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Game Name: Pokemon Jaspe
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Status: v1.15
Language: English
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A legend from the past.

Some 12 000 years ago, three meteorites crashed down on earth, and, in doing so, formed an archipelago, which the people who later inhabited it named "Inseki" in reference to the meteorites which created it.

According to the written myths of an ancient civilization, it is said that in each of those three meteorites a pokemon could be found.

"Chikyu" was seen as embodying the warmth and kindness 0 • mankind, meanwhile,

"Umisora" was rather representative of both the fleeting mind of man and its determination.

The last one, "Karami", was a malicious pokemon who symbolized the bent and twisted side of the human mind.

Those three pokemon were described as looking over a pokemon by the name of "Zanmachi the soul devourer", which was said to feed off of the fear and despair of people. It seems, according to legends passed orally, that it appeared sometime after the three pokemon fell on earth, but that it did not come through a meteorite itself, instead of appearing to have followed them.

Ancient writings tell us that if this pokemon was to ever wake up, then the world would be doomed.

The same writings also inform us that it almost happened 2500 years ago, back when war was tearing the inseki region apart. However, it is said that the people of the region prayed for survival to the point where the earth itself birthed a pokemon capable of controlling plant life and oceans alike, using its powers to rid the region of the ongoing war and bringing back hope to the people who had lost everything because of the conflict.

It is said that this pokemon put the three guardians to sleep, and after that was done, it sealed zanmachi once again with the help of a gemstone, a jasper, before disappearing, never to be seenilf• again.

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Developer: Eurons

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/3487/