island*
144 Articuno-Element Island*^
145 Zapdos-Element Island*^
146 Moltres-Element Island*^
147 Dratini-Safari Zone|Dragon's Den
148 Dragonair-Route 13|K22|Safari Zone|Pummelo Island|Blackthorn City*|Dragon's Den
149 Dragonite-Undella Town|Route 25
150 Mewtwo-Viridian Gym*
151 Mew-Pallet Town*^
152 Chikorita-Route 29*
155 Cyndaquil-Route 33*
158 Totodile-Ilex Forest*
161 Sentret-Route 21|32|33|34|K19|Dragon's Den|Petalburg Woods
162 Furret-Route 206|207|K7|Safari Zone
163 Hoothoot-Route 29|30|32|33|35|36|37|203|Ilex Forest|Ever Grande Conference'|Battle Pyramid
164 Noctowl-Route 37|Ilex Forest
165 Ledyba-Route 30|37|Eterna Forest|Melemele Meadow
166 Ledian-Route 39
167 Spinarak-Route 29|30|37|38|43|44|104|National Park|Hau'oli Outskirts|Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
168 Ariados-Route K14
169 Crobat-Route 26|207|Ever Grande Conference'
170 Chinchou-Route 44|A2|Safari Zone
171 Lanturn-Route K18|K21|Safari Zone|Sunnyshore City|Couriway Town
172 Pichu-Route 12+|Trophy Garden
173 Cleffa-Route 12+|44|Battle Factory|Game Corner|Trophy Garden
174 Igglybuff-Route 12+|119|Pokemon Swap Meet*|Game Corner|Trophy Garden
175 Togepi-Mirage Kingdom*
176 Togetic-Izabe Island*
177 Natu-Route 39|42|203
178 Xatu-Route 42
179 Mareep-Route 32|33|Safari Zone|Vetress City'
180 Flaaffy-Route 120|121|K12
182 Bellossom-Route 13|44|104|205|211|K10|Pokemon Swap Meet*
183 Marill-Route 26|39|101|104|212|K6|K10|K12|13|K18|K21|Violet City|Olivine City|Canalave City|Coumarine City|Laverre City|Couriway Town
184 Azumarill-Route 13|39|101
185 Sudowoodo-Route 36*^|K11|A1|Ever Grande Conference'|Reflection Cave
186 Politoed-Sunnyshore City
187 Hoppip-Route 39|K6|Fortree City
188 Skiploom-Route 42|205|211
189 Jumpluff-Safari Zone
190 Aipom-Route 39|42|43|44|104|Pokemon Swap Meet*|Ice Cave|Indigo Plateau*^
191 Sunkern-Route 38|National Park|Eterna Forest
192 Sunflora-Route 38|U20|Dragon's Den
193 Yanma-Route 35|213
194 Wooper-Route 42|205|210|K14|Cherrygrove City|Safari Zone
195 Quagsire-Route 13|205|Safari Zone
198 Murkrow-Route 38|222|A2|Safari Zone|Silver Conference'|Melemele Meadow
200 Misdreavus-Route 202|Safari Zone|Silver Conference'|Ever Grande Conference'
201 Unown-Route 214|Ruins of Alph|Solaceon Ruins|Valor Lakefront
202 Wobbuffet-Route 38|Safari Zone|Game Corner
203 Girafarig-Route 34|Izabe Cave|Metallica Island
204 Pineco-Route 33|National Park|Lily of the Valley Island'
206 Dunsparce-Route 38
207 Gligar-Route 215|Game Corner
208 Steelix-Valley of Steel|Ravaged Path
209 Snubbull-Ilex Forest
210 Granbull-Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
211 Qwilfish-Route 44|Aether Paradise
213 Shuckle-Route 216|217|K19|K21|Safari Zone
214 Heracross-Route 29|Izabe Forest|Silver Conference'
215 Sneasel-Ice Cave|Mount Lanakila
216 Teddiursa-Route 38|42|43|112|222
217 Ursaring-Route K11|K22|38|44|210|Ilex Forest|Silver Conference'|Oreburgh Gate|Reflection Cave
218 Slugma-Fiery Path
219 Magcargo-Route 44|Wela Volcano Park
220 Swinub-Route 205|210|211|Ice Cave|Trophy Garden
221 Piloswine-Ice Cave
222 Corsola-Route K8|K10|A1|A2|Yellow Rock Isle|Cyllage City|Hau'oli City|Hau'oli Outskirts
223 Remoraid-Route 38|39|118|119|120|202|213|Battle Pyramid|Lake Verity
224 Octillery-Route 212|213|222|A12|Sunnyshore City
225 Delibird-Ice Cave
226 Mantine-Route 121|202|K7|K8|K10|Safari Zone|Battle Pyramid|Lake Verity|Lily of the Valley Island'|Cyllage City
227 Skarmory-Route 113|211|Valley of Steel|Mount Hokulani
228 Houndour-Ilex Forest|Safari Zone
231 Phanpy-Route 42+|Izabe Desert
232 Donphan-Silver Conference'|Izabe Desert|Ever Grande Conference'
234 Stantler-Route 29|36|37|104
235 Smeargle-Route K6|K10|39|212
236 Tyrogue-Route 42
237 Hitmontop-Ravaged Path
