Pokemon Vega Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Vega Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

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Language: English
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Author: Olivia R.

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Pokemon Vega version 23rd August 2020 update detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Vega (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. Due to there being a wiki with numerous bits of information already included, including Pokemon in the dex, I will not be including that info, but the wiki will be linked for convenience.

Notable things in this hack:

New story - setting is Tohoak, and it takes place after Pokemon Altair and Sirius in a region resembling the Tohoku region of Japan. Also includes Shamouti Island and the Ice, Fire, and Lightning Islands from The Power of One movie as well as New Island from The First Movie.

New fakemons, some of which are new evolutions of existing Pokemon.

Pokemon which weren’t in the Hoenn dex, such as Pineco, as well as a few from Gen-4 and Gen-5 such as Magnezone and Petilil.
New moves

New music, including new battle themes everywhere

Much more difficult battles, including rematches with gym leaders


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Porcelia Town [PORC]

Route 501 [R501]

Route 502 [R502]

Junopsis City [JUNO]

Route 503 [R503]

Wiseman’s Cave [WISE] and [WISE-P]

Route 504 [R504]

Route 505 [R505]

Seafin City [SEAF]

Spirit Mansion [SPIR] and [SPIR-P]

Route 506 [R506]
Route 519 [R519]

Gamboge City [GAMB]

Perimeter Labs [PERI]

Route 520 [R520] and [520R]
Route 507 [R507]

Route 508 [R508]

Undersea Tunnel [UNDE] and [UNDE-P]

Route 509 [R509]
Shamouti Island [SHAM] and [SHAM-P]

DH Building [DHBU] and [DHBU-P]

Route 521 [R521]
Nephrite City [NEPH]
Safari Zone [SZON] and [SZON-P]

Porcelia Forest [PORF] and [PORF-P]

Route 518 [R518]

Route 522 [R522]

Orpimence City [ORPI]
Tower of Darkness [DARK] and [DARK-P]

Route 517 [R517]

Route 514 [R514]

Ravenplume City [RAVE]

Chateau of Time [CHAT] and [CHAT-P]

Route 516 [R516]

Mt Snowfall [SNOW] and [SNOW-P]
Route 515 [R515]

Lapizula City [LAPI]

DH Hideout [DHHI] and [DHHI-P]

Route 510 [R510]
Ice Island [ICEI] and [ICEI-P]

Route 512 [R512]
Lightning Island [LIGH] and [LIGH-P]
Route 511 [R511]

Fire Island [FIRE] and [FIRE-P]

Route 513 [R513]
New Island [NEWI]
Route 523 [R523] and [523R]

Pokemon Castle [POCA] and [POCA-P]

Victory Road [VICT] and [VICT-P]

Shakudo Island [SHAK] and [SHAK-P]

Distant Island [DIST]

Sphere Ruins [SPHE]

Mirage Battles [MIRA]

Final Mission [FINA]

Appendix [APPE]

PORCELIA TOWN [PORC] - The whitened town of beginnings!

Name your character, name your rival, and you'll start out at home. You have an NES and a SNES (for some reason, the SNES has a message: "Hey, it's me, the Mos!" This message refers to Mosmero, a character who was in Pokemon Altair and Sirius). Anyways, you got a Potion in the PC as usual. Head downstairs. Mom stops you, and says your Running Shoes won't work. She then gives you a new pair of them along with a Town Map. We're in the Tohoak region by the way. Leave and you'll find yourself at the SW end of town. Attempt to go east and Prof. Holly will greet you. No time to explore town, we're immediately gonna enter Holly's lab. You'll find your rival here (who is actually a Pokemon Ranger) as well as the Mos himself! Yeah, he's trying to be comic relief. In any case, Holly gets back on track and explains what's going on. The meteor Pokemon have pretty much invaded the Tohoak region now. Our job is to take an ecological survey of things. As such, you gain the Pokedex. Making things sucky, your Pokemon that you had in the Hoenn region will not be coming with us, as Holly will take them away. Your ranger friend will be delivering a Secure Styler to a Jackie, who is in Nephrite City. With these tasks said, Holly will also tell you and the ranger to get one of the starter Pokemon. Mosmero leaves, your ranger friend gets a call from HQ, so you get to pick your starter. These are the same starters in Altair and Sirius: Nimbleaf, Peyero, and Liquiput. Pick your starter and watch your ranger friend decide to pick the one with the type advantage. And when you try to leave he'll battle you.

PKMN Ranger (rival): Nimbleaf/Peyero/Liquiput Lv5, P180

Now we have control. There's actually nothing of interest at all in the town, but you can leave to the north, south, and east. South is Route 518, but you'll be blocked by rocks that need Rock Smash. North is Route 517. And you'll be blocked again, this time by trees requiring Cut. Therefore, the only way out is east.

ROUTE 501 [R501]

Youngster Ben: Taillow Lv4, Taillow Lv4, P64

Lass Crissy: Togepi Lv5, P80

School Kid Rich: Taillow Lv3, Pineco Lv4, P80

School Kid Karen: Glachild Lv4, Glachild Lv4, P80

You'll want to enter the house on this route. Talk to the girl to get the Poke Balls. A bit SE of the house is a Potion. Inspect the rock east of Ben to get another Potion.

ROUTE 502 [R502]

Youngster Josh: NidoranM Lv3, Glachild Lv3, Taillow Lv4, P64

Lass Robin: Togepi Lv4, Glachild Lv4, P64

Twins Joy&Meg: NidoranM Lv3, NidoranF Lv3, P72

Bug Catcher Sammy: Pineco Lv6, P72

School Kid Georgia: Taillow Lv4, Togepi Lv5, P100

Youngster Timmy, Pineco Lv4, Glachild Lv4, P64

You'll wanna talk to the guy in the NW corner as he gives you HM05 Flash! Of course we need to get the first badge to actually use it, but nice to have an HM really early! Anyways you probably saw another item as you went east. It's behind a fence, and you'll eventually get to it. It's a Poke Ball. A hidden Rare Candy is in a rock just north of Georgia. Route 514 is actually to the north, but you won't be able to go far without another HM roadblock, another one requiring Cut to be precise. Enter the guardhouse, and the guards here will tell you about the siblings upstairs as well as where Junopsis City is (to the east). The siblings won't battle right now, so continue east.

School Kid Chase: Taillow Lv3, Houndour Lv4, Pineco Lv3, NidoranF Lv4, P80

JUNOPSIS CITY [JUNO] - A small town with the scent of tenderness

Go behind the PokeCenter. A guy to the east recognizes you as someone who you gave Nuggets to in Alto Mare. If you don't remember, don't worry, I didn't either (although you do go to Alto Mare in Altair and Sirius). He'll give you one Nugget. The Pokemon Trainer's School is in the NE corner, with basic info. Remember the rock behind it for later. If you try to exit to the south, the guy near there will prevent you. The house above him has a kid who will trade you a Hoothoot if you have a Togepi. I wouldn't bother, you can catch both anyways. Anyways, there's a gym here, but a girl is blocking it. What you gotta do is to challenge those siblings, we saw in the guardhouse before.

Head back to the guardhouse and challenge them upstairs! Turns out they're Winstrates.

School Kid Vivian: Pichu Lv6, Peyero Lv7, P140 (all mons hold an Oran Berry)

Youngster Vincent: Diglett Lv7, Liquiput Lv8, P128 (all mons hold an Oran Berry)

Lass Violet: NidoranF Lv8, Houndour Lv8, Taillow Lv9, Nimbleaf Lv9, P144 (first two mons hold Oran Berry, last two hold Sitrus Berry)

Talk to Violet to receive a Big Mushroom!

Now we can take on the gym, so talk to the girl to get her to go inside. One trainer (the girl from before!), one leader. Bug is the dominant type.

Lass Iris: Pineco Lv10 (holds Oran Berry), P160

The flowers act as teleporters, and you can take them all day long until you realize it won't get you to the leader. So how to do it? Go to the windows in the back. Use the one that is second from the left. Then touch the NE flower. You've made it to the leader!

Gym Leader Annette: P1500, Elnath Badge, and TM15 Signal Beam

Pineco Lv12, Signal Beam, Spikes, Self-destruct, Double Spin, holds Oran Berry

Rollder Lv14, Defense Curl, Rollout, Rock Throw, Steamroller, holds Hard Stone

Shuckle Lv15, Curse, Rollout, Rock Tomb, Deep Yawn, holds Sitrus Berry

When you leave, the Mos shows up, noticing you got your first badge. Next thing, Romero contacts him (for those who don't remember, Romero is his brother). Awkward encounter. In any case, we can head south to Route 503 now.

ROUTE 503 [R503]

Youngster Calvin: Taillow Lv8, P128

Camper Liam: Houndour Lv7, NidoranM Lv8, P160

Picnicker Diana: Glachild Lv7, NidoranF Lv8, P160

Twins Ann&Anne: Mintch Lv6, Mintch Lv6, P144

Bug Catcher Rick: Pineco Lv6, Rollder Lv7, P84

Hiker Clark: Diglett Lv8, Rollder Lv8, P288

Lady Jacki: Glachild Lv9, P1800

Rich Boy Everett: Houndour Lv9, P1800

Lass Miriam: Pichu Lv7, Togepi Lv7, Mintch Lv8, P128

School Kid Olivia: Mintch Lv6, Pichu Lv7, NidoranF Lv7, P140

Hiker Brice: Rollder Lv9, P324

An X Accuracy is in the first patch. When you head down, a dude will be talking on his PokeNav. He'll notice you, call you a kid, and will continue north. As you head south, head right at the fork to get TM03 Spikes.


The hiker here is a bit suspicious about Team DH being here. Wonder what it's for? Take the ladder.

Team DH Grunt: Cupricorn Lv9, NidoranM Lv10, P320

Team DH Grunt: NidoranF Lv9, Houndour Lv9, Pineco Lv9, P288

Team DH Grunt: Rollder Lv10, Cupricorn Lv10, P320

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv11, P352

Pick up the Silverpowder while battling DH grunts. The holes here act as warps, more or less, but you shouldn't get lost in this place that much. By the way, one of the grunts recognizes you as the one who crushed their plans in Hoenn, which is strange because there was a Team BH and a Team WH instead of a Team DH, unless they consolidated. An Escape Rope is on the rock at the west side. At the west side, your ranger friend is fighting off the grunts who want his Secure Styler. Two on one certainly doesn't sound fair, so you'll take on one of these grunts. Although you get a choice, there's no way to proceed otherwise, so just say yes.

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv10, NidoranM Lv11, Willisp Lv13, P416

Afterwards, your buddy runs into a Diglett and uses his Capture Styler to get it, then he leaves. Before heading to the next ladder, there's a hidden Ether in the rock at the NW corner. Take the ladder and talk to the wise man to get a Root Fossil for your spelunking efforts! Back to Route 503, you'll immediately be ambushed by this trainer.

School Kid Fabian: Taillow Lv6, Houndour Lv7, NidoranM Lv7, P140

ROUTE 504 [R504]

The route seems a bit confusing, but don't worry, you'll soon see that loser DH grunt talk to himself, before the Mos shows up. Note where he appears. He'll then chase the guy around, going through the tunnel. In other words, after this silly cutscene ends, this is where you'd be going too.

Youngster Joey: Taillow Lv7, Houndour Lv8, Cupricorn Lv8, P128

Hiker Trent: Rynos Lv9, Diglett Lv9, P324

There's a hidden Heart Scale in a rock west of Joey.

Bug Catcher Doug: Pineco Lv8, Rollder Lv9, P108

Skier Mason: Glachild Lv10, P200

Aroma Lady Nikki: Jamberree Lv8, Jamberree Lv8, Jamberree Lv8, P224

PokeFan Colin: Togepi Lv8, Mintch Lv9, P720

A Poke Ball is along the route.

PokeFan Linda: Cuppa Lv8, Pichu Lv9, P720

Skier Lydia: Glachild Lv9, Snover Lv9, P180

ROUTE 505 [R505]

PKMN Breeder Cory: Taillow Lv8, Jamberree Lv9, Houndour Lv9, Cupricorn Lv8, Diglett Lv8, Pineco Lv9, P252

Teammates Sara&Ivy: NidoranF Lv9, NidoranM Lv9, P288

Skier Lisa: Glachild Lv10, Snover Lv10, P200

Teammates Kate&Joy: Mintch Lv7, Togepi Lv7, Glachild Lv8, Pichu Lv8, Pichu Lv9, Jamberree Lv9, P288

This route is a straight shot more or less. A Pokemon ranger on this route is wandering next to a vandalized sign. Talking to him has him heal your mons, which I'd say is quite important! Pick up the Soothe Bell to the SW, this will help with some friendship evolutions! Pick up a Repel as well, and also inspect the tree to the left too for an X Attack.

SEAFIN CITY [SEAF] - A mysterious city full of loud spirits!

Tempted to go to that open gym, ain't ya? Well first let's check out the rest of the city. The house to the left of the gym has a girl who gives you TM21 Leech Seed. Route 506 is to the west but some Dugtrio are blocking the way. There's a mansion and a museum out here, with our ranger friend blocking the mansion. The museum requires you to pay P50, and there's models of Dialga and Palkia. Nothing else of real note, unless you like looking at fossils. The Name Rater is east of the PokeMart. Route 507 is to the south, but the only thing you can do is battle a fisherman.

Fisherman Barny: Cuppa Lv12, Buizel Lv12, P432

Now let's talk to your ranger friend in front of the mansion for a battle.

PKMN Trainer (rival): P540 and an Exp. Share!

NidoranM Lv14, Peck, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Focus Energy

Peyero Lv15, Fire Spin, Tackle, Defense Curl, Ember (if you chose Nimbleaf)


Liquiput Lv15, Pound, Water Gun, Growl, Bubble (if you chose Peyero)


Nimbleaf Lv15, Gust, Tail Whip, Razor Leaf, Absorb (if you chose Liquiput)

So you wanna explore the mansion, don't ya?


You may need Flash to get around. First, head west and take the stairs there.

Engineer Braxton: Pichu Lv10, Pikachu Lv11, P528

This dead end room has a Rare Candy at the far east end. Go back to 1F and head north from the entrance.

Burglar Quinn: Houndour Lv12, P1056

Collect the Mental Herb to the SE and take the nearby stairs. TM09 Rock Slide is at the north end of this floor, and there's also weird diaries you can read.

Return to 1F and go all the way to the west wall. Go north to be stopped by a rock. Inspect it for a Pearl. From there, head north and east.

Collector Julio: Cupricorn Lv11, Spelven Lv11, P660

East from him, then south to an Ether. Head south from the guy to see another with a diary, plus some steps. The diary is actually a notebook where people can sign their signature, and you sign it when you examine it. Okay then. Back upstairs.

Super Nerd Jovan: Willisp Lv12, P288

A Quick Claw is to the left. Two balconies are to the south, and you can fall down to 1F from the right one.

Super Nerd Miguel: Willisp Lv10, Clotaku Lv10, P240

A Super Potion is behind the next set of steps. There's a Mewtwo statue on this part of 2F, but you can't do anything. Unless you inspect the backside. You'll find a Letter! The hole nearby will take you back to the entrance. Anyways, let's go battle a gym! We've got mostly Ground types in this one. The solution to the gym by the way is, talk to the first Diglett, then the one to the left of that one, then the one above that, then the one in the NE corner, and finally the third one you used, twice.

Camper Drew: Rynos Lv13, Diglett Lv13 (holds Oran Berry), P260

Hiker Dudley: Diglett Lv15 (holds Oran Berry), P540

Youngster Tyler: Rynos Lv15 (holds Sitrus Berry), P240

Gym Leader Geoff: P2400, Arneb Badge, and TM37 Mud Bomb

Rhyhorn Lv21, Rock Slide, Mud Bomb, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, holds Oran Berry

Hitmonchan Lv23, Mach Punch, Psycho Punch, Thunder Punch, Shadow Punch, holds Quick Claw

Dugtrio Lv24, Aerial Ace, Burrow, Rock Slide, Night Slash, holds Sitrus Berry

Oh, I thought this would be our second badge, but it is apparently the fourth, which allows for the use of Strength. And we don't have the HM for that yet. And to make matters worse, those Dugtrio are still blocking the entrance of Route 506. So what to do? Well, if you go back to the museum, go to the second floor and talk to the scientist at the SW to deliver that Letter you picked up. He'll then say that although he can't help with the Dugtrio problem, he does mention the Pokemon Ranger at Route 505. So go there now! Talk to the ranger on the route and you'll automatically return to Seafin City. He'll do his thing and the Dugtrio will be gone. Onward!

ROUTE 506 [R506]

Camper Ricky: Houndour Lv12, Clotaku Lv13, P260

Poke Fan Caleb: Glachild Lv14, P1120

Picnicker Isabelle: Mintch Lv12, NidoranF Lv13, P260

Poke Fan Donna: Pichu Lv14, P1120

Aroma Lady Janice: Jamberree Lv12, Jamberree Lv12, P336

Obtain a TinyMushroom from the bush at the NE, then enter the tunnel. Basically head west, then south.

Skier Tammy: Glachild Lv13, Snover Lv13, P260

And keep heading south, then west, then up. The house you see here has a woman who gives you the Itemfinder.

Youngster Dan: Diglett Lv11, Taillow Lv11, Pineco Lv12, P192

Lass Sally: Mintch Lv12, Cupricorn Lv12, P192

Camper Shane: Hoothoot Lv11, NidoranM Lv11, Rynos Lv12, P240

Twins Kiri&Jan: Pichu Lv11, Pichu Lv11, P264

A Guard Spec. is at the rock where the twins are.

ROUTE 519 [R519]

Rich Boy Stanley: Houndour Lv15, P3000

Lady Gillian: Spelven Lv15, P3000

Picnicker Nancy: Hoothoot Lv13, Jamberree Lv12, Cupricorn Lv13, P260

Youngster Chad: Rollder Lv13, Clotaku Lv13, P208

Lass Paige: Nidorina Lv16, P256

Skier Alvaro: Glachild Lv14, P280

Teammates Kim&Iris: Pichu Lv12, Glachild Lv12, Mintch Lv13, Taillow Lv13, P416

Aroma Lady Rose: Snover Lv14, P392

Black Belt Zander: Tyrogue Lv13 (holds Sitrus Berry), Tyrogue Lv14, P336

Kindler Jace: Willisp Lv13, Houndour Lv14, P448

Battle Girl Cora: Tyrogue Lv15, P360

An Elixir is behind the Day Care. Oh yeah, there's a Day Care here. To the north is Route 518, but if you go east from that exit, go to the dead end where the rocks are to find a hidden Revive. A Great Ball is south of the Day Care. There's a Super Repel at the SE end. Let's detour to Route 518 for a bit.

Ninja Boy Jonas: Clotaku Lv14, Willisp Lv15, P180

Aroma Lady Miah: Jamberree Lv14, Exeggcute Lv15, P420

And Rock Smash is necessary for the rest of this route too. Let's head south and west from Route 519 then.

GAMBOGE CITY [GAMB] - The city where the wind of technology blows!

Biggest city yet! First building you see is Rydel's Boards. If you talk to the attendant, yeah, you won't be able to purchase a book. In any case, it's a little Hide and Seek game. You have to find four of them, but we'll continue exploring town while doing so. A suspicious fellow is at the north end, almost spilling the secret about a Reginald visiting Prof. Larch. The building he's at is Perimeter Labs. Team DH is there, but let's not enter that now. The gym is open too. The Berry Crush guy is west of the gym. At the south end of town, you can go to Route 520, and to the right of that, you can see another DH grunt blocking the way to something. There's also a guy in the next house who will trade you a Snover if you have a Miltank, which if you check the wiki, there's no place to have caught a Miltank yet. Maybe later?

So the gym specializes in Water types, so bring your Pichus or Jamberrees if you have them. The main puzzle is simply to beat all the trainers, as those will cause the Shellders around here to stop spewing water that blocks your path to the gym leader. Oh and if you want, you can return to this gym once you can surf or use fishing rods and catch Shellders here too.

Tuber Hailey: Buizel Lv22 (holds Oran Berry), P88

Swimmer Axle: Spheal Lv21 (holds Sitrus Berry), Shellder Lv21, P84

Swimmer Amara: Staryu Lv21, Buizel Lv22 (holds Sitrus Berry), P88

Swimmer Tony: Cuppa Lv23 (holds Sitrus Berry), P92

Gym Leader Brooke: P3000, Phact Badge, and TM18 Aqua Bolt

Starmie Lv30, Psychic, Ice Beam, Aqua Bolt, Discharge, holds Brightpowder

Floatzel Lv29, Brick Break, Wave Splash, Aqua Jet, Shadow Clamp, holds Sitrus Berry

Hydrush Lv28, Surf, Signal Beam, Hypnosis, Mud Bomb, holds Sitrus Berry

Kapwondo Lv30, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Scald, Dark Pulse, holds Quick Claw

This is the fifth badge, meaning you can use Surf. Of course, that's another HM we're lacking, sadly. Anyways, where do you think those guys who play hide and seek would be? One of them is a gentleman hiding behind a tree at the NE end of town. Another is behind the two trees north of the PokeCenter and the other people. A third is just behind the PokeMart. Talk to that one again and he'll slip the place to find the fourth one: back in Seafin City. That guy is behind the NW house. Return to Rydel's Boards and you can now get the Double Board! It functions exactly like the FR/LG Bicycle. Now let's see what the commotion is at Perimeter Labs.


The old man in the first room will trade you a Spheal if you have a Baizeast. Prof. Larch is being accosted by Team DH grunts, who know about Prof. Holly's Secure Styler. They'll then take him to the back room. Before going there, there are three rooms to the east. Enter the first one.

Team DH Grunt: Pineco Lv17, Houndour Lv17, P544

Nothing in this room, head to the next one.

Team DH Grunt: NidoranF Lv18, P576

This room is the System Development Office. A PC is here, but nothing else of interest. The final room here is the Fossil Laboratory. It seems to have been left alone. You can talk to the scientist in the corner who is interested in resurrecting fossils! At this point, you should have a Root Fossil, so give it to the guy to resurrect a Lileep (exit and re-enter the room to have it done after you give the fossil to him).

Time to head into the room that they took Larch too. This area sort of looks like the FR/LG Power Plant, although it has no mons and you're of course dealing with the Team DH grunts as usual. The first guy even mentions that the team formed in Kanto.

Team DH Grunt: Cupricorn Lv16, Rynos Lv16, P512

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv16, NidoranF Lv16, Pineco Lv16, P512

Head left first.

Team DH Grunt: Nidorina Lv18, P576

Team DH Grunt: Maneko Lv18, P576

Pick up a Twistedspoon here. The guard will not let you through and won't even battle. Oh well, head back to the first fork and head right, then south at the next fork.

Team DH Grunt: Rollder Lv17, Cupricorn Lv17, P544

Another grunt blocks the next corridor; she seems wary of the traps the scientists have decided to spring. We'll just have to go east from that last fork.

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv16, Maneko Lv17, P544

Team DH Grunt: Nidorino Lv18, P576

Well that's all the trainers so far without touching anything. Now for the puzzle. Head left from the first fork, then into the room with the scientist. Examine the panel on the wall. This causes one of those guards blocking the corridors to scream, as you have triggered a trap where they are! Head back to the second fork, then down and the female grunt is no longer there. Proceed past where she was.

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv18, P576

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv15, Rollder Lv16, NidoranM Lv15, Pineco Lv16, P512

Another panel to examine, now head for the east part of the labs. Immediately to your right is another grunt who stands in the way, so enter the side room.

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv17, Cupricorn Lv17, P544

The panel here will unlock the way in the NW part of the labs.

Team DH Grunt: Pineco Lv16, NidoranF Lv17, P544

This is the last panel to use, getting rid of that one grunt on the east side.

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv21, Nidorino Lv21, Willisp Lv22, P704

But now the Mos decides to interfere and tell you to use the Mosmero Beam on the leader! Which you can't use for obvious reasons. Plus the grunt you beat gets chased away. You'll automatically get into a battle with the leader, Reginald, now.

DH Admin Reginald: P936

Houndour Lv25, Will-O-Wisp, Super Fang, Dark Roar, Ember

Staryu Lv23, Double Spin, Psychic, Water Gun, Thunder Wave

Haunter Lv26, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Calm Mind

Skarmory Lv26, Drill Run, Shadow Clamp, Rock Slide, Magnet Bomb

Time for the bad guys to skedaddle. Larch thanks you for your efforts. It's time to head back. Larch is in the System Development Office. Talk to him and you'll get HM03 Surf! Awesome! Then, an earthquake happens, and Larch directs you to Route 507. But there's also Route 520 to consider.

ROUTE 520 [R520]

Ninja Boy Lung: Clotaku Lv14, Willisp Lv14, NidoranM Lv15, P180

Gentleman Thomas: Houndour Lv17, P816

Rocker Braydon: Pikachu Lv15, Magnemite Lv16, P384

If you inspect the tree just SE of Braydon, you'll find a hidden Liechi Berry.

Pokemaniac Herman: Snover Lv14, Nidorino Lv16, Nidorino Lv16, P768

Young Couple Leah&Jed: NidoranM Lv15, NidoranF Lv15, P840

And the item to the left is an Ether.

Parasol Lady Clarissa: Glachild Lv17, P680

Gambler Jasper: Cupricorn Lv16, Clotaku Lv16, P1152

Take the path south of the gambler to get TM20 Icy Wind. If you try to go through the guardhouse, the guard will stop you, as there has been a landslide and it's dangerous. Therefore, our only option is to consider Route 507. If need be, use your Old Rod to fish up a Buizel or Cuppa and teach Surf to them.

ROUTE 507 [R507]

Aroma Lady Shayla: Jamberree Lv18, Snalo Lv18, P504

Swimmer Douglas: Staryu Lv19, P76

Tuber Samir: Cuppa Lv17, Buizel Lv17, P68

Rocker Randall: Pichu Lv16, Elekid Lv17, Pikachu Lv17, P408

Fisherman Ned: Buizel Lv18, Buizel Lv18, P648

The item on this island is a Heart Scale. To the east is Route 508.

