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Game Name: Postscriptum: Fated Epistle
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Episode 2, Game Revamped, v2.11, 13.07.2022, 15 Hours of Gameplay, 40 Missions
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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It is the year 2006. An island region situated between two continents, although officially part of the western one, has been through rather difficult times. Some of the older citizens remember an event known as the "Factory Incident", where a big chunk of the city center evaporated into thin air, due to a massive explosion. This sparked a series of events that led to a downtrodden urban environment, where Trainers had to viciously compete with each other in order to move up the social hierarchy. This was, in part, "highly encouraged" by the city's leadership, an almost omnipotent leader known as "The Mayor", whom some disregard completely, others fear, and many say they've actually met. This encouragement entailed the participation in a tournament known as "The Ladder", whose top three participants get a "verified" paper bestowing them the freedom to move around the city as they please. The northern parts of the city are an attractive tourist destination, and famous for their technological and scientific prowess, as well as their business opportunities. The lower parts, however, have met with another fate altogether.

The Courier: A confused individual whose inactivity, passiveness, and unwillingness to do anything other than reading weird comics or consuming other forms of entertainment, led to a buildup of negativity and apathy over the years. However, the realities of adult life struck him a bit too hard (and all together at once), forcing him to seek a job in all sorts of weird places. Of course, he held none up to this point. Various circumstances conspired to bring him over to the one and only city of Artemisia, the last option on anyone's list.

Sylvia: Sylvia is a former middle-class citizen whose life was shattered because of Artemisia's "Factory Incident". An incredibly talented and intelligent individual, her abilities enabled her to reach the top of her Medicine class. Her dream was to become a doctor. She didn't make it in time though… Disaster stroke and Artemisia’s Mayor decided to transfer all higher education institutions to the Northern parts of the city, where the middle-class had no access to anymore. Thus all of her hard work had been in vain. Sylvia, as a result, became cold and isolated, avoiding things such as feelings that would restrain her from achieving her next goal: Reaching the upper parts of the City.

Tyson: Tyson might come off as edgy, and teenage-angst-ridden, but this attitude of his is accompanied by a healthy dose of energy. Intent on crushing every definition of "weakness", the only thing he cares about is becoming the best of the best (and staying that way). His bravado is not just a fluke - he has remained undefeated for quite a while. Rumors of an overpowered Flygon quickly spread everywhere, and even the infamous Blue Glove gang's bathroom visit frequency was tripled, each time they heard its cry. A firm believer in self-discipline, Tyson never falters under any circumstances. He hates his short stature.

Zack: Zack’s past is shrouded in mystery. From rags to better-looking rags, he did everything in his powers to move up in life and ended up involved with the Blue Glove. He can get very sarcastic when things go really, really bad, even when his friends’ and comrades’ lives are on the line. He has a lot of battling experience and heaps of confidence. He also seems to have had some kind of education at some point in his life, though his old mates would swear he never opened a book. He was born with innate leadership skills, something that made him attract unparalleled jealousy from his gangster enemies.

List of Features

  • A closed world, railroaded experience
  • An absolutely linear adventure where your choices never matter!
  • Constant backtracking and your entire job is a fetch quest (expectedly)
  • Nobody wants your help and nobody will reward you for your help
  • Zero replay value
  • What do you do when your entire job is a fetch quest? YOU GO DO YOUR JOB. Unless... you want to snoop around. In places, you shouldn't be.
  • As a player, you have no real say on how the game world turns out - and your decisions are, in the grand scheme of things, negligible (no, this is not an AAA RPG)
  • The weirdest writing you’ve ever encountered in a game
  • Jokes so bad, the likes of which should be purged from this plane of existence
  • A living world where themes intermingle and ideas clash.
  • A quest for understanding, knowledge, and truth. But mostly hope - no matter what happens.
  • A mission system that finally tells you the truth: There are no rewards. That’s right, what were you expecting? It’s work, and you get “paid” for it (at least, that’s what the Boss says). Why would anyone be interested in rewarding you for doing things for them? If you manage to get a “Thank You”, well, a winner is you, and you should feel overjoyed. Interested yet?
  • Many of the Trainers are far more experienced than you. This is reflected in their levels. They're usually guarding the streets so watch out! However...
  • ...your trusty PDA (Personal Delivery Assistant) has a Trainer Detection feature. It is up to you to decide how and when to choose your battles. Avoid or confront?
  • Animated character portraits for all major characters and then some
  • Lost? Your PDA has got you covered
  • An acceptable vernacular
  • At least 40 completable sidequests in episode 2
  • Around 15 hours of content
  • MC animations for many interactions (climbing, item grabbing)
  • An Original Soundtrack
  • Unique ways to overcome enemies. Those who want to grind can, those who don't... may find other ways
  • Interconnected lore and characters with side games like The First Journey and Times Edge. After all, TFJ is the prequel to this game.
  • Weird, goofy, and absolutely unreasonable NPCs


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Developer: AenaonDusky

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