Pokemon Nameless Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Nameless Version - GBA Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

Pokemon Nameless beta version 4.05 (complete) detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Nameless (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. This hack is a prequel to Pokemon Mega Power, and a sequel to Pokemon Resolute, both done by the same author, Wind1158. As I played those two ROM hacks, as well as Pokemon Victory Fire, expect a few familiar characters from those games! And always, expect spoilers in this walkthrough. You have been warned.

Make sure to check out my Battle Arenas Guide as well, since one region in the game specializes in these and there are random trainers to face each time!

Notable things in this hack:

-Mega evolutions

-Pokemon up to Gen-8

-Can reuse Repels when one wears off

-HMs replaced by skills!

-A somewhat nonlinear storyline


*Cyenn Region*

S.S. Brightness [SSBR]
Matar Island [MATA] and [MAT2]

Sadr Path [SADR] and [SAD2]

Monolith Town [MONO]

Prism Forest [PRIF]

Alpheratz Path [ALPH]

Shedir Town [SHED]

Kitalpha Path [KITA]

Izar Path [IZAR]

Enif City [ENIF] and [ENI2]

Capella Path [CAPE]

Beid Path [BEID]

Marfik City [MARF]
Giausar Path [GIAU]

Zosma Town [ZOSM] and [ZOS2]

Peacock Path [PEAC]

Talitha Path [TALI]

Alya Cave [ALYA]

Phad Path [PHAD]

Nashira Village [NASH]

Ruchbah Path [RUCH]

Aludra Path [ALUD]

Etamin City [ETAM]

Furud Path [FURU]

Muphrid Path [MUPH]

Kitalpha Cave [KITC]

Mt Antares [ANTA]
Aspidiske Path [ASPI]

Caph Island [CAPH]

Cyeron Tunnel [CYRT]

Dubhe Path [DUBH]

Kurhah Island [KURH]

Acamar Desert [ACAN] and [ACAW]

Graffias Town [GRAF]

Chara Pyramid [CHAR]

Canopus Ruins [CANO]

Mt Hamal [HAMA]

Cyeron Channel [CYEC]

Polaris Island [POLA]

*Western Tyron Region*

Whitewave City [WHIT]

Coral Path [CORA]

Sunny Beach [SUNN]

Ocean Passage [OCEA]

Crystal Village [CRYS]

Mist Path [MIST]

Brightlight City [BRIG]

Rocky Road [ROCK]

Rose Town [ROSE]

Lost Path [LOST]

Granite Canyon [GRAN]

Orange Village [ORAN] and [ORA2]

Golden Path [GOLD]

Iris Town [IRIS]

Blue Path [BLUE]

Skylight Village [SKYL]

Skylight Tunnel [SKYT]

Challenge Bridge [CHAL]

*Lande Region*

Alocasia Town [ALOC] and [UNK1]

Sedge Path [SEDG]

Asparagus City [ASPA]

Hibiscus Path [HIBI]

Dodder Forest [DODD]

Belladonna Town [BELL]

Eucheuma Path [EUCH]

Lycoris Town [LYCO] and [UNK2]

Clover Path [CLOV]

Betel Path [BETE] and [BET2]

Chestnut Town [CHES] and [UNK3]

Welwitschia Desert [WELS] and [WELN]

Baobab City [BAOB]

Equisetum Path [EQUI]

Ceratoides Town [CERA] and [UNK4]

Stipa Path [STIP]

Apocynum Path [APOC]

Gloiopeltis Path [GLOI]

Mangrove Town [MANG] and [UNK5]

Aconite Valley [ACON]

Saussurea Path [SAUS]

Gracilipes City [GRAC] and [UNK6]

Polygonum Path [POLY]

Miscanthus Town [MISC]

Prophet Palace [PROP] and [UN12]

*Sevii Islands*

One Island [ONEI]

Kindle Road [KIND] and [UNK7]

Two Island [TWOI]

Boon Park [BOON] and [UNK8]

Three Island [THRI]

Bond Bridge [BOND]

Berry Forest [BERR]

Four Island [FOUI] and [UNK9]

Icefall Cave [ICEF]

Five Island [FIVI] and [UN10]

Memorial Pillar [MEMO]

Resort Gorgeous [RESO]

Water Path [WATP]

Green Path [GREE]

Ruin Valley [RUIN]

Trainer Castle [TRAI]

Seven Island [SEVI]

Sevault Canyon [SEVA]

Tanoby Ruins [TANO] and [UN11]

Spiral Island [SPIR]

Battle Department [BADE]

Mega Power Episode [B401] and [UN13]

Appendix [APPE]


When you start the game, it will be different from other ROM hacks. You'll already be treated to a cutscene, showing a young version of the player character: Chronya. For those who played Pokemon Mega Power, you may recognize her as the silver-haired Amazon who was introduced very late as the champion of Western Tyron. This time, we'll be playing as Chronya in this ROM hack. You actually cannot rename her in this hack. And to start things off, the young Chronya has overslept, but also realizes that her mother is not here. She then leaves her room, and you have control. It seems you're onboard a ship! First things first, check the menu. There's a new option at the bottom, called THINK, where you can basically think about what to do next.

If you must know, Chronya's mother is the general known as Altena, as confirmed by the black belt in this hall. The other cabins in this hall are locked, so head west to the bow of the ship. At the very end is Altena herself. During the talk, she mentions that you won't be able to return home, where might that be I wonder? The destination we are going to is the Cyenn region. This region has been referenced only a few other times in Wind's rom hacks. I believe the character Alvaro, who is from Victory Fire and Resolute, hailed from here, although in those hacks it was mistranslated as the Cyna region. Altena will mention that your father actually lives in that region.

Just then, shaking occurs. Oh, it's the Dark Workers! Yeah, I recognized those uniforms from Victory Fire and Mega Power; they are a notable enemy team throughout Wind's rom hacks, and are actually an enemy team for hire. Altena reasons that the king of the Valo Empire (shouldn't he have the title of emperor instead of king?) put them up to it, and that Altena herself is actually a general of the Valo Empire. Altena then goes up to face the Dark Workers. The Dark Workers prove to be crafty, setting up a hole trap to send Altena below. Then, they turn to you, attempting to kill you the same way. Chronya however immediately jumps ship. Determining that Chronya probably wouldn't survive in the sea, the Dark Workers then decide to blow up the ship to remove evidence of their crimes.


Mons found:

Geodude: 95% (rock smash)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Finneon: 60% (surf)

Seadra: 41% (super rod)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (surf)

Poliwag: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Yungoos: 30%

Hoothoot: 30%

Pidgey: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Salandit: 9%

Sandshrew: 5%

Abra: 5%

Graveler: 5% (rock smash)

Buizel: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Lapras: 5% (surf)

Floatzel: 4% (super rod)

Drifloon: 1%

Chronya awakens onto this island. Move anywhere and the person to the right notices you awakening. The man is Gavin, a member of Cyenn's Information Agency. Having heard about what happened to the S.S. Brightness, he is looking for info, and you tell him what happened. You will immediately be brought to three people and a helicopter. One of them is Gavin's dad, Galen! Interesting. I remember him very well from Mega Power as one of the main villains, and it looks like this is the first time we even meet his real son too. The redhead is Vertice, the leader of this squad, while the blue-haired guy is Bruce, the general tough guy, claiming he's strong enough to lift a Steelix. The guys plan to find more survivors, but then they have to realize that someone needs to take care of Chronya. They decide to have her stay on the helicopter. You then receive a Pokemon, Lopunny! But you don't get control yet. A Dark Worker arrives! He has waited until this moment to attack you. Your first battle. Do take note, the Lopunny you have is Lv12 and is a Mega Lopunny!

Dark Worker Grunt: Yungoos Lv9, Koffing Lv9 (both know only Tackle as a move), P288

You may have beaten the bad guy, but he still manages a win over you, by blowing up the helicopter! It looks like we're stranded here for now. Head east now and you'll run into two more grunts. They'll try to tag team you, how unfair! But Gavin arrives in time to be a hero, and lets you deal with only one of these grunts.

Dark Worker Grunt: Dewpider Lv11, P352

Gavin finds out the helicopter was blown up. Regardless of the situation, Gavin vows to protect Chronya. Follow him east and up. As you go, you might find a tree with berries on it. However, you cannot reach them. The woman you see up ahead functions as a healing spot, use it when needed, then go across the grass. You'll also see a beehive, actually a Pokemon nest. Again, you can't do anything about this.

Dark Worker Grunt: Zubat Lv9, Zorua Lv11, Machop Lv10, P320

You'll want to talk to the gentleman you find next. He's another of the survivors, but he also aids you by giving you six Potions and two Ultra Balls! Handy.

Dark Worker Grunt: Salandit Lv13, P416

Soon, you will see a grunt attacking a scientist from the Aether Foundation (you know, that foundation from the Gen-7 games). Instead of attempting to kill the guy, he instead gives the scientist an offer of work. The scientist disagrees, and you rush in to help the guy. The grunt thinks it would be more rewarding to catch you now!

Dark Worker Grunt: Mudbray Lv12, Cubone Lv13, P416

After the grunt runs, the scientist says that the Dark Workers stole from Aether Paradise, in fact they have stolen a Pokemon called Type: Full, that should obviously say Type: Null but that's actually an error. He gives you a Helmet key item. He'll also give you a Popplio! It's Lv14.

Dark Worker Grunt: Munna Lv12, Mimikyu Lv9, P288

Keep going. You'll see rocks to the east, but won't be strong enough to break them (oh yeah, there's no HMs in this game to worry about, you get a skill that will allow you to smash rocks eventually. Next to the rocks is a mineral deposit, containing any sort of item, such as a Metal Dust, White Clay, or Tinymushroom. Or you might not get anything. The items you get are used for crafting later on.

Dark Worker Grunt: Gastly Lv14, P448

Head east to get a Full Heal. There's some steps if you head north from the last grunt where Gavin is, but head west from him first. Another mineral deposit is here. Talk to Gavin now. He will heal your mons, and he also states that he found the secret headquarters of the Dark Workers. You want to help, but he tells you to stay behind, with his dad ensuring that you and the others are safe. Chronya still is determined to help out, and this perseverance seems to be unconvincing, so Gavin will battle you now.

PKMN Trainer Gavin: P512

Lucario Lv27, Detect, Mind Reader, Foresight

Drifblim Lv32, Memento, Thunder Wave

Almost seems like an unwinnable fight, but wow, that was a terrible moveset, as neither of his mons had any attacking moves. So yeah, it's a bogus battle more or less (tip: send out Mega Lopunny when he has Drifblim, since your Lopunny has Limber and he will be forced to use Memento). That wasn't a hard battle, just a boring and weird one. Gavin had that moveset specifically to prove that you shouldn't underestimate your foes, despite the fact he technically is impossible to lose to. At least he heals your mons again. Still, Chronya wants to help out, but Gavin points out that the Dark Workers are so cruel as to even betray their own kin at times. Gavin even had a wife that was a ninja working for the Dark Workers, betraying Gavin after he had a daughter and kidnapping her. When he goes in, just follow him.

Mons found:

Geodude: 35%

Zubat: 30%

Machop: 15%

Trapinch: 15%

Onix: 5%

Interestingly, whenever you transition between areas, the mineral deposits you have salvaged will respawn when you re-enter an area, so it’s possible to get even more materials if you exit and re-enter this cave and go back to the mineral deposits at your leisure. When ready, head up to find Galen, who was told by his son to protect you. Someone shows up behind him and wounds him, then you get attacked.

Dark Worker ???: P2208

Marshadow Lv67: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Shadow Punch, Karate Chop

Crobat Lv67: Poison Fang, Aerial Ace, Confuse Ray, Toxic

Arcanine Lv68, Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Roar, Earthquake

Blastoise Lv67, Surf, Skull Bash, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere

Mimikyu Lv66, Play Rough, Shadow Ball, Protect

Kangaskhan Lv69, Fake Out, Dizzy Punch, Body Slam, Bulk Up

Okay now we have an unwinnable battle. Unless you're cheating, there's no way to win against this team, and I'm sure that if you actually win this battle the game proceeds as if you lost. All of a sudden, Galen gets up! He reveals that his assassin missed the mark, although he was almost killed there. Looks like Galen also decided to break this mystery person's arms while he battled you. The mystery ninja mentions another man who was killed though. Who? Well, the ninja vanishes, so now we're left wondering. You'll be healed, whew! Galen also reasons that it's possible one of his colleagues was the victim, fearing that it could have been his son. You still wish to offer help to Galen's group, and regain control once he leaves.

Pick up material from the mineral deposit and exit to the left. Outside, and to the right, it looks like we have our answer to that last question. Yep, Gavin's corpse is lying right there, with Galen with him. Gavin in his final words says that it is too late to save him. Also, the mystery dude is actually a woman, perhaps it was the same ninja who Gavin used to be married to? In mourning, Galen realizes what he's gotta do next, and invites Chronya to keep going with him. After he leaves, Chronya walks to Gavin's corpse and realizes she must continue on too, not crying over Gavin dying here. Head down, this looks like the entrance to the Dark Worker's hideout!

Dark Worker Grunt: Koffing Lv14, Joltik Lv15, P480

Inside the base, the first person you find is that black belt from the ship! He's happy that you're alive, but he's not able to help right now due to not having his Pokemon with him. So he functions as a heal spot. Head up to see Bruce and Galen. Galen doesn't tell Bruce about Gavin and goes, while Bruce talks to you. Chronya however tells Bruce what happened. Bruce worries about everyone, and wants you to follow the group closely. Head up and let's battle a couple of grunts.

Dark Worker Grunt: Cubone Lv15, Gastly Lv15, P480

Dark Worker Grunt: Dewpider Lv16, P512

Dark Worker Grunt: Sandshrew Lv15, Magnemite Lv16, P512

Chronya will soon find Vertice, who's injured. Looks like he's out of Pokemon, so he's just sitting here. You promise Vertice you'll be helping the other two. To the west of him are several lifts, which are actually rooms. There's Project 003, 002, and 001 as you go left, then the Commander's Room. To the south, Galen and Bruce. If you talk to them, they reason that one of the rooms may have the key. And funny enough, they plan to try and bring the door down themselves while you try to find the key in one of the rooms (possibly using Bruce's strength).

Okay, enter the Commander's room. It's empty, but inspect the picture in the back. It shows a portrait of a man and a woman. The purple-haired woman is determined to be the leader of the Dark Workers, at least here. Leave and enter Project 001's room. Read the clipboard here, mentioning the abandoned Mega Power I project. This project seemed to be missing, but afterwards, another test object had been created to be used in Mega Power II. Leave and enter Project 002's room. Nothing here but to read the clipboard here too. This is actually a diary, owned by someone who may be similar to a character in Mega Power. Said character is a test subject, it seemed, and also was to put on some power armor, then had something put in their brain! The person even tried to commit suicide. Also, the mother had another child, but the father took that one to safety, before this one was born. Seems a lot similar to a certain "shady" individual from Mega Power! After you're done, one final room to go. Enter Project 003's room and read the clipboard here. Here we have a project called "Human Fushion", which I think that last word should be "Fusion". This project is actually finished, combining human and Pokemon DNA to create warriors with flexible bodies and Pokemon abilities, and references a new character called Doctor MK, combining Pokemon DNA with his daughter to create a powerful Pokemon warrior called Eliza. Wow! For those familiar with Wind's ROM hacks, Eliza was a prominent character in all of them as a Zoroark warrior. This explains her origins! The project then states she was to grow into a strong warrior for their organization. Assuming you've seen the picture as well as the rest of the clipboards in the rooms, you'll get the Key! I believe you have to enter every single room, and the last clipboard (or picture) you inspect is where the Key shows up. But this was quite an info dump explaining quite a lot!

Return to Galen and Bruce, and it looks like their brute force trick isn't getting them anywhere. Chronya gives them the Key to open the door. Galen goes on, and Bruce follows, but not before he apologizes to Chronya about putting her in danger. Chronya goes further and says that when they get off this island, that they should find her father, but surprisingly, to tell her father that she's dead. The reason behind this is to prevent her father from being in danger, and if she were to return to him, that would put him in danger. Bruce then thinks that it might not be the best of ideas, since his father would never be happy. Chronya however believes this is for the best. Bruce finds this inspiring, and will fulfill the promise. When he goes, you can continue.

Dark Worker Grunt: Zubat Lv15, Drifloon Lv15, Gumshoos Lv16, P512

Head upstairs, then just go to the next staircase, since there's nothing on this floor. Up here, Galen and Bruce are dealing with three grunts, so go past them. Keep going, and you will eventually find that masked killer! Along with what appears to be that purple-haired woman. Instead of wanting to kill Chronya, she wishes to do some experiments on her! The masked killer is her child. Chronya is determined to bring this woman down for killing her mother and Gavin. You then get ready to battle Type: Full! You also learn that this woman is Viperum, commander of the Dark Workers! Yep, she was an incredibly minor character in Pokemon Mega Power whom "The Shady" confronted at Belladonna Prison for her experiments, and "The Shady" was indeed her child, along with the other who escaped.

PKMN Trainer ???: Silvally Lv17, P272

Yeah, that's actually Type: Null's evolved form, Silvally. Really? It shouldn't be called Type: Full. In any case, the armored trainer cannot control it and it'll likely break down this entire hideout. Holes appear, and Chronya falls down one. After Type: Full flees, Bruce arrives to arrest Viperum, but wonders about Chronya. Then, that other masked killer, now known as "The Hooded", shows up, saying that an agent hurt them while trying to kill the agent, which sounds a lot like what happened earlier with Galen. But maybe it's a different agent, since "The Hooded" seemed to have killed them now? Even worse, more Dark Workers are being sent to look for Chronya. Bruce decides to leave at this point. "The Hooded" also explains to Viperum that Chronya died after falling in the hole, because she seemingly fell into the ocean, which has been confirmed by the other Dark Workers. Despite this, "The Hooded" confirms that this was a loss for the Dark Workers, as the agents have succeeded in their infiltration. Also, "The Hooded" wants Viperum to escape with her child, so to do so would be taking off the armor. Viperum disagrees, since the child won't obey at that point, and instead would rather have the child die. What a cold, cold mother she is. When she and "The Hooded" leave, the child seems to be free. Someone approaches, it's Galen! He promises to keep the kid safe, and the kid wishes to be indebted to Galen forever. Well, we just got our origin story for the character soon to be "The Shady" in Pokemon Mega Power! We don't get a name, or even a gender for this character, as the game cuts back to a cave where Chronya is now in.

Chronya finds out she's in a cave, which isn't safe, so she decides to keep going. The Pokemon found here will be the same as in the other cave you were in, so look back there for info. Head left (if you head south, you'll see a rock, but cannot smash it). If you take the cave exit here, you'll wind up on the other side of the area where you first saw smashable rocks on this island, with nothing to actually do. Head south from this cave entrance. You'll see a rather familiar Pokemon off to the side as you go. Keep going left and check the mineral deposit, then take the steps and head east to reach this Pokemon. Chronya decides to try and help the Pokemon that was used earlier. The Potions she uses won't work, but then she remembers the Helmet that she got from the scientist earlier. Now, the mon won't be called Type: Full, but rather Type: Null! It's original name! It automatically joins your team, and can evolve into Silvally with high friendship. Bravo, your first legendary!

Just keep going on the linear path. You'll find an exit, but Dark Workers find you! Chronya rushes out (I wanted that mineral deposit).


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Finneon: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 35% (surf)

Yungoos: 30%

Pidgey: 24%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Oddish: 10%

Hoothoot: 10%

Wooloo: 10%

Mudbray: 5%

Electrike: 5%

Cubone: 4%

Buizel: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Floatzel: 4% (super rod)

Frillish: 1% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Jellicent: 1% (super rod)

Farfetch'd: 1%

Audino: 1%

This shoreline is a dead end! Chronya is trapped by Dark Workers! Once again, Chronya leaps to the sea. The Dark Workers then decide to be lazy and wait to confirm that Chronya died at sea. Two hours later, we cut to these Dark Workers again, and it seems as if that's enough time to make them say that their mission is done. You'll be in an underground chamber now, so move down and although surprised about surviving, Chronya runs into Bruce! But Bruce didn't save you, and mentions that a Lapras was there to help, and got you into this cave, which is deep underwater. At this point, you should be safe from those Dark Workers. An earthquake soon occurs, oh, there are now rocks in this area blocking the way out. Bruce will demonstrate his strength to break the rock, despite what you've already learned with regards to just using an HM. Chronya wants to be as strong as Bruce some day, and he says for Chronya to train hard! Chronya wants to train under Bruce, even if it means to train all day. She doesn't want people to protect her, but rather to be strong to protect everyone. Next, Bruce and Chronya go to the waterside, where Chronya mentions that she couldn't swim. Rather interesting, considering she survived two times in the water. This is, in fact, our first lesson here. Well, it's not too much of a lesson, as Bruce and Chronya leap into the water in a cutscene. Now you're in a town.


Bruce tells you this should be your new home. He then takes you to his house, but an old man stops him to welcome him back. Of course, this old man is the mayor of the town. The old man jokes that Chronya is now considered a daughter to Bruce, and mentions a certain Cyasine. Those who played Victory Fire and Resolute, she was actually a member of the Tyron Elite Four in those games! You then go right to Cyasine, who is Bruce's actual daughter. The two girls are introduced as sisters! Or friends? It seems that the two stammer in their introductions. Cyasine then wants you to visit her secret base, and the game cuts here.

A twelve year skip! We now have control of a much older Chronya, who has the look of the one in Mega Power. She follows the same routine each day, but is happy about it. At this time, she has received a letter from Cyasine, and yes, it is at this time that Cyasine has since been a member of Tyron's Elite Four. Bruce, in the meantime, has resumed to his old job, and Chronya herself basically helps the villagers in town these days. A mysterious person then shows up. His name is Grima! For those who don't know, Grima is the alias of the investigator known as Sirus, a major character in both Resolute and Mega Power. He's a prosecutor in the Cyenn Information Agency at this time, and a new colleague of Bruce's. Although not Chronya's real father, there is a new revelation: Bruce is missing. He was last heard from going after the organization known as Team Delta, who of course are the major team in Mega Power. Chronya, as usual, wants to help, but is turned down. Despite this, Chronya vows to find Bruce. Where's her bow?

Now that you have control, you can check out the map of the Cyenn region as well as access a PC. It's fairly obvious that the Mega Bow is in that Poke Ball near the PC. Take it, it is a key item and was given to Chronya by Bruce. Guess what? This Mega Bow is, by name, something that can mega-evolve your Pokemon! Something to think about on your journey. Although your Lopunny is a permanent mega-evolution, and you don't have any Mega Stones either. Now, to buy a Town Map and a PokeDex from Mr. Mecan in town. This Mr. Mecan used to be a black market salesman (maybe from Marble City in Tyron?). Leave your house.

In case you're wondering, yes, you can run now. You never could actually run when Chronya was a kid (given the circumstances, it would have made sense, actually). Mr. Mecan is to the left of your house. Talk to him, and Chronya requests exactly what she's looking for. Thankfully, Mr. Mecan's got both. After telling him of Bruce's disappearance, Mr. Mecan is shocked, since he too was saved by Bruce long ago. You need a combined total of P200 to get both the Town Map and Pokedex, for some reason. He also functions as the basic shop.

Town Map: P50

Pokedex: P150

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P400

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Mr. Mecan will have these items for sale any time sans the Town Map and Pokedex afterwards. Refer to the Mart Wares section in the Appendix to show what particular wares get added each time. Exploring town, you'll find out more of Bruce's past, in that he used to be a member of Tyron's Elite Four before Cyasine took on that role. Chronya also had learned how to swim as well. At some point, apparently Chronya and Cyasine were both vice leaders of Whitewave City's old gym. For those that don't know, Whitewave City was the first city you could enter in the Western Tyron region in Pokemon Victory Fire. They have what's known as Battle Bases there, so the gym in that city wasn't really a gym you could challenge. However, Western Tyron is a region you can explore in this game! I still think it's interesting that both Chronya and Cyasine were vice leaders at a gym in Western Tyron, since this seemed to occur during the time skip. Also Sheila is still the battle base leader in that city, and one of your friends. There's a mineral deposit behind the left house. When you're ready, leave to the NE.


Mons found:

Gyarados: 55% (super rod)

Marill: 30% (surf)

Oddish: 30%

Poliwag: 20% (good rod)

Deerling: 20%

Gossifleur: 11%

Pidgey: 10%

Cutiefly: 10%

Dewpider: 5%, 60% (surf)

Exeggcute: 5%

Magikarp: 5% (surf), 100% (old rod), 80% (good rod)

Carvanha: 5% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 5% (super rod)

Fomantis: 4%

Buneary: 4%

Kangaskhan: 1%

Recommended level: Lv17

An interesting person is in front of you, and she seems familiar to Chronya. She's the mayor of Shedir Town and her name is Vindica. She does wish to help you, and instructs you towards the nearby sign. Interestingly, the sign instructs you to a recommended level, in this case Lv17. Vindica tells you to take a gander at every sign you see, which shouldn't be a problem to the seasoned RPG player. You still need her teachings, so follow her as she goes east (no you can't cut the tree to the west yet).

I should also mention, you have new key items in your bag. They are Archery Lv1 (allows you to get berries you couldn't get before!), Strength Lv1 (rock smash), and Swimming Lv1 (surf). Yep, no need for HMs for this hack!

Youngster Tyler: Yungoos Lv17, P272

Check out the mineral deposit and maybe catch some mons before your next lesson (though do be careful if you intend to go for a certain kind of team, since you don't have access to the Pokemon Storage System at the moment). Vindica now talks about Battle Messengers, who you actually give money to ask the trainers for a rematch. Interesting mechanic, but my walkthroughs usually do not talk about rematching trainers that much. If you are in the mood for it though, you can rematch to grind your team to the recommended levels in each area. Vindica also mentions your archery skills, which I just told you earlier can be used for picking berries from the trees. You'll automatically pick up the Oran Berry. Whenever you pick berries from now on, they will generally be one of the more common berries (or you might not get anything), and like the mineral deposits, you can have them respawn to collect as much as you need. Vindica then tells you about swimming, which Chronya also was taught how to do. Follow her north. At the north end, inspect the second flower patch you come to for a Chesto Berry.

Lass Ann: Pidgey Lv17, Bellsprout Lv18, P288

Keep going and inspect the mineral deposit. There's a Pokemon nest soon, but you can't do anything with it despite your skills. Keep going west and pick the berry, then head south. Swim across the pond, making note of the dark patch (we can't do anything here). Across the pond is an Ether.

