Pokemon Glazed Walkthrough by Allen Chingonzoh

Pokemon Glazed Walkthrough by Allen Chingonzoh

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Language: English
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Author: Allen Chingonzoh

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Name: Pokemon Glazed (Beta 8.6.3 by TrainerX493)
Type: GBA
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Creator: redriders180

Navigation Table

-Tunod Region-

-Johto Region-

-Rankor Region-

"Hi there, I'm Allen Chingonzoh, and welcome to my walkthrough of Pokemon Glazed (the Beta 8.6.3 version released by TrainerX493). I wasn't sure at first what to play since there is Pokemon Glazed (Beta 7B, the last official released version), Pokemon Blazed Glazed (Version 1.3, last released in 2017) and then this one. Both games I've known about for a while and since they were still being updated, I thought maybe I'll hold on until they are done and play other games in the meantime. But seeing as Glazed is the one with the newest update and because I got some requests to type a walkthrough, what better time to dive in than now, eh? This will be my 7th walkthrough, check the final section of this document for links to my previous ones. Alright, let's begin!

We are welcomed to the Tunod Region by Professor Willow and afterwards we meet an unidentified man who wasn't expecting to find anyone out here, but he takes us back to our room and says that we somehow slipped from our universe to his from there (?!). He also says we'll be able to do that again and then he has to leave. Huh, okay. Well, aside from the neat Cyndaquil doll and a clock which needs new batteries, nothing else. Out we go."

[001] GLENWOOD TOWN - Where Things Begin Anew."

Places of Interest
- Our house
- Prof. Willow's Lab

We meet our parents, on their way to Chocco Town for some shopping. Mom reminds us that Prof. Willow wants to see us at his lab. To the west of town is Springside Path, east is Forest Pass and across the channel to the south is Northcoast Town. We can find out about the Starters at that southwest house. 3 Starters isn't enough, we get FIVE to choose from! Why, back in my day...

At the Lab we find the man and pick a partner between Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Shinx and Riolu. Prof. Willow would normally give us a PokeDex next but he gave his last one away a few days ago. He has a friend who lives in Chocco Town called The Inventor who might have a spare one for us. There is a healing machine here in the lab in case our Pokemon are injured.

At the end of that Springside Path is the Forlorn Cape and Willow's Pokemon Research Sanctuary, which we can't enter without permission. There are some trees which need to be cut too, so we'll make a note to come back there with HM Cut. Heading east then, but we're stopped by the old man. He tells us to be careful, there's something going on along that route ahead. How bad could it be..?


Pokemon Found
Grass: Sentret, Rattata, Sandshrew, Poochyena, Taillow, Ralts (Rare)
Water: Marill, Goldeen (Rare)

NOTE: Pokemon shown to be "Rare" are those with a 5% of being encountered. "Super Rare" is 1%. How do you like them odds, eh? 

Our parents are on their way back home but blocking their path is a Pikachu. We show up and it attacks us. Level 2 and rocking a fashionable scarf. Stylish :) Quick shot battle, afterwards Pikachu scurries off. Mom bought us a pair of Running Shoes. Dad bought us the Exp. Share and new batteries for our room clock. We get to set the time on the spot too. He tells us that the first Gym in Oceanview City. So begins our journey. 

Just past the sign we bump into another Trainer named Percy and his pal Cyndaquil. They are looking for that Pikachu but since we scared it off, Percy figures we might as well just have a random battle instead. Dude, we only just met haha.  

Pokemon Trainer Percy (Lv5 Cyndaquil) Prize: P200

And we have ourselves a Rival. First of many perhaps? He's off to Oceanview City. Carry on east along this short path. Soon enough we'll be in Chocco Town. 