238 Smoochum-Route 12+|Safari Zone|Metallica Island
239 Elekid-Route 12+|14|15|Safari Zone
240 Magby-Route 12+|Safari Zone|Wela Volcano Park
241 Miltank-Route 39|210|A2|Battle Pyramid|Paniola Ranch
242 Blissey-Route A14
243 Raikou-Burned Tower*^
244 Entei-Burned Tower*^
245 Suicune-Burned Tower*^
246 Larvitar-Route 45+^|Safari Zone|Game Corner|Dragon's Den|Silver Conference'
248 Tyranitar-Mount Lanakila Cave
249 Lugia-Ogi Isle*^
250 Ho-Oh-Route 1
251 Celebi-Route 14*
252 Treecko-Petalburg Woods*
255 Torchic-Littleroot Town*
258 Mudkip-Route 206*
261 Poochyena-Route 101|102|104|110|Izabe Forest
263 Zigzagoon-Route 102|110|120|121|201|202|K18|K20|Izabe Cave|Lake Verity
264 Linoone-Route 14|15|Ever Grande Conference'
265 Wurmple-Route 102|Petalburg Woods
266 Beautifly-Route 215
268 Dustox-Route 214|Valor Lakefront
269 Lotad-Route 26|102|104|K12|K14|Coumarine City
270 Lombre-Route 26|K12|K15|K22|Safari Zone|Coumarine City
273 Seedot-Route 14|15|102|203|Battle Pyramid
274 Nuzleaf-Route 14|15|118|203|Safari Zone|Battle Pyramid
275 Shiftry-Route 203|210
276 Taillow-Route 104|203|Petalburg Woods
277 Swellow-Route 203
278 Wingull-Route 101|104|109|110|213|Littleroot Town|Dewford Town|Mossdeep City|Ever Grande Conference'|Metallica Island|Seafolk Village|Poni Wilds|Poni Breaker Coast
279 Pelipper-Metallica Island|Hau'oli City|Hau'oli Outskirts|Paniola Town|Paniola Ranch|Manalo Stadium'
280 Ralts-Route 102|212|K10|Game Corner|Izabe Forest
281 Kirla-Route K10|Izabe Forest
282 Gardevoir-Route 120|121|Izabe Forest|Safari Zone
283 Surskit-Route 13|102|111|210|Izabe Island|Sootopolis City|Pacifidlog Town|Safari Zone|Metallica Island
284 Masquerain-Route 120
285 Shroomish-Petalburg Woods
286 Breloom-Route 118|119
287 Slakoth-Route 120|121
288 Vigoroth-Safari Zone|Battle Pyramid
289 Slaking-Battle Pyramid
290 Nincada-Route 214|Lake Valor
293 Whismur-Route K6
294 Loudred-Route 26|Granite Cave
296 Makuhita-Route 12+|Rustboro City*|Granite Cave
297 Hariyama- Route A11|A12
298 Azurill-Route 26|101|K18|K21|Izabe Cave|Battle Pyramid|Trophy Garden|Couriway Town
299 Nosepass-Route 209|211|Safari Zone
300 Skitty-Route 111|K6|Fortree City*
302 Sableye-Granite Cave|Ten Carat Hill
303 Mawile-Route 26|Granite Cave|Game Corner|Izabe Cave|Safari Zone
304 Aron-Granite Cave|Metallica Island
305 Lairon-Route K19|K21
307 Meditite-Metallica Island
308 Medicham-Route K10
309 Electrike-Route 110|206|207|K13
310 Manectric-Route 26
311 Plusle-Route 110|K13
312 Minun-Route 110|K13
313 Volbeat-Route 14|15|111|120|121|K4
314 Illumise-Route 14|15|111|K4
315 Roselia-Route 212
316 Gulpin-Route 110|112|K7|K10|K14|
318 Carvanha-Route 106|118
319 Sharpedo-Route 222|K8|K10|Mossdeep City|Sootopolis City|Pacifidlog Town|Cyllage City|Hau'oli City|Hau'oli Outskirts|Poni Breaker Coast
320 Wailmer-Route 12|110|121|210|Mossdeep City|Sootoplolis City|Pacifidlog Town|Seafolk Village
321 Wailord-Undella Town
322 Numel-Fiery Path
323 Camerupt-Izabe Desert
324 Torkoal-Fiery Path|Valley of Steel
325 Spoink-Route 118|K13
326 Grumpig-Route K13
327 Spinda-Route 26|112|113|K22|Ten Carat Hill
328 Trapinch-Route 113|222|A14|Izabe Desert
329 Vibrava-Izabe Desert|Ever Grande Conference'|Safari Zone
331 Cacnea-Route 113|Petalburg Woods
333 Swablu-Route 112|120|121|203|K22|Safari Zone
334 Altaria-Route K22|Battle Pyramid
335 Zangoose-Route 209
336 Seviper-Route K14|Petalburg Woods
337 Lunatone-Route 112|Lily of the Valley Island'
338 Solrock-Route 112|Lily of the Valley Island'
339 Barboach-Route 13|111|Safari Zone
340 Whiscash-Route 118|119|205
341 Corphish-Route 106|222|U12|Sunnyshore City
343 Baltoy-Izabe Desert
344 Claydol-Izabe Desert|Lily of the Valley Island'
345 Lileep-Izabe Desert*|Aether Paradise
347 Anorith-Izabe Desert*|Aether Paradise
