Pokemon FireRed Battle Edition Pokemon Updates

Pokemon FireRed Battle Edition Pokemon Updates

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Pokemon were adapted to their Gen 7 stats and Movesets
Nearly every final evolution received moves it could normally learn through move tutors or breeding
Most of these moves can be accessed through the move tutor in Fuchsia City or Two Island

Most trade Pokemon have one perfect IV, one IV at 1, and the rest of the IVs at 16

Magneton, Rhydon, Piloswine, and Dusclops have the stats of their Gen4 Evolution

Evolution changes:

Cyndaquil Lvl 16
Magnemite Lvl 37
Swinub Lvl 37
Shroomish Lvl 30

New Abilities for (not necessarily the only ability that Pokemon has):

Blastoise Mega Launcher
Raticate Strong Jaw
Fearow Gale Wings
Geodude line Sand Rush
Machcamp Iron Fist
Bellsprout line Liquid Ooze
Magnemite line Levitate
Drowzee line Prankster
Exeggcute line Solar Power
Typhlosion Tough Claws
Ariados Tangled Hair
Mareep line Dry Skin and Fluffy
Espeon Cute Charm
Umbreon Shadow Shield
Houndoom Dark Aura
Phanpy line Sand Force
Tyranitar Dark Aura
Sceptile Infiltrator
Electrike line Intimidate
Ralts line Fairy Aura
Snorunt line Snow Warning
Beldum, Metang Levitate