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Game Name: Pokemon: Split
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v0.0.6, 11.10.2022, Demo
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Split takes place in a region which goes by the very same name Split.

Split is a region that is unique geographically, in that it is completely symmetrical down the center divide. One side of the region is the Good/Sunny side, with the other side of the region being the Bad/Dark side.

Law and order prevail over the sunny side of Split, whereby people go about their daily lives with little-to-no crime or corruption to worry about. However, the same cannot be said for the dark side of the region. A side corrupt to its core, criminally and politically dominated by Team Rocket and their fiercely loyal supporters. A side of the region that many choose to avoid at all costs, and maybe you should do the same?

Your story begins at the prestigious Pokémon school in the city of Beautitude, the capital city of the sunny side of Split. You and your starter Pokémon will go about your school studies as normal before things take a sudden and dark turn. You will have to download and play the game to find out exactly what happens!

You will battle your way across the region, earning the 8 badges of the Split Gym Challenge and ultimately taking on the Champion's Path and the Split Pokémon League! Your adventures will take you back and forth between each side of the region, forcing you to explore and venture through the dark and corrupt side of the region just as much as the sunny side. You will fight criminal gangs and look to put a stop to their evil plans to mutate and genetically modify Pokémon to gain an advantage. You will do what you can to stop them from taking control of the entire region of Split.

This demo release takes you beyond the fourth gym. You will end the demo with 5 Pokémon around level 45. This game features many hours of content so there is plenty to play for.

List of Features

  • Pokémon from all generations.
  • Unique mutated forms of Pokémon.
  • Regional variants of existing Pokémon.
  • A unique and especially fun region.
  • Well thought out coincidences, symmetries and fun moments which reward exploration.
  • A plethora of Easter Eggs and references to the main line Pokémon games, the Anime, and real life!
  • Challenging battles and gym. You won't steam roll this game too easily!
  • Mid-battle dialogue to make key battles feel immersive and more interactive.
  • Well thought choice of in-game-music to give you the best atmospheric and nostalgic feelings when playing.


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Developer: DaleFails