[002] CHOCCO TOWN - "A Delicious Town!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- General Store
- The Inventor's House
- Inventor's Lab

Potion P200
Burn Heal P300
Ice Heal P100
Awakening P100
Parlyz Heal P300
Energypowder P500

(Each costs P9800)

Pokemon Found
Water: Psyduck, Wingull (Rare)

Hmm, got a couple of shady characters blocking the northern exit. No PokeBalls at the General Store, damn. If your Pokemon's Happiness level is high enough you could receive a TM from the man living in the southeast house (I was told my Starter is on the fence, neither happy nor sad, so brother man wouldn't hook me up :p ). Curiously enough, according to the woman by the east side beach, there's an island further out with a Tower. Noted. Nobody home at the Inventor's house, he's at the Lab and he has that PokeDex ready for us. Plus some PokeBalls. Nice. Then he has a favour: he wants to observe ruins that are in Milkshake Swamp, north of town, but he would like us to escort him there since we're a Trainer now. We got them Balls so you might wanna make use of them before meeting up with the Inventor. When you're done catching what you need to catch, go speak to the man. Looks like those shady characters haven't left yet. 

They are grunts from a crew called Team Fusion. Another new face shows up from the Swamp, having just taken care of other grunts back there. This is Blake, a member of this region's Elite 4. The grunts say their business here is done and run off, maybe not wanting to battle Blake's Darkrai too. Team Fusion were at those ruins which the Inventor wants to visit. Blake will escort him there alongside us. No problem. Into the Swamp.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Ekans, Tangela (Rare), Shroomish, Croagunk

First person we meet is a Youngster with some good advice - avoid stepping on the poison ivy. Northwest from him is a ledge and a patch of green next to it. That's the poison ivy. Continue past him to find a PokeBall and the first Trainer. 

Bug Catcher Adrian (Lv5 Caterpie, Weedle) Prize: P40

And the guy is ready for a rematch if you're looking for one. Same levels and same cash prize amount, but not a bad little feature. A path going north from him is blocked by a tree. I'm guessing it's a shortcut? Continue southeast for either a Double Battle or a pair of singles. 

Bug Catcher Marcus (Lv6 Caterpie x2) Prize: P48

Youngster James (Lv6 Croagunk) Prize: P48

Maxwell and Alex are on the other side. 

Bug Catcher Maxwell (Lv7 Skorupi) Prize: P56

Youngster Alex (Lv6 Pichu, Cleffa, Lv7 Togepi) Prize: P56 [Rematch]

Then we'll reach the ruins. Blake shows us another Fusion Grunt who is still here, examining an ancient tablet. We confront him but he has the information he came for and makes his getaway. Elite 4 guy, you were right there! The Inventor joins us, does his work and gives us the PokeComm. It allows us to communicate with Pokemon. After he and Blake leave, we take a look at the tablet for a bit-- and we suddenly slip through the universe. That man we first met when we did this shows up, his name is Luke. He needs our help in finding a Mudkip which has wandered off somewhere here. Find it and Luke says he'll explain what's going on. He also heals our Pokemon before we go. 

Mudkip further south, but runs off when we get near it. In the southeast corner is a Max Ether. Head north to find Mudkip and watch it dive into the mud. Go back to the area where we first met it. This time it attacks us. Level 10 and it can be caught. Back to Luke, he says the portal leading back home is working now. Again he has no time to explain, despite what he said earlier. We'll return to the ruins. From there, take that path heading southwest and meet Randall. 

Bug Catcher Randall (Lv9 Kakuna) Prize: P72

Continue west and north, finding Nick by the exit. 

Bug Catcher Nick Prize: P80 [Rematch]
(Lv9 Pineco, Metapod, Lv10 Butterfree) 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Vulpix, Growlithe, Mareep, Marill, Electrike (Rare)
Water: Buizel, Floatzel (Rare)

The woman who asks us if we're a Trainer will give us MooMoo Milk if we say Yes. No Fishing Rod and no HM Cut for us to search for Pokemon here :/ thanks to the PokeComm though, we can hear from that woman's Sentret. Carry on west into town. 

[003] OCEANVIEW CITY - "A City of Beautiful Blues."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Oceanview Power Plant
- Oceanview Bed & Breakfast
- Boathouse

PokeBall P200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Repel P350
X Speed P350
X Attack P500
X Defend P550

The Gym is closed because Gym Leader Sparky has gone to the old Power Plant to investigate something. Before going after him, let's look around. 

At the Oceanview Bed & Breakfast, speak to the woman in the last room to receive a Level 10 Ditto. At the harbour are 2 ships, one we can't board without a Wish Ticket and the other one we can't board until our time in this city is done. We can buy a Serenity Ticket for P50, needed for that other boat. With that Ticket we can sail on to Serenity Isle. Off to the Power Plant. 


