Pokemon Vintage White Documentation

Pokemon Vintage White Documentation

Pokemon Vintage White Documentation

Language: English

Author: notsuicuu

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/nr57vv/screenshots_of_my_recently_released_rom_hack/

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Trainer Data
Post-Game Trainer Data
Important Trainers
Pokemon Changes
Move Changes
Wild Encounters
Level Caps

General Stuff

If you are reading this, then you are probably intending to play my ROM hack,
Pokemon Vintage White. Before you begin, I want to cover a few things. 


First off, this hack is meant to be nuzlocked. All of the fights in the game
(with the exception of a select few that don't matter) have been revamped. This
means that all boss trainers (i.e. gym leaders, E4, etc.) have teams that present
far more of a challenge than in most games. Additionally, all of the regular trainers
have teams that can be extremely difficult as well. To accomadate for this, I have
included a document titled VW Trainer Docs that I would encourage you to use. This game
is not easy and you will probably wipe multiple times if you plan on using harder nuzlocke

Pinwheel Clause:

For those of you that feel that doing Pinwheel Clause isn't a viable thing to do, you're in 
luck. Outer Pinwheel Forest has now been aptly changed to Not Pinwheel Forest and the met
location reflects this.

Available Pokemon:

Only Pokemon available in Gens 1-3 (and their gen 4 evolutions) are available in the main game of the hack.
For those of you who wish to go further, the postgame includes the remainder of the Gen 4 Pokemon and all
of the Gen 5 Pokemon as well as revamped boss fights, a whole new Elite 4, and a lot of trainers to fight.

Starter Pokemon:

When you begin your adventure and you get to the screen where you choose your starter Pokemon, worry not,
the images don't actually reflect the Pokemon that you will receive. Your starter will be a Hoenn starter
that corresponds to the starter type that you choose and the text associated with them will reflect that.

Level Curve:

The level curve is extremely steep in this hack and with Gen 5 exp gain, grinding would be a massive pain. 
I would encourage you to hack in Rare Candies (either via PKHaX or an AR Code) so that you don't spend most
of your time grinding. 

Where's the Weather?:

Weather, as a mechanic, is extraordinarily busted. Permanent Weather is even more busted. Therefore, I have
removed all access to permanent weather abilities from the player. The AI will still have access to these
abilities, but the player will have access to the Weather TMs to counteract this.

Anyways, good luck and have fun

Item Changes

Nuvema Town
Xtransceiver > Super Rod

Striaton City
Oran Berries > HM01
HM01 > TM46
TM83 > TM54
Pal Pad > Bicycle

Pokeball > TM23
Parlyz Heal > TM88
Repel > TM59
Potion > TM83

Route 3
Heal Balls > TM95
Awakening > Leftovers

Wellspring Cave
TM46 > TM10

Nacrene City
Chesto Berries > TM47

Pinwheel Forest
Parlyz Heal > TM76
Moon Stone > TM17
Miracle Seed > TM27

Castelia City
Smoke Ball > TM89
TM76 > TM90 (Now Bug Buzz)

Route 4
X Accuracy > Claw Fossil
Great Ball > Root Fossil
Burn Heal > Choice Scarf (Post Burgh)

Desert Resort

Heart Scale > Choice Band
Fire Stone > Choice Specs

Relic Castle
Cover Fossil > HM06
Plume Fossil > HM06

Nimbasa City
Bicycle > HM02

Route 5 
Hyper Potion > TM93

Route 16
Rare Candy > TM03

Driftveil City
HM02 > Rare Candy

Cold Storage
Protein > HM07

Route 6
Hyper Potion > TM53

Route 17
TM06 > Rare Candy

Icirrus City
TM79 > TM13

Opelucid City
TM82 > TM02

Victory Road
TM93 > TM82
TM02 > TM35

Route 12
TM53 > TM06

Important Item Locations

Oran Berry - Zigzagoon
Sitrus Berry - Zigzagoon
Pecha Berry - Poochyena
Rawst Berry - Numel
Chesto Berry - Whismur
Cheri Berry - Taillow
Persim Berry - Rattata
Aspear Berry - Oddish
Lum Berry - Slakoth
Leppa Berry - Linoone
Babiri Berry - Growlithe
Charti Berry - Taillow
Chilan Berry - Rattata
Chople Berry - Poochyena
Coba Berry - Wurmple
Colbur Berry - Bellsprout
Haban Berry - Ekans
Kasib Berry - Spearow
Kebia Berry - Oddish
Occa Berry - Caterpie
Passho Berry - Wingull
Payapa Berry - Weedle
Rindo Berry - Carvanha
Shuca Berry - Pidgey
Tanga Berry - Ralts
Wacan Berry - Hoothoot
Yache Berry - Ledyba

Exp. Share - Porygon
Eviolite - Koffing/Munchlax
Lucky Egg - Wingull
Black Sludge - Grimer
Rare Candy - Mudkip/Treecko/Torchic
Mystic Water - Mudkip
Miracle Seed - Treecko
Charcoal - Torchic
Life Orb - Scizor
PP Max - Steelix
Light Clay - Stantler

Important Links

Showdown Calc:

Layout Docs:

Local Showdown Calc (Download the folder, unzip it, and open index.html):

Patching Instructions

Download and unzip the xdelta UI file. (You can use 7zip or Winrar to extract the files)

Download a Clean Pokemon White ROM that does not have the AP patch. 
Such a ROM could not be found at this link:

Open xdelta UI

Click open next to the box labeled "Patch:"

Select the Pokemon Vintage White.xdelta patch and click open

Click open nex to the box labeled "Source File:"

Select the clean Pokemon White ROM. Make sure you are opening a .nds file and not a .rar or .zip file. 

Click the three dots next to the box labeled "Output File:"

Choose what folder you want the ROM to be in and give it a name in the box labeled "File Name:"
Make sure that you include .nds at the end of the name (i.e. if I want to name the ROM "Vintage White",
I would type "Vintage White.nds")

Finally, the Patch button. A dialogue box that says "File patched successfully" should appear
if it was done correctly.

The first difference you will notice in the game will be once you have chosen your starter and the text box
says "[Player Name] chose Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip"