Pokemon Grass Jewel Walkthrough (by Olivia R.)

Pokemon Grass Jewel Walkthrough (by Olivia R.)

Pokemon Grass Jewel GBA Cover

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

Note: Search inside the Page by pressing ctrl+f or use the "Search" option on your browser to look for a specific area.

Pokemon Grass Jewel version 1.1 detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Emerald ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Grass Jewel (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

NOTE: There is a brand new update to this hack, which is version 1.4. The info in this guide is strictly for version 1.1, and although I could replay the new version, I’m not in the mood at the moment. Most of the stuff in this walkthrough should be the same, there’s just a few new tidbits such as using another Repel once one is worn off, reusable TMs and move tutors, fixed cries, new evolution stones, etc. I also added new moves, which I don’t believe were actually in version 1.1. Still though, this particular walkthrough is outdated at this point.

I will list things that need to be listed, although for catching mons, I am unable to figure out the encounter rates of a few mons, so they will just be listed without percentages.

Notable things in this hack:

-Several mons from future generations (Gen-4 - Gen-6)

-Certain moves have changes to them (for example Cut is now a Grass-type move with 95 power and 100 accuracy)

-Numerous sitcom references for some reason

-Fairy type

-New enemy team: Team Dream. They think they’re the good guys, and specialize primarily in Ice and Fairy types.
-Lots of post-game content

-Certain mons have type changes


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Littleroot Town [LITT]

Route 101 [R101]

Oldale Town [OLDA]

Route 103 [R103]

Route 102 [R102]

Petalburg City [PETL]

Route 104 [R104] and [104R]

Petalburg Woods [PWOD]

Rustboro City [RUST]

Route 116 [R116]

Rusturf Tunnel [RTUR]

Dewford Town [DEWF]
Route 106 [R106] and [106R]

Granite Cave [GRAN]

Route 109 [R109] and [109R]
Slateport City [SLAT]
Route 110 [R110]

Mauville City [MAUV]

Route 117 [R117]

Verdanturf Town [VERD]
Mauville Gym [MAUG]

Route 111 [R111] and [111R]

Route 112 [R112]

Liberty Cavern [LIBE]

Route 113 [R113]
Fallarbor Town [FALL]

Route 114 [R114]
Meteor Falls [METE]

Route 115 [R115]
Mt Chimney [CHIM]

Jagged Pass [JAGG]

Lavaridge Town [LAVA]

Petalburg Gym [PETG]

Route 105 [R105]

Route 107 [R107]

Route 108 [R108]
Abandoned Ship [ABAN]
New Mauville [NMAU]

Route 118 [R118]
Route 123 [R123]

Route 119 [R119]

Fortree City [FORT]

Route 120 [R120]

Route 121 [R121]
Safari Zone [SZON]
Mt. Pyre [PYRE]
Lilycove City [LILY]
Magma Cavern [MAGM]
Dream Hideout [HIDE]
Route 124 [R124]
Route 126 [R126]

Route 127 [R127]

Route 128 [R128]

Route 129 [R129]

Route 130 [R130]

Route 131 [R131]

Pacifidlog Town [PACI]

Routes 132-134 [CURR]
Route 125 [R125]
Azurill Isle Cave [AZUR]

Mossdeep City [MOSS]
Dive Backtracking [DIVE]
Sootopolis City [SOOT]

Seafloor Cavern [SEAC]
Route 135 [R135]

Cave of Origin [ORIG]

Sky Pillar [SKYP]

Sootopolis Gym [SOOG]

Waterfall Backtracking [WATF]

Ever Grande City [EVGR]

Victory Road [VICT]

Hoenn League [LEAG]
Post-game [POST]

Storybrooke [STOR]

Neverland [NEVE]
Enchanted Forest [ENCH]
Sky Garden [SKYG]

Artisan Cave [ARTI]


Just like in Emerald, get through the introduction and character creation, note that the professor is Maple instead of Birch. Things are basically the same for the most part in this Hoenn hack. One difference is that you have Fresh Water in your PC instead of a Potion. After setting the clock, head downstairs, miss the interview, then leave. Note that Littleroot is just full of flowers. Visit the opposite gender counterpart's home and go upstairs to inspect the item to have him/her come in. The lab is blocked as Maple is out on the field. So what can you possibly expect when you head north? Yep, he's being chased by a wild Zigzagoon just like in Emerald. The two items near the bag are Fresh Waters. Inspect the bag and...oh my god, legendaries! You can choose between Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. The fight against the wild Zigzagoon will of course be easy regardless of which you choose (you'll probably one-shot it with one Bite). Maple will then take you to the lab and of course you get to keep your starter. I think that all starters also come with the Leftovers held item as well, making them so much easier to use.

ROUTE 101 [R101]

Mons found: Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Spearow, Sentret, Hoothoot, Pidgey, Rattata, Bulbasaur

There's a nifty shortcut so you don't have to pass through the tall grass here.


Apparently Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny from The Big Bang Theory are in the SE house. Use the PokeCenter as needed, then head upstairs. Why you ask? Talk to the girl at the first counter who is actually the Move Tutor. You can't use her services yet, but still this is convenient. The Move Deleter is just to the right, and the Name Rater at the last counter. Convenient! Obviously you're not able to enter Route 102 at this time. The guy in the NW corner can apparently change the setting that changes the game to either PG-rated (language is censored) or with cuss words. I don't think this changes anything. The house next to him has what I think is a reference to Marvel's Agent Carter, featuring Peggy as well as Daniel Sousa.

Mart Wares:

Potion: P100

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P100

Awakening: P100

ROUTE 103 [R103]

Mons found:
Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Golduck: 30% (surf)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Zigzagoon: 20%
Poochyena: 20%

Hoothoot: 10%

Farfetch’d: 10%

Riolu: 10%
Sentret: 10%

Seedot: 5%
Lotad: 5%

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Wingull: 4%, 5% (surf)
Yanma: 4%
Castform: 1%

Rattata: 1%

Again, the ledges are gone to make things easier. Looks like an enemy team grunt is to the east guarding a stretch of land. We can't do anything about him right now. Just go north and talk to Brendan/May.

PKMN Trainer Brendan/May: Gen-3 starter, P1000

Even though your starter is a legendary, it seems that your rival will have a regular Gen-3 starter (so if you pick Raikou, he/she has Treecko, if Entei they have Torchic, and Suicune they have Mudkip). Kind of messed up and you actually will have an easier time with your legendary really. Follow him/her back to Maple's lab in Littleroot, then get your Pokedex. Maple will then namedrop the enemy team here, known as Team Dream! Seems they are trying to awaken "The Nightmare". Brendan/May will then give you Poke Balls. Now get your Running Shoes from Mom and let's continue our game. Feel free to catch some mons before moving on to Route 102. Also check out Oldale’s PokeMart now that you have Poke Balls.

Mart Wares:

Poke Ball: P100

Great Ball: P300

Ultra Ball: P500

Luxury Ball: P200

Potion: P100

Super Potion: P200

Hyper Potion: P300

Max Potion: P400

Full Restore: P500

Full Heal: P200

Revive: P500

Max Revive: P2000

Ether: P200

Elixir: P400

Max Ether: P500

Max Elixir: P1000

PP Up: P1000

PP Max: P2500

Escape Rope: P100

Leftovers: P2000

Soothe Bell: P1000

Quick Claw: P1500

Heart Scale: P500

Poke Doll: P100

Fluffy Tail: P100

Repel: P200

Super Repel: P400

Max Repel: P500

Wow that's a lot of items. Notice that the prices for the items are actually cheaper than normal too. This goes for the selling prices as well. Also Petalburg's PokeMart will have the same wares when we get there.

ROUTE 102 [R102]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Wooper: 60% (surf)

Marill: 39% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Ralts: 20%

Pidgey: 20%

NidoranF: 10%

NidoranM: 10%

Seedot: 10%
Lotad: 10%

Rattata: 5%

Hoothoot: 5%

Poochyena: 4%

Sentret: 4%

Surskit: 1%, 1% (surf)
Zigzagoon: 1%

Youngster Joey: Rattata Lv8, P160

Bug Catcher Rick: Wurmple Lv7, Wurmple Lv7, P840

Youngster Allen: Zigzagoon Lv8, Taillow Lv9, P180

You may have noticed what looks like an entrance to a new area east of where the berry patch is. It actually is hard to actually enter. To do so, go on the entrance tile, then face south to enter Eevee Garden. You can interact with the Eevees here, and even get one for free! (don't remember which one though, but you don't have to battle it, it just goes to your party/PC, Lv10, and I'm pretty sure it comes with Leftovers as its held item too!). Continue on Route 102 and get the Potion to the south.

Lass Tiana: Ralts Lv9, Shroomish Lv9, P144


Mons found:

Psyduck: 91% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Wooper: 5% (surf)
Marill: 4% (surf)

Apparently going to the second floor of the PokeCenter gives you the tutorial of the Move Tutor, Move Deleter, and Name Rater, even though I just told you what they did back in Oldale. The south house has Gilmore Girls characters. The house to the west of that has Alias characters. Head behind the PokeMart to find a sneaky Max Revive! A Poke Ball is in front of the gym. You might want to enter. Talk to dad so that the Wally scene will play out (Wally fails to catch a Ralts this time though). Scott will stop you as usual before you can head to Route 104.

ROUTE 104 [R104]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Horsea: 30% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Corphish: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Taillow: 20%

Wurmple: 20%

Spearow: 10%

Wooper: 10%

Pidgey: 10%

Zigzagoon: 10%
Poliwag: 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Wailmer: 5% (super rod)

Sentret: 5%
Rattata: 5%

Hoothoot: 4%

Ledyba: 4%

Wingull: 1%, 60% (surf)
Poochyena: 1%

Youngster Billy: Zigzagoon Lv10, Sentret Lv10, P200

Fisherman Darian: Magikarp Lv10, P400

Lady Cindy: Zigzagoon Lv12, P2400


Mons found: Wurmple, Taillow, Shroomish, Silcoon, Cascoon, Slakoth, Caterpie, Weedle

Head east and inspect the empty space next to the Poliwrath to get a Potion. The Poliwrath is actually just a doll. Head south to Route 104 on the high ledge to get a Poke Ball, then return to the woods. Head west and up to get a Parlyz Heal, then continue east to find the Devon Researcher. The grunt that attacks is not a Team Aqua Grunt this time though. Instead, it's Team Dream!

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv15, P600, and the researcher gives you a Great Ball

Head up and west, then inspect the SW corner to find a Poke Ball.

Bug Catcher James: Wurmple Lv15, Nincada Lv15, P1800

Get the Ether to the north before heading east. Get the Miracle Seed at the NE end of the forest near the Wynaut plush doll (who's leaving these dolls here?). Jump the ledge and head south for an X Attack. A hidden Tinymushroom is in a nearby clearing. Now head back north to Route 104.

ROUTE 104 (revisited) [104R]

Talk to the guy near the berry patch for TM09 Bullet Seed. Go behind the Pretty Petal Flower Shop and inspect the first clearing to find a Poke Ball. A clearing to the NE has a Super Potion. Note that the tall grass here is now an alternate path to Rustboro if you wish to skip the bridge. Enter the Pretty Petal Flower Shop and get the Wailmer Pail from the girl at the top end, plus you can get free berries from the SE girl.

Rich Boy Winston: Zigzagoon Lv15, P4500

Lass Haley: Lotad Lv15, Shroomish Lv15, P240

Head east of Haley and inspect the sign to realize that in order to enter "squares", you need to (ironically) step down from the entrance. Judging by the Squirtle out here, guess what, you're in Squirtle Square! Interact with them and you'll eventually get a free one! It's Lv15 and I'm sure it also comes with a free Leftovers. Also I had one with Rain Dish as its ability.

Twins Gina&Mia: Seedot Lv14, Lotad Lv14, P336

Fisherman Ivan: Magikarp Lv25, Magikarp Lv6, Magikarp Lv7, P280

What's this to the side? Get the PP Up, as well as a free berry from the granny, and you'll find out this building is the Clothes Over Bros (reference to One Tree Hill). We cannot enter here though. Head behind the building and through the fenced-away section of Rustboro to get a Lucky Egg, then enter the city proper.


Enter the hotel on the left to see Three's Company references. The third floor has characters from Friends. The TV in here is apparently showing Laverne & Shirley. At the top floor, talk to the man at the kid's bedside to see if you can make Walda laugh, this is of course if you want more wallpapers for your Pokemon Storage System. The Mart has a kid who will trade you a Snubbull (named Bubba, and it holds an Enigma Berry) for a Ralts. The Mart wares are the same as before. To the east are One Tree Hill characters, and the MacLaren's Pub has How I Met Your Mother characters. Again, you cannot head upstairs at this time. The house next door has Castle characters.

West of the PokeCenter is the Daily Planet (Smallville and other Superman-related franchise shows) but you cannot enter. You might realize this is supposedly the Cutter's House, but since we cannot enter, where can we get Cut? The answer is the PokeCenter itself. Talk to the Cutter near the counter to get it. Note that Cut as a move is actually pretty darn strong! It's a Grass-type move and it has 95 base power and 100 base accuracy. Also to the north of the PokeCenter is the Crashdown Cafe (from Roswell) but again we can't enter. You also might notice that a Charizard and Deoxys are on top of the buildings for some reason. To the east of the PokeCenter...Hogwarts? You can get a free Togepi (Lv15, Leftovers) just to the east of Hogwarts. Enter Hogwarts to find Scott in the SW corner who will tell you to find the HM for Cut (but hey we got it already). And sure enough, you'll see Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Draco as the students at the school here, and who else but Dumbledore is the teacher. You get the Quick Claw from him too. As usual the blackboard lists statuses. The house behind the school features characters from Chuck.

For some reason, Barney Stinson is guarding the entrance to the gym, even if you talked to him earlier at MacLaren's Pub. Talk to him to make him move out of the way so you can enter the gym. You can just avoid all these trainers if you're not feeling it.

Youngster Josh: Onix Lv18, P360

Youngster Tommy: Lileep Lv19, Anorith Lv19, P380

Hiker Marc: Kabuto Lv19, Omanyte Lv19, P760

Leader Roxanne: P2200, Stone Badge, and TM39 Rock Tomb

Onix Lv20, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Iron Head, holds Hard Stone

Shuckle Lv20, Pay Day, Cosmic Power, Rock Slide, Silver Wind, holds Leftovers

Larvitar Lv21, Pay Day, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Crunch, holds Hard Stone

Sudowoodo Lv21, Pay Day, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Earthquake, holds Black Belt

Nosepass Lv22, Pay Day, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, holds Leftovers

As you'd expect, you'll find out that a Team Dream Grunt has stolen goods from Devon Corp. Before helping the guy out, detour to Route 115 to find yet another grunt blocking the way to Meteor Falls. You can get a Super Potion, and find yet another grunt blocking the way. Now we should help the guy just at the entrance to Route 116.

ROUTE 116 [R116]

Mons found: Taillow, Nincada, Meowth, Skitty, Poochyena, Abra, Zigzagoon

A Buffy reference here with the Hyperion Hotel. Note it for later.

Bug Catcher Jose: Beautifly Lv16, Dustox Lv16, P1920

Youngster Calvin: Poochyena Lv16, P320

Before heading to the maze, get the Repel at the SE.

School Kid Jerry: Ralts Lv17, double battle with below

Lass Janice: Wooper Lv17, P612

The item there is a Max Ether. Enter Bulbasaur Forest to get a Bulbasaur (Lv15, has a Lum Berry), then continue through the maze to the east side.

Hiker Clark: Geodude Lv18, double battle with below

Hiker Devan: Geodude Lv18, Geodude Lv18, P1440

Rich Boy Dawson: Zigzagoon Lv18, Sentret Lv18, P5400

A Magnet is on the rocks here.


Mons found:

Diglett: 20%

Whismur: 20%

Skitty: 10%
Meowth: 10%

Cubone: 10%

Teddiursa: 10%

Ditto: 10%

Tyrogue: 5%
Eevee: 5%

Get the Poke Ball and confront the grunt.

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv21, P840 and the Devon Goods

You’re basically done here since you cannot go further due to the rocks. With the Devon Goods, go back to Rustboro and the guy gives you a Great Ball. He'll take you to Devon Corp and you'll be instructed to go to the shipyard at Slateport as usual. Also you'll talk with Mr. Stone to deliver the Letter to Steven at Dewford as usual as well as get your PokeNav and a free heal. Head down the steps and talk to the guy below you for a Premier Ball. You can buy Poke Balls from the left scientist on the couch.

Poke Ball: P100

Great Ball: P300

Ultra Ball: P500

Net Ball: P300

Nest Ball: P300

Repeat Ball: P300

Timer Ball: P300

Dive Ball: P300

Luxury Ball: P200

The second scientist sells mails, Orange, Harbor, Glitter, Mech, Wood, Wave, Bead, Shadow, Tropic, Dream, Fad, and Retro, all at P50. Buy a Harbor Mail for later. The fossil-resurrecting guy is at the SE, remember him for later. Leave the building and Match Call gets added to your PokeNav. If you want, return to Route 116 to register Youngster Calvin and School Kid Jerry. Head south and talk to Brendan/May to register him/her to the PokeNav, as well as a battle (you can hold off on this until Route 104 just like in the original Emerald of course).

PKMN Trainer Brendan/May: Lotad/Torkoal/Wingull Lv24, Gen-3 starter Lv25, P5000

On your way back, feel free to register Lass Haley and Rich Boy Winston. Or not. Also register Bug Catcher James in Petalburg Woods and Lady Cindy on the other side of Route 104. Or not. Enter Briney's cottage and set sail for Dewford.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Chinchou: 80% (super rod)

Mantine: 64% (surf)

Shellder: 40% (good rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Remoraid: 15% (super rod)

Wingull: 5% (surf)

Wailmer: 5% (super rod)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

The first home has I Dream of Jeannie characters. The Dewford Hall has the trends as usual. You may remember that Dewford doesn't have a Mart, but in this hack, there is a clerk by the SW house. The wares are the same as the other marts. The house she is in front of has Bewitched characters. The pond below has no purpose I think, but remember the water below it for later. Want to challenge the gym?

Battle Girl Laura: Meditite Lv24, P576

Battle Girl Lilith: Meditite Lv24, double battle with below

Sailor Brenden: Machop Lv24, P1344

Black Belt Takao: Machop Lv24, P768

Black Belt Cristian: Makuhita Lv25, P800

Battle Girl Jocelyn: Mankey Lv24, P576

Leader Brawly: P2700, Knuckle Badge, TM08 Bulk Up, registered in PokeNav

Mankey Lv25, Pay Day, Shadow Punch, Drain Punch, Cross Chop, holds Black Belt

Riolu Lv25, Drain Punch, Meteor Mash, Mach Punch, Crunch, holds Black Belt

Hitmonlee Lv26, Pay Day, Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Rock Slide, holds Black Belt

Hitmonchan Lv26, Pay Day, Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Rock Slide, holds Black Belt

Hitmontop Lv26, Drain Punch, Meteor Mash, Mach Punch, Rock Slide, holds Black Belt

Hariyama Lv27, Pay Day, Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Shadow Punch, holds Leftovers

Well you obviously need to find Steven, who's in Granite Cave, so head north.

ROUTE 106 [R106]

Apparently the sign says that all the mons here have migrated away, which probably explains why when I was doing my dex locations in the appendix (at the bottom of this walkthrough) there were no mons at all here, not even the ones in the water. There’s also a huge section of sand to the west of Granite Cave entrance, but it has nothing.

Fisherman Ned: Clamperl Lv24, P960

Fisherman Elliot: Magikarp Lv20, Feebas Lv20, Mantine Lv20, P800, registered in PokeNav

A Stardust is to the NE of Elliot.


Mons found:

1st area:

Abra: 50%

Makuhita: 15%

Dunsparce: 10%

Zubat: 10%

Meditite: 5%

Mankey: 4%
Onix: 4%
Geodude: 1%

Machop: 1%

2nd area:

Geodude: 65% (rock smash)

Abra: 40%

Aron: 10%

Dunsparce: 10%

Meditite: 10%
Machop: 10%

Makuhita: 5%
Paras: 5%

Mawile: 4%
Sableye: 4%

Onix: 1%

Nosepass: 1%, 35% (rock smash)

Get HM05 Flash from the hiker and teach it to a mon for later. You'll notice that the cave is very much open and you can go to Steven right away in the westernmost cave. An Escape Rope is to the north of that cave. You will of course deliver the Letter to Steven and you'll get TM47 Steel Wing in return. Also you'll register Steven in the PokeNav. Feel free to explore the rest of Granite Cave on the next floor, although you still don't have Rock Smash and all (I believe the Rock type mons require using it to get them). However the area is completely open, there's no obstacles or cracked floors or such to prevent you from getting items such as the Repel in the NW corner, the Rare Candy in the NE corner, and the Everstone on the white rock in the middle. After you're done exploring, return to Briney and set sail for Slateport.

ROUTE 109 [R109]

Pick up a Soft Sand from the little girl who's building a sand castle with another. The fishermen here will give you both a Good Rod and an Old Rod! Oddly enough, no trainers are on the beachfront, and there's another Seashore House on the right side. For now, enter the main Seashore House here on the left side.

Tuber Simon: Wooper Lv25, Wooper Lv25, P100

Beauty Johanna: Goldeen Lv25, P2000

Sailor Dwayne: Wingull Lv25, Machop Lv25, Mankey Lv25, P800

Now you can get six Soda Pops from the guy in the back. You can buy more for P300. The other house is just another reference point with characters from The O.C. Head up to Slateport.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Krabby: 80% (super rod)

Mantine: 64% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (good rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Staryu: 15% (super rod)

Wingull: 5% (surf)

Wailmer: 5% (super rod)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Enter the market at the SW and you'll first find the doll salesclerk.

