Pokemon Grape Move and TM/HM List

Pokemon Grape Move and TM/HM List

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Moves List

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following original moves have their type changed. Format: MOVE NAME TYPE -------- Karate Chop Fighting Razor Wind Wind Gust Wind Whirlwind Wind Horn Attack Bone Horn Drill Bone Leer Atom Bite Dark Growl Sound Roar Sound Sing Sound Supersonic Sound Sonicboom Sound Disable Atom Growth Light Screech Sound Double Team Light Minimize Atom Smokescreen Gas Light Screen Light Reflect Light Metronome Atom Mirror Move Atom Smog Gas Bone Club Bone Swift Light Poison Gas Gas Glare Atom Transform Atom Flash Light Bonemerang Bone Sharpen Atom Conversion Atom Tri Attack Atom Substitute Atom -------- The following list includes only the newly introduced moves. The moves originally found in Pokémon Red\Blue weren't removed or replaced, however, these moves were updated to match the most recent games' parameters, with the exception of blizzard which has a 30% of freezing like in the original japanese version of Pokémon red. Note also that the newly introduced moves do not mirror exactly the moves introduced in Generation 2 games as some of them were imported from later games while other moves are completely new and (perhaps) unique to this game. Format: MOVE NAME TYPE GEN# NOTES -------- Triple Kick Fighting 2 Thief Dark 2 Can snatch held items Dive Water 3 Can be used outside of Battle Astonish Ghost 3 Nightmare Ghost 2 Behaves like Dream Eater Flame Wheel Fire 2 Flash Wave Light NEW High burning chance Curse Ghost 2 Decreases the enemy's Special Stat Flail Normal 2 Dark Pulse Dark 4 Aeroblast Wind 2 High-Critical Cotton Spore Grass 2 Fairy Wind Fairy 6 Virus Atom NEW High-Critical Powder Snow Ice 2 Protect Normal 2 As of now it only boosts defense Mach Punch Fighting 2 Scary Face Normal 2 Feint Attack Dark 2 Behaves like Swift Sweet Kiss Fairy 2 Bullet Seed Wood 3 Sludge Bomb Poison 2 Mud Slap Ground 2 Octazooka Water 2 Branch Whip Wood NEW Hits + has a chance of lowering Evasion Zap Cannon Electric 2 Rock Blast Rock 3 Shadow Force Ghost 4 Light Ring Light NEW Trapping Move (like Bind) Icy Wind Ice 2 Freezebreath Gas NEW Has a high chance of freezing (30%) Bone Rush Bone 2 Lock-On Normal 2 Boost Accuracy very much Outrage Dragon 2 Sandstorm Ground 2 (Unused left-over) Giga Drain Grass 2 Silver Wind Bug 2 Charm Fairy 2 Rollout Rock 2 Uproar Sound 3 Multi-Stage move Gas Bomb Gas NEW Bounce Flying 3 Spark Electric 2 Fury Cutter Bug 2 Steel Wing Steel 2 Mean Look Normal 2 No secondary effects DrainingKiss Fairy 6 Hydro Cannon Water 3 Blast Burn Fire 3 Power Growl Sound NEW Moonblast Fairy 6 Power Whip Grass 4 Safeguard Normal 2 Unused Frenzy Plant Grass 3 Sacred Fire Fire 2 High-Critical as its sibling Aeroblast Mud Shot Ground 3 Dynamichpunch Fighting 2 Megahorn Bug 2 Dragonbreath Dragon 2 Spit Up Atom 3 Powerful atom-type move Belch Poison 6 Pursuit Dark 2 No secondary effects Rapid Spin Normal 2 It carries all its intended additional effects! Sweet Scent Grass 2 Iron Tail Steel 2 Metal Claw Steel 2 Vital throw Fighting 2 Morning Sun Light 2 Synthesis Grass 2 Moonlight Dark 2 Doom Desire Steel 3 Cross Chop Fighting 2 Twister Dragon 2 Hurricane Wind 5 Powerful wind-type move Steam Gas Gas NEW Has a chance of burning Crunch Dark 2 Dragon Claw Dragon 3 High-Critical Stone Edge Rock 4 High-Critical Extremespeed Normal 2 High-Critical Ancientpower Rock 2 Shadow Ball Ghost 3 Synchronoise Psychic 5 Rock Smash Fighting 2 Fortunately it's not a field move Whirlpool Water 2 Fortunately it's not a field move X-Scissor Bug 4 Hyper Voice Sound 4 Wood Hammer Wood 4 Gem Bomb Light NEW The strongest move ever