ROUTE 508 [R508]

Rocker Dusty: Magnemite Lv19, P456

PKMN Ranger Catherine: Snover Lv17, Exeggcute Lv17, Jamberree Lv17, P612

In case you're wondering, you see currents here. Before taking them, get the hidden Full Heal in the bush on the snowy island.

Sailor Leonard: Cuppa Lv17, Cuppa Lv18, P576

Fisherman Chip: Shellder Lv18, Cuppa Lv18, P648

Black Belt Aaron: Hitmonchan Lv20, P480

Fisherman Hank: Buizel Lv18, Shellder Lv18, P648

Sis and Bro Lia&Luc: Cuppa Lv17, Buizel Lv19, P136

Battle Girl Reyna: Tyrogue Lv17, Tyrogue Lv17, P408


Yeah, you might need Flash. In any case, next to the vandalized sign is a ladder. Ignore it for now.

Psychic Samantha: Psycolt Lv19, Blakjak Lv19, P380

To the south, near the ledge, is a Super Potion. There's another ladder to the east. This area is also where you will encounter the legendary known as Lylapse, however you will have to find the legendary known as Nemea first before it will appear in this area. For now, let's head to the first ladder, then head east and up the steps there, then around.

Rocker Camden: Elekid Lv20, P480

Head south from him, down a set of steps, then up another one to the left. Head down and around to pick up a Soft Sand. Return to the ladder on this floor and head south from there.

Kindler Hayden: Magby Lv18, Willisp Lv19, P608

South again to a ladder and back to 1F.

Hiker Allen: Rhyhorn Lv21, P756

The item to the NW is TM12 Amnesia. Up the steps and to the left, a Heart Scale. Go back to the ladder to B1F, then head back to the entrance of the Undersea Tunnel. Take the ladder at the right side this time. Back at B1F, go up to a fork with steps. Take the steps first and head south.

Super Nerd Leslie: Magnemite Lv19, Clotaku Lv19, P456

Head on the main path now. When see a rock along the path, examine it for a PP Up before heading south.

Black Belt Hitoshi: Tyrogue Lv19, Hitmonlee Lv19, P480

Head south and you'll see a cutscene. Your ranger friend is rescuing a Rynos trapped under rubble. Afterwards he confirms completion of his mission, and his rank goes up. Even better for him is that the Rynos wishes to tag along for the ride. You'll automatically go to him, and he'll admit that he sort of can't remember where Nephrite City is. Although he'll invite you to a battle, guess who shows up? Mosmero! And to make this battle even worse, he teams up with your ranger friend in a double battle against you!

Mos-Ranger Squad: P2560 and the Vs. Seeker

Houndoom Lv32, Flamethrower, Feint Attack, Thunder Fang, Dark Roar

Rynos Lv30, Sonic Sand, Body Slam, Spikes, Sandstorm

Dizasol Lv33, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Dark Roar

(if you choose Nimbleaf)

Infiris Lv32, Magma Ring, Self-Destruct, Mirror Shot, Disable

(if you choose Peyero)

Hydrush Lv32, Sludge, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Scald

(if you choose Liquiput)

Leafrond Lv32, Gust, Growth, Guardian Leaf, Leaf Tornado

Well so much for that! Take the ladder after they leave. First, head up the steps to the north and go north to get a Moon Stone! Now head back and there should be another trainer and a ladder near the ladder in this area.

Rocker Luca: Elekid Lv18, Pikachu Lv18, Plasmox Lv18, P432

On the next floor, take the steps and you can choose to go left or right. Left first, then up to a Shell Bell. Now head right and all the way around. Take the ladder, but come back and head right.

Pokemaniac Harold: Snover Lv21, P1008

Pick up the Dive Ball, then head back to the ladder and take it again. Head east.

Picnicker Kelsey: Buizel Lv18, Exeggcute Lv18, P360

Camper Jeff: Cuppa Lv18, Hornikel Lv19, P380

Pick up a King's Rock and then head out to the SW.

ROUTE 509 [R509]

Tuber Dillon: Cuppa Lv18, Staryu Lv18, P72

Psychic Dario: Spelven Lv21, P420

Tuber Jani: Buizel Lv18, Shellder Lv18, P72

Bird Keeper Perry: Hoothoot Lv18, Mintch Lv18, Blakjak Lv19, P456

In case you're wondering, you need to go under the bridge.

Gentleman Arthur: Houndour Lv19, Psycolt Lv19, P912

Fisherman Elliot: Staryu Lv19, Cuppa Lv18, P684

Swimmer Shirley: Buizel Lv20, P80

SHAMOUTI ISLAND [SHAM] - Where old legends remain!

If you're a fan of Pokemon movies, this location will be familiar. Yep, it's the setting of The Power and One! In fact, this is also the location where we can find both the game corner and the department store! To play at the game corner, enter the house next to the PokeCenter to get your Coin Case. Enter the small house north of the PokeCenter and talk to the fisherman to get your Good Rod! And Melody's home is next door, anyone remember her from the movie? Next door is the...uh...BuilMos, or something. The Mos obviously vandalized another sign, and what's worse is that a DH grunt won't let you through. Anyways, department store time. The Pokemon Vega wiki has all the info here, so I won't actually repost it. In any case, the Mos is at the top with the vending machines. This will unlock the Team DH building, which we'll go into soon. Of course, I never mentioned the game corner yet, but there's two buildings, the right is the exchange corner, and the regular ol' game corner is on the left. See the wiki for more info on what to get.


Here we go. We got several arrow tiles to deal with. Head right first.

Team DH Grunt: Cupricorn Lv23, NidoranM Lv24, P768

If you inspect the crates near the two arrow tiles here, you can find a Red Shard. These shards are important items, for this area. Don't take the tiles, continue east. In this room with the scientist, collect an X Defense from the central plant. And pick up a Nugget too. Now head west of the start for more grunts.

Team DH Grunt: Magnemite Lv25, P800

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv24, Maneko Lv25, P800

Scientist Jose: Elekid Lv24, P1152

Team DH Grunt: Pineco Lv24, Houndour Lv24, P768

To 2F.

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv23, Cupricorn Lv24, Buizel Lv24, P768

The arrow tiles here are a bit more complicated. Should you take the topmost of the ones leading west, it will lead you all the way to the SE corner of the floor. You'll find an item there anyways, so just head for that area first. It's TM40 Heat Wave.

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv24, Staryu Lv24, P768

There's also a hidden X Attack in the plant to the west. Now head back to the tiles that lead west, and take the bottom of two. From here, head for the SW corner, taking the tiles if you want.

Team DH Grunt: Gastly Lv23, Shellder Lv24, Willisp Lv24, P768

Head for the NW corner. Do you see the yellow tile surrounded by lots of arrow tiles? Take the arrow tile leading up there, then step off and inspect the tile to find a Blue Shard. Now step on the arrow tile that leads west and you will loop so you can get to the next floor.

Team DH Grunt: Willisp Lv25, P800

TM41 Focus Blast is here. Take a tile south, then the first one east. You'll go NE, where you got a grunt to battle and must loop back around.

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv22, Gastly Lv22, Maneko Lv23, Shellder Lv23, P736

Head back and take the lower of two right arrow tiles.

Scientist Rodney: Clotaku Lv23, Plasmox Lv23, P1104

A hidden Yellow Shard is literally on the nearby table. Just have a seat and face the table and inspect it to pick it up!

Team DH Grunt: Magnemite Lv23, Rollder Lv23, Rynos Lv24, P768

Team DH Grunt: NidoranM Lv24, Staryu Lv24, P768

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv24, Hornikel Lv24, P768

Now to 4F.

Team DH Grunt: Beldum Lv25, P800

Team DH Grunt: Bakeko Lv25, P800

Scientist Jerry: Porygon Lv22, Magnemite Lv22, Clotaku Lv23, P1104

Team DH Grunt: Buizel Lv24, Psycolt Lv24, P768

Talk to the scientist at the counter to get HM06 Rock Smash!

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv23, Nidorina Lv23, Pineco Lv23, P736

That last trainer sits next to a Net Ball. The NW corner is where the exit is, along with a White Herb. Inspect the leftmost plant before the stairs as well to find a Green Shard. To 5F.

Team DH Grunt: Nidorina Lv25, P800

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv24, Shellder Lv24, P768

Check the plant near the sofa to get a Heart Scale. Now head for the SW corner.

Team DH Grunt: Staryu Lv24, Rynos Lv25, P800

This trainer has a Dire Hit next to her. Now head for the SE corner. This grunt will not let you pass unless you bring her the four color shards you have to find, yep, those hidden items you picked up. Note that they were key items, by the way. She'll then say you'll have a hard time with Reginald on this floor before leaving to teach one of her mons a move or something. Anyways, we got a grunt, and then Reginald to battle.

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv27, Willisp Lv29, Nidorino Lv28, P896

DH Admin Reginald: P1296

Staryu Lv33, Nasty Plot, Psychic, Surf, Thunder Wave

Haunter Lv36, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse

Houndoom Lv35, Will-O-Wisp, Discharge, Dark Roar, Fire Fang

Skarmory Lv33, Drill Run, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, Steel Wing

So this guy has a boss? Anyways, the deed here is finished. Now what? Let's see the stuff to the north! I'm joking, actually. The route to the north has a waterfall, so you can't do anything there yet. If you talked to the scientists on your way out of the DH building, one will mention that the way through Route 520 is open, so let's head back there instead!

ROUTE 520 (revisited) [520R]

You can now head past the guardhouse. Turns out Team DH was responsible for the landslide. As you leave, a path to the west leads straight to Route 522. You can't get far there though, because you'll need Strength (you got the badge, but not the HM), so just continue south for the rest of the route.

Bird Keeper Sebastian: Swellow Lv24, P576

Young Couple Eve&Jon: Mintch Lv23, Hoothoot Lv23, P1288

Psychic Tyron: Exeggcute Lv23, Baizeast Lv23, P460

Ninja Boy Cristian: Clotaku Lv22, Willisp Lv22, P264

Juggler Nelson: Girafarig Lv22, Psycolt Lv23, Baizeast Lv22, P880

Kindler Bryant: Maneko Lv23, Magby Lv23, P736

Psychic Jaclyn: Spelven Lv24, P480

Bird Keeper Robert: Taillow Lv22, Hoothoot Lv22, Blakjak Lv23, P552

ROUTE 521 [R521]

Juggler Kirk: Psycolt Lv22, Girafarig Lv22, Blakjak Lv23, P920

Pokemaniac Cooper: Nidorino Lv24, Tropius Lv24, P1152

Bird Keeper Chester: Mintch Lv23, Noctowl Lv24, P576

Hex Maniac Gianna: Gastly Lv24, Haunter Lv25, P600

Psychic Preston: Baizeast Lv24, P480

Ninja Boy Beck: Willisp Lv23, P276

A Rare Candy is near the NW end. You'll have to remember the item behind the Strength boulder for later (it's a Revive if you're wondering). The item at the south end is a Nest Ball. The house here just has a girl who loves Pokemon plush dolls. On to Nephrite City!

NEPHRITE CITY [NEPH] - The city where Pokemon Rangers gather!

Well, this sure is a busy city, being home to the Pokemon Rangers, and even including a Safari Zone! Also there's a gym, but you're not able to enter at the moment. That's because a Rynos is blocking it, and the old man next to it wants you to deliver it a box lunch, which someone in the Safari Zone has. A kindler behind the PokeMart will give you a Charcoal. The house to the right of the gym has a girl who will trade you a Floatzel for a Psycolt. The house to the left of it has a girl who checks your Pokemon for happiness. The house to the south is your ranger friend's home, but only his mom is home. Note the Waterfall behind the PokeCenter for later (it has TM47 Night Slash). A guy at the PokeCenter will give you a Macho Brace.

Attempt to enter the Ranger base in the SW, and a ranger comes out, and the others go up to him and call him "Jack Walker". Uh oh, it turns out the rangers outside are actually DH grunts in disguise! "Jack" here is the leader of the rangers, and isn't fazed by the dirty tactics. Jackie tells you to run away after noticing you, but sadly that's not gonna happen and you're surrounded, forced to battle back-to-back grunts.

Team DH Grunt: Staryu Lv33, Tropius Lv34, P1088

Team DH Grunt: Exeggcute Lv32, Shellder Lv33, Noctowl Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Girafarig Lv35, P1120

Then you'll be introduced to Jackie. And then a Pokemon cry is heard. The same one that's on the title screen of this game! It then shows up, a flash is seen, and Jackie barely says the name of it, though if you played Altair/Sirius before and found this thing and/or read my guide for those hacks, you'll know it as Nemea! The flash brings Jackie under its control, and you have to battle Jackie now.

PKMN Ranger Jackie: Floatzel Lv34, Swellow Lv34, Miltank Lv35, P1260

Nemea disappears and thankfully Jackie is free of mind control. Your ranger friend shows up, surprised you got there before him (honestly I don't get how, since you detoured to Shamouti Island while he went straight here). He then hands the Secure Styler to Jackie. Jackie had to do a mission involving Manaphy to Samiya, from that one Pokemon Ranger movie. Incidentally the Jackie here is also from the movie too. Jackie then heads inside to work on the Secure Styler, while you talk to your ranger friend who has an interview in Orpimence City.

SAFARI ZONE [SZON] - Catch 'em all!

There's a few rarities to find, but the common mons to find are actually stuff you saw in other routes. You start in the central area. Head NE first for a free Black Belt. Nothing's in the rest house. Head for the north area. At the fork, head east, then north, then east and south. An Ultra Ball is here. Head NW from there. At the four-way, head west, then south, east, and north to an Everstone. Back to the four-way, then head north and west to a house. The item behind it is a Smoke Ball. You need to talk to the girl in the house, as she has the Package, which we need to give to the old man and the Rynos to open the gym!

Before doing that though, go back to the central area. At the west side, you can go across the grass to the west area. Go west until you find a rock, then head up there. At the fork, go right for a Nugget, then left and around for an X Speed. Back south of the rock, then head for the SW corner. A Heart Scale is here. The house has nothing. There's a gate at the east end of the central area, but you can't pass it. Anyways, head back to the old man at the gym and give him the Package. They'll leave and you can now challenge the gym! Okay, we've got Normal types to deal with.

Super Nerd Erik: Porygon2 Lv33 (holds Sitrus Berry), P792

You have switches to press to get to the leader. One to the left and one to the right. Press the right switch and enter the next room.

Scientist Taylor: Porygon Lv32, Girafarig Lv32 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1536

Press the switch here. No door opens here, but head back to the left side and enter the room near the left switch (without pressing that one).

Lass Ali: Togepi Lv31, Velvelt Lv31, P496

Before using the switch behind her, go back to the first switch you pressed, which was at the SE corner. Press it, then return to the most recent trainer and press the switch behind her. The NW corner is open.

Beauty Sheila: Velvelt Lv30, Togetic Lv31 (holds Sitrus Berry), Miltank Lv31 (holds Sitrus Berry), P2232

Don't use the switch here, instead go back to the easternmost room (which is now open) and use the switch behind Taylor. Return to the NW room and use the switch there, then use the switch in the room below it. You've opened and closed a few doors, but now you can access the NE room.

Pokemaniac Ashton: Kangaskhan Lv33 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1584

All you gotta do now is press the switch next to this last trainer. The leader's room is open! Well, before you go challenge the leader, press the switch here as well to open the way back to the entrance. Get ready.

Gym Leader Avery: P3900, Sarfah Badge, and TM32 Tri Attack

Folifarig Lv38, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Nasty Plot, holds Sitrus Berry

Miltank Lv37, Double-Edge, Wood Hammer, Hammer Arm, Zen Headbutt, holds Quick Claw

Grissly Lv38, Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Devastate, holds Scope Lens

Porygon-Z Lv39, Tri Attack, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Nasty Plot, holds Up-Grade (note, this boosts Normal type moves)

Time to teach a mon Rock Smash. We need to head north of Porcelia Town now, and we can take Route 518 to that town. I have already covered the first two trainers, but this will cover the rest of the route. Be sure to use Rock Smash here. We're headed to Porcelia Forest!


Picnicker Alicia: Glachild Lv24, Maneko Lv24, Buizel Lv25, P500

Two kids are hanging out by a fence, which leads to the west part of the forest. We'll be heading there in the post-game. Head north first.

Bug Maniac Jeffrey: Pineco Lv27, P1620

Pick up a Repeat Ball and head south. To the west is the fence again.

PKMN Ranger Jasmine: Snover Lv25, Snalo Lv26, P936

Keep heading south and around.

Camper Chris: Velvelt Lv24, Rynos Lv24, Hornikel Lv25, P500

Pick up an Escape Rope near him, then head SE for a Max Repel. Inspect the flower next to it for a hidden Rare Candy. Now head back, then east and north.

Collector Ivan: Spelven Lv25, Miltank Lv26, P1560

PKMN Ranger Dylan: Strawna Lv26, P936

The exit is here! But we can detour to the rest of the forest area here by going west to a fork. Be sure to remember the trees here when you get Cut later on. Head south at the fork first.

Bug Catcher Colton: Shuckle Lv26, P312

To the south of him are some trees that block the way to the center of the forest (where Camper Chris is). Head west.

Aroma Lady Kyra: Jamberree Lv25, Snalo Lv25, P700

Bug Maniac Foster: Rollder Lv25, Shuckle Lv25, P1500

Bug Catcher Greg: Pineco Lv24, Rollder Lv24, P288

You'll want to talk to the hiker here to get HM04 Strength! Teach it to a mon, we'll be putting it to use soon. And get the Hyper Potion at the west side too. Now we can leave to the north. In the gatehouse, get the Fang Fossil from the black belt.

ROUTE 518 [R518]

Hiker Eric: Rynos Lv25, Rhyhorn Lv25, Dugtrio Lv25, P900

Kindler Keegan: Maneko Lv24, Mornwing Lv25, Peyero Lv25, P800

Gentleman Tucker: Houndour Lv26, Bakeko Lv26, P1248

Psychic Blake: Psycolt Lv25, Baizeast Lv26, P520

Ace Trainer Colby: Rotillo Lv28, Houndoom Lv28, P2800

Beauty Bridget: Cupricorn Lv25, Pikachu Lv25, Mornwing Lv25, P1800

Teammates Myu&Yuki: Maneko Lv24, Velvelt Lv24, Buizel Lv24, Diglett Lv24, P768

Skier Tammy: Glachild Lv25, Snover Lv25, P500

Pokemaniac Steve: Rhyhorn Lv25, Kangaskhan Lv26

Collector Robby: Absol Lv27, P1620

Ninja Boy Malik: Willisp Lv24, NidoranM Lv24, Clotaku Lv24, P288

Skier Luke: Frozaiden Lv27, P540

Psychic Maura: Girafarig Lv25, Blakjak Lv26, P520

Ace Trainer Alexa: Hornikel Lv28, Bakeko Lv28, P2800

Rocker Derek: Magnemite Lv24, Elekid Lv24, Pikachu Lv25, Plasmox Lv25, P600

Wow, fifteen trainers on the way back home. The only item here is in the small opening of flowers near Skier Luke, which is a Star Piece. Anyways, head back home and rest after all those trainers. We still have a use for Strength, and that's Route 522, so let's head there now!

ROUTE 522 [R522]

Tamer Chase: Nidorino Lv26, Nidorina Lv26, P1040

Hiker Franklin: Rhyhorn Lv27, P972

Ignore the first set of steps and take the second until you get a Cleanse Tag, then continue.

Hiker Marcos: Rynos Lv27, P972

Parasol Lady Kayley: Spheal Lv25, Frozaiden Lv26, P1040

ORPIMENCE CITY [ORPI] - The city that thrives on online broadcasts!

This town has the Pokemon Broadcasting Station, the Tower of Darkness, and the fifth gym. In the broadcasting station, head down a floor and talk to the guy at the southernmost end to get a Choice Band. That's the only thing of real interest besides the gym and the tower. The path to the north leads to the league, but you need all eight badges to get there. Attempting to cross to the Tower of Darkness will have you battling your ranger friend again.

PKMN Ranger (rival): P1332

Miltank Lv35, Rollout, Body Slam, Heart Stamp, Attract

Rynos Lv36, Sonic Sand, Body Slam, Bulldoze, Sandstorm

(if you chose Nimbleaf)

Astignite Lv37, Fire Punch, Self-Destruct, Mirror Shot, Disable

(if you chose Peyero)

Correncid Lv37, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Double Team, Scald

(if you chose Liquiput)

Syleafid Lv37, Air Slash, Growth, Guardian Leaf, Energy Ball

Anyways, I decided to do the gym first before the tower. There's two leaders, so do expect a double battle when you get to them. The preferred types are Grass and Flying. You need to interact with Jamberrees and Taillows in order to solve this gym's puzzle. The light blue floors are wind floors, which push you to a certain direction, and are changed by the Taillows. The Jamberrees will change the layout of the gym. Don't interact with any of the mons until you get through with these trainers.

Camper Flint: Hoothoot Lv34, Taillow Lv34, Blakjak Lv35 (holds Sitrus Berry), P700

Picnicker Caitlin: Mornwing Lv35, Hoothoot Lv35 (both mons hold a Sitrus Berry), P700

PKMN Ranger Lorenzo: Tropius Lv36 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1296

Aroma Lady Celina: Exeggcute Lv35 (holds Oran Berry), Strawna Lv36 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1008

PKMN Ranger Katelyn: Snover Lv34, Nimbleaf Lv35, Snalo Lv35 (all mons hold an Oran Berry), P1260

Aroma Lady Andrea: Jamberree Lv35, Leafrond Lv36 (both mons hold an Oran Berry), P1008

So first things first, head to the west end and south of PKMN Ranger Katelyn. Interact with the Jamberree here to change the layout of the gym. Although it looks like nothing has happened, just go back to Aroma Lady Andrea and use the Taillow there to change the wind direction. Then head to the east side, past PKMN Ranger Lorenzo to the north.

Bird Keeper Benny: Noctowl Lv36 (holds Sitrus Berry), P864

Interact with the Jamberree near him to change the layout again. You'll want to head to the west side of the gym and interact with the Taillow next to the first Jamberree you interacted with. Afterwards, head all the way to the NE corner now and interact with the Jamberree there. I think you have to use it twice, then head back to the west side for the last trainer and the last Jamberree.

Bird Keeper Donald: Mintch Lv35, Swellow Lv36 (holds Sitrus Berry), P864

Gym leader time. Reminder, it's a double battle.

Gym Leader Chie&Rito: P9200, Gemma Badge, and TM02 Air Slash

Skarmory Lv44, Metal Blast, Rock Slide, Psygatling, Swords Dance, holds Lum Berry

Serplant Lv44, Leech Seed, Ice Beam, Toxic, Hydro Pump, holds Brightpowder

Togekiss Lv46, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Psyburn, Aqua Bolt, holds King's Rock

Cradily Lv46, Wood Hammer, Grand Boulder, Recover, Raze Earth, holds Leftovers

Now we can use Cut, wait, you don't have the HM yet? Hmm, maybe we should check out the tower.


Another one of Team DH's hideouts. No mons, despite seemingly spooky stuff here. The mons will be in the post-game. First floor.

Team DH Grunt: Pineco Lv33, Nidorina Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Shellder Lv32, Willisp Lv32, Gastly Lv32, P1024

Team DH Grunt: Forretress Lv33, Houndour Lv33, P1056

Get a Moon Stone and let's continue up to 2F. Don't worry about the other set of stairs, that's for post-game. At 2F, the obelisk north of the stairs has an X Sp. Atk.

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv34, P1088

Team DH Grunt: Rollder Lv33, Cupricorn Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Staryu Lv33, Nidorino Lv34, P1088

Team DH Grunt: Buizel Lv32, Rollder Lv32, Hornikel Lv33, P1056

To 3F, first thing is to go straight east.

Team DH Grunt: Willisp Lv32, Rynos Lv32, Magnemite Lv32, P1024

Team DH Grunt: Metang Lv35, P1120

Team DH Grunt: Magnemite Lv34, Staryu Lv33, P1056

The item is TM35 Confuse Ray!

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv33, Staryu Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv36, Nidorino Lv37, Wisplode Lv38, Electabuzz Lv38, P1216

Before heading up to 4F, there's a hidden X Speed at the dead end to the south and west.

Team DH Grunt: Magmar Lv35, P1120

Team DH Grunt: Buizel Lv32, Nidorina Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv32, NidoranM Lv31, Pineco Lv31, Rotillo Lv32, P1024

Team DH Grunt: Willisp Lv34, P1088

A Blackglasses is on this floor. Now for the fifth floor!

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv34, Shellder Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv31, Shellder Lv31, Maneko Lv31, Gastly Lv31, P992

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv33, Electabuzz Lv33, P1056

Team DH Grunt: Goabalt Lv34, P1088

Inspect the tombstone near the stairs, pick up an X Defense. At the top you'll encounter Reginald. He'll filch your PokeNav, then take you hostage by calling Prof. Holly. He'll then come in, demanding the answer. Reginald is looking towards New Island (from the first Pokemon movie) as he plans to get Mewtwo. What makes this more interesting, it seems that New Island has a gym to deal with, and Mewtwo itself is the leader! They also plan to control Nemea to do so. In any case, Holly hands the Secure Styler over. Reginald plans to meet a guy named Turner. Well, this sucked. But there's one, or actually two things to do here. Head west and around to the south end to find a guy and a Timer Ball. The guy gives you HM01 Cut! Finally! Now let's get it on a mon to do some backtracking!

Go back to Gamboge City first, there's a tree behind the gym you can cut down. The black belt here will give you TM08 Bulk Up. The house here is the Pokemon Move Maniac's home, so make sure to bring your mushrooms along.

Next, Porcelia Forest. You can take a shortcut through the middle to get to the north side, where you will find two more trees to cut near the north gate. At the left side is a Lucky Egg. At the right side is TM45 Diamondblast.

At Junopsis City, break the rock in the corner to find a black belt with a Focus Band.

You can choose to go north of Route 502 to Route 514, or north of Porcelia Town to Route 517. We'll take the latter first, even though it's further from Junopsis City.

ROUTE 517 [R517]

Battle Girl Tanya: Riolu Lv34, P816

Tamer Evan: Larvitar Lv32, Kangaskhan Lv32, P1280

A hidden Revive is between the first two trainers in the empty space in the grass.