349 Feebas-Route 118|119|120|204|Lavaridge Town*|Lake Valor|Brooklet Hill
350 Milotic-Lake Valor
351 Castform-Route 119*|Game Corner|Lush Jungle
352 Kecleon-Route 39|K7|K8
353 Shuppet-Route 119
355 Duskull-Route 101
356 Dusclops-Safari Zone
357 Tropius-Safari Zone|Metallica Island
358 Chimecho-Route 120|121
359 Absol-Izabe Cave
360 Wynaut-Lavaridge Town+|Ever Grande Conference'
361 Snorunt-Route 26|216|217|Izabe Cave|Mount Lanakila
363 Spheal-Route 218|Safari Zone
364 Sealeo-Safari Zone
366 Clamperl-Route 121|Safari Zone
367 Huntail-Route 121|K18
369 Relicanth-Route 101|Seafolk Village|Poni Wilds|Poni Breaker Coast
370 Luvdisc-Route 121
371 Bagon-Route 209|Game Corner|Safari Zone
372 Shelgon-Ever Grande Conference'
373 Salamence-Route K12|Battle Pyramid
374 Beldum-Mossdeep City*|Game Corner|Safari Zone
375 Metang-Route 209
376 Metagross-Route 222
377 Regirock-Battle Pyramid*^
378 Regice-Battle Pyramid*^
379 Registeel-Battle Pyramid*^
380 Latias-Route 121*^
381 Latios-Route 121*^
382 Kyogre-Route 124*
383 Groudon-Route 124*
384 Rayquaza-Route 222*
385 Jirachi-Fallarbor Town*^
386 Deoxys-Route 26*^
387 Turtwig-Route 202*
390 Chimchar-Hearthome City*^
393 Piplup-Sandgem Town*
396 Starly-Route 201|202|Lake Verity|Safari Zone
397 Staravia-Route 201|202|212|K19|K21|Lake Verity|Safari Zone
399 Bidoof-Route 201|202|204|205|209|211|K12|K20|Lake Verity|Ravaged Path|Safari Zone|Coumarine City
400 Bibarel-Route 202|209|K7|K10|Lake Verity|Safari Zone
401 Kricketot-Route 204
402 Kricketune-Route 212
403 Shinx-Route 204|205|211|214|U20|Valor Lakefront
404 Luxio-Route K12|Safari Zone
405 Luxray-Route 210
406 Budew-Route 201|202|204|205|211|214|K20|Lake Verity|Valor Lakefront|Safari Zone
408 Cranidos-Oreburgh Mine*|Aether Paradise
410 Shieldon-Canalave City*|Aether Paradise
412 Burmy-Eterna Forest
415 Combee-Route 205|211|Eterna Forest
416 Vespiquen-Eterna Forest
417 Pachirisu-Route 204|K11
418 Buizel-Route 209*'|212|214|U12|Lake Valor
419 Floatzel-Route 214|K15|K22|Lake Valor
420 Cherubi-Route 214|215|Valor Lakefront
422 Shellos-Route 210|212|213|Aether Paradise
423 Gastrodon-Route 212|Safari Zone
425 Drifloon-Route 210
427 Buneary-Route 201|202|Lake Verity
429 Mismagius-Route 206|207
431 Glameow-Route 215
433 Chingling-Game Corner
434 Stunky-Route 214|216|217|Valor Lakefront
436 Bronzor-Route 216|217
438 Bonsly-Route K11|A1|Trophy Garden|Reflection Cave
439 Mime Jr.-Trophy Garden
440 Happiny-Route 206|207|Malie City*
441 Chatot-Route 201|202|213|Eterna City*|Lake Verity
442 Spiritomb-Route 209
443 Gible-Route 222|Game Corner|Safari Zone
446 Munchlax-Route 214|Valor Lakefront|Undella Town*
447 Riolu-Route K5|Iron Island+
448 Hippopotas-Route 206|207|215
449 Hippowdon-Route 215
451 Skorupi-Route 216|217|K15|Safari Zone
452 Drapion-Route 210|213|Safari Zone
453 Croagunk-Route 212|213|Safari Zone
454 Toxicroak-Route K19|K21|Safari Zone
455 Carnivine-Safari Zone|Game Corner
456 Finneon-Route 218|K8||A11|A12|Cyllage City|Safari Zone
457 Lumineon-Safari Zone
458 Mantyke-Route 202|216|217|Lake Verity|Safari Zone
459 Snover-Route 216|217|K17|Game Corner|Frost Cavern
460 Abomasnow-Route K17|Frost Cavern
462 Magnezone-Route 222|K13
466 Electivire-Solaceon Town*
467 Magmortar-Solaceon Town*
469 Yanmega-Route K14
470 Leafeon-Route 212*
471 Glaceon-Route 210
472 Gliscor-Route 215
473 Mamoswine-Route K17|Frost Cavern
474 Porygon-Z-Solaceon Town*
478 Froslass-Route 216|217|A11|A12
479 Rotom-Game Corner|Old Chateau*
480 Uxie-Lake Acuity Cave*^
481 Mesprit-Lake Verity Cave*^
482 Azelf-Lake Valor Cave*^
483 Dialga-Spear Pillar*
484 Palkia-Spear Pillar*
485 Heatran-Route 222*^
486 Regigigas-Snowpoint City*^
487 Giratina-Mt. Coronet*
488 Cresselia-Canalave City*
489 Phione-Route 217*
490 Manaphy-Lake Verity*^