Pokemon Found (1F)
Pikachu, Magnemite, Porygon (Rare), Elekid, Electrike

Some children are here vandalising the place. We'll find them on the next floor. 

Pokemon Found (2F)
Same Pokemon, Porygon still rare 

Youngster Harry (Lv9 Koffing, Lv10 Croagunk, Poochyena x2) Prize: P80

Hooligan Xander (Lv12 Croagunk) Prize: P192

Hooligan Ronald (Lv11 Zorua x2) Prize: P176

Pokemon Found (3F)
Same Pokemon, minus Porygon

We meet Sparky here and the Pokemon that's causing trouble - that scarfed Pikachu! It has turned on the turbines and is absorbing the electricity being generated. If we can stop Pikachu, Sparky will accept our challenge. The switch to turn off the turbines is in the top right corner of the room. With the power off we can confront Pikachu and hear what it has to say. It is looking for revenge after we apparently ruined its life and forced it from its home. Whatchu talkin' about, Pika? This time it's at Level 12, just defeat it because if you catch it, the game will freeze. After the battle Pikachu leaves, not done with us. Sparky will see us at the Gym. 

The moment we try to walk into the Gym, out steps a girl named Chelle and since she's got her first Badge, she wants to show off the Pokemon which helped her.

Pokemon Trainer Chelle (Lv12 Pikachu, Lv14 Chikorita) Prize: P480

Rival Number 2. Multiple Rivals in this game? Oh joy haha, as if one isn't enough. Let's hope they'll be decent characters and not just textbook Rivals who only want to bother us again and again for unnecessary battles. Gym time.


Leader: Sparky - "The Stunning Mechanic!"

Nice touch for the Gym looking like a mechanic's workshop. Who do we have as our Gym Trainers?

Greasemonkey Mike (Lv12 Shinx) Prize: P384

Greasemonkey Declan (Lv13 Pikachu) Prize: P416

Greasemonkey Alexander (Lv13 Elekid) Prize: P416

Sparky and his Jolteon get a car up and running before facing us. 

Leader Sparky Prizes: P680 + Jolt Badge + TM24 (Thunderbolt)
(Lv14 Shinx, Flaaffy, Lv17 Jolteon)

Thanks to the Jolt Badge, we can use HM Cut outside of battles. So who has that HM..? And at least the TMs are reusable. Leave and board that ship for the Serenity Isle.

[004] SERENITY ISLE - "An Island of Peace & Joy."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Fusion Resort
- Serenity Lighthouse

PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Awakening P100
Revive P2000
Super Repel P500
Harbor Mail P50

Our phone starts ringing when we arrive. It's Prof. Willow calling, and now that we're here he wants us to deliver something for him. We have to go back to his Lab via the Serene Bridge which is to the south. Sure, but we'll have a look around first. 

At that swanky looking joint known as the Fusion Resort, we learn that access to the upper floors is only possible if we have a Room Key. There are 5 floors but we need a Penthouse Key for that 5th one. Noted. On the 2nd floor is Melanie, who thinks we're room service and tells us to pass on a message to her friend Diana who is on the 4th floor. 3rd floor has a girl out in the corridor who'll give us a Fire Stone. 4th floor, first room has Diana and she's upset about us not bring her meal (?! Now wait a minute, lady..). Go back to the 1st floor and speak to the chef to receive Diana's meal. Deliver the food and Melanie's message. Also on the 4th floor is the Tutor service we heard about. Problem is they'll only teach 2 moves, Spore or Leaf Blade. To any Pokemon. Insane...but could be useful. If you go back to Melanie she has another errand - get her 5 PokeBalls, 1 Potion and 1 Harbor Mail from the PokeMart. She also gives us P1350. Run to the Mart, buy the goods and return. She then says send them over to Diana, who doesn't want the Potion and demands we get a Super Potion instead. Gives us P700. What is this, Death Stranding?? We're Trainers not delivery people, xD!