Pichu Doll: P3000

Pikachu Doll: P3000

Azurill Doll: P3000

Marill Doll: P3000

Togepi Doll: P3000

Eevee Doll: P3000

Chikorita Doll: P3000

Cyndaquil Doll: P3000

Totodile Doll: P3000

Treecko Doll: P3000

Torchic Doll: P3000

Mudkip Doll: P3000

Swablu Doll: P3000

Wynaut Doll: P3000

Skitty Doll: P3000

Meowth Doll: P3000

Baltoy Doll: P3000

Bulbasaur Doll: P3000

Charmander Doll: P2000

Squirtle Doll: P2000

Ditto Doll: P3000

Jigglypuff Doll: P3000

Clefairy Doll: P3000

Wooper Doll: P2000

Lotad Doll: P3000

Seedot Doll: P3000

Voltorb Doll: P3000

Slowpoke Doll: P2000

Slowbro Doll: P2000

Mewtwo Doll: P2000

Mew Doll: P2000

Suicune Doll: P2000

Celebi Doll: P3000

Pika Cushion: P2000

Round Cushion: P2000

Wow, that's a load of items. The girl to the north is the Effort Ribbon girl, and the Energy Guru sells Protein, HP Up, Calcium, Carbos, Iron, and Zinc, all at a low, low price of P1000. The old man to the right of them is a berry salesman, who sells every single berry in the game (yes even the rare and useless ones) all at P50. The Secret Power clerk is to the north. Get the Powder Jar from the woman near the Berry Crush sign, and help yourself to Sex and the City characters in the market if you like more references before you leave the market.

In the Pokemon Fan Club, get the Silk Scarf and Soothe Bell if you want, as well as learn the move Swagger and get interviewed about your lead mon. The PokeMart has the same wares as others. Head south of the PokeMart to see Kevin McCalister from Home Alone. The house south of the shipyard has characters from the film series Meet the Parents. Captain Stern isn't at the shipyard, and it looks like Team Dream is at the Oceanic Museum (although after talking to Dock they end up leaving). The old Name Rater's house is home to Psych characters. Enter the Battle Tent and get TM41 Torment from the sailor. If you're interested in the Battle Tent, you can try it too. Time to enter the Oceanic Museum and confront Team Dream.

Get TM46 Thief from the nervous grunt here. Stern is upstairs, and you have to deal with two grunts as usual.

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv27, P1080

Team Dream Grunt: Seel Lv26, Spheal Lv27, P1080

The leader here is Evan. Now hand Stern the Devon Goods. Leave and Scott will talk as usual and you'll register him in the PokeNav. Now we should be ready to go to Route 110.

ROUTE 110 [R110]

Mons found: Paras, Surskit, Wingull, Bellsprout, Minun, Plusle, Electrike, Oddish, Gulpin

Going up the path, is that Maple? No, it's Professor Pine. He's for some reason the Pokedex rater and can do that in a match call, so he registers on the PokeNav.

Pokefan Isabel: Plusle Lv25, Minun Lv25, P2000, registered in PokeNav

Pokefan Kaleb: Minun Lv25, Plusle Lv25, P2000, possible double battle with above

Let's do the Trick House! First challenge, find the guy under the table. You'll need Cut.

Lass Sally: Oddish Lv36, P576

Lass Robin: Skitty Lv35, Shroomish Lv35, Wooper Lv35, P560

Youngster Eddie: Zigzagoon Lv35, Furret Lv35, P700

Be sure to get an Orange Mail here. Your reward is a Rare Candy.

Detour to Route 103 for a bit. Seems a lot more open than it should be.

Twins Amy&Liv: Plusle Lv28, Minun Lv28, P672, registered in PokeNav

Guitarist Marcos: Voltorb Lv28, P896

Fisherman Andrew: Magikarp Lv25, Tentacool Lv25, Magikarp Lv25, P1000

Pokefan Miguel: Skitty Lv28, P2240, registered in PokeNav

The Team Dream Grunt no longer blocks the way between Oldale and Route 110. You can't battle the swimmers here for now, and the cave is blocked (I checked with the walk through walls code, you can't even enter it there). Enter the meadow, it's not a meadow, it's Altering Forest! There's Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games here as well.

Mons found:

Scyther: 20%
Lickitung: 20%

Aipom: 10%
Teddiursa: 10%
Stantler: 10%
Mr. Mime: 10%

Jynx: 5%
Miltank: 5%

Tauros: 4%
Kangaskhan: 4%

Smeargle: 1%
Chansey: 1%

Let's continue on Route 110 on the route with tall grass. Grab the Dire Hit as you go.

Youngster Timmy: Aron Lv28, Electrike Lv29, forgot money amount

A hidden Full Heal is to the NE of Timmy. Go up to battle your rival.

PKMN Trainer Brendan/May: Lombre/Torkoal/Wingull Lv30, Lombre/Torkoal/Wingull Lv32, Gen-3 starter Lv35 (1st evolution), P7000 and the Itemfinder

Further up, use the Itemfinder to find a Great Ball.

Guitarist Joseph: Electrike Lv30, Voltorb Lv30, P960

A Revive is just NW of this guy.

Triathlete Alyssa: Magnemite Lv29, P1160

Psychic Edward: Abra Lv29, P696, possible double battle with above

A Poke Ball is in a clearing to the north of Edward.

Fisherman Dale: Tentacool Lv30, Wailmer Lv30, Tentacool Lv30, Wailmer Lv30, P1200

The entrance near the berry patch leads to Totodile Pond. Get a free Totodile here.


Wow, the Three Stooges are in the first house! This is the house with the girl that gives you a Coin Case too, but you need a Harbor Mail for it, so go back to Rustboro and the Devon Corp building to buy one if you don't have one. The PokeMart is the same as others, except it's selling both the Sea Incense and Lax Incense at P1000 in addition to the other items. Get a Rare Candy to the SE, near The Flash. The home above him is home to Oscar and Felix of the Odd Couple. Get HM06 Rock Smash from the scientist in the PokeCenter and teach it to a mon for later. Get a bike at Rydel's Cycles, and learn the move Rollout from the fat guy near the gym if you want too. You can get a free doll from a girl at the Game Corner.

50 coins: P1000

500 coins: P10000

TM32 Double Team: 1500 coins

TM29 Psychic: 3500 coins

TM35 Flamethrower: 4000 coins

TM24 Thunderbolt: 4000 coins

TM13 Ice Beam: 4000 coins

Treecko Doll: 1000 coins

Torchic Doll: 1000 coins

Mudkip Doll: 1000 coins

Challenge Wally to open up the gym.

PKMN Trainer Wally: Ralts Lv32, P6400

Before challenging the gym I went ahead and went to Route 118 for a small bit.

Youngster Deandre: Zigzagoon Lv30, Aron Lv30, Electrike Lv30, P600

Aroma Lady Rose: Roselia Lv32, Breloom Lv32, Bellossom Lv32, P1280, registered in PokeNav, possible double battle with above

Guitarist Dalton: Magnemite Lv30, Whismur Lv30, P960, registered in PokeNav

Amusingly, there's a land route here, but of course a grunt blocks the way. A Heart Scale can be found in one of the rocks on this beach. Anyways, I backtracked to Cycling Road on Route 110 to battle more trainers.

Psychic Jaclyn: Abra Lv40, P960

Triathlete Abigail: Magnemite Lv32, P1280, registered on PokeNav

Triathlete Anthony: Magnemite Lv32, Voltorb Lv32, P1280

Triathlete Benjamin: Magnemite Lv32, P1280, registered on PokeNav

Triathlete Jasmine: Magnemite Lv34, Magnemite Lv34, Voltorb Lv35, P1400

Triathlete Jacob: Pachirisu Lv32, Dedenne Lv32, Emolga Lv32, P1280

And another detour, this time to Route 117 and Verdanturf Town.

ROUTE 117 [R117]

Mons found:

Wooper: 30% (surf)

Roselia: 25%

Poochyena: 20%

Volbeat: 14%

Illumise: 14%

Bellsprout: 10%

Oddish: 10%

Surskit: 6%, 4% (surf)

Marill: 1%, 65% (surf)

Goldeen: 1% (surf)

Triathlete Dylan: Doduo Lv34, P1360, registered in PokeNav

Sr. and Jr. Anna&Meg: Zigzagoon Lv34, Makuhita Lv34, P1088, registered in PokeNav

PKMN Breeder Isaac: Whismur Lv32, Zigzagoon Lv32, Aron Lv32, Poochyena Lv32, Taillow Lv32, Makuhita Lv32, P1280, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Maria: Doduo Lv34, P1360, registered in PokeNav

Battle Girl Aisha: Meditite Lv34, P816, possible double battle with Melina

Triathlete Melina: Doduo Lv34, P1360

Psychic Brandi: Kirlia Lv34, P816, possible double battle with Melina

Bug Catcher Derek: Dustox Lv34, Beautifly Lv34, P4080

PKMN Breeder Lydia: Wingull Lv32, Shroomish Lv32, Chinchou Lv32, Roselia Lv32, Skitty Lv32, Goldeen Lv32, P1280, registered in PokeNav

The Day Care is here of course. Head to the flower patch at the south end and head behind it, then left to find a hidden Repel. A PP Max is to the right. A Max Revive is north of the north flower patch, as well as a meadow entrance. It's Charmander Park! Pick up a Charmander here.


The guy sitting at the table in the PokeCenter can teach Fury Cutter. The Battle Tent has a girl who gives you TM45 Attract. In the rightmost house is Carlos and Gabriella from Desperate Housewives. In fact, other Desperate Housewives characters are here, including in Wally's parents' house for some reason.

At this point, I challenged the gym in Mauville.


Battle Girl Vivian: Meditite Lv34, Meditite Lv34, P816

Guitarist Kirk: Electrike Lv34, Voltorb Lv34, P1088

Bug Catcher Angelo: Illumise Lv34, Volbeat Lv34, P4080

Guitarist Shawn: Electrode Lv34, Magneton Lv34, P1088

Youngster Ben: Emolga Lv35, Pachirisu Lv35, P700

Leader Wattson: P3700, Dynamo Badge, TM34 Shock Wave, registered in PokeNav

Dedenne Lv35, Pay Day, Giga Drain, Thunder, Moonblast, holds Magnet

Plusle Lv36, Pay Day, Thunder, Extremespeed, Rock Slide, holds Magnet

Minun Lv36, Pay Day, Thunder, Extremespeed, Rock Slide, holds Magnet

Pachirisu Lv36, Pay Day, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, holds Magnet

Raichu Lv36, Pay Day, Thunder, Rock Slide, Surf, holds Magnet

Manectric Lv37, Pay Day, Thunder, Extremespeed, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Version 1.4 note: Wattson’s team (as well as Brawly’s) will be lower in level.

Return to Verdanturf and enter Rusturf Tunnel. Exit to the west and pick up and HP Up. Use the Itemfinder to get the Blackglasses, they're not what the guy's looking for but hey, free held item.

Hiker Mike: Geodude Lv36, Geodude Lv36, Machop Lv36, P1440

Pick up the Max Ether and shatter the rocks here to get HM04 Strength from the black belt. Now let's go to Route 111 north of Mauville City

ROUTE 111 [R111]

Mons found:

Geodude: 100% (rock smash)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Marill: 65% (surf)

Sandshrew: 35%

Trapinch: 35%

Wooper: 30% (surf)

Baltoy: 24%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Cacnea: 5%

Goldeen: 4% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)
Surskit: 1% (surf)

Vibrava: 1%

Aroma Lady Celina: Roselia Lv32, P1280

Camper Tyron: Sandslash Lv32, P512, possible double battle with above

Picnicker Bianca: Breloom Lv32, P512

Kindler Hayden: Numel Lv32, P1024, possible double battle with above

Get an Elixir here. Trainer Hill is here with its PokeCenter and PokeMart, but of course it isn't open now and I think it's the same as in normal Emerald.

Ultra Ball: P500

Full Restore: P500

Max Revive: P2000

Full Restore: P500 (yep, it's listed twice)

PP Max: P2500

Poke Doll: P100

Fluffy Tail: P100

Protein: P1000

Calcium: P1000

Iron: P1000

Zinc: P1000

Carbos: P1000

HP Up: P1000

The Winstrates are replaced with the Tanners from Full House, but it's still the same sort of thing.

Tanner Danny: Pichu Lv35, Delibird Lv35, P7000

Tanner DJ: Chikorita Lv36, Quilava Lv36, Feraligatr Lv36, P7200

Tanner Michelle: Azurill Lv37, Charmander Lv37, Lapras Lv37, P7400

Tanner Jesse: Mudkip Lv38, Grovyle Lv38, Blaziken Lv38, P7600

Get the Macho Brace from DJ.

Reporter Gabby&Ty: Magnemite Lv35, Whismur Lv35, P14000 and an interview as usual

Picnicker Irene: Breloom Lv37, Lanturn Lv37, P592

Camper Travis: Sandslash Lv37, P592

Ah yes, the dreaded sandstorm. We'll have to go to Route 112 for now.

ROUTE 112 [R112]

Mons found: Growlithe, Numel, Ponyta, Vulpix, Gligar, Machop, Marill

Hmm, the ledges are gone, but you'd be mistaken if you think you can head to Lavaridge now, since Team Dream blocks the way again. Jerks. We of course gotta go on Fiery Path, since the cable car is blocked here too.


Mons found: Torkoal, Larvitar, Snorlax, Magmar, Eevee, Tyrogue, Meowth, Beldum, Victini

(Victini I believe can only be caught after you beat the league, but I’m uncertain)

Surprised? This isn't Fiery Path, and it's quite open. TM06 Toxic is along the way, as is a Fire Stone. No boulders! I find it odd that the Game Corner music plays here though.

On the other side of Route 112 is Cyndaquil Field. Get a Cyndaquil for free here before moving on to Route 111 again. If you have a Mach Bike, you can actually go up the mudslide near the sandstorm without entering the area that has the sandstorm.

Black Belt Daisuke: Machoke Lv45, P1440

Cooltrainer Wilton: Electrike Lv38, Wailmer Lv38, Makuhita Lv38, P7600, registered in PokeNav

Get TM43 Secret Power from the guy and keep going. You can access the Old Lady's Rest Stop as usual (you don't really need Cut by the way). Get a free berry from the girl near the berry patch and move on.

ROUTE 113 [R113]

Mons found:

Spinda: 30%

Skarmory: 20%

Slugma: 10%

Grimer: 10%

Koffing: 10%

Ekans: 10%

Gligar: 5%

Venonat: 5%

Youngster Jaylen: Trapinch Lv38, P760

An Ether is in the soot to the north. A Super Repel is near the three trainers on the east side.

Camper Lawrence: Baltoy Lv38, Sandshrew Lv38, double battle with below

Ninja Boy Lung: Koffing Lv38, Ninjask Lv39, P1076

Pokemaniac Wyatt: Lairon Lv39, Lairon Lv39, P2340

Battle these trainers to get a Nugget.

Parasol Lady Madeline: Numel Lv37, P1480, registered on PokeNav

Twins Tori&Tia: Spinda Lv38, Spinda Lv38, P912

The Glass Workshop is here. Get a Max Ether from the soot pile outside, and a Soot Sack from the guy inside. There's an inaccessible item to the north, which if you use the walk through walls code to reach it, is actually another Max Ether. TM32 Double Team is in a soot pile to the west, just before Fallarbor.

Youngster Dillon: Lairon Lv39, P780

Bird Keeper Coby: Skarmory Lv38, Swellow Lv38, P1216

Picnicker Sophie: Lanturn Lv38, Ludicolo Lv38, P608, possible double battle with above


A girl at the PokeMart lets you teach a mon Metronome. The wares are the same as always. Meet Lanette at the PokeCenter and talk to Scott in the Battle Tent. Of course, this one is open if you're interested. The people outside are characters from Sliders. The old Move Tutor's house is inhabited by characters from the sitcom Forever. A Nugget is in the meteorite near Prof. Cozmo's home. That's basically it for this town!

ROUTE 114 [R114]

Mons found:

Swablu: 20%

Lotad: 20%

Seedot: 20%

Seviper: 10%
Zangoose: 10%

Mareep: 10%

Lombre: 5%
Nuzleaf: 5%

Fisherman Nolan: Whiscash Lv38, P1520

Get TM28 Dig from the Fossil Maniac's younger brother, as well as TM05 Roar from the gentleman along the way.

Picnicker Charlotte: Nuzleaf Lv38, P608

Fisherman Kai: Barboach Lv38, P1520, possible double battle with above

An Energypowder is to the east of these trainers.

Fisherman Claude: Gyarados Lv38, Seaking Lv38, Whiscash Lv38, P1520

Picnicker Nancy: Lanturn Lv38, Ludicolo Lv38, P608

A hidden Revive is at the western edge of the water. The guy south of Lanette's home gives you a free berry. Lanette gives you a Lapras Doll when you visit her.

Sr. and Jr. Tyra&Ivy: Roselia Lv38, Graveler Lv38, P1216

Camper Shane: Sandslash Lv39, Shiftry Lv39, P624

Pokemaniac Steve: Lairon Lv39, P2340, registered in PokeNav

The rock behind Steve has a Carbos. Head to the first breakable rock and smash it to get a Protein.

Kindler Bernie: Slugma Lv38, Wingull Lv38, P1216, registered in PokeNav

Hiker Lucas: Geodude Lv38, Numel Lv38, P1520

Picnicker Angelina: Lombre Lv38, Lanturn Lv38, P608, possible double battle with above

Hiker Lenny: Geodude Lv38, Machop Lv38, P1520


Mons found:

Entrance area:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Solrock: 30%, 65% (surf)

Lunatone: 30%, 34% (surf)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Mawile: 10%

Sableye: 10%
Clefairy: 10%
Jigglypuff: 10%

Crobat: 1% (surf)

Deeper areas (both have the same mons):

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Solrock: 30%, 65% (surf)

Lunatone: 30%, 34% (surf)

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Mawile: 10%

Sableye: 10%
Clefairy: 10%
Jigglypuff: 10%

Crobat: 1% (surf)

A Sun Stone is to the north. Head west to confront Team Dream. Looks like we figure out where they're going (Mt. Chimney, where else) but are also apparently using the power of Chikorita (?) for ending deforestation (??). Evan will talk to you again. Talk to Cozmo to confirm things. Grab a Moon Stone here too. You can go to Route 115 now, there's no guard blocking the way this time.

ROUTE 115 [R115]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Mantine: 60% (surf)

Wailmer: 40% (super rod)

Horsea: 30% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Swablu: 20%

Clefairy: 20%

Jigglypuff: 20%

Pachirisu: 10%

Mincinno: 10%

Togedemaru: 5%

Dedenne: 5%

Emolga: 5%

Poliwag: 5% (surf)

Shellder: 5% (super rod)

Wingull: 4% (surf)

Taillow: 4%

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Hoppip: 1%

Black Belt Nob: Machop Lv39, P1248, registered in PokeNav

Smash a rock nearby and go south for a Great Ball and a berry patch. A PP Up is also near here.

Battle Girl Cyndy: Meditite Lv45, Makuhita Lv45, P1080, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Kyra: Dodrio Lv45, Dodrio Lv45, P1800

Expert Timothy: Hariyama Lv45, P7200, registered in PokeNav

The Chansey here will use Softboiled and heal your mons. Neat! Looks like a meadow is at the grass patch, but you're not able to access it thanks to these guys in the way.

Psychic Alix: Alakazam Lv45, Gardevoir Lv45, double battle with below

Battle Girl Helene: Breloom Lv45, Hitmontop Lv26, P1704

If you have the Mach Bike, ride up the mudslide and meet two characters from Get Smart. An Iron is at the end of this path. When you're ready, your next destination will be Mt. Chimney.

Backtrack a small bit to the Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104 to get a White Herb from a girl outside. Inside you can now buy plants if you're into that thing.

Red Plant: P3000

Tropical Plant: P3000

Pretty Flowers: P3000

Colorful Plant: P5000

Big Plant: P5000

Gorgeous Plant: P5000

Also I went back for the second Trick House challenge on Route 110. A Wave Mail is easily accessible. You'll need to press the first switch to get a Harbor Mail.

School Kid Paul: Growlithe Lv36, Mareep Lv36, Wingull Lv36, P720

School Kid Ted: Ralts Lv37, P740

School Kid Georgia: Shroomish Lv36, Beautifly Lv36, P720

Your reward is a Timer Ball.

Since you got TM43, there's a new clerk in Slateport Market selling both it and TM10 Hidden Power at the SE end. The other clerk at the north end of the market sells the bricks, balloons, and music mats all at P500. The cable car at Route 112 is open, so let's go confront the bad guys.


Amusingly, they are training against each other instead of fighting an opposing team. There are still those we must fight though.

Team Dream Grunt: Seel Lv40, P1600

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv40, P1600, possible double battle with above

Dream Admin Tabitha: Seel Lv40, Mightyena Lv40, Golbat Lv40, Sealeo Lv40, P1600

Dream Leader Evan: P8400

Crobat Lv40,

Sylveon Lv41, Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Clefable Lv41, Moonblast, Sing, Fire Blast, Blizzard, holds Leftovers

Wigglytuff Lv41, Moonblast, Pay Day, Sing, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Dewgong Lv41, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, holds Nevermeltice

Walrein Lv42, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, holds Nevermeltice

Version 1.4 note: Evan will start off with Togetic (which will eventually become Togekiss) instead of Crobat.

