Pokemon Grape Item List

Pokemon Grape Item List

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Item List


All the regular Items from Pokémon Red/Blue are kept.
Many items found there keep their uses while receiving a new name (eg: Ghost Scope).
Then there are completely new Items, some of them feature completely
new functions that will be explained below.

Listed there are mostly Key Items, Items that were tweaked and New Items.

%K = Key Item: This Item can't be thrown or sold
%C = These are Optional Key Items - not mandatory for the First Quest (Pokémon League)
%E = Key Item that is later exchanged in the game

%F = Fossil: Unlike the original games, fossils are not Key Items
%Q = Regular Item not consumed after use
%U = Regular item used for the Evolution of certain Pokémon Species

%N = Nuzlocke-Only item

££ = Functions not available on Final Version v1.x

Undispensable Key Items used to advance in the First Quest
*GRIP GLOVES   ; %K Paul's Villa - Used to advance thru Mt.Lyre and for other optional things.
*KART        ; %K Gondwan City Racing Shop - exchanged with Kart Voucher.
*GHOST SCOPE   ; %K Buris City - defeat Grace (4th Badge).
*POKE FLUTE    ; %K Gadow City - rescue Mr.Abe in Spooky Swamp.
*GRIP SHOES    ; %K Help Leon in Haven City - used to access the 8th Gym.


Optional Key Items, not undispensable though very helpful on occasion

*TOWN MAP ; %C Cherry City, Peach's House - shows Frejo or Kelgo depending on location.
*OLD ROD       ; %C Snorkel City
*GOOD ROD      ; %C Gondwan City
*SUPER ROD     ; %C Route 64 Gate - Bek's Aide requests 70 species caught.
*S.S. TICKET    ; %C Rookie Trainer Hall - used to get access to the Port and the Fast Ship.
*ITEMFINDER    ; %C Cherry City Trade Center - can also be used to solve a puzzle in a dungeon.
*COIN CASE     ; %C Buris City, Fat Burger - Win a lot and you can buy Casino Prizes.
*TRAIN PASS    ; %C Weapon Depot - used to travel quickly between Kelgo and Frejo.
*??!           ; %C Key item used to reveal secrets, undispensable for the Secret Quest.
*MAGIC HAMMER  ; %C Used to pound down tall sticks, undispensable for the Secret Quest.
*CARD KEY      ; %C Acquired at the end of 2nd Quest, unlocks rewards for that quest.

*OCARINA       ; (££) %N Used in a Nuzlocke Game to warp back home in case the player is stuck.
(Altough it's coded in the game and it's functional you won't find this, unless you cheat)

Exchangeable Key Items, either lost or exchanged for another item or for a HM.
*BEK's PARCEL  ; %E Rustel City Mart - Given away to proceed in the game.
*KART VOUCHER  ; %E Snorkel City's Fan Club - exchanged later for Kart.
*TRANSLATOR    ; %E Safari Zone - exchange it for HM04 in Gadow City's Ranger House.
*AQUA RELIC    ; %E - Exchange this for a TM with the Relics' Girl on the Cherry Mart Rooftop.
*GOLD RELIC    ; %E - Exchange this for a TM with the Relics' Girl on the Cherry Mart Rooftop.
*WHITE RELIC   ; %E - Exchange this for a TM with the Relics' Girl on the Cherry Mart Rooftop.

These 7 Exchangeable Key Items are used in the Item Trading Sequence
(Their named had been covered as they are part of the Secret Quest and are therefore a secret)
*???1 ; %E - Exchange for ???2
*???2 ; %E - Exchange for ???3
*???3 ; %E - Exchange for ???4
*???4 ; %E - Exchange for ???5
*???5 ; %E - Exchange for ???6
*???6 ; %E - Exchange for ???7
*???7 ; %E - Exchange for ??!