Fortunately she'll be done with us after getting that Super Potion. Melanie? Says she left her bathing suit on the 4th floor. So small that you'd probably spend some time tapping that A Button while walking around until you happen to pick it up. It is in the hallway. See the doors to the middle room? Right side of the door, go on south to the blue carpet and search that space. You'll find the swimsuit. Hopefully this is the first and last item which is hidden like this. I'll take a screenshot and stand at the spot where you search. Fortunately, after our little delivery adventures, Melanie gives us quite the reward - the Wish Ticket! 

Hurry back to Oceanview City and board that boat. It'll take us to Wish Island where we encounter the very first legendary so far - Level 15 Jirachi! Awake after 1000 years, just in time to end up in a PokeBall. It happens :) back to the Serenity Isle. There's a nice challenge at the Lighthouse - defeat all 8 Trainers as we move up. Do that and win a Pokemon. Challenge accepted. 



Greasemonkey Erikson (Lv20-21 Pikachu x2) Prize: P672


Archeologist Indiana (Lv22 Nidoqueen, Lv23 Nidoking) Prize: P736


Sunbather River (Lv24 Seadra, Lv25 Starmie) Prize: P100


Picnicker Grace (Lv26 Ivysaur) Prize: P104


Cooltrainer Irene (Lv27 Cloyster, Lv28 Weavile) Prize: P1120


Firebreather Phil (Lv29 Ninetales) Prize: P580


Alpinist Rocky (Lv30 Rhyperior) Prize: P240


Sensei Brutus (Lv31 Conkeldurr) Prize: P248

Phew. How was that? At the top, we get a Level 20 Eevee from the Captain and can come back for more whenever that itch for battle returns. I did go back in there (for science) and got another Eevee after that second round. Same levels, same prize money. When you've had enough, it is Gym time.


Leader: Terry - "The Dedicated Archaeologist!"

Ground-type is the specialty here. Got 2 Gym Trainers on this floor and the rest plus Terry are down below. First Gym Trainer we can reach is Antonio.

Alpinist Antonio (Lv22 Sandshrew, Sandslash) Prize: P176

That guy on the right is Mitch. 

Alpinist Mitch (Lv24 Sandslash) Prize: P192

Below, we'll find:

Archeologist Dusty (Lv24 Gligar) Prize: P768

Alpinist Harold (Lv24 Marshtomp) Prize: P192

Archeologist Oliver (Lv24 Nidoking, Nidoqueen) Prize: P768

And the man himself. 

Leader Terry Prizes: P1120 + Dirt Badge + TM26 (Earthquake)
(Lv25 Gligar, Lv26 Vibrava, Lv28 Phanpy) 

Pokemon up to Level 30 will now obey us. We're done here for now, let's go and see Prof. Willow for more deliver action :) going south of town to cross that big boss bridge, while passing over Turquoise Bay.


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Horsea, Wingull (Rare), Pelipper (Super Rare)

Who do we meet along the way?

Tourist Chris (Lv16 Gible, Lv18 Buizel) Prize: P256

Sunbather Alicia (Lv19 Staryu) Prize: P76

Tourist Mathis (Lv19 Chimchar) Prize: P304

Tourist Diego (Lv21 Shuckle) Prize: P336

Sunbather Angel (Lv19 Chinchou, Lv20 Croconaw) Prize: P76

Soon we'll be back at the Forlorn Cape and then Springside Path. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Deino, Dratini, Larvitar, Gible, Bagon, Beldum (Rare)
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)


Pokemon Found
Grass: Poochyena, Taillow, Shroomish, Breloom (Rare), Zorua
Water: Psyduck, Golduck (Rare), Goldeen 

Back home in Glenwood and straight to the Lab, where Blake is around. He has news about Team Fusion, they've been around the Haunted Isle ruins, west of Serenity Isle. Blake would like us to accompany him. He'll wait for us at the Serenity Isle port. As for Willow, he wants us to deliver a pressure sensor which will be installed at the Seaspray Dam. Next Stop, Seaspray Town - home of the next Gym. The sensor is to be given to Flo, the manager of the Dam. Willow also grants us access to the Sanctuary west of town and gives us HM01 (Cut)! 

That item we couldn't reach before at Oceanview Park is a Fire Stone. New Pokemon to catch too. Then we can speak to Blake. He isn't joking when he says it'll be a rough journey, because there's a storm out at sea while we sail. The ship is caught and we crash on the Haunted Isle.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Spinda, Wingull, Buizel (Rare)
Water: Tentacool, Gastly, Wingull (Rare)

While Blake repairs the ship, we'll have to go on ahead to deal with Team Fusion. There's a PokeCenter to the east. North though has the entrance to Haunted Rock.


Pokemon Found (1F)
Gastly, Haunter, Misdreavus
Water: Zubat, Gastly

And it is dark in here, damn. Continue north and turn right, where we're ambushed by a Fusion Grunt. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv17 Tyrogue x2) Prize: P680

There are 2 openings, one north from her and the other is further on the right, guarded by another Grunt:

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv17 Riolu x2) Prize: P680

-North Opening- (just to keep track, we'll call this 1F Area A)

Carry on north, up the steps and then southwest for the only Grunt here.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv21 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop) Prize: P840

West and north from him are some green coloured rocks which we note look odd. That's all. Back out for the other opening. 

(1F Area B)

On the left is a Moon Stone. Up ahead is a Grunt and further on is the opening to the next area.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv17-18 Timburr x2, Lv18 Machop) Prize: P720

(1F Area C)

Ambushed as soon we walk through!

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv18-19 Shroomish x2) Prize: P760

Northwest from her is a Lantern, nice one! I like that it's a Key Item too instead of HM Flash. The exit is bottom left. 

Pokemon Found (Outside)
Grass: Golbat (Super Rare), Gastly, Banette (Rare)
Water: Golbat, Voltorb

Speak to the Hiker if you need to heal your team and we reach the 2nd Floor. 

Pokemon Found (2F)
Gastly, Haunter, Misdreavus, Banette (Rare)
Water: Golbat, Voltorb

Going north. On the way there...

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv19 Combusken, Lv20 Monferno) Prize: P800

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv21 Breloom) Prize: P840

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv20 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop) Prize: P800

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv22 Breloom) Prize: P880

Then we head south for the exit. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv23 Gurdurr) Prize: P920

Meeting another healing Hiker as we go west. The item we find is TM02 (Dragon Claw). Then in the final area we see scarf Pikachu. No Team Fusion boss or underboss. Another round against the Electric mouse, he is at Level 24. At this point Pikachu might as well be unofficial Rival #3 because he hasn't had enough of losing yet haha but is kind enough to give us a Key Item, the Delusifier. Pikachu says his superiors are in a cave blocked by a Zoroark's illusion and this gadget will allow us to go past it. Hm, thanks?

Return to those rocks in 1F Area A. Use the Delusifier to clear them and enter the new outside area. Got the boss and a pair of Grunts that he sends after us. 

Team Fusion Couple (Lv23 Machamp & Conkeldurr) Prize: P1840

When others fail, do the job yourself. Here's Michael.

Fusion Boss Michael (Lv25 Zoroark) Prize: P1500

We defeat the bad guys but we still come out on the losing end because their work here is done. After they leave, Blake calls us with good news about fixing the boat. Get back to him and sail back to Serenity Isle. He'll give us another ticket, the Seaspraytix. Hop onto the other boat. 

[005] SEASPRAY TOWN - "Where the Wind meets the Waves."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Seaspray Department Store
- Gym
- Seaspray Dam
- Move Relearner


PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Burn Heal P300
Ice Heal P100
Awakening P100
Fluffy Tail P1000

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Revive P2000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Wave Mail P50
Mech Mail P50


X Speed P350
X Special P350
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Dire Hit P650
Guard Spec. P700
X Accuracy P950

(Each costs P9800)


TM17 (Protect)
TM20 (Safeguard)
TM33 (Reflect)
TM16 (Light Screen)
TM38 (Fire Blast)
TM25 (Thunder)
TM14 (Blizzard)
TM15 (Hyper Beam)


(Each costs P3000)
Water Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Sun Stone
Moon Stone

We're told that there are 10 such Stones. Only 6 of them sold are here though. 

Pokemon Found
Water: Psyduck, Wingull, Pelliper (Rare)

Bumping into us when we arrive is Chelle, wanting to show off again now that she has defeated Terry too. Great, but can't we do this later, girl?

