Pokemon Vintage White (NDS)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Vintage White
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon White
Status: Beta
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Pokemon Vintage White is a difficulty hack of Pokemon White that includes only Pokemon from Gen 1-3. The Unova Starters have been replaced with the Hoenn Starters to fit this trend. A lot of Pokemon have received buffs in the form of stat changes, movepool changes, evolution changes, type changes, and much more.

Pokemon Vintage White also includes a lot of quality of life changes such as getting the Super Rod as soon as the adventure begins as well as getting early (usable) Cut, Stone evolutions for weird evolutions (i.e. Tyrogue now evolves into its evolutions based on the stone that you give it), accessible fossils, and much much more.

The game is very, very difficult. Pokemon no longer give EVs to increase the difficulty of the game and move it towards a more skill-oriented playstyle. Certain moves that can be considered broken have been either moved or removed entirely from the game. Regular Trainers have extremely advanced teams once you get later into the game and the Gym leaders are no joke either. The goal of the game is to create a very difficult hack specifically for nuzlockers that challenges the player at every turn.

List of Features

  • Difficulty: First off, this hack is meant to be nuzlocked. All of the fights in the game(with the exception of a select few that don't matter) have been revamped. This means that all boss trainers (i.e. gym leaders, E4, etc.) have teams that present far more of a challenge than in most games. Additionally, all of the regular trainers have teams that can be extremely difficult as well. To accommodate for this,
  • Pinwheel Clause: For those of you that feel that doing Pinwheel Clause isn't a viable thing to do, you're in luck. Outer Pinwheel Forest has now been aptly changed to Not Pinwheel Forest and the met location reflects this.
  • Available Pokemon: Only Pokemon available in Gens 1-3 (and their gen 4 evolutions) are available in the main game of the hack. For those of you who wish to go further, the postgame includes the remainder of the Gen 4 Pokemon and all of the Gen 5 Pokemon as well as revamped boss fights, a whole new Elite 4, and a lot of trainers to fight.
  • Starter Pokemon: When you begin your adventure and you get to the screen where you choose your starter Pokemon, worry not, the images don't actually reflect the Pokemon that you will receive. Your starter will be a Hoenn starter that corresponds to the starter type that you choose and the text associated with them will reflect that.
  • Level Curve: The level curve is extremely steep in this hack and with Gen 5 exp gain, grinding would be a massive pain.


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Developer: notsuicuu

Original Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/notsuicuu