Bug Catcher Rick: Cutiefly Lv18, Beedrill Lv18, P216

The camper to the left is the Battle Messenger here. You need to pay him P850 to rematch the trainers. From what I can tell, these trainers won't actually level up their teams, so grind away at them any time you need. When ready, continue south, picking more berries. Head north and head to the west side, inspecting the flower there for a Lum Berry.

Picnicker Heidi: Lotad Lv18, Mudbray Lv19, P380

Pick the last set of berries and speak to Vindica. She'll heal your mons and let you know that Shedir Town is a ways away from here before going.


Mons found:

Pidgey: 40%

Yungoos: 24%

Oddish: 20%

Abra: 10%

Hoothoot: 6%

Recommended level: Lv19

You'll see a camping spot, along with "The Man". It seems he doesn't have a name yet, but you tell him your story. He eventually does reveal his name, Ted, and he's a handicraftsman whose father was a better one in the Tyron region, and Bruce used to be the gym leader of Whitewave City (remember Chronya and Cyasine were vice leaders, so it all makes sense now!) so he's acquainted with Bruce too. When Ted's dad died, he travels the Cyenn region. Time to do more skills! Ted will now craft! In a cutscene, Ted crafts a Shell Bell, and gives it to you for free! He'll then teach you how to craft, starting with a Quick Claw and an Amulet Coin. I don't think you get anything, but you do pick up the skill Craft Lv1! It does exactly what it does.

The camping spot can be used as a free resting spot. Look up the Crafting Items section in the Appendix for what you can craft at Lv1.

So now what? Try going left first (shoot some berries down too) to get a Poke Ball. What's this entrance? This is an enclosed spot, where the only thing here is Audre. She is the Mega Guardian of Audino. She challenges you to defeat her in combat in order to give you the Mega Stone of Audino (recommended level, Lv20)

Megaguardian Audre: P252 and an Audinite

Audino Lv21, Fairy Wind, Recover, holds Audinite

Yes, there is now in-battle mega evolutions this time around, and yes, she will mega-evolve her Audino right away. So when you get an Audino, you can mega-evolve it with the mega stone given by Audre here! Furthermore, and this is for all Megaguardians, you can return to any of them to actually buy their respective Mega Stones without battling! Go back and go to the campsite if needed, then head east and up.

Gentleman Arthur: Vulpix Lv18, Cubone Lv19, P1368

Check a mineral deposit and keep going. The black belt is the Battle Messenger here, and charges P550. You can't cut the tree here, but try to go under it, it's a trainer!

Camoufleur Dirk: Joltik Lv18, Gligar Lv18, P648

Get the Potion and backtrack. Head up, pick berries, get minerals...

Beauty Grace: Buizel Lv19, Snover Lv19, P1368


Mons found:

Yungoos: 60%

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Marill: 30% (surf)

Electrike: 24%

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Wooloo: 11%

Buneary: 5%

Buizel: 5% (surf), 60% (good rod), 84% (super rod)

Poliwag: 4% (surf)

Dewpider: 1% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Yes, there’s Pokemon to find in this town. Tall grass to the east and a few ponds.

Go up to Vindica, who introduces you to the PokeCenter. Well, not really, as you aren't really a rookie trainer at this point. She'll continue to show you around town, but then two people are standing in the way. Hey, I know you two! It's Genba and Absolve, ninjas from Pokemon Mega Power! Vindica immediately namedrops the two (as opposed to Genba not having a name until MUCH later in Mega Power) and even tells you that they work for the Cyenn Information Agency. So this is where these two worked together in the past. Vindica mentions that they've been partners ever since they were little. When they notice you, Genba greets Vindica, and Vindica also says that prosecutor Grima mentioned them about Chronya. Chronya immediately asks about Bruce, but they can't say what has happened to him, because she's not a part of the rescue team. Absolve mentions she's not an official agent, unlike Genba, but can still collect information and steal things. Genba then changes the subject and mentions another familiar character from Mega Power, Kasper, leader of Team Delta, who was last seen in Enif City. Absolve goes to investigate. Chronya immediately figures out why Genba sent Absolve away, because he doesn't want her to hear what he's about to mention 12 years ago. He mentions about the most famous traveler of the Sylon region, sounds an awful lot like the protagonist from Pokemon Resolute!

And now for something different. Since Chronya apparently does know about this traveler, we are now treated to a quiz! Genba asks, is this traveler a boy or a girl? Well, if you played Pokemon Resolute and know about your character, go ahead and pick that character! It will be either Logan or Alma. You are then prompted to input this character's name, and I think you can use whatever name, but I gave you the default names. Genba then surprises Chronya by saying that Logan/Alma will be her new partner. It seems that Siru...I mean Grima knows that you were searching for Bruce yourself, so the protagonist from Pokemon Resolute will be helping Chronya out. Even though Grima didn't want you to join the team, he's alright with you secretly looking for Bruce. Genba now goes, and you talk to Vindica about how you want to help others without being helped yourself.

Onwards with the tour! Vindica then gives you the location of the Battle Arena, and how you will be going to the Lv1 Defender status, by beating the Lv1 Defender who is currently there. Then, you face three more challengers. Defeat them to become a higher-leveled trainer. Vindica will announce she's the defender of the Lv1 competition, and will await your challenge when you're ready for her.

Time to explore town! The granny nearby mentions that Klaus used to be mayor of this town 24 years ago. Klaus was a surprisingly major player in Mega Power, both as a gym leader of Fescue City in Ivara and still being a good magician. Head east from the pond east of the battle arena, behind the house, and at the edge of the pond you can find a hidden Razz Berry (along with a berry tree). A mineral deposit is north of where you met Genba and Absolve. A black belt near the PokeMart can teach Mega Kick.

Talk to the fisherman near the PokeMart to get the Old Rod! There's tall grass to the east, as well as the entrance to Alya Cave, but we'll hold off on that until we finish with the town. A hidden Great Ball is near the north exit near a Pokemon nest, and a mineral deposit is east of it. North is Sadr Path, but again, we'll hold off on this for now. Exploring the west side of town, you'll find out that Cyenn doesn't have a Pokemon League, unlike other regions. If you swim in the SW pool and land on the other side, find a hidden Persim Berry to the south. Another Pokemon Nest is at the NW end. The house nearest it has a girl who will teach Mega Punch. That's it for the town, except for the Battle Arena!

So now let's enter. Immediately to the left is a Pokemon Move Maniac who like always will teach previous moves to Pokemon if necessary. Don't worry about mushrooms, since mineral deposits can be re-excavated any time. The receptionist on the right will allow you to choose a rank, assuming you're a defender. But you're not one at the moment, so talk to the left receptionist. Select the Lv1 Defender to challenge (you need higher rank to select the others) and are recommended to be at Lv22. After being registered, you go up to a simple battle arena to battle Vindica.

Leader Vindica: P2000, Defender Lv1, and Observer LvX

Gligar Lv22, Dig, Bite, Rock Slide

Vulpix Lv23, Ember, Will-O-Wisp, Leer

Lurantis Lv21, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Slash

Observer LvX is basically the Itemfinder, but also means you can find the full Pokemon list in all locations by reading signs now. Although this guide will still tell you the encounter rates, which is just as important. Vindica also mentions that other Defenders will also give you skills when you beat them. She also mentions that, as a new Defender, you will face challengers who will battle you. To do so, talk to the right receptionist and select Lv1. You will be on the right side this time. Refer to the Battle Arenas guide to see what kinds of trainers you will be facing in the Lv1 category. For this matchup and this matchup alone, the third trainer is a surprise! It's your new partner Logan/Alma who’s the final challenger! I'm gonna assume you picked the default names, cause that's what they were in Resolute and that's their names in Mega Power. I'll give trainer info for both, as they are different.

Rival Logan: P352

Arcanine Lv19, Quick Attack, Ember

Keldeo Lv21, Water Pulse, Double Kick

Lucario Lv22, Aura Sphere, Metal Claw

Rival Alma: P352

Ninetales Lv19, Ember, Quick Attack

Keldeo Lv21, Water Pulse, Double Kick

Mienshao Lv22, Aura Sphere, Thunderpunch

Logan/Alma surely won't use the teams they've taken from Resolute. That would be far too unfair. Now that you have defended your Defender title for three consecutive trainers, you now become a Lv2 Challenger. Once you head down, Logan/Alma, Vindica, and another person are all waiting. While Vindica summarizes what we know, the new person reveals herself as one of the defenders you'll be facing in the future, named Salvia. She's a Lv2 Defender. Vindica also mentions that if you get to LvEX, the highest level, you'll be the champion of the whole region if you manage against six consecutive challengers! Logan/Alma then comes up to Chronya, and while she wants to go alone, Logan/Alma wants to help out. Chronya still prefers to go alone though. Then, you get a clue that Team Delta was sighted in Etamin City, and Genba is waiting for you there.

From this point, the game is actually fairly open-ended. The one thing you will have to worry about on your journey would be the recommended levels for each area you come across. Also, since you are a Lv2 Challenger, you can now face the Lv2 Defender, who of course was Salvia from before. But your recommended level should be Lv30 or so, so we'll hold off. You can always rematch the Lv1 Defender matches if you want, but not the Lv1 Challenger match.

Info for Lv2 Defender battles here will be in the Battle Arenas Guide, so look for it there.

The goal, of course, would be to get to Etamin City (Lv35), but I always tend to explore more than necessary until we gotta continue the plot, so how about a return trip to Matar Island? Head north to Sadr Path.

SADR PATH (revisited) [SAD2]

Recommended Level: Lv22

A hidden Rare Candy is to the left of the sign.

Camper Jeff: Deerling Lv21, Pidgeotto Lv22, P440

Obviously, you can swim north.

Swimmer Nancy: Finneon Lv22, Frillish Lv22, P88

Swimmer Ricky: Squirtle Lv22, P92

To the right is Kitalpha Path (Lv26). Let's not go there yet. We wanna revisit Matar Island. The woman near the cave entrance is actually a battle messenger (need P700), and there's a hidden Sitrus Berry left of her. Enter the cave when ready.

MATAR ISLAND (revisited) [MAT2]

Recommended level: Lv23

Now you can access that mineral deposit from before. Also there's newer trainers around here.

Hiker Lucas: Graveler Lv22, Vibrava Lv23, P828

Scientist Oliver: Flaaffy Lv20, Drifloon Lv21, Magnemite Lv22, P880

When you get to the next set of steps, head left and down to find the battle messenger (P1150). Head right and go to the ladder, it's another camoufleur!

Camoufleur Ashton: Mudbray Lv23, Sableye Lv23, P828

Picnicker Dana: Lopunny Lv23, P460

Before exiting, head to the SE part, smash a rock, and collect a Pearl.

Recommended level: Lv25

Back on the island proper, again there's more trainer than before.

Cooltrainer Yanni: Bruxish Lv25, P900

Head north first. The battle messenger is the girl to the left near the mineral deposit (P1650).

Hiker Jeremy: Rhyhorn Lv23, Gligar Lv24, P864

Let's take a side trip into the cave where you and Galen were assailed by that hooded assassin. On the other side, the Dark Worker hideout has been demolished. Enter the crater.

Pokemaniac Huey: Drifloon Lv23, Mimikyu Lv24, P1152

The item here is a Quick Claw! Also you may have seen something to the east. Head all the way around the crater to encounter Meltan Lv25!

Back on the island proper again, head west.

Cooltrainer Dawn: Sizzlipede Lv24, Marshtomp Lv25, P900

Crush Girl Tiffany: Machop Lv23, Medicham Lv24, P480

Black Belt Yamada: Poliwhirl Lv23, Machop Lv24, P576

Swimming west reveals nothing (though Lapras is a rare encounter here, check the [MATA] section to see the encounter list), but swim south and around the rock for TM27 Return! There's also a Pokemon nest here. That's it for Matar Island! Our next stop is that path I told you to skip earlier, which is Kitalpha Path!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Finneon: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Lumineon: 60% (surf)

Tentacool: 30% (surf)

Clamperl: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 20%

Vulpix: 20%

Gastly: 20%

Cubone: 15%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Haunter: 10%

Ditto: 8%

Exeggcute: 5%

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Frillish: 5% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Huntail: 4% (super rod)

Spinda: 2%

Gorebyss: 1% (super rod)

(note, the tall grass and the cave are blocked by whirlpools; you cannot pass them at the moment)

Recommended level: Lv26

Swimmer Camron: Corphish Lv25, Seel Lv26, P104

Swimmer Rubi: Finneon Lv25, Horsea Lv25, Buizel Lv25, P100

camoufleur Lea: Magnemite Lv25, Gloom Lv26, P936

Swimmer Hideo: Starmie Lv26, P104

There's a camping spot about midway through.

Swimmer Thaja: Staryu Lv26, Feebas Lv26, P104

Last person here is the battle messenger (P1100). To Izar Path!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Carvanha: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf)

Marill: 30%

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Oddish: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Wingull: 14%, 5% (surf)

Pidgey: 10%

Galarian Zigzagoon: 10%

Ralts: 9%

Gossifleur: 5%

Sharpedo: 4% (super rod)

Jellicent: 1% (super rod)

Audino: 1%

Pelipper: 1%, 4% (surf)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv28

We're going south first, but will return to the north without going anywhere else new. East is Beid Path, but we're skipping that too (Lv35!).

Swimmer Elliot: Poliwag Lv26, Shellder Lv26, Buizel Lv26, Horsea Lv26, P104

Swimmer Lucy: Staryu Lv27, Seel Lv28, P112

On the dry land at the south side is a Hyper Potion in a clearing. The old man on the dock to the right is the battle messenger (P1760).

Camoufleur Justin: Grovyle Lv26, Exeggcute Lv28, P1008

Fisherman Andrew: Magikarp Lv36, Gyarados Lv26, P936

The south cave entrance leads to Alya Cave, which is yet another entrance into the cave (the other of course is in Shedir Town). The building here is an Undersea Tunnel that takes you to the north end of Izar Path as a nifty way to avoid trainers. Somewhere in the middle of the Undersea tunnel (on the red floor) you can find an Ether. Now we shall go north, but take the long way as we do. From the intersection with Kitalpha and Beid paths, head north.

Fisherman Hank: Buizel Lv27, P972 (I was surprised with this trainer, because it looked like a female swimmer instead of a fisherman)

North leads to the next dock, as well as the north entrance to the Undersea Tunnel. Talk to the fisherman at the west side and you'll get the Super Rod! He'll also talk about picking up a giant Magikarp and showing him, if you're ever interested.

Fisherman Ned: Buizel Lv26, Poliwhirl Lv27, Lapras Lv28, P1008

There is a Mega Guardian here, Gala, however she has a Lv42 mon so I would recommend challenging her later. But when you do get ready, first, a maze! Oh joy. This will be ridiculous. If you need to leave, talk to the girl (which is a doll) to leave.

South room (6 teleporters):

NE teleporter takes you to the central teleporter in the central room (9 teleporters). All other teleporters in this room take you to the central teleporter in the starting room.

Central room (9 teleporters):

In this room, take the left teleporter on the south wall. All other teleporters will take you to the starting room with 6 teleporters.

East room (5 teleporters):

Take the west teleporter. All other teleporters lead you back to the starting room (or if you take the one you were on, you would be back in the central room).

SE room (8 teleporters):

Take the SE teleporter (all others lead to the starting room or the one you were on takes you back to the previous room).

NE room (7 teleporters):

Take the SW teleporter (all others lead to the starting room or the one you were on takes you back to the previous room).

NW room (6 teleporters):

Take the NW teleporter (all others lead to the starting room or the one you were on takes you back to the previous room).

West room (5 teleporters):

Take west teleporter.

SW room (6 teleporters):

Take the teleporter you're on this time. You can now challenge Gala!

Megaguardian Gala: P504 and a Gardevoirite

Gardevoir Lv42, Moonblast, Psychic, Calm Mind, Ice Beam, holds Gardevoirite

Fisherman Chip: Chinchou Lv26, Brionne Lv28, P1008

Head to the end of the dock and SW of the sign, you can pick up a hidden Rare Candy. To the next town!


So Absolve went here because a certain Kasper, leader of Team Delta, was sighted around here. As a matter of fact, so are a bunch of cops, looking out for the Team Delta members. Enter the house next to the PokeMart and talk to the a guy here. He will offer you a Rowlet! Nice. A few names are dropped around, including a Kana who was a descendant of a CYENN Quenn, shouldn't that be Queen? The original Megaguardian in any case. Also the name Chloris is dropped; she was, or actually is, a member of Team Delta's Golden Trio at this point, and she's also the daughter of the Cyenn University president. Engineer BC, another recurring character, is also mentioned as having been a member of the university 40 years ago.

The Name Rater's home is to the SW. A house to the left of the PokeCenter belongs to Neil/Tyra, who was said by a person on Izar Path to be the youngest professor of Cyenn University, before they became a member of Team Delta it seems. Also I believe which person you encounter is dependent on the gender you chose for Logan/Alma, so if you chose Logan, you will meet Neil, or if it was Alma, you'll meet Tyra. This ties in with Pokemon Mega Power where only Logan met Neil or only Tyra met Alma. The parents are home, one is proud and the other worried. If you read the PC at the top, you will get some info on three trainers who permanently mega-evolve their Pokemon: Expert S, Engineer BC, and Doctor MK. The log mentions that these people succeeded in their experiments, but decided not to release their results because the world wasn't ready for this kind of stuff yet. The person on the log mentions they will do something about it, even if it means joining with...Team Rocket? I'm not sure if this is referring to Neil/Tyra after all.

The scientist in the NW house will teach you Seismic Toss. Cyenn University is the big building at the north end, but the officers will not let anyone in. The building at the NE side is of interest, called the Steven Geological Museum. Possibly named after Steven Stone? Enter and go downstairs. The hiker here is Rick Basalt, a.k.a. Mr. Rock. Pay him P4800 for a paleontology lesson. The lesson will allow you to have a 4% chance of finding fossils when examining mineral deposits, in other words, Fossilogy Lv1. To the left is Canopus Ruins, and to the right is Capella Path. Where to go?

Well, you could go left to the Canopus Ruins. The path here is actually without trainers or Pokemon. It's the inside of the ruins to watch out for, as the recommended level is Lv55. A girl near the sign can teach you Double-Edge. There is also an HP Up here. The Braille inscriptions here read THIS IS WHERE WE HID THE TR. I wonder what that is? But let's just head east to Capella Path for now.


Mons found:

Growlithe: 20%

Pidgey: 20%

Natu: 10%

Swablu: 10%

Shuppet: 10%

Sandile: 10%

Gligar: 5%

Krokorok: 5%

Pidgeotto: 4%

Absol: 4%

Sizzlipede: 1%

Bronzor: 1%

Recommended level: Lv31

The Battle Messenger is the first person you see, who'll charge P2300. She is also next to a mineral deposit.

PKMN Ranger Aidan: Koffing Lv30, Haunter Lv31, P1116

PKMN Ranger Julia: Centiskorch Lv29, Absol Lv31, P1116

A Sun Stone can be found in a rock near the berry tree. Don't enter the first entrance to Mt. Antares, as not only is the recommended level Lv47, but a trainer immediately ambushes you!

Hiker Leslie: Omanyte Lv32, P1152

Another rock to the east has a Max Elixir.

Hiker Rich: Mudbray Lv29, Graveler Lv31, P1116

The middle cave here is home to the Megaguardian known as Abe, who has the Absolite. You really do not want to fight her, as she has a Lv90 mon, but she will quiz you. If you are intent on getting that Mega Stone ASAP, well, here's the quiz and answers.

I am the Megaguardian of Pidgeot: No

Beeheeyem is a Ghost-type Pokemon: No

Water is the most common of the eighteen types: Yes

Grass is the least resistant type: No

Rare Candy can be used to revive a fainted Pokemon: Yes

Minior is a Flying-type Pokemon: Yes

There are 151 kinds of Pokemon in the Kanto Dex: No

If you are of course intent on fighting her, here's her trainer info.

Megaguardian Abe: P1080 and an Absolite

Absol Lv90: Crunch, Psycho Cut, Slash, Metal Claw, holds Absolite

The third cave in Mt. Antares is open, but again, we're not gonna go too far due to the recommended level here (also don't go down that ladder, it's a camoufleur). Just do what you want in this route and we'll be backtracking for a small bit. We’re going to Beid Path next, which is east of Izar Path.


Mons found:

Finneon: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Natu: 20%

Yungoos: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Gumshoos: 10%

Ekans: 10%

Pidgey: 10%

Pidgeotto: 10%

Tentacruel: 6% (surf)

Ralts: 5%

Kirlia: 5%

Floatzel: 4% (super rod)

Lumineon: 4% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Wingull: 4%

Pelipper: 4%

Xatu: 1%

Arbok: 1%

Recommended level: Lv35

Swimmer Shane: Tentacruel Lv34, Floatzel Lv35, P140

Picnicker Isabelle: Arbok Lv33, Raichu Lv33, Lopunny Lv34, P680

The first island with grass has an HP Up. It also has a mineral deposit on the rock and Gale, the Megaguardian of Gallade! You'll want mons at or around Lv40, and will fight three Gallades.

Megaguardian Gale: P480 and a Galladite

Gallade Lv41: Protect, Swords Dance, Crunch, Agility, holds Galladite

Gallade Lv39: Endure, Baton Pass, Reversal, Swords Dance, holds Quick Claw

Gallade Lv40, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Crunch, Aerial Ace, holds Choice Band

Swimmer Crissy: Araquanid Lv35, Starmie Lv35, P140

On the next island, there's a free Water Stone inside a rock. The battle messenger is here too (P1100). Do note the deep water in the corner before moving south.

Swimmer Jes: Frillish Lv34, Pelipper Lv35, P140


Mons found:

Finneon: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 6% (surf)

Lumineon: 4% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Floatzel: 4% (super rod)

The girl in the first house you come to will sell TM47 Steel Wing for a whopping P10000. Yikes. People around here are talking about how you can get a really good skill if you challenge the Lv2/Lv4/Lv6 Defender. In fact, that's exactly why I led you here in this walkthrough, as the thing she gives is much better than other skills or items you could get if you challenged other Lv2 Defenders, so you really don’t want to miss it. A black belt in the next house will teach Counter. Go to the house under the PokeMart, then head east into the trees. The dead end has a hidden PP Up. You'll hear about Gatekeepers, who are elite trainers that will allow you to access Polaris Island. Vic is one of those Gatekeepers, born in this city. Peacock Path is to the south.

The Day Care is here, near the east side of town. To the south is Travant's Perfume Shop.

Sea Incense: P9600

Lax Incense: P9600

Repel: P350

Super Repel: P500

Max Repel: P700

Guard Spec.: P700

Dire Hit: P650

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

X Speed: P350

X Accuracy: P950

X Special: P350

Wart, the Megaguardian of Swampert, is also here, ready for a challenge if you desire. Recommended to be Lv40.

Megaguardian Wart: P504 and a Swampertite

Swampert Lv42, Waterfall, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Mega Punch, holds Swampertite

To the right is Giausar Path. The SW house here has a girl who will give you a free Litten! Great. Now we should check out the Battle Arena. Assuming you haven't challenged Salvia at Shedir Town for the Lv2 Defender position, you should be able to challenge Cordelia for the Lv2 Defender here. And I recommend it, for the record, due to the prize offered. If you've already challenged and beat a different Lv2 Defender, you will have to wait until you get to challenge a Lv4 Defender for a battle against Cordelia. You definitely want her Birdcall LvX skill, it's basically the equivalent to Fly! As always, my Battle Arenas Guide should prove useful

Afterwards, go back in and challenge some challengers (you can of course go elsewhere to do this of course) in order to increase your trainer rank. At this point, you should be a Lv3 trainer.  We will now take a small detour to Zosma Town via Giausar Path, but won’t go any further than that.


Mons found:

Ekans: 20%

Pidgey: 20%

Pidgeotto: 10%

Sizzlipede: 10%

Shroomish: 10%

Natu: 10%

Xatu: 5%

Farfetch'd: 5%

Wooper: 5%

Quagsire: 4%

Spinda: 1%

Recommended level: Lv37

An Ultra Ball is right by the route entrance, as is a hidden Ether in the opening.

Lass Alicia: Kadabra Lv35, Cherrim Lv35, Lucario Lv36, P576

The scientist here is a battle messenger (P1900) Also, there's a girl on a rock that you can talk to from below. This is actually the Megaguardian of Pidgeot! And here's the kicker, you can only use your own Pidgeot to battle her. When you're ready, you will be prompted to select your Pidgeot for battle (I don't know if you can have other mons in your party and if that changes anything, but you must select a Pidgeot to challenge her. I decided to put all of my other mons in the PC except for Pidgeot in my case).

Megaguardian Paige: P432 and a Pidgeotite

Pidgeot Lv36, Air Cutter, Heat Wave, Uproar, holds Pidgeotite

Bug Catcher Conner: Beedrill Lv36, Ninjask Lv36, P432

Hiker Alan: Graveler Lv36, Krokorok Lv36, P1296

A rock at the south end has a Rare Candy.

Cooltrainer Chris: Poliwhirl Lv36, Arcanine Lv37, P1332

Camoufleur Brent: Sawsbuck Lv38, P1368

One last hidden item before the town is next to the berry tree at the north end. It's a Chesto Berry.


Mons found:

Finneon: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Feebas: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 6% (surf)

Lumineon: 4% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Floatzel: 4% (super rod)

Zosma Town doesn't have a Battle Arena in the actual town, but there is one on Muphrid Path to the south. We won't be going there though. The Cyenn Logistics Center is here, but it's closed for now thanks to the Dark Workers. Interestingly, the logistics center used to be a Dark Worker hideout. Team Delta seemed to have been spotted here too, and Kasper is surprisingly an investor of the Logistics Center. He also was said to have been born in this town. A grandma in the NE house will teach Explosion. A PP Max is in the NE corner. In the easternmost house are two scientists. If you've already achieved Fossilogy Lv1, talk to the top one to learn Fossilogy Lv2 (10% chance of finding fossils)! That's pretty much it for this town. We'll be backtracking to Marfik City and heading south now.


Mons found:

Tauros: 20%

Hoppip: 20%

Skiploom: 10%

Aron: 10%, 70% (in cave)

Skarmory: 10%

Munna: 10%

Musharna: 5%

Mienfoo: 5%

Lairon: 4%, 19% (in cave)

Duraludon: 4%

Mawile: 2%, 11% (in cave)

Recommended level: Lv39

Yeah, there's a cave to the west of the guardhouse. It's a weird little maze! There's a diving spot to the east as well as a path leading north. This part of the cave has holes which lead to a floor below, as well as ladders. From the entrance, head all the way to the north wall, then west to the hole there. Then head east, take the ladder there, then head to the east wall. Head south to a hole, but go around it and enter the hole behind it. Down here, go until you get to the ladder.

You'll meet the Megaguardian Argus!

Megaguardian Argus: P504 and an Aggronite

Aggron Lv42, Metal Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Take Down, holds Aggronite

Time for the rest of this route.

Hiker Isaiah: Gabite Lv37, Camerupt Lv38, P1368

Head to the first patch of grass to pick up a PP Up from the rock here.

Cooltrainer Veba: Ditto Lv38, Mimikyu Lv38, Ninetales Lv38, P1368

The next hiker is a battle messenger (P4500).

Camoufleur Mist: Crawdaunt Lv39, P1404

The item that isn't a camoufleur is an Ultra Ball. Continue south.

Crush Girl Nico: Graveler Lv36, Hawlucha Lv38, P760

Head down and the next rock before the steps will have a Full Restore.

Super Nerd Jamal: Onix Lv36, Poliwhirl Lv37, Magneton Lv38, P912

Another grassy area has a Hyper Potion. Plus a Rare Candy hidden in a rock nearby.

Beauty Zoe: Flaaffy Lv42, P3024

Camoufleur Billy: Tauros Lv38, Noctowl Lv39, P1404

Crush Girl Corria: Mienshao Lv40, P800

Rest at the campfire, then inspect a rock south of it to find a Max Revive, as well as get a Nugget to the south.

Black Belt Jaxon: Combusken Lv38, Machoke Lv39, P936

Hiker William: Rhyhorn Lv36, Sandslash Lv37, Onix Lv37, P592


Mons found:

Numel: 20%

Hoothoot: 20%

Noctowl: 10%

Pikachu: 10%

Koffing: 10%

Aron: 10%

Lairon: 5%

Tauros: 5%

Eevee: 4%

Camerupt: 4%

Marill: 1%

Mawile: 1%

Recommended level: Lv38

Bird Keeper Ramiro: Xatu Lv34, P816

The big guy here is a battle messenger (P900)

Beauty Jamie: Starmie Lv37, Lurantis Lv37, P2664

The guard at the guardhouse says that yes, there's a Megaguardian around here. And around here is referring to upstairs, where we find Merry, the Megaguardian of Mawile, looking through the binoculars.

Megaguardian Merry: P504 and a Mawilite

Mawile Lv42, Crunch, Play Rough, Metal Claw, Swords Dance, holds Mawilite

Camper Wilton: Slowbro Lv36, Krokorok Lv37, P740

The Etamin Battle Arena is actually on this route, and there's a Zinc to the west of it. Whenever you feel like it, you can challenge the defenders here, and refer to my Battle Arenas Guide for more info. To the south is Etamin City itself, but we're going to hold off on this for now. Go back to Shedir Town and head east to the Alya Cave. Now we'll be going this way.


Mons found:

Main caves:

Geodude: 30%

Mudbray: 25%

Zubat: 15%

Cubone: 10%

Onix: 10%

Rhyhorn: 8%

Graveler: 1%

Gible: 1%

2nd cave (with boulders)

Onix: 29%

Machop: 20%

Geodude: 20%

Zubat: 10%

Mudbray: 10%

Rhyhorn: 9%

Gible: 2%

Recommended level: Lv23

Get the Iron at the Shedir Town entrance and head east.

Camper Rolando: Ekans Lv21, Sandshrew Lv21, Wartortle Lv23, P460

Hiker Greg: Onix Lv22, Cubone Lv23, P828

camoufleur Luke: Geodude Lv22, Trapinch Lv23, P828

The south end has the exit to Phad Path, which is technically our next destination. There's also a black belt who's the battle messenger (P2500). Head north and east, ignoring the ladder for now.

Picnicker Becky: Ivysaur Lv23, Marill Lv23, P460

Hiker Brice: Geodude Lv20, Machop Lv21, Geodude Lv23, P828

The entrance here leads to the south end of Izar Path, so that's how this connects. Go back to the Phad Path exit, the ladder here will not be useful right now due to a boulder in the way.


Mons found:

Pidgey: 30%

Sandshrew: 20%

Machop: 15%

Mudbray: 15%

Pidgeotto: 10%

Gligar: 5%

Mienfoo: 4%

Mimikyu: 1%

Recommended level: Lv24

The rock to the left of the exit has an Oran Berry. Head east and south a bit to find a hiker who teaches Rock Slide.

Youngster Calvin: Snover Lv24, P384

Use the campfire you find and head down.

Lass Janice: Natu Lv23, Drifloon Lv24, P384

Well, you gotta head back to Alya Cave now, since this part of the route is blocked off here.

Picnicker Caitlin: Growlithe Lv23, P460

If you jump the ledge to the north, you will be back at the part of Alya Cave with the boulder, so ignore it and head for the ladder at the south end instead. You can take a ladder to the left to reach a three-pronged fork area. If you take the south path, you will find a Moon Stone! If you take the west ladder, the cave you come to has TM28 Dig! By the way, the three-pronged fork area has a trainer.

Black Belt Eddie: Ekans Lv21, P504

The path to the north is a little more complicated. There's a Hyper Potion to the west.

Camoufleur Dalia: Pikachu Lv22, Beedrill Lv22, P792

And a ladder to the right. But you can't really do anything in this area. You technically need Strength Lv2 to push the boulders, but I found no way to pass this particular puzzle area. This is the location with the second list of encounters though. Go back to the center ladder in the three-pronged fork area and head east.

Lass Sally: Buneary Lv22, Skiploom Lv23, P368

Youngster Ben: Yungoos Lv24, P384

Take the ladder and you'll be on the other side of the previous floor where the boulder was.

Super Nerd Lao: Helioptile Lv22, Magnemite Lv23, P552

Now we're on the other side of the ledge for the second half of Phad Path. The first person here doesn't seem to do anything (battle messenger perhaps?).

Psychic Robin: Munna Lv25, P500

And you'll soon find a tree that blocks another part of the cave. Head south.


Mons found:

Poliwag: 60% (surf), 80% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 55% (super rod)

Dewpider: 30% (surf)

Marill: 6% (surf)

Lumineon: 5% (super rod)

Magikarp: 4% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

A guy on the left side of the village will give you a Beldum! You'll learn about a legendary trainer named Hayato and his children Yoshitsune and Midoriko. Notably, Yoshitsune is a skilled archer who can teach advanced archery skills. If you had taken the short route to Etamin City, this Battle Arena would have likely been your second challenge, but we went for Birdcall LvX in this playthrough. That being said, if you want to challenge Yoshitsune for the Lv2 Defender title and haven’t challenged and won against any other Defender at this point, you can get Archery Lv2 from him now (the equivalent of Cut). Again, refer to my Battle Arenas Guide for his team. Do not worry that much about Archery Lv2, as you can actually learn this skill by challenging Yoshitsune at Lv5 or after you beat a different Lv5 Defender, you can just challenge him in the village later on to learn Archery Lv2. Whatever you wish to do here, when done, head south to Ruchbah Path next.


Mons found:

Finneon: 80% (good rod)

Horsea: 80% (super rod)

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Marill: 35% (surf)

Joltik: 21%

Abra: 20%

Lumineon: 16% (super rod)

Machop: 10%

Machoke: 10%

Vulpix: 10%

Furfrou: 10%

Pikachu: 5%

Galarian Zigzagoon: 5%

Munna: 4%

Wooloo: 4%

Dewpider: 4% (surf)

Gyarados: 1% (surf), 4% (super rod)

Kadabra: 1%

Recommended level: Lv28

Camper Ethan: Riolu Lv27, P540

TM33 Reflect is in the NW corner.

camoufleur Cale: Victreebel Lv24, Magnemite Lv24, Golbat Lv24, Koffing Lv24, P864

The bug catcher here is the battle messenger (P1200).

Lass Reli: Vulpix Lv27, Lopunny Lv28, P448

Youngster Timmy: Mudbray Lv27, Raichu Lv29, P464

A rock at the SW end has a Pecha Berry. To the east!


Mons found:

Finneon: 80% (good rod)

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Marill: 30% (surf)

Bellsprout: 20%

Weepinbell: 20%

Lumineon: 15% (super rod)

Pidgey: 10%

Pidgeotto: 10%

Mareep: 10%

Flaaffy: 10%

Chinchou: 5% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 5%

Natu: 5%

Helioptile: 4%

Joltik: 4%

Dewpider: 4% (surf)

Mawile: 2%

Gyarados: 1% (surf), 4% (super rod)

Lanturn: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv32

Okay, swim across the lake to the house. The guy here tells you that his wife is a Megaguardian, having apparently also built a maze here! Enter the back room and head to the left side, then go up two rooms. Head to the east side and go under the rock to the east, then north to find our megaguardian, named Amary. Though you might want to be at least Lv55 to challenge her!

Megaguardian Amary: P696 and an Ampharosite

Ampharos Lv58, Dragon Pulse, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave, holds Ampharosite

Crush Girl Yazmin: Poliwhirl Lv29, Machoke Lv30, Medicham Lv31, P620

Camoufleur Edwin: Heliolisk Lv32, P1152

If you keep heading on the low road, you'll run into Ted camping again. He's been taught more in crafting after visiting Etamin City. And surprisingly (to your character at least), he's been training Pokemon. So in order to help out, he wants you to challenge him (recommended to be Lv34).

PKMN Trainer Ted: P1860 and Craft Lv2

Pinsir Lv34, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Swords Dance, holds Pinsirite

Graveler Lv32, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Breloom Lv33, Mach Punch, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Brick Break

Tentacruel Lv31, Water Pulse, Poison Sting, Toxic

Be sure to check the Crafting Items section in the Appendix for what you can now craft.

Black Belt Kaji: Machoke Lv32, P768

camoufleur Kindra: Growlithe Lv31, Gloom Lv31, Kadabra Lv32, P1152

Beauty Olivia: Weepinbell Lv31, Beedrill Lv31, P2232

Super Nerd Alex: Rhyhorn Lv29, Magneton Lv31, P744

You obviously have seen the cave here, which is the Aludra Chamber. Behind it, the black belt is the battle messenger for this route (P1200). If you want, enter the cave!

Mons found:

Sandshrew: 20%

Zubat: 20%

Geodude: 19%

Rhyhorn: 10%

Golbat: 10%

Onix: 10%

Aron: 5%

Lairon: 4%

Larvitar: 2%

Recommended level: Lv40

There's only one path here, but do take note of the wall with an opening under it. You will want to remember this for later. Take the ladder and leave to get what you wanted, which is TM11 Sunny Day. Leave and now we shall head to Etamin City to the east for real this time!


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Finneon: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (surf), 70% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Floatzel: 30% (old rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Lumineon: 5% (super rod)

Frillish: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Buizel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv35

Wherever you first entered Etamin City from, you'll soon be prompted to continue the main storyline. Since we're still technically exploring areas, choose No for now, as we're ready to explore the biggest city here! When you're ready to progress with the game story, the game gives you a red flag next to the PokeCenter.

At the NW corner is an Ether. Near the NE corner is TM32 Double Team. The house two east from the PokeCenter is the fossil lab! Inside is Hershel, the founder of the lab. He will do the process of fossils automatically, without having to leave and re-enter the room! The fossils will be Lv5. The other guy in here teaches the move Metronome. An old man to the SE of the lab can teach Softboiled. There's a building at the SW that looks like you can enter, but the door's locked. We'll save the department store for last, but the big building south of it is the restaurant. The guy in the back is Mego, another Megaguardian. Might want to wait a while before challenging him and his mon!

Megaguardian Mego: P636 and a Metagrossite

Metagross Lv53, Psycho Cut, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Calm Mind, holds Metagrossite

The big building east of the department store is Ebin Co. The first floor has an Egg Seller! He will sell you a Pokemon Egg for just P800 if you're interested in a random baby Pokemon. On the second floor, there's a guy in the NW corner who sells Silverpowder, Metal Coat, Soft Sand, Hard Stone, Miracle Seed, Blackglasses, Black Belt, Magnet, Mystic Water, Sharp Beak, Poison Barb, Nevermeltice, Spell Tag, Twistedspoon, Charcoal, Dragon Fang, and Silk Scarf, all for P3500.

On 3F, the black belt sells these items:

Cleanse Tag: P1500

Focus Band: P3000

Lucky Egg: P4500

Scope Lens: P1500

Sea Incense: P9600

Lax Incense: P9600

Choice Band: P4500

Smoke Ball: P1000

Finally, the top floor has the president, who will sell you Master Balls! But for a whopping P100000. Keep this stuff in mind for some great stuff to buy! Now for the department store! Before entering, go to the east beach and find a PP Up on one of the rocks.

At the department store, the Potions Market is on the second floor.

Top clerk:

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P500

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Full Restore: P3000

Ether: P1200

Bottom clerk:

Antidote: P400

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Awakening: P250

Parlyz Heal: P200

Full Heal: P600

The third floor is the PokeBalls Market.

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Nest Ball: P1000

Repeat Ball: P1000

Timer Ball: P1000

Fourth floor is the Battle Items Market.

Guard Spec.: P700

Dire Hit: P650

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

X Speed: P350

X Accuracy: P950

X Special: P350

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Super Repel: P500

Max Repel: P700

And the final floor will probably interest you the most, the rare items market!

Top clerk sells HP Up, Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, Rare Candy (!??), PP Up (!), and Zinc all for P9800

Bottom clerk sells all the evolution stones, as well as the Exotic Ores which will evolve certain mons into regional forms, all for P2000.

Okay, let's go ahead with the story! Use the red flag and choose Yes. You'll basically sit at the PokeCenter waiting for Logan/Alma, but Absolve shows up instead. She was supposed to be at Enif City, but found it boring due to the police we saw earlier. Absolve gets excited about a battle between you two, because both of you have a Mega Lopunny. You don't get a choice here.

PKMN Trainer Absolve: P1980

Lopunny Lv34, Mach Punch, Jump Kick, Strength, holds Lopunnite

Seadra Lv34, Water Pulse, Poison Sting, Dragonbreath

Vulpix Lv33, Ember, Psybeam, Confuse Ray

Following this, Absolve asks you to be her mentor, which Chronya isn't interested in (she's already working with Logan/Alma anyways). Absolve reasons that she needs a mentor to be as strong as Genba and her grandma (for those who remember, her grandma is Youkeiin, a gym leader in the Ivara region). At this moment, Logan/Alma and Genba have arrived. Genba mentions that there is a secret base of Team Delta at the SW part of the city, which of course was locked before. Genba leaves, with Absolve following, and you talk to Logan/Alma. Obviously, we're just going to the hideout at the SW of town, so make your preparations beforehand.

Time to infiltrate a hideout!

Team Delta Grunt: Pidgeotto Lv32, Heliolisk Lv33, Gumshoos Lv33, P3300

Talk to Absolve, who mentions that Genba and Logan/Alma are downstairs. Absolve also thinks that for some reason, Genba infiltrated the hideout without his Pokemon, but that shouldn't matter if he's a skilled agent! But after Absolve heads downstairs, Chronya contemplates that maybe Genba is a bad trainer. Time to head down.

Team Delta Grunt: Golbat Lv32, Sandslash Lv32, Banette Lv33, P3300

Team Delta Grunt: Gloom Lv33, Furfrou Lv34, P3400

Oh boy, arrow tiles. Step on the middle tile to be sent north and east. Head south and west, ignoring every arrow tile, until you reach a larger area. Here, go to the north side and there will be two tiles facing west. Use the bottom one, then take the rightmost of the south-facing tiles. Head north and around, avoiding every arrow tile. You can barely see an item as you head south, and this item is TM12 Taunt. Take the tile SW of it, then the middle tile in the row here. This time, Genba is awaiting you, telling you that Logan/Alma and Absolve went ahead. He also admits he isn't a good trainer after all, and even doesn't have his own team with him. Genba will heal you now, and will heal you if you really need it again.

Team Delta Grunt: Sawsbuck Lv31, Vibrava Lv31, Seadra Lv32, Kadabra Lv32, P3200

Team Delta Grunt: Gumshoos Lv32, Arbok Lv33, Floatzel Lv33, P3300

You'll soon see Logan/Alma and Absolve, in stealth mode. Absolve wonders where Genba is, and he just shows up then, having basically followed you down. In any case, it seems that we've found a Team Delta leader. The leader is talking to what looks like a different grunt in a prison cell, and the name Viperum is mentioned once again. Even more, the leader wants to reveal the true self of this prisoner, and even mentions a sister that the prisoner has. That sister just so happens to be Eliza! And the prisoner here is a failed experiment of Viperum's. This prisoner also has a bomb latched inside the body in order to become an assassin. And if the prisoner failed, the bomb would detonate, which doesn't sound good for Team Delta considering that we have this person in a prison cell. But it looks like our Team Delta leader is a step ahead of Viperum, having apparently defused it and even having to control it. So much for Viperum's plan! A gifted scientist has helped out Team Delta with this thing too, and even more so, the prisoner will have to work for Team Delta. Gee, I wonder who that gifted scientist actually is?

At this point, "The Man" then turns to your party and wants to talk to you. Looks like he knew all along you were eavesdropping, and Chronya seems to find some familiarity in this person. And it turns out that "The Man" is Galen, whom I'm sure you Mega Power players may have already picked up on giving his white hair. Galen is quite shocked to know that you've survived and changed so much. Despite this, he joined Team Delta, an enemy team we are after, and that we must leave. Chronya doesn't want to leave, and it seems that Chronya must prove that she really is a warrior like Galen was. Oh yeah, he's also a part of Team Delta's Golden Trio as of now.

Golden Trio Galen: P1188

Sharpedo Lv35, Waterfall, Bite, Fake Out, holds Sharpedonite

Heracross Lv34, Megahorn, Brick Break, Slash

Tyrantrum Lv34, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw

Haunter Lv33, Curse, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, holds Focus Band

What were Galen's reasons for joining Team Delta? Chronya wants an answer to this. It seems to be to protect their families. Interesting that Galen has said this, considering he already lost his son. But he won't say more, now he'll find some use for the prisoner. After Galen leaves, Chronya reasons that Team Delta may have had nothing to do with Bruce's disappearance, and Logan/Alma thinks it may have been the Dark Workers. Another person shouts, and your group investigates and notices a scientist in another prison cell. No key? No problem! Chronya busts the cell open. We then find out who the scientist is. His name is Armando! Mega Power players may recognize him as a minor character who used to be with the player, but then he joins the Dark Workers later on. In any case, he's with Team Delta at this point, and he's actually the gifted scientist's aide. But due to a misunderstanding, he was thought to be the assassin's ally. He then runs off, although that may not have been the best of ideas. Now we should all go to the Kurhah Police Department to report to prosecutor Grima, and our destination for the story is now Kurhah Island. You'll automatically leave the hideout.

Absolve is complaining that she now has to go back to the Ivara region. Genba has to remind her she's not an official agent for this mission too. Genba even mentions that he will talk to his father, and it seems that his father is none other than Vertice! So many characters just have relations with one another. And then Genba leaves and Chronya has questions for Absolve. Why does he have no Pokemon with him but doesn't need Absolve's help and such? Absolve spills out that she and Genba were actually kidnapped at a young age and that Genba helped her escape. Vertice, one of Chronya's saviors from 12 years ago, is now the chief of Cyenn's Police Department. She'll then race you or something. After Chronya leaves the scene, a sinister figure emerges from the shadows. At this point, you now have free reign and your next storyline plot is at Kurhah Island. First though, go back to the hideout and at the last floor, you can find TM06 Toxic.


Mons found:

Finneon: 70% (old rod)

Staryu: 60% (surf), 60% (good rod)

Lumineon: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 20%

Oddish: 20%

Gloom: 15%

Bruxish: 15% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 10%

Slowbro: 10%

Exeggcute: 10%

Buneary: 6%

Tentacool: 5% (surf)

Shellder: 4% (surf)

Lotad: 4%

Lombre: 4%

Cloyster: 4% (super rod)

Lopunny: 1%

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Starmie: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv35

The first island you find has Loe, the Megaguardian of Lopunny (recommended to be Lv40).

Megaguardian Loe: P504 and a Lopunnite

Lopunny Lv42, Hi Jump Kick, Body Slam, Bounce, holds Lopunnite

Swimmer Andrea: Frillish Lv33, Gorebyss Lv34, Tentacruel Lv34, P136

Swimmer Lukas: Staryu Lv34, Lapras Lv35, P140

The biggest island has the grass and the battle messenger (P1350). A Rare Candy is hidden in the center rock.

Cooltrainer Carter: Pidgeotto Lv34, Haunter Lv34, Ludicolo Lv35, P1260

Swimmer Phee: Starmie Lv36, P144

We're going north to Muphrid Path first. This will connect to Zosma Town by the way.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Staryu: 40% (super rod)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Seadra: 15% (super rod)

Buizel: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Floatzel: 4% (surf), 4% (super rod)

Starmie: 1% (super rod)

Frillish: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv40

Swimmer Malik: Kingdra Lv41, P164

The island with two rocks has a Pinap Berry and a Zinc in the rocks.

Swimmer Islin: Starmie Lv38, Tentacruel Lv38, Primarina Lv39, P156

Swimmer Beck: Sharpedo Lv39, Jellicent Lv40, P160

Yep, this is the Zosma battle arena here on this route. The girl on the right is the battle messenger (P1240). Whenever you feel like challenging the defenders here, the Battle Arenas Guide will have the info you need.

Swimmer Mimi: Azumarill Lv36, Marshtomp Lv37, Lumineon Lv38, Politoed Lv38, P152

At this point, you might want to start challenging some battle arenas. My main recommendations, assuming you are at Lv3 trainer rank, are to beat the Lv3 Defender at Etamin City's Battle Arena (on Talitha Path) and the Lv4 Defender at Zosma Town's Battle Arena (on this route). Beating the Lv3 Defender in Etamin City's arena (Terry) will award you Strength Lv2, which is similar to the HM Strength, which will prove useful later. If you miss it then, you can battle Terry as a Lv5 Defender to get it, or talk to him later on in the game after you are at Lv5 anyways to challenge him for it. Challenging the Lv4 Defender in Zosma Town's arena (Jill) will give you Swimmer Lv2, which can remove whirlpools, but will also allow you to get another skill early on as well. Of course, you have multiple options at this point, but I recommend this particular path the most.

So assuming you have Swimmer Lv2, you can access the grass and the cave at Kitalpha Path. However, before doing so, you might also want to get Swimmer Lv3. In order to do so, you must have a Lapras, so you need to catch one from Matar Island first. Return to Beid Path with a Lapras and head to the NE path. Gatrie, the diver, will be near the deep water hole. He'll ask for a Lapras, so choose it when prompted, and Gatrie will reward you greatly, by giving you Swimmer Lv3! Whereas Swimmer Lv2 gets rid of whirlpools, Swimmer Lv3 will allow you to dive! While you may be tempted to try it out right now, let's go ahead and do some different backtracking, for now. But as far as the diving spot right here goes, Beid Path's diving spot actually only has Pokemon nests (need Archery Lv3) and mineral deposits, but nothing else of interest.

So we'll start with Prism Forest. There is a deep spot in the water there if you wind your way around to near the west side of the forest. Down here are two mineral deposits and a ladder. Take the ladder to reach an area with currents. This area is a bit glitchy as your character disappears when you go to the shore, but get into the water at the east side, below the two currents going north, then take the single current going north on the east side. From here, take the single current going east, swim up and left, taking a left-facing current, then move up one and take the right-facing current to the east wall. From here, just go straight north to reach Gydo (Lv45 recommended).

Megaguardian Gydo: P600 and a Gyaradosite

Gyarados Lv50, Haze, Smokescreen, Sludge, Tackle, holds Gyaradosite

You can dive in at the Sadr Path spot, which is the cave from back in the beginning where Bruce found you. But there's nothing of interest there.

On Kitalpha Path, you can remove the whirlpools and access the grass as well as Kitalpha Cave.


Mons found:

1st floor:

Geodude: 65% (rock smash)

Graveler: 35% (rock smash)

Golbat: 25%

Alolan Vulpix: 20%

Sneasel: 14%

Glalie: 11%

Snorunt: 10%

Snover: 10%

Weavile: 5%

Froslass: 4%

Abomasnow: 1%

2nd floor:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod)

Seel: 90% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Shellder: 80% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Geodude: 65% (rock smash)

Graveler: 35% (rock smash)

Golbat: 21%

Snorunt: 20%

Glalie: 15%

Abomasnow: 11%

Alolan Vulpix: 10%

Snover: 10%

Froslass: 5%

Finneon: 5% (surf)

Cloyster: 5% (super rod)

Lumineon: 4% (surf)

Sneasel: 4%

Weavile: 4%

Dewgong: 1% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv50

There's two ladders on this floor, one available right away and the other requiring you to break some rocks. Take the nearest one to be met with a sliding ice puzzle. Move to the ice, but go up instead of on it, then slide to the furthest rock you see on the right. Move up, left, up, right, up, right, up, right, down, right, and finally up. You'll meet Gale, the megaguardian of Glalie. Umm, wasn't there another Gale who was the Megaguardian of Gallade? Recommended to be Lv50.

Megaguardian Gale: P660 and a Glalitite

Glalie Lv55, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Protect, Earthquake, holds Glalitite

Back at the first floor of the cave, head for the ladder beyond the breakable rocks, not really a problem since this maze is easy. On the second floor, you'll see a legendary there! We'll get to it, sure, but we have to go all the way around. There's breakable rocks and mineral deposits on the way, plus an Ultra Ball in the SE corner. You'll soon reach the water. Avoid the currents and swim the perimeter until you are at the north side. Swim down on the down current to the open area, then take the right, down, and left-facing currents in that order. Swim directly left onto another left-facing current, then follow the calm water to the left side. One tile from the last calm water tile, swim north and avoid the currents to get to the legendary: Regice Lv50!


Mons found:

1st floor (caves):

Finneon: 80% (good rod)

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod)

Lumineon: 40% (super rod)

Wooper: 30% (surf)

Chinchou: 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Geodude: 20%

Graveler: 20%

Zubat: 10%

Golbat: 10%

Bronzor: 10%

Smeargle: 10%

Rhyhorn: 5%

Rhydon: 5%

Seel: 5% (surf)

Quagsire: 4% (surf)

Koffing: 4%

Weezing: 4%

Sableye: 1%

Bronzong: 1%

Gyarados: 1% (surf), 4% (super rod)

Lanturn: 1% (super rod)

2nd floor (outside section and ice floor):

Geodude: 20%, 65% (rock smash)

Sneasel: 20%

Graveler: 15%, 35% (rock smash)

Machop: 10%

Snover: 10%

Alolan Vulpix: 10%

Meditite: 5%

Machoke: 4%

Alolan Ninetales: 4%

Medicham: 1%

Abomasnow: 1%

Recommended level: Lv47

We'll be going into Mt Antares next. If you go to the left cave first, you'll be immediately ambushed by a trainer.

Pokemaniac Gant: Victreebel Lv44, Leafeon Lv44, Drifblim Lv46, P2208

You have two ladders here, and both lead to dead ends. Take the near one and move left three spaces from the ladder and inspect the pile of rocks south of you to get an Ultra Ball. Take the far one to find a mineral deposit. With all this done, go to the right cave in Mt Antares now. The nearest ladder is a trainer.

Camoufleur Dick: Weezing Lv46, Mimikyu Lv46, P1656

Take the other ladder here.

Crush Girl Sammie: Blaziken Lv48, P960

There's nothing in the water, but push the boulder and enter the cave. Is that Peri? Yeah, refer to the Battle Arena Guide to find her team (it's her Lv4 defender team if you must know). Beat her and you get Strength Lv3! Which will basically allow you to climb waterfalls. Neat! Let's try it out! Scale the waterfall and head east for a mineral deposit and a Revive, then cross back over taking the up ladder.

Camoufleur Phillip: Slowking Lv48, P1728

Next person is the battle messenger (P4120). Climb another waterfall. There's two ladders, one to the left and one to the right. First, go straight north and pick up an Elixir from a rock, then to the right. At the SE end is TM08 Bulk Up, then go to the ladder at the right side.

Camoufleur Angelica: Musharna Lv44, Xatu Lv46, Heliolisk Lv47, P1692

Taking the ladder...

Hiker Travis: Bastiodon Lv45, Krookodile Lv46, P1656

The other ladder is here, along with a Max Potion. There's an exit in the middle. For now, take the other ladder.

Hiker Thomas: Golem Lv46, Rhyperior Lv47, P1692

Here's the second part of the mountain. First, enter the grass and go to the SW end of it to find a hidden Nevermeltice. Then go to the grass patch west of that one to find a hidden Moon Stone. Head up two flights of stairs to find an Everstone to the left. Climb back down to the first grass patch and take the easternmost steps up to a building. Behind it is TM13 Ice Beam. The house here has a little maze and the Megaguardian Albert (Lv49 recommended).

Megaguardian Albert: P636 and an Abomasite

Abomasnow Lv53, Blizzard, Leaf Blade, Ice Beam, Earthquake, holds Abomasite

One last thing to do on the outside portion of the mountain, and it's a cave to the west of the house, accessible by simply going back to the area where the Everstone was and heading east and north. There's a couple of easy sliding puzzles here, but this is a linear area that leads to Regigigas. You cannot battle it yet though, so leave and go back to the main cave, taking three ladders down until you are back at the room with the boulder. This time, take a ladder at the NE end which goes down.

Black Belt Beau: Machoke Lv44, Mienshao Lv44, Poliwrath Lv44, P1056

Just swim counter-clockwise to the SE side, where one of the rocks has a Rare Candy. A bit north from that is an exit. This side of Capella Path has a mineral deposit and rather surprisingly, HM07 Waterfall! Who would have thought? Anyways, we’ll be back at Mt. Antares to get Regigigas another time. Let’s continue our backtracking with our new skills!

On Izar Path, there's a diving spot somewhere in the middle. Make sure you have Strength Lv2, this will be somewhat hard. From the three boulders you can currently reach, push the middle one west. Where it ends up, push the boulders north and south of it west. Push the first boulder you pushed south once. Move up one and push a boulder left, then move down two and push that boulder left. Move left one, push the boulder north of you up one, then move up one and push the boulder to your left twice. Move left one and push the north boulder up enough, then move to the leftmost boulder and push that. You should have a clear path to the next Megaguardian, named Sapey.

Megaguardian Sapey: P540 and a Sharpedonite

Sharpedo Lv45, Crunch, Waterfall, Slash, Poison Fang, holds Sharpedonite

Remember that cave in Peacock Path? There was a diving spot at the SE end of the entrance of the cave. Go there and dive down to find Registeel Lv50!

Next stop, the cave in Aludra Path. There's a reason I told you to go to Mt. Antares to get Strength Lv3, as there is that one crack in the wall at the north end of the cave here that we want to bust open. And so you shall. In this cave, make your way counter-clockwise to find Regirock Lv50!

And after you encounter those three Regis, you can now challenge Regigigas in the ice cave of Mt. Antares. Beware, it's Lv85!

Now to Furud Path. There's a diving spot at the east end of the route and one north of the Megaguardian Loe, both leading to a rather complex area.

Mons found:

Finneon: 70% (old rod)

Staryu: 60% (surf), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 40%

Lumineon: 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Frillish: 30% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Buizel: 20%, 20% (good rod)

Bruxish: 15% (super rod)

Lombre: 15%

Lotad: 10%

Shellder: 9%, 4% (surf)

Slowbro: 6%

Tentacool: 5% (surf)

Cloyster: 4% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Starmie: 1% (super rod)

So this area has a number of items to find in addition to a Megaguardian. First, if you entered from the far diving spot, head NE to get a Max Potion, otherwise head east from the pool you were from (which will lead to the pool where the far diving spot is) and get the Max Potion from there. Head north from the pool you were in earlier and inspect the NW pile of rocks (near the first two big rocks) for a Big Pearl. Head north and around the large rock to find another pool, but ignore it (it leads to the spot near the Zosma battle arena on Muphrid Path) and take the steps, going east to get TM18 Rain Dance. Leave the higher floors and head straight south. When the path opens up to the east, there's a rock pile to the east with an Iron. Head back to the left side and continue south to find our Megaguardian (recommended to be Lv45).

Megaguardian Blena: P564 and a Blastoisinite

Blastoise Lv47, Surf, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, holds Blastoisinite

There's still more to this cave. Go back to the rock pile that had the Iron and head south and SE to find a diving spot that takes you straight to Aspidiske Path. It's a ways away on the route itself, so we're going to cover this route from the Furud Path entrance.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Finneon: 30% (old rod)

Wingull: 20%, 30% (surf)

Hoppip: 20%

Dewgong: 15% (super rod)

Skiploom: 10%

Absol: 10%

Pidgey: 10%

Buizel: 10%

Shuppet: 5%

Gastly: 5%

Haunter: 4%

Floatzel: 4%

Seel: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Lumineon: 4% (super rod)

Bruxish: 1% (super rod)

Pelipper: 1%, 5% (surf)

Banette: 1%

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv40

Swimmer Herman: Araquanid Lv39, Carracosta Lv40, P160

The second island has a Max Potion in a rock.

Swimmer Jade: Starmie Lv41, P164

The big island here has the grass, a campsite, and the battle messenger (P1950). Continuing further south, to the left is the diving spot that leads to the underwater area where Blena was (the last diving spot we found there).

Black Belt Habei: Omastar Lv40, Bastiodon Lv40, P960

Swimmer Carol: Tentacruel Lv37, Pelipper Lv37, Wartortle Lv38, Floatzel Lv38, P152

Swimmer Trent: Gyarados Lv35, Sharpedo Lv39, Lumineon Lv40, P160


Mons found:


Magikarp: 100% (old rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Corphish: 4% (super rod)

Carvanha: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 1% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Crawdaunt: 1% (super rod)

Caph Cave:

Shellder: 80% (good rod)

Poliwag: 40% (super rod)

Araquanid: 30% (surf)

Graveler: 20%

Dewgong: 20%, 60% (surf)

Sandslash: 11%

Golbat: 10%

Onix: 10%

Poliwhirl: 10%, 40% (super rod)

Magikarp: 9% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Meditite: 5%

Medicham: 5%

Sableye: 5%

Bronzong: 4%

Cloyster: 4% (super rod)

Gyarados: 1% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Politoed: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv35 (Lv40 for Caph Cave)

To the left is Dubhe Path and to the south is Cyeron Tunnel. The name of that latter path is a way to show that it connects the Cyenn region to Tyron, or rather, Western Tyron, from Victory Fire. We'll be going to that region at some point, but now isn't the time since you need what's known as a Tyron Passport. The house above the PokeCenter has a girl who will give you a Zorua. You can learn Body Slam by talking to a black belt in the east house. That's pretty much it to the island itself, let's go check out Caph Cave!

The first person in the cave is actually the battle messenger (P2000). There's an up ladder and a down ladder on this small floor, and you can take a shortcut to the down ladder by removing the whirlpool (there is an Escape Rope on a rock pile near the down ladder too).

Hiker Simon: Aggron Lv41, P1476

We're taking the up ladder first.

Crush Girl Dee: Bastiodon Lv38, Heracross Lv40, P800

Pick up a Full Heal, then head to the NW part of this floor, picking up a Calcium from a rock. There's an exit here, which nets you HM03 Surf! Go back to the first floor and take the down ladder. A Big Mushroom is at the NW end, and if you head south from the ladder you came from, you can find an Exotic Ore inside a small rock. Head east to the pond with the whirlpool and pick up a Net Ball from the rock NW of it, then remove the whirlpool and continue due east, across a pond, all the way to the east wall. The rock here has a Water Stone. To the south is a diving spot.

Guess what? This is the expansive underwater cave where we found Blena, but on a different side with only one other location to surface at. First of all, head directly north from the diving spot until you hit a rock, then slightly to the left, head north, then west to pick up a Max Repel. Heading west from the pond you came from leads to a mineral deposit, and heading south and down two sets of steps, you can go left to another pond with a diving spot. A Max Ether is in the rock pile NW of it. Take the diving spot for a surprise, it's Mew Lv40!

Okay, let's head back to the Caph Cave itself, there's a disguised trainer at the north end of the cave where the diving spot is.

Camoufleur Van: Magneton Lv39, Mimikyu Lv41, P1476

On the next floor, swim to the waterfall, scale it, remove the whirlpools, and head left and down first for a Parlyz Heal.

Super Nerd Braydon: Krokorok Lv39, Musharna Lv39, Heliolisk Lv39, P936

So this guy is looking for a Megaguardian. How about we exit to the south to find him? His name is Maco.

Megaguardian Maco: P636 and a Medichamite

Medicham Lv53, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Psycho Cut, Brick Break, holds Medichamite


Mons found:

Horsea: 80% (good rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Staryu: 60% (surf)

Lumineon: 40% (super rod)

Shellder: 40% (super rod)

Starmie: 30% (surf)

Finneon: 30% (old rod)

Bruxish: 20% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacool: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Jellicent: 1% (surf)

Cloyster: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv45

So let’s see how far we can go here. Well, you can go into the tunnel itself, there's nothing of interest outside. Although a guy mentions that Expert S, who we've heard of several times, had built this place, which is interesting! In the tunnel itself, go on the red line pressing A as you follow it until you get a Hyper Potion. Go to the south wall and keep heading east, pressing A as you go along until you pick up a Lava Cookie. Now onto the blue line, repeat the process until you get a Full Heal (one tile left of the fourth light in the tunnel. Now onto the red line, you soon will get a Nugget. At the south wall, a Blue Flute is along the way. The final item will be along the red line, which is a Full Restore. On the other side, you can go as far as the next gatehouse, but since we don't have the Tyron passport, guess what? We can't go further. Now let's head west of Caph Island.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 60% (surf)

Chinchou: 60% (good rod)

Lanturn: 40% (super rod)

Staryu: 30% (old rod), 40% (super  rod)

Tentacool: 30% (surf)

Skarmory: 20%

Gastly: 20%

Starmie: 15% (super rod)

Marill: 10%

Azumarill: 10%

Abra: 10%

Hoppip: 10%

Skiploom: 5%

Haunter: 5%

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 4% (surf)

Sinistea: 4%

Lotad: 4%

Lombre: 1%

Ludicolo: 1%

Carvanha: 1% (surf), 20% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv42

First of all, go west until you find the first island to the north, then take the diving spot. Yep, another house. A rock to the west of the house has a Sacred Ash. The house has a spooky, looping maze, but all you gotta do is get to the Megaguardian in the middle.

Megaguardian Gant: P684 and a Gengarite

Gengar Lv57, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Destiny Bond, Mean Look, holds Gengarite

If you head east from the house, you'll go to the expansive underwater area where Aspidiske, Furud, and Muphrid Paths are. Go back to the route and let's continue.

Swimmer Jody: Lanturn Lv43, P172

Camoufleur Nayo: Skarmory Lv41, P1476

The middle island with grass also has the battle messenger (P2000).

Swimmer Johnson: Kabutops Lv39, Jellicent Lv41, Dewgong Lv41, P164

The island with the campfire has an Ultra Ball. We're almost there.

Swimmer Tammy: Seadra Lv41, Starmie Lv42, P168


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wooper: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Corphish: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Seel: 30% (surf)

Quagsire: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Wingull: 4% (surf)

Lumineon: 4% (super rod)

Crawdaunt: 1% (super rod)

Dewgong: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv45

Like when you first entered Etamin City, you of course get the prompt to do the storyline (recommended level: Lv43). As I would do, choose No for now to explore the town and there will be a red flag by the PokeCenter. Enter the house north of it and talk to the girl to get a free Grookey! The police department is to the north, but it's blocked (since we're not going with the story at the moment). Oh, and there's a Game Corner here too, owned by the Western Tyron champion, who just so happens to be a relative of the Valo emperor. A guy in the NW part of the island can teach Swords Dance. The sole house south of the PokeCenter has an interesting persona! It's a man known as Mr. Mystery! A magician! But who could the mystery man be? He can teach Chronya how to play at the Game Corner though, which might just be handy! Of course he won't do it for free, because you have to battle him to do so (Lv47 recommended)!

PKMN Trainer Mr. Mystery: P2700 and Gambler LvX

Banette Lv48, Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Protect, holds Banettite

Bronzong Lv46, Flash Cannon, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Toxic

Flygon Lv47, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Slash

Musharna Lv47, Yawn, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Rest, holds Chesto Berry

Mimikyu Lv45, Shadow Punch, Play Rough, Swords Dance, Protect

And now for the fun, the Game Corner. This definitely is gonna be important pretty soon.

50 coins: P1000

500 coins: P10000

Left reward corner:

Red Flute: 150 coins

White Flute: 250 coins

Black Flute: 400 coins

Blue Flute: 800 coins

Yellow Flute: 800 coins

Middle reward corner:

Alolan Vulpix: 180 coins

Castform: 300 coins

Eevee-S: 600 coins

Riolu: 1400 coins

Bagon: 1500 coins

And the right reward corner, a whopping 9999 coins is necessary for this one! Told you you might spend a boatload of time here. In any case, when you're ready, inspect the flag so that you can continue the story, but do keep the Tyron passport in mind!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Staryu: 40% (super rod)

Starmie: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Finneon: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Chinchou: 20% (good rod)

Cacnea: 20%

Sandile: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Ekans: 10%

Arbok: 10%

Aron: 10%

Trapinch: 10%

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Krokorok: 5%

Numel: 5%

Camerupt: 4%

Lairon: 4%

Frillish: 4% (surf)

Jellicent: 1% (surf)

Lanturn: 1% (super rod)

Pupitar: 1%

Cacturne: 1%

Recommended level: Lv46

Well, psyche. You will be going to the Acamar Desert anyways during the storyline portion on Kurhah Island, so I'm covering this right now so you are already prepared.

Swimmer Perry: Lanturn Lv44, Ludicolo Lv45, P180

Swimmer Darrin: Crawdaunt Lv44, Seadra Lv44, Starmie Lv44, P176

Swimmer Alice: Milotic Lv44, Floatzel Lv45, P180

Two diving spots to the left and right before the shoreline. Start with the left one.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Chinchou: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf)

Golbat: 20%

Sableye: 20%

Staryu: 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Quagsire: 10%

Weezing: 10%

Slowbro: 10%

Magneton: 10%

Slowpoke: 5%

Zubat: 5%

Koffing: 5%

Araquanid: 5% (surf)

Lumineon: 4% (surf)

Starmie: 4% (super rod)

Wooper: 4%, 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Magnemite: 1%

Lanturn: 1% (surf), 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv48.

This area is Alrakis River, but it's an underwater portion apparently. The left diving spot has a mineral deposit and two particular rock piles at the north and south ends containing a Leaf Stone and a Big Mushroom. The right diving spot has a Pokemon Nest, a Max Potion (inside a rock SW of the water), and a Sea Incense further SW. There's nothing else of interest here, and we're gonna end up covering the Alrakis River for real sometime later in the walkthrough.

Back at the desert, go to the shoreline. If you came from the right diving spot, inspect the bones you see for a Full Restore.

Hiker Ran: Sandslash Lv45, Steelix Lv46, P1656

One thing to note about the desert section, if you go far to the left or right, you'll realize the screen loops.

Crush Girl Mai: Heracross Lv43, Poliwag Lv45, Medicham Lv46, P920

You will soon find a cave entrance blocked by a Dark Worker! But you can't do anything with him yet, we gotta start the storyline in order to do anything. You can get an Aspear Berry if you inspect the bones to the left though. If you head SE from that cave entrance, there's a campsite.

PKMN Ranger Darian: Victreebel Lv45, Ninetales Lv46, P1656

The black belt is the battle messenger (P5200).

PKMN Ranger Kelsey: Magneton Lv45, Sigilyph Lv46, P1656

Soon you will find the Megaguardian Cameron (a bit SW of the last trainer, recommended to be Lv54).

Megaguardian Cameron: P708 and a Cameruptite

Camerupt Lv59, Eruption, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Flamethrower, holds Cameruptite

Head directly west from him to find a cave entrance. The bones outside contain a Leppa Berry.

Camoufleur Dan: P1692

Smeargle Lv47, Fire Blast, Sheer Cold, Thunder, Hyper Beam, holds Focus Band

So enter this cave! Why? Well, you'll see down the ladder. Ignore the other ladder and look at the holes. This is a maze of sorts. Basically, you go across these holes, but stepping into the wrong one takes you to the floor below which is where the other ladder leads. Here's how to get to the other side:

Go on the hole third from the right

Two steps north, to a rock

Five steps west, to a rock

Three steps north, to a rock

Three steps east

One step south

Three steps east, to a rock

Four steps north, to a rock

Five steps west, to a rock

Three steps north, to a rock

Three steps east, to a rock

North and you made it (recommended level, Lv50)!

Megaguardian Tanya: P636 and a Tyranitarite

Tyranitar Lv53, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Crunch, Flamethrower, holds Tyranitarite

That's it for the cave!

Hiker Nob: Marowak Lv43, Vibrava Lv43, Gabite Lv45, Gliscor Lv45, P1620

A bit south of Cameron, you can get an Ultra Ball from the rocks. To the south is Graffias town. Alright, enough dawdling. Now we shall do the story, so check the flag and choose Yes.

When you restart the story, Chronya looks for the Police Department, finding Genba and Absolve talking. Chronya then mentions to Genba that Absolve doesn't want to go to Ivara. However, it seems their conversation turned out the opposite and that Absolve really does want to go home, because Team Delta was spotted in her hometown (Osmanthus City). She wishes you luck and wants you to help the bad trainer Genba, except Genba insists that agents don't need Pokemon. But before she leaves, she's itching to battle. Not now, but she'll wait at the entrance to the police department. Chronya then confronts Genba as to whether or not he lied about Team Delta being at Ivara. Genba then discloses more information as to how Absolve was kidnapped, well, it's a dark secret 12 years ago, as to what happened to her now dead parents. After Genba leaves, you're back at the PokeCenter, so get prepared before battling Absolve at the entrance to the Police Department.

PKMN Trainer Absolve: P2460 and TM40 Aerial Ace

Lopunny Lv43, Jump Kick, Body Slam, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, holds Lopunnite

Seadra Lv42, Surf, Toxic, Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, holds Mystic Water

Ninetales Lv42, Flamethrower, Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Confuse Ray

Zoroark Lv41, Dark Pulse, Transform, Attract, Flamethrower

The loser of the next battle will have to give the other a Master Ball! Well, who cares, Absolve has always been a quirky character who watches too much TV. In any case, Vertice has prepared Absolve's departure as she has to run to a helicopter. In any case, it's time to enter the building!

Look! More familiar characters! The first person you see is Grima. You can also see a Zoroark to the side, gee I know who that is. In any case, Chronya tells Grima that Team Delta most likely has nothing to do with Bruce's disappearance. Grima immediately knows at this point that Dark Workers are still active (as if that grunt we saw earlier on Acamar Desert was enough proof). Here is where Grima reveals his real name, Sirus. Pokemon Resolute players already knew this, and Sirus also reveals he's a friend of Logan/Alma's. Even moreso, he's trying to clear Logan/Alma's name. Government officials have apparently been assassinated ever since Logan/Alma saved the Sylon region (which is odd, considering that there have been no mention of murders in Resolute ever since the defeat of Saevitia in that game). Sirus states that one person is responsible, but it's a mysterious person known as "The Shady". I bet you Mega Power players know exactly who we're referring to, but the sad thing is, people are thinking that Logan/Alma is "The Shady", which is of course wrong. To further the accusations on Logan/Alma, the murdered government officials seem to be affiliated with Saevitia. Sirus explains how Logan/Alma saved Sylon by defeating Saevitia, and even mentions the side mission where Logan/Alma went to the radio tower to defeat another who worked for Saevitia back then (that was Dr. Domenik for those who remember). Obviously, Sirus is trying to prevent this crazy story from sweeping the regions.

This is why Sirus wanted Logan/Alma to travel alongside Chronya, and also why Bruce may be associated with the murder cases, and then Sirus will go upstairs to talk to Vertice. Just then, the Zoroark comes to you. It's none other than Eliza, who of course has appeared in all of Wind1158's ROM hacks under numerous roles. We of course saw info on her origin stories earlier in the game. Chronya decides to mention a sister, but Eliza declines any sisters, until she mentions the name Elluce. That must've been the prisoner that Galen confined earlier, and because of this info, Eliza then leaves. Now that you have control, you should go see Vertice.

You can go as far as the third floor, as the next stairset is apparently the rooftop where the helicopters are. There are two entrances to the south. The left room seems empty but there's a Rare Candy in the central box. The right room has TM03 Water Pulse. To the south are more interesting characters, one white-haired and another with purple hair and a cape. One of them drops the name Harry, but in reality this character is actually Uranium, a rival character from Victory Fire who is actually the Tyron champion in Resolute! And the purple-haired caper? His name's Nelson, another champion, this time of the Western Tyron region. Two champions talking! Nelson berates Uranium as the guy who beat the one who murdered Hail (Uranium's brother) and that he shouldn't call himself Uranium anymore. But his old name of Harry is useless now. He didn't have friends until he was known as Uranium, so he wants to let the name Harry die. They then notice you and even tell you about their champion status. Even though they have a reason for being here, Uranium gets a call from Tyron Tower (the league in that region) and goes. Nelson then talks to Chronya, knowing that Altena is her mother, and the worst part, Nelson is actually the cousin of that Dark Worker boss, Viperum, or is it nephew? Because he talks about Viperum like she's his aunt. He even worked for Viperum until five years ago, where he left and even stole a staff from her. Nelson also believes that Bruce may have been captured by Viperum. Then Nelson goes back to his league. There's just too many coincidences.

Enter the room behind these two, and you'll see several characters here, Genba, a dude with a white bandanna (yet another familiar character by the way), Logan/Alma, and Sirus. You'll talk to Vertice, who will mention that you seem like another Bruce now. Of course, we have to find Bruce, and now, we have evidence of a suspicious group of people wandering around Acamar Desert. Also the white bandanna guy is Trevor, a character who was incredibly minor as a battle base leader in Victory Fire but had a huge role in stopping "The Shady" in Mega Power. Missions will be drafted, and Trevor, Genba, and Logan/Alma cannot go with Chronya for now. Vertice suspects a professor of Cyenn University may be in league with Team Delta, so they are to go there. Chronya is to go alone to the desert, it may be the best chance of finding out what happened to Bruce. Sirus has to tell Logan/Alma stuff, so he can't go with you. Chronya perhaps reasons that Vertice could be hiding something though.

Well, I touched up with the Acamar Desert earlier, so this won't take too long. Go back to that Dark Worker and defeat him!

Dark Worker Grunt: Krokorok Lv40, Heliolisk Lv41, Machoke Lv41, P1312

Enter and take the ladder, then go east (nothing on the west side). Vindica is apparently here, accosting a Dark Worker on where the submarine is. Chronya and Vindica are here for the same reasons it seems, the submarine. Another person who has something to hide! Anyways, keep going, there's only a couple of grunts to battle on this floor.

Dark Worker Grunt: Haunter Lv42, P1344

Dark Worker Grunt: Spinda Lv42, Rhydon Lv41, P1312

Take the ladder to be back at Alrakis River. Again, I won't talk about this area fully yet, but go down and a mysterious figure shows up. Oh, it's that hooded figure, the one who had killed Gavin. "The Hooded" says nothing of the plan, but mentions that Bruce is on the submarine. We've gotta find out. First, a rock pile to the SE has a Max Revive. Go to the water to the south, which is where the submarine is. We've gotta fight our way through this.

Dark Worker Grunt: Weezing Lv41, Golbat Lv42, P1344

Dark Worker Grunt: Gloom Lv41, Arbok Lv41, Ninetales Lv42, P1344

Dark Worker Grunt: Poliwhirl Lv41, Machoke Lv41, Bastiodon Lv42, P1344

Beating the latter two grunts will have the gate open. Go and Vindica appears behind you. She wonders where Bruce is, seeing as though this is the last room to search. What do you know, he is here. Surprised to see you both, Bruce tells you this is a trap, but Chronya already knows. Of course, even with that, Viperum and "The Hooded" arrive between you and Bruce. "The Hooded" will battle you in Viperum's honor. This time you must win.

Dark Worker ???: P1440

Mawile Lv45, Crunch, Play Rough, Metal Claw, Earthquake, holds Mawilite

Zoroark Lv43, Crunch, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Fake Out

Mimikyu Lv43, Play Rough, Swords Dance, Curse, Shadow Punch

Gliscor Lv44, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Protect

Sigilyph Lv44, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Air Cutter, Mean Look

Machamp Lv45, Cross Chop, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Bulk Up

So despite "The Hooded" being weaker, Viperum puts her next plan into action, and the room closes! It gets detached from the submarine, and is now sinking into the sea. Despite what appears to be a present Viperum, she's speaking via a microphone, and that the Viperum inside is actually a bot, although "The Hooded" who's a female is a real person here. How terrible, using a follower and having them die with your characters. Viperum knows how to force people to work for her without betrayal.

And things only get hairier, Viperum reveals that everyone in the room is related to Chronya! Well, Bruce adopted Chronya, but what was Vindica hiding? And what about "The Hooded"? Even Viperum didn't know until her long lost child told her about it. But what we didn't know was that Vindica is Bruce's wife (Altena’s alive!). And then somehow Bruce and Vindica are considered Chronya's dead parents? Even though they're here with us now? As depressed as Viperum tries to make Chronya, she instead goes into a rage and destroys the robot version of Viperum. Seems part of a plan though, as it seems to be the surveyor that Viperum is using. Now Chronya wants "The Hooded" to reveal herself. The person is Annete, and unbelievably, yes, it was Annete who killed Gavin, yes, her husband. Annete and Gavin's daughter was a hostage in Viperum's care. Even though Gavin was killed, their daughter has somehow lived, and lived with a grandmother. And here's the next kicker. Annete and Gavin's daughter is...Absolve! Annete also shows Chronya an artificial arm, which she admits to trying to assassinate Viperum with her real arm 2 years ago. And even Vertice had to do stuff for Viperum, as a puppet like Annete. And of course, Vertice's son Genba and Annete and Gavin's daughter Absolve, both were kidnapped by Viperum. It's why they knew the existence of Vertice's rescue team well in advance, and moreso that all rescue members were to be killed except Vertice (didn't happen of course, Galen survived and raised "The Shady" while Bruce just left after he couldn't find Chronya). Chronya, happy to know about how great friends are, gives a good speech, arousing Bruce. Also Vindica's real name ends up being Altena, and that Bruce's coat was wet because he went to the sea to rescue Altena. Altena then found Chronya during her escape from Dark Workers on Sadr Path. Bruce and Altena stayed separate to keep Chronya safe here.

Chronya couldn't be happier about her parents at this point, but then the room shakes. Apparently it's Keldeo that's doing it according to Chronya. This must mean Logan/Alma is here to save us! You'll be back at Alrakis River, talking to Bruce, then you both go to Altena, Annete, Logan/Alma, Keldeo, and Sirus. Chronya immediately figures out that although Logan/Alma was supposed to be with Genba and Trevor, Sirus told them to save Chronya instead. Clever! They're then surprised at all the revelations that are thrown around. Annete turns herself in to be arrested, but Sirus declines this offer as Absolve isn't really safe. Sirus needs everyone to get rid of "The Shady" and Viperum. The two are cooperating together in this game, so this team of heroes must cooperate. Sirus then tells Annete to be his pawn for now. She will be working with Sirus, despite some lack of trust. In any case, the scene shifts.

Right at the office, apparently Logan/Alma has an impostor! Vertice is confronted by this impostor and immediately figures it out. The flanking officers attempt to stop the impostor Logan/Alma, but a trick is used to nap them. And worse, Vertice is to be killed with these two as witnesses. The Logan/Alma impostor has no name and is nothing, apparently. Also Viperum is no longer the master of this impostor, but "The Shady" is. The killing is done, and the impostor disrobes. Seems like that woman who may be Eliza's sister! The same one that Galen incarcerated. And worse, the officers wake up and believe it was Logan/Alma who killed Vertice.

Of course, your characters arrive at the scene after the officers tell the story, and find Vertice dead, with Bruce and Altena wondering what happened. Sirus blames himself for not protecting Vertice at this point. And the officers arrive to arrest Logan/Alma and blame them as "The Shady". Keldeo is released, tasked to take Logan/Alma's Pokemon to run. Logan/Alma gets arrested, with the evidence of the impostor killing Vertice with Logan/Alma's identity. Chronya is then talking with Bruce, Altena, Sirus, as well as Trevor and Genba who have arrived too. Genba is the most distraught, and he goes off to find the real killer himself. Bad idea! Chronya even knows so, as the real mastermind would've known Genba would lose it, another trap for the poor guy. Trevor then gives some results, that the enemy may have plans in Zosma Town. This is our next destination. For now, we have free reign! The good news is you can fly to Zosma Town anytime, since I've already covered it before. But let's explore a few new areas.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Dewpider: 60% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Marill: 35% (surf)

Buizel: 30% (old rod)

Wooper: 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 20% (good rod)

Carvanha: 15% (super rod)

Araquanid: 4% (surf)

Quagsire: 4% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 1% (super rod)

Azumarill: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv45

A girl outside the PokeCenter will give you a Torchic. There's a Battle Arena here, so refer to the Battle Arena section if you're ready for new challenges. At this point, you should be a Lv5 trainer, but I would probably hold off for now on getting up a level. Still, I recommend challenging the Lv5 defender here (Ursula) when you get the chance, she is both the Lv4 and Lv5 defender and gives Rider LvX (same as Bicycle). Of course, you don't have to do this right now. One place to explore is the SW house, where Blaze, a Megaguardian, resides (recommended level, Lv60).

Megaguardian Blaze: P768 and a Blazikenite

Blaziken Lv64, Blaze Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Aerial Ace, Bulk Up, holds Blazikenite

For our next skill, we'll need a Helix Fossil. You can basically savescum getting anything from mineral deposits, so once you get a Helix Fossil, head to the SE house (Ralph and Gena's house). Talk to Gena in the back room. If you have a Helix Fossil, give one to her. You will learn the last level of Fossilogy, Fossilogy Lv3! This gives you a 20% chance of finding fossils, making it much easier if you're into this stuff. Ralph doesn't say anything worthwhile, but he's a craftsman while his daughter Gena is paleontologist. The rest of Acamar Desert is to the left, but what's this diving spot? It's yet another section of Alrakis River, with a mineral deposit to the left and a Deepseascale to the south. We will be back here soon enough, but only after collecting a couple of key items.

At this point, I decided to continue the story. I already did all the stuff in the main walkthrough up to this point, and have no need to become a higher-level trainer at the moment (Lv55 would be recommended for challenging Lv5 defenders).

ZOSMA TOWN (revisited) [ZOS2]

Recommended level: Lv47

Waiting at the PokeCenter, Altena arrives, this time in her normal clothes. She tells Chronya that Sirus found Genba in the Logistics Center, which had previously been locked. Altena will join us here, but Bruce has to recover from his injuries earlier, so he's sitting this mission out and will be at home. Altena will say she'll be fine on this mission, more careful than Bruce would be. Just then, Mr. Mystery arrives. Remember him? He does ask you to battle him, and he will have the exact same team as when you could battle him for Gambler LvX, so refer back to that.

After beating Mr. Mystery, he gets to talk despite Chronya saying she doesn't really care at the moment. Chronya is going to the Cyenn Logistics Center, and Mr. Mystery tells her that a friend of his owns the place. Well, if you've been here before, it was Kasper who owned the place, so clearly Mr. Mystery is a friend of Kasper's! He also knows that Dark Workers may have a hideout there, which is probably where Genba went to. He wishes Chronya luck, as he won't be directly helping her on this mission, promising his friend a special magic show. He even mentions that he did a good favor for his friend and his child 12 years ago, and then he leaves.

The scene shifts to a pink Celebi in a forest. A masked person shows up and thanks Celebi for the work. Great, a time-traveler, one that I'm sure Mega Power players are familiar with too! It seems that the mysterious person is going to change the future, oh boy.

Back in control, you obviously wanna head to the logistics center, which is now open. Inside you'll find Uranium, Eliza, Altena, and Trevor. Chronya asks a stupid question, as a test. In any case, Eliza tells you what she was told, that Logan/Alma was framed. She also says that the one responsible was Elluce, the name she dropped earlier. Chronya then thinks it was that one person they found at Team Delta's hideout, seems exactly like that one prisoner that Galen had locked up. Viperum had wanted to make Elluce like Eliza, but it failed. It seems Elluce is not Pokemon or human, worthless in battle, but has the ability to change appearance easily. Even though it seems obvious to the player that Elluce changed into Logan/Alma to kill Vertice, there is no undeniable proof. The only thing to do is capture her. Uranium believes that someone else could be involved in this too. Sirus is off to visit the owner of this place (Kasper, obviously).

Just then, Sirus arrives with Kasper. I know, I have sort of spoiled this, but then again, Mega Power players know this is Kasper. He's happy to have everyone search the place, giving them permission to do so, and Sirus then tells him if he saw Genba. Kasper then says that Genba had left for the harbor, and disappeared. However, no ships have disappeared, so his disappearance is even stranger. In any case, the harbor is downstairs. Everyone leaves and you talk to Kasper and Sirus. Kasper then tells you his own suspicions about the secret area that even he himself couldn't find, even though he owns the place now. Kasper then leaves for something "very, very important", hmm... Anyways, forget about Kasper, even though he is clearly hiding something.

When you regain control, head downstairs, as there's nothing of interest on this floor. You can't use the boats, so talk to Altena and she seems to have discovered a passage, which is literally right behind her. A strange machine seemed to have concealed it, but regardless, we found our place. Still, it seems as if Kasper knew of the place but didn't want to go in himself, making it all the more important to be cautious. There's something else Altena wants to tell her daughter, but only if she battles her!

Leader Altena: P4400

Absol Lv47, Crunch, Psycho Cut, Play Rough, Aerial Ace, holds Absolite

Gliscor Lv44, Earthquake, Toxic, Swords Dance, Bounce

Primarina Lv45, Surf, Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam

Ninetales Lv45, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Extrasensory

Lurantis Lv46, Leaf Blade, Grasswhistle, Protect, Leech Seed

Arcanine Lv44, Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse

If you've noticed, this is her Lv4 Defender team when she's known as Vindica if you battled her for the Lv4 Defender title. Interesting. Altena then asks how you got the permanent mega Lopunny (even if you never used it in this battle). Chronya doesn't have a clue how Gavin made it stay permanently mega-evolved. In any case, you get the Exterminite! It's a very special treasure from Altena's clan, which you can use on the Mega Lopunny! A Mega Stone to further make a mega-evolved Pokemon much stronger! Crazy, isn't it?

Enter and yes, we've got a hideout to deal with, both arrow tiles and teleporters, just wonderful. The first teleporter is useless.

Dark Worker Grunt: Machoke Lv44, Heliolisk Lv46, P1472

Five teleporters! All except the NW one will lead to the next room, with the NW one leading back to the first teleporter. The first and last teleporters are safe, but the others will have you ambushed by Dark Workers.

Dark Worker Grunt: Sandslash Lv44, Gumshoos Lv45, Mudsdale Lv46, P1472

Dark Worker Grunt: Gabite Lv46, Houndoom Lv46, P1472

To the side you'll see two grunts battling Altena and Trevor. Head north to find another grunt and five more teleporters.

Dark Worker Grunt: Marowak Lv45, Floatzel Lv46, P1472

The safest teleporter is the rightmost one. Two of them take you to center teleporter where the previous grunt is, and two others take you to teleporters which have Dark Workers facing them.

Dark Worker Grunt: Poliwhirl Lv45, Vibrava Lv45, Rhydon Lv46, P1472

Dark Worker Grunt: Ribombee Lv46, Gliscor Lv47, P1504

Six teleporters here. The SE one is the one you want, the rest don't lead you anywhere you wanna go. Now three teleporters. How to get past the arrow tiles? Go onto the teleporter you were just on! Otherwise you'll be back at the entrance. Taking the right teleporter will have you behind more grunts, who are battling Eliza, Uranium, and Sirus. One last grunt we have to go through to get to the main room.

Dark Worker Grunt: Mienshao Lv45, Arbok Lv46, Araquanid Lv46, P1472

Defeating this last grunt will change some arrow tiles below you for a shortcut. Soon, you'll find Genba, who says he found the last key here and finds it strange Chronya has made it here too. Looks like someone else had a key here. Genba is currently eavesdropping and Viperum is talking to some people, with Elluce and a masked person talking to her. Elluce says that Galen is dead (this will be proven false since he shows up again in Mega Power). Viperum mentions that Vertice was also killed, with Logan/Alma as the perpetrator. Elluce denies any involvement, and the masked person says that nobody expects a kid like Logan/Alma would be the perpetrator. Viperum then reveals that the masked person is her child, you know, the same one who was the Type: Full experiment! Oddly, the masked person works with Viperum, but believes she has no right to call the masked person her child or to be a mom. She also mentions that the masked person was a "boss's tactician", most likely referring to the original boss of the Dark Workers (Lumiere), and that the masked person was helpful with the attack on Orange Village (where Hail had been killed in the lore). Genba realizes this too, and immediately rushes at Elluce and the mystery person. Chronya rushes to help too, saying this place is under control and the security system (the one that Kasper couldn't seem to touch, for some reason) is broken. Well, Viperum is itching to flee, and the masked person and Elluce get a secret sub from a secret harbor. But this is the same sub they tried to use to kill Chronya with, and it's missing that room from before. So it needs repairs. Regardless, Viperum will use Annete's shadow Pokemon from way back when, while the masked person and Elluce run for it. Genba attempts to chase the two but grunts will stop him. In any case, Chronya challenges Viperum, stronger than she used to be back then. Viperum then summons Marshadow and you battle her.

Dark Worker Viperum: P1568

Gengar Lv48, Confuse Ray, Sludge Bomb, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, holds Gengarite

Marshadow Lv49, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Fire Punch, Ice Punch

Charizard Lv46, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Steel Wing, Air Cutter

Froslass Lv47, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Protect, Curse

Swampert Lv48, Earthquake, Waterfall, Bulk Up, Protect

Crobat Lv49, Toxic, Aerial Ace, Sludge Bomb, Confuse Ray

Looks like Marshadow never used its full power! It then disappears after you win. Surprisingly Viperum manages to run off. Genba had a hard time battling but managed his own against the grunts, which seems to be his first win in a Pokemon battle. But we gotta give chase against Viperum, in honor of Hail, Vertice, and all the people who were hurt and killed. Genba then runs real fast, but Chronya worries about him being that eager to fight evil. Follow Genba, and then you'll find out that Viperum herself was betrayed by Elluce and the masked person, as the submarine has left without her. Well, looks like we caught Viperum for real. If it wasn't for that kid, you know, her own, the masked person, she could've avoided prison. She then has a villainous breakdown, but then chastises Genba about his father, and how he was her pawn the whole time. She even mentions her own child, as well as other people who were under her service (like Annete). Genba decides that Viperum is right, that the masked person is more at fault, wondering about how his father had sacrificed lives to save his own. Again, he wishes to go alone, probably still not a good idea, Genba! He even says he doesn't deserve to live. Genba leaves in anger, and Viperum could only laugh at how weak Genba became.

You'll soon be back in Zosma Town's PokeCenter, having Viperum in custody while you talk to Trevor, Uranium, Sirus, Eliza, and Altena. Trevor and Eliza will bring Viperum to prison. Viperum chastises Eliza as once belonging to her, but Eliza can coldly say she belongs to no one. After they leave, Chronya contemplates how Eliza and Viperum had known each other, and then Annete shows up. Sirus told her to come just now. Annete has info on "The Shady", but also has some more info about Eliza. Seems that Viperum had captured Eliza too, 15 years ago. Annete was apparently a teacher of assassins, and Eliza was her pupil at the time. Eliza's swordsmanship came from Annete as a result. But then, a man named Night (one of the Team Mirage leaders of Victory Fire and Resolute) saved her and changed her. Annete secretly helped Eliza here. Eliza was created by her previous master's father, and Viperum had kidnapped Eliza to obey, just like all the rest. But her master was already dead, and Viperum lied about it to Eliza.

In any case, Annete changes the subject and tells you about the most famous professor of Cyenn. Said professor is not clean and tried to create Mewtwo, a strong Pokemon much like how Team Rocket used to do. The project was cancelled, but Team Delta seems to be involved. Oh I can see the Mega Power plot seeping in. Our next goal is set; we must head to Enif City to visit the Cyenn University. Before everyone splits, Chronya then gives Annete her Marshadow back. She accepts, and then runs off for more missions. As suspicious as Annete is, Sirus is confident in her working with everyone here, since it will help protect Absolve. Sirus is a good manipulator as opposed to our villains. Uranium leaves, and Sirus does too, hoping to meet everyone at Enif City soon. So even though Viperum is finally in custody, we still can't stop, as Genba is putting himself in more danger each time. "The Shady" is still on the loose. Altena will join us on this mission, but first has to call Bruce to make sure he's home. Welp. In any case, we have free reign once again. Let's do some more sidetracking now.

First off, if you go home, you can go see your dad Bruce. Yeah, he's basically recuperating, and Altena would break his legs if he ever left again. Well, you could get some info from him, but only if you battle your father, which you'll want to be around Lv66, way too much at this point. We can do this later. As far as I know, you should be around Lv55 if you've been doing some sidetracking, so try going for a Lv5 Defender. My main recommendations are to challenge Ursula at Graffias Town for Rider LvX (similar to the Bicycle) or Yoshitsune at Nashira Village for Archery Lv2 (similar to Cut). Whichever one you don't face, don't worry, you can find them in their respective towns to battle them for the skill in the future.

With Archery Lv2, you can access a cave at the east side of Phad Path with a maze leading to a Megaguardian (recommended level: Lv30).

Megaguardian Teela: P372 and a Steelixite

Steelix Lv31, Earthquake, Iron Tail, Rock Slide, Iron Defense, holds Steelixite

Also with Archery Lv2, go back to Prism Forest, preferably from the Alpheratz Path side (if you come from Monolith Village, just cut the tree there for a shortcut). Go down until you find Yoshitsune near a Pokemon nest, remember these things? Well, you can do something about his dilemma. He's talking about shooting Pokemon nests, which seems to be where the Bug Pokemon reside. He'll borrow Chronya's Mega Bow, but sadly will miss the Bug Pokemon he was trying to free. So he'll offer to repair your Mega Bow. What you need are 2x Metal Dust and 3x White Clay. These are common from mineral deposits, so you should have plenty of these if you haven't really been crafting a lot. Talk to Yoshitsune once you have these things, and he'll make the wild Pokemon attack! After you battle the wild encounter, you now have Archery Lv3! You can now get several kinds of Bug Pokemon from these nests that have been lying around the areas. Check the Pokedex section for which mons can be found in Pokemon nests, specifically. I will probably miss a few but I'll get at least the ones that are exclusive to the Pokemon nests.


Mons found:

Sandslash: 20%

Krokorok: 20%

Cacnea: 10%

Cacturne: 10%

Arbok: 10%

Heliolisk: 10%

Vibrava: 5%

Helioptile: 5%

Sandshrew: 4%

Larvitar: 4%

Pupitar: 1%

Trapinch: 1%

Recommended level: Lv51

Like the north desert, you can loop if you go north/south, so just stay on the path. The first person is a hiker who's the battle messenger (P2900).

Psychic Dale: Gallade Lv52, Bronzong Lv53, P1060

Head left to see Ted again. He said he visited the famous craftsman Ralph in Graffias Town, cool. He'll teach you Craft Lv3 if you battle him one last time. He's got a team equivalent of a Lv5 defender.

PKMN Trainer Ted: P864 and Craft Lv3

Pinsir Lv55, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Superpower, Earthquake, holds Pinsirite

Gardevoir Lv53, Psychic, Moonblast, Calm Mind, Protect, holds Black Belt (?)

Tentacruel Lv53, Hydro Pump, Toxic, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb

Golem Lv54, Counter, Rock Slide, Explosion, Earthquake, holds Focus Band

Breloom Lv54, Cross Chop, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Spore

Salamence Lv54, Fly, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Metal Claw

Read the Crafting Items section in the Appendix for what you can now craft!

Psychic Patricia: Musharna Lv52, Alolan Marowak Lv54, P1080

Hiker Dylan: Steelix Lv51, Gabite Lv52, Metagross Lv53, P1908

There's a Thunderstone SW of Chara Pyramid; are you ready to enter?


Mons found:

Shuppet: 20%

Banette: 20%

Trapinch: 10%

Vibrava: 10%

Smeargle: 10%

Gastly: 10%

Haunter: 5%

Bronzor: 5%

Natu: 5%

Xatu: 4%

Bronzong: 1%

Recommended level: Lv55

First, go up. The scientist is a battle messenger (P5000).

Crush Girl Belar: Torracat Lv53, Machoke Lv53, Hawlucha Lv53, Mienshao Lv54, P1080

Yeah this place is sort of a maze. Head east, south, east when you can, north all the way, and into this room first to find a Megaguardian (recommended to be Lv59).

Megaguardian Banny: P756 and a Banettite

Banette Lv63, Shadow Punch, Crunch, Fire Punch, Fake Out, holds Banettite

And don't forget the PP Max in the corridor behind her. There's two more trainers in the vicinity here.

PKMN Ranger Joshua: Blaziken Lv55, Weezing Lv56, P2016

Hiker Parker: Flygon Lv54, Camerupt Lv55, P1980

From that last trainer, go behind the wall where he was at and go all the way to the west side to get a hidden Nugget. Go back to the last trainer and head SW from him until you can go north. Go north and a bit east, continuing north.

Cooltrainer Emilia: Tauros Lv54, Pinsir Lv55, Alolan Exeggutor Lv55, P1980

Head directly north from this trainer to eventually find TM16 Light Screen. To the left are two more trainers.

Cooltrainer Edmond: Slowbro Lv54, Gengar Lv54, P1944

Hiker Grant: Onix Lv55, Rhydon Lv55, P1980

What is this "lost treasure" that several trainers are referring to? Did you guess a legendary Pokemon? Well, head a bit SW from that last trainer and you can see and reach it! It's Genesect Lv55! Afterwards, head back to Cooltrainer Emilia and take the NE exit, then go to the north wall. Run all the way to the west, to the NW corner, then south.

PKMN Ranger Laurel: Alolan Marowak Lv54, Krookodile Lv55, P1980

To the right from her is an Exotic Ore. You saw an item when you went this way earlier, so backtrack to get it. It's a Max Revive. Head south from here.

Camoufleur Tanar: Machoke Lv55, Crobat Lv55, P1980

Keep going south, we've got one last trainer to finish this area.

Hiker Don: Sandslash Lv54, Gabite Lv55, Steelix Lv54, P1944


Mons found:

Carbink: 21%

Geodude: 20%, 65% (rock smash)

Graveler: 20%, 35% (rock smash)

Bronzor: 10%

Zubat: 10%

Golbat: 5%

Gastly: 5%

Haunter: 4%

Sableye: 4%

Bronzong: 1%

Recommended level: Lv55

Okay one more area before we do the story in Enif City (choose No when you get there), head left and enter Canopus Ruins. First thing, the two tablets read WE RECORD THE and HISTORY IN HE. Hmm? Three ladders. Take the northernmost one. The other two lead to an extensive cave system we'll get to in a bit.

Hiker Dillon: Steelix Lv54, Bastiodon Lv55, P1980

The tablet to the north says ABOUT THE LIN. To the SE is a tablet saying NEW EVOLUTION. North of there are two more tablets saying WAS DISCOVERE and AFTER KALOS W.

Psychic Cameron: Xatu Lv55, Musharna Lv55, P1100

The next three tablets you find say LINK EVOLUTIO IS STABLE HOWEVER THE EFFECT IS DIFFERENT FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE, WE PUT STONES ON SPECIAL WEAPO TO MAKE IT STABLE WE CALL IT LINK EVOLUTIO, and THE EVOLUTION IS UNSTABLE IT HURTS THE USER WE NEED TO MAKE IT STABL. Here is Dahlia, the Megaguardian of Diancie. She mentions that the Cyenn Queen is apparently now a Diancie and she can't find it. She also gives you a Diancite for free! Go back to the three ladders now. We'll start by taking the right ladder. The hiker is a battle messenger (P6500) and the tablet nearby says GRAND WAR. Go SE for two more tablets saying A MAN and CALLED SREATH. Go north.

Cooltrainer Ali: Pidgeot Lv54, Araquanid Lv54, Victreebel Lv55, P1980

A tablet to the north says THIS MAN ASMMONED REGI CONQUERED MANY EMPIRE HE IS AMBITIO HE CREATED RSKEHUMAN SOL. I don't know what any of this means. Get the Full Heal near the tablet, then backtrack to the two tablets that said A MAN and CALLED SREATH. Head left from there to find two more tablets reading IGASROLLED RE and NHE AMBITIOUS (also when I view these, I see a different braille page for a split second, possible glitch?). Head left and if you head north, you'll reach the left ladder and a tablet saying SREATH THE BE. Head back and left again.

Crush Girl Mea: Hawlucha Lv53, Medicham Lv53, Machoke Lv54, Lucario Lv55, P1100

As you go along you'll find four more tablets, in order, reading THE HEROES, GENERAL ARC, KNIGHT TYRON, and VALO EMPEROR. For reference, Arc is the Guardian of Rainbow who was in Victory Fire and Resolute, while Tyron is an ancient hero where the region that is in those games is named after. We have yet to even go to this Valo Empire too. Continue north, all the way to the rock at the first dead end to get a free Energy Root, then move east.

Super Nerd Glenn: Slowbro Lv54, Magnezone Lv55, P1320

Keep going right. The next tablet says THE WARRIOR SYLON PRINCE AND THE QUENN.

Hiker Stan: Golem Lv53, Tyrantrum Lv54, Carracosta Lv54, P1944

North to three more tablets saying BEAST WAS KIL LINK EVOLUTIO IS A THREAT WE MUST HIDE THE STON AND THE WEAPO QUEEN IS THE FIRST MEGA GUARDIAN, TO SEAL REGIGIGAS ARC SACRIFICE HER BODY SHE MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR TO KILL SREAT, and MANY HEROES TEAR UP WITH EACH OTHER TO PERISH THE BEAST THE GRAND WAR BEGINS, and there's a Max Revive here. Head NE to see a legendary along with a rock with an Awakening and two long tablets saying THE PRINCESS IS HERE and PLEASE GUIDE HER. Clearly this princess is the Diancie Lv55 here. You're all done here! Time to do some storyline!