Pokemon Trainer Chelle (Lv30 Bayleef, Lv27 Raichu) Prize: P1080

She tells us that the Gym Leader here just left her Gym so we'll have to find her. Next Gym is in Stormy City. As soon as Chelle leaves, we do our own leaving and jump to that other universe. We appear in a place called New Port Ritchey. How...normal this place looks and feels. Even that Fisherman we see below doesn't know what we're talking about. On the right, looking for his keys is Luke, surprised to see us again. This time he explains: some unknown force is bringing our two universes closer together when they shouldn't connect like this. He suspects it could be the work of a legendary Pokemon from our universe. People in his universe don't know about the existence of Pokemon. He can slip between universes like we can and he is doing his best to sort this mess out. Now we just have to figure a way back since the portal has closed. Speak to the woman near the Fisherman. She saw us talking to Sam/Luke. A fan of Pokemon just like him. After talking to her we slip back. 

The Gym Leader turns out to be the woman we are here to meet, Flo. User of the Water-type. Her son is blocking the Gym entrance. Bro, really?

We learn that there's a great Trainer named Soheal who lives on an island outside of town. He's not exactly a people-person. Going west leads to Soheal's Strait, we'll pay him a visit once we can surf. Southeast of town is the Dam. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pikachu, Raichu (Rare), Growlithe, Pichu, Electrike, Manectric (Rare)
Water: Wingull, Buizel

Here are Joey and Gabrielle. Double Battle or Singles?

Youngster Joey (Lv26 Luxio, Riolu) Prize: P208

Beauty Gabrielle (Lv27 Pidgeotto, Clefairy) Prize: P432

We can't cross to the right side of the dam without a Security Card. In the next room are a few Trainers:

Tourist Connor (Lv26 Gabite, Lv27 Floatzel) Prize: P432

Engineer Maxwell (Lv26 Magnemite, Lv27 Flaaffy) Prize: P864

Engineer Gunther (Lv27 Electabuzz) Prize: P864

We'll find Flo on the next floor and give her the Sensor. We have to help her out first before she'll face us: there's a major power spike coming from Geminite Village so we have to go there and get them to reduce the amount of power they are using. She gives us the Security Card. Back to the main area and pass the guards. That door way above leads to an Ultra Ball and a couple of battles:

Tourist Harrison (Lv28 Leafeon) Prize: P448

Engineer Viktor (Lv27 Pikachu, Lv28 Magnemite) Prize: P896

Outside, that is a Thunderstone on the right. First Trainer we see is Antonio.

Bug Catcher Antonio (Lv27 Spinarak, Ariados) Prize: P216

Camper Parker (Lv27 Togetic, Lv28 Tangela) Prize: P224

Just south from them is Geminite Village. 

[006] GEMINITE VILLAGE - "A Diamond in the Rough."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Miner's Hut
- Fossil Finder's House
- Mt. Stratus
- Geminite Mines

Great Ball P600
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Escape Rope P550
Super Repel P500
X Special P350
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Dire Hit P650
Lava Cookie P200

Percy and Quilava see us when we arrive. You know what they're here for, let's get to it.

Pokemon Trainer Percy Prize: P1000
(Lv25 Electrike, Lv29 Kirlia, Lv30 Quilava)

We'll receive a Shovel from the man living just north of the PokeCenter, allowing us to dig for Shards in the Geminite Mines. We take them to the Fossil Finder and trade for Fossils:

Red Shard -> Dome Fossil (Kabuto)
Yellow Shard -> Helix Fossil (Omanyte)
Blue Shard -> Root Fossil (Lileep)
Green Shard -> Claw Fossil (Anorith)

There's a Miner blocking the entrance into Mt. Stratus. 

South from the village is Geminite River. 

At the Miner's Hut, we learn from the Boss that the rise in power usage is because of the work going on in Mt. Stratus. We have to find the Foreman. The Miner blocking the entrance will let us through now. 

MT. STRATUS (Geminite Entrance)

Pokemon Found
Zubat, Abra, Geodude, Phanpy

(Area A)

That is a Green Shard you see above Alpinist Rick.

