Pokemon Inclement Emerald Battle Changes

Pokemon Inclement Emerald Battle Changes

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Author: Buffel Saft

Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=457039

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Battle Changes

Inclement Emerald features significant changes to the battle engine, including new and improved
abilities, new item effects, and a lightly revamped weather system. This document explains all of these


As you may know, weather abilities were pretty broken in gen 5, and were rightfully nerfed in gen 6.
While this mostly fixed the issue with Swift Swim + Drizzle being too strong, I think the nerf was overly punishing for some Pokémon, especially those with defensive weather abilities like Ice Body Walrein. As a result, I’ve taken a different approach to nerfing permanent weather:
  • • Weather-inducing abilities (Drought, Drizzle, etc.) create permanent weather again. However,
  • the damage boost for Fire and Water moves in permanent sun and rain has been reduced from
  • 50% to 20%. Sandstream and Snow Warning have no penalties.
  • • Temporary weather created by Rain Dance and Sunny Day provides the full 50% damage boost.
  • • Ice-types now get a 50% defense boost in hail.
Perma weather is still pretty broken, but this way it makes for good boss fights without being
overwhelming. It also gives you a chance to play around with mons like Goodra and Heliolisk that
would’ve loved gen 5’s weather!

Ability Changes

Some existing abilities now have bonus effects:

Swarm, Overgrow, Blaze and Torrent

Now always provide a 20% damage boost to their move types. This increases to 50% while the Pokémon is at or below 1/3 HP. These boosts do not stack (the 50% boost replaces the 20% one while weakened).

Magic Guard, Poison Heal, Toxic Boost

These abilities now prevent damage from poison in the overworld (Pokémon without these abilities will
survive poisoning with 1 HP, as in Gen IV).

Liquid Voice

Also boosts the power of sound moves by 20%.

Gale Wings

Works like it does in Gen VI – doesn’t require full HP.

New Abilities

Inclement Emerald includes some completely new abilities. I’ve provided some in-depth descriptions of how they work here, but the bold text provides a quick summary of what each ability does.


Makes Fire-type attacks five times more likely to inflict a burn.
E.g. Flamethrower’s burn chance is boosted from 10% to 50%. Super fun and balanced when combined
with Heat Wave in doubles. Does not add a burn chance to moves that can’t already burn.


The Pokémon’s moves behave as if the weather is sunny, regardless of the active weather.
This has the following effects:
  • • Solar Beam and Solar Blade do not need to charge and are not weakened in other weathers
  • • Growth always boosts Attack and Special Attack by two stages each instead of one
  • • Synthesis, Moonlight, and Morning Sun always restore up to 75% of the users maximum HP
This does not change the type of weather ball or boost the power of Fire-type moves. Also, the ability
does absolutely nothing in the sunlight!


Boosts the power of Ice-type attacks in Hail by 50%.

Keen Edge

Boosts the power of cutting/slashing moves by 30%.

This affects the following moves: Cut, Slash, False Swipe, Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Air Slash, X-Scissor, Psycho Cut, Cross Poison, Sacred Sword, Razor Shell, Secret Sword, Solar Blade, Behemoth Blade, Breaking Swipe, Meteor Assault.

Prism Scales

Reduces damage taken from special attacks by 30%.

Power Fists

The Pokémon’s punching moves do special damage, and do 20% more damage.

This works like Psyshock, but in reverse – damage is calculated using the attacker’s attack and the
target’s special defense. If a punching move is somehow a special attack, it still does special damage.
Damage from affected physical moves is weakened by Reflect. Affects all the same moves that Iron Fist does, and also gives them the same damage boost.

Sand Song

The Pokémon’s sound moves become Ground Type, and do 20% more damage.

Liquid Voice, but Ground-type. Also boosts the power of sound moves by 20%.


The Pokémon doesn’t need to recharge if it got a KO.

This is basically gen one Hyper Beam as an ability. If a foe is KO’ed on the turn the Pokémon used a
Hyper Beam-style move, it won’t need to recharge the next turn.


Boosts Ghost attacks when in trouble.

Ghost-type Overgrow; boosts the power of Ghost-type attacks by 20%. Boost is increased to 50% if HP is less than 1/3 of max HP.

Blitz Boxer

Makes punching moves go first.

Increases the priority of punching moves by 1 (affects the same moves as Iron Fist). E.g. Ice Punch
becomes a +1 priority move, Mach Punch becomes a +2 priority move.

Item Changes

The following items have new or improved effects:

Light Ball

Extra effect: When held by Raichu (including Alolan Raichu), boosts attack and special attack by 50%.

Shell Bell

New effect: Restores 1/3 of the holder’s missing HP when it lands an attack.

Big Root

Healing boost increased from 30% to 100% (E.g. deal 100 damage with Giga Drain, restore 100 HP
instead of 50 HP). Don’t forget it also affects Leech Seed and Aqua Ring – it now doubles HP recovered from those moves.

Exp. Share

The Exp. Share gives the holder 100% of battle experience earned by other party members. It does not
reduce the experience earned by other party members.

Power Items

Power items now give 16 EVs per KO instead of 8. Additionally, they stop the holder from gaining
“natural” EVs – they’ll only get the 16 EVs from the item.

E.g. hold a Power Bracer, KO a Zubat. Holder gets 16 attack EVs and 0 speed EVs. Combined with the exp all mechanic, this allows you to EV train your entire party anywhere, and at the same time – just give each mon the right Power item!

You need 16 KOs to max out a stat using this method, so defeating 32 Pokémon – trainer or wild – will fully EV train your entire team, provided you switch items after the first 16 KOs.

New Items

The following are entirely new held items with custom effects:

Training Band

A new held item that boosts experience points earned by 5x, but only if the holder is at least 5 levels
lower than the highest-level Pokémon in the party.