ENIF CITY (revisited) [ENI2]

Recommended level: Lv54

So as usual, we have Chronya waiting, this time for her mother. Altena arrives, with Cyasine as well! She's now vacationing from her Elite Four role and while father Bruce is at home, she's with mom to meet you here. But I guess someone didn't tell Cyasine everything? Well, Cyasine now knows that she and Chronya are biological sisters instead of adopted sisters! Bruce had to hide the biological relationship to protect Altena. A master plan, keeping the whole family safe. Anyways, Cyasine asks what our deal is for this mission, obviously to clear Logan/Alma's name. Cyasine does mention that Logan/Alma was someone who defeated her in the Tyron League before (as you would when you played as Logan/Alma in Resolute and took on the Tyron League). Sirus is supposedly waiting for us in the Cyenn University itself, and they go to the place. The scene shifts.

Looks like that masked fellow is up to something, talking about a professor working on a project secretly. Sounds an awful lot like our Mega Power protagonist is getting spied on! Genba then comes in! No time to play with "that witch" since we arrested her, Genba is here to take off the mask on this mysterious stranger! Galen shows up then, oh no! Genba is down. Even moreso, it turns out that Galen is referring to the masked fellow as his child! Yeah, so this is the same child that Viperum had used for Type: Full, now Galen's new child. But didn't that Elluce fellow say that Galen had been killed earlier? This gets even stranger when ANOTHER "The Shady" shows up! Galen and "The Shady" (the one who was here before) flee. This other "Shady" fellow goes up to the dying Genba, who doesn't want to die here. The other "Shady" agrees, but asks Genba to work for him from now on. Two choices, die or work for the other "Shady". This sets the stage for Genba's character in Mega Power! Awesome!

Back in control, get ready and enter the university. You'll see Altena, Sirus, and Cyasine. Sirus has no clues on where Genba is, but then he shows up! He's covered in blood, and even says he's dead right in front of everyone. Even though he seems to be fine right now. He tells Sirus that he is no longer an agent. He also mentions the professor from earlier, Professor Neil/Tyra, the Mega Power protagonist. Again, like I said when I first covered Enif City, I believe whether or not it is Neil or Tyra is connected to which gender you chose for Logan/Alma, so if you chose the boy it's Neil and if it's the girl it's Tyra. Anyways, Neil/Tyra is being spied on by "The Shady", and is trying to restart his/her Mewtwo project, even if this may cost a job. The screen slides over to Neil AND Tyra both talking to each other. Our professor has accepted a donation from Kasper (unbeknownst to both, their father), but the assistant is skeptical. They then see the professor. Due to the info, we find out Kasper is Team Delta's leader. Sirus will report this development to headmaster Kana. Genba will also leave. Although Chronya wants to continue finding him, Sirus decides it's best to let him go. Altena and Sirus will go to headmaster Kana now. Cyasine then gives you TM04 Calm Mind! Then she goes off; you ought to be following her.

The headmaster is on the third floor, and another student here names Salchimia, who's the Ivara League champion and apparently a teacher here. Downstairs is the laboratory, but it's blocked by a guard. There's also a sneaky trainer in the SE corner!

Rocker Selth: Araquanid Lv52, Kadabra Lv52, Victreebel Lv53, P2544

This is a trend as we head up the building, some idiot trainers think it's great to battle even though the headmaster says not to. On the second floor you'll battle another guy, as well as visit classrooms.

Rocker Jerry: Ampharos Lv51, Heliolisk Lv52, Magnezone Lv53, P2544

In the classroom NW of this trainer, there's a Nurse Joy, but she won't heal and will just explain about healing items. However, a Megaguardian is here too (Lv55)!

Megaguardian Chase: P696 and CharizarditeX

Charizard Lv58, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Flame Wheel, Earthquake, holds CharizarditeX

Well, the classroom to the south has nothing of interest.

Rocker Hubert: Decidueye Lv52, Golbat Lv54, P2592

Let's go to 3F. This is where the headmaster is. There's a library to the west, and a lounge to the west of that. The guy here is a rule breaker, read, battle messenger (P100). A hidden Protein is in between the beds. A scientist mentions that the first headmaster here was the grandfather of Kana. Nothing to the left, so let's check the headmaster's office.

Well hello allies and more familiar characters! So the blondie at the couch must be the headmaster, Kana, and the other blondie next to Nelson is her daughter. It's Cybil! And for those who know, she's trying to be a stronger trainer and to bring her sister, Chloris, back home, but she's obviously not here. Nelson here has also helped Cybil train, but reasons that there will be opponents tougher than she would think. Cybil is real determined to find Chloris no matter the cost. When she runs off, Nelson and Kana realize your party's presence, and Kana just says it straight: Chloris is a part of Team Delta. Cybil thinks it's all her fault. In any case, we introduce ourselves, and everyone knows Chronya as the one who took down Viperum. Nelson thinks we might be strong enough to become champion against him someday. Now, if you don't have the Tyron Passport, guess what? Nelson gives you one for free! And will also give you a Master Ball. However, if you spent 9999 coins to get a Tyron Passport on your own, he instead gives you three Master Balls! Worth it!

Anyways, we've got an investigation on young professor Neil/Tyra. As crazy as the Mewtwo project is, Neil/Tyra is considered a good teacher. They at least tried to cover things up, but Neil/Tyra still is working on it in secret, funded by Kasper. This convinces Kana, and it seems like Neil/Tyra is going to be fired as a professor and their stuff confiscated. Sirus disagrees with the initial notion, as they need to get their hands on the project before much eviler hands get it. During the discussion, an earthquake occurs. An officer confirms Team Delta is involved with what's going on in the lab downstairs. The exits will be blocked and it seems because there's a possibility of spies within the university. It seems we're the trusted team here. Everyone gets the mission to do this, but Kana pulls Chronya aside and gives her the most important mission, to take Team Delta down directly while finding Neil/Tyra on B3. You'll gain control. That PC will be useful when you need it.

Time to head to the laboratory floors. Take the steps to B1F.

Team Delta Grunt: Muk Lv52, Golbat Lv53, Marowak Lv53, P5300

Team Delta Grunt: Vileplume Lv51, Sandslash Lv53, Banette Lv52, P5200

Yeah there's some teleporters here. Take the left one and inspect the box to get an Iron. You can't deal with the door, so teleport back and ignore the second teleporter. It takes you to the next floor down, but you can access it with the steps to the left of the set we came from. There's a scientist near that set of steps.

Scientist Cal: Weezing Lv54, P2160

Now to B2F.

Team Delta Grunt: Zoroark Lv54, P5400

To the right and down is the path you would've taken if you went for the other teleporter.

Team Delta Grunt: Rhydon Lv51, Hawlucha Lv53, P5300

A lot of places here are blocked. If you take the teleporter in the middle, you'll be in a warehouse in B1F. Aside from a grunt there's another teleporter here.

Team Delta Grunt: Seadra Lv53, Lurantis Lv53, P5300

We'll be at B3F if we take this teleporter. It's somewhat close to the stairs, so just take it.

Team Delta Grunt: Mudsdale Lv52, Camerupt Lv52, Weavile Lv53, P5300

Team Delta Grunt: Victreebel Lv53, Tentacruel Lv54, P5400

Guess you'll just have to take the other teleporter here. You'll be in an enclosed room on B2F, where you can read some reports and such. Take the teleporter when ready, but don't forget the PP Up in the crate below that teleporter! Be ready, because Armando, who's still with Team Delta, is right there!

Scientist Armando: Kadabra Lv54, Alolan Exeggutor Lv54, Mawile Lv55, P2200

Armando tells you about the Card Key which is behind the table. Use it to open the door. You could have done this earlier, but examine the blueprint to get an Elixir! The next door you can open is the one with those reports. The next one on this floor at the west side leads to an HP Up. Go to B3F and open the door at the SW end to get an X Special. Go back to B1F's warehouse and open the door here.

Team Delta Grunt: Sigilyph Lv52, Muk Lv53, P5300

Take the teleporter and guess who you're up against. It's Neil/Tyra! The assistant Neil/Tyra, not the professor, though. Teams will be different depending on who it is.

Scientist Neil/Tyra: P2160

Swampert Lv55, Earthquake, Muddy Water, Take Down, Bulk Up, holds Swampertite (Neil)

Blastoise Lv55, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Calm Mind, Aura Sphere, holds Blastoisinite (Tyra)

Salazzle Lv53, Toxic, Poison Fang, Smokescreen, Glare (Neil)

Victreebel Lv53, Razor Leaf, Acid, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder (Tyra)

Altaria Lv54, Dragon Pulse, Recover, Moonblast, Cotton Spore

Heliolisk Lv54, Thunderbolt, Agility, Thunder Wave, Slash

Sawsbuck Lv54, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Hi Jump Kick, Body Slam

And it's not just the assistant, Galen is here as well. We have to get by him.

Golden Trio Galen: P1944

Sharpedo Lv55, Waterfall, Crunch, Fake Out, Ice Punch, holds Sharpedonite

Sirfetch'd Lv53, Cross Chop, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Body Slam

Garchomp Lv53, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Swords Dance, Slash

Heracross Lv53, Megahorn, Cross Chop, Slash, Swords Dance

Tyrantrum Lv54, Rock Slide, Outrage, Protect, Earthquake

Gengar Lv54, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Will-O-Wisp

Chronya then asks Galen, her former savior, why he changed. He says he hasn't. He lost his family once, and doesn't want it to happen again. The teleporter will take you straight to professor Neil/Tyra. Except the professor turns out to be Mr. Mystery! He's once again doing this for Kasper.

PKMN Trainer Mr. Mystery: P896

Banette Lv57, Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Protect, holds Banettite

Bronzong Lv55, Flash Cannon, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Toxic

Flygon Lv55, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Slash, Aerial Ace

Umbreon Lv55, Dark Pulse, Moonlight, Fake Out, Curse

Musharna Lv56, Yawn, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Recover

Mimikyu Lv56, Play Rough, Curse, Swords Dance, Shadow Punch, holds Sitrus Berry

Mr. Mystery knows that Chronya is trying to stop "The Shady", even with Kasper and Neil/Tyra safe. He also explains that he and Kasper are doing the same thing you're doing. His magic show proved to foil "The Shady"'s plan in this region, and that Kasper will take professor Neil/Tyra to a different region (Ivara). Chronya then goes to tell Kana about what happened, with Sirus, Nelson, Altena, and Cyasine nearby. Sirus then reasons it's not all that bad after all, and we may have messed up "The Shady"'s plan regardless. But Neil/Tyra is on the loose anyway. Annete enters the room here, telling us she found a helicopter that Team Delta uses, and also confirming they're headed to Ivara. A blonde girl snuck onto the helicopter too. Nelson and Kana realize it's Cybil. Sirus doesn't believe Team Delta will hurt her, but he has to go to the Ivara region himself. Although he will bring Trevor along. This of course sets up all sorts of Mega Power events, including Sirus' arrival as well as Cybil getting jailed at the beginning of Mega Power. Chronya will stay in this region though. Annete declines to go with Sirus as she is a criminal who murdered her husband. Altena tells her she can't hide from her child forever, but Annete reasons that she would be better if Absolve thought she was dead. Sirus then tells Annete she should help Chronya now.

The scene shifts again, this time with Kasper and professor Neil/Tyra. This is funny, because the scene here is actually the introduction to Pokemon Mega Power! Although they haven't went in the helicopter. Cybil pops in! She's after Neil/Tyra for betraying mother. The scene shifts again, this time to "The Shady", Galen, and Elluce. "The Shady" tells Galen to add more men to Team Delta as Dark Workers to foil Kasper's plan. Elluce will shapeshift into "The Shady" to attract attention, and if she fails, her bomb will blow.

The scene shifts once again, to the other "Shady" along with Genba and another man, with Genba explaining that "The Shady" is going to Ivara. The other "Shady" tells how "The Shady" in its world jumped into Jade Volcano to avoid identification. The old man here says he tried to talk to Viperum but she refused to answer, even though we know that "The Shady" is Viperum's child. And this old man by the way is Engineer BC, who's been in all of Wind's rom hacks as well, with a major role in Mega Power. He's joining for a greater good. Even moreso, another family reveal, Kasper is his son! Which means that professor Neil/Tyra is his grandson/granddaughter. Engineer BC's inventions fell to the Dark Worker's hands in the mystery person's future, so he joined that mystery person here.

Back in Enif City, Chronya talks to Altena, Annete, and Cyasine. We're trusting Sirus here. Annete then gives you a surprise, she's giving you Marshadow! Because she thinks Chronya can use it more properly than someone who's a killer. Annete will also work for Chronya now, and will be in Monolith Town to report information. A nice family talk afterwards, wait, Bruce is here? Of course, he hasn't seen any action and it's too late for him to get in now, but he's happy everyone's safe. And he's happy with how reliable Chronya has become. Talks about becoming a champion and all. Cyasine also mentions that you can head to Western Tyron now as well. At this point, Chronya's newest mission is to become the strongest trainer in the world and to let Logan/Alma know how strong she is! Now you have free reign. One thing to do before you leave the city, if you go back to Cyenn University, return to Neil/Tyra's former office to find a Megaguardian (Lv60 recommended).

Megaguardian Charly: P768 and a CharizarditeY

Charizard Lv64, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Solarbeam, Air Cutter, holds CharizarditeY

At this point I decided to go to Cyeron Tunnel. Not Channel, even though I haven't covered it yet, but Tunnel. Head through the gateway and we'll be at Mt Hamal.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 64% (surf)

Staryu: 40% (super rod)

Lumineon: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 35% (surf), 80% (good rod)

Swablu: 20%

Altaria: 20%

Furfrou: 15%

Rhyhorn: 15%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Buizel: 10%

Floatzel: 10%

Ditto: 8%

Starmie: 4% (super rod)

Rhydon: 2%

Jellicent: 1% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv49

Swimmer Tony: Blastoise Lv48, Horsea Lv49, P196

Swimmer Connie: Starmie Lv47, Jellicent Lv47, Omastar Lv47, P188

Ignore the waterfalls for now and keep going east.

Swimmer Ernest: Seadra Lv47, Starmie Lv48, Slowbro Lv48, P192

Swimmer Denise: Milotic Lv49, Lanturn Lv49, P196

Head southeast to find a diving spot. Enter and head east first, stopping at the second-to-last rock pile at the east side to get a hidden Max Potion. NW of that you can find a Calcium in another rock pile. There's of course a Megaguardian down here (Lv54 recommended).

Megaguardian Alro: P708 and an Aerodactylite

Aerodactyl Lv59, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, holds Aerodactylite

If you kept going north, you will reach Skylight Village, technically the last town you're supposed to go in Western Tyron. However, we'll hold off on this for now. Go back to either of the waterfalls and climb them. A Battle Messenger is on the south island here (P2200), and at the NE is the grass for this area.

Scientist Tori: Heliolisk Lv48, Ampharos Lv49, P1960

Cross the water to the left of this area to find a Brightpowder. You can't reach the person to the left, but under her is a campfire and to the left of that is the entrance to the mountain!

Hiker Marlon: Mudsdale Lv46, Carracosta Lv48, Golem Lv49, P1764

Enter the cave.

Mons found:

Geodude: 20%

Zubat: 20%

Golbat: 10%

Sinistea: 10%

Haunter: 10%

Kadabra: 10%

Abra: 5%

Gastly: 5%

Onix: 4%

Munna: 4%

Musharna: 1%

Polteageist: 1%

Recommended level: Lv52

The very first person you see to the north is the battle messenger (P3000). Go east.

Hiker Talos: Krokorok Lv49, Rhyperior Lv50, P1800

Head all the way east, then north all the way to get TM35 Flamethrower. Now head out the SE exit to get to that person from earlier. Of course, it's a Megaguardian (Lv53 recommended).

Megaguardian Talina: P684 and an Altarianite

Altaria Lv57, Dragon Pulse, Moonblast, Dragon Dance, Air Cutter, holds Altarianite

Back in the cave, head north from the hiker and keep going.

Crush Girl Ruth: Medicham Lv52, P1040

Take the steps to the right, then onto the raised platform with the rock, which has an Ether. Backtrack and continue north.

Camoufleur Miguel: Hawlucha Lv49, Victreebel Lv51, P1836

Up the steps and to the left for a Max Potion, then all the way right. Take the ladder, then go through the maze going up. You'll eventually find Entei Lv55! Head down now and this time we're going to the left side.

Pokemaniac Nalan: Weezing Lv49, Cloyster Lv51, P2448

Take the ladder and we're almost done.

Hiker Miklan: Onix Lv48, Mudsdale Lv49, Sandslash Lv50, P1800

The cave exit here leads to Iris Town, another town at the south end of Western Tyron, in a one-way trip. We're not going here yet. Remember that I mentioned a Cyeron Channel? I think it's time we go there now. It's east of Muphrid Path.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 44% (super rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Bruxish: 1% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Seadra: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv40

Just go through the path, through the guardhouse, and to the other side. A diving spot to the NW leads to a Megaguardian (Lv45 recommended).

Megaguardian Bonny: P588 and a Slowbronite

Slowbro Lv49, Amnesia, Psychic, Recover, Hydro Pump, holds Slowbronite


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Wingull: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Frillish: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 31% (surf)

Finneon: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Starmie: 20% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Buizel: 9% (surf)

Seadra: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv49

Yes, this is the first town in Western Tyron we're visiting. It was the first town to visit in Western Tyron in Victory Fire too. Been a while, hasn't it? Anyways, many places here will be familiar to those who played in Victory Fire, such as the harbor. You need a ticket to use the ferry, and no you can't go to the eastern Tyron region in this game although you can go to two more regions later on. There is, however, a brand new path here, named Coral Path, which you can just swim east to. Sunny Beach is to the north, while Lost Path and Canyon Passage to the south. I remember a woman in a house giving a Squirtle in Victory Fire, but it doesn't look like you can get anything from her in this game. The old Whitewave gym is at the south end, which is now a training venue, as it was in Victory Fire too. Remember how earlier in the game we found out that Chronya, Cyasine, and Bruce were all leaders here (Bruce was main leader, Chronya and Cyasine were both vice leaders)? Well, this place has nothing much nowadays. However, a gentleman in the back can give you a free Riolu which Cyasine had left for you. There's also Ventar, a Megaguardian, here (Lv50 recommended).

Megaguardian Ventar: P648 and a Venusaurite

Venusaur Lv54, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Synthesis, holds Venusaurite

Battle Bases are what takes the place of the gyms in Western Tyron. As it stands, we do have one here, but who's in front of the door? Apparently, it's the leader, Shiela, who was an old friend of Chronya's. She'll more or less tutor you on Battle Bases, which now have a recommended level before you challenge them (in this case Lv54). Other than that, just expect to battle balanced teams and such. You'll also receive TM44 Rest. Are you ready to challenge the first Battle Base? There are four trainers in the first room.

Cooltrainer Benny: Tyrantrum Lv53, Drifblim Lv54, P1944

Lass Karina: Musharna Lv52, Ribombee Lv53, Beedrill Lv54, P864

Crush Girl Jennifer: Exeggutor Lv53, Dragonite Lv54, P1080

PKMN Ranger Liam: Golem Lv53, Gyarados Lv54, P1944

The next room has only the leader, but it's a maze! How unfortunate. If you step on some tiles, you sink and return to the previous room. If you were trying to avoid the trainers here, then you will have to challenge one at this point. I will lead you through the maze:

North two

East to the wall

North four

West eight

North two

East three

North to Shiela

Leader Shiela: P5400, Power Emblem and TM15 Hyper Beam

Heracross Lv55, Megahorn, Cross Chop, Swords Dance, Earthquake, holds Heracronite

Marowak Lv53, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Protect, holds Thick Club

Floatzel Lv53, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Supersonic, Extremespeed

Manectric Lv54, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Flamethrower

Obstagoon Lv54, Body Slam, Extremespeed, Crunch, Rock Slide

Lucario Lv54, Aura Sphere, Metal Claw, Swords Dance, Cross Chop

You can rematch Shiela at any time with the exact same team, but they are around Lv66 this time around. Won't list it again, but it's there if you have interest. When you're ready, let's check out that new route going east.


Mons found:

Finneon: 100% (old rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Tentacruel: 30% (surf)

Bruxish: 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Chinchou: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Dewpider: 20%

Lombre: 20%

Kangaskhan: 10%

Kadabra: 10%

Sawsbuck: 10%

Slowbro: 10%

Poliwhirl: 10%

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Jellicent: 4% (surf)

Lurantis: 4%

Galarian Linoone: 4%

Lanturn: 4% (super rod)

Cherrim: 2%

Floatzel: 1% (surf)

Seadra: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv54

Swimmer Jared: Dewgong Lv52, Starmie Lv53, Seadra Lv54, P216

Swimmer Lola: Cloyster Lv53, Jellicent Lv54, P216

Land and the first person you see is a battle messenger (P3440). There's a campsite here too.

Cooltrainer Alexa: Centiskorch Lv52, Alakazam Lv53, Lopunny Lv53, Muk Lv54, P1944

PKMN Ranger Vincent: Arcanine Lv53, Araquanid Lv54, P1944

Head a bit NE and then NW to a diving spot. Here is an extensive underwater network. Head east, past a mineral deposit, NE, then west. Go all the way to the NW corner of this area, which leads to a diving spot. This takes you to Ocean Passage, but we'll cover this later. From the diving spot, head east and you will soon get TM07 Hail. Backtrack to the south end where you went west earlier, then go south to get a Max Revive. Make your way all the way to the SE corner, then head due north. Eventually, you'll find a Big Mushroom. If you kept going north from this area to the NE corner, you will find a diving spot. This takes you to Mist Path. We'll cover this later. From where the Big Mushroom was, head west to the central rock which has a mineral deposit, then head north and NW. One of the rock piles along the way has an Elixir. If you head north from where you found it, you will find Lugia Lv55! Let's go back to the SW diving spot and continue on Coral Path. We'll be going SE for now.

Swimmer Finn: Sharpedo Lv55, P220

Swimmer Shirley: Floatzel Lv53, Starmie Lv53, Seadra Lv54, P216

Head west from here to the other side of the big island you were on. And guess what, it's a Megaguardian's home. Navigate her maze and get ready to challenge her (Lv60 recommended).

Megaguardian Kanya: P768 and a Kangaskhanite

Kangaskhan Lv64, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Crunch, Swords Dance, holds Kangaskhanite

When done, head NE of this island to two more. On the right is another Megaguardian (Lv55 recommended, also for some reason this female has a male battle sprite)!

Megaguardian Aizen: P648 and an Alakazite

Alakazam Lv54, Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Protect, holds Alakazite

Now to the NW.

Juggler Gregory: Gallade Lv55, P1100

Pick up TM41 Torment. The road north leads to Rocky Road. Once again, I will cover this later, in fact the route I'm taking right now will be going through all of those places anyways! We're heading north from Whitewave City now.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Wingull: 60% (surf)

Tentacruel: 31% (surf)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Tentacool: 4% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Lumineon: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv50

Swimmer Reece: Quagsire Lv48, Seadra Lv48, Starmie Lv49, P196

The girl at the left side is the battle messenger (P4650).

Swimmer Dennis: Vaporeon Lv48, Dewpider Lv48, Tentacruel Lv49, Bruxish Lv49, P196

Swimmer Richard: Dewgong Lv49, Cloyster Lv50, P200

Swimmer Axle: Gorebyss Lv51, P204

Swimmer Anya: Poliwrath Lv47, Floatzel Lv47, Lapras Lv48, Jellicent Lv48, P192


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Shellder: 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Sharpedo: 41% (super rod)

Carvanha: 30% (old rod), 40% (super rod)

Seel: 30% (surf)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Wingull: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Cloyster: 4% (super rod)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv50

Swimmer Melissa: Bruxish Lv49, Floatzel Lv50, P200

Picnicker Susie: Gumshoos Lv48, Lopunny Lv48, Carbink Lv49, Alolan Raichu Lv49, P980

Swimmer Dean: Huntail Lv51, P204

At the SW end is a diving spot taking you to that extensive network I talked about in Coral Path. If you go east, you'll find a campsite and a battle messenger (P2990).

Camoufleur Roger: Sigilyph Lv48, Muk Lv49, Venusaur Lv50, P1800

Swimmer Nora: Azumarill Lv48, Lanturn Lv49, Cloyster Lv50, P200

Swimmer Barry: Lumineon Lv49, Kingdra Lv50, P200


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 90% (surf)

Horsea: 60% (good rod)

Carvanha: 40% (super rod)

Shellder: 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Seel: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 1% (super rod)

Dewgong: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv50

A quaint little villa, but we do have a Battle Base here too. The leader here is Joseph, who disappeared a while back to become a member of the evil Team Mirage in Victory Fire. But afterwards he came back. In any case, he is somehow the new leader of the reformed Team Mirage, which now assists Pokemon Rangers! Interesting, because I remember Eliza being the leader after the former leader Wind retired. The left house has nothing of interest, sorry Victory Fire players, I know there used to be a hidden passage where you fought Lumiere, but it's not in this game this time. Anyways, the only thing to really do is go to the Battle Base, so hopefully you have mons Lv61 or higher.

Crush Girl Nana: Obstagoon Lv59, Golem Lv60, Medicham Lv61, P1220

Scientist Kirk: Weezing Lv59, Heliolisk Lv59, Sableye Lv60, Manectric Lv60, P2400

Beauty Ednar: Skarmory Lv59, Mudsdale Lv60, Arbok Lv61, P4392

Juggler Shawn: Alolan Ninetales Lv60, Musharna Lv61, P1220

Leader Joseph: P6100, Glory Emblem, and TM02 Dragon Claw

Charizard Lv62, Flamethrower, Air Cutter, Dragon Pulse, Solarbeam, holds CharizarditeY

Shedinja Lv60, Protect, Megahorn, Destiny Bond, Shadow Punch, holds Focus Band

Exeggutor Lv60, Synthesis, Solarbeam, Leech Seed, Psychic, holds Miracle Seed

Gengar Lv61, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Will-O-Wisp, Destiny Bond, holds Spell Tag

Weavile Lv61, Ice Punch, Crunch, Confuse Ray, Swords Dance, holds Focus Band

Duraludon Lv61, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Body Slam, Swords Dance, holds Metal Coat

As with Shiela, you can rematch him with his Lv66 team when you're ready. In any case, let's go east.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 60% (surf)

Carvanha: 40% (super rod)

Pelipper: 30% (surf)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Finneon: 4% (surf)

Slowbro: 4% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 1% (super rod)

Lumineon: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv55

Swimmer Haley: Quagsire Lv53, Azumarill Lv54, Primarina Lv55, P220

On the big island, you will find an Oran Berry and an Elixir in the small rocks as well as the battle messenger (P3600).

