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Pokémon Ruby++ Version 1.0.3


POKEMON RUBY 1.1 SHA-1: 610B96A9C9A7D03D2BAFB655E7560CCFF1A6D894

POKEMON RUBY++ VERSION 1.0.3 SHA-1: 3CA041C5A159909C37A6473BABEA237E6F96999E

Evolution Stone Locations:

Fire Stone: Trade a red shard to Treasure Hunter in Route 124 (50% on wild Corsola)

Thunder Stone: Trade a yellow shard to Treasure Hunter in Route 124 (50% on wild Chinchou)

Water Stone: Trade a blue shard to Treasure Hunter in Route 124 (50% on wild Clamperl)

Leaf Stone: Trade a green shard to Treasure Hunter in Route 124 (50% on wild Relicanth)

Moon Stone: 5% on wild Lunatone

Sun Stone: 5% on wild Solrock

Shiny/Dusk/Dawn Stones: Bought from stone maniac on 5F Lilycove Department Store

Side note: These are the same methods as in the original games, except the rates of the shards on respective Pokémon have been increased from 5% to 50%. I recommend you use the Compound Eyes effect to increase odds. More information on overworld abilities below.

How to Evolve Trade Pokémon:

The stone maniac on the 5F Lilycove Department Store also carries an item called “Link Cable”. This item directly simulates a trade. Therefore, it will evolve a Pokémon like Kadabra directly, and it will evolve a Pokémon like Scyther if it is holding a Metal Coat.

Metal Coat: 5% on wild Magnemite, Magneton, Bronzor, and Beldum

King’s Rock: 5% on wild Hariyama, Poliwhirl, and Slowpoke

Deep Sea Tooth: 5% on wild Clamperl

Deep Sea Scale: 5% on wild Carvanha

Up-Grade: 80% on Game-Corner Porygon

Dubious Disc: 20% on Game-Corner Porygon

Dragon Scale: 5% on wild Bagon, Horsea, Seadra, and Dratini

Electirizer: 5% on wild Electabuzz

Magmarizer: 5% on wild Magmar

Protector: 5% on wild Rhyhorn

Reaper Cloth: 5% on wild Duskull and Dusclops

Capture Chaining:

You can capture chain Pokémon like how you can in Let’s Go. Every time you catch the same Pokémon sequentially, your chain increases by 1. The chain maxes out at 25, and you can see what your current chain is at on the back of your trainer card. Your trainer card shows the current species of Pokémon that is being chained as well as the chain count. Each chain gives you another reroll in finding a shiny Pokémon. To calculate the odds of getting a shiny at your current chain, use ( (1 + Current Chain) / 8192) * 100%. Pokémon you find will also be guaranteed to have an average IV value greater than or equal to your current chain. The shiny odds increzase as well as the IV value boost only apply to the Pokémon you are chaining!


Like in main games, incenses must be used to breed baby Pokémon. All incenses can be found from Slateport TM salesman after the secret base event.

Overworld Abilities:

Compound Eyes: Increases the rate at which wild Pokémon have held items. The rate increases from 50/5 to 60/20. 

Synchronize: Gives a 50% chance of Pokémon encounters to have the same nature as the Pokémon with synchronize.

Flame Body/Magma Armor: Doubles the hatch rate of eggs in your party

Suction Cups: Guarantees a Feebas in a Feebas tile (You’re welcome) See for more detail: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hoenn_Route_119#Finding_Feebas

Side note: All of these require for the Pokémon with the relevant ability to be in the first slot of your party.

Physical/Special Split:

The Physical/Special split is in the game. In the moves summary screen, (P) represents physical, (S) represents special, and (T) represents a technical move.

Updated Summary Screens: 

Stats are now colored according to the Pokémon’s nature. Red stats indicate they are boosted, while blue stats indicate they are hindered. On the Pokémon Skills screen, you can press select to toggle between the Pokémon’s EV/IV screen. The current screen is indicated in the top left.


The only adjusted route so far is route 103. You can find a new TM here if you have rock smash. TMs in the overworld are shown as yellow pokéballs. 

Roaming Pokémon:

The following Pokémon are now roaming: Latios, Latias, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. You can soft reset them by saving before you interact with the TV in your player’s house. Roaming Pokémon have been adjusted so that they do not move as often when crossing between Routes. They will however, change to a new location set when you fly, and rarely when you cross between routes. Latios and Latias will be automatically added to your pokédex after you see them on TV, making them easier to hunt. If you have the national dex, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune will be registered as well. To generate the next roaming Pokémon, you must capture or defeat the current one and defeat the Elite Four again.


Pokémon have their Generation VII move sets but moves have only been added up to Generation IV.

Many added Pokémon through Gen IV. You can see a full list along with other information in Stats.txt.

Added 6 TMs, with more to come in future updates.

National Pokédex is given upon defeating the Elite Four.

The Special Magnetic Field is located inside New Mauville.

Mossy Rock is the route east of Mauville, where the mirror NPCs/tropius are. Icy Rock is the route west of Fallarbor. 

Lavaridge Egg lady is now a daily event who gives a random one of the following babies: Wynaut, Togepi, Bonsly, Munchlax, Mantyke.

Third desk lady added to Game Corner to reward certain rare Pokémon. 

Currently Unavailable Pokémon:

Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, Ho-oh, Lugia, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Deoxys, Regigigas

Many of these Pokémon will be available in the first update.

SPOILERS (If you want to find new elements yourself, don’t read the spoilers)


Axe: Route 116 (east of Rustboro), NPC in the back who is only accessible by using Cut. 

Sledgehammer: Available in Wanda’s House from boyfriend after getting Strength.

Dolly: Talk to your mom after you beat the 5th gym.

Flashlight: Talk to the same hiker who gives you flash after defeating the 2nd gym.

Scuba Gear: Scientist in Route 125 (top right corner).

All HM Items require you to fight a trainer. They should be considered boss trainers if you fight them at the earliest possible time, so be ready!

Legendary Events(SPOILERS):

Jirachi: Once the rocket count reaches 20, a successful rocket will launch. At this point, talk to the lady next to the white rock in Mossdeep and a Jirachi will appear.

Bugs Fixed from Original Ruby Version:

Fixed a bug causing roaming Pokémon to have very low IVs.

Fixed a bug causing the incorrect amount of money to be given to the player when they sell 256 or above berries.

Fixed a graphical glitch relating to the HP bar when high amounts of damage are dealt.

Fixed a bug causing a Pokémon healed by Shed Skin to receive nightmare damage.

Fixed a bug causing Pay Day to display the wrong amount of money at the end of a battle when used with Amulet Coin. 

Fixed a bug causing the salesman in Oldale Town to walk into the trees if his event is activated a second time due to the player having a full bag.

Fixed some tile issues.