491 Darkrai-Canalave City*
492 Shaymin-Route 222*^
493 Arceus-Lake Valor*^
494 Victini-Route U4*^
495 Snivy-Route U3*
498 Tepig-Accumula Town*
501 Oshawott-Route U1*
504 Patrat-Route U1|U2|Pinwheel Forest|Milos Island
505 Watchog-Route U7|K15
506 Lillipup-Route U5A7|Paniola Ranch
507 Herdier-Route A7|A8|Paniola Ranch
508 Stoutland-Route A2|Vetress City'
509 Purrloin-Route U7|Mistralton Tower
510 Liepard-Route K15
511 Pansage-Route U5|Safari Zone
513 Pansear-Route U5|Safari Zone
514 Simisear-Route U4
515 Panpour-Route U5|U6|K18|Safari Zone
516 Simipour-Route K10|K12|Coumarine City
517 Munna-Dreamyard
518 Musharna-Dreamyard
519 Pidove-Route U1|U2|U16|Pinwheel Forest|Milos Island
520 Tranquill-Route U6
522 Blitzle-Route U4|U16|Milos Island|Vetress City'
523 Zebstrika-Route U8|U9|Vetress City'
524 Roggenrola-Route U4|U7|Wellspring Cave|Hau'oli Outskirts
525 Boldore-Route U7*|Twist Mountain|Mount Lanalika Cave
526 Gigalith-Route U5|Twist Mountain
527 Woobat-Route U1|U2|U4|Wellspring Cave|Pinwheel Forest|Twist Mountain|Vetress City'
528 Swoobat-Route U4|Twist Mountain|Vetress City'
529 Drilbur-Twist Mountain
530 Excadrill-Twist Mountain
531 Audino-Route U4|U19|K10|Safari Zone
532 Timburr-Route U7
533 Gurdurr-Route U7|Virbank City*|Twist Mountain
534 Conkeldurr-Route U7|Twist Mountain
535 Tympole-Route U4|U6|Pinwheel Forest
536 Palpitoad-Route U4|U6
538 Throh-Route U7
539 Sawk-Route U7
540 Sewaddle-Route U7|Pinwheel Forest
541 Swadloon-Route U19|Pinwheel Forest
543 Venipede-Route K4|Pinwheel Forest|Castelia City'
544 Whirlipede-Pinwheel Forest
545 Scolipede-Route U3|U4|U19
546 Cottonee-Route U8|U9|Pinwheel Forest|Milos Island
547 Whimsicott-Route U8|U9
548 Petilil-Nacrene City*|Pinwheel Forest
549 Lilligant-Route K10
550 Basculin-Route U3|K15|Striaton City|Wellspring Cave|Milos Island|Laverre City|Safari Zone
551 Sandile-Route U1|U2|Haina Desert
552 Krokorok-Route U6*^|U8|U9
554 Darumaka-Route U3|U4
555 Darmanitan-Route U3|U4|Milos Island
556 Maractus-Route U19|U20
557 Dwebble-Route U3|Safari Zone
558 Crustle-Frost Cavern
559 Scraggy-Route U3+|U7
560 Scrafty-Route U4
561 Sigilyph-Route U6|Chargestone Cave
562 Yamask-Route U3
563 Cofagrigus-Chargestone Cave
564 Tirtouga-Nacrene Museum*|Aether Paradise
566 Archen-Nacrene Museum*|Aether Paradise
568 Trubbish-Route U3|Vetress City'
569 Garbodor-Route U5|A7|A8|Vetress City'
570 Zorua-Driftveil City*|Game Corner
572 Minccino-Route U3|U20
574 Gothita-Route U5|U6|U9|U16
575 Gothorita-Safari Zone
576 Gothitelle-Pinwheel Forest
577 Solosis-Mistralton Tower
580 Ducklett-Route U19|U20|K7|K10|Pinwheel Forest|Driftveil Drawbridge|Laverre City
581 Swanna-Route U3|U8|U19|U20|K10|K21|Striaton City|Wellspring Cave|Milos Island|Virbank City|Dedemille Town|Couriway Town|Aether Paradise
582 Vanillite-Route K12
585 Deerling-Route U1|U2|U6|Milos Island|Safari Zone
586 Sawsbuck-Route U5|Milos Island
587 Emolga-Route U4|Hau'oli Outskirts
588 Karrablast-Route U6|U12
589 Escavalier-Route U6
590 Foongus-Route U4|U6|U16|K15
591 Amoonguss-Route U12|U20|Reflection Cave
592 Frillish-Route U4|U8|K21|Virbank City|Dedemille Town|Couriway Town
593 Jellicent-Route K21|Virbank City|Dedemille Town|Couriway Town|Safari Zone
594 Alomomola-Route U3|U19|U20|K21|A7|A8|Striaton City|Wellspring Cave|Pinwheel Forest|Milos Island|Virbank City|Dedemille Town|Couriway Town|Safari Zone|Paniola Town|Paniola Ranch|Brooklet Hill
595 Joltik-Route U4|U6|Chargestone Cave
596 Galvantula-Route U19|Pinwheel Forest|Chargestone Cave
597 Ferroseed-Route U8|U9
598 Ferrothorn-Safari Zone
599 Klink-Chargestone Cave
600 Klang-Chargestone Cave
601 Klinklang-Chargestone Cave
602 Tynamo-Route U8|U9|Game Corner
605 Elgyem-Route U4|Mistralton Tower|Game Corner