Get the Meteorite, then return to Cozmo's home in Fallarbor to get TM27 Return. Buy Lava Cookies for P200 near the Jagged Pass entrance if you want as well. You can also decide to skip Jagged Pass entirely, and instead go to the Lavaridge entrance right away since the grunts there are gone. But I'll still cover it before Lavaridge. And besides, one of the enemy hideouts is there.


Mons found: Spoink, Numel, Machop, Vulpix, Growlithe, both Nidorans, Drowsee, Ponyta, Houndour

Hiker John: Geodude Lv38, Baltoy Lv38, P1520

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv40, Seel Lv40, P1600

Picnicker Diana: Breloom Lv40, Gloom Lv40, Swablu Lv40, P640, registered in PokeNav

Pick up a Burn Heal as you go.

Triathlete Julio: Magneton Lv39, P1560

Picnicker Autumn: Breloom Lv39, P624, possible double battle with above

A hidden Great Ball can be found at the left end near some hopping stones.

Camper Ethan: Linoone Lv40, Swellow Lv40, P640, registered in PokeNav


The PokeMart has the same wares as usual. An Ice Heal is hidden in the hot springs behind the PokeCenter, and a granny just outside has the Wynaut egg as usual. An old man in the Herb Shop gives you a free Charcoal too.

Energypowder: P200

Energy Root: P200

Heal Powder: P200

Revival Herb: P1000

The last house has Buffy characters. There's another hot spring here to the south, but nothing of interest is there at all. Time to challenge another gym.

The first hole just leads to a hidden trainer.

Kindler Jeff: Slugma Lv39, Slugma Lv39, P1248

Take the north hole and head down.

Hiker Eli: Camerupt Lv40, P1600

Kindler Jace: Magcargo Lv40, P1280, possible double battle with above

Three holes to choose from here. Take either of the left holes because the NE hole leads to nothing really.

Cooltrainer Gerald: Kecleon Lv40, P8000

Kindler Cole: Camerupt Lv40, P1280, possible double battle with above

Kindler Axle: Camerupt Lv40, P1280

Take the hole west of Axle. Only a trainer and just one hole to the north

Kindler Keegan: Magcargo Lv40, P1280

This square room in the NW corner has one trainer and two holes.

Battle Girl Danielle: Medicham Lv40, P960

The hole in the middle is what you want. Two holes to the east. Take the first one to find two more holes. Take the SE one, jump a ledge, then enter the hole and you'll reach the leader.

Leader Flannery: P4300, Heat Badge, TM50 Overheat, registered in PokeNav

Ninetales Lv42, Psychic, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Blizzard, holds Charcoal

Arcanine Lv42, Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Earthquake, Thunder, holds Charcoal

Torchic Lv42, Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Earthquake, Brick Break, holds Charcoal

Quilava Lv42, Pay Day, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Thunder, holds Charcoal

Charizard Lv42, Thunder, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Aeroblast, holds Charcoal

Torkoal Lv43, Pay Day, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, holds Leftovers

Leave and Brendan/May gives you the Go-Goggles as usual. Now we can brave the sandstorms of Route 111.

Mt. Chimney will also have new trainers to battle.

Expert Shelby: Meditite Lv42, Makuhita Lv42, P6720, registered in PokeNav

Hiker Sawyer: Geodude Lv42, P1680, registered in PokeNav

Beauty Melissa: Marill Lv42, P3360, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 111 (revisited) [111R]

Camper Drew: Sandslash Lv42, P672

Camper Beau: Baltoy Lv42, Sandslash Lv42, Claydol Lv42, P672, possible double battle with above

A Stardust is on the main road. To the east is a Chansey who will heal for free.

Picnicker Heidi: Sandslash Lv42, Claydol Lv42, P672

Get a Rare Candy in the rock east of Heidi.

Ruin Maniac Dusty: Sandslash Lv42, P2520, registered in PokeNav

He's running around a rock that contains another Stardust.

Picnicker Celia: Quagsire Lv42, Whiscash Lv42, P672

Camper Branden: Nosepass Lv42, Gligar Lv42, P672

Remember the location of the Desert Ruins for later and pick up TM37 Sandstorm at the bottom. Mirage Tower ought to be in the middle of the desert, but if you don't see it, just go back and forth from Route 111 to another route and back in and hopefully it'll be available. Bring a Mach Bike and a mon with Rock Smash before entering. At the top, get one of the fossils and the tower will soon crumble. If you use the Itemfinder, you can find a hidden Protein near where the tower crumbled.

You can take the third Trick House challenge. The guy is in the drawer and you'll need Rock Smash. You can find Shadow Mail and Wood Mail here.

Camper Justin: Kecleon Lv38, P608

Hiker Alan: Onix Lv37, Nosepass Lv37, Shuckle Lv37, P1480

Picnicker Martha: Skitty Lv37, Swablu Lv37, P592

Your reward is a Hard Stone. Better make preparations for the Petalburg Gym. By the way, while you can check your dex anytime by talking to Professor Pine in the PokeNav, he's also wandering around on Route 103 if you want to find him there.


Rooms will be bottom to top, left to right...

Cooltrainer Randall: Swellow Lv43, P8600 (Speed Room)

Cooltrainer Mary: Delcatty Lv43, P8600 (Accuracy Room)

Cooltrainer Parker: Spinda Lv43, P8600 (Confusion Room)

Cooltrainer Alexia: Wigglytuff Lv43, P8600 (Defense Room)

Cooltrainer George: Clefable Lv43, P8600 (Recovery Room)

Cooltrainer Jody: Zangoose Lv43, P8600 (Strength Room)

Cooltrainer Berke: Vigoroth Lv43, P8600 (One-Hit KO Room)

Leader Norman: P4700, Balance Badge, and TM42 Facade

Spinda Lv45, Dizzy Punch, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Cross Chop, holds Spell Tag

Porygon2 Lv45, Pay Day, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Thunder, holds Leftovers

Vigoroth Lv45,

Snorlax Lv46, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Cross Chop, holds Leftovers

Chansey Lv46, Pay Day, Moonblast, Softboiled, Sacred Fire, holds Leftovers

Slaking Lv47, Pay Day, Skill Swap, Rock Slide, Cross Chop, holds Leftovers

Version 1.4 note: His Vigoroth will be replaced with Cincinno

Wally's dad will then give you HM03 Surf. Time for lots and lots of backtracking! First, surf in Petalburg's south lake to discover...a woman? It's Regina from Once Upon a Time and she’s blocking a hidden path. Remember her for much later.

Return to Littleroot and talk with your mom, registering her in the PokeNav if you haven't done so but more importantly getting the Amulet Coin now that you beat your father. You may have noticed a patch of grass at the south end of town that you can now Surf to. Also you can surf south to Route 107! But I will cover that later.

Mons found:

Bulbasaur: 20%

Charmander: 20%
Squirtle: 10%
Chikorita: 10%
Cyndaquil: 10%

Totodile: 10%

Treecko: 5%

Torchic: 5%

Mudkip: 4%

Pikachu: 4%

Chansey: 1%
Togepi: 1%

You can confront the swimmers on Route 103 now.

Swimmer Isabelle: Marill Lv60, P480

Swimmer Pete: Tentacool Lv60, P480

Since we're nearby, take the fourth Trick House challenge. He's in the left window. You'll need Strength. A Mech Mail is in the NW corner.

Battle Girl Cora: Medicham Lv45, P1080

Black Belt Yuji: Makuhita Lv43, Machoke Lv43, P1376

Battle Girl Paula: Breloom Lv45, P1080

Your reward is a Smoke Ball. Now I'll be doing the Surf backtracking in numerical order.

ROUTE 105 [R105]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Shellder: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Horsea: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Imani: Wooper Lv42, P336

Swimmer Dominik: Remoraid Lv42, P336

Ruin Maniac Foster: Sandshrew Lv42, Sandslash Lv45, P2700

Swimmer Luis: Relicanth Lv42, P336

Bird Keeper Josue: Swellow Lv45, Gligar Lv45, double battle with below

Ruin Maniac Andres: Sandshrew Lv45, Sandslash Lv45, P4140, registered in PokeNav

There's a hidden Big Pearl in the small space between the trees where these two trainers are.

Swimmer Beverly: Pelipper Lv42, Wailord Lv45, P360

Make note of Island Cave as usual. Head south and on the small island you find, there's a hidden Heart Scale.

ROUTE 106 (revisited) [106R]

As a reminder this route has no mons whatsoever.

Swimmer Douglas: Poliwhirl Lv42, Kingler Lv42, P336

Swimmer Kyla: Wailmer Lv45, P360

Surfing around Dewford Town will have you seeing Poliwag and Mantine. If you surf south of Dewford, you'll find a new location called Victory Island. At the bottom there is a hill with Pokemon Master Red! Don't battle him though, he has Lv100 Pokemon! We'll have to wait till much later. What you can do though is go to the island to the east and pick up a free Poke Ball. Also the guy in the middle sells every TM in the game for P1000! The other two clerks sell secret base stuff, the first selling dolls like the one in Slateport and the other selling closeout-sale items. Remember this place for later for your ultimate challenge.

ROUTE 107 [R107]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Shellder: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Horsea: 5% (surf)

Again, you can access Littleroot Town to the north.

Swimmer Denise: Pelipper Lv42, Seaking Lv42, P336

Swimmer Tony: Sharpedo Lv42, P336, registered in PokeNav

Sis and Bro Lisa&Ray: Gorebyss Lv42, Huntail Lv42, P1008

Swimmer Darrin: Kingler Lv42, Pelipper Lv42, Tentacruel Lv42, P336

Swimmer Beth: Seaking Lv42, P336

Triathlete Camron: Starmie Lv42, P1680, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 108 [R108]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Shellder: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Horsea: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Missy: Octillery Lv43, P344

Swimmer Matthew: Wailmer Lv43, P344

Swimmer Tara: Horsea Lv42, Wooper Lv42, P336

Find a Rare Candy on the rock SE of Tara.

Swimmer Jerome: Quagsire Lv42, P336

Cooltrainer Carolina: Manectric Lv46, Swellow Lv46, Farfetch'd Lv47, P9400

Sailor Cory: Wingull Lv42, Machop Lv42, Tentacool Lv42, P1344, possible double battle with above, registered in PokeNav.

Pick up the Star Piece where these trainers are and detour to the Abandoned Ship for a bit.


Mons found:

Tentacool: 99% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf), 20% (super rod)

A Harbor Mail is in the NW cabin here.

Youngster Demetrius: Dugtrio Lv50, Scizor Lv50, P1000

Beauty Thalia: Wailord Lv50, Kingdra Lv50, P4000, possible double battle with above, registered in PokeNav

Sailor Duncan: Sealeo Lv50, Machoke Lv50, P1600

Obviously, you'll need to backtrack here after being able to use Dive, since you can't dive down on this floor or unlock the storage. For now, grab the Escape Rope in the cabin west of the diving spot and the Dive Ball in the cabin with the broken door.

Tuber Charlie: Azumarill Lv50, P200

Young Couple Kira&Dan: Volbeat Lv50, Illumise Lv50, P20000, registered in PokeNav

Ruin Maniac Garrison: Sandslash Lv50, P3000

Tuber Jani: Kingler Lv50, P200, possible double battle with above

A Revive is in this cabin. The Storage Key is in the captain's deck, so you can get TM13 Ice Beam in the storage room, but what's this, grass? If you want to catch Unown (why?) they're here. We're done for now.

ROUTE 109 (revisited) [109R]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Krabby: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wingull: 30% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Shellder: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Horsea: 5% (surf)

Young Couple Mel&Paul: Dustox Lv45, Beautifly Lv45, P18000

In front of this duo is a Heart Scale.

Fisherman Carter: Wailmer Lv43, Tentacruel Lv43, P1720

Bird Keeper Elijah: Skarmory Lv45, Skarmory Lv45, P1440, possible double battle with above

A PP Up is on this island. Go NE and you can finally get the Super Rod from this fisherman!

Tuber Austina: Quagsire Lv43, P172

Tuber Gwen: Mantine Lv43, P172

Swimmer David: Lanturn Lv43, Whiscash Lv43, P344

Backtrack to Route 110 and take the low path. Surf north when you get the chance to get a Rare Candy. New Mauville is also accessible, but you need the Basement Key. Surf on the pond next to Full House on Route 111 to find an HP Up. Now talk to Wattson in Mauville City’s main intersection and he'll give you the Basement Key.


Open with the Basement Key

Mons found: Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, Electrode, Pikachu, Electrike, Porygon, Pachirisu, Electabuzz

Step on the switch and head west. Step on the green switch you come to, and ignore the blue switch and head east. Get an Escape Rope on the switch, then go east and pick up an Ultra Ball. Backtrack to the switch and use it, then head up and left (the item on the green switch to the east is a Voltorb). On the next set of switches, a Parlyz Heal is to the left and a Voltorb is on the right. Don't press the switches here, just head up and around. On the next set, a Voltorb is on the left and a Full Heal is on the right. Step on the green switch to reach the generator. You can also apparently get a free Porygon2 here! Step on the generator switch, grab the Thunderstone, and you're done here. Return to Wattson to get TM24 Thunderbolt.

ROUTE 118 [R118]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Psyduck: 30% (surf)

Electrike: 30%

Carvanha: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Manectric: 20%

Zigzagoon: 20%

Tropius: 10%

Hoppip: 10%

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Venonat: 4%

Mareep: 4%

Wingull: 1%, 5% (surf)

Kecleon: 1%

Look back at the Mauville City section for the first half of the trainers to find here. Also as a reminder you don't actually need Surf because of the land bridge (but of course, a Team Dream grunt blocked the way here before). On the other side, inspect the rock at the south end to find an Iron.

Reporter Gabby&Ty: Magnemite Lv45, Loudred Lv45, P18000 and an interview

Fisherman Barny: Wailord Lv45, Sharpedo Lv45, P1800

Bird Keeper Chester: Swellow Lv45, Noctowl Lv45, P1440

Bird Keeper Perry: Pidgeot Lv45, P1440

A Hyper Potion is on the high ledge on the east side. What's this house? It is the Princeton Plainsboro Hospital, but why both Lati mons on top? Anyways, this place not only has House characters, but also has a Nurse Joy which is convenient.

ROUTE 123 [R123]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Psyduck: 30% (surf)

Kecleon: 21%

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 41% (super rod)

Poochyena: 20%

Staryu: 15% (super rod)

Mightyena: 10%
Bellsprout: 10%
Oddish: 10%

Gloom: 10%

Weepinbell: 5%

Linoone: 5%

Wingull: 5%, 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Zigzagoon: 4%

Shellder: 4% (super rod)

Aroma Lady Violet: Roselia Lv46, Bellossom Lv46, P1840

Head behind the fence where the berry patches are to find a hidden Revive. The Berry Master's home is the same as always.

Bug Catcher Davis: Pinsir Lv46, P5520

Cooltrainer Jazmyn: Absol Lv46, P9200, possible double battle with above

To the north is a Calcium. To the south is an Ultra Ball. A hidden meadow is behind the pond, and you will wind up at Treecko Woods, where you can get a Treecko.

Twins Miu&Yuki: Beautifly Lv46, Dustox Lv46, P1104

There's a PP Up to the east.

Psychic Jacki: Alakazam Lv46, Lunatone Lv46, P1104, registered in PokeNav

Expert Fredrick: Hariyama Lv45, Machamp Lv45, P7200, possible double battle with above

East from those two is a Revival Herb.

Guitarist Fernando: Manectric Lv47, Exploud Lv47, P1504, registered in PokeNav

Bird Keeper Alberto: Pelipper Lv47, Mantine Lv47, P1504, possible double battle with above

Cooltrainer Braxton: Swellow Lv47, Flygon Lv47, Wailord Lv47, Magneton Lv47, Shiftry Lv47, P9400

Cooltrainer Wendy: Mawile Lv47, Roselia Lv47, Ludicolo Lv47, P9400

An Elixir is just to the east, and a Super Repel is in a clearing to the north near a berry patch.

Collector Ed: Zangoose Lv47, Seviper Lv47, P2820

Hex Maniac Kindra: Dusclops Lv47, Banette Lv47, P1128, possible double battle with above

A Hyper Potion is in a rock to the east of these two. Get a Grass type with you and talk to the girl near the east berry patch to get TM19 Giga Drain. Your way is blocked by Team Dream here, well, gotta take the long way I guess.

Psychic Cameron: Solrock Lv47, P1128, registered in PokeNav

A hidden PP Up is in the middle grove, and a hidden Rare Candy is in the south grove. You're done here. Time to head to the rainy Route 119

ROUTE 119 [R119]

There are surprisingly no mons on this route whatsoever.

Bug Catcher Kent: Ninjask Lv46, P5520

Bug Catcher Donald: Wurmple Lv46, Silcoon Lv46, Beautifly Lv47, P5640

Bug Catcher Greg: Volbeat Lv46, Illumise Lv46, P5520

Bug Catcher Taylor: Wurmple Lv46, Cascoon Lv46, Dustox Lv47, P5640

Bug Catcher Doug: Nincada Lv46, Ninjask Lv46, P5520

Bug Catcher Brent: Surskit Lv46, P5520

There's a hidden Full Heal in the middle of the tall grass area. A Hyper Potion is also available nearby.

Fisherman Chris: Gyarados Lv47, Wailord Lv47, Milotic Lv47, Sharpedo Lv47, P1880

PKMN Ranger Catherine: Bellossom Lv47, Roselia Lv47, P2444, registered in PokeNav

Parasol Lady Rachel: Seaking Lv47, P1880

Bird Keeper Phil: Swellow Lv47, P1504, possible double battle with above

Enter the maze and go through until you find a dead end path leading west (east of the mudslide). A hidden Leaf Stone is here. Head east from there and in another dead end SE of the steps you can find a hidden Ultra Ball. Finally head east of the steps and at the dead end there you can find an Elixir.

Kindler Dayton: Magcargo Lv47, Camerupt Lv47, P1504

Bird Keeper Hugh: Pelipper Lv47, Tropius Lv47, P1504

Let's battle Team Dream at the Weather Institute.

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv48, P1920

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv48, Seel Lv48, P1920

Team Dream Grunt: Spheal Lv48, Seel Lv48, P1920

Team Dream Grunt: Seel Lv48, Spheal Lv48, P1920

Team Dream Grunt: Jigglypuff Lv48, Clefairy Lv48, Seel Lv48, P1920

Dream Admin Stanley: Wigglytuff Lv49, Clefable Lv49, P1960

You'll get Castform afterwards. Exit and continue east. If you go south, you might find a Max Ether near the end of the waterfall, on the east side, but nothing else. Head up towards Fortree and Brendan/May will stop you.

PKMN Trainer Brendan/May: Ludicolo/Torkoal/Pelipper Lv48, Ludicolo/Torkoal/Pelipper Lv48, Gen-3 Starter Lv50 (fully evolved), P10000 and HM02 Fly


In the PokeMart, a guy will want to trade a Tangela for a Feebas if you have the latter (you need to catch one at Azurill Isle Cave or Route 122 later on, as you're not able to find one now since there's no mons on Route 119). Nothing new in the PokeMart. Forrest Gump is apparently east of the PokeMart. The house where he's at has Sabrina the Teenage Witch characters. The Chair and Desk shop in the SE is pretty much the same as the regular game, even down to the prices I think. The house above the gym has the main couple from I Love Lucy. You of course need the Devon Scope to access the gym. Try the test in the house to the left to get TM10 Hidden Power. You can also teach a mon Sleep Talk by talking to her husband. You'll find more Buffy characters in the house next to the PokeCenter.

Detour a bit to Route 120. I'm not gonna post anything about it yet except for a few trainers and items. The small area behind the trees to the north leads to a Rare Candy. A hidden Revive is in the tall grass to the south. Unfortunately you can't go to the area on the right side thanks to this guy, and the other item here is blocked for now.

Parasol Lady Clarissa: Roselia Lv48, Wailord Lv48, P1920

Reporter Gabby&Ty: Magneton Lv56, Loudred Lv56, P22400 and an interview (they then go back to Route 111)

Go on the bridge and battle the Kecleon that Steven exposes, then you get the Devon Scope. Reveal the Kecleon on the steps before the shoreline earlier, then get the Nest Ball. Nothing important if you Surf in the water, as it turns out, that Lapras is a plush doll. Return to Fortree and then use the scope on the Kecleon blocking the gym to get it to run. Now you can take the gym challenge. You can also get a free Swablu to the west of the gym.

Bird Keeper Humberto: Skarmory Lv50, P1600

Picnicker Ashley: Pidgeot Lv50, Noctowl Lv50, Altaria Lv50, P800

Bird Keeper Jared: Dodrio Lv50, Skarmory Lv50, Tropius Lv50, P1600, possible double battle with above

Camper Flint: Swellow Lv50, Xatu Lv50, double battle with below

Bird Keeper Edwardo: Dodrio Lv50, Pelipper Lv50, P2400

Bird Keeper Darius: Tropius Lv50, P1600

Leader Winona: P5300, Feather Badge, TM40 Aerial Ace, registered in PokeNav

Emolga Lv50, Pay Day, Aeroblast, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, holds Magnet

Tropius Lv51, Pay Day, Leaf Blade, Aeroblast, Earthquake, holds Miracle Seed

Pelipper Lv51, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Aeroblast, Earthquake, holds Mystic Water

Skarmory Lv52, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Aeroblast, Drill Peck, holds Metal Coat

Togetic Lv52, Pay Day, Moonblast, Aeroblast, Thunder, holds Sharp Beak

Altaria Lv53, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Pixie Kick, holds Leftovers

ROUTE 120 [R120]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)

Absol: 30%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Poochyena: 20%

Mightyena: 10%

Oddish: 10%

Bellsprout: 10%

Tropius: 9%

Wooper: 5%, 60% (surf)

Marill: 4%, 35% (surf)

Surskit: 1%, 4% (surf)

Goldeen: 1% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Kecleon: 1%

We're going past that bridge now.