Bird Keeper Wilton: Hoothoot Lv32, Skarmory Lv32, P768

Parasol Lady Rachel: Cuppa Lv32, Spheal Lv32, P1280

Kindler Dave: Magby Lv31, Infiris Lv32, P1024

TM17 Dark Pulse is next to the kindler.

Young Couple Kira&Dan: Magmar Lv33, Electabuzz Lv33, P1848

Skier Jared: Snover Lv33, P660

Gambler Dirk: NidoranM Lv31, Rhyhorn Lv32, P2304

Bird Keeper Edwin: Togetic Lv30, Togetic Lv31, Togetic Lv32, P768

Guitarist Fernando: Plasmox Lv31, Pikachu Lv32, Magnemite Lv31, P992

Skier Dianne: Frozaiden Lv33, P660

Teammates Amy&Liv: Noctowl Lv32, Buizel Lv32, P1024

Hiker Lenny: Diglett Lv31, Rynos Lv31, Dugtrio Lv32, P1152

Dragon Tamer Mitch: Gible Lv34, P1632

Unfortunately the guard here won't let you go through since there's apparently an avalanche that has ruined the road at Mt. Snowfall. To Route 514!

ROUTE 514 [R514]

Gentleman Walter: Velvelt Lv31, Bakeko Lv32, P1536

Aroma Lady Jazmyn: Jamberree Lv32, Exeggcute Lv32, P896

You'll want to talk to the scientist here to get HM02 Fly! But you need the badge that is in the third slot in your trainer card to use it. The next gym is on the way though.

Crush Girl Sharon: Kapwondo Lv33, P792

Pick up a Max Ether. This yellow tree, as well as another one later on, can be headbutted for finding several mons.

Bug Maniac Pablo: Pineco Lv32, Shuckle Lv33, P1980

Next item: Amulet Coin.

Black Belt Koichi: Hitmontop Lv33, P792

Next item: TM36 Sludge Bomb.

Beauty Lola: Houndour Lv32, Frozaiden Lv33, P2376

Crush Kin Mik&Kia: Hitmonchan Lv32, Hitmonlee Lv33, P1584

PKMN Ranger Nicolas: Tropius Lv32, P1188

Beauty Tamia: Velvelt Lv31, Miltank Lv32, P2304

RAVENPLUME CITY [RAVE] - The weeping city where the air is clear!

You can pick up a Metal Coat in the house that is two to the left of the PokeMart. The home to the south of the PokeMart is home to the Move Deleter. The weird building at the NE end is the Chateau of Time, and your ranger rival friend is there for a battle. He's also mad at you since the Secure Styler was stolen.

PKMN Ranger (rival): P1440

Haunter Lv39, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Shadow Punch, Ominous Wind

Feroceros Lv40, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Magnet Bomb

Swellow Lv38, Wing Attack, Endeavor, Aerial Ace, Defog

(if you chose Nimbleaf)

Astignite Lv40, Fire Punch, Self-Destruct, Mirror Shot, Disable

(if you chose Peyero)

Correncid Lv40, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Double Team, Scald

(if you chose Liquiput)

Syleafid Lv40, Air Slash, Growth, Guardian Leaf, Energy Ball

He'll move out of the way so you can explore the Chateau of Time. But hold off on this now. The north path is blocked by a bunch of scientists researching meteorites. The gym is to the west of that, and it's open. A kid in the house east of the PokeCenter will give you Leftovers! A gentleman inside the PokeCenter mentions that a big bird Pokemon flew in the sky, somewhere near Route 516, which is just west of here. A weird thing happens behind the PokeCenter. There's a Jamberree on a rock, but if you talk to the guy nearby, a DH Grunt shows up to kidnap the Jamberree. He went to the Amity Square building to the NW, upstairs. Battle him!

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv36, Floatzel Lv37, P1184

Return to the guy behind the PokeCenter to get TM10 Dragon Rush. The Amity Square here isn't the same as in the Sinnoh games, but you can still talk to the kids and their mons. Well, let's do another gym! It's the one that will let us use Fly of course, and you'll be dealing with Ghost types here as the dominant type. The gym will be a bit complicated. It's completely dark, and worst of all, you will teleport back to the entrance if you don't follow the path properly. The wikia provides a map of what you're supposed to do, but I'll still provide the solution to this puzzle all the same. The goal is to challenge each trainer of the gym, one by one, before you reach the leader, Fenton. Start by going straight up to the first trainer.

Hex Maniac Kathleen: Yucarlia Lv40, Gastly Lv40, P960 (both mons hold an Oran Berry)

Beating her will unlock the area directly east of her. Go that way and head south to the next trainer.

Channeler Patricia: Haunter Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1312

Go back north to the next trainer.

Hex Maniac Alix: Gastly Lv40, Hantama Lv40 (holds Sitrus Berry), P960

Go back to the first trainer, then head west of her, then when you are below the next one you'll battle, head north to her.

Channeler Jody: Yucarlia Lv40 (holds Oran Berry), Jarmit Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1312

North to the next trainer (take note by the way these trainers generally face the direction you should go to each consecutive trainer).

Hex Maniac Daphne: Spelven Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P984

East, then south.

Channeler Carly: Gastly Lv40, Necrosia Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1312

At this point, you should head back to the third trainer, then head north of her.

Hex Maniac Kara: Gastly Lv40, Gastly Lv40 (holds Oran Berry), Haunter Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P960

All the way to the west and then north to the last trainer.

Channeler Laurel: Yucarlia Lv40 (holds Oran Berry), Necrosia Lv41 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1312

Now for our leader, head one space south, east until you are under him, then head up to challenge Fenton.

Gym Leader Fenton: P5200, Hadar Badge, and TM30 Shadow Ball

Jarmit Lv49, Deep Yawn, Shadow Claw, Cross Chop, Focus Energy, holds Scope Lens

Gengar Lv51, Shadow Claw, Sludge Bomb, Psyburn, Focus Blast, holds Brightpowder

Hantama Lv51, High Jump Kick, Shadow Clamp, Icicle Punch, Devastate, holds Focus Band

Necrosia Lv52, Raging Flame, Wave Splash, Psygatling, Night Slash, holds Lum Berry

Now we can Fly! Although there's the Chateau of Time to consider since we've unlocked it a while ago.


Team DH Grunt: Skarmory Lv39, P1248

There's a hidden path to the east. Take it.

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv38, Rynos Lv37, P1184

Get TM14 Shine Bomb here. It's a neat Electric attack.

Team DH Grunt: Haunter Lv39, P1248

I went left first. Both routes lead to steps, but I decided to clean out all of 1F before moving upstairs.

Team DH Grunt: Magnemite Lv36, Rollder Lv36, Rynos Lv36, P1152

Team DH Grunt: Cloyster Lv39, P1248

A Berry Juice is in the NW corner. To the right.

Team DH Grunt: Staryu Lv37, Magneton Lv38, P1216

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv37, Electabuzz Lv38, P1216

The last grunt past the right set of steps doesn't battle you. You can find a hidden Rare Candy behind the trees here. Now take the right set of steps first. Pick up the Poison Barb here.

Team DH Grunt: Buizel Lv36, Houndoom Lv37, Hornikel Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Forretress Lv38, Houndour Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Nidorino Lv39, P1248

Team DH Grunt: Wisplode Lv39, P1248

On this part of 3F are just three grunts and TM38 Raging Flame

Team DH Grunt: Floatzel Lv37, Rotillo Lv37, Hornikel Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Magmar Lv39, P1248

Team DH Grunt: Metang Lv38, Willisp Lv37, P1184

Back to 1F. To the left set of steps back to 2F.

Team DH Grunt: Willisp Lv36, Rynos Lv36, Magnemite Lv36, P1152

Team DH Grunt: Floatzel Lv38, Psycolt Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv38, Nidorino Lv38, P1216

Team DH Grunt: Metang Lv39, P1248

A Nugget is in the middle, and an Antidote is in the tree near the stairs on the right side.

Back on 3F.

Team DH Grunt: Nidorina Lv38, Staryu Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv38, Shellder Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Rynos Lv37, Maneko Lv37, P1184

Team DH Grunt: Houndour Lv36, Shellder Lv36, Magneton Lv37, P1184

As soon as you descend the steps, you'll see Dialga and Palkia along with a new DH grunt. The real deal space and time mons, by the way. It seems their Secure Styler project worked out. The lowly grunt then comes up with a crazy idea at the last minute! They summon Steven and Wallace from the past! For those who played Altair/Sirius, both Steven and Wallace were in fact evil team leaders, of Team WH and Team BH, respectively. And it seems they've been thrown in from their missions in Hoenn, still brainwashed. But without their Pokemon in tow though. Despite this, the grunt orders them to use Dialga and Palkia against you, their common enemy from before.

Team BH & WH Leaders: P7520

Dialga Lv47, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Geo Impact, Roar of Time

Palkia Lv47, Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Hydro Pump, Spacial Rend

They're much lower level than the gym leader, so if you had trouble with Fenton it probably would have been better to tackle the chateau before the gym. In any case, the grunt angrily leaves, and Steven and Wallace wonder if this is a dream as they and the legendaries disappear. That's it here! There's two guys in the back of this room, but they don't really have anything of interest. Back in the city, those scientists are still there, so let's check out Route 516.

ROUTE 516 [R516]

Bird Keeper Keith: Hoothoot Lv33, Swellow Lv34, P816

Skier Helene: Frozaiden Lv35, P700

Beauty Tiffany: Houndour Lv33, Togetic Lv34, P2448

PKMN Ranger Logan: Snalo Lv35, P1260

There's a house here where the officer seems to be investigating some possible shady activity, but nothing of importance is inside. I'm probably wrong, but I don't believe you can pass the officer here until you do the quest in the Chateau of Time. But this guide is past that by now so you should be good.

Crush Kin Ray&Lisa: Hitmonlee Lv36, Hitmontop Lv36, P1728

Skier Raul: Snover Lv35, Frozaiden Lv36, P720

Hiker Oliver: Rynos Lv36, Diglett Lv35, Rotillo Lv36, P1296

Pokemaniac Hector: Rhyhorn Lv36, Kangaskhan Lv36, P1728

Hex Maniac Thalia: Haunter Lv36, Yucarlia Lv35, P840

Crush Girl Lilith: Riolu Lv36, Kapwondo Lv36, P864

Tamer Edgar: Abomasnow Lv37, P1480

There's only one item before the entrance of Mt. Snowfall, a Heart Scale at the SE flower. Time to go!


PKMN Ranger Karina: Snover Lv37, Serplant Lv37, P1332

Hiker Lucas: Rynos Lv36, Dugtrio Lv37, Tyrogue Lv36, P1332

You have two choices on this floor, taking the ladder or jumping the ledge to the left. The ladder is actually a dead end area.

Collector Elijah: Grindon Lv36, Lileep Lv36, P2160

Head back, jump the ledge to the left, then you have a choice, north or south? South leads to a small exit area and a trainer (note the blocked-off ladder to the left too).  The south exit leads out to Route 517.

Dragon Tamer Takao: Laquagon Lv38, P1824

Look to the north and on the platform there is your ranger friend who is rescuing people who were in the way of the avalanche from earlier. He asks you to look for a specific person. To the north of him will be a ladder. Ignore this ladder and head east. The ledge here leads back to the starting area, so get on the platform.

Hiker Tommy: Rhyhorn Lv37, Larvitar Lv36, P1296

This platform has TM24 Iron Defense. Return to the ladder I told you to ignore before and take it. Jump the ledge and head east to the next trainer.

Hiker Johnson: Diglett Lv36, Rotillo Lv37, P1332

Ignore both ledges. The one to the south leads back to the area where the collector is. Go north to a ladder back to 1F. Here, there's two ledges, the south one leads to the first area again, so jump to the west and continue.

Super Nerd Clarence: Porygon Lv36, Magneton Lv37, P888

Jump the ledge; the next ledge here leads back to the area with the ranger.

Kindler Dayton: Mornwing Lv36, Magmar Lv37, Guldawn Lv37, P1184

Head outside to pick up TM01 Swords Dance. Up and you will find two cave entrances back to the mountain and a trainer. Don't take the first cave entrance, as nothing of interest is inside.

Ace Trainer Paul: Bakeko Lv37, Velvelt Lv37, Absol Lv37, P3700

Take the cave entrance here. In this area, ignore the ledges and use Strength on the high platform and talk to the guy. This isn't the guy we need to rescue, but he does give you a free Sun Stone! You now have a choice to jump either left or right. Both paths have a trainer and lead to the hole north of the platform.

On the left...

Expert Nash: Kapwondo Lv38, P1520

...and on the right...

Pokemaniac Felix: Tropius Lv36, Gible Lv36, P1728

If you wanna challenge both quickly, an Escape Rope can work! In any case, fall into the hole. You'll immediately be ambushed.

Skier Julia: Frozaiden Lv37, Cloyster Lv37, P740

Head SE first, then east. Move the boulder and inspect the rock to find an X Sp. Atk. Back at the split, head south and all the way around to the next rock. This has a PP Up. Back to where you fell, head north and around, then off the platform for a trainer and some boulders blocking another ladder.

Kindler Henry: Wisplode Lv38, P1216

Before dealing with the boulders, I went to the left, then down to another trainer. This of course meant I had to loop back around eventually. But a trainer is here too.

Tamer Lewis: Leafrond Lv37, Rhydon Lv37, P1480

If you take the ledge east of Hiker Johnson, you have another fork. To the north is a ladder, but it takes you to 1F and back to the starting area. Instead, head south.

Pokemaniac Winston: Kangaskhan Lv36, Rhyhorn Lv36, Nidorino Lv37, P1776

When you get to two ledges, take the south one to this trainer.

Black Belt Mike: Grissly Lv38, P912

Now return all the way to the ladder with boulders, near Kindler Henry, and take it. Here's a sliding area. That boulder in the middle could be strategic, but do note that the physics will cause you to keep moving it when you decide to push it. Your goal is to head to the north side, and a trainer is to the south.

Battle Girl Cyndy: Hantama Lv38, P912

At the top...

Ace Trainer Gilbert: Houndoom Lv38, Raichu Lv38, P3800

Best way to handle the next puzzle is to get above the boulder and push it down, then head east and south. One more trainer before the exit.

Hiker Nob: Dugtrio Lv38, P1368

It turns out that the person we're looking for is right on the summit itself once you exit! Talk to him, he'll say he can't move because his leg is injured. You'll automatically be brought back to the platform where your ranger friend is. He'll give you an Old Amber! Everyone leaves, and it's time for you to get out of this mountain too!

Feel free to resurrect an Aerodactyl from the Old Amber at your next convenience. Okay, those scientists are still blocking the way north, so how do we get past them? Your ranger friend did mention stuff about meteorites, which is exactly what they were searching for, and talked with the guys at the broadcasting station in Orpimence City. Fly back there. If you went to the radio broadcasting station, did you notice steps in an enclosed area? There's a backdoor behind the broadcasting station that leads to it, as well as steps going down. Going down is the Online Broadcasting Studio, nothing of interest. Upstairs is the Director's Office, our destination. Talk with him and he'll mention the meteorite in his possession: the Aura Stone. For those who played Altair/Sirius, you may recognize it as belonging to Prof. Cozmo. Needless to say, we're familiar with it already and it just may help us with regards to the scientists blocking the way north of Ravenplume! As a result, you'll get the Meteorite. Fly to Ravenplume and interact with the scientists. It's the second from the left that you need to talk to. They will leave after you exchange the Meteorite. Time to head to Route 515!

ROUTE 515 [R515]

Gambler Stan: Glachild Lv36, Dugtrio Lv37, P2664

Ninja Boy Kelvin: Nidorino Lv37, Ajarimus Lv36, P432

Rocker Zac: Pikachu Lv36, Electabuzz Lv36, Raichu Lv37, P888

Behind the gambler is a Revive. On the rock ledge at the east end is an Elixir. The rock ledge at the left end has TM16 Energy Ball!

LAPIZULA CITY [LAPI] - A city that warms cold hearts!

The Pokemon Fan Club is right next to the PokeCenter. Talking to the chairman has him telling a story about his mon, but after droning on, he gives you a free Silk Scarf. A Move Tutor is next door, and if you have a Heart Scale, bring him one to teach any of the following moves: Icicle Crash, Bug Noise, Rest, Giga Spark, Shadow Clamp, Cosmic Power, Hidden Power, Raid, Wave Splash, Toxic, Hydro Pump, Dig, Nasty Plot, Dark Resolve, and Psygatling. The house just north of the PokeCenter and near the big building has a bragging guy who will give you stickers based off of how many times you entered the Hall of Fame as well as hatched an egg, and unless you wanna enter the HoF 200 times or hatch 300 eggs, you'll easily realize this is just bragging rights. The big building here has Team DH members! Looks a lot like their hideout, but they won't let you through until you beat the gym here. The house next door has a bug catcher who gives you TM07 Megahorn, which might be useful for the gym since it deals with Psychic types. Behind the gym sign in the corner near the gym is...a Lift Key? Maybe it will be useful somewhere. Head behind the houses to the NE house, and the first kid you talk to will give you a Scope Lens. The house seems to be home to people who know Alice, who was a gym leader your character battled in Hoenn in Altair/Sirius. There's a Poke Ball at the table, but you can't take it yet. Time to head for the gym!

This gym is gonna be difficult, combining ice-sliding, utilizing Strength boulders (oh surprise, you need an HM to do this), and teleporters. Let's get as many trainers as we can before starting the puzzle though.

Juggler Shawn: Starmie Lv45 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1800

Psychic Rodette: Spelven Lv44 (holds Oran Berry), Baizeast Lv45 (holds Sitrus Berry), P880

Psychic Johan: Exeggcute Lv43 (holds Oran Berry), Girafarig Lv43, Blakjak Lv44 (holds Sitrus Berry), P880

Juggler Gregory: Exeggutor Lv45 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1800

Psychic Cameron: Psycolt Lv42 (holds Oran Berry), Exeggcute Lv42, Baizeast Lv43, Metang Lv45 (holds Sitrus Berry), P860

Psychic Laura: Blakjak Lv44, Kinegasus Lv44 (both mons hold a Sitrus Berry), P880

This is all the trainers you can battle without pushing any boulders, so make sure to slide and teleport to all of them so we can focus on the puzzle.

When ready, go back to the very first boulder and move it one space west, then move it all the way north. You will want to move this boulder east, so slide to the trainers to the left and slide east to move the boulder. Once it stops on the rock, slide to the east side, then on the tile just west of the blue teleporter, slide west, south, east, and north to push the boulder north. Slide west, north, and east to move the boulder to the east side, where you will push it onto the red pad. It will teleport away. Use the blue teleport pad nearby.

In this next section, the boulder will be at the NE part. Push it all the way south. Now push it west three spaces only. Push it north, across the ice. It should be in the right center square on the middle area that lacks ice. You need to push it from the west this time, so head back to the NE part and head south and west to it. It should be on the left center square now. Push it one space north, then west across the ice. Push it south, then onto the red tile on the other side. After it teleports, use the warp tile near Psychic Johan.

You see the boulder? You must push it from the east side first, so head one tile west of it, go south, east, north, then you can push it west. Keep pushing it west, so it will be near the trainer and teleporter. Push it south two spaces. Slide around to its west side and push it to the east. Head back to the NE space and slide south to push the boulder further south. Finally, to push it east, head back to the NW, then slide east at the northernmost end, south, then east to push the boulder to the teleporter. Leave this room.

Now, make your way to the north end of the east side (where the last two trainers mentioned above are) to find the boulder. Push it one space west, north across the ice, west across the ice, and south across the ice. Push it one space north, then west across the ice and you should be good to go to set it on the red tile. Teleport using the teleporter near Psychic Laura.

In the SE room, you need to get the boulder at the west end to the red tile near the teleporter. Push it south two spaces, then get to its left side and push it all the way east. Head to the tiles, then head south, west, and north to move it up two spaces. You can then push the boulder east to the red tile with ease.

So what did all this accomplish? Why, if you go west of the first two trainers, you'll soon see boulders moving by themselves! To get across this area, head to the west side, north, east, and go back and forth north and south while holding east as you go south, hopefully you can make it onto the dry ground. Slide east for a trainer.

Psychic Cedric: Metang Lv43 (holds Oran Berry), Exeggutor Lv44 (holds Sitrus Berry), P880

So what to do? Well, one way to do this is to go one space north of the trainer, then slide west. You'll probably go past the boulder. When this happens, time it so you slide east and hit the boulder, then quickly change direction to the north, then to the east again, then to the north. If you do it right, you should be at the north wall. From here, slide east to two more trainers.

Psychic Kayla: Psycolt Lv43 (holds Oran Berry), Exeggcute Lv43 (holds Sitrus Berry), Metang Lv44 (holds Sitrus Berry), P880

Juggler Edward: Baizeast Lv44, Yunesis Lv44 (both mons hold a Sitrus Berry), P1760

Unfortunately, going east to these trainers there will require you to reset your movements back to the north wall. Slide west, south, and east to Psychic Cedric, then repeat until you are at the north wall again. Here's where it gets tricky. You need to slide south from the north wall until you hit the left-right moving boulder in the middle from the north side. When you do this, quickly slide west, then south. You should hit the south of two left-right boulders, and when this happens quickly slide right or left (if this doesn't happen you must start over) so that you're at the left-right boulder one tile above it. If it is moving left, it will be stopped by you, so you need to move left to the wall until it moves right. Slide right immediately and just let the momentum take you until the boulder stops. From here. slide north (past the central left-right boulder), then when you stop, quickly turn west and slide across, past the north-south moving boulder. You have one more trainer.

Juggler Dalton: Girafarig Lv44, Spelven Lv44 (holds Sitrus Berry), P1760

Leader time.

Gym Leader Tara: P5600, Prior Badge, and TM29 Psychic

Kinegasus Lv54, Psyburn, Thunder Wave, Diamond Blast, Heat Wave, holds Quick Claw

Metagross Lv55, Zen Headbutt, Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Wood Hammer, holds Scope Lens

Bakeko Lv55, Fire Blast, Devastate, Bug Noise, Giga Spark, holds Focus Band

Starmie Lv54, Bug Noise, Ice Beam, Discharge, Surf, holds King's Rock

Folifarig Lv56, Signal Beam, Psychic, Hyper Voice, Confuse Ray, holds Brightpowder

As an added bonus, she heals your mons! Very nice for a clairvoyant. Unfortunately, we still don't have the HM for Waterfall. Maybe that DH hideout has something. The Mos will greet you outside and give you a tip that the DH hideout is that big building. But I'm sure you already knew that.


You can only explore this hideout once you beat the gym. The grunts on the first floor talk about shirking off their guard duty and some mention an item that was forgotten. Remember that Lift Key you got while scrounging for items in the city earlier? Yep, that's the one required for this place. Take the steps down. Here we'll have to battle grunts!

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv45, Shellder Lv44, P1408

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv44, Staryu Lv44, P1408

Inspect the second to last tree on this path to find an X Attack.

Team DH Grunt: Haunter Lv45, Shellder Lv44, Willisp Lv45, P1440

Team DH Grunt: Magnemite Lv44, Cloyster Lv45, Bakeko Lv45, P1440

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv46, P1472

With the Lift Key from before, you can go on the lift. The options are B1F (your current floor), B2F, and B4F. Choosing B2F only results in a dead-end room with a grunt.

Team DH Grunt: Psycolt Lv44, Electabuzz Lv45, P1440

On B4F, the grunt to the side gives you a Poke Flute! Apparently he's had enough.

Team DH Grunt: Floatzel Lv45, Psycolt Lv44, P1408

Team DH Grunt: Nidorino Lv46, P1472

Take the arrow tiles to the north.

Scientist Travis: Clotaku Lv43, Grindon Lv43, P2064

Team DH Grunt: Buizel Lv44, Houndoom Lv45, Hornikel Lv45, P1440

Team DH George (wow they gave him that name): Electivire Lv54, Feroceros Lv53, Nidoking Lv53, Wisplode Lv54, P1696

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv44, Rotillo Lv44, Nidorino Lv44, Pineco Lv43, P1376

Take the steps to B3F.

Team DH Grunt: Staryu Lv45, Feroceros Lv46, P1472

Scientist Connor: Porygon2 Lv44, P2112

You can choose to take the arrows to the south or the arrows to the east. Take the arrows to the south, but make sure you don't use the rightmost of the tiles, as it will immediately lead to an east-facing tile. Head onto either the left or middle tile and ride it south. You'll stop near a plant. Inspect it for a Lansat Berry. Take the arrow tiles to the east to a grunt and steps leading to B2F. Note that the arrow tiles here will lead you back to the plant.

Team DH Grunt: Nidorina Lv46, P1472

Take the steps for two more grunts.

Team DH Grunt: Skarmory Lv46, P1472

Team DH Grunt: Forretress Lv46, Nidorina Lv46, P1472

The second of these grunts happens to be the one who sicced Steven and Wallace on you in the Chateau of Time. Inspect the right side of the orange container near the first grunt for a hidden X Sp. Atk. To the south is the room with the lift. Take it, since there's nowhere else to go. Retrace your steps to the area where you could go east or south, then head east this time.

Team DH Grunt: Houndoom Lv45, Floatzel Lv45, P1440

The item here is a Heart Scale. Before descending to B4F with these steps, check the vent for an X Accuracy.

Team DH Grunt: Hornikel Lv45, Rynos Lv44, P1408

The seat below this grunt has a Dire Hit. When you use the tiles, head all the way west, then south.

Team DH Grunt: Floatzel Lv45, Skarmory Lv45, P1440

The plant next to her has a Guard Spec. To B3F once more.

Team DH Grunt: Magmar Lv45, Rynos Lv44, Haunter Lv45, P1408

The other grunt here won't battle. Use the arrows north of the grunt that does battle, collect the PP Up, and let's go to B2F again.

Scientist Joshua: Porygon Lv41, Pikachu Lv42, Girafarig Lv42, P2016

Next to the steps here, you can get an X Speed on the yellow tile. Do not head south nearby though, or you'll go straight back to the lift. The tiles leading north will all lead to area at the west side. The one in the middle is where you want to go, but take either of the other ones first. You'll go further south, but this area has TM22 Poison Jab!