607 Litwick-Route U4|U7|Mistralton Tower
608 Lampent-Route U4|U7
609 Chandelure-Route U7
610 Axew-Route U5|U12|Safari Zone
611 Fraxure-Route U12
613 Cubchoo-Route U4|Twist Mountain|Safari Zone
614 Beartic-Route U4|U19|U20|K18|Twist Mountain|Undella Town|Safari Zone
615 Cryogonal-Route U12|Vetress City'|Safari Zone
616 Shelmet-Route U6
617 Accelgor-Route U6
618 Stunfisk-Route U4|U8|K13|Cyllage City|Safari Zone
619 Mienfoo-Route U7|Vast Poni Canyon
621 Druddigon-Chargestone Cave
622 Golett-Mistralton Cave
624 Pawniard-Route U20|K15
626 Bouffalant-Route U5|U6|Vetress City'
627 Rufflet-Route U12|Hau'oli Outskirts
628 Braviary-Route U19
629 Vullaby-Route U19
630 Madibuzz-Route U4
631 Heatmor-Twist Mountain|Safari Zone
632 Durant-Route U7|Safari Zone
633 Deino-Route U5|Safari Zone|Game Corner
634 Zweilous-Route U12
635 Hydreigon-Route U16
636 Larvesta-Route U4|Safari Zone|Game Corner
637 Volcarona-Route U7|Twist Mountain
638 Cobalion-Mistralton Cave*^
639 Terrakion-Twist Mountain*^
640 Virizion-Pinwheel Forest*^
641 Tornadus-Milos Island*
642 Thundurus-Milos Island*
643 Reshiram-White Ruins*
644 Zekrom-Nuvema Town*
645 Landorus-Milos Island*
646 Kyurem-Icirrus Cave*
647 Keldeo-Pledge Grove*
648 Meloetta-Undella Town*^
649 Genesect-Route U19*
650 Chespin-Lumiose City*^
653 Fennekin-Lumiose City*
656 Froakie-Lumiose City*
659 Bunnelby-Route K4
660 Diggersby-Route K13
661 Fletchling-Route K4|K6|K20
664 Scatterbug-Route K5|K20
665 Spewpa-Route K20
666 Vivillon-Route K17|K20|Frost Cavern
667 Litleo-Route K18|K19|K21|Safari Zone
668 Pyroar-Route K18
669 Flabebe-Route K12
670 Floette-Route K14|K19|K21|Safari Zone
671 Florges-Route K14
672 Skiddo-Route K12|Safari Zone
672 Gogoat-Route K12|Safari Zone
673 Pancham-Route K5|K12
674 Pangoro-Route K5|K14|Ten Carat Hill
675 Furfrou-Route K11|Safari Zone|Game Corner
676 Espurr-Route K5
677 Meowstic-Route K8
679 Honedge-Route K15|Safari Zone|Game Corner
682 Spritzee-Route K7|K8|K12
684 Swirlix-Route K7|K8|K10
686 Inkay-Route K4|Safari Zone|Game Corner
687 Malamar-Route K7|K8|Safari Zone
688 Binacle-Route K10|K15|Laverre City|Safari Zone
689 Barbaracle-Safari Zone
690 Skrelp-Route K8|Cyllage City
691 Dragalge-Route K8|Cyllage City
692 Clauncher-Route K8|Cyllage City|Safari Zone
693 Clawitzer-Safari Zone
694 Helioptile-Route K13|K19|K21
696 Tyrunt-Cyllage City*|Aether Paradise
698 Amaura-Cyllage City*|Aether Paradise
701 Hawlucha-Route K11
702 Dedenne-Route K4|Safari Zone
703 Carbink-Route K14|Safari Zone|Game Corner|Vast Poni Canyon
704 Goomy-Route K12|Laverre City|Safari Zone|Game Corner
705 Sliggoo-Safari Zone
706 Goodra-Safari Zone
707 Klefki-Route K15
708 Phantump-Route K19|K21|Safari Zone
709 Trevenant-Route K11|Reflection Cave
710 Pumpkaboo-Route K5|Safari Zone
712 Bergmite-Route K20|Frost Cavern|Safari Zone
714 Noibat-Route K15+|Reflection Cave
716 Xerneas-Reflection Cave*
717 Yveltal-Frost Cavern*
718 Zygarde-Terminus Cave*^
719 Diancie-Lumiose City*^
720 Hoopa-Lumiose City*^
721 Volcanion-Lumiose City*^
722 Rowlet-Melemele Forest*
725 Litten-Hau'oli City*^
728 Popplio-Hau'oli Outskirts*
731 Pikipek-Route A1|A11|A12|Melemele Forest|Hau'oli Outskirts|Melemele Meadow
732 Trumbeak-Melemele Forest|Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
733 Toucannon-Melemele Forest|Manalo Stadium'
734 Yungoos-Route A7|A8|Verdant Cavern
735 Gumshoos-Verdant Cavern|Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
736 Grubbin-Route A1|A5|Melemele Forest
737 Charjabug-Route A2|Hau'oli Outskirts
739 Crabrawler-Route A5|A11|A12
740 Crabominable-Mount Lanakila
741 Oricorio-Melemele Meadow|Poni Wilds|Ancient Poni Path
742 Cutiefly-Route A3|A5|A14
743 Ribombee-Route A3|A5|Manalo Stadium'
744 Rockruff-Kukui's House*^|Game Corner
745 Lycanroc Midday-Ten Carat Hill|Vast Poni Canyon