Bird Keeper Colin: Pelipper Lv49, Xatu Lv49, P1568

Cooltrainer Leonel: Manectric Lv50, P10000

Parasol Lady Angelica: Castform Lv50, P2000, possible double battle with above

You'll find a Revive as you go.

Cooltrainer Jennifer: Sableye Lv50, P10000

To the NE is Mudkip Marsh. Pick up a free Mudkip while you're here. There is yet another location that is blocked off to the south, sadly. Enter the maze to the south, then take the first dead-end path going west for a hidden Zinc.

PKMN Ranger Jenna: Lombre Lv49, Ludicolo Lv50, Shiftry Lv50, P2600

PKMN Ranger Lorenzo: Nuzleaf Lv49, Shiftry Lv50, Ludicolo Lv50, P2600

There's a hidden Kecleon if you're avoiding the grass. Near the end of the grass maze is a Nugget.

Bug Catcher Jeffrey: Surskit Lv50, Surskit Lv50, Masquerain Lv50, P6000, registered in PokeNav

A Hyper Potion is behind the grass to the east of Jeffrey. You can talk to the girl to the SW to get a rare berry. Go up the nearby steps and surf across the pond. A hidden Rare Candy is on the west side, and a Full Heal is here too.

Ninja Boy Keigo: Weezing Lv50, Ninjask Lv50, P600

Ruin Maniac Chip: Claydol Lv50, Nidoking Lv50, Nidoqueen Lv50, P3000

For some reason a Kecleon is above the Ancient Tomb. Obviously, mark this location for later.

ROUTE 121 [R121]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 60% (surf)

Psyduck: 30% (surf)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Kecleon: 20%

Hoppip: 20%
Mightyena: 10%
Oddish: 10%
Bellsprout: 10%

Linoone: 10%

Gloom: 5%
Weepinbell: 5%

Poochyena: 5%
Wingull: 5%, 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Hex Maniac Tammy: Dusclops Lv50, Banette Lv50, P1200

Bug Catcher Cale: Dustox Lv50, Beautifly Lv50, P6000, possible double battle with above

Beauty Jessica: Kecleon Lv51, Seviper Lv51, P4080, registered in PokeNav

Sr. and Jr. Kate&Joy: Spinda Lv52, Slaking Lv52, P1664

A hidden HP Up is east of where Tammy is standing. As you go, you'll see Team Dream off to Mt. Pyre. A Zinc is south of the Safari Zone entrance. Before we cover either the Safari Zone or Route 122, let's check the rest of the route.

PKMN Breeder Pat: Mightyena Lv52, Breloom Lv52, Manectric Lv52, Aipom Lv52, Sandslash Lv52, Muk Lv52, P2080

PKMN Breeder Myles: Hariyama Lv52, Pelipper Lv52, Tropius Lv52, Linoone Lv52, Manectric Lv52, Camerupt Lv52, P2080

Get a Revive here. Head up and left, but before heading to the fence clearing to the south, you can find a hidden Nugget in the grass to the west. Near the gentleman you'll find a Carbos.

Gentleman Walter: Manectric Lv56, P4480, registered in PokeNav

PokeFan Vanessa: Pikachu Lv52, P4160

Get a hidden Full Heal to the east, then visit Torchic Plains and pick up a free Torchic.

Cooltrainer Marcel: Manectric Lv52, Shiftry Lv52, P10400

Cooltrainer Cristin: Exploud Lv52, Ampharos Lv52, P10400, possible double battle with above, registered in PokeNav

Hidden between the above trainers is a Max Revive. Visit Lilycove City to heal up, as well as get TM44 Rest inside the PokeCenter, then head back so we can check out some stuff. For the Safari Zone, detour to the Contest Hall in Lilycove and talk to a receptionist to get a POKEBlock Case so you can enter.


Mons found:

NW Zone:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Slowpoke: 64% (surf)

Psyduck: 35% (surf)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Pikachu: 30%

Seaking: 20% (super rod)

Cubone: 20%

Pinsir: 10%
Wobbuffet: 10%

Doduo: 10%

Heracross: 5%

Tauros: 5%
Kangaskhan: 4%
Tangela: 4%

Paras: 1%

Chansey: 1%

Golduck: 1% (surf)

NE Zone:

Shuckle: 90% (rock smash)

Natu: 30%

Pikachu: 20%

Girafarig: 10%
Spinarak: 10%

Phanpy: 10%
Rhyhorn: 5%

Exeggcute: 5%

Geodude: 5% (rock smash)

Sudowoodo: 4% (rock smash)

Tauros: 4%

Kangaskhan: 4%

Pinsir: 1%

Heracross: 1%

Golem: 1% (rock smash)

Extended Zone (after Elite Four):

Aipom: 20%
Teddiursa: 20%

Gligar: 10%

Mareep: 10%

Ledyba: 10%
Snubbull: 10%

Hoothoot: 5%
Pineco: 5%
Houndour: 4%
Sunkern: 4%

Stantler: 1%
Miltank: 1%

Unfortunately it looks like a great chunk of the Safari Zone is lacking the grass and wild Pokemon! The area to the east is off-limits until you beat the league, but what you can do is to go to the upper reaches. Starting with the area accessible via Acro Bike, head to the NW corner to get a Calcium. Go to the area accessible with the Mach Bike, surf across the pond, and collect TM22 Solarbeam. Sadly that's about all we can really do here, so catch what you want before moving on.

Head south to Route 122 and enter Mt. Pyre.

Mons found:

Slowpoke: 90% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Remoraid: 55% (super rod)

Qwilfish: 40% (super rod)

Feebas: 30% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 4% (super rod)

Carvanha: 20% (good rod)

Chinchou: 20% (good rod)

Psyduck: 5% (surf)

Wingull: 4% (surf)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

Wailmer: 1% (super rod)


Mons found:

Interior section:

Murkrow: 20%

Cubone: 20%
Duskull: 10%
Suppet: 10%

Mimikyu: 10%

Gastly: 10%

Misdreavus: 10%

Chimecho: 10%

Pick up a Cleanse Tag on the first floor. Notice that the moment you head up the steps you're on the path to the summit. There's no inner path. Pick up TM48 Skill Swap as you head up. A Max Potion is also along the way, and a Max Ether resides in an orange tombstone off the beaten path. An Ultra Ball is in the tombstone on the left side.

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv52, P2080

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv52, P2080

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv53, Dewgong Lv53, double battle with below

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv53, Clefable Lv53, P4240

Evan not only has one orb, but two (as opposed to one leader in each team getting both). The granny will give you the Magma Emblem, so that's a memo saying you should head back to Jagged Pass to infiltrate that hideout there. Anyways, the sad thing is that all of the grass here is blocked, so you can only catch mons on the first floor. A Zinc is in the blocking tombstone on the NW side, and a Rare Candy is at the NE tombstone.

Anyways, you can go to the hideout at any time. I detoured back to the Trick House and started the fifth challenge. The guy is in the tree at the left end. This is the trivia question challenge, but the answers can be found on Bulbapedia :P. TM12 Taunt is your prize.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Mantine: 64% (surf)

Horsea: 40% (super rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Staryu: 20% (good rod), 55% (super rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 5% (super rod)

Wingull: 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

I'll go ahead and cover Lilycove City now as well. You'll see the cast of Two and a Half Men in the house west of the PokeCenter, and also if you haven't already pick up TM44 Rest from the big man in the PokeCenter. The Contest Hall can be tried if you're into that thing (make sure to get the POKEBlock Case if you haven't already). Scott's snoozing in the Cove Lily Motel. Head to the south end of town, then to the eastmost peninsula to find a Max Repel. Characters from Revenge are west of the Contest Hall, and Rebekah Mikaelson of The Vampire Diaries is at the entrance to the harbor. Enter the Lilycove Museum in the NW part of the city and talk to the receptionist. I'm not sure if being the one-thousandth visitor appears in the original Emerald, but you're awarded with a Pretty Chair, Pretty Desk, and also even the Glass Ornament for visiting. Talk to the curator as usual, for some reason a lot of Pokemon and plush dolls are up here, and so are Latias and Latios! You can't catch them though. Battle Brendan/May to enter the department store.

PKMN Trainer Brendan/May: Tropius Lv52, Venesaur/Charizard/Blastoise Lv53, Ludicolo/Torkoal/Pelipper Lv52, Gen-3 Starter (fully evolved) Lv54, P10800

Anyways the first floor has the lottery corner, and the first clerk on the second floor sells the stuff you've seen in the regular PokeMarts. Of note in those wares is the Sacred Ash that sells for P5000. The clerk on the left sells held items.

King's Rock: P2500

Leftovers: P2000

Soothe Bell: P1000

Exp. Share: P1500

Quick Claw: P1500

Scope Lens: P1500

Mental Herb: P500

White Herb: P500

Choice Band: P2500

Focus Band: P1500

Metal Powder: P1000

Macho Brace: P500

Cleanse Tag: P1000

Smoke Ball: P500

Poke Salt: P50

Poke Shell: P50

Poke Doll: P100

Fluffy Tail: P100

Sea Incense: P1000

Lax Incense: P1000

The Poke Salt and Poke Shell are the Shoal Salt and Shoal Shell, respectively.

On the third floor, the first clerk sells all the evolutionary stones for P1000 as well as the Everstone for P500. Remarkable! The second clerk sells even more held items.

Amulet Coin: P2500

Lucky Egg: P2500

Silk Scarf: P500

Mystic Water: P1000

Charcoal: P1000

Miracle Seed: P1000

Magnet: P1000

Nevermeltice: P1000

Twistedspoon: P1000

Sharp Beak: P1000

Black Belt: P1000

Poison Barb: P1000

Silverpowder: P1000

Soft Sand: P1000

Hard Stone: P1000

Spell Tag: P1000

Blackglasses: P1000

Metal Coat: P1000

Dragon Fang: P1000

Light Ball: P2500

Soul Dew: P2500

Stick: P1000

Thick Club: P1000

Lucky Punch: P1000

Dragon Scale: P1000

Deepseascale: P1000

Deepseatooth: P1000

Up-grade: P1000

Red Scarf: P500

Blue Scarf: P500

Pink Scarf: P500

Green Scarf: P500

Yellow Scarf: P500

On the fourth floor, all the vitamin items are available for P1000 from the right counter, and every single TM in the game is available from the left counter for the same price. On the fifth floor are mats and posters in the SE counters for your secret base needs. The middle counter sells the exact same dolls as that one clerk from Slateport. On the rooftop, you can teach the move Substitute by talking to a girl here, and the vending machines are also here. Given that you can buy vitamins and TMs and held items for low, low prices, you're likely to spend a lot of time here. Have fun!

If you're wondering where the remaining characters from The Vampire Diaries are, they're in the house to the right of the department store. The Halliwell Manor is to the right, and predictably, characters from Charmed are there (interesting that the Elite Four Phoebe's sprite is used for the character that is appropriately named Phoebe). Get a free berry from a gentleman to the right of the manor. You can also get a free Wooper that is just sitting there, as well as a free Marill! Tom Foss from Kyle XY is here too, and south are more of the characters from that show. The house has even more. Now head to the beach and head to the west, inspecting the rock for a free Heart Scale. Head due east from there and inspect the rock near the shore for a Poke Ball. Inspect the rock near the Azurill at the north shore to find a PP Up. The way to Route 124 is blocked, and the former Aqua Hideout is appropriately the Dream Hideout, but of course it's blocked for now. Time to head to the Jagged Pass and use our handy Magma Emblem.


Mons found: Geodude, Graveler, Torkoal

You'll need Strength to continue on the first floor.

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv54, P2160

Next area...

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv54, P2160

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv54, P2160

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv54, Clefable Lv54, P2160

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv54, Dewgong Lv54, P2160

Enter the first cave you come to and head north.

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv55, double battle with below

Team Dream Grunt: Clefable Lv55, P4400

You'll find a Full Restore behind these guys.

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv55, P2200

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv55, P2200

And back here is a Max Elixir. Take the cave at the end here to be on the high edge of 1F. Continue west.

Team Dream Grunt: Clefable Lv54, P2160

Get the Rare Candy at the bottom here, then backtrack all the way to the second area and take the south exit.

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv58, P2320

Team Dream Grunt: Claydol Lv58, P2320

Pick up a Nugget before moving on.

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv56, P2240

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv56, P2240

Team Dream Grunt: Clefable Lv56, P2240, possible double battle with above

Dream Admin Tabitha: Dewgong Lv56, Mightyena Lv57, Crobat Lv56, Walrein Lv57, P2280

Get a Max Revive, then get ready. Evan awakens Groudon and then it flees.

Dream Leader Evan: P11600

Crobat Lv57,

Sylveon Lv57, Moonblast, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Clefable Lv57, Moonblast, Sing, Fire Blast, Blizzard, holds Leftovers

Wigglytuff Lv57, Moonblast, Pay Day, Sing, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Dewgong Lv57, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, holds Nevermeltice

Walrein Lv58, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, holds Nevermeltice

As you leave, pick up an Escape Rope. You might as well use it. If you're confused as to where to go next, you need to head to Slateport City (if you go to the Dream Hideout now, one of the grunts will say that the boss is there). Head to the harbor and talk to Stern. The interviewers will leave but of course Team Dream steals his sub. Now we can infiltrate that hideout. Fly back to Lilycove and let's go.


Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv58, P2320

Down the steps, take the right teleporter to get a Max Elixir. Go back and take the left teleporter.

Team Dream Grunt: Sealeo Lv58, P2320

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv58, Clefable Lv58, P2320

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv58, Walrein Lv58, P2320, possible double battle with above

You can choose to head to the teleporter to the east of these two guys, but detour on the south side of the water and take the teleporter there. In this teleporter maze, take the left teleporter, then the one to the left, the one to the left again, then the leftmost one. You'll be at the main office now. In here are two Lv30 Electrodes disguised as items as well as a Nugget and a Master Ball. Now you should take the east teleporter. Head down the steps to the next big room.

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv58, P2320

Again, two teleporters. Take the left one first to get a Nest Ball, then return and go to the east teleporter, then down the steps.

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv58, P2320

And down the next steps...

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv58, P2320

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv58, P2320, possible double battle with above

Final teleporter now...

Dream Admin Matt: Nidoking Lv60, Nidoqueen Lv60, P2400

Obviously the boss is going towards Mossdeep, so we must follow him. Take the bottom teleporter here to head back to the first two teleporters, then leave. Time to head to Mossdeep. I'll try and cover every single water route from here on out actually, just to get them out of the way more or less. Skip to the Mossdeep City section of the walkthrough whenever you're ready.

ROUTE 124 [R124]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Relicanth: 60% (underwater)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Clamperl: 30% (underwater)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Chinchou: 10% (underwater)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Grace: Quagsire Lv56, P448

Swimmer Declan: Gyarados Lv56, P448, possible double battle with above

Sis and Bro Lila&Roy: Chinchou Lv56, Carvanha Lv56, P1344, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Spencer: Tentacruel Lv56, Pelipper Lv56, P448

Swimmer Jenny: Wailmer Lv57, P456, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Chad: Tentacruel Lv56, Wailord Lv57, P456

The Hunter's House still functions the same as before, remember it for later if you want to get free evolution stones. I've decided to detour to Route 126 for a bit.

Triathlete Isabella: Starmie Lv68, P2720

Swimmer Roland: Sharpedo Lv68, P544, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 126 [R126]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Dean: Sharpedo Lv68, Pelipper Lv68, Sharpedo Lv68, P544

Swimmer Nikki: Lanturn Lv58, Sealeo Lv58, P464

Swimmer Sienna: Luvdisc Lv57, Luvdisc Lv57, P456

Triathlete Pablo: Staryu Lv58, Starmie Lv58, P2320, possible double battle with above, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Barry: Gyarados Lv59, P472

ROUTE 127 [R127]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Start by picking up a Zinc in the NW corner.

Bird Keeper Aidan: Swellow Lv58, Skarmory Lv58, P1856

Cooltrainer Athena: Manectric Lv58, Linoone Lv58, P11600, possible double battle with above

And that's a Rare Candy in the trees.

Fisherman Jonah: Wailord Lv58, Tentacruel Lv58, Sharpedo Lv58, P2320

Fisherman Roger: Magikarp Lv58, Magikarp Lv58, Gyarados Lv59, P2360

Fisherman Henry: Sharpedo Lv58, Whiscash Lv58, P2320

One of the diving areas on the right side of the route is gone and you can directly access the island where you will find characters from Lost. The island below with the black belt has a Carbos

Black Belt Koji: Machoke Lv58, P1856, registered in PokeNav

ROUTE 128 [R128]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Luvdisc: 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Corsola: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Cooltrainer Alexa: Bellossom Lv60, Azumarill Lv60, P12000

Triathlete Isaiah: Staryu Lv60, P2400, registered in PokeNav

Cooltrainer Ruben: Shiftry Lv60, Nosepass Lv60, P12000

Surf due SE of the island Ruben is on to a small one with a rock. In the notch of the rock, you could find a hidden Heart Scale.

Fisherman Wayne: Tentacruel Lv58, Tentacruel Lv58, Wailord Lv60, P2400

Triathlete Katelyn: Staryu Lv60, P2400, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Harrison: Slowbro Lv60, P480

Swimmer Carlee: Seaking Lv60, P480, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 129 [R129]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 4% (surf)

Wailord: 1% (surf)

Triathlete Chase: Pelipper Lv58, Starmie Lv58, P2320

Triathlete Allison: Octillery Lv58, Mantine Lv59, P2360

Swimmer Clarence: Sharpedo Lv60, P480

Swimmer Tisha: Lanturn Lv59, P472, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 130 [R130]

Wynaut: 100%

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

You can find Mirage Island here. Beware though, as wild Wynaut will be at Lv75.

Swimmer Santiago: Qwilfish Lv59, Wailord Lv60, P480

Swimmer Katie: Seaking Lv60, Sealeo Lv60, P480, possible double battle with above

ROUTE 131 [R131]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Sky Pillar's entrance is available, but I'm going to hold off on this until the time comes.

Triathlete Talia: Staryu Lv60, P2400

Swimmer Kevin: Walrein Lv60, P480, possible double battle with above

Swimmer Susie: Poliwrath Lv60, P480

Sis and Bro Reli&Ian: Slowbro Lv60, Slowking Lv60, P1440


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Poliwag: 60% (surf)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

In the PokeCenter, the rocker sitting at the table will teach Explosion to a mon. The trainer near the counter will trade a Sneasel for a Bagon. Two characters from Heroes are in the NW house. Get the TM for Return or Frustration from the SW house. Some guy named Eddie is being interviewed, he and the characters inside the house here are from America's Sweethearts. That's basically it here for this town.

ROUTES 132-134 [CURR]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 45% (super rod)

Horsea: 15% (super rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Gilbert: Sharpedo Lv62, P496

Swimmer Dana: Politoed Lv62, P496

Swimmer Linda: Seadra Lv60, Seadra Lv60, P480

A Star Piece is on the island south of Linda.

Swimmer Laurel: Corsola Lv62, Relicanth Lv62, P496

Swimmer Jack: Gyarados Lv62, P496

Black Belt Hitoshi: Machoke Lv60, Machamp Lv62, P1984

There's a Carbos on the island the black belt is on. Head back to Route 132 and surf near the north end to the non-current area where Gilbert is, then surf south and let the current take you to an island that contains a Rare Candy.

Fisherman Ronald: Magikarp Lv60, Gyarados Lv62, Gyarados Lv62, Gyarados Lv62, Gyarados Lv60, Gyarados Lv72, P2880

Black Belt Kiyo: Hariyama Lv60, P1920

Expert Conor: Espeon Lv62, Umbreon Lv62, P9920

Expert Mollie: Flareon Lv62, Jolteon Lv62, P9920, possible double battle with above

On the island with the experts, you can find a Big Pearl.

Bird Keeper Beck: Tropius Lv62, P1984

Expert Paxton: Swellow Lv62, Breloom Lv62, P9920

Cooltrainer Darcy: Lickitung Lv62, Chimecho Lv62, P12400, possible double battle with above

Expert Makayla: Roselia Lv62, Medicham Lv62, P9920

Cooltrainer Jonathan: Kecleon Lv60, Exploud Lv60, P12000, possible double battle with above

And on this island is a Protein.

Cooltrainer Warren: Aerodactyl Lv60, Ludicolo Lv60, P12000

Dragon Tamer Aaron: Shelgon Lv60, double battle with below

Cooltrainer Marley: Manectric Lv60, P14880

Swimmer Debra: Vaporeon Lv62, P496

Swimmer Franklin: Walrein Lv62, P496, possible double battle with above

On the island to the west is a Max Revive.

Sailor Kelvin: Machamp Lv62, Walrein Lv62, P1984

Bird Keeper Alex: Xatu Lv60, Swellow Lv60, P1920, possible double battle with above

Finally, pick up a Star Piece on this island. Now let's check out Route 125.

ROUTE 125 [R125]

Sailor Ernest: Pelipper Lv58, Machamp Lv58, P1856, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Tanya: Luvdisc Lv58, P464

Bird Keeper Presley: Tropius Lv58, Xatu Lv58, P1856

Expert Auron: Manectric Lv56, Machamp Lv56, P8960, possible double battle with above

And the item there is a Big Pearl.