Team DH Grunt: Gastly Lv43, Yunesis Lv44, Shellder Lv43, Bakeko Lv44, P1408

Make sure to take the top of the two east-facing tiles, as the bottom leads back to the lift while the top leads only to a tile next to the ones leading to the east. Then head north to the tile that had the X Speed. Now take the middle of the north-facing tiles. You'll stop at the NW corner. Head south and past the scientist to B1F. Do not step to the east yet here. Instead, go south, west, and south to the plants. Inspecting the middle gives you a Ganlon Berry. Take the tiles to the north now.

Scientist Ed: Plasmox Lv42, Magneton Lv43, P2064

The other grunt doesn't battle. Since this is a one-way trip, you need to head back to the lift and make your way all the way back to the part of B1F with the guy on the sofa, where I told you not to go east. This time you should do that. Of course, we have a battle with Reginald!

DH Admin Reginald: P2088

Houndoom Lv57, Discharge, Raging Flame, Dark Resolve, Thunder Wave

Starmie Lv56, Nasty Plot, Psychic, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam

Gengar Lv57, Hypnosis, Possess, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse

Skarmory Lv58, Drill Run, Brave Bird, Rock Slide, Metal Blast

Well you have to face Turner now, who’s sitting on the couch. But there's two things to do first. Inspect the container at the NE part of this room for an X Defense. Then, take the easternmost of the north-facing arrow tiles to the north so you can get the final regular trainer and a Moon Stone.

Scientist Ted: Electabuzz Lv44, P2112

Of course, you do have to backtrack all the back to the room with Reginald and Turner. Talk to Turner to begin!

DH Leader Turner: P4320

Cloyster Lv58, Surf, Starfreeze, Shell Smash, Explosion

Magmortar Lv59, Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Psychic, Raze Earth

Nidoqueen Lv60, Earthquake, Gunk Shot, Wild Charge, Devastate

Magnezone Lv60, Magnet Force, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Icy Wind

You may have won, but Turner gets a call. It seems Nemea has been sighted at New Island! Which is north of Shamouti, across a waterfall. And we still didn't get the HM for Waterfall either. But don't fret, we still can get it. Head back to the west set of north-facing tiles to get to the NW part of B1F. Talk to the sleepy grunt here from before. She'll realize everyone has left, and for some reason, this is reason enough to give you HM07 Waterfall. I'm sure she probably used it at some point, well, it's time for us to go there ourselves. Fly back to Shamouti Island and head north.

ROUTE 510 [R510]

After climbing the waterfall...

Swimmer Jack: Cuppa Lv42, Spheal Lv41, P164

Tuber Aisha: Buizel Lv39, Spheal Lv39, Staryu Lv39, P156

Tuber Isabel: Spheal Lv39, Shellder Lv39, Buizel Lv39, P156

Swimmer Denise: Staryu Lv41, Floatzel Lv42, P168

Tuber Chandler: Liquiput Lv41, P164

Swimmer Luis: Sealeo Lv43, P172

Swimmer Barry: Staryu Lv40, Floatzel Lv41, Sealeo Lv41, P164

Beauty Nora: Ajarimus Lv42, Serplant Lv42, P3024

Sis and Bro Lil&Tom: Cuppa Lv41, Floatzel Lv42, P328

Tuber Kent: Staryu Lv41, P164

Swimmer Beverly: Sealeo Lv42, Floatzel Lv42, P168

Swimmer Jerome: Cuppa Lv41, Cloyster Lv42, P168

The island up ahead is Ice Island. A lot of amenities here, including the Ice Island cave itself! The first house here is a TM shop! Very handy for several decent moves. There's also a PokeCenter here, and you can Fly here for convenience. There's a couple fishermen here, one outside, and one in a building. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until the post-game to get a Super Rod. Anyways, this area is yet another nod to the Power of One movie with the three elemental islands. What's in the Ice Island cave here?


Take the ladder down. Head up and east, then down the steps. Two ledges here. If you hop east, you'll notice a blocked-off ladder, so hop to the south (both south ledges lead the same way). Get on the high ledge and move boulders and smash rocks as you head all the way around to the next ladder. Back on 1F, there's an item to the west and one to the south. Which to choose? It doesn't matter. To the west is TM46 Magnet Force. Hop south and all the way around until you reach a sign. From here, you can hop south to the ladder and south to the other item, which is a Heart Scale. The sign says not to disturb the Guardian of Ice. Head west of the sign, smash rocks, and you'll find this guardian: You guessed correctly if you knew it was Articuno. It's Lv50. Whatever you do with it, you'll automatically exit. Re-enter and head back to where it was and you'll find Suicune Lv50! Two in one! Anyways, let's head back a bit, we can go right or left to Lightning Island or Fire Island. Let's start with Lightning Island to the right.

ROUTE 512 [R512]

Swimmer Finn: Sealeo Lv41, Starmie Lv42, P168

Tuber Layton: Cuppa Lv40, Spheal Lv40, P160

Tuber Bryce: Cuppa Lv41, P164

Swimmer Garrett: Staryu Lv41, Sealeo Lv42, P168

Swimmer Kyla: Buizel Lv41, Cloyster Lv42, P168

Tuber Pat: Shellder Lv39, Buizel Lv39, Staryu Lv39, P156

Swimmer Imani: Shellder Lv41, Floatzel Lv42, P168

Well, we have another island to explore. There's a dark rock with a girl next to it on the east side. This has a Full Restore. The island closest to the cave has a salesman who sells berries! When you're ready...


Take the ladder down. Go all the way east, smashing rocks until the next ladder. On the next floor, jump east, then head south until you can jump west or south. Jump west first to pick up TM26 Zap Cannon. Jump and get on the high ledge, then head north and jump back to the starting point. Go back to the fork and jump south this time. A Heart Scale is on the way. Jump to the east, get back on the ledge, then jump to the east and head back to the starting point again. Jump the two ledges to the south, then get on the high ledge and jump the one to the west. Head north and up on another high ledge, using Strength and Rock Smash. You will be moving clockwise around the entire perimeter of this area. You'll find Zapdos Lv50. Exiting again, return and go to where Zapdos was to find Raikou Lv50. Now we should go to the left.

ROUTE 511 [R511]

Tuber Yasu: Cuppa Lv39, Shellder Lv39, Spheal Lv39, P156

Tuber Talia: Staryu Lv40, Shellder Lv40, P160

Swimmer Roland: Spheal Lv41, Floatzel Lv42, P168

Tuber Hudson: Buizel Lv40, Cuppa Lv40, P160

Tuber Amira: Hydrush Lv41, P164

Swimmer Lauren: Starmie Lv43, P172

On the Fire Island itself the building here has a Poke Ball salesman if you need special Poke Balls. A Max Ether is hidden in a bush just SW of it.


Descend the ladder. Head south and use your HM moves as usual until you get to the next chamber. In this main chamber, go east and use Strength and Rock Smash to get through. Climb the steps, ignore the next rock, then head south, west, and north at a fork. Head down, move the boulder, and you'll find a Heart Scale. Back at the fork, continue west, then head north, past more obstacles, to the next set of steps. You can jump east or south. Start by jumping south first to get TM44 Will-O-Wisp. You'll have to jump back to the starting point and retrace your steps, but when you do, jump east now. When you see a rock to smash, do so and go past it to find Moltres Lv50! Of course, you'll be sent back out. Return to where Moltres was in order to get Entei Lv50! With all this legendary hunting done, you'll want to head east of Ice Island now, so let's go!

ROUTE 513 [R513]

A whopping fifteen trainers are on this route.

Swimmer Abigail: Shellder Lv40, Staryu Lv40, Kapwondo Lv41, P164

Tuber Janae: Cuppa Lv40, Spheal Lv40, P160

Fisherman Claude: Buizel Lv41, Floatzel Lv42, P1512

Tuber Koji: Shellder Lv41, P164

Swimmer Kaylee: Cuppa Lv41, Cloyster Lv42, P168

Tuber Brenden: Staryu Lv40, Buizel Lv40, P160

Tuber Alexis: Buizel Lv41, P164

Swimmer Dean: Cuppa Lv40, Floatzel Lv41, Kapwondo Lv41, P164

Tuber Kay: Spheal Lv40, Staryu Lv40, P160

Sis and Bro Ava&Jeb: Spheal Lv41, Cloyster Lv42, P328

Swimmer Anya: Sealeo Lv43, P172

Go left at the fork first.

Swimmer Tisha: Cuppa Lv40, Buizel Lv40, Sealeo Lv40, P160

Swimmer David: Shellder Lv39, Shellder Lv39, Cloyster Lv40, Cloyster Lv40, P160

The dead-end island here has a Max Revive in the middle.

Tuber Leonardo: Staryu Lv40, Liquiput Lv40, P160

Swimmer Richard: Kapwondo Lv43, P172

NEW ISLAND [NEWI] - The final looming obstacle!

Yep, it's the location of the first movie! You probably know what we're going up against. The last gym is here, but surprise surprise, Mewtwo is actually the gym leader! And the gym is revamped into a big Pokemon castle. We'll soon get there. Enter the PokeMart and talk to the granny to get a free TM, TM43 Dragon Beat. Head to the west end and surf around the outer perimeter of the island clockwise. At the NE part of the island, just before you reach a house, one of the flowers holds a hidden Starf Berry. Well, the guy in the house actually mentions the berry that he forgot, so I guess we picked it up. As for Pokemon Castle, you're obviously out of luck, since a lot of Team DH Grunts are clogging the entrance. If you talk to the grunt at the front of the line though, she'll remember that she has a date with her boyfriend, and will open up the line so you can enter!

Final gym time. There's only one trainer, the leader, Mewtwo. And of course, we have a puzzle to solve to get to the head honcho. Spin tiles are here, and there's also a Pikachu you have to tend to. How? Well, start at the SW corner of tiles and take the right of two up-facing tiles. When you stop, step to the left. When you stop, head down, east, down, avoiding the tiles. This open area has the Pikachu. It seems to be hungry. Let's solve this problem. North of it are some tiles. Take the one one space west and two north of the Pikachu. When you stop, use the tile directly south. When you stop, notice the down-facing tile to the west. The tile it points to has the PokeBlock Case! You'll have to exit out of the maze and retrace your steps to the Pikachu. When you do, talk to it and you will get the prompt to give it a Pokeblock. This will cause a wall to open, and the PokeBlock Case will shatter. Take a tile to the south, then follow the east wall north and you will easily reach Mewtwo. Note that it uses clones as its Pokemon, just like what you may know if you've seen the first movie!

Gym Leader Mewtwo: P6300, Mirach Badge, and TM50 Explosion

Pikachu Lv63, Volt Tackle, Wave Splash, Extremespeed, Raid, holds Light Ball

Scyther Lv63, Brave Bird, Grand Boulder, Earthquake, Explosion, holds Focus Band

Venusaur Lv63, Rapid Growth, Hydro Pump, Geo Impact, Dark Resolve, holds Leftovers

Charizard Lv63, Bug Noise, Heat Wave, Thunderbolt, Earth Power, holds Brightpowder

Blastoise Lv63, Hydro Pump, Flamethrower, Earth Power, Toxin Spray, holds Quick Claw

What to give for being a trustworthy human, sort of. Despite being a gym leader and all, seems that Team DH was involved in messing with Mewtwo's mind. No reason to help a legendary Pokemon though! We just did it cause we can. That said, we should now fly back to Orpimence and head north!

ROUTE 523 [R523]

Swimmer Toby: Staryu Lv49, Cloyster Lv49, P196

Swimmer Nicole: Sealeo Lv48, Sealeo Lv48, Walrein Lv49, P196

Swimmer Reece: Correncid Lv50, P200

Expert Fredrick: Machu Lv50, P2000

I wonder why a Team DH grunt is blocking the Victory Road entrance? Anyways, inspect a rock on the way there to get a Max Elixir.

Swimmer Jenny: Floatzel Lv49, Kapwondo Lv49, P196

Well, looks like he won't let us through. As it turns out, you need to talk to Mewtwo at the Pokemon Castle again. After the monologue, you can pass. Welp, Team DH is around.


Team DH Grunt: Nidorina Lv53, Forretress Lv53, Houndoom Lv53, P1696

Team DH Grunt: Bakeko Lv55, P1760

Team DH Grunt: Floatzel Lv54, Yunesis Lv54, P1728

Team DH Grunt: Rotillo Lv54, Goabalt Lv54, P1728

If you went on the path of that last grunt, you'll be forced to go to the next floor. In any case, both of the ladders lead to the same area anyways. At the top of this floor, you'll see three grunts and Turner summon Nemea! The ranger force gets in, including our pal George as well as Reginald. Things almost go wrong and then you show up to make it worse. While the one grunt with the Secure Styler gets up to the task, Turner teams up with Reginald and George to battle. But you get some allies in the Mos and the ranger friend of yours. They'll tackle the lackeys, and you'll only have to battle Turner. But before that, that grunt manages to succeed with Nemea's capture, or so it seems. The Secure Styler breaks! The distress caused will cause Mewtwo to show up. Things get heated, and Mewtwo will do something about Nemea. Jackie (remember him?) shows up next, with the real Secure Styler! The grunts try to take it from him, but Jackie hops around them and then uses the Secure Styler, calming Nemea! Even better is that Jackie gives it the go to go after Team DH, with the green-haired grunts all running away. Turner runs too. Head south now. The scared grunts admit defeat, but where's Turner? He's in the NE corner. Time for the real battle.

DH Leader Turner: P4752

Cloyster Lv66, Hydro Pump, Starfreeze, Shell Smash, Explosion, holds Quick Claw

Kinegasus Lv65, Psyburn, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Typhoon, holds Scope Lens

Magmortar Lv65, Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Diamondblast, Raze Earth, holds King's Rock

Nidoqueen Lv65, Earthquake, Gunk Shot, Giga Spark, Devastate, holds Brightpowder

Magnezone Lv66, Geo Impact, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Hydro Pump, holds Focus Band

Following this battle, you go back to your allies. Jackie releases Nemea, and Mewtwo also disappears. Jackie and your ranger friend leave too, then the Mos. Leave Pokemon Castle. Since the line is gone, head to that fenced-in section they were blocking and inspect the SW part of the rock to find an Enigma Berry! We're all done with New Island. To Victory Road! I already covered the right half of Route 523, and we'll get to the second half following our trip through Victory Road.


Yeah, the Mos vandalized yet another sign here.

Ace Trainer Jonathan: Swellow Lv52, Feroceros Lv52, P5200

Ace Trainer Katelynn: Aurostice Lv53, P5300

Expert Edna: Hitmontop Lv53, P2120

Dragon Tamer Cordell: Dragune Lv52, Nostratos Lv52, P2496

The item nearby is a Max Revive. Continue.

Tamer Alex: Pupitar Lv50, Rhydon Lv50, Tropius Lv50, P2000

Ace Trainer Leroy: Raichu Lv51, Starmie Lv51, Blakjak Lv51, P5100

Cross the bridge and go all the way to the dead end to find a hidden Petaya Berry. Head back to the NW part and move the boulder to find TM25 Raze Earth. Ignore the ladder and head east.

Ace Trainer Keira: Necrosia Lv52, Abomasnow Lv52, P5200

Pick up a Full Restore behind her.

Black Belt Takashi: Kapwondo Lv52, Lucario Lv52, P1248

This should cover just about everything on the first floor except that SW area, which is actually the exit. There are three ladders leading down. The one closest to the black belt is a dead end, so ignore it. The one at the NW end (past a boulder) is the one we'll head to first. Head west and up to the boulders first to get a Max Elixir. Head back and jump the ledge, ignoring the ladder here (it's a dead end).

Dragon Tamer Nikolas: Gabite Lv50, Garchomp Lv51, P2448

Ace Trainer Shannon: Walrein Lv50, Porygon-Z Lv50, Strawna Lv50, Baizeast Lv50, P5000

Ace Trainer Berke: Jarmit Lv51, Astignite Lv51, Folifarig Lv51, P5100

Pick up the Sun Stone at the east end, then head back west until you can head north. Go east on the bridge.

Tamer Preston: Kangaskhan Lv51, Syleafid Lv51, P2040

Head back and up. The ladder going up leads back to the one behind Ace Trainer Keira. To the left.

Ace Trainer Michelle: Blitzune Lv52, Kinegasus Lv52, P5200

And the item there? A Moon Stone. Take the nearest set of steps and watch out for the hidden trainer here.

Dragon Tamer Bernie: Solarisen Lv52, P2496

The item here is TM28 Brave Bird. The ladder here takes you to the area on 1F with the black belt. Backtrack to the two bridges and head west from them to the ladder going down to 3F. A Brightpowder is here. Jump the ledge and examine a rock near the ladder to find an Apicot Berry. The ladder leads to a dead end area on 2F you could have went if you went east past Tamer Preston. A trainer is under the bridge here.

Collector Anthony: Folifarig Lv52, Aerodactyl Lv52, P3120

Return to 3F and head north, then west.

Ace Trainer Alexandra: Cloyster Lv52, Exeggutor Lv52, P5200

Dragon Tamer Corey: Garchomp Lv51, Nostratos Lv51, P2448

The item here is TM33 Devastate. Head east, then south. If you head west, look out for a trainer under the bridge. The ledge behind her by the way leads back to the ladder which had the Brightpowder.

Expert Shelby: Hitmonchan Lv53, P2120

Instead let's head back and east.

Tamer Jason: Rhyperior Lv52, P2080

Ace Trainer Yuji: Dugtrio Lv51, Spelven Lv51, Scimitooth Lv51, P5100

Another TM is here, TM39 Wood Hammer.

Ace Trainer Leonel: Togekiss Lv53, P5300

Ace Trainer Angelica: Miltank Lv51, Skarmory Lv51, Houndoom Lv51, P5100

Back at the previous trainer, head north to a fork. Cross the bridge first to get a Master Ball! Now head down and jump a ledge and you'll soon battle your ranger friend who comes from under the bridge.

PKMN Ranger (rival): P2340

Abomasnow Lv64, Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Frostbite

Feroceros Lv65, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Metal Blast

Rhydon Lv64, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Drill Run, Hammer Arm

Magneton Lv64, Thunderbolt, Magnet Force, Mirror Shot, Discharge

(if you chose Nimbleaf)

Astignite Lv65, Heat Wave, Self-Destruct, Meteor Mash, Psychic

(if you chose Peyero)

Correncid Lv65, Sludge Wave, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Scald

(if you chose Liquiput)

Syleafid Lv65, Air Slash, Growth, Wild Growth, Diamondblast

Head up and right.

Expert Timothy: Hitmonlee Lv53, P2120

Take a ladder up.

Ace Trainer Albert: Goabalt Lv52, Serplant Lv52, P5200

Another ladder up and we've conquered Victory Road! But before you go, check the rock to the left for a hidden Salac Berry. And prepare ahead of time because the first trainer will ambush you outside the cave entrance!

ROUTE 523 (revisited) [523R]

Dragon Tamer Garrison Lv53, Garchomp Lv53, P2544

Swimmer Brenda: Floatzel Lv53, Walrein Lv53, P212

Ace Trainer Samuel: Noctowl Lv54, P5400

Sis and Bro Reli&Ian: Floatzel Lv53, Staryu Lv53, P424

Swimmer Spencer: Sealeo Lv53, Starmie Lv53, Floatzel Lv53, P196

Swimmer Katie: Kapwondo Lv53, Cloyster Lv53, P196

Swimmer Mymo: Shellder Lv53, Walrein Lv53, P212

Swimmer Matthew: Dragune Lv54, P216


I'm sure you're tired from all these trainer battles. Unfortunately, you have one more to deal with before the league. Yep, Mos wants to go. Those who remember, he was a Dark type specialist.

Hey, It's Me Mosmero: P6800

Necrosia Lv68, Giga Spark, Devastate, Wave Splash, Psycho Cut, holds Brightpowder

Tyranitar Lv67, Grandboulder, Psygatling, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, holds Focus Band

Houndoom Lv66, Dark Pulse, Fire Blast, Discharge, Nasty Plot, holds Salac Berry

Goabalt Lv67, Zen Headbutt, Vengeance, Metal Blast, Earthquake, holds Quick Claw

Dizasol Lv68, Extremespeed, Psycho Cut, Devastate, Raging Flame, holds Scope Lens

You better prepare, it's time for the Tohoak Pokemon League! Stock up, grind up, and when you're ready, the challenge awaits. The strongest-leveled mon will be Lv80. Our first Elite Four member is the Electric type user Theodore!

Elite Four Theodore: P7100

Magnezone Lv69, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Geo Impact, Bug Noise, holds Focus Band

Electivire Lv69, Giga Spark, Icicle Crash, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, holds Quick Claw

Blitzune Lv68, Nasty Plot, Dark Resolve, Thunder, Aqua Bolt, holds Salac Berry

Scimitooth Lv70, Raze Earth, Thunderbolt, Mach Bolt, Diamondblast, holds Brightpowder

Machu Lv71, Mach Punch, Volt Tackle, Icicle Crash, Raid, holds Liechi Berry

Next is the Poison type user named Vanessa!

Elite Four Vanessa: P7300

Nidoqueen Lv71, Earthquake, Wave Splash, Gunk Shot, Devastate, holds Brightpowder

Jarmit Lv70, Slack Off, Deep Yawn, Double Team, Tone-Deaf, holds Leftovers

Nidoking Lv71, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Gunk Shot, Icicle Crash, holds Quick Claw

Gengar Lv72, Shadow Ball, Toxin Spray, Hypnosis, Dark Resolve, holds Focus Band

Correncid Lv73, Surf, Toxin Spray, Raze Earth, Wood Hammer, holds Petaya Berry

You'll be up against the Steel type user next. Her name is Irene. Did you know? She's for some reason your cousin.

Elite Four Irene: P7500

Feroceros Lv73, Earthquake, Metal Blast, Rock Slide, Giga Spark, holds Quick Claw

Forretress Lv74, Raid, Metal Blast, Explosion, Earthquake, holds Focus Band

Lucario Lv74, Magnet Force, HighJumpKick, Psychic, Devastate, holds King's Rock

Skarmory Lv72, Drill Run, Metal Blast, Stone Edge, Brave Bird, holds Brightpowder

Yunesis Lv75, Wave Splash, Metal Blast, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt, holds Scope Lens

The final Elite Four member is the Fire type specialist named Cole. He's the brother of the Lavaridge gym leader from Altair/Sirius, named Alice.

Elite Four Cole: P7700

Magmortar Lv76, Magnum Punch, Confuse Ray, Wood Hammer, Heat Wave, holds Petaya Berry

Bakeko Lv74, Night Slash, Psyburn, Flare Blitz, Bug Noise, holds Focus Band

Astignite Lv75, Psygatling, Giga Spark, Geo Impact, Fire Blast, holds Brightpowder

Solarisen Lv75, Nasty Plot, Energy Ball, Dragon Beat, Fire Blast, holds King's Rock

Wisplode Lv77, Hypnosis, Sludge Wave, Dark Pulse, Fire Blast, holds Quick Claw

And now we have the champion, who won't be using a particular type and will have a well-balanced team. Her name is Sylvia. You may remember her if you played Altair/Sirius all the way through to the end, where she was a new gym leader in Alto Mare and the games' uber opponent. Here, she's just the champion. Brace yourself.

Champion Sylvia: P8000

Aerodactyl Lv77, Brave Bird, Metal Blast, Raid, Giga Spark, holds King's Rock

Serplant Lv76, Surf, Energy Ball, Blizzard, Shell Smash, holds Leftovers

Necrosia Lv78, Raging Flame, Cross Chop, Devastate, Shadow Clamp, holds Brightpowder

Folifarig Lv79, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam, Nasty Plot, Psyburn, holds Petaya Berry

Metagross Lv79, Wave Splash, Metal Blast, Zen Headbutt, Giga Spark, holds Liechi Berry

Nostratos Lv80, Dragon Beat, Typhoon, Hydro Pump, Diamondblast, holds Salac Berry

Congrats on becoming not just the Hoenn champion in Altair/Sirius, but the Tohoak champion in Vega! Holly will come to greet you, and then you'll register in the Hall of Fame as usual. After the credits you'll be back at home in Porcelia. Post game time! But you're not gonna move for a while as Holly comes to you and takes you to the lab. You'll get your Pokedex upgraded. This of course means that a lot more Pokemon are now available! Holly mentions an earthquake has occurred, this means that a bunch of post-game caves are now open all across Tohoak! And Holly allows us to continue our investigation into the newer Pokemon. And your ranger friend comes in next. He then explains that you should go to the Ranger Base (remember, it is in Nephrite City). Unfortunately, you still don't have control yet, as you'll automatically go. Afterwards, the Mos comes into the lab. He told the other Hoenn Elite Four members and gym leaders about your victory here. They want a celebration party, but you're already left for a mission. They'll still plan for things when they come. At the base, you'll be talking to Jackie. Word has already gone out about the new areas, and of course you're front and center for entering these new places! Your ranger friend also gets promoted to full Ranger. After he leaves, you leave, and FINALLY gain control. We can go just about anywhere in the game at this point, but I'll try to do things in a suitable order.

Want some new fossils? Enter Seafin City’s Museum, go behind the counter, then talk to the scientist at the bottom to receive a Dark Fossil. This resurrects into Tyranos. Another fossil can be found in Orpimence City, by talking to a hiker under the bridge leading to the Tower of Darkness. It's a Wing Fossil, which revives into Ptervus.

While journeying through the postgame, you will likely see a few trainers with the Kanto starters. Where to get them? Well, fly to Junopsis City and enter the Route 502 gatehouse! You'll find out that the Winstrate siblings are ready for another battle! Time to deal with some powerful mons from these three!

School Kid Vivian: Sandslash Lv72 (holds Liechi Berry), Switza Lv73 (holds Petaya Berry), Raichu Lv73 (holds Salac Berry), Wikkin Lv74 (holds Apicot Berry), Astignite Lv75 (holds Lansat Berry), P1500

Youngster Vincent: Weavile Lv72 (holds Liechi Berry), Dugtrio Lv73 (holds Salac Berry), Eelektross Lv74 (holds Starf Berry), Gallade Lv74 (holds Apicot Berry), Correncid Lv75 (holds Petaya Berry), P1200

Lass Violet: Kaminary Lv73 (holds Salac Berry), Scrafty Lv73 (holds Ganlon Berry), Nidoqueen Lv74 (holds Liechi Berry), Valentide Lv75 (holds Lansat Berry), Syleafid Lv75, (holds Petaya Berry), P1200

After dealing with the three siblings, go back and free some space in your party if you need to. Vivian will give you a Squirtle. Violet gives you Bulbasaur. Finally, Vincent will give you a Charmander. You got the Kanto starters! As for the other starters, including a new batch which are supposed to be the Procyon/Deneb starters, we’ll get to it soon!

I went to Ice Island to go to the fishing guru's brother. Since we're in the post-game we can now get the Super Rod. Also, if you want Ditto, the lower levels of the DH hideout which are now accessible will have them. The DH Hideout of course is in Lapizula City (while you're over there, go to that NE house again to pick up the Beldum from the table! I actually forgot to get this back in the main game, because after you defeat the Lapizula Gym, you can acquire Beldum).

I will try to go in the order of the main game dungeons/locations but for the post-game content though, so we'll get to the rest of DH Hideout later. I just wanted to point you where you can catch a Ditto for breeding and where to get the Super Rod so you're more set for catching mons. And another word of advice, you can now buy Moon and Sun Stones at Shamouti's department store! Let's get to the postgame stuff!

WISEMAN'S CAVE (postgame) [WISE-P]

The place to go to is at the SE end of the main cave. On this floor, head west first.

PKMN Ranger Jackson: Abomasnow Lv60, Shroomish Lv58, Tropius Lv59, P2124

West is a dead end. Head north, then west. You'll see some smashable rocks. Head north first to a trainer.

Hiker Wayne: Dugtrio Lv60, Pupitar Lv59, Rubball Lv60, P2160

Head back now to the two smashable rocks. The reason is because if you kept going past the hiker, the rock you will find will basically lead to the same chamber as if you went past the two other rocks. To the south.

Black Belt Hideki: Hitmonlee Lv58, Combant Lv57, Punchild Lv57, Kapwondo Lv58, P1392

Expert Auron: Kapwondo Lv63, P2520

The item you find here is a Revive. Now you need to head all the way back to the ladder, then north this time.

Battle Girl Jocelyn: Combant Lv58, Hantama Lv59, Grissly Lv60, P1440

Keep heading north. If you smash the rocks, the only thing you'll find is a trainer by the entrance.

Pokemaniac Mark: Loudred Lv58, Lickitung Lv60, Kangaskhan Lv59, Rhydon Lv60, P2880

Left, and keep going left for another trainer.

Hiker Quincy: Geodude Lv59, Graveler Lv61, P2196

Head back to the last fork, then smash the rocks to the north and continue up.

PKMN Breeder Myles: Noctowl Lv57, Percussoon Lv58, Electabuzz Lv58, Floatzel Lv57, Arincess Lv58, Bakeko Lv57, P1596

Crush Kin Ron&Mia: Punchild Lv59, Punchild Lv59, P2832

Head west from the crush kin to get a Hard Stone. Head back and south now.

Ace Trainer Harrison: Goabalt Lv60 (holds Focus Band), Gardevoir Lv60 (holds Salac Berry), Nidoking Lv63 (holds Brightpowder), P6300

At the next fork, go south (north is a dead end).

Ace Trainer Caroline: Wisplode Lv62 (holds Petaya Berry), Tauros Lv63 (holds Quick Claw), P6300

West and east are dead ends. Head south and you'll loop around to some boulders. Past them, surprise, it's Gym Leader Avery! He's a lot stronger than before.

Gym Leader Avery: P8300

Violo Lv80, Psychic, Tone-Deaf, Bug Noise, Nasty Plot, holds Lum Berry

Exploud Lv82, Overheat, Earthquake, Hyper Voice, Wood Hammer, holds White Herb

Auldsparce Lv82, Coil, Shadow Clamp, Wave Splash, Burrow, holds Quick Claw

Tanuking Lv80, Belly Drum, Raid, Drain Punch, Spin Tail, holds Leftovers

Tauros Lv81, Devastate, Double-edge, Icicle Crash, Zen Headbutt, holds Liechi Berry

Folifarig Lv83, Mirror Coat, Psyburn, Discharge, Nasty Plot, holds Salac Berry

After you do this, you can actually challenge him at any time here where he will immediately have a much more elite party! Yep, he'll have a Lv100 team. I'll post it here when you're ready.

Gym Leader Avery: P10000

Lickilicky Lv100, Deep Yawn, Crash Impact, Raging Flame, Zen Headbutt, holds Liechi Berry

Phantonate Lv100, Double Team, Explosion, Raid, Shadow Clamp, holds Brightpowder

Tauros Lv100, Devastate, Crash Impact, Icicle Crash, Zen Headbutt, holds Lum Berry

Folifarig Lv100, Mirror Coat, Psyburn, Hydro Pump, Nasty Plot, holds Salac Berry

Cheshess Lv100, Night Slash, Raging Flame, Psygatling, Swords Dance, holds Focus Band

Blissey Lv100, Softboiled, Toxic, Minimize, Heat Wave, holds Leftovers

Whatever the case, let's continue our post-game adventures!


To reach this area, head north on the red carpet, west, then south. There's the downwards staircase. Down here, head north and around.

Collector Wade: Spelven Lv59, Percussoon Lv60, Skarmory Lv59, Scrafty Lv60, P3600

Young Couple Gia&Jes: Kirgicia Lv62, Kirlia Lv62, P3472

There's a table with a diary here. Of course much of it is obscured in time. Keep heading east, as you'll notice that there's two gates you couldn't go through yet (there's an additional gate at the SW area near the ladder too).

Gambler Hugo: Kingler Lv58 (holds Lax Incense), Lephan Lv59 (holds Brightpowder), Abomasnow Lv60 (holds Focus Band), Feroceros Lv61 (holds Quick Claw), P4392

You'll find a Mewtwo statue at the dead end. Does it work? Only if you inspect it from the back. Head back along the hall and you'll eventually find an open room. This room just has a Rare Candy. None of the other gates in this room have opened. Leave and head back to the statue. Inspect from the north side again and this will change the gates. This time, the room to the east of the diary is open.

Engineer Baily: Blitzune Lv62, Pachirikku Lv61, P2928

Another statue is here to inspect. Again, from the north. This will open the room north from the table.

PKMN Ranger Madeline: Breloom Lv63, Cradily Lv62, Ivysaur Lv61, P2196

This is a dead end? Well, there's three rows of three plants. In the middle row, inspect the left plant. Go all the way back to the staircase and through the open gate here.

Teammates Anna&Meg: Loudred Lv63, Pachirisu Lv61, P2016

This next part is gonna be ridiculous. Attempt to jump down and you'll actually stay on this floor. This is in fact an invisible maze. To get to the other end, step into the void, head east, south, east, north, east, south three spaces, and east to the next section of floor. Head south from the middle of this floor, then east, north one, east, south, east two, north, east four, south, east, and finally north. We're now at another gym leader to challenge. It's Geoff!

Gym Leader Geoff: P8300

Ganerth Lv80, Raze Earth, Psyburn, Nasty Plot, Focus Blast, holds Petaya Berry

Rhyperior Lv82, Earthquake, Icicle Crash, Giga Spark, Raging Flame, holds Quick Claw

Stunfisk Lv81, Hydro Pump, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Magnet Force, holds Leftovers

Dugtrio Lv82, Raid, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Night Slash, holds Liechi Berry

Rudebarb Lv82, Coil, Raid, Grandboulder, Power Whip, holds Focus Band

Krookodile Lv83, Devastate, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Psycho Punch, holds Salac Berry

And his Lv100 team whenever you're ready.

Gym Leader Geoff: P10000

Tyranitar Lv100, Icicle Crash, Psygatling, Night Slash, Giga Spark, holds Focus Band

Coraga Lv100, Earthquake, Shadow Clamp, Wood Hammer, Shell Smash, holds Brightpowder

Krookodile Lv100, Raging Flame, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Psycho Punch, holds Salac Berry

Trojalmon Lv100, Raid, Wave Splash, Grandboulder, Earthquake, holds Liechi Berry

Mamoswine Lv100, Starfreeze, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Wave Splash, holds Quick Claw

Garchomp Lv100, Outrage, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Raging Flame, holds Lum Berry

Alright, next location; the Undersea Tunnel.


NOTE: You can catch Lylapse Lv50 on the first floor of the Undersea Tunnel. However, you need to have encountered and captured Nemea at the Pokemon Castle in order for it to appear here. I believe you can do this before the Pokemon League, but forgot to check.

First, head down the nearest ladder by the left entrance, then head on the high ground above the ladder, then south and back on the ground. Head straight south to the ladder leading down. It still requires Flash. Follow the linear path.

PKMN Ranger Beth: Basille Lv61, Skorupi Lv61, Abomasnow Lv62, P2232

Head up north to the first fork and keep going north.

Sailor Edmond: Kapwondo Lv63, Krabby Lv61, Hitmontop Lv62, Octillery Lv63, P2016

Get a Revive on this path, then go back to the fork and west.

Hiker Alan: Sandslash Lv62, Graveler Lv62, P2232

North to the next ladder. To the left is a ledge, but avoid it and head east first.

Sailor Trevor: Stunfisk Lv61, P1952

Surf to the south first. This area is technically a dead end, but there's a trainer to battle here.

PKMN Breeder Alize: Swellow Lv61, Dwebble Lv60, Blitzune Lv61, Miltank Lv60, Wisplode Lv61, Arbok Lv60, P1680

The steps in this small area do not lead anywhere important. Head back north and jump the ledge near the ladder. You can choose to go north or south (note that the stairs right next to the ledge is another dead end. We'll go north first. Surf across, and at the next coast, ignore the steps here which also leads nowhere.

Swimmer Connie: Guppyre Lv60, Valentide Lv61, Walrein Lv62, P248

Head around and you'll find a Sea Incense. Another trainer to the south.

PKMN Ranger Huey: Arincess Lv63, Carnivine Lv62, P2232

Head south and you'll be back in the area with the ladder. Hop the ledge again and head further south, as far as you can go.

Fisherman Dale: Cuppa Lv61, Floatzel Lv62, Relicanth Lv62, P248

Jump the nearby ledge, head around, and move some boulders to find the next gym leader to challenge. It's Brooke!

Gym Leader Brooke: P8300

Starmie Lv81, Psychic, Bug Noise, Hydro Pump, Nasty Plot, holds Brightpowder

Darca Lv81, Megahorn, Wave Splash, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, holds Focus Band

Relicore Lv80, Earthquake, Grandboulder, Zen Headbutt, Starfreeze, holds Liechi Berry

Valentide Lv80, Surf, Psychic, Tone-Deaf, Deep Yawn, holds King's Rock

Lapras Lv82, Psygatling, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Earth Power, holds Leftovers

Kapwondo Lv83, Raze Earth, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, holds Petaya Berry

When you're ready to battle her Lv100 team, here it is.

Gym Leader Brooke: P10000

Drizzlob Lv100, Thunder, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Raze Earth, holds Brightpowder

Selody Lv100, Attract, Zen Headbutt, Deluge, Icy Kiss, holds White Herb

Valentide Lv100, Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Nasty Plot, Deep Yawn, holds King's Rock

Tentyrant Lv100, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Toxic, Dark Resolve, holds Leftovers

Skelachone Lv100, Megahorn, Drill Run, Wave Splash, Raging Flame, holds Liechi Berry

Kapwondo Lv100, Raze Earth, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, holds Petaya Berry

With that in mind, let’s continue. To Shamouti Island!


To do this next bit, you need to have encountered Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I could be wrong, but it's possible to actually do all this before the post-game, I just forgot to do this until now. When you have done this, go to Melody's house and talk to her. She'll explain all the stuff that happened in the Power of One movie. Then she is disturbed by the fact that you disturbed the guardians. Outside, the weather's all bad, and you'll be pointed towards Lugia on the docks. Melody mentions that it just wants to play (?). Go up to battle the Lv70 Lugia. After you do this, and assuming you have also encountered Raikou, Entei, and Suicune as well, return to Melody's house and talk to her. She'll then mention that a Ho-Oh has stopped by looking for the Lugia here. You'll be escorted outside yet again. Ho-Oh is on the NE island. Again, it's at Lv70. Now let’s see what’s new in the DH Building on the island.

DH BUILDING (postgame) [DHBU-P]

As usual, you're taking a downward staircase, which is at the NW end of the first floor. Take the arrows to the south and east.

Ninja Boy Jaiden: Toxroach Lv61, Spinarak Lv61, Wisplode Lv62, P744

Ace Trainer Orlando: Rhyperior Lv65 (holds Focus Band), Sphericoil Lv64 (holds King's Rock), P6400

Use the tiles to the right of the last trainer, then east and south.

Super Nerd Aidan: Electrode Lv65, P1560

There's a weird teleporter here. There's also an X Speed between two plants on the right side. Take the teleporter to B2F. There's three rooms to the north. They're all similar to the Tanoby Ruins rooms, which suffice to say means they all have Unown as the Pokemon to catch. That said, head south from the teleporter when you're ready to continue.

Scientist Beau: Weezing Lv64, Raichu Lv62, P2976

Ace Duo Ray&Tyra: Nidoqueen Lv64 (holds Brightpowder), Nidoking Lv64 (holds Quick Claw), Gallade Lv65 (holds Focus Band), Gardevoir Lv65 (holds King's Rock), P3120

Super Nerd Glenn: Magneton Lv63, Puffume Lv62, Porygon-Z Lv64, P1536

If you take the arrow tiles south of the ace duo, there's a girl with her Unown that won't let you go to the next teleporter. Because of some hidden power. If you want to know, we're going to be back here after a LONG time exploring the rest of the post-game, and by then, the girl will let you pass, allowing you to use the teleporter. For the time being, head back, then north and take the west-facing tiles (except the southernmost one, which'll take you back). To the north is another Unown chamber. Take the middle of the south-facing tiles, otherwise you'll be forced back. Head south from the large crates to an X Accuracy, then continue west. There's nothing in the SW room.

Burglar Ramon: Houndoom Lv63, Skorupi Lv62, Bakeko Lv63, Arbok Lv63, P5544

PKMN Ranger Jenna: Exeggutor Lv63, Koffing Lv61, Ariados Lv63, P2268

Dragon Tamer Riley: Komoragon Lv64, Gabite Lv63, P3024

Three more Unown chambers here. As I said before, you'll be back here soon enough after doing the rest of the post-game. To the next location!

SAFARI ZONE (postgame) [SZON-P]

The eastern gate is now open. Go up and down the rock and west to a TinyMushroom. A PP Up is behind the two rest houses. There's unique mons here this time, and you can even get the starters Nimbleaf, Peyero, and Liquiput, as well as Basille, Patroleo, and Katuna, which are supposed to be the starters for Procyon/Deneb! Whenever you’re ready, let us revisit Porcelia Forest.


NOTE: You can catch Mew Lv30 at the NE end of this forest, in an enclosed area requiring Cut. However, in order to get Mew to appear, you need to have encountered Mewtwo first. We’ll get to that when we reach the Victory Road portion of the postgame.

The place we should go is at the west end of the forest, which is easier if you came from the south entrance. This is the west side of the forest which is now open. As you approach, you'll see two kids, and one of the kids goes. Then your ranger friend appears and talks with the other kid before going off there. You can talk to this kid, and he'll say his friend went off to find a rare Pokemon. Time to go there yourself.

Bug Maniac Angelo: Coropper Lv63, Forretress Lv64, Ledian Lv63, P3780

PKMN Ranger Sophia: Nymphrost Lv64, Baseid Lv64, P2304

Aroma Lady Daisy: Serplant Lv64, Basille Lv63, Strawna Lv64, P1792

The item here is a Miracle Seed. Head west and immediately south and near a fence you'll find a Big Mushroom.

Gentleman Norton: Charmeleon Lv65, P3120

Head to the NW part to find your ranger friend and the kid. They're having trouble with two Carnivices (the new evolved form of Carnivine). Since he's having trouble and you've arrived at the scene, you will take on one of the Carnivices. The one you battle is Lv50, and is a one-time encounter. Of course, you can catch it, but you can also get a Carnivine in the same forest and evolve it (Lv35). With that done, you actually go back to the east side of Porcelia Forest (boo) and reunite the two kids, who will leave the forest. After your ranger friend leaves, return to the west side of the forest and head south from the NW end.

Aroma Lady Macey: Bulbasaur Lv63, Syleafid Lv64, Lilligant Lv64, P1792

PKMN Ranger Nolan: Carnivine Lv64 (holds Quick Claw), Scyther Lv64 (holds Focus Band), P2304

And yet another gym leader is ready for your challenge here. It's the Junopsis leader, Annette.

Gym Leader Annette: P8300

Coropper Lv80, Bug Noise, Diamondblast, Giga Drain, Air Slash, holds King's Rock

Shuckle Lv81, Toxic, Leech Seed, Protect, Cosmic Power, holds Leftovers

Combant Lv81, Stone Edge, Raid, Devastate, HiJumpKick, holds Liechi Berry

Shedinja Lv82, Shadow Clamp, Confuse Ray, Raid, Cross Poison, holds Focus Band

Nymphrost Lv82, Hydro Pump, Quiver Dance, Blizzard, Psyburn, holds Salac Berry

Crustle Lv83, Earthquake, Counter, Raid, Grandboulder, holds Brightpowder

And when you get ready, her Lv100 team is here.

Gym Leader Annette: P10000

Pinchor Lv100, Earthquake, Raid, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, holds Salac Berry

Combant Lv100, Icicle Crash, Raid, Wave Splash, HiJumpKick, holds Liechi Berry

Galvantula Lv100, Bug Buzz, Thunder, Mach Bolt, Thunder Wave, holds King's Rock

Shuckle Lv100, Toxic, Leech Seed, Protect, Cosmic Power, holds Leftovers

Arincess Lv100, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Psyburn, holds Petaya Berry

Crustle Lv100, Earthquake, Shell Smash, Raid, Grandboulder, holds White Herb


NOTE: You can catch Darkrai Lv70 here. It will appear at the top of the tower, but you need to have encountered Dialga and Palkia first. After the encounter, you’ll automatically be warped out again.

The downstairs is right there! North first...

Ace Duo Lex&Nia: Scizor Lv65 (holds King's Rock), Pinchor Lv65 (holds Quick Claw), P3120

That's a Guard Spec. there. Now continue.

Young Couple Dez&Luke: Cheshess Lv64, Chessire Lv64, P3584

Downstairs again, the path north is a dead end. The next two paths will lead to the same place, so it won't matter where you go.

Hex Maniac Jessica: Wikkin Lv63, Hantama Lv64, P1536

Channeler Hope: Necrosia Lv64, Sableye Lv63, P2016

When these paths conglomerate, ignore the middle path east as it is a dead end. Take the south path east.

Tamer Alberto: Pupitar Lv63, Lickitung Lv64, Gardleon Lv63, P2520

Keep going east to a fork, then keep going east as usual.

PKMN Breeder Bethany: Spinda Lv63, Aurostice Lv63, Ganerth Lv63, Baizeast Lv62, Rubball Lv62, P1736

The item at the far east end is a Dire Hit. Return to the fork, head up, then left.

PKMN Ranger Arnie: Forretress Lv65, Shretainer Lv63, Ferroseed Lv64, P2304

Collector Declan: Violo Lv64, Tauros Lv65, Girafarig Lv63, Corenom Lv64, P3840

If you keep going, you'll be at a dead end. You will want to go just behind the collector and behind a statue to continue.

Channeler Paula: Jarmit Lv64, Strawick Lv63, Banette Lv63, P2048

Go left to meet more gym leaders to challenge. It's the dual gym leaders Chie and Rito!

Gym Leader Chie&Rito: P16600

Lilligant Lv80, Rapid Growth, Hydro Pump, Tone-Deaf, Quiver Dance, holds Brightpowder

Honchkrow Lv81, Night Slash, Brave Bird, Raid, Sunny Day, holds Scope Lens

Ferrothorn Lv82, Leech Seed, Iron Head, Power Whip, Rock Tumble, holds Liechi Berry

Coruda Lv82, Brave Bird, Raid, Swords Dance, Psygatling, holds King's Rock

Serplant Lv83, Leech Seed, Raze Earth, Toxic, Giga Drain, holds Leftovers

Togekiss Lv83, Psyburn, Aura Sphere, Angry Swarm, Rain Dance, holds Petaya Berry

And their Lv100 team when you're ready.

Gym Leader Chie&Rito: P20000

Samushrai Lv100, Spore, Flare Blitz, Stone Edge, Wild Growth, holds Brightpowder

Aerodactyl Lv100, Giga Spark, Dragon Dance, Icicle Crash, Brave Bird, holds King's Rock

Lumoss Lv100, Hydro Pump, Leaf Storm, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, holds Salac Berry

Blizentork Lv100, Brave Bird, Focus Blast, Diamondblast, Icicle Punch, holds Liechi Berry

Serplant Lv100, Shell Smash, Raze Earth, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, holds Leftovers

Togekiss Lv100, Psyburn, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Rain Dance, holds Petaya Berry


When you get to the front of the chateau, you'll spot a Porygon! Interact with it and it will head inside. Who owns this Porygon I wonder? It will immediately head to the stairs to the left, so let's head down there! You might need Flash, but believe it or not, there's no trainers down here. Simply head south all the way, then west until you see that the floor is lighter. Head north and onto the rock when this happens. Head west and off the rock, then north, up another rock. Head all the way east on this rock, off, and then east again until you get to a Spell Tag. From here, backtrack to the last rock and then when you get off and west, then a cutscene occurs. Do you remember that girl? She's here, playing with that Porygon from before. Follow them down the ladder.

On this floor, you just gotta keep going north. From where you are, head west, then north, north again at the next fork, then east, then north and around to the next ladder. Here, head up (not up the rock). At the next fork, go west and up the rock here. Follow the path to the end of the rock, then at the next fork, head east and stay on the floor without going up any rocks. At the north end, you'll find the girl and Porygon at the cave entrance. Talk to her, and well, did you try to leave this place earlier? Turns out you couldn't (unless you use an Escape Rope), because the stairs you used were broken. The cave behind her is unfortunately a maze to go through. They'll go in, so follow them. No more need for Flash! Before you follow the girl, head west first, then north all the way, west, south all the way, west all the way, then north. This room has a Lax Incense. Pick it up and head back to the entrance. Follow the girl and Porygon east and up, but at the fork, head east and north. Read the diary. It's a long and haunting story, similar to the one from Altair/Sirius. Continue to read the diary as it prompts. Read the whole way through and you'll get a Silph Scope!

Go back to the previous fork, then go north and west to meet the girl and Porygon. They will head left. Follow them, cause if you deviate north, you'll find a lot of nothing. They'll soon be found again if you follow them, and will move again. Follow them west and south. After this will be the stairs. Back to the darkness! Head north, then west at the fork (ignore the steps where the rock is). North again and around, then take the NE steps. Head around and down. Keep going all the way down and around to the next ladder. Up the steps is the girl, her Porygon, and what's that? It's a Dusknoir, but you wouldn't know this unless you had the Silph Scope from before. No, you can't catch it. All of a sudden, the girl says she's going to pass on. Whoa. She must've been the one who had that diary, since it mentioned stuff about the Porygon. The Porygon leaves, so follow it and you'll be back at the city. It'll wait outside the cave, where you can talk to it and it wants to be your friend. You need to free space in your party to have it though.

Before moving on, there's one extra thing to do in Ravenplume City. If you go to Amity Square, a youngster will ask to see a Spinda (which you can find in B1F of Spirit Mansion in Seafin City). If you have one and show it to him, he'll give you a Hula Hoop. This item is really only useful for Spinda, which boosts critical-hit ratio.

And before we continue the post-game, re-enter the Chateau of Time again. You remember the room where you fought Steven and Wallace? Head back there now. Assuming you have encountered at least Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, you can find Dialga and Palkia on this floor! You can catch them now, at Lv60. However, after you finish an encounter with one, you'll automatically leave the chateau, so go back in and get the other one. Remember you can get Darkrai now that you have encountered these two!

MT SNOWFALL (postgame) [SNOW-P]

NOTE: You can catch Ganimede Lv50 in Mt. Snowfall, where it will be in the area where you met your ranger friend. However, you need to have encountered Nemea first.

Head west, jump the ledge, go south a bit, and the B1F ladder is to the west. As usual, you've got icy floors to slide on. Start by sliding towards the NW.

Hiker Jeremy: Feroceros Lv65, Dvaarak Lv64, P2304

Climb the snowy hill and go right (you can go left but it will eventually dead end). Climb another hill to get a Mystic Water. Climb back down and slide to the NE part now.

PKMN Ranger Ernest: Pinsir Lv64, Cacturne Lv65, P2340

Take the nearest ladder you come to (another one to the right is inaccessible).

Gentleman Brooks: Kaminary Lv66, P3168

The path will be more or less linear but you'll go up a hill and get a Revive. You'll then go back down.

Skier Brianna: Jynx Lv65, Delibird Lv64, P1280

Head west and up the rock. You can see Fenton to the west, but can't get to him. Follow the perimeter and when you get to a fork, head NW. The only thing here is a trainer, and well I'll list him just for completion purposes.

Hiker Daryl: Pupitar Lv64, Hitmonchan Lv65, Sandile Lv64, Golem Lv65, P2340

Ignore the steps to the west and go back to the fork. Head east and jump off the ledge there, then head west.

Tamer John: Wombaton Lv64, Tyranos Lv65, P2600

The ladder here leads to a dead-end area, so ignore it and jump south. The next ladder back to B1F is also mostly a dead end area, but climb the hill to the north and head south for another trainer.

Pokemaniac Dawson: Kangaskhan Lv64, Wartortle Lv63, Rudebarb Lv64, Lapras Lv64, Ambilade Lv63, P3024

Head back to B2F and continue east.

Hiker Earl: Rooten Lv64, Dugtrio Lv65, Graveler Lv64, P2304

Skier Marlon: Abomasnow Lv65, Weavile Lv65, Narwhail Lv64, P1280

Beauty Lori: Rumpet Lv64, Mawile Lv64, P4608

Head north to find another set of steps to the north. Pass it to the west, jump a ledge, and find another trainer to the west.