745 Lycanroc Midnight-Ten Carat Hill|Vast Poni Canyon
746 Wishiwashi-Route A1|A7|A8|Paniola Town|Paniola Ranch|Brooklet Hill|Aether Paradise|Poni Wilds
747 Mareanie-Route A2|Safari Zone
749 Mudbray-Route A3|Paniola Ranch
750 Mudscale-Hania Desert|Manalo Stadium'
751 Dewpider-Route A1
753 Fomantis-Lush Jungle|Manalo Stadium'
754 Lurantis-Lush Jungle
755 Morelull-Melemele Forest
756 Shiinotic-Melemele Forest|Safari Zone
757 Salandit-Route A14|Hau'oli Outskirts|Wela Volcano Park
759 Stufful-Aether Paradise
760 Bewear-Route A1|Melemele Forest|Hau'oli Outskirts|Melemele Meadow
761 Bounsweet-Melemele Forest|Aether Paradise
762 Steenee-Safari Zone
764 Comfey-Aether Paradise|Safari Zone
765 Oranguru-Melemele Forest|Safari Zone
766 Passimian- Route A3|A11|A12|Safari Zone
767 Wimpod-Route A2|A5|A7|A8|Game Corner|Safari Zone|Poni Breaker Coast
769 Sandygast-Route A1|Aether Paradise
771 Pyukumuku-Route A1|Safari Zone
772 Type: Null-Vast Poni Canyon*^|Aether Paradise*^
774 Minior-Mount Hokulani
775 Komala-Game Corner
776 Turtonator-Game Corner|Safari Zone
777 Togedemaru-Aether Paradise*|Safari Zone
778 Mimikyu-Melemele Forest
779 Bruxish-Route A1|A2|Safari Zone
780 Drampa-Route A14|Melemele Forest|Safari Zone
781 Dhelmise-Route A2|Seafolk Village|Safari Zone
782 Jangmo-o-Game Corner|Vast Poni Canyon|Safari Zone
783 Hakamo-o-Vast Poni Canyon
784 Kommo-o-Vast Poni Canyon
785 Tapu Koko-Route A1*^
786 Tapu Lele-Ruins of Life*
787 Tapu Bulu-Ruins of Abundance*
788 Tapu Fini-Poni Breaker Coast*
789 Cosmog-Hau'oli City*^|Melemele Forest*^
791 Solgaleo-Altar of the Sunne*
792 Lunala-Altar of the Sunne*^
793 Nihilego-Aether Paradise*^
794 Buzzwole-Melemele Meadow*^
795 Pheromosa-Route A3*^
796 Xurkitree-Route A2*^
797 Celesteela-Route A3*^
798 Kartana-Hau'oli City*^
799 Guzzlord-Ultra Ruin*|Manalo Stadium*
800 Necrozma-Ultra Deep Space*
801 Magearna-Hau'oli City*^
802 Marshadow-Hau'oli City*^
803 Poipole-Pokemon School*^
804 Naganadel-Manalo Stadium'
805 Stakataka-Route A1*^
806 Blacephalon-Route A2*^
807 Zeraora-Route A1*^
808 Alolan Rattata-Route A2|A3|Verdant Cavern
809 Alolan Raticate-Route A3|Verdant Cavern|Ten Carat Hill|Mount Lanakila Cave
810 Alolan Pichu-Route A2
813 Alolan Sandshrew-Mount Lanakila|Mount Lanakila Cave
814 Alolan Sandslash-Mount Lanakila Cave
815 Alolan Vulpix-Mount Lanakila|Safari Zone|Manalo Stadium'
817 Alolan Diglett-Route A3|A7|A8|Lush Jungle|Hania Desert
818 Alolan Dugtrio-Hania Desert|Mount Hokulani
819 Alolan Meowth-Route A3
821 Alolan Geodude-Route A7|A8|Paniola Ranch
822-Alolan Graveler-Safari Zone|Manalo Stadium'
824 Alolan Grimer-Safari Zone|Game Corner
826 Alolan Exeggcute-Aether Paradise
827 Alolan Exeggutor-Route A1|A5|Melemele Forest
828 Alolan Cubone-Hau'oli Outskirts|Wela Volcano Peak
829 Alolan Marowak-Wela Volcano Peak
832 Meltan-Poni Wilds^|Pokemon School*^


745-Lycanroc Dusk
811-Alolan Pikachu
812-Alolan Raichu
816-Alolan Ninetales
820-Alolan Persian
823-Alolan Golem
825-Alolan Muk


TM01 HONE CLAWS-Nuvema Town
TM02 DRAGON CLAW-Blackthorn Gym
TM03 PSYSHOCK-Mossdeep Gym
TM04 CALM MIND-Saffron Gym
TM05 ROAR-Nacrene Gym
TM06 TOXIC-Fuchisa Gym
TM07 HAIL-Mahogany Gym
TM08 BULK UP-Mt Moon 2F
TM10 HIDDEN POWER-Fortree City
TM11 SUNNY DAY-Safari Zone Kanto
TM12 TAUNT-Castelia City
TM13 ICE BEAM-Navel Gym
TM14 BLIZZARD-Snowpoint Gym
TM15 HYPER BEAM-Petalburg Gym
TM16 LUNGE-Ruins of Alph
TM17 PROTECT-Gringey City Power Plant
TM22 SOLAR BEAM-Pokemon Mansion B1F
TM23 SMACK DOWN-Twinleaf Town
TM24 THUNDERBOLT-Vermilion Gym
TM25 THUNDER-Mikan Island
TM26 EARTHQUAKE-Viridian City
TM27 RETURN-Cerulean City
TM28 EARTHQUAKE-Driftveil Gym
TM29 PSYCHIC-Saffron City
TM30 SHADOW BALL-Ecruteak City
TM31 BRICK BREAK-Cianwood Gym