Camoufleur Ema: Umbreon Lv56, P2016

Swimmer Jonny: Tentacruel Lv54, Gyarados Lv55, P220

At the SE end is that diving spot that led to the area with Lugia. Let's continue NE.

Camper Flint (shouldn't this be swimmer?): Dewgong Lv54, Araquanid Lv55, P1100

Swimmer Chera: Ludicolo Lv54, Gorebyss Lv55, P220


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod)

Finneon: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 40% (super rod)

Lumineon: 30% (surf)

Carvanha: 20% (good rod)

Buizel: 20% (good rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Slowbro: 4% (super rod)

Pelipper: 4% (surf)

Wingull: 1% (surf)

Sharpedo: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv55

Well here we have a much larger city! The northernmost building is the airport, which you could use in Victory Fire to access the Tournament Tower area in central Tyron, but it's closed as planes are being repaired, so there's no entry. There's a big hotel here, and the house here had the guy who gave you a Torchic in Victory Fire. He now regrets it, interesting. The Brightgate Hotel is all booked, but you can talk to a girl here to get a free Sobble! A guy at the southernmost end of the city can teach you Dream Eater. Other than that, there's nothing else to really note apart from the Battle Base (Lv57 recommended). This one will resemble Giovanni's gym somewhat with the arrow tiles.

Cooltrainer Cammie: Scizor Lv56, Lapras Lv57, P2052

Black Belt Kiyo: Machamp Lv57 (holds Black Belt), P1368

Cooltrainer Samuel: Abomasnow Lv55, Mudsdale Lv55, Floatzel Lv56, Poliwrath Lv57, P2052

Hiker Yuji: Carracosta Lv56, Cacturne Lv56, Steelix Lv57, P2052

Aroma Lady Jinny: Swellow Lv55, Lurantis Lv56, Vileplume Lv57, P1596

PKMN Ranger Warren: Marowak Lv56, Kangaskhan Lv56, Mimikyu Lv57, P2052

Leader Dillon: P5700, Skill Emblem, and TM24 Thunderbolt

Aerodactyl Lv58, Fly, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, holds Aerodactylite

Magnezone Lv56, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Lock-On, Zap Cannon

Musharna Lv56, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball

Huntail Lv57, Crunch, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Scary Face

Drifblim Lv57, Fly, Explosion, Destiny Bond, Shadow Punch

Houndoom Lv57, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Roar, Calm Mind

When you want to rematch him, he'll have this same team at Lv66, but the mons will have an Aerodactylite, Magnet, Twistedspoon, Mystic Water, Leftovers, and Charcoal, respectively. All set? Go east!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wooper: 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 40% (super rod)

Marill: 36% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Gloom: 20%

Mudsdale: 20%

Quagsire: 15% (super rod)

Victreebel: 10%

Manectric: 10%

Cherrim: 10%

Flaaffy: 10%

Galvantula: 5%

Marowak: 5%

Dubwool: 4%

Finneon: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Arbok: 4%

Gyarados: 4% (super rod)

Breloom: 2%

Azumarill: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv56

The first thing you should do is swim across the pond to the north end to pick up a hidden PP Up.

Bird Keeper Robert: Pelipper Lv54, Pidgeot Lv54, Sirfetch'd Lv55, Drifblim Lv55, P1320

Beauty Ingrid: Cherrim Lv55, Vileplume Lv56, P4032

There's a campsite here as well as a battle messenger (P3210). To the south is Coral Path. Plus if you go on the rocks, you'll find a Megaguardian (Lv56 recommended).

Megaguardian Hiro: P708 and a Heracronite

Heracross Lv59, Cross Chop, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Rock Slide, holds Heracronite

Picnicker Valerie: Crobat Lv55, Poliwrath Lv56, P1120

Camoufleur Mossy: Beedrill Lv56, Sceptile Lv56, P2016

Pokemaniac Sebastian: Spinda Lv55, Alolan Raichu Lv56, P2688

At the NE end is TM10 Hidden Power. To the next town!


This is a quaint little town, but Victory Fire players may remember that the Team Mirage leader Night lived here. He is now a historian of the region and had studied in Cyenn University at some point. The profile girl is in the PokeCenter. The SW house has Manie, another Megaguardian (Lv57 recommended).

Megaguardian Manie: P720 and a Manectricite

Manectric Lv60, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Flamethrower, holds Manectricite

Night's house is in the SE corner. For some reason, there's a hidden Poke Ball at the SE corner of town too. Of course, Night isn't home, but he left a note because he realizes he's an RPG character and that protagonists will visit his house, so it addresses random strangers. Also he hates it when people sleep in his bed or read his diary. An allusion to the Cresselia sidequest in Victory Fire, real funny. Anyways, I think it's time for another Battle Base, which you'll want to be at least Lv57 for.

Super Nerd Ramon: Gallade Lv58, P1392

Picnicker Mercal: Salazzle Lv56, Dewgong Lv57, P1140

Rocker Dusty: Araquanid Lv55, Arcanine Lv55, Glalie Lv56, Arbok Lv56, P2688

Black Belt Sanada: Hawlucha Lv55, Rhyperior Lv56, Machamp Lv57, P1368

Cooltrainer Quinn: Sylveon Lv57, Cherrim Lv57, P2052

Leader Megan: P5700, Peace Emblem, and TM42 Facade

Ampharos Lv59, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Calm Mind, Dragon Pulse, holds Ampharosite

Cloyster Lv56, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Protect, Confuse Ray, holds Nevermeltice

Lurantis Lv56, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Slash, Leech Seed, holds Quick Claw

Salazzle Lv57, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Attract

Sirfetch'd Lv57, Cross Chop, Fly, Psycho Cut, Swords Dance

Krookodile Lv57, Earthquake, Crunch, Swagger, Body Slam

As always you can challenge this team again when it is around Lv66 (the last three mons will have Charcoal, Black Belt, and Soft Sand for items). Interesting that the door here decides to open now. In any case, congratulations on finishing one half of Western Tyron. We're going to go south of Whitewave City now.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 94% (surf)

Corphish: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Finneon: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Crawdaunt: 1% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv50

Swimmer Jack: Sharpedo Lv50, P200

Swimmer Almond: Poliwhirl Lv47, Carracosta Lv48, Floatzel Lv49, P196

Swimmer Jennifer: Starmie Lv49, Blastoise Lv50, P200

Fisherman Claude: Cloyster Lv49, Lumineon Lv50, P1800

The island with the fisherman has the battle messenger (P2500) and a campsite. SE of it is a diving spot. Not a whole lot down there, but there is a Blue Jewel at the north end. What is it for, I wonder? Head south to Granite Canyon.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Tentacool: 34% (surf)

Floatzel: 20%

Jumpluff: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Castform: 11%

Sableye: 10%

Smeargle: 10%

Weepinbell: 10%

Poliwhirl: 5%

Galarian Zigzagoon: 5%

Dubwool: 5%

Finneon: 5% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Helioptile: 4%

Seadra: 4% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Lumineon: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv54

Gentleman Wade: Decidueye Lv52, Jolteon Lv53, Sirfetch'd Lv53, P3816

When you can, swim down the canyon and land on the right side, then head up.

Scientist Felix: Alolan Marowak Lv54, Musharna Lv54, P2160

Inspect the empty space above the tree with berries for a hidden Full Restore. Go back to the river and swim to the right side for a Sun Stone. Head west now and you will soon find a campsite. Head west and up.

Cooltrainer Lil: Lapras Lv54, Tauros Lv54, P1944

Keep heading up to get to the battle messenger (P3500). There's a cave here, but ignore it and head up the steps. An empty space in the grass has a Leaf Stone, and TM05 Roar is also nearby. Now we can enter the cave. What's this? It's a door maze of sorts. Two choices to start, both of them lead a level up, in which you just go to the next room. Except if you chose the left side, you'll just be back at the start, so choose the right side first, then the next door. You'll be on the third floor at the third door. Just head one door to the left and you'll find a girl, who's actually here training with her Meloetta. Despite training, she can't leave the area, so she wants a strong trainer to help. Therefore, you need to challenge her (Lv62 recommended).

Crush Girl Shamir: P1300

Meloetta Lv65 (Pirouette form), Thunderpunch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Fire Punch, holds Black Belt

Afterwards you will receive Meloetta. I don't know if it's possible to change it's form but it will be in Pirouette form here. Now keep heading south.

Black Belt Spencer: Hawlucha Lv53, Machoke Lv53, Steelix Lv54, P1296

SE of that trainer is a Protein. You can either cross over the river to the other side and go down the steps or head down the waterfall directly.

Crush Girl Rosalin: Heracross Lv52, Machoke Lv52, Obstagoon Lv53, Gliscor Lv53, P1060

Head to the west side and up the steps to get to a Megaguardian (Lv56 recommended).

Megaguardian Prinstin: P708 and a Pinsirite

Pinsir Lv59, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, holds Pinsirite

South through the grass.

Cooltrainer Gaspen: Ninetales Lv53, Camerupt Lv54, P1944

The rock SE of this trainer has a Max Ether and to the SW is the next village.


Technically, the story is supposed to pick back up in this village. However, in order to do so, you have to talk to Annete back in Monolith Town (where she said she would be last time) first. Of course, since we're fully exploring Western Tyron at the moment, we're not getting back to the storyline anytime soon, and if you already talked to Annete, feel free to hop to the story section later on in this guide. In any case, welcome to Orange Village. This place has gotten a lot more refined since its destruction in Victory Fire, but this is the town where both Uranium and Hail were from. The first guy you see can teach you Substitute. The gym here is actually the Orange Tragedy Memo, in memory of Hail. But you can't enter since the door's locked. The house SE of that is the Move Deleter's home. The Orange Cave in the NE is also closed off, at least until we get to the story that is. A house near the east entrance of town belongs to Logan/Alma, the OTHER one that didn't get arrested though. An old man outside says that Logan/Alma's family was murdered five years ago. And the door is locked here as well. At the SW end is a Megaguardian (Lv57 recommended).

Megaguardian Harvan: P720 and a Houndoominite

Houndoom Lv60, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Overheat, Solarbeam, holds Houndoominite


Mons found:

Yungoos: 20%

Pidgeotto: 20%

Pidgeot: 10%

Gossifleur: 10%

Eldegoss: 10%

Gumshoos: 10%

Sawsbuck: 6%

Marill: 5%

Azumarill: 5%

Deerling: 4%

Recommended level: Lv57

PKMN Ranger Kiri: Charizard Lv56, Pidgeot Lv57, P2052

Cooltrainer Nolan: Alakazam Lv55, Floatzel Lv56, Pinsir Lv56, P2016

If you go in the grass at the north end, two empty spaces have a Max Ether and a Carbos. Use the campsite when needed and head SE. One of the empty spaces near the house has a hidden PP Max. The house is home to another Megaguardian's maze, this time with ledges to jump. Head up, jump three ledges, then head around to the north side. Jump one ledge, then south three to get to the Megaguardian (Lv60 recommended).

Megaguardian Bellie: P768 and a Beedrillite

Beedrill Lv64, Megahorn, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, holds Beedrillite

Out of the house now, let's keep going.

Bird Keeper Gerald: Swellow Lv56, Noctowl Lv57, P1368

Last person here is a battle messenger (P1990). Next town!


In case you came here from Mt. Hamal, you would have been at the south side of the town. People here talk about Trevor and how he used to work with Hail, and it turns out Trevor is the battle base leader here! He's rarely seen in his battle base though, as he's always busy with Dark Workers. Hail used to be a prosecutor along with Trevor, but lost consciousness in battle and was murdered in a hospital two years ago. The house south of the PokeCenter has a Megaguardian (Lv56 recommended).

Megaguardian Sylvan: P708 and a Scizorite

Scizor Lv59, Steel Wing, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Leech Life, holds Scizorite

You can enter the battle base! Lv59 is recommended, and the layout sort of resembles Lt. Surge's gym.

Beauty Mya: Hawlucha Lv57 (holds Black Belt), Alolan Marowak Lv58 (holds Black Belt), Leafeon Lv58, P4176

Gentleman Tucker: Skarmory Lv58, Arcanine Lv59, P4248

To proceed, all you gotta do is just use the two panels on the wall to remove the electric barriers!

Rocker Dwayne: Houndoom Lv57, Bastiodon Lv58, Gliscor Lv58, P2784

Cooltrainer Baily: Kangaskhan Lv58, Magnezone Lv59, P2124

Same deal here, use both panels to get to Trevor.

Leader Trevor: P5900, Mystery Emblem, and TM30 Shadow Ball

Scizor Lv60, Steel Wing, Megahorn, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, holds Scizorite

Gengar Lv58, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Fake Out, Will-O-Wisp

Mienshao Lv58, Hi Jump Kick, Aerial Ace, Bounce, Extremespeed

Gardevoir Lv58, Psychic, Moonblast, Double Team, Toxic

Camerupt Lv59, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Eruption, Rock Slide

Leafeon Lv59, Leaf Blade, Slash, Swords Dance, Toxic

You can rematch Trevor again with a Lv66 team and his Gengar and Mienshao will have a Spell Tag and a Black Belt, respectively.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Feebas: 44% (super rod)

Magikarp: 39% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Ekans: 20%

Drifloon: 20%

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Drifblim: 10%

Arbok: 10%

Lombre: 10%

Noctowl: 10%

Scyther: 10%

Hoothoot: 4%

Skiploom: 4%

Jumpluff: 2%

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Milotic: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv55

Gentleman Jasper: Cloyster Lv54, Araquanid Lv54, P3888

Lady Gina: Lurantis Lv53, Bellossom Lv55, P11000

Youngster Dave: Audino Lv53, Poliwrath Lv55, P880

At the south end of the route is a campsite, a Great Ball, and the Megaguardian Skye (Lv60 recommended).

Megaguardian Skye: P756 and a Sceptillite

Sceptile Lv63, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Leech Seed, Dragon Dance, holds Sceptillite

Camoufleur Yasu: Centiskorch Lv53, Raichu Lv53, Gumshoos Lv55, P1980

Psychic Merly: Musharna Lv56, P1120

Last person is the battle messenger (P3500). One more town we got, this time it's the Skylight Village!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Tentacool: 64% (surf)

Staryu: 60% (good rod)

Finneon: 30% (surf), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Gyarados: 15% (super rod)

Lumineon: 5% (surf), 40% (super rod)

Jellicent: 5% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv60

You could go here from Blue Path to the west or from Mt. Hamal to the south. At the SW house you can get a free Bagon, in case you couldn't get one by spending Game Corner coins earlier. And her neighbor next door is a Megaguardian of Salamence, as evident by the backdoor maze (Lv63 recommended).

Megaguardian Salvin: P792 and a Salamencite

Salamence Lv66, Dragon Claw, Fly, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, holds Salamencite

At the SE end of town, there's a hidden Rare Candy somewhere. Skylight Tunnel is blocked off, as even if we were to get this last emblem now, the champion isn't present at the moment. In any case, when you're ready (Lv62 recommended), the battle base is open.

Well, it's like Sabrina's gym here with teleporters. No you can't break the sign (even though Chronya technically can, it's in bad taste). You can access two trainers without teleporting anywhere.

Cooltrainer Preston: Magnezone Lv62, P2976

Pokemaniac Indigo: Alolan Exeggutor Lv61, Mimikyu Lv62, P2976

Well two more trainers can be found by going to the left side, and taking a teleporter in the room just south of the first trainer I listed.

Beauty Tasha: Exeggutor Lv60, Gengar Lv61, Kangaskhan Lv61, P4392

Cooltrainer Stacy: Alolan Marowak Lv60, Abomasnow Lv61, Cloyster Lv61, P2196

Taking a teleporter directly next to that last trainer leads to the NE side where these two trainers are.

Psychic Johan: Bruxish Lv59, Sableye Lv60, Gallade Lv61, Alakazam Lv61, P1220

Lady Amanda: Primarina Lv61, Weezing Lv61, P12200

To get to Benjamin the easy way, use the teleporter next to the last trainer, then head to the central teleporter there!

Leader Benjamin: P6200, Magic Emblem, and TM29 Psychic

Sableye Lv64, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, holds Sablenite

Xatu Lv61, Air Cutter, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis

Zoroark Lv61, Flamethrower, Crunch, Swords Dance, Slash

Espeon Lv62, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Recover

Medicham Lv62, Ice Punch, Psycho Cut, Cross Chop, Fire Punch

Lopunny Lv62, Attract, Body Slam, Protect, Dizzy Punch, holds Quick Claw

Again you can challenge him again with his more refined team at Lv66 (held items for the last five mons will be Twistedspoon, Blackglasses, Twistedspoon, Black Belt, and Silk Scarf). And the signpost will be gone now. Well, I think it's a good time to get with the story, given that we cannot actually reach Skylight Tunnel even with all six emblems in our possession. In case you're wondering, Orange Village is supposed to be where we go next, but if you aren't prompted to continue the story there, you need to talk to Annete first.

Recommended level: Lv60

Back in Monolith Town, talk to Annete outside your house. She received a letter from Uranium, having heard that a masked person has been sighted at Orange Village. We'd better go there to find out more information. Head back to Orange Village and continue the storyline, seeing as this walkthrough has certainly went through the rest of this region by now. Annete shows up, and recaps information from Uranium that "The Shady" may have been spotted around here. Chronya and Annete head to Uranium, and Eliza's with him too. Sirus had told Eliza to go here, even though she was supposed to be in the Ivara region (she'd be there eventually in Mega Power anyways). Chronya then reasons that "The Shady" should actually be after professor Neil/Tyra there due to being after the Mewtwo project. In other words, "The Shady" that was spotted here may not be the real one. Eliza reasons it could be her sister Elluce. It's certainly plausible that Elluce transformed into "The Shady" in this case, working along with the real "The Shady" to cause a distraction. It may even be she was the one who killed Vertice.

Just then, another character shows up. It's Logan/Alma! Or rather, the one who was not your rival who got arrested, but rather the other Logan/Alma who was your counterpart in Pokemon Resolute. We saw Logan/Alma's house from earlier, so now we get to see this Logan/Alma help out. And does so well, in showing that the masked person was sighted near Orange Cave. This Logan/Alma is doing this for our Logan/Alma, having been saved by that same savior. Although there seems to be a plan to go to Orange Cave at this point, Chronya thinks of a plan of her own. She remembers that Elluce has a bomb in her body, and that it's under control of "The Shady", so it could go off if Elluce fails. Chronya says it's impossible to hack the bomb, but it could be possible to physically destroy the signal receiver on the bomb. Annete also says that she knows where the signal receiver is, someplace Elluce couldn't find, but she can. Annete's willing to do it to work for Chronya, since she knows she has no redemption for Absolve or others. For Chronya, she has to divert Elluce's attention while Annete does her job. Elluce will be caught, alive, and will be forced to tell the truth of "The Shady"'s plans. After your allies leave for Orange Cave, Chronya thinks positive thoughts that her plan is going to work. You'll be back at the PokeCenter, so make necessary preparations before you take the plunge into the cave!


Mons found:

Golbat: 25%

Graveler: 20%

Marowak: 10%

Ditto: 10%

Haunter: 10%

Rhydon: 10%

Steelix: 6%

Gabite: 5%

Houndoom: 4%

Recommended level: Lv60

Off to the right side is a Megaguardian (same recommended level as above).

Megaguardian Grant: P756 and a Garchompite

Garchomp Lv63, Outrage, Earthquake, Crunch, Swords Dance, holds Garchompite

Just head up. Wait, what's Cyasine doing here? Cyasine never promised to protect parents! This is a ruse!

Illusion Cyasine?: P1260

Lucario Lv63, Aura Sphere, Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Metal Claw, holds Lucarionite

Keep heading up, Uranium is next. He was never really a softie, was he? Even though Chronya would prefer a softer Uranium.

Illusion Uranium?: P1240

Metagross Lv62, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Psycho Cut, holds Metagrossite

Now it's time to head south; it doesn't matter which side you choose. Annete is next, and Chronya plays a fun joke about seeing Absolve since she knows it's Elluce.

Illusion Annete?: P1280

Mawile Lv64, Crunch, Play Rough, Metal Claw, Swords Dance, holds Mawilite

Keep going. You'll meet Eliza. For real this time of course, despite what Chronya initially thinks. Eliza will heal your mons though. Nervous yet? Annete's life is in your hands, so you better follow Eliza. At the top of the cave, you rendezvous with Eliza, Logan/Alma, and Uranium, confronting Elluce. She drinks some soda pop and chastises the group in this confrontation, knowing her bomb will blow if she loses. Eliza decides that she doesn't even know Elluce, since she's nothing but abyss, in the current form of a Team Delta grunt. Do we even know what Elluce's real form is? Does she even want to show her real form? Viperum failed to make her like Eliza. In any case, we try to help, but I guess the only way is to really battle her.

Dark Worker Elluce: P1952

Houndoom Lv62, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Will-O-Wisp, Calm Mind, holds Houndoominite

Musharna Lv59, Hypnosis, Psychic, Nightmare, Shadow Ball, holds Scope Lens

Scizor Lv59, Steel Wing, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace

Arbok Lv60, Poison Jab, Strength, Glare, Mean Look

Mimikyu Lv60, Play Rough, Shadow Ball, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance

Weavile Lv61, Ice Punch, Crunch, Crush Claw, Swords Dance, holds Quick Claw

Annete shows up just in time after your battle, kicking Elluce from behind and destroying the signal receiver. With no bomb blowing up today, it's time to spill the beans, Elluce. About "The Shady" and Vertice's death. She starts coughing though, and that Soda Pop was in fact poison. It turns out, she would rather go out that way than be blown up. Uranium then tells everyone to go to the clinic at the Orange Memorial, for some reason that place has a clinic!

We're now in the Orange Memorial, despite never being able to go there before. Looks like Elluce's vital signs are stable, but she seems to have permanent brain damage, which may prevent her from even waking up. The doctor here recommends that she go to the hospital at this point too, but Uranium declines, deciding to take care of Elluce personally. Because he thinks the hospital is unsafe due to the fact Hail was killed in the hospital a long time ago. Hail was knocked unconscious during his battle with the Dark Workers in Orange Village before its destruction, and was in a vegetative state, but murdered in the ward. The nurse had allegedly disappeared after Hail was killed, but that nurse may have also been some sort of impostor. Therefore, Uranium will stay with Elluce to make sure she lives. The doctor and Uranium head downstairs, and he'll also say that officers will guard the steps. Eliza then talks to Chronya, saying that Elluce may not be all the hope we need, since it will take too long. It seems that while this mission to prove Logan/Alma's innocence is going on, they seem to have scheduled an execution for Logan/Alma. Something that the legal system hasn't given in sixty years. "The Shady" has a hand in all this of course, considering the connection to government officials and their weaknesses, kinda like Vertice. Eliza then gives Annete her sword, despite her worthlessness, Eliza does care about her former teacher.

The other Logan/Alma comes in, having found something that Elluce had in her pocket earlier. It is an envelope with a strange button and a letter inside. The letter is to Eliza, in the no-longer-possible event in which Elluce's bomb exploded. The button is a key, something that could be used against "The Shady". Elluce was not hoping people would see her as a puppet after all. The only time, and perhaps the last time, Elluce shows her true self. Eliza will give the button to someone she trusts, her former team leader, who is currently in Ivara at the moment. This is where Eliza will say farewell now. Eliza of course is going to see Wind, who will eventually use the button to give to Neil/Tyra in Mega Power, and that very same button is instrumental in taking down "The Shady" in that game!

All we need now is time to prove Logan/Alma is truly innocent. The Logan/Alma who is with us agrees, and all we should do is protect Elluce, so he'll stay in the village too. We can always talk to this Logan/Alma any time. Chronya then reminds Annete of how much worth she really has. Annete then goes off to think about herself, where she'll be in Monolith Town again. Now we have free reign once again. You can now explore the Orange Memorial, although there's nothing important and you can't head downstairs. You can also head to Logan/Alma's house to see how they feel. The main goal, at this point, is to challenge the Western Tyron league, as the Skylight Tunnel is now open. There are, of course, other things to do.

For one, you can head back to Monolith Town. Annete doesn't have anything to do at the moment, but you can challenge her to a battle!

PKMN Trainer Annete: P3960

Mawile Lv66, Crunch, Play Rough, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, holds Mawilite

Zoroark Lv64, Crunch, Flamethrower, Slash, Confuse Ray, holds Blackglasses

Mimikyu Lv64, Play Rough, Swords Dance, Curse, Shadow Ball, holds Spell Tag

Gliscor Lv65, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace, Protect, holds Soft Sand

Sigilyph Lv65, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Air Cutter, Mean Look, holds Twistedspoon

Machamp Lv66, Cross Chop, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, holds Black Belt

She'll always be there if you need to train, with the same team and all. Considering we're here and should be able to beat him, we might as well take on dad at home!

PKMN Trainer Bruce: P1056

Swampert Lv66, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Body Slam, Waterfall, holds Swampertite

Kangaskhan Lv64, Body Slam, Dizzy Punch, Swords Dance, Crunch

Incineroar Lv64, Flamethrower, Crunch, Bulk Up, Cross Chop

Ludicolo Lv65, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Hydro Pump, Recover

Gallade Lv65, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Brick Break

Volcarona Lv66, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Tail Glow, Air Cutter

By this point (or at least after the Enif City mission I think), Cyasine and Altena will also be home. If you talk to Cyasine, she reveals that she's actually a Megaguardian of Lucario! Or not, but you can get the Lucarionite Mega Stone from her since the current Megaguardian is ill. But she'll fight with a full team (Lv66 recommended)

PKMN Trainer Cyasine: P3840 and a Lucarionite

Lucario Lv66, Aura Sphere, Metal Claw, Hi Jump Kick, Swords Dance, holds Lucarionite

Blaziken Lv64, Blaze Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, holds Charcoal

Medicham Lv65, Cross Chop, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, holds Quick Claw

Mienshao Lv65, Hi Jump Kick, Aerial Ace, Mach Punch, Extremespeed, holds Black Belt

Machamp Lv66, Earthquake, Cross Chop, Seismic Toss, Rock Slide, holds Black Belt

Hawlucha Lv64, Fly, Brick Break, Extremespeed, Steel Wing, holds Focus Band

If you need more Lucarionites, you can buy more from Mr. Mecan outside (P9000). And last but not least, mother. She recommends Lv63 for her challenge.