TM and HM List

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Due to popular demand I havce included a List of TMs & HMs and even their relative locations. Keep in mind that, as an extra reward of the Second Quest, you will get access to an area where vendors sell all the TMs in the game! Format: # MOVE LOCATION -------- 01 DYNAMICPUNCH Cherry City Mega Mart - 7000 coins 02 DRAGON CLAW Route 67 03 HYDRO PUMP Cherry City Mega Mart - 7000 coins 04 AMNESIA Weapon Depot 05 MEGA HORN Safari Zone 06 TOXIC Silten City 07 FREEZEBREATH Defeat Elias 08 SWIFT Cherry City Mega Mart - 5000 coins 09 BULLET SEED Mt.Lyre 10 BODY SLAM Buris City, Game Corner - 3000 Coins 11 GAS BOMB Paul's Villa 12 OCTAZOOKA Defeat Liquid 13 ICE BEAM Cherry City Mega Mart - 5000 coins 14 BLIZZARD Frejon Tunnel 15 HYPER BEAM Cherry City Mega Mart - 7000 coins 16 LIGHT SCREEN Cherry City Mega Mart - 2000 coins 17 SWORD DANCE Cherry City Mega Mart - 3000 coins 18 MIMIC Route 62 19 GIGA DRAIN Route 54 20 CRUNCH Defeat Slye 21 COUNTER Cherry City Mega Mart 22 SOLAR BEAM Alpine Mansion 23 IRON TAIL Defeat the 8th GYM Leader 24 THUNDERBOLT Cherry City Mega Mart - 5000 coins 25 THUNDER Power Plant 26 EARTHQUAKE Cherry City Mega Mart - 7000 coins 27 FISSURE Panopticon Underground 28 DIG Cherry City Mega Mart - 2000 coins 29 PSYCHIC Safari Zone 30 SHADOW BALL Defeat Dante 31 TRIPLE KICK Route 65 Gate 32 DOUBLE TEAM Paceleaf City - Give a PokéDoll to Lara 33 REFLECT Cherry City Mega Mart - 2000 coins 34 SPARK Defeat Ellie 35 FLAMETHROWER Cherry City Mega Mart - 7000 coins 36 SLUDGE BOMB Safari Zone 37 DREAM EATER Paceleaf City 38 FIRE BLAST Turtle Rock (Region of Kelgo) 39 ROCK SLIDE Alpine Mansion 40 RAZOR WIND Dungeon Of Defrite 41 SKY ATTACK Alpine Mansion 42 X-SCISSOR Defeat Waspia 43 WOOD HAMMER Buris City 44 STONE EDGE Cherry City Mega Mart - 5000 coins 45 MOONBLAST Cherry City Mega Mart - 5000 coins 46 THIEF Cherry City, defeat the Team Rocket Thief 47 STEEL WING Lauras City's GYM 48 HYPER VOICE Cherry City Mega Mart - Exchange Aqua Relic 49 TRI-ATTACK Cherry City Mega Mart - Exchange Gold Relic 50 SUBSTITUTE Cherry City Mega Mart - Exchange White Relic HM01 CUT Mart Ruins HM02 FLY Route 60, Flight House HM03 SURF Alpine Mansion HM04 STRENGHT Gadow City, Ranger's House HM05 FLASH Route 56, Aide's Lab HM06 DIVE Haven City (Region of Kelgo), Fisher's House