TM32 DOUBLE TEAM-Route 113
TM33 MAGNET BOMB-Kumquat Gym
TM34 SLUDGE WAVE-Virbank Gym
TM36 SLUDGE BOMB-Goldenrod City
TM37 SANDSTORM-Pewter City
TM38 FIRE BLAST-Striaton Gym
TM39 ROCK TOMB-Oreburgh Gym
TM40 AERIAL ACE-Violet Gym
TM41 TORMENT-Route 101
TM42 FACADE-Mikan Island
TM43 FLAME CHARGE-Charicific Valley
TM44 REST-S.S. Anne
TM45 ATTRACT-Goldenrod Gym
TM46 THIEF-Mt Moon 1F
TM47 LOW SWEEP-Veilstone Gym
TM48 ROUND-Pastoria City
TM49 ECHOED VOICE-Aspertia Gym
TM50 OVERHEAT-Lavaridge Gym
TM51 ALLY SWITCH-Anistar City
TM52 FOCUS BLAST-Route 106
TM53 ENERGY BALL-Celadon City
TM55 SCALD-Cerulean City
TM56 FLING-Shalour City
TM57 CHARGE BEAM-Chargestone Cave B2F
TM58 SKY DROP-Fortree Gym
TM60 QUASH-Geosenge Town
TM61 WILLOWISP-Nimbasa City
TM62 ACROBATICS-Mistralton Gym
TM64 EXPLOSION-Snowpoint City
TM65 SHADOW CLAW-Ecruteak Gym
TM66 PAYBACK-Mistralton Tower Roof
TM67 RETALIATE-Trovita Gym
TM68 GIGA IMPACT-Mauville City
TM69 ROCK POLISH-Rustboro Gym
TM70 FLASH-Bellsprout Tower
TM71 STONE EDGE-Lilycove City
TM72 VOLT SWITCH-Nimbasa Gym
TM73 THUNDER WAVE-Mauville Gym
TM74 GYRO BALL-Canalave Gym
TM76 STRUGGLE BUG-Castelia Gym
TM77 PSYCH UP-Twist Mountain
TM78 BULLDOZE-Metallica Island
TM80 ROCK SLIDE-Pewter Gym
TM81 XSCISSOR-Azalea Gym
TM82 DRAGON TAIL-Opelucid City
TM83 WORK UP-Navel Island
TM84 POISON JAB-Floaroma Town
TM85 DREAM EATER-Route 121
TM86 GRASS KNOT-Eterna Gym
TM87 SWAGGER-Undella Town
TM88 PLUCK-Route K21
TM89 UTURN-Ascorbia Island
TM90 SUBSTITUTE-Saffron City
TM92 TRICK ROOM-Lumiose City
TM93 WILD CHARGE-Sunnyshore Gym
TM94 ROCK SMASH-Saffron City
TM95 SNARL-Route 205
TM96 BUBBLE BEAM-Sootopolis Gym
TM97 AQUA JET-Pastoria Gym
TM98 DRILL PECK-Goldenrod City
TM99 BUG BUZZ-Route K20
TM100 HORN LEECH-Route 26
TM101 CONFUSE RAY-Hearthome Gym
TM102 CRUSH CLAW-Pallet Town
TM103 ZAP CANNON-Shalour City
TM104 AIR SLASH-Hearthome City
TM105 TOXIC SPIKES-Seven Grapefruit Islands
TM106 BULLET PUNCH-Battle Factory
TM107 CURSE-Izabe Island
TM108 BULLET SEED-Striaton Gym
TM109 WATER PULSE-Striaton Gym
TM110 STEEL WING-Granite Cave
TM111 DAZZLING GLEAM-Vermilion City
TM112 CONFIDE-Frost Cavern 2F
TM113 INFESTATION-Santalune Gym
TM115 SHOCK WAVE-Lumiose Gym
TM116 PETAL DANCE-Coumarine Gym
TM117 MOONBLAST-Laverre Gym
TM118 ROLLOUT-Cyllage Gym
TM119 STORED POWER-Anistar Gym
TM120 ICICLE CRASH-Snowpoint Gym
TM121 SHADOW PUNCH-Pokemon Tower
TM122 DARK PULSE-Veilstone City
TM123 SLACK OFF-Poni Wilds
TM124 ARM THRUST-Mount Lanakila Cave
TM125 POWER GEM-Route A2
TM126 LIQUIDATION-Vast Poni Canyon
TM127 LEECH SEED-Wela Volcano Park
TM130 SHORE UP-Aether Paradise
TM131 DRAGON RUSH-Malie City
TM132 REVENGE-Royal Avenue
TM133 SURF-Tangelo Island
TM134 FLY-Fuchsia City Gate
TM135 ROCK CLIMB-Route 215


After You-Pacifidlog Town Contest Hall
Air Cutter-Laverre City
Ancient Power-Dedemille Town
Aqua Tail-Lake Valor
Bind-Goldenrod City Dept. Store
Blast Burn-Pummelo Island
Block-Snowpoint City
Bounce-Snowbelle City
Brave Bird-Veilstone City
Bug Bite-Izabe Forest
Covet-Celadon City
Draco Meteor-Route 210
Dragon Ascent-Fallabor Town
Dragon Pulse-Battle Tower
Drain Punch-Iki Town
Drill Run-Driftveil City
Dual Chop-Opelucid City
Dynamic Punch-Mossdeep City
Earth Power-Cianwood City
Electroweb-Nacrene City
Endeavor-Trovita Island
Endure-Jubilife City Contest Hall
Fire Pledge-Driftveil City
Fire Punch-Navel Island
Foul Play-Izabe Island
Frenzy Plant-Pummelo Island
Fury Cutter-Twinleaf Town
Gastro Acid-Verdanturf Town Contest Hall
Giga Drain-Hau'oli City
Grass Pledge-Driftveil City
Gravity-Cherrygrove City
Gunk Shot-Royal Avenue
Headbutt-Ilex Forest
Heal Beal-Solaceon Town
Heat Wave-Route 45
Helping Hand-Hearthome City
Hydro Cannon-Pummelo Island
Hyper Voice-Dewford Town
Ice Punch-Navel Island