Leader Altena: P6100 and TM38 Fire Blast

Absol Lv63, Crunch, Psycho Cut, Play Rough, Aerial Ace, holds Absolite

Gliscor Lv61, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Toxic, Bounce, holds Leftovers

Primarina Lv62, Surf, Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, holds Mystic Water

Ninetales Lv62, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, holds Brightpowder

Lurantis Lv63, Leaf Blade, Grasswhistle, Protect, Leech Seed, holds Focus Band

Arcanine Lv61, Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse, holds Charcoal

Interestingly, this is her Lv6 Defender team. Speaking of which, if you haven't been touching up on the Battle Arenas lately, you might as well finish them now. For LvEX, I have no real suggestions, unless you are still lacking some skills. In that case, challenge Cordelia at Marfik City or Jill at Zosma Town if you still need Birdcall LvX or Swimmer Lv2. And even then, you can challenge them after you become a LvEX Defender. More info on their teams will be listed in the Battle Arenas Guide.

Once you become a LvEX Defender, you can now challenge the Cyenn Gatekeepers! They're the ones who are always at the field, watching challengers and defenders and such.

Gatekeeper Vic: P2832

Gallade Lv61, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, holds Galladite

Gliscor Lv59, Earthquake, Toxic, Bounce, Swords Dance, holds Leftovers

Lucario Lv60, Extremespeed, Aura Sphere, Mach Punch, Metal Claw, holds Black Belt

Alolan Marowak Lv60, Fire Punch, Earthquake, Bone Rush, Shadow Punch, holds Thick Club

Slowbro Lv61, Psychic, Amnesia, Surf, Yawn, holds Leftovers

Umbreon Lv59, Curse, Pursuit, Sand Attack, Moonlight, holds Quick Claw

Gatekeeper Nat: P2832

Gardevoir Lv61, Psychic, Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Ice Beam, holds Gardevoirite

Scizor Lv59, Metal Claw, Megahorn, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Focus Band

Zoroark Lv60, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Crunch, holds Focus Band

Marowak Lv60, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Protect, Thunderpunch, holds Thick Club

Slowking Lv61, Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Psychic, Hydro Pump, holds Mystic Water

Espeon Lv59, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, holds Twistedspoon

Beating the two will allow you to go to Polaris Island! They will take you to a tunnel. Talk to Nat if you want to leave, and when you want to return, just pick the LvEX challenger option and you'll go without a hitch. That being said you'll want to have Lv66 Pokemon to challenge what's ahead here.


A lot of strong trainers here, along with a few friends of Chronya. Also there's a salesperson here who sells you the usual wares at this point, and a girl will teach you Thunder Wave. Also, if you go to the cliff where the Pichu is, guess what, it’s the spiky-eared Pichu! That’s right, by talking to it from below, you can have it join your team! A neat freebie.

Done exploring? Enter the arena. The rules are, if you defeat 6 trainers in a row, you win! But if you wanna heal, you must battle a seventh challenger. These defenders can range from the two gatekeepers from before, to the defenders you battled, to other trainers from other games! Check the Battle Arenas Guide to see the full listing.

Do it, and you become the champion of the Cyenn region! You get your team registered in the HOF, though like with Wind's other hacks Resolute and Mega Power, you can skip the credits if you want to!

Before we go to the Western Tyron League, let's go find some legendaries. Go to Graffias Town and dive down. We're back in Alrakis River. I'll admit, I didn't look far enough here and only assumed that the south end is a dead end, but if you head around the rock where the sign is, there's much more to explore! Head right, then up, until you see a mineral deposit. A rock pile SW of it has an HP Up. Keep heading up, you'll soon find some stairs. Before taking them, head up more and go to the NE big rock. The rock pile near it has an Iron. Take the steps and swim in the river. Swim down past one fork, and at the next fork, go to the right. You will eventually find a Red Jewel. You probably have the Blue Jewel from the area that had Lugia earlier, so what are both of these jewels for anyways? We'll find out very soon. Swim back up, then left this time. When you land, head all the way south to find a Mystic Water (hidden in a rock pile) and TM23 Iron Tail. Return to the first fork and land at the left side there. Head to a rock pile at the north end to find a PP Max. Head to the SE end of this island and inspect the rock pile there to get a Deepseatooth. Now get back in the river and keep swimming up, until the second branch on the right. Scale the waterfall and you'll find a Megaguardian (Lv50 recommended)!

Megaguardian Samson: P648 and a Sablenite

Sableye Lv54, Protect, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Toxic, holds Sablenite

Now swim all the way up the river, scaling another waterfall. Swim across here and you'll find an altar. Now you know what the Red and Blue Jewels are for! Place the Red jewel to encounter Latias Lv50! Place the Blue Jewel to encounter Latios Lv50!

Another legendary we can find is back in Orange Village. Go back to where you last fought Elluce, and you'll find it: Giratina Lv55. Now we should be able to get to Challenge Bridge, but we got our version of Victory Road here to take on first! Before you enter the Skylight Tunnel, the guy you talk to outside will confirm you have all the emblems. He is actually one of the Challenge Bridge guardians, Garrett.


Mons found:

1st floor:

Golbat: 20%

Onix: 20%

Steelix: 10%

Machoke: 10%

Medicham: 10%

Graveler: 10%

Mudsdale: 5%

Krokorok: 5%

Kadabra: 5%

Sableye: 5%

2nd floor:

Golbat: 20%

Onix: 20%

Kadabra: 10%

Sableye: 10%

Graveler: 10%

Krokorok: 10%

Medicham: 10%

Steelix: 4%

Mudsdale: 4%

Machoke: 2%

First person you meet is the battle messenger (P8900). Only one path to take, for now.

PKMN Ranger Iris: Arcanine Lv65, P2340

Your first fork is soon right there. Keep heading east and then down.

Cooltrainer Jovan: Magnezone Lv64, Kangaskhan Lv64, P2304

Take the path under the bridge. Heading west, you'll find the other path of that fork from earlier. Head down from there to pick up an Escape Rope, then head left and down.

PKMN Ranger Josh: Alolan Exeggutor Lv63, Ninetales Lv63, Crobat Lv64, P2304

Now to the second floor.

Gentleman Marcos: Musharna Lv63, Golem Lv64, Obstagoon Lv64, P4608

Head up and left at the fork to get TM28 Dig, then head right at the fork.

Cooltrainer Kent: Galvantula Lv64, Sandslash Lv65, P2340

Keep going and inspect the rock to find a Stardust. We're at a branching point now, where the nearby stairs and the SE stairs lead to the east side with two ladders, and the SW side leads to a ladder going down. That's where we go first.

Crush Girl Annia: Machamp Lv63, Mienshao Lv64, P1280 (both mons hold a Black Belt)

Camoufleur Franklin: Polteageist Lv63, Golem Lv64, P2304

Yeah that's not a ladder. But there is a hidden Rare Candy next to him. Now to the SE side.

Beauty Gwen: Carbink Lv63, Lopunny Lv63, Alakazam Lv64, Alolan Ninetales Lv64, P4608

Okay that's actually a down ladder there at the west. Take it. There's a hidden Elixir under a Kubfu. This thing is training by itself, but notices Chronya and wants to train with her! In other words, it's a freebie! Head back and all the way north to the up ladder. Head left across a bridge first and collect TM09 Bullet Seed. Backtrack and go north.

Black Belt Robby: Machamp Lv63, Poliwrath Lv63, Lucario Lv64, P1536

Cooltrainer Miriam: Primarina Lv64, Glaceon Lv64, P3072

Alright! You've made it to the Bridge Entrance. Enter and stock up on stuff before you can challenge it! You gotta go through six Bridge Guards Elite Four-style before you can challenge Master Nelson.

Ultra Ball: P1200

Great Ball: P600

Full Restore: P3000

Max Potion: P2500

Revive: P1500

Full Heal: P600

Max Repel: P700


Bridge Guard Garrett: P6600

Scizor Lv66, Aerial Ace, Megahorn, Swords Dance, Steel Wing, holds Scizorite

Raichu Lv64, Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Protect, Body Slam, holds Magnet

Banette Lv64, Shadow Punch, Will-O-Wisp, Play Rough, Curse, holds Quick Claw

Weezing Lv65, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Lovely Kiss, Explosion, holds Silk Scarf

Charizard Lv65, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Slash, Dragon Pulse, holds Sitrus Berry

Metagross Lv66, Meteor Mash, Psycho Cut, Body Slam, Earthquake, holds Metal Coat

Bridge Guard Ariana: P6600

Sceptile Lv66, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, Growth, Leech Seed, holds Sceptillite

Absol Lv64, Crunch, Psycho Cut, Slash, Swords Dance, holds Quick Claw

Dubwool Lv64, Body Slam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Rock Slide

Gyarados Lv65, Bounce, Crunch, Scary Face, Waterfall, holds Mystic Water

Ninetales Lv65, Extremespeed, Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, holds Sitrus Berry

Gengar Lv66, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Thunder, Toxic, holds Sitrus Berry

Bridge Guard Lamar: P6600

Alakazam Lv66, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, holds Alakazite

Dewgong Lv64, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Body Slam, Protect, holds Mystic Water

Manectric Lv64, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Roar, Ice Beam, holds Magnet

Victreebel Lv65, Leaf Blade, Poison Jab, Toxic, Swords Dance

Arcanine Lv65, Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Earthquake, holds Sitrus Berry

Pidgeot Lv66, Fly, Heat Wave, Featherdance, Strength, holds Sitrus Berry

Bridge Guard Yazmin: P6600

Altaria Lv66, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Air Cutter, Moonblast, holds Altarianite

Crobat Lv64, Poison Jab, Fly, Mean Look, Toxic, holds Poison Barb

Aerodactyl Lv64, Rock Slide, Fly, Dragon Dance, Headbutt, holds Hard Stone

Galvantula Lv65, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Spider Web, Confuse Ray, holds Silverpowder

Slowking Lv65, Psychic, Flamethrower, Calm Mind, Hydro Pump, holds Twistedspoon

Abomasnow Lv66, Sheer Cold, Blizzard, Double-Edge, Leaf Blade, holds Focus Band

Bridge Guard Destin: P6600

Lucario Lv66, Aura Sphere, Metal Claw, Cross Chop, Swords Dance, holds Lucarionite

Lopunny Lv64, Body Slam, Protect, Fire Punch, Dizzy Punch, holds Silk Scarf

Starmie Lv64, Hydro Pump, Psychic, Ice Beam, Recover, holds Mystic Water

Sawsbuck Lv65, Leaf Blade, Megahorn, Leech Seed, Body Slam, holds Miracle Seed

Tauros Lv65, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, holds Cheri Berry

Muk Lv66, Toxic, Minimize, Strength, Poison Jab, holds Poison Barb

Bridge Guard Celia: P6600

Houndoom Lv66, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Roar, Calm Mind, holds Houndoominite

Polteageist Lv64, Shadow Ball, Curse, Fake Out, Toxic, holds Spell Tag

Skarmory Lv64, Steel Wing, Recover, Confuse Ray, Fly, holds Leftovers

Froslass Lv65, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Sheer Cold, Double Team, holds Nevermeltice

Gardevoir Lv65, Moonblast, Psychic, Ice Beam, Recover, holds Twistedspoon

Tyranitar Lv66, Crunch, Earthquake, Double-Edge, Rock Slide, holds Soft Sand

And now the moment you've been waiting for...

Champion Nelson: P7400

Metagross Lv75, Psycho Cut, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, Earthquake, holds Metagrossite

Mienshao Lv72, Hi Jump Kick, Ice Punch, Swords Dance, Bounce, holds Black Belt

Houndoom Lv73, Overheat, Dark Pulse, Roar, Toxic, holds Charcoal

Salamence Lv73, Fly, Outrage, Flamethrower, Dragon Dance, holds Dragon Fang

Mimikyu Lv74, Shadow Punch, Play Rough, Confuse Ray, Swords Dance, holds Spell Tag

Jolteon Lv74, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Ice Beam, holds Magnet

Following this, Chronya gets her canon title of Tyron Master! Well, Western Tyron master since the other Tyron region still has Uranium as leader. Chronya even mentions that she knows what the job of it is all about now. But Nelson then tells her she doesn't have to wait around, as the kid who beat him a year ago (Iron/Pure, the Victory Fire protagonist) did the same thing, not wait. You have yet another Hall of Fame and can skip the credits if you wish.

Alright, let's get to another location! Back in Monolith Town, talk to Annete. Nelson asked her for something now. You can now get the Tyron Trophy by exchanging the emblems, though I'm not sure why it all happens while in this conversation. This also gives you a star on your trainer card (by the way, finishing the Cyenn League also gives you a star, so you should have eight now). Annete then says a stranger came here while Chronya was away. This guy wants to meet both Chronya and Annete at Spiral Island, a place we haven't been to yet (but Pokemon Resolute players may know what I'm talking about here). You have two tickets and can go to the ferry in Whitewave City to go to Spiral Island. Seems nice, but suspicious all the same. Annete thinks so, since Viperum had given her a letter back then stating that Gavin was in trouble, and that's how Absolve was taken from her and how Annete was blackmailed. She doesn't want the same thing happening again, so she'll go there herself, although Chronya can follow. If anything happens, Annete has a bomb as a backup, and was in fact the one Elluce had. Chronya says she shouldn't do this, but Annete also says that killing herself won't be easy anymore, as she now believes it is good to help everyone before she dies. If there are no other ways though, she will activate Elluce's bomb.

So go there now! At Whitewave City's harbor, you can now ride the S.S. Arrow (which was in Mega Power by the way). You can go to Spiral Island, the Sevii Islands, the Lande Region, or Western Tyron (where you are now). But since you only have a Spiral Ticket, you can only go to Spiral Island.


Annete is in front of a building near the PokeCenter and recommends you to join her with Lv65 mons when ready. But let's explore the rest of this place first. Two houses up from that one, you will find a musician who gives you TM25 Thunder. Talk to a green-hatted trainer above that house to receive a Scorbunny! The Battle Department is here, but wow, you need to be Lv84 to really challenge this one. Well, no one is inside as there's a lack of trainers. Eliza is here, but she has a team around Lv84, and no one else is here. Enter the house below the Battle Department and talk to one of the guys, who is offering a Sevii Ticket for a hefty P15000. Take it! He's selling these tickets for Leaf, the master of Tournament Castle there. Head to the middle of the island and swim up. A guy asks you for an Ace Ribbon, and you can get one much later on here once this place opens up. Swim east of him and into the dead end there to find a hidden Star Piece. If you go into the SE house on this island, you'll find a housekeeper. It's not actually important, but those who played Resolute may recognize this as one of Elijah's houses. He of course went to the Ivara region to see if he can help Logan/Alma in some way. So just a random bit of trivia there.

Might as well talk to Annete now. We may need to battle the guy here. Follow Annete inside. Um, Team Delta grunts?

Team Delta Grunt: Quagsire Lv63, Centiskorch Lv64, Bastiodon Lv65, P6500

In the next room, the grunt was already beat by Annete. She's just up ahead, wondering why Team Delta is so unfriendly. You both battle two grunts in a row now.

Team Delta Grunt: Arbok Lv64, Cloyster Lv64, Alolan Exeggutor Lv65, Duraludon Lv65, P6500

Team Delta Grunt: Inteleon Lv64, Furfrou Lv64, Vaporeon Lv65, Sylveon Lv65, P6500

Now it's time to meet Kasper once again. We know he's Team Delta's leader, and he's the one who asked Chronya and Annete to come. Annete does know Kasper, oddly enough. Anyways, he's here to give Chronya something. A kid who saved her wishes to meet her? Chronya knows it's not possible because Logan/Alma was arrested, but it turns out we could see Logan/Alma in jail with Kasper's help. It is the National Prison, in the Lande region. Kasper then gives Chronya and Annete Lande Tickets. Wonderful! We can now go to two regions! Chronya still thinks this is all fishy, due to his connection with professor Neil/Tyra. Kasper then gets Annete's bomb, made by Viperum, without her knowing! The grunts distracted her when she's asking why they battle. And Kasper even wiretapped their conversation in Monolith Town. The bomb even has a remote controller plus several smaller bombs in it, capable of blowing as much as a mountain to smithereens. Yeesh, Elluce had all of that in her? Kasper plans to take it apart, maybe even use it for his final resort (and Mega Power players may know what I'm talking about regarding Mt. Honeysuckle) for a dangerous enemy. He reminds them why Team Delta formed and has to return to the Ivara region.

So yeah, Kasper organized this plan to steal the bomb from Annete to use for his own needs and Team Delta's, but we did get some tickets. We hope he doesn't use them anytime soon. Might want to see Logan/Alma at the prison. This is indeed our next mission! Although you do have the choice to go to either Lande or the Sevii Islands, I actually recommend Lande now, because there's a special method of flying to be received in the Lande region which would help in navigating both Lande and the Sevii Islands. So yes, the Sevii Islands will be the last thing we do. To the Lande region!


Welcome to Lande. When you ascend the first set of steps, you get greeted by Xander, the current chairman of the Adventurer's Club. You'll get an explanation on the Adventurer's Club, but you also get an upgraded Lande map! This works somewhat like it does in Mega Power, where you can fly to previously visited areas as well as hidden areas you get after you find them through other adventurers. Xander also explains he's a gym leader in Asparagus City, although the new gym leader needs some time to get to Lande. She may be familiar to both Resolute and Mega Power players, she's Veronika who is from the Sylon region, but you won't see her in this hack.

In order to fly in the Lande region and the Sevii Islands, you can only select Soar in the Sky. It functions like a mini-map warp zone of sorts. At the moment, only Alocasia Town is open, but that's okay, you'll find more places to go. Enter the Adventurer's Club and talk to the blonde girl, who mentions that she found something south of this island. This unlocks a new area! You can fly SE of Alocasia Town to find it.


Mons found:

Seel: 80% (good rod)

Frillish: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Buizel: 60% (surf)

Gyarados: 55% (super rod)

Floatzel: 30% (surf)

Magikarp: 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod)

Skiploom: 20%

Jumpluff: 20%

Breloom: 15%

Spinda: 14%

Galvantula: 11%

Lurantis: 10%

Fomantis: 5%

Tentacool: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Dewgong: 4% (super rod)

Flaaffy: 4%

Ampharos: 1%

Jellicent: 1% (super rod)

Recommended level: Lv60

You need to head up, around, and across a bridge to the middle pond to find the legendary here, Shaymin Lv50!


Mons found:

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (good rod)

Dratini: 40% (super rod)

Dragonair: 40% (super rod)

Marill: 35% (surf)

Finneon: 20% (good rod)

Kadabra: 20%

Noctowl: 20%

Dubwool: 20%

Lombre: 20%

Poliwhirl: 15% (super rod)

Alolan Exeggutor: 5%

Swellow: 5%

Tauros: 5%

Rhydon: 4%

Lumineon: 4% (surf)

Gyarados: 4% (super rod)

Azumarill: 1% (surf)

Poliwrath: 1% (super rod)

Ludicolo: 1%

Recommended level: Lv56

Battle messenger is the first person you talk to (P1250).

Camoufleur Rena: Duraludon Lv58, P2088

The empty spot next to the first Pokemon nest has an Exotic Ore.

Psychic Dario: Bruxish Lv56, Gallade Lv57, P1140

Surf across the pond here to find TM43 Secret Power, then continue.

Lady Cammy: Espeon Lv56, Ninetales Lv56, Froslass Lv57, P11400

So you can head west to Asparagus City or east to Hibiscus Path. We're going to the city first.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 60% (surf)

Carvanha: 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Pelipper: 30% (surf)

Finneon: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Bruxish: 16% (super rod)

Lumineon: 5% (surf), 4% (super rod)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Floatzel: 1% (surf)

Recommended level: Lv55

There are a lot of buildings, but not a lot to really do. There's an aquarium, like it was in Mega Power, but it's under construction. The only two places are the Adventurer's Club at the NW and the gym at the SW. Talking to the first guy in the club, well, he does want your help with ores that his friend got, but that's just fools gold. Then he says he'll pay P1000000! Or rather not, he instead gives you a free Master Ball! Chronya immediately says they've been ripped off since a Master Ball only costs P100000. So not much in finding a location sadly.

GLITCH: Talk to the man again, which will trigger the dialogue for beating Misty in the original FR/LG, and also give you a free TM03 Water Pulse! You can even repeat this!

Now for the gym, which is an actual gym this time (Lv67 recommended). You first see a girl who mentions that the trainers here ARE the gym puzzle, and you can reset their positions by talking to her in case you mess up. After her is the first trainer. You need to approach him from the bottom to continue.

Cooltrainer Manuel: Mudsdale Lv64, Golem Lv65, Sandslash Lv65, Rillaboom Lv66, P2376

Continue to the next trainer, who you need to approach from below.

Gentleman Matina: Weavile Lv67, Dewgong Lv67, P4824

You can head above or below the gentleman to continue. The last trainer is blocking the path directly to Xander, so you want to approach her from a distance.

Cooltrainer Feia: Bronzong Lv65, Lopunny Lv66, Aerodactyl Lv67, P2412

Leader Xander: P6800, Scholar Badge, and an Iron

Kangaskhan Lv68, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, holds Kangaskhanite

Rillaboom Lv66, Leaf Blade, Belly Drum, Fake Out, Cross Chop, holds Miracle Seed

Gallade Lv66, Psycho Cut, Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Counter, holds Focus Band

Dragonite Lv66, Thunder Wave, Hyper Beam, Outrage, Fly

Banette Lv67, Curse, Shadow Punch, Play Rough, Toxic, holds Spell Tag

Galarian Weezing Lv68, Sludge Bomb, Play Rough, Destiny Bond, Explosion, holds Poison Barb

Yeah, it's a key item. Now to Hibiscus Path!


Mons found:

Gastly: 20%
Shuppet: 20%

Galarian Linoone: 11%
Banette: 10%
Pidgeotto: 10%
Eldegoss: 10%
Haunter: 5%
Victreebel: 5%
Pidgeot: 4%
Nincada: 4%
Ninjask: 1%

Recommended level: Lv57

Hmm, there are no trainers on this route, plus two entrances to Dodder Forest. Head as far SE as you can to find a Revive. Then, enter the closest of these two entrances. This area is actually a dead end, but head around the first set of trees to the north and inspect the sole gravestone. "For lost spirits only, No outsiders allowed". What could it be I wonder? Well, we're not going to do this just yet. Now head to the other entrance of Dodder Forest.


Mons found:

Haunter: 20%

Sinistea: 20%

Polteageist: 14%

Banette: 11%

Shuppet: 10%

Victreebel: 10%

Marowak: 5%

Lurantis: 5%

Mimikyu: 4%

Gengar: 1%

Recommended level: Lv58

As usual, the first person you see is the battle messenger (P1750). Oh yeah, it's raining in this forest. Head north. First trainer you see doesn't seem to battle you on sight, so you have to talk to her to battle.

PKMN Ranger Madeline: Vileplume Lv57, Polteageist Lv58, P2088

So the next patch of grass surrounded by swamp has a hidden Leaf Stone at the north end.

Psychic Cory: Haunter Lv56, Alakazam Lv57, Banette Lv58, P1160

Head east and up to a tombstone containing a Max Elixir. Head south, then east to another swamp. Go north, then a bit to the east and south to find TM34 Shock Wave. Keep heading north.

PKMN Ranger Nicolas: Victreebel Lv57, Poliwrath Lv58, P2088

East and south.

Psychic Jia: Xatu Lv56, Musharna Lv56, Medicham Lv57, Froslass Lv57, P1140

South and out of the forest. Back at the east end of Hibiscus Path, there's a campsite here, and nothing much else before our next location of Belladonna Town.


A spooky town with a number of buildings as well as people saying that ghost mons (particularly Shuppet) haunt the area. Also there used to be a castle in the center of town but it's now the National Prison. Eucheuma Path to the north, Clover Path to the east. However, we're interested in the storyline here, so we want to head to the National Prison in the center. If you head left of it, you'll see a cave entrance, but you can't enter. Well, you also cannot enter the prison, as the officers say that no visitors are allowed, warden's orders. Don't wanna get arrested for trespassing now! Chronya even realizes that some of these officials are on "The Shady"'s side. Sirus comes in from the left, and has you come with him, where Annete also is. Heck, Annete wanted to even turn herself in, but even she was rejected. Sirus knows these are corrupted government officials, cowardly and trying to ensure Logan/Alma gets executed. Sirus wants Chronya and Annete to be the bodyguards here. But how? We might just have to break-in, great. Sirus has bribed a prisoner, someone who will take Logan/Alma out of there. And even if Logan/Alma doesn't agree, Chronya is strong enough to KO Logan/Alma and stuff them in a bag or something as a last resort. What helps this is that professor Neil/Tyra is on our side, along with Cybil, the same one who chased after the professor. Those people are after "The Shady" directly, but our job is to sneak in, find what the warden is up to, and hopefully bust Logan/Alma out. The warden may be playing into "The Shady"'s plan. When Sirus leaves, Chronya talks to Annete, who mentions that being with Chronya makes her feel that her daughter is with her. Now you have control, so let's take that tunnel you couldn't earlier.

Head right to talk to Sirus. He'll recommend you to come in with Lv70 mons. He'll also point to a ceiling hole covered with a floor tile. As a result, we move to a new location. Annete shows up as you continue left, warning us of the police presence, although Chronya knows of her muscular abilities. The female prisoner there then yells at Chronya and Annete, telling us that she was the one bribed by Sirus. She believes the warden is suspicious too, and also reiterates about the police presence, not to mention their weak Growlithe Pokemon, and they will keep chasing you until you lose their sight. We don't get the prisoner's name, but I'll admit I already know what it is. Anyways, Annete leaves and we might as well go to the open doorway there.

Alright so the deal is, these officers have a Lv60 Growlithe and give P960, but if you deal with them, you will flee and have to start over. This is a stealth mission, but it shouldn't actually be difficult to avoid the line of sight of the officers. There's a door you can access to the south, but you cannot enter it as it is locked. After that are officers who change direction, so don't run past them. Another door at the SW is also locked, and your goal is the elevator at the west end. This leads immediately to Logan/Alma's cell. A nice chat follows, and Logan/Alma will make some noise so that the officers get d