PKMN Ranger Megan: Dislichen Lv64, Galvantula Lv65, Petilil Lv64, Venusaur Lv65, P2340

Backtrack all the way to the NE set of steps and go up. Run all the way west on the perimeter. When you get back to the ground, head east to the ladder. On B1F, take the nearby steps (the ledge south leads back to the two ladders with one blocked off) and head west all the way.

Skier Ruth: Nymphrost Lv64, Aurostice Lv65, Switza Lv64, P1280

Take the nearby ladder, then jump the ledge to the west. Take the steps up to the NW and follow the perimeter to the south to get to Fenton.

Gym Leader Fenton: P8300

Hantama Lv82, HighJumpKick, Shadow Clamp, Psygatling, Counter, holds Liechi Berry

Wombaton Lv81, Earthquake, Flare Blitz, Giga Spark, Drain Punch, holds Salac Berry

Gengar Lv81, Dark Resolve, Toxin Spray, Nasty Plot, Focus Blast, holds Brightpowder

Ranconette Lv80, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Clamp, Brick Break, Icicle Crash, holds Quick Claw

Wikkin Lv81, Sleep Powder, Hydro Pump, Discharge, Leaf Storm, holds White Herb

Necrosia Lv83, Sharpshoot, Psycho Cut, Cross Chop, Will-O-Wisp, holds Scope Lens

And here's his Lv100 team.

Gym Leader Fenton: P10000

Hantama Lv100, HighJumpKick, Devastate, Icicle Crash, Counter, holds Liechi Berry

Ranconette Lv100, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Clamp, Brick Break, Thunder Wave, holds Quick Claw

Scorment Lv100, Discharge, Hypnosis, Possess, Focus Blast, holds Petaya Berry

Strawicked Lv100, Raid, Shadow Clamp, Explosion, Giga Spark, holds Salac Berry

Necrosia Lv100, Sharpshoot, Psycho Cut, Cross Chop, Icicle Crash, holds Scope Lens

Dusknoir Lv100, Vengeance, Cosmic Power, Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, holds Leftovers

DH HIDEOUT (postgame) [DHHI-P]

Head to B4F via the elevator then take the arrow tiles to the north. To the left is the staircase leading down. Head down, take any of the arrow tiles south, then you'll either be at the SW or right in front of a plant. If the former, take the middle tile going north (otherwise you'll be back at the start) to get to the plant. Inspect the plant for a hidden switch, which will modify one of the arrow tiles. Take it up and to the next set of steps. Head south and left.

Psychic Nicholas: Lunatone Lv65, Blakjak Lv65, Unown Lv63, Arincess Lv64, P1280

PKMN Ranger Sofia: Lilligant Lv65 (holds Persim Berry), Shuckle Lv64 (holds Lum Berry), Pumpkid Lv64 (holds Quick Claw), P2304

Next floor!

Old Couple John&Jay: Mienshao Lv65, Scrafty Lv65, Lucario Lv66, Machu Lv66, P5280

Juggler Kayden: Solrock Lv65, Baizeast Lv65, P2600

Head west from the last trainer and take the leftmost south arrow tile. Down and right.

Psychic Terri: Glamarde Lv66, P1320

Ace Trainer Gilbert: Tyranitar Lv66 (holds Focus Band), Trojalmon Lv66 (holds Quick Claw), P6600

The item behind this guy is a PP Max! Use the arrows next to the Psychic to go back to the Juggler, then head east to the east-facing tiles. Take the southernmost of these (the others will make you wrap around a lot, but get nowhere. The southernmost leads to the NE corner. Head south when you stop to find an X Defense, then go back north. Take any north-facing tile and keep going.

Ace Duo Roy&Lila: Lunabain Lv66 (holds Brightpowder), Liedoro Lv66 (holds Lum Berry), P3168

Juggler Nate: Stellith Lv65, Spelven Lv65, Ganerth Lv65, P2600

Head back to where Juggler Kayden was, take the southernmost east-facing tile, then at the NE corner, head west and take the south-facing tile. Zigzag your way through to the SE corner of the game without touching any arrow tiles.

Scientist Parker: Magnezone Lv65, Klang Lv64, Yulfoe Lv64, Porygon2 Lv64, P3072

Use the up-facing tile and you'll wind up near a staircase. This takes you back, and you can challenge gym leader Tara.

Gym Leader Tara: P8300

Lunabain Lv80, Psyburn, Focus Blast, Diamondblast, Reflect, holds Brightpowder

Kaminary Lv81, Agility, Baton Pass, Psyburn, Calm Mind, holds Ganlon Berry

Planite Lv80, Explosion, Shell Smash, Starfreeze, Diamondblast, holds Focus Band

Yulfoe Lv81, Bug Noise, Thunder, Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, holds Salac Berry

Gallade Lv82, Close Combat, Psygatling, Devastate, Icicle Crash, holds Lum Berry

Metagross Lv83, Wave Splash, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Hammer Arm, holds Quick Claw

And here's Tara's Lv100 team.

Gym Leader Tara: P10000

Glamarde Lv100, Toxic, Cosmic Power, Recover, Psyburn, holds Leftovers

Chessire Lv100, Psyburn, Dark Pulse, Dark Roar, Diamondblast, holds Focus Band

Rougella Lv100, Focus Blast, Blizzard, Lovely Kiss, Psychic, holds Brightpowder

Yulfoe Lv100, Bug Noise, Thunder, Psychic, Calm Mind, holds Salac Berry

Conductot Lv100, Typhoon, Heat Wave, Psychic, Sandblast, holds King's Rock

Metagross Lv100, Wave Splash, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Psygatling, holds Quick Claw

Now we shall do the elemental islands!

ICE ISLAND (postgame) [ICEI-P]

At the second part of the cave, where you can choose to jump south or east, jump east and the staircase you want is there.

PKMN Ranger Alyssa: Carnivice Lv65, Swinub Lv63, Starmie Lv65, P2340

You can take the ladder to the south, or jump another ledge near the other ladder for another trainer here.

Tamer Gideon: Lapras Lv65, Abomasnow Lv65, Modra Lv64, Kangaskhan Lv64, P2560

You'll have to take the ladder here. There's a ledge to the east, but go west first to get some trainers.

PKMN Ranger Dominik: Combant Lv64, Ferrothorn Lv65, Skarmory Lv64, Exeggutor Lv64, P2304

Swimmer Darrin: Walrein Lv65, Maelstream Lv64, P256

Skier Simon: Sneasel Lv64, P1280

If you keep going, the ladder here will take you to the previous ladder near PKMN Ranger Alyssa. Go back to the ladder that brought you to this floor and jump the ledge there. A NeverMeltIce is here. Jump another ledge.

Hiker Marc: Piloswine Lv64, Stunfisk Lv64, Rhyperior Lv65, P2340

Keep going to the next ladder. Jump either ledge to find a trainer.

Skier Melina: Shivermin Lv64, Cryogonal Lv65, P1300

Jump a ledge to the west, then take the ladder to another trainer.

Ace Trainer Naomi: Drapion Lv65 (holds Scope Lens), Solarisen Lv65 (holds Petaya Berry), Narwhail Lv65 (holds Brightpowder), P6500

Take the ladder and there will be a trainer here. This trainer will be familiar to those who played Altair/Sirius, as your opposite gender counterpart who was a rival back then. It's Gordon/April! The info I'm about to show will differ depending on which person you battle. If you are the girl, you will battle Gordon, and if you are the guy, it will be April. There will be some mons that are the same regardless of who you battle, but I'll still list info accordingly. Parentheses will indicate whether it belongs to Gordon or April, if there's none, you'll battle that mon regardless of which gender you picked.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P8300

Nidoqueen Lv80, Earthquake, Devastate, Icicle Crash, Toxic, holds Lansat Berry (April)

Nidoking Lv80, Earthquake, Devastate, Giga Spark, Toxic, holds Lansat Berry (Gordon)

Electivire Lv81, Earthquake, Giga Spark, Wave Splash, Raid, holds Salac Berry (April)

Magmortar Lv81, Nasty Plot, Magnum Punch, Overheat, Energy Ball, holds White Herb (Gordon)

Yunesis Lv82, Giga Spark, Wave Splash, Hypnosis, Metal Blast, holds Brightpowder

Dusknoir Lv82, Vengeance, Cosmic Power, Toxic, Pain Split, holds Leftovers (April)

Necrosia Lv82, Wave Splash, Cross Chop, Psygatling, Night Slash, holds Salac Berry (Gordon)

Kapwondo Lv82, Hydro Pump, Aura Sphere, Raze Earth, Ice Beam, holds Petaya Berry (April)

Breloom Lv82, Sky Uppercut, Spore, Wild Growth, Stone Edge, holds Focus Band (Gordon)

Nostratos Lv83, Dragon Beat, Typhoon, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, holds King's Rock

As you might expect, Gordon/April has a Lv100 team whenever you're ready.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P10000

Planite Lv100, Shell Smash, Giga Spark/Raging Flame, Psygatling/Grandboulder, Explosion, holds Quick Claw (moves are different, Giga Spark and Psygatling if you're battling April, or Raging Flame and Grandboulder if battling Gordon)

Scizor Lv100, Iron Head, Brick Break, Raid, Swords Dance, holds Liechi Berry (April)

Pinchor Lv100, Grandboulder, Earthquake, Raid, Swords Dance, holds Liechi Berry (Gordon)

Selody Lv100, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Psychic, holds Salac Berry

Cheauking Lv100, Dark Resolve, Wave Splash, Fire Blast, Explosion, holds Apicot Berry (April)

Adnokana Lv100, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Earthquake, Icicle Crash, holds Ganlon Berry (Gordon)

Dusknoir Lv100, Vengeance, Cosmic Power, Toxic, Pain Split, holds Leftovers (April)

Necrosia Lv100, Wave Splash, Cross Chop, Psygatling, Night Slash, holds Scope Lens (Gordon)

Nostratos Lv100, Draco Meteor, Typhoon, Hydro Pump, Diamondblast, holds White Herb


You need to head to the main chamber where you found Zapdos/Raikou, then to the SW corner to find the ladder leading down. So, should you jump left, or south? To the left...

Rocker Andrew: Electabuzz Lv64, Eelektrik Lv64, Yulfoe Lv65, P1560

The ladder here takes you to what is a three-way fork. Let's go left again first.

Guitarist Joseph: Exploud Lv65, Pachirisu Lv64, P2048

Rocker Larry: Voltorb Lv63, Magneton Lv64, Pikachu Lv64, Tynamo Lv63, P1512

If you take the ladder at the end, you'll be at the area where you could go left/south, but at the south end with this trainer.

Hiker Eli: Dugtrio Lv65, Punchild Lv64, P2304

Backtrack and go on a rock.

Expert Connor: Combound Lv66, P2640

The item here is a Magnet. You'll have to take the ladder to the SE here.

Ace Trainer Owen: Honchkrow Lv65 (holds Scope Lens), Darca Lv65 (holds Salac Berry), Eelektross Lv65 (holds Quick Claw), Gengar Lv65 (holds Petaya Berry), Grissly Lv65 (holds Black Belt), P6500

The path leads back to the ladder leading back to the rest of Lightning Island. Jump to the west and take the ladder to the three-way fork, then this time go east (south leads back to the area with the Magnet by the way).

Tamer Philip: Rhydon Lv64, Blastoise Lv65, Lickilicky Lv65, P2600

Jump south, jump east.

PKMN Ranger Sienna: Rudebarb Lv65 (holds Focus Band), Galvantula Lv65 (holds Brightpowder), P2340

And our elite trainer of the area is up ahead. It's May! Yeah, she played a role in Altair/Sirius in case you forgot. She'll also mention that Sphere Ruins seems to have disappeared from Alto Mare.

PKMN Trainer May: P8300

Pachirikku Lv81, Magnet Force, Thunder, Energize, Tone-Deaf, holds Lansat Berry

Strawna Lv81, Focus Blast, Quiver Dance, Hydro Pump, Rapid Growth, holds Brightpowder

Relicore Lv80, Icicle Crash, Earthquake, Yawn, Wave Splash, holds Quick Claw

Nymphrost Lv82, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, holds Petaya Berry

Spelven Lv82, Mirror Coat, Psyburn, Bug Noise, Nasty Plot, holds Focus Band

Bakeko Lv83, Flamethrower, Bug Noise, Psychic, Dark Roar, holds Salac Berry

And here's May's Lv100 team whenever you're ready.

PKMN Trainer May: P10000

Klinklang Lv100, Devastate, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Shift Gear, holds Quick Claw

Arincess Lv100, Hydro Pump, Toxin Spray, Bug Buzz, Psyburn, holds Petaya Berry

Billserk Lv100, Brave Bird, Bulk Up, Devastate, Close Combat, holds Salac Berry

Weavile Lv100, Psycho Punch, Wave Splash, Night Slash, Ice Shard, holds Focus Band

Scorment Lv100, Flamethrower, Hypnosis, Possess, Focus Blast, holds King's Rock

Strawna Lv100, Focus Blast, Quiver Dance, Hydro Pump, Rapid Growth, holds Brightpowder

FIRE ISLAND (postgame) [FIRE-P]

Again, you'll have to go through the hall with smashable rocks to the chamber that had Moltres/Entei. Go through the Strength/Rock Smash puzzle, head on the high ground, and make your way around the perimeter to the NW. Jump two ledges south and you'll make it to the ladder.

Hiker Sawyer: Sandshrew Lv63, Krokorok Lv64, Scimitooth Lv65, P2340

Take the nearest ladder. This is a dead end area with two trainers.

Black Belt Atsushi: Mienshao Lv66, P1584

Kindler Lawrence: Astignite Lv65, Fujinel Lv64, Magmar Lv64, Patroleo Lv63, P2016

Backtrack to the previous ladder, jump a ledge south, and take the next ladder. Go east.

PKMN Breeder Allison: Pianon Lv64, Tentacruel Lv65, Rotillo Lv65, Dizasol Lv65, Dusclops Lv64, Joltik Lv64, P1792

Another ladder up.

Gentleman Lamar: Charmander Lv63 (holds Quick Claw), Wisplode Lv65 (holds Brightpowder), Fujinel Lv64 (holds Charcoal), Houndoom Lv65 (holds Salac Berry), P3120

Kindler Rhett: Torkoal Lv64, Lilynary Lv64, P2048

Yet another ladder. Go all the way east for a trainer.

Tamer Cale: Charizard Lv65, Wombaton Lv65, Garchomp Lv65, P2600

Back to the ladder and climb the rock this time. Pick up a Sharp Beak and continue east.

PKMN Ranger Camron: Shretainer Lv64, Cacnea Lv64, Wikkin Lv65, P2340

Well, we saw May earlier in Lightning Island. Guess who's here? It's Brendan! Again, he and May had roles in Altair/Sirius, where Brendan was a former Hoenn champion.

PKMN Trainer Brendan: P8300

Mamoswine Lv81, Starfreeze, Earthquake, Raid, Ice Shard, holds Quick Claw

Carnivice Lv81, Wave Splash, Wild Growth, Icicle Crash, Sleep Powder, holds Liechi Berry

Strawicked Lv80, Swords Dance, Hypnosis, Raid, Giga Spark, holds Brightpowder

Solarisen Lv82, Dragon Beat, Overheat, Typhoon, Energy Ball, holds White Herb

Gallade Lv82, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Swords Dance, holds Salac Berry

Tyranos Lv83, Zen Headbutt, Grandboulder, Flare Blitz, Night Slash, holds Focus Band

And here's his Lv100 team.

PKMN Trainer Brendan: P10000

Gallade Lv100, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Devastate, Swords Dance, holds Salac Berry

Ninjask Lv100, Raid, Double Team, Baton Pass, Protect, holds Liechi Berry

Lickilicky Lv100, Deep Yawn, Crash Impact, Wave Splash, Zen Headbutt, holds Quick Claw

Lapras Lv100, Rest, Sleep Talk, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, holds Chesto Berry

Gengar Lv100, Dark Resolve, Possess, Psyburn, Nasty Plot, holds Brightpowder

Tyranos Lv100, Zen Headbutt, Grandboulder, Flare Blitz, Night Slash, holds Focus Band

Awesome! We’re finished with the elemental islands. Now to New Island and Pokemon Castle!


Take the stairs to 1F. Before we head to the opening at the east side of this floor, head to the west end and jump the ledge, then take the ladder. There's a new path leading west and north. Yep, it's Nemea Lv50! We can finally catch the game's mascot. Of course, I actually believe you can get this before the post-game, but I just forgot about it until now. Doing this will give you the opportunity to catch some of the other legendaries I mentioned above, like Lylapse and Ganimede, so after you deal with Nemea, refer back to the previous sections which mentioned them in order to catch them! As usual, after the Nemea encounter, you'll automatically exit.

Go back to 1F, then head to the east side where there is a new opening leading to a new ladder to 2F. This one leads to an enclosed area leading to 3F of the castle, where the wild encounters start.

Hiker Devan: Rubball Lv66, Grissly Lv66, Sandshrew Lv65, P2376

Bird Keeper Ramiro: Honchkrow Lv66, Noctowl Lv66, P1584

There's two ladders to 4F, one near the last trainer and one to the west. Both lead to the same area more or less.

PKMN Ranger Jaxon: Tropius Lv66, Modra Lv65, P2340

If you take the ladder SW of Jaxon...

Ace Trainer Austina: Pteriarch Lv66 (holds Liechi Berry), Kaminary Lv66 (holds White Herb), Wombaton Lv66 (holds Quick Claw), P6600

Bird Keeper Roger: Blakjak Lv66, Rivird Lv65, Billserk Lv66, P1584

Two more ladders! Try the one on the right first, and it will just be a path to the next one. Sadly, this area is a dead end, but there's two trainers here.

Bird Keeper Carter: Conductot Lv66, Guldawn Lv65, Ptervus Lv65, P1560

Dragon Tamer Branden: Nostratos Lv67, P3216

From here, I went back to 3F and took the east ladder. The ledge here leads back to the area where Jaxon was (one way), but the other path below it leads around.

Bird Keeper Jacob: Swellow Lv66, Chatot Lv65, Murkrow Lv64, Skarmory Lv65, P1560

Take the ladder and head south and west (continuing west at the fork) to find an X Attack. Head north at the fork and you can choose to go west or east. West is a one-way trip, but take the ladder and go east, then north and west to a trainer and an X Sp. Atk.

Parasol Lady Marley: Kapwondo Lv66, Trojalmon Lv66, Dorfin Lv65, P2600

If you jump the ledge, you'll be back at the fork that had Austina and Roger. Return to the other fork (on 4F, where west was a one-way trip) and head east.

Dragon Tamer Milo: Komoragon Lv67, P3216

Down to a ladder. Keep heading south for another trainer.

Tamer Keigo: Lickilicky Lv66, Tyranos Lv66, P2640

Up it is then!

Crush Kin Paul&Kim: Scrafty Lv66, Gallade Lv66, P3168

Down and around, ignoring the ladder for two more trainers here.

Gentleman Clifford: Bakeko Lv66, Torkoal Lv65, P3120

Bird Keeper Reed: Farfetch'd Lv65, Togetic Lv65, Mingola Lv66, P1584

Now back to the ladder. Two trainers to the right and left.

Ace Trainer Warren: Hantama Lv66 (holds Quick Claw), Glamarde Lv66 (holds Leftovers), P6600

PKMN Ranger Callie: Breloom Lv66, Ekans Lv65, Carnivine Lv65, Raichu Lv66, P2376

And who is the person all the way on the west side? Why, it's New Island's original gym leader, Francis! He's been training here ever since his loss to Mewtwo, but you will still battle him. He's a Fighting type expert.

Gym Leader Francis: P8300

Grissly Lv80, Earthquake, Cross Chop, Shadow Clamp, Belly Drum, holds Leftovers

Hitmonchan Lv80, Blaze Kick, Icicle Crash, Close Combat, Devastate, holds Quick Claw

Mercenade Lv82, Psycho Cut, Earthquake, Metal Blast, Wood Hammer, holds Lansat Berry

Machu Lv82, Fake Out, Volt Tackle, Wood Hammer, Raid, holds Salac Berry

Ledybulk Lv81, HighJumpKick, Raid, Stone Edge, Wave Splash, holds Focus Band

Mienshao Lv83, HighJumpKick, Raid, Stone Edge, Psygatling, holds Lum Berry

As you might expect, he's another trainer who will have a Lv100 team after your first battle.

Gym Leader Francis: P10000

Combound Lv100, Icicle Punch, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, Devastate, holds Liechi Berry

Breloom Lv100, Mach Punch, Stone Edge, Wild Growth, Spore, holds Focus Band

Billserk Lv100, Brave Bird, Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Close Combat, holds King's Rock

Scrafty Lv100, Stone Edge, HighJumpKick, Dragon Dance, Psygatling, holds Quick Claw

Mercenade Lv100, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Metal Blast, Wood Hammer, holds Salac Berry

Mienshao Lv100, HighJumpKick, Raid, Stone Edge, Wood Hammer, holds Brightpowder

Almost done with Tohoak’s postgame! Just gotta go through Victory Road again!

VICTORY ROAD (postgame) [VICT-P]

First, enter from the Shakudo Island side. Jump the ledge to the east and head up. This is your chance to get Mewtwo Lv80! The prerequisites for having Mewtwo appear are to have encountered Lugia and Ho-Oh at Shamouti Island, as well as Darkrai in Tower of Darkness and Nemea in Pokemon Castle. After this, you'll of course warp back out, and will have the chance to encounter Mew in Porcelia Forest as well!

Make sure you have a mon with Rock Smash and return to the Shakudo Island side entrance and head north to the ladder. Take the next ladder (east and north) and head west. The ladder to B3F is here. This floor is awkward. It has four ladders you can use, but I'll use the route that gets through all the trainers here as best as possible. Start by jumping the ledge to the right.

PKMN Ranger Dwayne: Crustle Lv69, Wikkin Lv69, P2484

Ignore the rocks and ledges and take the steps up and around.

Tamer Nolen: Nidoking Lv68, Blastoise Lv68, Tyranos Lv68, Kangaskhan Lv68, P2720

Old Couple Nick&Dot: Scrafty Lv69, Kapwondo Lv69, Billserk Lv69, Mienshao Lv69, P5520

There's another trainer under this bridge. To get him, backtrack and jump the ledge that you ignored earlier.

Black Belt Kiyo: Lucario Lv70, P3360

Gentleman Micah: Houndoom Lv70, P1632

Jump to the west and there will be a trainer under the bridge here too.

Hiker Brandon: Tyranitar Lv68, Stellith Lv68, Dvaarak Lv68, P2448

Head up, back to the ladder. Take the steps near it and head south, smashing the rock as you go.

Ace Trainer Julie: Dusknoir Lv68 (holds Leftovers), Correncid Lv68 (holds Quick Claw), Klinklang Lv68 (holds Metal Coat), P6800

The last trainer on this floor is just after a ladder here (herein known as the S ladder). Besides this ladder at the south side, there's a ladder west of the Old Couple (W ladder), and another southeast from them as well which has rocks to smash to get it (E ladder). Then, there's the ladder at the NE end behind the rocks (N ladder).

Gambler Darian: Feroceros Lv69, Cryogonal Lv69, P4968

The S and N ladders will lead to the same general area on B4F, with two trainers and one ladder going down. The W ladder and E ladder will be covered later, since I went down the S ladder first. From there, head down.

Beauty Grace: Lunabitt Lv69, Liepus Lv69, P4968

You'll reach the down ladder soon enough, but use the steps nearby and head NE for the next trainer. If you keep going past him, you'll soon find the ladder leading back to the N ladder on B3F.

Ace Trainer Charlie: Cocrogue Lv70 (holds Quick Claw), P7000

Go back and take the down ladder here. Smash the rocks and go south.

PKMN Ranger Rayna: Lilligant Lv69 (holds Persim Berry), Nymphrost Lv69 (holds Brightpowder), P2484

Keep heading this way and you'll find a ladder back to B4F. Take it, and you'll be at the west side of the area.

Expert Makayla: Hantama Lv69, Breloom Lv69, P2760

At this fork, head north.

PKMN Ranger Lao: Cradily Lv68, Walrein Lv68, Arincess Lv68, P2448

You'll soon find an up ladder, which leads back to the W ladder at B3F. Keep going up, then prepare to go a long way all the way down.

Pokemaniac Wyatt: Komoragon Lv68, Syleafid Lv68, Nidoqueen Lv68, P3264

All the way at the end is a Dragon Fang! Now, return to that fork and head south.

Hiker Isaiah: Wombaton Lv68, Rotillo Lv68, Mamoswine Lv68, P2448

There's another ladder to B5F. Take it and head up. Smash a rock and keep going.

Expert Santiago: Grissly Lv69, Gallade Lv69, P2760

You'll soon find a Max Revive. When you take the steps, you will find that if you continue south, you'll be back at the first ladder that brought you to this floor. Just head north now.

Battle Girl Brandi: Kapwondo Lv68, Mienfoo Lv67, Scraggy Lv67, P1608

All the way north...

Ace Trainer Marcel: Tentyrant Lv70, P7000

Now you have the option of taking the down ladder here or jumping the ledge, leading to an up ladder. The down ladder leads to the final floor of Victory Road here, but this particular part of this floor is a dead end with only one trainer.

PKMN Breeder Gabrielle: Electivire Lv67, Chansey Lv67, Spinda Lv67, Ptervus Lv67, Octillery Lv67, Necrosia Lv67, P1876

Head back to the previous floor and jump the ledge.

Pokemaniac Benjamin: Exploud Lv67, Rudebarb Lv67, Garchomp Lv67, Tropius Lv67, Lapras Lv67, P3216

Head all the way south for the up ladder. Don't worry about the rock, there's nothing of interest behind it. Head all the way north first.

Black Belt Daisuke: Hitmontop Lv69, Combound Lv69, P1656

To the north is the ladder leading to the E ladder at B3F, so head back and west at the fork.

PKMN Ranger Sarah: Kingler Lv69 (holds Scope Lens), Abomasnow Lv69 (holds Quick Claw), P2484

To the next ladder. Just keep going up. Surprise!