Icy Wind-Izabe Island
Iron Defense-Pewter City
Iron Head-Mount Lanakila
Iron Tail-Rustboro City
Knock Off-Shalour City
Last Resort-Shopping Mall Nine
Low Kick-Pacifidlog Town
Magic Coat-Lilycove City Contest Hall
Magic Room-Slateport City Contest Hall
Magnet Rise-Vast Poni Canyon
Metronome-Indigo Plateau
Mud Slap-Geosenge Town
Ominous Wind-Cyllage City
Outrage-Blackthorn City
Pain Split-Fallabor Town Contest Hall
Recycle-Florama Town
Relic Song-Undella Town
Role Play-Route U4
Roost-Pokemon Swap Meet
Rollout-Olivine City
Secret Sword-Aspertia City
Seed Bomb-Seafolk Village
Seismic Toss-Cinnabar Island
Signal Beam-Veilstone City Dept. Store
Skill Swap-Izabe Island Contest Hall
Sky Attack-Celadon City Dept. Store
Sleep Talk-Fortree City
Snatch-Goldenrod City
Snore-Viridian City
Spite-Mauville City
Stealth Rock-Canalave City
String Shot-Celestic Town
Sucker Punch-Malie City
Super Fang-Vermilion City
Superpower-Lilycove City Dept. Store
Super Fang-Kumquat Island 
Swift-Weather Institute
Synthesis-Fortree City
Tailwind-Route 222
Thunder Punch-Navel Island
Trick-Battle Factory
Twister-Route A14
Uproar-Parfum Palace
Vacuum Wave-Pastoria City
Volt Tackle-Lavender Town Gate
Water Pledge-Driftveil City
Wonder Room-Ruins of Alph
Worry Seed-Pokemon Tower
Zen Headbutt-Saffron City Contest Hall


Stone Plate-Oreburgh Gate
Splash Plate-Route 215
Zap Plate-Sunnyshore City
Meadow Plate-Route 210
Toxic Plate-Floaroma Meadow
Mind Plate-Hearthome City
Flame Plate-Route 207
Earth Plate-Route 211
Sky Plate-Route 206
Insect Plate-Eterna Forest
Spooky Plate-Old Chateau
Fist Plate-Twinleaf Town
Iron Plate-Iron Island
Icicle Plate-Route 217
Draco Plate-Celestic Town
Dread Plate-Solaceon Ruins
Pixie Plate-Valor Lakefront


Venusaurite-Shalour City
Charizardite X-Route K19
Charizardite Y-Shalour City
Blastoisinite-Shalour City
Alakazite-Snowpoint City
Gengarite-Geosenge Town
Kangaskhanite-Route K10
Pinsirite-Anistar City
Gyaradosite-Lumiose City
Aerodactylite-Route K19
Mewtwonite X-Route K22
Mewtwonite Y-Route K22
Ampharosite-Lumiose City
Scizorite-Frost Cavern 3F
Heracronite-Geosenge Town
Houndoominite-Anistar City
Tyranitarite-Route K13
Blazikenite-Geosenge Town
Gardevoirite-Route K10
Mawilite-Coumarine City
Aggronite-Route K13
Medichamite-Laverre City
Manectite-Route K21
Banettite-Route K14
Absolite-Anistar City
Garchompite-Lumiose City
Lucarionite-Shalour Gym
Abomoasnite-Snopoint Gym
Beedrillite-Laverre City
Pidgeotite-Anistar City
Slowbronite-Dedemille Town
Steelixite-Route K13
Sceptilite-Couriway Town
Swampertite-Coumarine City
Sablenite-Reflection Cave
Sharpedonite-Route K15
Camuruptite-Route K15
Altarianite-Route K12
Galatitie-Route K17
Salamenceite-Anistar City
Metagrossite-Anistar City
Latiasite-Terminus Cave
Latiosite-Terminus Cave
Lopunnite-Coumarine City
Galladite-Lumiose City
Audinite-Anistar City
Diancite-Lumiose City
Shuriken-Route K18
Dragon Scroll-Route K22


Rockium Z-Ruins of Life
Waterium Z-Seafolk Village
Electrium Z-Iki Town
Grassium Z-Lush Jungle
Psychium Z-Route A12
Poisonium Z-Route A5
Firium Z-Route A1
Groundium Z-Aether Paradise
Flyinium Z-Poni Breaker Coast
Buginium Z-Route A7
Normalium Z-Verdant Cavern
Ghostium Z-Mount Lanakila Cave
Fightinium Z-Ten Carat Hill
Steelium Z-Ruins of Hope
Icium Z-Mount Lanakila
Dragonium Z-Vast Poni Canyon
Darkinium Z-Malie City
Fairium Z-Hau'oli City
Pikanium Z-Melemele Forest
Pikashunium Z-Alter of the Sunne
Eevium Z-Route A1
Snorlium Z-Paniola Ranch
Mewnium Z-Aether Paradise
Decidium Z-Royal Avenue
Incinium Z-Royal Avenue
Primarium Z-Royal Avenue
Lycanium Z-Tapu Village
Mimikium Z-Seafolk Village
Tapunium Z-Manalo Stadium
Solganium Z-Alter of the Sunne
Lunalium Z-Alter of the Sunne
Marshadium Z-Route A11
Aloraichium Z-Haina Desert