New Regular items with completely new functions

*LIGHTER       ; %Q - Can be used instead of Flash to enlit dark dungeons.
*COTTAGE       ; Used on the outside and nature-made dungeons to fully recover the party.
*MINING PICK   ; Used in caves on rocky surfaces to obtain fossils or other items,
       ; either evolutionary stones or high-selling valuable items (or even junk).
*ROCK DRILL    ; %Q - Same as Mining Pick but with infinite uses, only 1 in the entire game.
*HONEY        ; Maxes out the Encounter rate for land Pokémon. Usable only in maps that spawn
       ; wild pokémon on land/tall grass. The encounter rate is reset after every
       ; encounter with a wild Pokémon (or after battling a trainer).
       ; - Very useful for the Safari game and for searching for roaming pokémon.
*SCOUTER       ; %Q - Very useful for locating and identifying roaming legendary pokémon.
       ; It automatically beeps once you enter an area hosting one of the Roaming Pokémon.
       ; It can also help you locate the 3 Roaming Pokémon.
*DOG BAIT      ; ££ This item automatically attracts roaming Pokémon to the route you're in.
               ; Can be obtained during the Second Quest, only 1 in the entire game.
*BOMB          ; ££ %Q - Used to easen the Final Fight against Kifflom. Only 1 chance.
       ; Only 1 in the entire game.
*SHINIZER      ; ££ %Q - It behaves like a repel, except that it allows you to encounter
       ; only shiny Pokémon! Also, it is not consumed after use.
       ; Only 1 in the entire game.
*AMULET COIN   ; ££ not functional as of now - doubles money earnt in won battles.
*EVERSTONE     ; ££ not functional as of now - prevents evolution.


New PokéBalls with special catch rates or special effects

*FAST BALL ; effectiveness x4 if Pokémon's base speed >=100   
*NET BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness on water type OR bug type pokémon  
*DIVE BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness in the underwater maps.
*NEST BALL ; ((41 - Pokémon's level) % 10)x, minimum 1x, max pokémon level 40
*REPEAT BALL ; x3.5 effectiveness if it's an already owned Pokémon specie
*TIMER BALL ; the more the gameplay hours, the more effective the ball is
*DUSK BALL ; 3.5× if used in a cave, in a dark area (and perhaps at night)
*HEAL BALL ; heals automatically the caught pokémon
*SHINY BALL ; ££ turns the caught pokémon into a shiny
(the ball is there and it's collectable but has no effect since shiny
mechanics aren't implemented yet in Final Version v1.0)
*DOPE BALL ; maxes out the DVs of the caught Pokémon, overblowing its stats
*CLONE BALL ; ££ %N - Obtains an HM Clone from the caught Pokémon
(the ball is there and it's collectable but has no effect since Auto-Nuzlocke
mechanics aren't implemented yet in Final Version v1.0)
*SNAG BALL ; Steals a trainer's own pokémon! (And ends the battle upon capture).


Items used for evolution

*DE-STONE; %U Used to de-evolve the evolute forms of Eevee!
*TRADE STONE; %U Use on Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter and Phantump
*DUSK STONE ; %U Use on Murkrow and Misdreavus
*SHINY STONE; %U Use on Togetic
*UPGRADE; %U Use on Porygon
*HACKER's DISC; %U Use on Porygon2
*METAL COAT; %U Use on Onix and Scyther
*KING'S ROCK; %U Use on Poliwhirl and Slowpoke
*MAGMARIZER    ; %U Use on Magmar
*ELECTRIZER    ; %U Use on Electabuzz
*PROTECTOR; %U Use on Rhydon
*RAZOR FANG; %U Use on Gligar
*RAZOR CLAW; %U Use on Sneasel
*DRAGONSCALE; %U Use on Seadra
*STAR GENE; %U Use on Pupitar and see what happens!
*GRAPE STONE; %U Used to make a PokéGod! I wonder how...



*DOME FOSSIL   ; %F - Kabuto
*HELIX FOSSIL   ; %F - Omanyte
*CLAW FOSSIL   ; %F - Anorith


Occasionally found while mining, either highselling items or low-selling junk



These items only received a name tweak

*EXP. SHARE    ; %Q - Former "EXP All".
*POKéCOLA      ; Replaces Soda Pop in name, it is identical otherwise.