Kindler Tylor: Magmortar Lv69, Charizard Lv69, P2208

Take the ladder, now we're on the final floor again. West first.

Crush Kin Al&Kathy: Hitmonchan Lv67, Hitmonlee Lv67, Mienshao Lv67, Scrafty Lv67, P3216

Don't bother going further west. If you smash the rock there and go up, there's nothing of interest, even if you go east. And going around it just loops back around to the area with the PKMN Breeder. Head east from the ladder and jump the ledge.

Tamer Destin: Venusaur Lv68, Rhyperior Lv68, Lickilicky Lv68, P2720

Smash the rocks first for this duo.

Ace Duo Ed&Joana: Darca Lv70 (holds Quick Claw), Narwhail Lv70 (holds Petaya Berry), P3360

Go back and jump the ledge to the east. Continue east, past the steps, then north and west.

Hiker Hideo: Krookodile Lv69, Goabalt Lv69, P2484

You saw a trainer on that bridge earlier, right? Go back to the steps you past, then get up and east to this trainer.

Crush Girl Danielle: Combant Lv68, Punchild Lv67, Machu Lv68, P1632

That's the last trainer here. Head east, smash a rock, and you'll see Latias, Latios, Aldina, and Sylvia! Talk to Sylvia, who seemed to have been waiting for you along with Aldina, and was annoyed because every other trainer down here wanted to battle. Latias and Latios are here due to worrying about Aldina. But we're here, and we get Aldina Lv15 for free (no hide and seek game like in Altair/Sirius). And don't worry if you have a full party, since it'll go to your PC if you do. Note that Aldina has a new evolution by friendship, which shouldn't be a problem with its low starting level. And you can challenge both Latias and Latios again! They're both Lv70, and thankfully you don't automatically exit after you get them. You can get some backstory on Sylvia by talking to her, as to her name The Silver Witch, it basically came from Cynthia, who is on equal footing with Sylvia. Strange. Anyways, you won't battle her, at least not in this area, but what about in the Pokemon League?


Of course, considering you are in the postgame, guess what? Re-challenging the Elite Four will have you dealing with stronger teams. And by that, I mean full teams of Lv100 mons. Here they are below. Prepare ahead of time. You don’t have to do this to do the rest of the postgame, but it’s here for the challenge when you’re ready.

Elite Four Theodore: P10000

Stunfisk Lv100, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Diamondblast, Bug Noise, holds Quick Claw

Eelektross Lv100, Devastate, Coil, Giga Spark, Wood Hammer, holds Focus Band

Lumoss Lv100, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Energize, Leaf Storm, holds Salac Berry

Sphericoil Lv100, Light Screen, Magnet Force, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, holds Petaya Berry

Machu Lv100, Mach Punch, Volt Tackle, Wood Hammer, Raid, holds Liechi Berry

Strawicked Lv100, Shadow Clamp, Thunder Wave, Giga Spark, Raid, holds Brightpowder

Elite Four Vanessa: P10000

Turblimp Lv100, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Toxin Spray, Dark Resolve, holds Petaya Berry

Komoragon Lv100, Outrage, Earthquake, Raging Fire, Wood Hammer, holds Lum Berry

Correncid Lv100, Calm Mind, Toxin Spray, Deluge, Raze Earth, holds White Herb

Cheauking Lv100, Explosion, Gunk Shot, Fire Blast, Dark Resolve, holds Quick Claw

Venusaur Lv100, Toxic, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Dark Resolve, holds Leftovers

Corenom Lv100, Toxic, Wave Splash, Gunk Shot, Night Slash, holds Liechi Berry

Elite Four Irene: P10000

Dvaarak Lv100, Earthquake, Giga Spark, Sandstorm, Zen Headbutt, holds Brightpowder

Jawile Lv100, Metal Blast, Stone Edge, Psygatling, Icicle Crash, holds Liechi Berry

Adnokana Lv100, Coil, Gunk Shot, Devastate, Icicle Crash, holds King's Rock

Yunesis Lv100, Raid, Wave Splash, Zen Headbutt, Metal Blast, holds Petaya Berry

Mandiblade Lv100, Grandboulder, Wood Hammer, Metal Blast, Zen Headbutt, holds Quick Claw

Lucario Lv100, HighJumpKick, Psygatling, Magnet Force, Raze Earth, holds Salac Berry

Elite Four Cole: P10000

Droudrum Lv100, Rock Tumble, Raging Flame, Wood Hammer, Giga Spark, holds Liechi Berry

Galavagos Lv100, Grandboulder, Shell Smash, Raging Flame, Raid, holds Quick Claw

Solarisen Lv100, Typhoon, Energy Ball, Dragon Beat, Flamethrower, holds King's Rock

Samushrai Lv100, Spore, Psygatling, Flare Blitz, Wild Growth, holds Salac Berry

Bakeko Lv100, Dark Pulse, Psyburn, Flare Blitz, Giga Spark, holds Brightpowder

Charizard Lv100, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Air Slash, Raze Earth, holds Petaya Berry

Champion Sylvia: P10000

Phantonate Lv100, Double Team, Destiny Bond, Flare Blitz, Devastate, holds Brightpowder

Mienshao Lv100, HighJumpKick, Stone Edge, Raid, Wood Hammer, holds Liechi Berry

Tentyrant Lv100, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Toxic, Dark Resolve, holds Petaya Berry

Scorment Lv100, Flamethrower, Possess, Bug Noise, Nasty Plot, holds Lum Berry

Metagross Lv100, Earthquake, Metal Blast, Zen Headbutt, Wave Splash, holds Quick Claw

Latios Lv100, Psycho Boost, Haze, Dragon Beat, Diamondblast, holds White Herb

Okay, at the time you have read this, you should have done all of the following:

-Rematched all of the gym leaders of Tohoak in the areas you found them in (including Francis, but excluding Mewtwo). You only need to win against them once, do not worry about facing their Lv100 teams.

-Battled Brendan, May, and Gordon/April at the elemental islands. Like before, do not worry about fighting them more than once.

-Went through the Chateau of Time quest with the girl and her Porygon.

-Obtained Aldina at Victory Road (maybe also obtained Latios and Latias as well, but I can't confirm).

After you have done these four things, return to Nephrite City and enter the Ranger house. Jackie will come straight to you, as he's off to go to the Sphere Ruins. Yep, that's right, even though we don't visit Alto Mare in this game, the Sphere Ruins are here! But where? He's expecting you and your ranger rival to explore there as well. With this small scene done, fly back to Shamouti Island and enter the DH Building. Remember that one girl who had the Unown and wouldn't let you pass? It looks like her Unown has awakened Hidden Power, changing the destination of the warp panel next to them. It now leads to Distant Island!


First of all, the flower you are standing on will take you back to DH Building. The other set of flowers here will take you to the backyard of your home at Porcelia Town. And since you came here, you can now use that to go back and forth between Tohoak and Distant Island!

Anyways, a Chansey you find here will give you a free Lucky Punch. NW of there is a salesman who will sell every TM in the game! Awesome. The house nearby is a good place to go trade some mons for others, but you're better off catching what they offer instead. The little girl gives you a Ditto if you trade a Nostratos, the guy wants to get a Billserk in exchange for a Farfetch'd, and finally the woman will trade a Clouff if you have a Machu. The house near the PokeCenter has Bianca, who was at Alto Mare in Altair/Sirius. She was trying to enhance the Mirage System from back there, but she got teleported here. Also we would be able to use the Mirage System for free, but first we gotta check out Distant Cavern...I mean Sphere Ruins first. The salesman at the top right sells Max Elixirs, Full Restores, and Revives. The scientist below him mentions that if you complete your Pokedex, show it to Prof. Holly.

There seem to be two entrances to Sphere Ruins. One is below the scientist I mentioned, which I call the east entrance, and the second is to the NW (the NW entrance). Let's see what we got.


Assuming you took the east entrance first, you'll actually be in a dead-end room of 1F that is shaped like a figure eight. The only thing here is a Braille message reading FEAR.

Leave after inspecting it and go to the NW entrance of 1F. The Braille message here reads WELCOME TO SPHERE CITY. You'll need Strength to move the rock here. After moving it out of the way, you'll be stuck. Press the buttons a few times to free yourself, as something seemed to have been coiling around you. Proceed to the ladder to B1F.

Follow the path until you can go up the steps or down. Down leads to an area with two inscriptions saying "The Mos was here!" and nothing else. Head up the steps, head west, then north, then east, down more steps. West again, then south and cut the tree down. Head east from here. The path will fork three ways, with the first being a dead end. North or south? You need to head north first. If you head south, all paths are dead ends, and there's a blocked-off hole at the end of this path. Taking the north path, just go down the ladder.

On B2F, head west for another north-south fork. Again, go north, using Surf, as south leads to dead ends. Head up the steps, south, then across a bridge. Follow the high ground all the way to the east, then south at the fork (north leads nowhere). When you see a bridge you can go on, take it (south will eventually lead nowhere as well). Continue across the bridges until you get to steps that lead to a single rock. Examine this rock. There's something about it, no? Examine it repeatedly and you will hear a rock falling somewhere! Once this happens, go back the way you came, all the way to the ladder back to B1F.

Back on B1F, take the steps east of the ladder. Remember that the hole used to be blocked completely by rocks? One rock is gone, so now you can head there? Just go south from the ledge and jump off, then head north to the hole back to B2F.

Simply follow the path, and you'll soon reach a Braille inscription reading NARROW PATH BEFORE ROCK. Keep going and when the path forks east, SE, and south, head east (south leads to a ledge leading to the part of B2F you've already been too, and SE just loops to the east path anyways). East across a bridge, around a rock, across another bridge, north, then around to a ladder to B3F.

On B3F, head up the steps and then down again to the east. Get two spaces above the rock, face down, and you will find a secret indentation when you press A. Use it! Now go back up, west, and down the next set of steps to an inscription reading PEACE. After inspecting it, head west and follow the path all the way to the next ladder.

Again, just keep on the path, at least until you get to a north-south fork. North goes nowhere, so head south to get to an east-west fork. West first, there's a cave here! Inside you'll find Roytsar Lv70! But only if you interacted with the inscription that said PEACE. Leave the cave when done and take the east path, across a bridge, then south across another bridge. Jump the ledge, then head east first to find another inscription, which says DARK ROCK UP DOWN RIGHT RIGHT UP. Head west, look who it is! It's Jackie! And you can challenge him.

PKMN Ranger Jackie: Drapion Lv85 (holds Liechi Berry), Ferrothorn Lv86 (holds Leftovers), Trojalmon Lv84 (holds Salac Berry), Manaphy Lv30, Combound Lv85 (holds Quick Claw), Floatzel Lv87 (holds King's Rock), P3132

Beat him the first time, and that Manaphy that he had is now yours! And when you rematch him at any point for his Lv100 team, here it is.

PKMN Ranger Jackie: Relicore Lv100 (holds Focus Band), Mandiblade Lv100 (holds Quick Claw), Sableater Lv100 (holds Brightpowder), Abomasnow Lv100 (holds Salac Berry), Ferrothorn Lv100 (holds Liechi Berry), Floatzel Lv100 (holds King's Rock), P3600

(sorry in advance, I don't have any info on the full movesets of Jackie's mons, they're not on the wiki)

When you're ready, the next ladder to the left awaits! Back to B3F!

Follow the path until it forks to the north and east. East will lead to a dead end, so go north. Note the boulders as you go up another ladder to B2F once more.

Surf up and there's a north-south fork. North is a dead end, so south to B1F. Guess what? This is the bridge area near the vandalized Mos signs. What to do?

The answer is to leave and go to the east entrance of Sphere Ruins! Back in the figure eight room, you'll find the north side open! The path forks north and west. Don't waste your time with the west path, just head north. Ignore the steps here too, they're a dead end. The next set of steps you will go on, and from there, just follow the long, long path to the B1F ladder.

Up the steps, you can jump west or east. West leads to familiar territory, so jump east instead. You'll then come to a fork where you can jump down or keep going to the B2F ladder. Jump down first, there's an inscription reading WRITE ON. Jump to the west and retrace your steps back to that last fork, then head to B2F.

West from the ladder, then south and around to B3F.

Now we have some choices. Head all the way left first. The inscription reads UPPER LEFT DARK ROCK. Use the steps nearby and cross two bridges. Do not jump the ledge here since it leads to a previous area. There's a B4F ladder here, and another is to the left and up. Take the first of these ladders. If you take the other one, it won't lead you anywhere important, at least not yet.

Go north to six rocks in this area. Inspecting a rock will turn it light, then inspecting it again will turn it dark again. Remember the inscription that said WRITE ON? Yeah, this means write in Braille the word "ON". In other words, use the NW, SW, and ME rocks. When they turn off, use the NW, SW, NE, and ME rocks. Rocks will fall somewhere. Specifically, they will open up the south end of this area. Guess who? It's your ranger pal!

PKMN Ranger (rival): P3096

Miltank Lv83, Wave Splash, Rock Tumble, Attract, Zen Headbutt, holds Salac Berry

Rhyperior Lv84, Raging Flame, Giga Spark, Psycho Punch, Earthquake, holds Quick Claw

Gengar Lv85, Hypnosis, Dark Resolve, Psyburn, Sludge Bomb, holds King's Rock

Abomasnow Lv85, Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, holds Focus Band

Lukewran Lv50, Scary Face, Lava Plume, Fire Spin, Iron Head

Feroceros Lv86, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Earthquake, Raid, holds Lansat Berry

And after this, that Lukewran he has is now yours! This thing is a pre-evolution of Heatran and can evolve with a Fire Stone. Like Jackie, you can rematch your rival with a Lv100 team.

PKMN Ranger (rival): P3600

Crustle Lv100, Shell Smash, Stone Edge, Raid, Earthquake, holds Brightpowder

Eelektross Lv100, Raging Flame, Giga Spark, Wood Hammer, Coil, holds Quick Claw

Rougella Lv100, Aqua Bolt, Blizzard, Focus Blast, Psychic, holds Salac Berry

Rudebarb Lv100, Earthquake, Counter, Grandboulder, Power Whip, holds Focus Band

Kaminary Lv100, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Nasty Plot, Psyburn, holds Petaya Berry

Feroceros Lv100, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Earthquake, Raid, holds Lansat Berry

Okay back to B3F, and back to the ladder that led to B2F (but don't go down it). Those who remember those annoying boulders in the Altair/Sirius part of the Sphere Ruins, guess what? We gotta go through it again. Do your best to get past these rocks, and you'll find another dark rock. This area is a bit special, but ignore it for now. The next inscription reads CLOCKWISE SQUARE. Go back to the rock and basically go in a clockwise square around it. Do it right and boom, more rocks fall. Head back up. There's steps to the west, a hole, and a cave. The steps lead nowhere, but the cave leads to Gatanoia Lv70! Again, you can only encounter it if you inspected a Braille inscription earlier, that being FEAR from way earlier. After the encounter, fall in the hole.

Down here, go down to the next ladder to B5F. The ledge leads back to the area with Jackie if you're wondering.

B5F is interesting. You're in the middle, and can jump to four directions. There are three ladders, two leading to B6F, and one leading back to B4F, as well as a number of inscription tablets. So what to do? First, jump south, as jumping left or right will lead to the same general area. The inscription you find says ASPHERE IS IN A SAFE PLACE. Remember this ladder for later. Jump the ledge west of the ladder and head NW to the steps. There's another tablet here, saying EIGHT. There's three paths to the east. Here's a puzzle.

First of all, just cross to the right side. Nothing will happen, and this area is a dead end. But you need to be on the right side. Go across the top path, then back along the middle path. Go across the bottom path, then back across the middle. Finally, the top path again. Doing this causes something to click. In other words, you just made a figure eight, just like what the previous inscription said. Now backtrack outta this area. You'll see a boulder, but cannot move it up due to a tree being there. Jump one ledge and you will see steps going up. Ignore them for now and jump the second ledge. This is the area you could have gone to if you jumped the west or east ledge at the start. Head up when you jump and the next tablet reads ALTAIR AND SIRIUS CREATE VEGA. East from there, under a bridge to the north, then jump another ledge. You will see the up ladder back to B4F. But did you see someone to the north? Hey! It's Mos!

Hey, It's Me Mosmero: P8700

Cacturne Lv85, Giga Spark, Devastate, Wild Growth, Cross Poison, holds Quick Claw

Honchkrow Lv84, Night Slash, Thunder Wave, Brave Bird, Sandblast, holds Salac Berry

Darca Lv85, Wave Splash, Devastate, Psygatling, Icicle Crash, holds Lum Berry

Bakeko Lv86, Psygatling, Devastate, Overheat, Giga Spark, holds White Herb

Drapion Lv86, Wave Splash, Raid, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Liechi Berry

Dizasol Lv87, Extremespeed, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Raging Flame, holds Scope Lens.

Yep, he's the last official trainer for this ROM hack, not counting the Mirage Battles that I will cover a bit later on as well as one special encounter once we complete our Pokedex. Sadly, he has nothing to give after you beat him, except for advice about soy sauce for some reason. But as always, you can rematch him with a Lv100 team.

Hey, It's Me Mosmero: P10000

Tentyrant Lv100, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Diamondblast, Dark Resolve, holds Leftovers

Drapion Lv100, Wave Splash, Gunk Shot, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Liechi Berry

Scrafty Lv100, Stone Edge, HighJumpKick, Dragon Dance, Zen Headbutt, holds Quick Claw

Weavile Lv100, Psycho Punch, Wave Splash, Night Slash, Icy Kiss, holds Focus Band

Chessire Lv100, Dark Pulse, Attract, Diamondblast, Psyburn, holds Petaya Berry

Dizasol Lv100, Extremespeed, Psygatling, Devastate, Raging Flame, holds Lum Berry

Keep going east past the Mos and you'll find a dead end. For now, let's head to the up ladder to B4F.

You'll be surrounded by boulders, but go ahead and push one with Strength. Head NW. Normally there will be a rock blocking access to this hole, but I assume that if you solved the "clockwise square" puzzle, then you will be able to drop down the hole. Back to B5F again.

Inspect the dark rock you come to. It's the Altair! Just like the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald in the Sphere Ruins in Altair/Sirius, but this time we're getting not just the Altair, but the Sirius and even the Vega as well! In any case, go back south. Look familiar? Yep, it's the section with the tree and boulder. Cut the tree and move the boulder. Jump one ledge east and go up the steps this time. When you can, jump a ledge east and go across a bridge. Head east and south all the way and you will find the last ladder on B5F, going down to B6F.

On this floor, you will see a ledge to the south. Ignore it for now and head west and north to find a tablet which actually holds the Sirius! Nab it, then head back to the ledge. Jump it, and you have the choice of jumping west or east. West first, there's a Braille inscription reading PO and a ladder down. But this ladder is a dead end, so forget it and head around to the north, then down the steps and all the way south.

The ladder you come to leads back to the ladder near the ASPHERE IS IN A SAFE PLACE inscription. Head back to the ladder at the SE part of B5F to head back to B6F.

Back at B6F, go back to the ledge and jump it, then jump east to the B7F ladder.

Head left and inspect the dark rock at the SW end to see two indentations. By now, you should have the Altair and Sirius, so you should automatically insert them in. They will glow and you will receive the Vega! Now take the path going up, keep going up, across the bridges to the west (ignore the NE corner, nothing's there), then down all the way. Two areas, enter the right one and the inscription reads RIGHT LEFT FORWARD RIGHT RIGHT FORWARD LEFT. A hint for a puzzle for later? Go to the other area and take the ladder back to B6F (this was the dead end ladder from before).

Take the path around, north all the way, south all the way back to B5F.

Again, make your way back to the SE ladder to B6F again.

Okay, head back to where you got the Sirius, but head to the NW dead end in the vicinity. Inspect it and the wall appears to be breakable. You better have brought your Rock Smash mon with you, cause we'll be wrecking the walls on this floor. Use it once for the wall to give way. At the next dead end, inspect the SE corner to smash another wall. Next dead end, just smash the one to the east, then the one at the north end. then the east wall. In this area with two rocks, go under the bottom of the two and smash the southern wall. You'll get to another ladder to B7F.

As you go here, you will find a ladder to B8F. There's another path up and we should take that now, for if we were to solve the puzzle behind the ladder, we won't get anywhere just yet. Going up past the ladder and then around, get ready, yep, an annoying puzzle! Moving around in this field will cause you to move in a certain direction depending on which tile you are on, and you will want to avoid the holes, as they take you back to the ladder you used to get here. So here's my solution:

Head to the first row and just one tile to the left of the three-rock row. Down three times, right, down, left, down four, right, and you can head down to the B8F ladder here.

We're almost there, but we're in what could be the nastiest part. You'll realize this place is dark, which means you'll want Flash, but you also have to deal with mons up to Lv100! It's the nastiest part, for sure. Also, you'll need Waterfall right here. Climb the waterfall and head east along the path. Here's the nastiest puzzle here. This one is scripted, and if you're familiar with the puzzle back in Altair/Sirius in the Cave of Origin on the way to get Nemea, this will be familiar. So firstly, you cannot touch the crater tiles here, or you'll warp back to the ladder. When you take your first step west from the east wall, it will force you up. Another step forces you down. Another forces you west, and another east. The next time you move, nothing happens. Just remember the order: up, down, left, right, nothing. Now try to go through the area without touching the craters. The tablet at the end here will actually be another indentation, where you insert the Vega. Warp back to the ladder by touching a crater and go back to B7F.

Back at this puzzle, just fall down the hole to be back at the entrance ladder. Now head back to the other B8F ladder that you skipped earlier.

Here's the last puzzle. There's four entrances here, three to the top and one at the bottom. The inscription on the left reads STRANGE. Remember the inscription reading RIGHT LEFT FORWARD RIGHT RIGHT FORWARD LEFT? That's the order, so enter the right one, left, middle, right twice, middle, and left. If you did it right, you will be close to the B9F ladder. Now if you didn't insert the Vega, and I think if you didn't challenge Jackie, your rival, and Mos at least once, there would be rock blocking the way here. But now you can head this way.

Here it is, the fruits of all your labour. Asphere! And it talks too! It's Lv90, and is Fire/Dragon type in this game. As opposed to Ice/Dragon and Electric/Dragon in Altair and Sirius, respectively. We're all done with the Sphere Ruins!


Return to the building to the right of the PokeCenter on Distant Island and talk to Bianca. She will say that the Mirage Battles are in fact up and running. You must come in with only three mons to use, and that there is no restriction on level (however, you will be fighting trainers with Lv100 mons regardless), and you'll have to battle up to seven in a row to move from set to set. You can recover after each battle but are limited to two recovers per set, one which will be restored by Bianca, and the other requiring your items. But you can use items in battle though. Interestingly, Bianca will also keep hold of your badges too, to make things more challenging by decreasing the stat boosts from them.

I'll try to list all the trainers that are possible in the Mirage System, but I don't have all the info on them with regards to their movesets due to the wiki page not having everything and several rom editors not providing me with new move info. But I'll list as much as possible. You will fight ordinary trainers, gym leaders and Elite Four members from both Tohoak and Hoenn, and other elite trainers here from the Pokemon series!

