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Game Name: PS: The First Journey
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Completed, v4.4, 6-8 hours
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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1947 Kanto is a place under heavy development. The concept of a “trainer” is relatively new – with most people who are on the creature business calling each other “Tamers”. They battle for money, they have the right to take another Tamer’s Pokemon upon winning, and they generally cause a great deal of pain to the locals.

Once Kantonians learned how to craft capsules (Pokeballs) out of Apricorns, a “creature craze” swept through the country. The rush of making easy money, putting responsibilities aside, and experiencing unprecedented freedom and strength captivated the youth. The frequent complaints from seniors went unheard, students started dropping out of school, and gangs quickly formed.

In this chaotic environment, you are tasked with bringing to Kanto (and the entirety of the "Pokemon" nation)... not a ruleset, not a new way of battling, but an entire infrastructure that will eventually end up being responsible for the shaping of modern trainer conventions as we know them. Will you be able to bring law and order to the land, or will the wild environment of Kanto get you?

List of Features

  • Inspired by the beta versions of Red and Green, (Trainers using whips, an economy based around Pokemon, early lore or concepts that got scrapped, pokemon being closer to natural organisms than wee-wee-mythological multibeings from multiverses)
  • Remastered Kanto that is visually closer to how it looked back in gen 1. For instance, Route 1 has fields on either side, not trees as in Gen 3. Kanto is much more rural, as represented in older artwork.
  • Manmade items are practically non-existent, you need to make Pokeballs from Apricorns (unreal time system means you can get a ball converted relatively fast), find berries or roots, and generally be economically-minded. You can buy Pokemon but you can’t sell them.
  • Establish the first Gyms and the first League, by taking down Tamer groups whose activities can sometimes be... reprehensible
  • The only evolution method known is “level up” evolution. At least to those who DO know that Pokemon can even evolve in the first place…
  • Many Pokemon that are known to be rare today, are ubiquitous in this era. Well, not THAT ubiquitous, but much easier to find.
  • Access your “Storage Boxes” from the menu. Computers don't exist yet, at least in Kanto, and there is no restriction forcing teleportation upon your balls… if you have more than six of them. So you can simply stuff those extra mons inside your bag.
  • Organize your resources carefully. Berries aside, they are limited, and losing a battle means losing a lot of money. Healing services are both rare and expensive.
  • A modified HGSS soundtrack that aims to replicate the OG feeling of Kanto music in an authentic way. What would the soundtrack have sounded like back then, if it wasn’t restricted by GB’s audio hardware?
  • Discover the background of various characters, from Koga to Bertha, and witness the transformation of a ragtag, loose group of Tamers into Gym Leaders.
  • A heartwarming story that explains Oak’s background and his role in every future trainer’s journey
  • Lore explosion for those who have played Postscriptum: Fated Epistle. You will get a lot of answers to many questions – some of which you never thought you’d have. The game is standalone but will be enjoyed to the max if you have already played PSFE. Please note that this game follows classic Pokemon conventions and does not adhere to the design choices adopted by PSFE.
  • An attempt to tie the entirety of the “better” parts of Pokemon lore together (as is with the PS series) and explain why certain events happened the way they did.


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Developer: DogzNDogz113

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