Sr. and Jr. Kim&Iris: Ampharos Lv58, Sudowoodo Lv58, P1856


Mons found: Azurill, Snorunt, Spheal, Seel, Lapras, Delibird, Sneasel, Swinub

Main areas:

Feebas: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Shellder: 80% (super rod)

Azurill: 50%, 60% (surf)

Wailmer: 40% (good rod)

Spheal: 30%, 36% (surf)

Seel: 20%, 4% (surf)

Krabby: 19% (super rod)

Wailord: 1% (super rod)

Yes, this is the Shoal Cave, and yes, you will be returning here when it's low or high tide more or less. Anyways, the weird thing is you can buy Poke Salts and Poke Shells from the Lilycove Department Store, so go ahead and get your Shell Bell now. If you're in high tide, the first floor has nothing else. The second area is blue with ice, but oddly enough has no encounters. Two Poke Shells can be acquired by surfing. Continue east and pick up a Rare Candy. The other two Poke Shell spots are here as well. Take the south ladder to get a Big Pearl, and that's basically it for high tide.

On low tide, enter the next area, ignore the first ladder, then take the next one you find. You can find Poke Salt and an Ice Heal here. Head up the next ladder, cross the bridges, then to the next ladder. Talk to the Black Belt to get a Focus Band. A Poke Salt is to the east, and if you take the west ladder, two more Poke Salts can be picked up. Move the boulder east of the black belt. Down here, you can get a free Lapras, TM07 Hail, heal your mons with Chansey, and a Nevermeltice.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Mantine: 64% (surf)

Sharpedo: 40% (super rod)

Tentacool: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod), 60% (super rod)

Wingull: 5% (surf)

Pelipper: 1% (surf)

One of the black belts on the shore can teach the move Dynamicpunch. The PokeMart still has the same stuff as before. A guy near the PokeCenter can give you a King's Rock. The house near the PokeCenter and gym is home to Dexter characters. The gym is open anytime, but don't we have to find out what Team Dream is doing as well? The mini-game home is available, although I doubt you'll be able to utilize it on an emulator. Pick up a Net Ball on the SE end of the island. Scott is here too. Head up the steps and head west to see Eastwick characters both in and out of the house. Enter the Space Center and pick up a Sun Stone from a sailor. On the blueprints next to Steven is an intent-to-steal notice. It doesn't seem like Team Dream is here at the moment. Hmm. Anyways, enter the gym when ready.

Psychic Preston: Kirlia Lv58, P1392

Psychic Maura: Kadabra Lv58, P1392, possible double battle with above

Psychic Blake: Girafarig Lv58, P1392

Psychic Sarah: Xatu Lv58, P1392, possible double battle with above

Psychic Virgil: Gardevoir Lv58, P1392

Gentleman Nate: Grumpig Lv58, P4640, possible double battle with above

Hex Maniac Sylvia: Medicham Lv58, P1392

Psychic Hannah: Chimecho Lv58, P1392

Psychic Nicolas: Wobbuffet Lv58, P1392

Hex Maniac Kathleen: Alakazam Lv58, P1392, possible double battle with above or below

Gentleman Clifford: Girafarig Lv58, P4640, possible double battle with above or below

Psychic Macy: Xatu Lv58, P1392, possible double battle with above

Leader Tate&Liza: P12400, Mind Badge, TM04 Calm Mind, registered in PokeNav

Claydol Lv60, Psychic, Ancientpower, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, holds Twistedspoon

Espeon Lv60, Psychic, Fire Blast, Silver Wind, Un-Pay Day, holds Twistedspoon

Slowbro Lv61, Psychic, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Un-Pay Day, holds Leftovers

Slowking Lv61, Psychic, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Un-Pay Day, holds Leftovers

Lunatone Lv62, Pay Day, Psychic, Ancientpower, Aeroblast, holds Leftovers

Solrock Lv62, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Psychic, Sacred Fire, holds Leftovers

Well, we still need HM08, but where can we get it? Move down to see Team Dream making their move towards the Space Center.

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv60, Walrein Lv60, P2400

Team Dream Grunt: Wobbuffet Lv60, P2400

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv60, P2400

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv60, Clefable Lv60, Crobat Lv60, P2400

Time for a three-on-one!

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv60, P2400

Team Dream Grunt: Claydol Lv60, P2400

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv60, P2400

Steven is confronting Evan here, and for some reason Prof. Maple is here too. You'll team up with Steven (same team he used in original Emerald; Metang, Skarmory, and Aggron, though all sadly underleveled, you'll have to do the heavy lifting here)

Dream Leader Evan&Dream Admin Tabitha: Sylveon Lv61, Dewgong Lv60, Dewgong Lv62, Walrein Lv61, Walrein Lv63, Crobat Lv62, P15080

It seems Evan will step down. However, he does mention that other members are searching for the Grass Jewel, which just so happens to be at the Seafloor Cavern. And they also say we could be the ones to save the world. Steven invites you to his home here, you may have visited it earlier but it was empty. Maple will inspect the device in the meantime. Enter Steven's home in the NW and you'll get HM08 Dive! Time for some backtracking!


First stop: Abandoned Ship on Route 108. Return to that middle cabin and dive in. Enter the next room and surface to reach the six-cabin room. Enter Room 3 and pick up a Water Stone as well as the Rm. 1 Key. Enter Room 1 and get TM18 Rain Dance as well as the Rm. 4 Key to the north of the hole. In Room 4, the Rm. 6 Key is in the trashcan. Enter Room 6 and get the Luxury Ball, then enter Room 5 and pick up the Rm. 2 Key, which is actually in the middle of the room a few spaces south of the trashcans. In Room 2 is the Scanner. Return to Slateport, enter the harbor, and talk to Stern to get either a Deepseatooth or a Deepseascale. You probably don't need these items, especially since they are buyable at the Lilycove Department Store, and that Clamperl will evolve via Sun Stone or Water Stone in this hack. But at least we got this outta the way.

Go to Route 124, from Lilycove, then head SE for the first diving spot.

Mons found: Clamperl, Chinchou, Relicanth

This first diving spot has a lot of seaweed, plus a hidden Green Shard to the south. Hang around here to pick up a Relicanth as well for the Sealed Chamber, hopefully you also have a Wailord too (if not, fish for Wailmer with a Super Rod in most water routes and level it to Lv40, you could probably also catch wild Wailord by surfing on Route 122, Route 129, or Azurill Isle Cave, but it's rare).

From the diving spot closest to Lilycove, head due east and dive there. Go east when you can and pick up a hidden Carbos. Head down to a surfacing spot, but do not surface and instead head west to another surfacing spot. Surface there and surf east to get a Blue Shard.

Surface back to the main route and head due east again, diving at the spot you come across. Inspect the dark spot nearby to get a Heart Scale, then go north. Head all the way north and inspect the dark spot in the surfacing spot there to get a Calcium. Don't surface, instead head west and surface there. Head SE to get a Red Shard.

Back on the main route, head due NE and take the diving spot in the corner. Surface at the other end and go west for a Yellow Shard. Backtrack and head south to two diving spots. Enter the northern one and pick up a Pearl. Ignore the other one, it has nothing. Head south, past the Treasure Hunter's house, and dive there to find a Big Pearl. Now go to the SE diving spot to get another Heart Scale. Now head west and a bit north. Dive here, then surface at the other side. Surf west and a bit south to a section of Route 126, then dive again. Surface at the other side to find a Green Shard. What's this? A house? Unfortunately an Azumarill blocks the door.

Anyways, assuming you caught a Relicanth, and also have a Wailord and a mon with Dig, go to Pacifidlog, bring them with you, and head out to the diving spot on the south end of Route 134. Dive in and head south to the trench. Surface when you reach the Braille inscription to arrive at the Sealed Chamber. Use Dig at the top inscription to reach the next area. You'll be surprised to see some Regis already! Including recolors of Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Snorlax, and Deoxys! Except they're all dolls and do nothing whatsoever. Ignore them and head up to the top inscription where Deoxys is. Like in the original Emerald, place Wailord in the front spot and Relicanth in the back, then reread the inscription to trigger the Regi caves.

So let's go catch these guys! Bring your mons that have Flash and Rock Smash with you, then fly to Petalburg and go to Route 105, where the Island Cave is. Just like original Emerald, you need to walk around the entire perimeter to open up the inscription. Now you can battle Regice Lv40.

Next stop: Route 111's desert. Enter Desert Ruins, head to the inscription, then take two spaces to the left, two down, and use Rock Smash. Battle Regirock Lv40. Now go to Route 120 and go to the Ancient Tomb near the SW end of the route. Head to the middle and use Flash to open the way to Registeel Lv40.

A word of warning, ALL of the Regis have the move Explosion.

Since we beat another gym, let's check out the Trick House again. He's in the NE cupboard. This has the Fortree Gym obstacles. A Glitter Mail is in the SE corner.

PKMN Ranger Sophia: Swablu Lv53, Roselia Lv53, P2756

PKMN Ranger Sebastian: Cacturne Lv54, P2808

Bird Keeper Benny: Swellow Lv53, Pelipper Lv53, Xatu Lv53, P1696

Your reward is a Magnet.

Back to the Dive backtracking, head to Mossdeep and south to Route 127. Dive into the big trench and head south until you see a rock (which is near where you would enter Route 128). The rock contains a Heart Scale. Resurface and head a bit west, diving into the trench there, then heading north to another rock with a Star Piece. Resurface and dive into a trench east of the main one, then search for another rock down there to get an HP Up. Another trench is to the northeast, which has a rock with a Red Shard. Head to Route 128 and head east from the main trench to another one. A Pearl is down here in a rock. A Protein is in a rock in the middle lagoon surrounded by the main trench, and while Seafloor Cavern's main entrance is here, we'll hold off on it for now.

Enter Route 126 and dive down. There's no seaweed here by the way. Go to the entrance to Sootopolis and you can find an Iron and a Big Pearl at the south end in dark spots. At the NE corner underwater is a Stardust. Head west and NW a bit, then examine the dark spot for an Ultra Ball. If you dive in the SW diving spot, go to the very end and inspect a spot at the middle of the east wall to get a hidden Blue Shard. At the NW corner of the underwater portion, head up and east to get a Heart Scale. Resurface in that area, then head SW to find another diving spot and a trainer.

Swimmer Brenda: Seaking Lv70, P560

Dive in the spot to get a Yellow Shard and a Pearl. Alright. Let's go to Sootopolis now.


The gym is obviously closed for now. Talk to the black belt in the PokeCenter to pick up TM31 Brick Break. A woman inside will teach the move Double-Edge too. The house at the SE end has characters from Laverne & Shirley. The lady in the house above that one gives a free Wailmer Doll. The brothers who ask for Lotad and Seedot are in the next house. The next house has Lee, Bree, and Bob from Desperate Housewives.

At the left side of the town, you can find Kiri who gives you two free berries. The house SW of the PokeMart has Alice Vaughan and Benjamin Jones of The Catch. And surprise surprise, the PokeMart sells the same stuff as the other ones. The next house up has Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Next house up has two characters from Veronica Mars, the title character and Logan Echolls. The Cave of Origin is closed as usual. You're done here for now. Let's go back to Route 128 and explore the Seafloor Cavern.


Mons found: Zubat, Golbat

Surface and enter. Use Strength and Rock Smash to navigate.

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv62, P2480

Team Dream Grunt: Walrein Lv62, P2480

While there are two exits here, I don't believe going to the SE exit nets you anything apart from two more grunts to fight.

Team Dream Grunt: Clefable Lv62, P2480

Team Dream Grunt: Wigglytuff Lv62, P2480, possible double battle with above

Many of the entrances here lead back to the starting areas. Take the one to the north to reach an area with multiple boulders and rocks. The exits at the top lead to the same area which require Surf but also have currents. Do not enter the middle cave or you will be back at the entrance, instead, take the currents until you can go to the NW exit.

Team Dream Grunt: Dewgong Lv62, Walrein Lv62, P2480

Dream Admin Stanley: Wigglytuff Lv63, Clefable Lv63, P2520, possible double battle with above

You have one last Strength puzzle before...

ROUTE 135 [R135]

What's this? A new route? If you actually paid attention though, you'll notice that you're somehow above Route 120. Anyways, this area is a huge tree maze. The dead ends have nothing of interest, and there is no grass. Eventually, you'll find a clearing. This clearing has quite a few trees that spell out "JEWEL". There is an opening to the NE. There are Chikorita near an entrance, the entrance to Chikorita Meadow. If you head south, you'll be back on Route 120, but still unable to pass the officer. Just enter Chikorita Meadow. Now you can get a free Chikorita here (in the middle). But wait, there's more! To the north is a bigger group of Chikorita, an item, which we can presume is the Grass Jewel, and...Cresselia? On approach, Professor Maple arrives too, uh something is with the music? Wait, really? He was orchestrating events while Team Dream was to take blame? Now he will take the Grass Jewel, but not without a fight.

PKMN Prof. Maple: P13000

Tropius Lv64, Un-Pay Day, Giga Drain, Fire Punch, Aeroblast, holds Miracle Seed

Togetic Lv64, Air Slash, Pixie Kick, Iron Head, Ancientpower, holds Quick Claw

Lucario Lv64, Cross Chop, Extremespeed, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, holds Sitrus Berry

Azumarill Lv64, Belly Drum, Extremespeed, Waterfall, Pixie Kick, holds Sitrus Berry

Porygon-Z Lv64, Tri Attack, Blizzard, Recover, Thunder, holds Sitrus Berry

Blissey Lv65, Pay Day, Softboiled, Moonblast, Sacred Fire, holds Sitrus Berry

Version 1.4 note: his mons are Lv67, except Blissey which is Lv68, also his Togetic has evolved into Togekiss

You may win, but then he sics the device to awaken Cresselia. It will run off and spread "The Nightmare" around the world! Cresselia then awakens Kyogre offscreen, who'll fight Groudon of course. Wow, so Maple wants the world to end? And yeah, Maple did manage to steal space fuel from the Mossdeep Space Center while everyone was distracted with Team Dream. Then, as if you could expect it, Darkrai shows up, and funnily enough, Maple never even heard of it. As a result of his actions, Darkrai seems to have placed Maple into an eternal nightmare. Karma. Darkrai then pulls you back to Route 128.

Back there, of course the weather has gone worse. Steven flies in, contemplates the situation, and it seems we've got a goal to attend to. Steven will fly to Sootopolis. Fly there yourself and see the familiar site of Groudon and Kyogre battling. You'll also see Evan along with Prof. Pine at the gym. Talk to Steven at the west side of town, and he'll take you to the Cave of Origin.


Mons found: Zubat, Golbat

Luckily, there's not much before you reach the end where Wallace is standing. He will of course describe Rayquaza, and if you know already, well it's at Sky Pillar. If you've followed this guide, you know where to go! Make your way towards Pacifidlog and head to Route 131.


Mons found (after first visit): Banette, Dusclops, Claydol, Mawile, Sableye, Altaria

Well, if you tried to go here earlier, the place was locked, but Wallace has opened the way in. Enter and be utterly surprised, it's incredibly easy to reach the top! I don't think there are any mons to find here either. Once at the top, Rayquaza awakens and flies off. Time to follow it to Sootopolis. You'll then be treated to the familiar cutscene of Rayquaza stopping the rampage of the other two legendaries. Talk to Prof. Pine and he and Evan will leave. Talk to Wallace to receive HM07 Waterfall. He'll move out of the way, so you can challenge the gym at your leisure.

Before you do, three things have changed. The lab in Littleroot is open again, but Pine is there now (I don't remember when the lab closes, but a scientist does block the way at that point). Pine just ranks your dex like he did if you saw him earlier on Route 103. You can also head to the summit of Mt. Pyre to see an additional cutscene involving Evan. As usual, you can head back to Sky Pillar, challenge yourself to the cracked floors and the high-level mons there (I believe they are unchanged from the original Emerald), and of course, attempt to catch Rayquaza Lv70!

Also you can return to Chikorita Meadow if you'd like, you can even enter it from Route 120 now that the guard is gone. Go to the back of the meadow and pick up the item. It's not the Grass Jewel, but actually a Master Ball! Also I'm not aware exactly when it opens up, but the Clothes over Bros on Route 104 is accessible. Inside are more characters from One Tree Hill, as well as a Red Scarf, a Blue Scarf, a Yellow Scarf, and a Silk Scarf. For some reason, these items regenerate. Talk to Brooke Davis in the back for a battle!

Cooltrainer Brooke: Azurill Lv75, Wingull Lv75, Mudkip Lv75, Roselia Lv75, Chikorita Lv75, Lapras Lv75, P15000, registered in PokeNav

Version 1.4 note: Brooke will have Charmander and Bellossom instead of Wingull and Roselia

Another place you can visit is also on Route 120. Head to the maze section and the cottage on the right side is open. Enter it, and you'll be in Azurill Cottage. A bunch of mons are lying around here, including Mew, Latias, and Latios, but you can't catch any of them. The two people here are trainers, but leave them alone until you're ready because they have Lv100 mons! We'll save these for later just like Red. You should be going into the Sootopolis gym now, so let's take the challenge.


Lass Andrea: Luvdisc Lv68, P1088

Beauty Connie: Seaking Lv68, P5440

PokeFan Annika: Feebas Lv67, Milotic Lv68, P5440

Lady Daphne: Luvdisc Lv67, Wailord Lv68, P13600, possible double battle with above

Lass Crissy: Seaking Lv67, Wailord Lv68, P1088

Beauty Tiffany: Mantine Lv67, Sharpedo Lv67, P5360, possible double battle with above

PokeFan Bethany: Kingler Lv67, Lanturn Lv67, Quagsire Lv68, P5440

Beauty Olivia: Ludicolo Lv67, Huntail Lv67, Gorebyss Lv67, P5360, possible double battle with above

Beauty Bridget: Feraligatr Lv68, P5440

Lady Brianna: Seaking Lv68, P13600, possible double battle with above

Leader Juan: P7000, Rain Badge, TM03 Water Pulse, registered in PokeNav

Wailord Lv68, Aeroblast, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Blizzard, holds Mystic Water

Ludicolo Lv69, Giga Drain, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Aeroblast, holds Miracle Seed

Whiscash Lv69,

Gyarados Lv69,

Lapras Lv69, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, Ancientpower, holds Nevermeltice

Kingdra Lv70, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Dragon Claw, holds Leftovers

Version 1.4 note: his team will be level 70+ and will feature Swampert and Mantine instead of Whiscash and Gyarados


First stop, Trick House. The guy is in the right window. This area resembles the Mossdeep gym puzzles. Be sure to get a Tropic Mail.

Psychic Joshua: Kadabra Lv59, Solrock Lv59, double battle wtih below

Hex Maniac Patricia: Banette Lv59, Lunatone Lv59, P2832

Psychic Mariela: Chimecho Lv60, double battle with below

Gentleman Everett: Wobbuffet Lv60, P6240

Psychic Alvaro: Dusclops Lv59, Alakazam Lv59, P1416

Psychic Alexis: Misdreavus Lv59, Gardevoir Lv59, P1416, possible double battle with above

Your reward is a nice PP Max.

Go back to Route 119 (there's a Kecleon to battle in the middle of the route to the left of the first waterfall too if you are interested, but you're probably not), and if you go up the waterfall at the north end of the route, guess what, more stupid guards. I wonder what lets them go away? Go to Fallarbor, then to Route 114. Climb the waterfall there to get a Rare Candy, then visit Meteor Falls. Climb the big waterfall there. Enter the cave, then take the next ladder you see. Head SW and up the ladder there to pick up TM23 Iron Tail, then backtrack and go up to the ladder leading down.

Old Couple John&Jay: Medicham Lv60, Hariyama Lv60, P4800, registered in PokeNav

Dragon Tamer Nicolas: Altaria Lv62, Dragonite Lv62, P2976, registered in PokeNav

Drop down the puddles going southwest and take the ladder. Head north to get TM02 Dragon Claw. This of course is the room where you can catch Bagon in the original Emerald. But this time nothing is here. Finally head south all the way to reach a PP Up.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Luvdisc: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Corsola: 55% (super rod)

Wingull: 35% (surf)

Wailmer: 20% (good rod)

Pelipper: 5% (surf)

Relicanth: 4% (super rod)

Gyarados: 1% (super rod)

Climb the large waterfall. There's a bunch of starters on the field, plus Togepi, Eevee, Swablu, and some Azurills. Nothing to them really. For some reason, the signs have nothing. Inside the PokeCenter, heal up, talk to Scott, then get set for Victory Road.


Mons found:

1st area:

Onix: 20%

Hariyama: 20%

Primeape: 10%

Makuhita: 10%

Lairon: 10%
Loudred: 10%

Medicham: 5%
Aron: 5%

Exploud: 4%
Steelix: 4%

Aggron: 1%
Crobat: 1%

2nd area:

Graveler: 70% (rock smash)

Geodude: 30% (rock smash)
Hariyama: 25%

Onix: 20%

Lairon: 14%

Medicham: 10%

Primeape: 10%

Sableye: 10%

Machamp: 5%

Mawile: 5%

Crobat: 1%

3rd area:

Poliwag: 90% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Sableye: 25%

Onix: 20%

Barboach: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Whiscash: 20% (super rod)

Primeape: 20%

Lairon: 10%

Medicham: 10%

Horsea: 9% (surf)

Machamp: 5%

Mawile: 5%

Steelix: 4%

Wailmer: 1% (surf)
Crobat: 1%

Cooltrainer Albert: Magneton Lv74, Marowak Lv74, P14800

PKMN Trainer Wally: P15200

Altaria Lv74, Dragon Claw, Meteor Mash, Aeroblast, Moonblast, holds Dragon Fang

Raichu Lv75, Pay Day, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, holds Magnet

Azumarill Lv75, Extremespeed, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, holds Mystic Water

Gallade Lv76, Leaf Blade, Pay Day, Psychic, Cross Chop, holds Black Belt

Gardevoir Lv76, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Silver Wind, Moonblast, holds Twistedspoon

Cooltrainer Hope: Victreebel Lv75, P15000

Version 1.4 note: Wally will add Lucario to his team.

As you probably noticed, a few obstacles are removed to make things easier to go through. As far as I can tell you don’t need any HMs at all, except if you wanna get items and other trainers.

Cooltrainer Shannon: Claydol Lv75, P15000

Cooltrainer Samuel: Swellow Lv76, Mawile Lv76, Alakazam Lv76, P15200

On the second floor, you do need Strength and Rock Smash to get the Full Restore near the NE part of the area. Go to the SE corner and take the ladder up. Here, examine the far west end to find a hidden Ultra Ball.

Cooltrainer Julie: Kangaskhan Lv76, Tauros Lv76, Miltank Lv76, P15200

Cooltrainer Dianne: Claydol Lv75, Lanturn Lv75, P15000

Cooltrainer Felix: Stantler Lv76, Tyranitar Lv76, P15200, possible double battle with above

Cooltrainer Caroline: Skarmory Lv75, Sableye Lv75, P15000

The NE ladder on the floor with water leads to TM29 Psychic. Near that same ladder, a bit to the west, examine the northernmost point to find a hidden Max Repel. You'll also see a guy to the west here. He acts as a healer, how convenient. Climb the nearby waterfall here and hop off to the east side. Examine this platform for a hidden Elixir. Head west to spot a Glacia-like trainer and an Azumarill that unfortunately is blocking the way to something. She's basically the last Full House character.

Tanner Stephanie: Bellossom Lv80, Togetic Lv80, Blissey Lv80, Lucario Lv80, P16000

Back on the second floor...

Cooltrainer Kara: Torkoal Lv74, Medicham Lv74, Ludicolo Lv74, P14800

Cooltrainer Mitchell: Lunatone Lv75, Solrock Lv75, P15000

Cooltrainer Halle: Sableye Lv75, Absol Lv75, P15000, possible double battle with above

When you emerge on the other side of the first floor, you will have to pick up a Rare Candy to proceed.

Cooltrainer Edgar: Metagross Lv75, Tyranitar Lv75, P15000

Cooltrainer Quincy: Golem Lv75, Flygon Lv75, P15000

Cooltrainer Katelynn: Gardevoir Lv75, Slaking Lv75, P15000, possible double battle with above

On the road to the Pokemon League, you'll be seeing some plush dolls for some reason, as well as legendaries to the sides and on the buildings. Wonder why they were put here? Also if you follow the east path, you can go back down to the other side of Ever Grande for a shortcut. This wasn’t here before, and I don’t know what triggers it (I know a Swablu was there too. It might be after you defeat Wally, but I’m not certain). Enter the Pokemon League building and get yourself well-prepared, and I mean well-prepared. That’s cause the Elite Four will be heavily scaled in difficulty, the strongest-leveled mon of the previous member you face will be the level that the first one will have in the next battle. The Mart clerk here still sells the same wares as the others.

Version 1.4 note: First mon starts at Lv90 instead of Lv85, last mon of each team is at least two levels higher than first mon. Phoebe will have a Mimikyu as her ace instead of Sableye, but Mimikyu replaces Shedinja. Barney will have Victini instead of Swampert


Elite Four Sydney: P8800

Mightyena Lv85, Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake, Cross Chop, holds Blackglasses

Umbreon Lv86, Crunch, Bulk Up, Moonlight, Cosmic Power, holds Leftovers

Shiftry Lv86, Crunch, Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Psychic, holds Miracle Seed

Ursaring Lv87, Pay Day, Crunch, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, holds Silk Scarf

Zoroark Lv87, Transform, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, holds Blackglasses

Absol Lv88, Crunch, Rock Slide, Pixie Kick, Earthquake, holds Leftovers

Elite Four Phoebe: P9100

Misdreavus Lv88, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, holds Blackglasses

Dusclops Lv89, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Un-Pay Day (?), Fire Blast, holds Charcoal

Banette Lv89, Un-Pay Day, Thunder, Psychic, Blizzard, holds Blackglasses

Shedinja Lv90,

Gengar Lv90, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Fire Blast, holds Poison Barb

Sableye Lv91, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Earthquake, Moonblast, holds Blackglasses

Elite Four Glacia: P9400

Glaceon Lv91, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, holds Nevermeltice

Dewgong Lv92, Pay Day, Earthquake, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, holds Mystic Water

Glalie Lv92, Pay Day, Crunch, Blizzard, Rock Slide, holds Hard Stone

Froslass Lv93, Moonblast, Destiny Bond, Un-Pay Day, Blizzard, holds Blackglasses

Lapras Lv93, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Blizzard, holds Mystic Water

Walrein Lv94, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Fire Blast, holds Leftovers

Elite Four Drake: P9700

Kingdra Lv94, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, holds Dragon Fang

Ampharos Lv95, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Dragon Claw, Blizzard, holds Magnet

Flygon Lv95, Megahorn, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, holds Leftovers

Altaria Lv96, Sacred Fire, Dragon Claw, Pixie Kick, Meteor Mash, holds Dragon Fang

Dragonite Lv96, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide, Extremespeed, holds Metal Coat

Salamence Lv97, Rock Slide, Dragon Claw, Meteor Mash, Sacred Fire, holds Leftovers

Before the champion battle you'll get a Full Restore. The champion is...not Wallace. It's Barney Stinson!

Champion Barney: P20000

Alakazam Lv97, Psychic, Blizzard, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, holds Twistedspoon

Pelipper Lv98, Thunder, Aeroblast, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, holds Leftovers

Wobbuffet Lv98, Counter, Mirror Coat, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, holds Leftovers

Latias Lv99, Fire Blast, Mist Ball, Moonblast, Hydro Pump, holds Soul Dew

Latios Lv99, Fire Blast, Luster Purge, Moonblast, Hydro Pump, holds Soul Dew

Swampert Lv100,

And you'll get the Hall of Fame, credits, etc. etc. etc. Time for post-game content! At your home, Norman gives you an S.S. Ticket. And of course, you get to choose which Lati shows up on the TV. Exit your home and Pine takes you to the lab to upgrade your dex to National mode (but didn't we already have this upgrade from the beginning of the game though?).


First stop, final Trick House challenge. The guy is under the SW cushion. A Bead Mail is in the NW corner.

Cooltrainer Keira: Aggron Lv72, Manectric Lv72, P14400

Cooltrainer Vincent: Sableye Lv72, Medicham Lv72, Sharpedo Lv72, P14400

Cooltrainer Leroy: Mawile Lv72, Starmie Lv72, P14400

Choose between a Red Tent or a Blue Tent for your reward.

Want some legendaries? Fly back to Fortree and enter the Weather Institute on Route 119. Talk to the main scientist to get the memo involving either Kyogre or Groudon. Both are Lv70 in the Marine and Terra Caves.

And of course, Latias/Latios is a roaming encounter at Lv40, and thanks to Barney who had them in the champion battle, you'll know where they are beforehand.

You can also get the other fossil you didn't get before by entering the Fossil Maniac's home on Route 114 and entering the Desert Underpass. I don't think there are any mons here for the record.

You can also receive a free Beldum in Steven's house in Mossdeep.

In Lilycove, if you enter the Pokemon Trainer Fan Club, you'll get fanservice. The Cove Lily Motel will have people at the top floor as well.

The Safari Zone has been extended to the east now. Head up here, then east to where there's three rocks. If you use the Itemfinder, you can find a hidden Rare Candy. And for some reason there's a PokeMart here. Talk to the camper to get a Lotad Doll, a Seedot Doll, a Red Tent, and a Blue Tent. The PokeMart actually sells Poke Balls of various kinds.

Poke Ball: P100

Great Ball: P300

Ultra Ball: P500

Net Ball: P300

Nest Ball: P300

Repeat Ball: P300

Timer Ball: P300

Dive Ball: P300

Luxury Ball: P200

Head to the rocky area at the north end and inspect the spot that is jutting north to find a Zinc. Head west from there to find smashable rocks where you can find Shuckle. Hop a ledge south to get a Nugget.

Next up we'll board the S.S. Tidal at either Lilycove or Slateport harbor. Whichever you choose, Scott will come to you. Of course, you'll be dealing with that soon, but for now you can battle trainers here. Start in the basement. A Leftovers is in the NW trash can.

Sailor Philip: Feraligatr Lv85, Machamp Lv85, P2720

Sailor Leonard: Machamp Lv85, Pelipper Lv85, Hitmontop Lv85, P2720

Now we'll check out the cabins, starting with the top left and going east, then the bottom right and going left, skipping Cabin No. 2 since that's ours.

PokeFan Colton: Skitty Lv80, Skitty Lv82, Skitty Lv84, Skitty Lv86, Skitty Lv90, Delcatty Lv95, P7600

Lady Naomi: Roselia Lv95, P19000

Gentleman Thomas: Zangoose Lv95, P7600

The guy in the NE cabin gives you TM49 Snatch.

Gentleman Micah: Manectric Lv95, Snorlax Lv95, P7600

Rich Boy Garret: Dragonite Lv95, P28500

Young Couple Lea&Cory: Luvdisc Lv95, Luvdisc Lv95, P38000

Make sure to rest up, then again and you'll be at your destination, whichever port you didn't go to basically. You can now take the ferry to the Battle Frontier. A Rare Candy is just sitting right there on the platform. Enter the front gate to get your Frontier Pass. Head north and some guard is there, talking about something big in Petalburg City. Huh? Well if you go back there and surf on the pond, Regina will be further east. But I'll hold off on this for a bit. Anyways, all of the Frontier challenges are open, and I won't go over any of them; you ought to know about them since they're pretty much just like the original Emerald overall, so have fun with the facilities at your leisure. Other services like the tutoring grannys and the exchange corner are intact too.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P500

Full Restore: P500

Max Revive: P2000

Full Restore: P500 (yes it's listed twice)

PP Max: P2500

Poke Doll: P100

Fluffy Tail: P100

Protein: P1000

Calcium: P1000

Iron: P1000

Zinc: P1000

Carbos: P1000

HP Up: P1000

A girl in the PokeCenter will trade you a Meowth if you give her a Skitty. The elongated building east of the PokeCenter is a television hall, where you can watch Seinfeld, History of the World Part I, Frozen, Ratatouille, The Lion King, Blazing Saddles, and The Avengers. The building to the west of the Battle Tower has a lot of trainers to battle.

PKMN Ranger ZGgamer: P5200, all of his mons hold Leftovers

Eevee Lv100 (shiny), Body Slam, Pay Day, Recover, Epic Justice

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Softboiled

Metagross Lv100, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Shadow Ball, Earthquake

Dragonite Lv100, Dragon Claw, Aeroblast, Surf, Earthquake

Suicune Lv100, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, Sheer Cold

Victini Lv100, Sacred Fire, Psychic, Pay Day, Thunder

Cooltrainer N8WIQ: Rattata Lv100, Charizard Lv100, Lugia Lv100, P20000

Cooltrainer Vaughan: P20000 (note that these Sunkern aren't the one in the dex, they are hacked)

Sunkern Lv100, Sunny Day, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Spore

Sunkern Lv100, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Spore

Sunkern Lv100, Solarbeam, Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Spore

Sunkern Lv100, Solarbeam, Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Spore

Cooltrainer Connor: P20000

Grovyle Lv100, Aeroblast, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Dragon Claw

Magmar Lv100, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Cross Chop, Body Slam

Banette Lv100, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Crunch, Destiny Bond

Flygon Lv100, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Aeroblast, Rock Slide

Bug Catcher Harvey: P12000

Butterfree Lv100, Wing Attack, Gust, Psychic, Silver Wind

Dusclops Lv100, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Shadow Punch, Fire Blast

Alakazam Lv100, Psychic, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Ice Punch

Cooltrainer Ninten: P20000

Murkrow Lv100, Crunch, Drill Peck, Shadow Ball, Moonlight

Roselia Lv100 (shiny), Leaf Blade, Spore, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis

Mewtwo Lv100, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Recover, Tail Glow

Raichu Lv100 (shiny), Thunder, Surf, Volt Tackle, Headbutt

Dragon Tamer Nathan: P4800, all of his mons have Leftovers

Dragonite Lv100, Aeroblast, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Extremespeed

Salamence Lv100, Aeroblast, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Fire Blast

Flygon Lv100, Aeroblast, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Rock Slide

Sylveon Lv100, Moonblast, Toxic, Hyper Voice, Recover

Cooltrainer Andrey: Shuckle Lv100, Swampert Lv100, Gengar Lv100, Lickitung Lv100, P20000

Get the Lv40 Sudowoodo out of the way with the Wailmer Pail, then surf down the waterfall and west to see...Steven and Wallace. This looks to be the actual matchup against these two, and it's a double battle! And all of their mons have a Quick Claw held item!

Champion Wallace: double battle with below

Wailord Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Aeroblast, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Lapras Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Thunder

Milotic Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Moonblast, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Champion Steven: P40000

Skarmory Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Aeroblast, Meteor Mash

Aggron Lv100, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Pay Day, Megahorn

Metagross Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Psychic

Sadly, although you can enter Artisan Cave, it doesn't look like Smeargle can be caught here. Even worse, there's a Meowth plush doll blocking the way!

But wait, if Steven's here in the Battle Frontier and not in Meteor Falls, who's over there in that back cave in Meteor Falls? The answer, it's Lance and Clair! Another forced double battle. All of their mons have the Quick Claw item, so watch out!

Champion Lance: double battle with below

Salamence Lv100, Meteor Mash, Aeroblast, Dragon Claw, Sacred Fire

Charizard Lv100, Sacred Fire, Aeroblast, Dragon Claw, Meteor Mash

Aerodactyl Lv100, Meteor Mash, Drill Peck, Pixie Kick, Rock Slide

Leader Clair: P30000

Dragonite Lv100, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw, Waterfall, Rock Slide

Gyarados Lv100, Dragon Claw, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Crunch

Kingdra Lv100, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Dragon Claw, Aeroblast

Since we've beaten the league, what else is new? Hmm, there's several locations in Rustboro that had guards in front of them. But they are no longer guarding those locales. The first location free is the Daily Planet, which used to be the Cutter's House. Yes, there's trainers with Lv100 mons here too, and they're from the Smallville franchise.

PokeFan Jimmy: P8000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Castform Lv100, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Blizzard

Sceptile Lv100, Leaf Blade, Dragon Claw, Pay Day, Earthquake

Blaziken Lv100, Brick Break, Pay Day, Mach Punch, Earthquake

Swampert Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Waterfall

Tropius Lv100, Leaf Blade, Aeroblast, Pay Day, Ancientpower

Tyranitar Lv100, Pay Day, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Slide

Reporter Clark: P20000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Charizard Lv100, Fire Blast, Aeroblast, Earthquake, Sacred Fire

Azumarill Lv100,

Feraligatr Lv100, Pay Day, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Earthquake

Meganium Lv100, Leaf Blade, Sludge Bomb, Pay Day, Earthquake

Dragonite Lv100, Pay Day, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Aeroblast

Typhlosion Lv100, Ancientpower, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Thunder

Reporter Lois: P20000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Pikachu Lv100, Thunder, Pay Day, Extremespeed, Earthquake

Bulbasaur Lv100, Leaf Blade, Magical Leaf, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb

Squirtle Lv100, Surf, Blizzard, Muddy Water, Body Slam

Charmander Lv100, Pay Day, Dragon Claw, Sacred Fire, Earthquake

Pidgey Lv100, Epic Justice, Fly, Pay Day, Body Slam

Pichu Lv100, Thunderpunch, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Body Slam

Lady Chloe: P20000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Dewgong Lv100, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Headbutt, Blizzard

Walrein Lv100, Pay Day, Headbutt, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Azumarill Lv100, Bounce, Pay Day, Waterfall, Pixie Kick

Blaziken Lv100, Drill Peck, Sacred Fire, Brick Break, Pay Day

Sceptile Lv100, Pay Day, Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade, Earthquake

Swampert Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Muddy Water

Rich Boy Oliver: P30000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Porygon Lv100, Pay Day, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Tri Attack

Raichu Lv100, Thunder, Headbutt, Surf, Volt Tackle

Azumarill Lv100, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Bounce

Meganium Lv100, Pay Day, Headbutt, Sludge Bomb, Leaf Blade

Typhlosion Lv100, Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Rock Slide, Thunderpunch

Feraligatr Lv100, Cross Chop, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Meteor Mash

Reporter Cat Grant: P20000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Skitty Lv100, Pay Day, Attract, Crunch, Un-Pay Day

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Attract, Hydro Pump, Pixie Kick

Meowth Lv100, Pay Dat, Attract, Cross Chop, Crunch

Poochyena Lv100, Pay Dat, Attract, Crunch, Cross Chop

Eevee Lv100, Pay Day, Attract, Psychic, Crunch

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Attract, Moonblast, Sacred Fire

Reporter Perry: Venusaur Lv100, Hypno Lv100, Plusle Lv100, Charizard Lv100, Blastoise Lv100, Minun Lv100, P20000

Version 1.4 note: Clark will have Blastoise instead of Azumarill

Next stop: the Crashdown Cafe to the north. This place may be named after a place in Roswell, but it has iZombie characters such as Major Lilywhite and Liv Moore.

Young Couple Liz&Max: P40000, all of their mons have Leftovers

Alakazam Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Fire Blast, Silver Wind

Gardevoir Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Moonblast, Psychic, Fire Blast

Lickitung Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Pay Day, Cross Chop, Earthquake

Stantler Lv100, Pay Day, Headbutt, Earthquake, Crunch

Espeon Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Silver Wind, Morning Sun

Umbreon Lv100, Pay Day, Un-Pay Day, Silver Wind, Moonlight

Cooltrainer Michael: Gardevoir Lv100, Medicham Lv100, Solrock Lv100, Lunatone Lv100, P20000

Cooltrainer Maria: Torkoal Lv100, Manectric Lv100, Kingdra Lv100, Salamence Lv100, P20000

On the east side are two characters from Glee. You can watch Les Miserables on the TV here too.

Expert Rachel: P16000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Kecleon Lv100, Pay Day, Cross Chop, Headbutt, Psychic

Tauros Lv100,

Kangaskhan Lv100, Pay Day, Cross Chop, Earthquake, Crunch

Metagross Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Psychic, Crunch

Delcatty Lv100, Pay Day, Crunch, Teeter Dance, Sing

Azurill Lv100,

Expert Kurt: P16000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Nosepass Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Meteor Mash

Wingull Lv100,

Togetic Lv100,

Aerodactyl Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Meteor Mash

Snorlax Lv100, Pay Day, Earthquake, Body Slam, Cross Chop

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Bounce

Chicago is on TV in the northern room. The woman with Glacia's sprite doesn't have any lines. I think these characters are from Life UneXpected. I'm guessing that woman is Lux Cassidy. She apparently is supposed to be a trainer, according to the video walkthrough, but I was unable to battle her for some reason. I’ll list her below anyways.

Lass Lux: Teddiursa Lv100, Altaria Lv100, Chimecho Lv100, Delibird Lv100, Togepi Lv100, Chansey Lv100, P1600

The other two can be battled though.

Cooltrainer Baze: Primeape Lv100, Sneasel Lv100, Hitmontop Lv100, Absol Lv100, P20000

Reporter Cate: Lapras Lv100, Shuckle Lv100, Togetic Lv100, Blissey Lv100, P20000

Version 1.4 note: Rachel will have Azumarill instead of Azurill as well as Miltank instead of Tauros. Cate’s Togetic will be a Togekiss. Baze will have Porygon-Z instead of Absol, Kurt’s Togetic will be a Togekiss and he’ll have Corsola instead of Wingull

Go to Route 116 and enter The Hyperion Hotel, home of Angel Investigations from the Buffy franchise.

Champion Angel: P20000

Azurill Lv100,

Charizard Lv100, Fire Blast, Aeroblast, Thunder, Pay Day, holds Charcoal

Venusaur Lv100, Pay Day, Giga Drain, Ancientpower, Sludge Bomb, holds Miracle Seed

Blastoise Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, holds Mystic Water

Sneasel Lv100,

Murkrow Lv100, Pay Day, Aeroblast, Un-Pay Day, Silver Wind, holds Quick Claw

Cooltrainer Cordelia: P20000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Waterfall, Pixie Kick, Meteor Mash

Feraligatr Lv100, Pay Day, Ice Punch, Waterfall, Meteor Mash

Meganium Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Leaf Blade, Sacred Fire, Sludge Bomb

Typhlosion Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, Thunder, Ancientpower

Togetic Lv100, Air Slash, Iron Head, Pixie Kick, Ancientpower

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Moonblast, Sacred Fire, Softboiled

Version 1.4 note: Angel will have Azumarill as well as a Cincinno replacing Sneasel. Cordelia’s Togetic will be a Togekiss

Red, of course, is on Victory Island south of Dewford Town.

PKMN Master Red: P20000

Pikachu Lv100, Meteor Mash, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, holds Light Ball

Blastoise Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Blizzard, holds Quick Claw

Charizard Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, Aeroblast, Thunder, holds Quick Claw

Venusaur Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, holds Quick Claw

Snorlax Lv100, Pay Day, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, holds Quick Claw

Lapras Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Thunder, holds Quick Claw

Amazingly, if you beat him you'll automatically enter the Hall of Fame.

Whenever you're ready, feel free to battle the two trainers inside Azurill Cottage on Route 120. Be careful, their mons can have the Quick Claw held item.

PKMN Master Eric: P20000

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Pixie Kick, Waterfall, holds Quick Claw

Chikorita Lv100 (shiny), Rock Slide, Giga Drain, Sacred Fire, Sludge Bomb, holds Quick Claw

Shaymin Lv100 (sky form), Air Slash, Iron Head, Pixie Kick, Ancientpower, holds Quick Claw

Mudkip Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Blizzard, holds Quick Claw

Latios Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Luster Purge, Moonblast, Fire Blast, holds Soul Dew

Lapras Lv100 (shiny), Thunder, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Blizzard, holds Quick Claw

Lady Samantha: Pachirisu Lv100, Pichu Lv100 (shiny), Charmander Lv100 (shiny), Teddiursa Lv100 (shiny), Cyndaquil Lv100 (shiny), Blissey Lv100 (shiny), P20000

Well, looks like the guards on Route 115 and 119 are still there, as are the Azumarills blocking certain locations on Route 124 and Victory Road. Let's see what Regina's up to at the far end of Petalburg City. She's moved to the trees inward. She's made a machine that will destroy happiness! As you talk to her you'll awaken in a bed.


What in blazes is this? You'll emerge from "your" house in the Once Upon a Time world, basically. To the west is Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop. It resembles the Pretty Petal Flower Shop, but you can't do anything. West of there is Sean Herman's home, but it's locked. The Nolans live above, with David and Kathryn not feeling right about this. Graham Hubert is next door, or not because that house is locked too. Above your house is Ashley Boyd's home and it's also locked. Granny's Diner to the north is open though. Marco and Dr. Whale would live to the west of the diner, but both homes are locked. Tom Clark's home to the north is locked, but Mary Margaret Blanchard is at her home next door. East of there, Albert Spencer's home is locked, as is Sidney Glass' home above it. Killian is the Archie-like dude outside. To the west, Leroy's home is locked, but Dr. Archie Hopper is in. Finally, Mayor Regina Mills lives in the home at the north end.

Regina doesn't say anything of importance, but Henry is upstairs talking about how Emma should break the curse. Head east of where your home is to see some more characters, some of which were just in other places earlier. You can't go north, so talk to Killian to be warped to Neverland.


This place is unfortunately dark, and the other NPCs don't do anything here at all. You also cannot use Flash here. Head due south, you'll be seeing weird ponds that have weird waterfalls. And when you go further south, you'll be treated to an invisible maze with glitchy walls. I’ll give you the quick way through the maze, though if you love getting lost, feel free to lose yourself.

Start from the left end of the maze and head east until you see only a top half of the rock. This is the first fork.

Head all the way south until you can't anymore.

Move one step west and two steps south.

Go west until you are just before a red tile.

Head north until you reach a cleaved rock, then head west one, north one, west two, north three, then west until just before a red tile.

Head south, east, south, east to a brown tile, then south, east, south, west, and north to just before a red tile.

Head west two spaces, then south when you are under the half-tree.

Head SE and go around the red tile clockwise until you hit the west wall.

Head south, east, south, west one, and south to reach the end.
Talk to the camper who is Peter Pan for a battle.

PKMN Trainer Peter Pan: Gengar Lv97, Zoroark Lv97, P19400

Version 1.4 note: For this fight and the next with Peter Pan, he will have a full team all at Lv100. In addition to Gengar and Zoroark, he will have Sableye, Umbreon, Sharpedo, and Sudowoodo in his first battle, and Mimikyu, Blaziken, Togekiss, and Blissey in his second battle

Talking to Peter Pan again teleports you back to Storybrooke. What's new? Well, Emma is in Mary Margaret Blanchard's home. After you talk to her, return to the mayor's home and talk to her. Her dialogue is the same, except for "Please leave now". Leave and people are outside. Emma and Henry try to use Operation Cobra, and for some reason Henry is in two places at once. A guy named Neal is also about. Talk to Mr. Gold in the pawn shop for some new dialogue. Enter the Nolans and Snow and Emma are there. Emma mentions that something's different with Henry. Go back to where you saw two Henrys and the other one will still be here. Surprise, it's Peter Pan in disguise!

PKMN Trainer Peter Pan: Gengar Lv98, Zoroark Lv98, P19600

Return to Mr. Gold's pawn shop to see another Mr. Gold, who seems to realize that his father switched bodies with Henry. Return to Mary's home to talk to Emma. Henry's in the hospital because of an apple Regina gave him. Nothing in Archie's office if you thought there'd be someone in there. To the north you'll see Henry and Emma again. Looks like Pan was stopped, but Regina needs to stop the curse then and there. She's to the west if you must know. And actually you'll battle her.

PKMN Trainer Regina: Emolga Lv95, Slowking Lv95, P19000

Version 1.4 note: Regina will have a full team at Lv100 in this version, with Espeon, Shedinja, Lapras, and Togekiss

So if you enter Mary's house, she's not there, but Emma and Henry seem to be okay now. Go to the middle of the town to see David and Snow professing love. Talk to Regina above and you'll finally get out of Storybrooke! Finally! You'll teleport back to your house, except now you've got weird dialogue as if you're restarting the whole game. Also the home TV is broken as it says that the Lati are in flight, but you don't get to choose which one appears sadly. Other than that, aren't you glad we're done with the Storybrooke arc? If for whatever reason, you want to return there, go back to Petalburg and surf across the pond, then enter the weird portal.

Actually, guess what? We need to head back to Storybrooke! Enter the Nolans home and Snow will talk about saving Regina from a wraith that Rumpelstiltskin released. Also Storybrooke really is back or so. Head to the pawn shop to find Belle and Rumpel, or rather Mr. Gold. Enter, and wow! It's Darkrai! Regina describes it as a wraith. Snow will actually teleport you to the Enchanted Forest.


Emma and Snow are here, along with two more Disney princesses in Aurora and Mulan. Just follow the long and stupid path to reach Snow. She says we need to stop Cora and head to Lake Nostos quickly. The building is locked, so head into the field below and to the SE corner to see several familiar characters. Snow, Mulan, Aurora, and Hook are here, along with an older woman named Cora. Talk to them, then leave the area for a bit, then return and Hook will be gone. Enter the space in between everyone to teleport back to Storybrooke. Talk to everyone and head back. Ruby will be in the way. Talk to her, then head back, then head forward again and she's gone. Everyone's at Granny's Diner, talking about Oz stuff. Entering Mary's home, Emma is there too. The rest of the cast is in the NW corner. Talking to Cora triggers a battle.

PKMN Trainer Cora: Togetic Lv96, Blissey Lv96, P19200

Version 1.4 note: She also will have a full team, all Lv100, with Charizard, Bellossom, Shedinja, and Milotic. Also her Togetic will be Togekiss

Talk to Killian in front of the mayor's house, who mentions that Cora's dead. Head to the SW corner to find him along with Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West. More dialogue. Now enter Mary's home. They're all searching for a book to restore Henry's memory, and for some reason Emma is in two places at once. The group will then congregate in the NE corner of town. They did it! Back at Mary's home, Emma is once again in two places at once, and Emma and Henry talk about Operation Cobra again. The main group congregates in the middle of town, and a new face named Robin Hood is here too. Talking to Regina has her transport you to Sky Garden.


Time to battle Zelena I guess.

PKMN Trainer Zelena: P19600

Espeon Lv98, Attract, Psychic, Fire Blast, Un-Pay Day

Leafeon Lv98, Rollout, Leaf Blade, Meteor Mash, Sacred Fire

Gardevoir Lv98, Heal Bell, Psychic, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast

Gallade Lv98, Mach Punch, Cross Chop, Meteor Mash, Pixie Kick

Lucario Lv98, Outrage, Meteor Mash, Cross Chop, Rock Slide

Salamence Lv98, False Swipe, Dragon Claw, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire

Version 1.4 note: all of her mons are Lv100

Talk to her again to have her get out of the way. Head north and you get the chance to catch Shaymin Lv50! It's in Sky form by the way. Take either portal to leave back to Storybrooke. Guess we'll be heading south to see what new adventures await this time around. Looks like the group has congregated here too, so talk to Killian to (sigh) return to Neverland once again. Refer back to my quick guide on going through this stupid maze to reach the group again and talk to Peter Pan. No need to worry about a battle, you'll just teleport back.

Henry is in the NE corner of town. Inside the mayor's home you'll find Robin and Regina talking. Go back to Mary's house, actually Emma Swan's house now. Emma Swan will now challenge you to a battle.

Lady Emma Swan: Lapras Lv100, Gardevoir Lv100, P20000

Enter the Nolans' house now. Talk to either Snow or David for a double battle (I have no idea why Snow is in two seats at once).

Young Couple Snow&David: Milotic Lv100, Miltank Lv100, P40000

Version 1.4 note: They will also have Tauros, Kangaskhan, Lucario, and Snorlax

Enter the pawn shop and you can battle Mr. Gold. His mons will have the Quick Claw as well.

Expert Mr. Gold: Pachirisu Lv100, Blissey Lv100, Victini Lv100, Celebi Lv100, Jirachi Lv100, Mew Lv100, P16000

Version 1.4 note: Other than Pachirisu and Blissey, Mr. Gold’s team is different. He will have Glaceon, Lapras, Metagross, and a modified Delibird

So he was the dark one? Anyways, Peter Pan is at the NE corner, but this is probably a glitch because it starts a script over, culminating in Regina sending you back.

That should pretty much do it with regards to Storybrooke overall. Anyways, battling Mr. Gold has opened up several locations.

Return to the Battle Frontier and enter the exchange corner. Talk to the guy in the SW corner to get an Eon Ticket, then enter a harbor. You can now reach Southern Island. First, surf on the dock south and head SW to get a Sacred Ash. Enter the forest and inspect the rock to challenge the Lati that you didn't see on TV. It will be at Lv50.

Well that's not the only thing you can pick up from the exchange corner for free. The SE guy gives you rare dolls. The SW guy will give you a Mysticticket next. And if you talk to him again, you'll get an Auroraticket too. Finally, he'll give you an Old Sea Map. Return to a harbor and we can now sail to Faraway Island (we'll go there first). As you go through the maze, heal at the Chansey, because we have a battle to do first.

PKMN Master Eric: P20000, all of his mons hold a Quick Claw

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Pixie Kick, Meteor Mash

Mudkip Lv100, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Earthquake

Chikorita Lv100, Ancientpower, Leaf Blade, Un-Pay Day, Sludge Bomb

Togetic Lv100, Air Slash, Iron Head, Pixie Kick, Ancientpower

Pachirisu Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Thunder, Ancientpower, Giga Drain

Mew Lv100, Pay Day, Psychic, Metronome, Un-Pay Day

Version 1.4 note, Togetic is now Togekiss

Honestly he's way easier here than in Route 120. I feel like he should've been fought before the one in Route 120. Find Mew in the forest and run after it. It's Lv30.

Go back to a harbor and you can choose to go to either Eternal Forest or Birth Island. Let's start with Eternal Forest. This is where you basically gotta navigate a maze if you want Celebi. It's Lv80. Now to Birth Island. Solve the puzzle to challenge Deoxys Lv30.

You can now access the top half of Route 119. Go up the waterfall and pick up a Rare Candy. Using the Acro Bike will reveal there's nothing of importance to the north, except for secret base locations. However, there's a cave here. Are you surprised? It's Navel Rock! Enter and follow the path until you hit a fork at the far north end (the other forks are dead ends. Head left and follow that path to battle Ho-Oh Lv70. Head right and take that path to find Lugia Lv70.


Return to the Battle Frontier and Artisan Cave. That stupid Meowth doll is now gone. Go to the NW corner and examine the rock to get a Nugget. Head to the upper floor in this floor (don't take the NE ladder yet), then get to the SW side and examine the rock to the east to get a Big Pearl. Also to the east side, you'll find Mewtwo Lv80! In the pit to the north, you can find a Spell Tag in the rock. Take the NE ladder now, and you can pick up a free Sudowoodo out here without fighting it. But you need a free slot in your party to do so. Also here, you'll find the ultimate mart from a guy to the east.

Ultra Ball: P500

Full Restore: P500

Max Revive: P2000

Max Elixir: P1000

PP Max: P2500

Rare Candy: P2500

Sacred Ash: P5000

Master Ball: P10000

Max Repel: P500

Take the north ladder to reach Sky Garden again, in case you missed your chance to catch Shaymin. The portals are blocked. If you go south, you'll be ambushed by Anabel and Tucker in a double battle!

Dome Ace Tucker: double battle with below, all of his mons hold Leftovers

Swampert Lv100, Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash

Salamence Lv100, Rock Slide, Aeroblast, Dragon Claw, Sacred Fire

Charizard Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, Aeroblast, Thunder

PKMN Master Anabel: P40000

Snorlax Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Sacred Fire, Rock Slide, holds Leftovers

Latios Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Luster Purge, holds Soul Dew

Latias Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Mist Ball, holds Soul Dew

Well besides the fact that you battled those two outside their facilities, we can perhaps guess that the other Frontier Brains are for some reason scattered around. And by that I mean you can battle them all over Hoenn. Head to Slateport City, enter the market, and hey, is that Noland? These are all double battles too by the way.

Factory Head Noland: P40000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Azurill Lv100,

Pichu Lv100,

Togetic Lv100,

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Moonblast, Sacred Fire, Ancientpower

Lugia Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Aeroblast, Hydro Pump, Psychic

Ho-Oh Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Rock Slide, Aeroblast

Head to the SE part of Lilycove on the eastmost peninsula to find Greta and Spenser.

Arena Tycoon Greta: P40000, all of her mons have Leftovers except Shedinja which has Silverpowder

Azurill Lv100,

Shedinja Lv100, Megahorn, Pay Day, Shadow Punch, Rock Slide

Espeon Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Fire Blast, Silver Wind

Umbreon Lv100, Pay Day, Un-Pay Day, Silver Wind, Sacred Fire

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Moonblast, Sacred Fire, Ancientpower

Mewtwo Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Psychic, Fire Blast, Silver Wind

Palace Maven Spenser: P40000, all of his mons will have Leftovers

Azurill Lv100,

Lapras Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Entei Lv100, Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Un-Pay Day, Rock Slide

Raikou Lv100, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump (?)

Suicune Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Un-Pay Day (?), Thunder

Togetic Lv100,

Mossdeep City’s east side has the Frontier Brains Lucy and Brandon.

Pike Queen Lucy: P40000, all of her mons have Leftovers

Azurill Lv100, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Pixie Kick, Waterfall

Blissey Lv100, Pay Day, Moonblast, Sacred Fire, Softboiled

Milotic Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Moonblast

Shuckle Lv100, Pay Day, Ancientpower, Silver Wind, Earthquake

Seviper Lv100, Pay Day, Crunch, Poison Tail, Rock Slide

Togetic Lv100,

Pyramid King Brandon: P40000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Articuno Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Blizzard, Ancientpower, Aeroblast

Zapdos Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Thunder, Ancientpower, Aeroblast

Moltres Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Fire Blast, Ancientpower, Aeroblast

Regirock Lv100, Pay Day, Ancientpower, Meteor Mash, Earthquake

Regice Lv100, Pay Day, Blizzard, Silver Wind, Ancientpower

Registeel Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Ancientpower

Version 1.4 note: Noland will have Azumarill, Emolga, and Togekiss for his first three. Greta will have Lucario instead of Azurill. Spenser’s Togetic will be a Togekiss and he will have Ursaring instead of Azurill. Lucy will have Togekiss instead of Togetic as well.

If you thought you're done with optional Frontier Brains, you're wrong. Anabel and Tucker can both be rematched at Sootopolis City in the NE corner. You won't battle them together this time, but they're still double battles.

Dome Ace Tucker: P40000, all of his mons have the Quick Claw, and in Version 1.4, he will have Togekiss instead of Togetic

Swampert Lv100, Pay Day, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash

Salamence Lv100, Pay Day, Dragon Claw, Sacred Fire, Aeroblast

Charizard Lv100, Pay Day, Fire Blast, Thunder, Aeroblast

Tyranitar Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Crunch, Meteor Mash

Togetic Lv100,

Metagross Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide, Psychic

PKMN Master Anabel: P40000

Snorlax Lv100, Pay Day, Rock Slide, Meteor Mash, Sacred Fire, has Leftovers

Latios Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Luster Purge, Fire Blast, has Soul Dew

Latias Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Mist Ball, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, has Soul Dew

Raikou Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, has Quick Claw

Entei Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Sacred Fire, Hydro Pump, Rock Slide, has Quick Claw

Suicune Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Thunder, has Quick Claw

Return to Victory Road and go back to where Tanner Stephanie is. No Azumarill in front this time. You'll enter Deep Basement, a dark locale that represents Mt. Pyre's deeper floors. Just go to the NE corner to confront Darkrai Lv70. Next place you wanna go to is that house that was hidden on Route 124 that had an Azumarill blocking the door. This has a lot of trash cans assembled to make a maze. Go to the couch in the back and inspect a trash can just to the south to get a free Sea Incense. The trash can east of the teleporter contains TM30 Shadow Ball. The SE trashcan has a Lax Incense. Take the teleporter to reach the Dream Dimension where you can attempt to catch Cresselia Lv70.

Return to Meteor Falls, climb the waterfall, enter the cave, and go down the ladder. Take the SW ladder, and there will be a cave where TM23 Iron Tail was. Head west at the fork to find Jirachi Lv50!

Mons found:

Solrock: 30%

Lunatone: 30%

Beldum: 10%

Bagon: 10%

Omanyte: 5%
Kabuto: 5%

Clefairy: 4%
Jigglypuff: 4%
Aerodactyl: 2%

You can challenge Steven here too. He has the same team as usual, only it's all Lv100.

PKMN Trainer Steven: P20000, all of his mons have Leftovers

Skarmory Lv100, Toxic, Drill Peck, Earthquake, Steel Wing

Claydol Lv100, Meteor Mash, Psychic, Ancientpower, Earthquake

Aggron Lv100, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Meteor Mash, Dragon Claw

Cradily Lv100, Earthquake, Ancientpower, Giga Drain, Hydro Pump

Armaldo Lv100, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Megahorn, Earthquake

Metagross Lv100, Earthquake, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Rock Slide

You can battle Eric a third time behind Mossdeep Space Center in a double battle.

PKMN Master Eric: P86400, all of his mons have Leftovers

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Pixie Kick, Meteor Mash, Waterfall

Mudkip Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Epic Justice, Earthquake, Muddy Water

Chikorita Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Moonblast

Shaymin Lv100 (sky form), Air Slash, Iron Head, Pixie Kick, Ancientpower

Latios Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Luster Purge, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump

Latias Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Mist Ball, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump

And you can battle him a fourth time! Go to Route 125 and west of Azurill Isle Cave he'll be there. It'll only be a single battle.

PKMN Master Eric: P20000

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Pixie Kick, Waterfall, Meteor Mash, has Leftovers

Mudkip Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Blizzard, has Quick Claw

Emolga Lv100, Un-Pay Day, Air Slash, Thunder, Ancientpower, has Quick Claw

Sylveon Lv100, Psychic, Moonblast, Fire Blast, Un-Pay Day, has Leftovers

Dedenne Lv100,

Victini Lv100, Psychic, Sacred Fire, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, has Quick Claw

Version 1.4 note: Instead of Dedenne, he has Cincinno

And guess what, you can challenge him a fifth time. Go to Route 115 and into the meadow that the guards were blocking. This is the Sacred Field. You'll see Kyogre and Groudon, as well as a field to catch mons with. Apparently if you have free slots in your party, you can get Kyogre and Groudon for free without battling, both at Lv50. The grass here is where you can catch several mons. The encounter rate is low though, so you might want to bring a mon with Sweet Scent. Battle Eric when you’re ready.

PKMN Master Eric: P43200

Mudkip Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, holds Leftovers

Chikorita Lv100 (shiny), Moonblast, Giga Drain, Un-Pay Day, Sludge Bomb, holds Quick Claw

Charmander Lv100 (shiny), Fire Blast, Ancientpower, Thunder, Un-Pay Day, holds Quick Claw

Azurill Lv100, Pay Day, Meteor Mash, Pixie Kick, Waterfall, holds Quick Claw

Latios Lv100 (shiny), Un-Pay Day, Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Luster Purge, holds Soul Dew

Blissey Lv100 (shiny), Pay Day, Moonblast, Softboiled, Sacred Fire, holds Quick Claw

Mons found:

Dratini: 40%

Raikou: 10%
Entei: 10%
Suicune: 10%
Articuno: 10%

Zapdos: 10%

Moltres: 10%

If you completed the Hoenn portion of the PokeDex, return to Pine's lab so you can pick another starter, well, I mean, it's gonna be Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. Funny, you could catch all three of these along with the legendary dogs in Sacred Field above.

And you know what? That's about it for Pokemon Grass Jewel! If there's anything I missed in regards to just about anything at all, please please please let me know!