School Kid Martha: P2000

Pachirikku Lv100, Super Fang, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Focus Blast, holds Sitrus Berry

Aurostice Lv100, Blizzard, Psychic, Nasty Plot, Hydro Pump, holds Quick Claw

Starmie Lv100, Psychic, Bug Noise, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, holds Brightpowder

Lady Selphy: P20000

Bakeko Lv100, Bug Noise, Devastate, Psygatling, Flamethrower, holds Focus Band

Arincess Lv100, Psyburn, Thunder Wave, Bug Buzz, Hydro Pump, holds Brightpowder

Pteriarch Lv100, Dragon Dance, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Stone Edge, holds Sitrus Berry

Fisherman Ronald: P3600

Stunfisk Lv100, holds Leftovers

Kingler Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Narwhail Lv100, Blizzard, Attract, Psychic, Hydro Pump, holds King's Rock

Sailor Duncan: P3200

Mingola Lv100, holds Focus Band

Mamoswine Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Combound Lv100, holds Leftovers

Parasol Lady Marlene: P4000

Sabrinel Lv100, holds King's Rock

Strawicked Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Krookodile Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Hiker Brent: P3600

Planite Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Komoragon Lv100, holds Lum Berry

Weavile Lv100, holds Focus Band

Black Belt Shea: P2400

Lucario Lv100, holds King's Rock

Yulfoe Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Kapwondo Lv100, holds Sitrus Berry

Ninja Boy Zeke: P1200

Ninjask Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Serplant Lv100, holds Leftovers

Adnokana Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Hex Maniac Debra: P2400

Violo Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Wombaton Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Klinklang Lv100, holds Leftovers

Lass Haley: P1600

Wikkin Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Crustle Lv100, holds Leftovers

Turblimp Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Lady Cindy: P20000

Kaminary Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Hantama Lv100, holds Focus Band

Strawna Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Collector Lawson: P6000

Cradily Lv100, Cosmic Power, Toxic, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, holds Leftovers

Goabalt Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Blizentork Lv100, holds Focus Band

Camper Justin: P2000

Corenom Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Royalert Lv100, holds Focus Band

Grissley Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Picnicker Heidi: P2000

Combant Lv100, holds King's Rock

Auldsparce Lv100, holds Leftovers

Magnezone Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Skier Kevin: P2000

Skelachone Lv100, holds King's Rock

Switza Lv100, Minimize, Sheer Cold, Recover, Toxic, holds Brightpowder

Drapion Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Pokefan Isabel: P8000

Blissey Lv100, holds Leftovers

Liedoro Lv100, holds Lum Berry

Lumoss Lv100, holds King's Rock

Pokefan Ruben: P8000

Pinchor Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Yunesis Lv100, holds King's Rock

Phantonate Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Bug Catcher James: P1200

R'duckulus Lv100, holds King's Rock

Nymphrost Lv100, holds Focus Band

Samushrai Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Beauty Melissa: P7200

Valentide Lv100, Deep Yawn, Nasty Plot, Hydro Pump, Tone-Deaf, holds Brightpowder

Ranconette Lv100, Shadow Clamp, Devastate, Brick Break, Shadow Sneak, holds Quick Claw

Garchomp Lv100, Raging Flame, Outrage, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Persim Berry

Ace Trainer Wendy: P10000

Drizzlob Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Gengar Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Valentide Lv100, holds Petaya Berry

Ace Trainer Mitchell: P10000

Droudrum Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Strawna Lv100, holds Petaya Berry

Rhyperior Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Expert Humberto: P4000

Scrafty Lv100, holds Liechi Berry

Arincess Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Magnezone Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Rocker Connor: P2400

Sphericoil Lv100, holds Petaya Berry

Carnivice Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Sandrill Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Bug Maniac Jamal: P6000

Ninjask Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Mandiblade Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Blizentork Lv100, holds Focus Band

Dragon Tamer Kai: P4800

Komoragon Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Glamarde Lv100, Cosmic Power, Toxic, Recover, Protect, holds Leftovers

Lickilicky Lv100, holds Liechi Berry

PKMN Ranger Halle: P3600

Selody Lv100, Hydro Pump, Will-O-Wisp, Blizzard, Psychic, holds Petaya Berry

Ferrothorn Lv100, holds Leftovers

Cloubus Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Hex Maniac Johanna: P2400

Phantonate Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Pinchor Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Weavile Lv100, holds Focus Band

Gym Leader Annette: P10000

Ninjask Lv100, Swords Dance, Double Team, Baton Pass, Protect, holds Brightpowder

Drapion Lv100, Earthquake, Devastate, Wave Splash, Hone Claws, holds Salac Berry

Crustle Lv100, Earthquake, Shell Smash, Raid, Grandboulder, holds Scope Lens

Gym Leader Geoff: P10000

Mercenade Lv100, Earthquake, Metal Blast, Swords Dance, Drain Punch, holds King's Rock

Royalert Lv100, Flare Blitz, Giga Spark, Earthquake, Super Fang, holds Salac Berry

Rudebarb Lv100, Stone Edge, Power Whip, Coil, Earthquake, holds Focus Band

Gym Leader Brooke: P10000

Skelachone Lv100, Shadow Clamp, Raid, Wave Splash, Rain Dance, holds King's Rock

Trojalmon Lv100, Wave Splash, Earthquake, Icicle Crash, Scary Face, holds Liechi Berry

Yulfoe Lv100, Bug Noise, Thunder, Psychic, Thunder Wave, holds Brightpowder

Gym Leader Avery: P10000

Cheshess Lv100, Double-Edge, Night Slash, Psygatling, Rest, holds Chesto Berry

Billserk Lv100, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Whirlwind, Raid, holds Liechi Berry

Folifarig Lv100, Shadow Ball, Psyburn, Signal Beam, Nasty Plot, holds Brightpowder

Gym Leader Chie&Rito: P10000

Samushrai Lv100, Spore, Flare Blitz, Stone Edge, Psygatling, holds Salac Berry

Serplant Lv100, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Toxic, Ingrain, holds Leftovers

Nostratos Lv100, Draco Meteor, Typhoon, Haze, Diamondblast, holds White Herb

Gym Leader Fenton: P10000

Nymphrost Lv100, Hydro Pump, Quiver Dance, Blizzard, Psyburn, holds Brightpowder

Adnokana Lv100, Coil, Poison Fang, Metal Blast, Icicle Crash, holds King's Rock

Necrosia Lv100, Devastate, Shadow Clamp, Giga Spark, Will-O-Wisp, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Tara: P10000

Starmie Lv100, Bug Noise, Ice Beam, Discharge, Surf, holds Brightpowder

R'duckulus Lv100, Close Combat, Bulk Up, Devastate, Brave Bird, holds King's Rock

Metagross Lv100, Wave Splash, Metal Blast, Explosion, Zen Headbutt, holds Quick Claw

Gym Leader Francis: P10000

Machu Lv100, Agility, Volt Tackle, Wood Hammer, Raid, holds Salac Berry

Scorment Lv100, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, holds Petaya Berry

Combound Lv100, Icicle Punch, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, Devastate, holds Quick Claw

Gym Leader Brock: P10000

Turblimp Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Relicore Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Mamoswine Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Judy: P10000

Hantama Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Crustle Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Yulfoe Lv100, holds King's Rock

Gym Leader Barbara: P10000

Conductot Lv100, holds King's Rock

Venusaur Lv100, holds Leftovers

Tyranos Lv100, holds Focus Band

Gym Leader Alice: P10000

Selody Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Aurostice Lv100, holds King's Rock

Garchomp Lv100, holds Persim Berry

Gym Leader Romero: P10000

Bakeko Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Galvantula Lv100, holds Petaya Berry

Drapion Lv100, holds Scope Lens

Gym Leader Mel: P10000

Dvaarak Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Scizor Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Eelektross Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Gym Leader Chaz&Maya: P10000

Basilux Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Narwhail Lv100, Surf, Psychic, Blizzard, Calm Mind, holds Petaya Berry

Solarisen Lv100, holds White Herb

Gym Leader Anzu: P10000

Mercenade Lv100, holds King's Rock

Nostratos Lv100, holds White Herb

Latias Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Elite Four Theodore: P8000

Abomasnow Lv100, holds Focus Band

Zapdos Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Klinklang Lv100, holds Liechi Berry

Elite Four Vanessa: P8000

Necrosia Lv100, holds Focus Band

Komoragon Lv100, holds Persim Berry

Relicore Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Elite Four Irene: P8000

Skelachone Lv100, holds King's Rock

Scizor Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Lucario Lv100, holds Liechi Berry

Elite Four Cole: P8000

Rudebarb Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Scimitooth Lv100, holds Focus Band

Entei Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Elite Four Mosmero: P8000

Magmortar Lv100, Fire Blast, Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Magnum Punch, holds Salac Berry

Gatanoia Lv100, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Devastate, Raging Flame, holds Persim Berry

Phantonate Lv100, Explosion, Raid, Flare Blitz, Shadow Clamp, holds King's Rock

Elite Four Norman: P8000

Aerodactyl Lv100, holds King's Rock

Roytsar Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Adnokana Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Annette: P10000

Strawicked Lv100, Giga Spark, Shadow Clamp, Raid, Thunder Wave, holds Salac Berry

Blastoise Lv100, Hydro Pump, Raze Earth, Mirror Coat, Magnet Force, holds Ganlon Berry

Shuckle Lv100, Toxic, Leech Seed, Cosmic Power, Sand Tomb, holds Leftovers

Gym Leader Geoff: P10000

Tyranitar Lv100, Psygatling, Stone Edge, Devastate, Dragon Dance, holds Quick Claw

Garchomp Lv100, Outrage, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Raging Flame, holds Persim Berry

Lylapse Lv100, Raze Earth, Diamondblast, Hydro Pump, Nasty Plot

Gym Leader Brooke: P10000

Feroceros Lv100, Metal Blast, Earthquake, Giga Spark, Iron Defense, holds Quick Claw

Conductot Lv100, Sandblast, Psychic, Typhoon, Roost, holds King's Rock

Suicune Lv100, Surf, Rest, Sheer Cold, Mirror Coat, holds Chesto Berry

Gym Leader Avery: P10000

Gallade Lv100, Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Thunder Wave, Rock Slide, holds Liechi Berry

Charizard Lv100, Overheat, Raze Earth, Air Slash, Will-O-Wisp, holds Petaya Berry

Roytsar Lv100, Outrage, Rest, Double-Edge, Psygatling, holds Chesto Berry

Gym Leader Tara: P10000

Sphericoil Lv100, Explosion, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, holds Petaya Berry

Galavagos Lv100, Raging Flame, Stone Edge, Amnesia, Giga Spark, holds Leftovers

Latios Lv100, Psychic, Haze, Draco Meteor, Energy Ball, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Francis: P10000

Serplant Lv100, Shell Smash, Surf, Rapid Growth, Thunder Wave, holds Petaya Berry

Drapion Lv100, Earthquake, Cross Poison, Swords Dance, Night Slash, holds Scope Lens

Hantama Lv100, HighJumpKick, Devastate, Shadow Clamp, Rock Slide, holds Choice Band

Gym Leader Judy: P10000

Auldsparce Lv100, holds Leftovers

Walrein Lv100, Sheer Cold, Super Fang, Surf, Rest, holds Chesto Berry

Machu Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Barbara: P10000

Mamoswine Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Shedinja Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Cheauking Lv100, holds Leftovers

Gym Leader Alice: P10000

Cradily Lv100, Toxic, Giga Drain, Cosmic Power, Leech Seed, holds Leftovers

Coropper Lv100, holds King's Rock

Articuno Lv100, Mind Reader, Sheer Cold, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, holds Petaya Berry

Gym Leader Romero: P10000

Diaduna Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Metagross Lv100, holds Metal Coat

Gatanoia Lv100, holds King's Rock

Gym Leader Mel: P10000

Phantonate Lv100, holds Choice Band

Combant Lv100, holds Focus Band

Klinklang Lv100, holds Metal Coat

Gym Leader Chaz&Maya: P10000

Droudrum Lv100, holds Leftovers

Lumoss Lv100, Thunderbolt, Solar Beam, Pain Split, Thunder Wave, holds Salac Berry

Terubim Lv100, holds Forecast Map (?)

Gym Leader Anzu: P10000

Scizor Lv100, holds Metal Coat

Correncid Lv100, holds Leftovers

Nostratos Lv100, holds King's Rock

Champion Sylvia: P20000

Latios Lv100, Psycho Boost, Haze, Draco Meteor, Surf, holds Soul Dew

Tentyrant Lv100, Confuse Ray, Surf, Double Team, Dark Resolve, holds Petaya Berry

Asphere Lv100, Nova Inferno, Raze Earth, Draco Meteor, Nasty Plot, holds White Herb

Champion Wally: P20000

Gardevoir Lv100, holds Lum Berry

Heatran Lv100, holds Leftovers

Darkrai Lv100, holds King's Rock

PKMN Trainer Brendan: P100000

Adnokana Lv100, holds Lansat Berry

Arincess Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Tyranos Lv100, holds Focus Band

PKMN Trainer May: P10000

Mienshao Lv100, holds Choice Band

Weavile Lv100, holds Focus Band

Latias Lv100, holds Soul Dew

PKMN Trainer Gordon: P10000

Astignite Lv100, Psygatling, Flare Blitz, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, holds Leftovers

Galvantula Lv100, Thunder, Mach Bolt, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, holds Magnet

Almaria Lv100, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Quiver Dance, holds King's Rock

PKMN Trainer April: P10000

Combound Lv100, Close Combat, Mach Punch, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, holds Quick Claw

Syleafid Lv100, Growth, Diamondblast, Typhoon, Rapid Growth, holds Lansat Berry

Drapion Lv100, Cross Poison, Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Devastate, holds Choice Band

PKMN Ranger (rival): P3600

Yulfoe Lv100, Mach Bolt, Bug Noise, Calm Mind, Psychic, holds Salac Berry

Blizentork Lv100, Brave Bird, Ice Shard, Focus Blast, Agility, holds Focus Band

Feroceros Lv100, Metal Blast, Giga Spark, Earthquake, Hone Claws, holds Quick Claw

PKMN Ranger Jackie: P3600

Coraga Lv100, holds King's Rock

Blissey Lv100, holds Leftovers

Manaphy Lv100, holds Chesto Berry

Team BH and WH Leaders: P8000

Zapdos Lv100, holds Magnet

Tentyrant Lv100, holds Leftovers

Metagross Lv100, holds Metal Coat

DH Leader Turner: P7200

Folifarig Lv100, holds Twistedspoon

Pinchor Lv100, holds Choice Band

Cloyster Lv100, holds Leftovers

DH Admin Reginald: P3600

Krookodile Lv100, Earthquake, Devastate, Raging Flame, Outrage, holds Choice Band

Gengar Lv100, Hypnosis, Possess, Focus Blast, Dark Resolve, holds Focus Band

Raikou Lv100, Aqua Bolt, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Toxic, holds Leftovers

Team DH George: P3200

Eelektross Lv100, holds Choice Band

Wisplode Lv100, holds Leftovers

Strawna Lv100, holds Focus Band

PKMN Trainer Red: P10000

Moltres Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Venusaur Lv100, Toxic, Substitute, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, holds Leftovers

Mewtwo Lv100, holds Twistedspoon

PKMN Trainer Blue: P10000

Charizard Lv100, holds Petaya Berry

Sandrill Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Blastoise Lv100, holds Leftovers

PKMN Trainer Ethan: P10000

Basilux Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Relicore Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Ho-Oh Lv100, holds Choice Band

PKMN Trainer Silver: P10000

Combound Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Royalert Lv100, holds Choice Band

Lugia Lv100, Heat Wave, Aeroblast, Calm Mind, Recover, holds Leftovers

PKMN Trainer Lucas: P10000

Corenom Lv100, holds Leftovers

Shedinja Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Palkia Lv100, holds Dragon Fang

PKMN Trainer Dawn: P10000

Aurostice Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Necrosia Lv100, holds Scope Lens

Dialga Lv100, holds White Herb

PKMN Trainer Hilbert: P10000

Stunfisk Lv100, holds Leftovers

Cryogonal Lv100, holds NeverMeltIce

Cheauking Lv100, holds Starf Berry

PKMN Trainer Hilda: P10000

Selody Lv100, Thunder Wave, Psychic, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, holds Focus Band

Crustle Lv100, holds Scope Lens

Ferrothorn Lv100, holds Leftovers

Champion Lance: P20000

Lapras Lv100, holds Leftovers

Charizard Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Nostratos Lv100, holds Dragon Fang

Champion Cynthia: P20000

Coruda Lv100, holds King's Rock

Lucario Lv100, holds Liechi Berry

Garchomp Lv100, holds Lum Berry

Elite Four Phil: P8000

Mingola Lv100, holds Pink Soap

Cacturne Lv100, holds Quick Claw

Cradily Lv100, Leech Seed, Toxic, Cosmic Power, Giga Drain, holds Leftovers

Elite Four Athena: P8000

Kaminary Lv100, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Sunny Day, holds Salac Berry

Pinchor Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Latios Lv100, holds White Herb

Gym Leader Chie&Rito: P10000

Lucario Lv100, Swords Dance, HighJumpKick, Extremespeed, Devastate, holds Liechi Berry

Rudebarb Lv100, Counter, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Power Whip, holds Focus Band

Ganimede Lv100, Air Slash, Thunder Wave, Psyburn, Energy Ball, holds Salac Berry

Gym Leader Fenton: P10000

Combant Lv100, Raid, HighJumpKick, Wave Splash, Stone Edge, holds Choice Band

Rougella Lv100, Ice Beam, Psychic, Focus Blast, Lovely Kiss, holds Focus Band

Gengar Lv100, Dark Resolve, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Focus Blast, holds Brightpowder

Gym Leader Brock: P10000

Samushrai Lv100, holds Salac Berry

Adnokana Lv100, holds Leftovers

Pteriarch Lv100, holds King's Rock

Dragon Tamer Edwardo: P4800

Galavagos Lv100, holds Brightpowder

Nostratos Lv100, holds White Herb

Ferrothorn Lv100, holds Leftovers


One last thing before we hang it up. Make sure you finish your Pokedex, yep, catch ALL 386 Pokemon out there. Once you do that, return to Prof. Holly's lab, where Holly will congratulate you and then the Mos shows up. Turns out we got an issue. Jackie wants our help. You automatically go to the Ranger Base in Nephrite City where Jackie, your rival ranger, and...are those DH grunts? Looks like Reginald is here too to give us the story, and you’ll get a flashback. Naturally, it seems that the disbanded DH has abandoned Turner after his failure. George named Reginald as the new leader, well, sort of. A scientist drops the ball on the old clone laboratory that Mewtwo used to use in the first movie, and in comes Turner, having heard everything, and he drags everyone to the lab. George and Reginald contemplate their decisions, while Turner and the scientist get the machine running, cloning a few Manekos. It seemed that Reginald told the whole story of what went on, and George had stayed behind since Turner wanted to test the clones on his cronies. We have to save George.

Make your way back to Pokemon Castle. You need to go all the way to the top, to the final floor where Francis would generally be. This time, find a ladder you can go to at the NE end. This will take you to the lab. Follow the path. The blueprint at the far east mentions Delta species. Enter the central room to find your allies. Our missions are set. To the top, George will have been defeated by Turner, but everyone rushes in. Your ranger rival takes George to safety, leaving you to deal with Turner. And he's gonna use uber clone Pokemon!

DH Leader Turner: P7200

Asphere Lv100, Blizzard, Psyburn, Focus Blast, Icebolt Wave, holds King's Rock

Asphere Lv100, Draco Meteor, Overheat, Haze, Thunder, holds White Herb

Doodloo Lv100, Devastate, HighJumpKick, Extremespeed, Will-O-Wisp, holds Focus Band

Lugia Lv100, Wave Splash, Psycho Cut, Earthquake, Devastate, holds Choice Band

Dialga Lv100, Geo Impact, Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Dark Resolve, holds Metal Coat

Nemea Lv100, Raging Flame, Power Whip, Stone Edge, Dragon Dance, holds Salac Berry

A note on this team. Yep, it's the ultimate battle of the ROM hack, given all of those legendaries. But it's more than that:

First of all, he has two Aspheres, which are in fact the Altair Ice/Dragon Asphere and the Sirius Electric/Dragon Asphere. Both of these have much larger Sp. Atk and Speed than the Vega form, with the Altair form having more Attack and the Sirius form having more Defense and Sp. Def. The Altair form has Compoundeyes for its ability, while the Sirius form nullifies Ground moves with Levitate as its ability.

The Doodloo is a Ghost/Dark mon (no weakness with no Fairy type) with heavily-inflated Attack power and Speed, plus all of its other stats are also inflated and it has Pure Power, further boosting Attack.

The Lugia is similar to XD's Shadow Lugia, but it is in fact a Water/Steel type, and you can hit it with Ground moves. Its stats are of course inflated and it has Huge Power to further boost its attack.

The Dialga is of the Ghost/Steel typing, with most of its stats generally inflated, but especially its Sp. Atk. Worse, it has Speed Boost for its ability, and will get faster each turn it stays up.

Finally the Nemea is Grass/Poison, but don't expect to just get it out of the way with a Fire type move, as it has Flash Fire for its ability. Its stats are generally inflated, but its Attack in particular is one to watch out for.

So when you win, Turner releases his Asphere clones and runs, further swearing revenge on you. The released clones get ready to thrash the lab, and while George suggests to run, there's a possibility these clones could escape and wreak havoc outside. However, your ranger rival gets an idea. He wishes to use his Styler to catch the Asphere clones, and his Feroceros will come to his aid. Jackie will give him the Secure Styler, and it works! Afterwards, they have calmed down, they are healed by the group, and subsequently released. George and Reginald give their thanks, and they go, along with Jackie, followed by your ranger friend, then the Mos.

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of Pokemon Vega! This was definitely amongst the most wild of ROM hacks I've experienced, very difficult with steep level curves, plus the uber trainers to deal with and this one final challenge at the very end too. Not many ROM hacks are like this. This would get a double-sequel with Procyon/Deneb, but it's not something I plan to play unless there's an English translation soon. In any case, thank you for reading this walkthrough and I certainly hope it has made your Vega trip much easier.



All of the Pokemon will be listed on wiki, and each individual Pokemon link will give you stats and locations as to where to find them and all. The wiki also mentions the percentages of encounter rates for the mons on the location pages, so this really does save me a lot of time. Check out the Pokemon Vega wiki for all the info you need.

Since one mission requires you to fill the whole dex, I will list off the mons which may be the most troublesome to get overall:

Starters: The Kanto starters can be obtained from the Winstrate siblings after rematching them in the post game. You of course get one starter at the beginning of your quest in Vega, but the other ones are in the postgame area of the Safari Zone, along with the Procyon/Deneb starters as uncommon encounters. The Water starters require Surf.

Riolu: You must trade for a Larvitar at the rooftop of Shamouti Island’s Department Store. It’s the only Riolu in the game. Larvitar by extension is a rare encounter at Mt. Snowfall (4% at the highest levels). You can also find it at B6F of Sphere Ruins (5%) along with its evolved forms (4% and 1% respectively)

Tyrogue and Ralts’ evolutions: The methods for Tyrogue’s evolutions are unchanged. Since Tyrogue is an uncommon encounter in Wiseman’s Cave, and to get the one you want, you may need to catch or breed multiple Tyrogues and feed Proteins or Irons to get their stats up. For Ralts’ evolutions, the same deal, more or less, except at Lv30 you get Gardevoir if Attack doesn’t equal Defense and Gallade if they do. Ralts has a second evolution: Kirgicia, which requires happiness, and I think it overrides the Kirlia evolution in that case. Since you can only encounter Ralts in the postgame at levels higher than Lv20, it might be a good idea to breed and get a Ralts egg (I think the steps you take while you try to hatch an egg increase its friendship when it’s still in the egg), then feed it vitamins before leveling it up pre-Lv20 to get Kirgicia easier. Remember that Kirgicia has a new evolution: Glamarde, via Moon Stone.

Hantama and Spelven: Hantama is a 1% encounter at the Chateau of Time’s highest floor, while Spelven is a 1% encounter at the Spirit Mansion’s highest floor. Annoyed with getting the encounters? You can spend some Game Corner coins to get Hantama for 5500 coins and Spelven for 2800 coins.

Absol, Girafarig, and Kangaskhan: These are 1% encounters in the Safari Zone, and honestly more trouble than they’re worth. You’re actually better getting them from the Sphere Ruins. Kangaskhan is a 20% encounter at B2F, Girafarig is a 4% encounter at B3F (its evolved form is a 1% encounter), and Absol is a 4% encounter on B4F (its evolved form is a 1% encounter)

Laquagon: Route 523 and Shakudo Island have the little dragon as a 1% encounter by surfing, but you’ll probably be taking a really long time here. At B8F of Sphere Ruins, you have a 5% chance of getting it, and a 4% chance of getting Dragune and a 1% chance of getting Nostratos as well.

Cheshile, Dorfin, and Ambilade’s evolutions: These three mons evolve into one of two mons at a certain level, and it’s based off of their personality value. You may have to catch multiple of these mons in order to get the right evolution. For Ambilade, arguably the rarest of these three, they can be found in the deepest part of Victory Road (2% there, and 1% on the floor just above it). I recommend catching one, evolving it, saving and breeding it and then leveling it up there (yeah, it’ll require up to Lv38). Getting both Ambilade forms took me the longest out of any of the Pokemon!

Yolkid and evolutions: In the post game, use Headbutt on the trees on Route 514 to get it. This mon is basically like Eevee in that it has multiple evolutions via evolution stones. Note that headbutting trees is how to get Terubim, Murkrow, Happiny, and Ferroseed as well, amongst other mons.


Note that I will not be posting a PokeDex this time, as Pokemon Vega Wikia already has that completely covered. This will list new evolutions to existing Pokemon in this game though as well as those which have existed in Altair and Sirius but have new evolved forms in Vega. This will also list evolution changes (for example with trade evolutions)

Machu - Evolve Pikachu with high friendship

Dizasol - Evolve Absol at Lv30

Folifarig - Evolve Girafarig at Lv30

Magnezone - Evolve Magneton with high friendship

Gengar - Evolve Haunter at Lv38

Rhyperior - Evolve Rhydon with Moon Stone

Porygon2 - Evolve Porygon at Lv30

Porygon-Z - Evolve Porygon2 with high friendship

Electivire - Evolve Electabuzz with Thunderstone

Magmortar - Evolve Magmar with Fire Stone

Pachirikku - Evolve Pachirisu at Lv26

Lunabain - Evolve Lunabitt with Moon Stone
Liedoro - Evolve Liepus with Sun Stone

Rougella - Evolve Jynx at Lv45

Tanuking - Evolve Percussoon at Lv34

Conductot - Evolve Chatot at Lv42

Ledybulk - Evolve Ledian at Lv38

Bisos - pre-evolution of Tauros, can evolve with high friendship

Planite - Evolve Lunatone with Moon Stone, Solrock with Sun Stone, or Stellith with either Sun Stone or Moon Stone

Tentyrant - Evolve Tentacruel with Water Stone

Sphericoil - Evolve Electrode with Thunderstone

Sableater - Evolve Sableye at Lv36

Jawile - Evolve Mawile at Lv36

Scizor - Evolve Scyther at Lv30

Pinchor - Evolve Pinsir at Lv35

Adnokana - Evolve Arbok at Lv44

Cheauking - Evolve Weezing at Lv45

Dusknoir - Evolve Dusclops at Lv48

Lickilicky - Evolve Lickitung at Lv33

Relicore - Evolve Relicanth at Lv48

Sandrill - Evolve Sandslash at Lv36

Kirgicia - Evolve Ralts with high friendship

Glamarde - Evolve Kirgicia with Moon Stone

Golem - Evolve Graveler at Lv38

Ranconette - Evolve Banette at Lv47

Mamoswine - Evolve Piloswine with high friendship

Carnivice - Evolve Carnivine at Lv35

Valentide - Evolve Luvdisc with high friendship

Pressie - pre-evolution of Lapras, evolves with high friendship

Blizentork - Evolve Delibird at Lv30

Galavagos - Evolve Torkoal at Lv45

Auldsparce - Evolve Dunsparce at Lv42

R’Duckulus - Evolve Farfetch’d at Lv35

Lukewran - pre-evolution of Heatran, evolves with Fire Stone

Almaria - Evolve Aldina with high friendship


Q: Will you play Pokemon Procyon/Deneb?

A: Not unless there’s an English patch for both rom hacks.

Q: How come you don’t have all the moveset info for most trainers?

A: Most of the moveset info I have comes from Pokemon Vega wiki, which is perhaps the most comprehensive source for info on just about everything. It’s why I don’t have the Pokedex listed in this walkthrough. Usually I use trainer editors to find the info for custom items/movesets, but I ran into a lot of errors with several trainers who have completely custom movesets, so most of the info about new moves comes straight from the wiki.

Q: How accurate is Pokemon Vega wiki?

A: Very accurate, but of course I had to modify money gains from trainers in this walkthrough because many of them are actually wrong. There’s even a few Pokemon levels that are wrong, but everything else is spot-on.


-Pokemon Vega Team for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about.

-Game Freak for Pokemon Fire Red, the game that the hack is based on.

-PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)

-The editors of Pokemon Vega wiki, which already has quite a few pieces of info that helped me write this guide (in particular the entire Pokedex).