001: Bulbasaur: Littleroot Town, Route 101, Bulbasaur Forest (only one)

002: Ivysaur: Evolve Bulbasaur

003: Venusaur: Evolve Ivysaur

004: Charmander: Littleroot Town, Charmander Park (only one)

005: Charmeleon: Evolve Charmander

006: Charizard: Evolve Charmeleon

007: Squirtle: Littleroot Town, Squirtle Square (only one)

008: Wartortle: Evolve Squirtle

009: Blastoise: Evolve Wartortle

010: Caterpie: Petalburg Woods

011: Metapod: Evolve Caterpie

012: Butterfree: Evolve Metapod

013: Weedle: Petalburg Woods

014: Kakuna: Evolve Weedle

015: Beedrill: Evolve Kakuna

016: Pidgey: Routes 101, 102, and 104

017: Pidgeotto: Evolve Pidgey

018: Pidgeot: Evolve Pidgeotto

019: Rattata: Routes 101, 102, 103, and 104

020: Raticate: Evolve Rattata

021: Spearow: Route 101

022: Fearow: Evolve Spearow

023: Ekans: Route 113

024: Arbok: Evolve Ekans

025: Pikachu: Littleroot Town, New Mauville, Safari Zone, evolve Pichu

026: Raichu: Evolve Pikachu

027: Sandshrew: Route 111

028: Sandslash: Evolve Sandshrew

029: NidoranF: Jagged Pass

030: Nidorina: Evolve NidoranF

031: Nidoqueen: Evolve Nidorina

032: NidoranM: Jagged Pass

033: Nidorino: Evolve NidoranM

034: Nidoking: Evolve Nidorino

035: Clefairy: Route 115, evolve Cleffa

036: Clefable: Evolve Clefairy

037: Vulpix: Jagged Pass, Route 112

038: Ninetales: Evolve Vulpix

039: Jigglypuff: Route 115, evolve Igglybuff

040: Wigglytuff: Evolve Jigglypuff

041: Zubat: Granite Cave, Seafloor Cavern, Cave of Origin

042: Golbat: Seafloor Cavern, Cave of Origin, evolve Zubat

043: Oddish: Routes 110, 117, 120, 121, and 123

044: Gloom: Routes 121 and 123, evolve Oddish

045: Vileplume: Evolve Gloom

046: Paras: Granite Cave, Safari Zone, Route 110

047: Parasect: Evolve Paras

048: Venonat: Route 118

049: Venomoth: Evolve Venonat

050: Diglett: Rusturf Tunnel

051: Dugtrio: Evolve Diglett

052: Meowth: Route 116, Rusturf Tunnel, Liberty Cavern

053: Persian: Evolve Meowth

054: Psyduck: Petalburg City, Safari Zone, Routes 110, 118, 121, 122, and 123 (surf)

055: Golduck: Safari Zone, evolve Psyduck

056: Mankey: Granite Cave

057: Primeape: Victory Road, Evolve Mankey

058: Growlithe: Jagged Pass, Route 112

059: Arcanine: Evolve Growlithe

060: Poliwag: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Victory Road (surf)

061: Poliwhirl: Evolve Poliwag

062: Poliwrath: Evolve Poliwhirl

063: Abra: Route 116, Granite Cave

064: Kadabra: Evolve Abra

065: Alakazam: Evolve Kadabra (Lv50)

066: Machop: Granite Cave, Jagged Pass, Route 112

067: Machoke: Evolve Machop

068: Machamp: Victory Road, evolve Machoke (Lv50)

069: Bellsprout: Routes 110, 117, 120, 121, and 123

070: Weepinbell: Routes 121 and 123, evolve Bellsprout

071: Victreebel: Evolve Weepinbell

072: Tentacool: Abandoned Ship, Pacifidlog Town, Routes 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 121, 123, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 (surf or fish)

073: Tentacruel: Abandoned Ship, evolve Tentacool

074: Geodude: Route 111, Safari Zone, Granite Cave, Magma Cavern, Victory Road (Rock Smash)

075: Graveler: Magma Cavern, Victory Road (Rock Smash), evolve Geodude

076: Golem: Safari Zone, evolve Graveler (Lv50)

077: Ponyta: Jagged Pass, Route 112

078: Rapidash: Evolve Ponyta

079: Slowpoke: Safari Zone, Routes 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 118, 121, 122, and 123 (surf)

080: Slowbro: Evolve Slowpoke

081: Magnemite: New Mauville

082: Magneton: New Mauville, evolve Magnemite

083: Farfetch’d: Route 103

084: Doduo: Safari Zone

085: Dodrio: Evolve Doduo

086: Seel: Azurill Isle Cave

087: Dewgong: Evolve Seel

088: Grimer: Route 113

089: Muk: Evolve Grimer

090: Shellder: Dewford Town, Azurill Isle Cave

091: Cloyster: Evolve Shellder

092: Gastly: Mt. Pyre

093: Haunter: Mt. Pyre, evolve Gastly

094: Gengar: Evolve Haunter (Lv50)

095: Onix: Granite Cave, Victory Road

096: Drowsee: Jagged Pass

097: Hypno: Evolve Drowsee

098: Krabby: Slateport City, Azurill Isle Cave (fish)

099: Kingler: Evolve Krabby

100: Voltorb: New Mauville

101: Electrode: New Mauville, evolve Voltorb, Dream Hideout (only two)

102: Exeggcute: Safari Zone

103: Exeggutor: Evolve Exeggcute

104: Cubone: Rusturf Tunnel, Mt. Pyre, Safari Zone

105: Marowak: Evolve Cubone

106: Hitmonlee: Evolve Tyrogue

107: Hitmonchan: Evolve Tyrogue

108: Lickitung: Altering Forest

109: Koffing: Route 113

110: Weezing: Evolve Koffing

111: Rhyhorn: Safari Zone

112: Rhydon: Evolve Rhyhorn

113: Chansey: Littleroot Town, Safari Zone, Altering Forest

114: Tangela: Safari Zone, trade for a Feebas in Fortree City

115: Kangaskhan: Altering Forest, Safari Zone

116: Horsea: Slateport City, Lilycove City, Victory Road, Routes 132, 133, and 134 (fish)

117: Seadra: Evolve Horsea

118: Goldeen: Petalburg City, Meteor Falls, Victory Road, Safari Zone, Routes 102, 111, 117, and 120 (fish)

119: Seaking: Safari Zone (fish), evolve Goldeen

120: Staryu: Slateport City, Lilycove City (fish)

121: Starmie: Evolve Staryu

122: Mr. Mime: Altering Forest

123: Scyther: Altering Forest

124: Jynx: Altering Forest, evolve Smoochum

125: Electabuzz: New Mauville, evolve Elekid

126: Magmar: Liberty Cavern, evolve Magby

127: Pinsir: Safari Zone

128: Tauros: Altering Forest, Safari Zone

129: Magikarp: Petalburg City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Ever Grande City, Pacifidlog Town, Victory Road, Abandoned Ship, Meteor Falls, Safari Zone, Routes 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 115, 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 (fish)

130: Gyarados: Ever Grande City, evolve Magikarp

131: Lapras: Azurill Isle Cave

132: Ditto: Rusturf Tunnel

133: Eevee: Liberty Cavern, Eevee Garden (only one)

134: Vaporeon: Evolve Eevee

135: Jolteon: Evolve Eevee

136: Flareon: Evolve Eevee

137: Porygon: New Mauville

138: Omanyte: Meteor Falls

139: Omastar: Evolve Omanyte

140: Kabuto: Meteor Falls

141: Kabutops: Evolve Kabuto

142: Aerodactyl: Meteor Falls

143: Snorlax: Liberty Cavern

144: Articuno: Sacred Field, starter choice (only after you complete the Hoenn Dex)

145: Zapdos: Sacred Field, starter choice (only after you complete the Hoenn Dex)

146: Moltres: Sacred Field, starter choice (only after you complete the Hoenn Dex)

147: Dratini: Sacred Field

148: Dragonair: Evolve Dratini

149: Dragonite: Evolve Dragonair

150: Mewtwo: Artisan Cave (only one)

151: Mew: Faraway Island (only one)

152: Chikorita: Littleroot Town, Chikorita Meadow (only one)

153: Bayleef: Evolve Chikorita

154: Meganium: Evolve Bayleef

155: Cyndaquil: Littleroot Town, Cyndaquil Field (only one)

156: Quilava: Evolve Cyndaquil

157: Typhlosion: Evolve Quilava

158: Totodile: Littleroot Town, Totodile Pond (only one)

159: Croconaw: Evolve Totodile

160: Feraligatr: Evolve Croconaw

161: Sentret: Routes 101, 102, 103, and 104

162: Furret: Evolve Sentret

163: Hoothoot: Safari Zone, Routes 101, 102, 103, and 104

164: Noctowl: Evolve Hoothoot

165: Ledyba: Safari Zone, Route 104

166: Ledian: Evolve Ledyba

167: Spinarak: Safari Zone

168: Ariados: Evolve Spinarak

169: Crobat: Meteor Falls, Victory Road, evolve Golbat

170: Chinchou: Dewford Town, Routes 122 and 124 (dive)

171: Lanturn: Evolve Chinchou

172: Pichu: Breed Pikachu/Raichu

173: Cleffa: Breed Clefairy/Clefable

174: Igglybuff: Breed Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff

175: Togepi: Littleroot Town, Rustboro City (only one)

176: Togetic: Evolve Togepi

177: Natu: Safari Zone

178: Xatu: Evolve Natu

179: Mareep: Safari Zone

180: Flaaffy: Evolve Mareep
181: Ampharos: Evolve Flaaffy

182: Bellossom: Evolve Gloom

183: Marill: Petalburg City, Routes 102, 111, 112, 117, and 120 (except for Route 112, surf in ponds), Lilycove City (only one)

184: Azumarill: Evolve Marill

185: Sudowoodo: Safari Zone, Battle Frontier (water with Wailmer Pail, only one), Artisan Cave (only one)

186: Politoed: Evolve Poliwhirl (Sun Stone)

187: Hoppip: Routes 115 and 118

188: Skiploom: Evolve Hoppip

189: Jumpluff: Evolve Skiploom

190: Aipom: Altering Forest, Safari Zone

191: Sunkern: Safari Zone

192: Sunflora: Evolve Sunkern

193: Yanma: Route 103

194: Wooper: Petalburg City, Routes 102, 104, 111, 117, 120 (ponds), Lilycove City (only one)

195: Quagsire: Evolve Wooper

196: Espeon: Evolve Eevee (use Sun Stone to make a transition Eevee, then another Sun Stone)

197: Umbreon: Evolve Eevee (use Sun Stone to make a transition Eevee, then a Moon Stone)

198: Murkrow: Mt. Pyre

199: Slowking: Evolve Slowpoke (Sun Stone)

200: Misdreavus: Mt. Pyre

201: Unown: Abandoned Ship

202: Wobbuffet: Safari Zone, evolve Wynaut

203: Girafarig: Safari Zone

204: Pineco: Safari Zone

205: Forretress: Evolve Pineco

206: Dunsparce: Granite Cave

207: Gligar: Route 112, Safari Zone

208: Steelix: Victory Road, evolve Onix (Lv50)

209: Snubbull: Safari Zone, trade for a Ralts in Rustboro PokeMart

210: Granbull: Evolve Snubbull

211: Qwilfish: Route 122 (fish)

212: Scizor: Evolve Scyther (Lv50)

213: Shuckle: Safari Zone (Rock Smash)

214: Heracross: Safari Zone

215: Sneasel: Azurill Isle Cave, trade for a Bagon in Pacifidlog Town

216: Teddiursa: Altering Forest, Rusturf Tunnel, Safari Zone

217: Ursaring: Evolve Teddiursa

218: Slugma: Route 113

219: Magcargo: Evolve Slugma

220: Swinub: Azurill Isle Cave

221: Piloswine: Evolve Swinub

222: Corsola: Route 128, Ever Grande City (fish)

223: Remoraid: Dewford Town, Route 122 (fish)

224: Octillery: Evolve Remoraid

225: Delibird: Azurill Isle Cave

226: Mantine: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Route 115 (surf)

227: Skarmory: Route 113

228: Houndour: Jagged Pass, Safari Zone

229: Houndoom: Evolve Houndour

230: Kingdra: Evolve Seadra (Lv50)

231: Phanpy: Safari Zone

232: Donphan: Evolve Phanpy

233: Porygon2: Evolve Porygon (Lv40)

234: Stantler: Altering Forest, Safari Zone

235: Smeargle: Altering Forest

236: Tyrogue: Liberty Cavern

237: Hitmontop: Evolve Tyrogue

238: Smoochum: Breed Jynx

239: Elekid: Breed Electabuzz

240: Magby: Breed Magmar

241: Miltank: Altering Forest, Safari Zone

242: Blissey: Evolve Chansey

243: Raikou: Starter choice, Sacred Field

244: Entei: Starter choice, Sacred Field

245: Suicune: Starter choice, Sacred Field

246: Larvitar: Liberty Cavern

247: Pupitar: Evolve Larvitar

248: Tyranitar: Evolve Pupitar

249: Lugia: Navel Rock (only one)

250: Ho-oh: Navel Rock (only one)

251: Celebi: Eternal Forest (only one)

252: Treecko: Littleroot Town, Treecko Woods (only one)

253: Grovyle: Evolve Treecko

254: Sceptile: Evolve Grovyle

255: Torchic: Littleroot Town, Torchic Plains (only one)

256: Combusken: Evolve Torchic

257: Blaziken: Evolve Combusken
258: Mudkip: Littleroot Town, Mudkip Marsh (only one)

259: Marshtomp: Evolve Mudkip
260: Swampert: Evolve Marshtomp

261: Poochyena: Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 116, 117, 120, 121, and 123

262: Mightyena: Routes 120, 121, and 123, evolve Poochyena

263: Zigzagoon: Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 116, 118, and 123

264: Linoone: Routes 121 and 123, evolve Zigzagoon

265: Wurmple: Petalburg Woods, Route 104

266: Silcoon: Petalburg Woods, evolve Wurmple

267: Beautifly: Evolve Silcoon

268: Cascoon: Petalburg Woods, evolve Wurmple

269: Dustox: Evolve Cascoon

270: Lotad: Routes 102, 103, and 114

271: Lombre: Route 114, evolve Lotad

272: Ludicolo: Evolve Lombre

273: Seedot: Routes 102, 103, and 114

274: Nuzleaf: Route 114, evolve Seedot

275: Shiftry: Evolve Nuzleaf

276: Taillow: Petalburg Woods, Routes 104, 115, and 116

277: Swellow: Route 115, evolve Taillow

278: Wingull: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Pacifidlog Town, Routes 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 121, 122, 123, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134

279: Pelipper: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Pacifidlog Town, Routes 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 121, 122, 123, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (surf), evolve Wingull

280: Ralts: Route 102

281: Kirlia: Evolve Ralts

282: Gardevoir: Evolve Kirlia

283: Surskit: Routes 102, 110, 111, 117, and 120

284: Masquerain: Evolve Surskit

285: Shroomish: Petalburg Woods

286: Breloom: Evolve Shroomish

287: Slakoth: Petalburg Woods

288: Vigoroth: Evolve Slakoth

289: Slaking: Evolve Vigoroth

290: Nincada: Route 116

291: Ninjask: Evolve Nincada

292: Shedinja: Evolve Nincada (empty slot in party)

293: Whismur: Rusturf Tunnel

294: Loudred: Victory Road, evolve Whismur

295: Exploud: Victory Road, evolve Loudred

296: Makuhita: Granite Cave, Victory Road

297: Hariyama: Victory Road, evolve Makuhita

298: Azurill: Azurill Isle Cave

299: Nosepass: Granite Cave

300: Skitty: Route 116, Rusturf Tunnel

301: Delcatty: Evolve Skitty

302: Sableye: Granite Cave, Victory Road, Sky Pillar

303: Mawile: Granite Cave, Victory Road, Sky Pillar

304: Aron: Granite Cave, Victory Road

305: Lairon: Victory Road, evolve Aron

306: Aggron: Victory Road, evolve Lairon

307: Meditite: Granite Cave

308: Medicham: Victory Road, evolve Meditite

309: Electrike: New Mauville, Routes 110 and 118

310: Manectric: Route 118, evolve Electrike

311: Plusle: Route 110

312: Minun: Route 110

313: Volbeat: Route 117

314: Illumise: Route 117

315: Roselia: Route 117

316: Gulpin: Route 110

317: Swalot: Evolve Gulpin

318: Carvanha: Routes 118 and 122 (fish)

319: Sharpedo: Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Routes 103, 118, 124, 126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 (fish), evolve Carvanha

320: Wailmer: Azurill Isle Cave, Victory Road, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Pacifidlog Town, Routes 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 121, 123, 124, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134 (fish)

321: Wailord: Azurill Isle Cave, Routes 122 and 129, evolve Wailmer

322: Numel: Jagged Pass, Route 112

323: Camerupt: Evolve Numel

324: Torkoal: Liberty Cavern, Magma Cavern

325: Spoink: Jagged Pass

326: Grumpig: Evolve Spoink

327: Spinda: Route 113

328: Trapinch: Route 111

329: Vibrava: Route 111, evolve Trapinch

330: Flygon: Evolve Vibrava

331: Cacnea: Route 111

332: Cacturne: Evolve Cacnea

333: Swablu: Routes 114 and 115, Fortree City (only one)

334: Altaria: Sky Pillar, Evolve Swablu

335: Zangoose: Route 114

336: Seviper: Route 114

337: Lunatone: Meteor Falls

338: Solrock: Meteor Falls

339: Barboach: Meteor Falls, Victory Road, Routes 111 and 120 (fish)

340: Whiscash: Meteor Falls, Victory Road, evolve Barboach

341: Corphish: Petalburg City, Route 102 (fish)

342: Crawdaunt: Evolve Corphish

343: Baltoy: Route 111

344: Claydol: Sky Pillar, Evolve Baltoy

345: Lileep: Revive from Root Fossil

346: Cradily: Evolve Lileep

347: Anorith: Revive from Claw Fossil

348: Armaldo: Evolve Anorith

349: Feebas: Azurill Isle Cave, Route 122

350: Milotic: Evolve Feebas (Lv50)

351: Castform: Route 103, Weather Institute (only one)

352: Kecleon: Routes 118, 120 (also available in Devon Scope encounters on this route), 121, and 123, Route 119 (only one, Devon Scope encounter)

353: Shuppet: Mt. Pyre

354: Banette: Sky Pillar, Evolve Shuppet

355: Duskull: Mt. Pyre

356: Dusclops: Sky Pillar, Evolve Duskull

357: Tropius: Routes 118 and 120

358: Chimecho: Mt. Pyre

359: Absol: Route 120

360: Wynaut: Mirage Island, hatch from egg given at Lavaridge Town

361: Snorunt: Azurill Isle Cave

362: Glalie: Evolve Snorunt

363: Spheal: Azurill Isle Cave

364: Sealeo: Evolve Spheal

365: Walrein: Evolve Sealeo

366: Clamperl: Route 124 (underwater)

367: Huntail: Evolve Clamperl (Water Stone)
368: Gorebyss: Evolve Clamperl (Sun Stone)

369: Relicanth: Ever Grande City, Route 124 (dive)

370: Luvdisc: Route 128, Ever Grande City (fish)

371: Bagon: Meteor Falls

372: Shelgon: Evolve Bagon

373: Salamence: Evolve Shelgon

374: Beldum: Liberty Cavern, Steven’s House in Mossdeep City (only one)

375: Metang: Evolve Beldum

376: Metagross: Evolve Metang

377: Regirock: Desert Ruins (only one)

378: Regice: Island Cave (only one)

379. Registeel: Ancient Tomb (only one)

380: Latias: Roaming encounter (choose Red after beating the League) or Southern Island (only one)

381: Latios: Roaming encounter (choose Blue after beating the League) or Southern Island (only one)

382: Kyogre: Marine Cave (only one), Sacred Field (only one)
383: Groudon: Terra Cave (only one), Sacred Field (only one)

384: Rayquaza: Sky Pillar (only one)

385: Jirachi: Meteor Falls (only one)

386: Deoxys: Birth Island (only one)

I’ve taken notice of some out of place cries, notably Beedrill’s cry is elongated, while Seedot and Nuzleaf share Lotad’s cry and Silcoon has Cascoon’s cry. Blaziken shares Combusken’s cry, and there’s a strange noise cutoff at the end of it. Armaldo has Anorith’s cry, Sceptile has Grovyle’s cry, Paras apparently has Parasect’s cry, Camerupt has Numel’s cry, Gulpin has Swalot’s cry, Volbeat has Illumise’s cry, and Miltank has Lickitung’s cry. Most surprising, however, was Regice with Electrike’s cry. I’m not sure if these were errors or otherwise. Also I hate to say it, but I didn’t include the mons that don’t show up on the dex, such as Pachirisu or Dedenne. Find them yourself and tell me where they are.

UPDATE: According to the author, the out of place cries will be fixed in version 1.4


Note that some existing moves have changes to their power and/or accuracy. Pay Day is commonly used by elite trainers and its base power is a whopping 200!

Epic Justice
Normal type

OHKO move

200 base accuracy

40 PP

Pixie Kick

Fairy type, makes contact

120 base power

100 base accuracy

25 PP

35% chance to flinch

Un-Pay Day

Dark type

200 base power

100 base accuracy

62 PP

Same coin effect as Pay Day


Q: What’s at the back of the MacLaren’s Pub?

A: Nothing as far as I can tell. I tried the walk through walls code and there’s nothing there.

Q: What’s that cave on Route 103?

A: Already mentioned it in the guide, but again, there’s nothing there, even if you try to enter it with the walk through walls code you get nothing.

Q: WTF? I just got hit with a move called Epic Justice! It was a one-hit KO move! How?

A: This move replaces Splash (which may explain why Magikarp and Hoppip and such don’t have it anymore). It is a one-hit KO move apparently with no power ranking, with an accuracy value of 200. I noticed that Eric’s Mudkip can use it, and it has a Quick Claw too, so it can cheaply KO you before you can act. It’s also a Normal move though, so leading with a Ghost may be an option, but I haven’t tried this.


LatiosAzurill for the hack itself, it was quite fun to play and write a walkthrough about. Also for the video walkthroughs because I was stuck in a number of places.

Game Freak for Pokemon Emerald, the game that the hack is based on.

PokeCommunity, and anyone who is willing to help make this walkthrough better and more accurate (this includes you if interested!)