Alpinist Rick (Lv27-28 Rhyhorn x2) Prize: P224

Engineer Edison (Lv28 Magnemite x2) Prize: P896

Alpinist Oz (Lv28 Onix) Prize: P224

(Area B a.k.a the TNT Room)

Pokemon Found
Aron, Zubat, Abra (Rare), Phanpy, Sableye (Rare)

Alpinist Hugh (Lv28 Gurdurr, Aron) Prize: P224

This is where we find them rocks which require HM Rock Smash. 

Alpinist Edmund (Lv28 Steelix) Prize: P224

Further north is a PokeBall and the Foreman, ready to drop that TNT plunger. Even after hearing about the power situation he won't be stopped and goes ahead with setting off an explosion, causing an avalanche. He bolts out and the place starts rumbling around us. Not much to do on that eastern side because we currently can't Smash, Surf and don't have the Strength. 

Back at the Miner's Hut, the Foreman apologises for what he did. Nobody is hurt at least. To make up for it he gives us HM04 (Strength). We'll need the Stem Badge from the Stormy City Gym for it. Power should be back to normal now. 

Meanwhile in an unknown location, Michael is given an update about us and the Foreman. He is sending his Grunts after us..but as for the Foreman, Michael calls for his son Henri. Interesting development.

At the Dam, Flo confirms that everything is okay and gives us HM06 (Rock Smash) before going to her Gym. Alright :)


Leader: Flo - "The Sexy Water-type Specialist."

Inside we're stopped by her son, because his job is to chase off weak Trainers. Hey wait a minute...Percy has Quilava..and Chelle has Bayleef, so who has....oh no, don't tell me.

Pokemon Trainer ??? Prize: P1120
(Lv28 Houndour, Porygon, Lv30 Croconaw) 

Damn it, xD. Rival #3 is named Cato and since his mom has given him permission to travel, we'll be seeing more of him along the way. All that's left is a 4th one and this might as well turn into Pokemon X/Y haha...you never know. 

Got a Gym Trainer on the left and one on the right. The idea is to cross the pool to reach Flo from that right side. Currently no water in the pool. So we go left.

Sunbather Deidre (Lv28 Floatzel, Lv29 Floatzel) Prize: P116

Captain Jack (Lv29 Qwilfish, Wartortle) Prize: P928

Sunbather Jeanette (Lv30 Seadra) Prize: P120

Up ahead is the valve we turn to fill up that pool. Final Gym Trainer is Alexis.

Sunbather Alexis (Lv27 Poliwag, Lv29 Poliwhirl, Dratini) Prize: P116

Eyes on that 3rd Badge now. 

Leader Flo Prizes: P1280 + Crest Badge + TM03 (Water Pulse)
(Lv30 Wartortle, Lv31 Milotic, Seadra, Lv32 Kingdra)

Use of Rock Smash outside of battles, granted. Stormy City Gym is led by a man named Lief. If you have time to rush back to Mt. Stratus, you can pick up the item which is just past the place where we met the Foreman - a Nugget. Afterwards, continue south of the village. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Joltik, Skorupi, Ditto (Super Rare), Taillow, Buizel, Gible (Rare)
Water: Psyduck, Buizel

There's a path going on to the right just before stepping into the grass. Cut the hidden tree and carry on to find Iron. 

First Trainer is across the bridge. Search that rock above him and find an Ultra Ball. 

Sensei Tito (Lv28 Conkeldurr) Prize: P224

Beauty Hayley (Lv28 Luxio, Swellow) Prize: P448

South from her is another bridge which takes us to Bertrand and a path which needs Rock Smash to clear it. 

Youngster Bertrand (Lv29 Seviper) Prize: P232

Past the rocks is another entrance into Mt. Stratus. First item found is Rare Candy. Same wild Pokemon. Small area, continue south for the exit. Outside we meet Fusion Pikachu and this time in the name of revenge, he steals our Gym Badges and runs off! What the...?! Continue on after him. There's a 3rd bridge heading west and a tree blocking a water path to the south. 

Tourist Addison (Lv29 Zoroark, Lv30 Floatzel, Gabite) Prize: P464

On the other side, running in the grass is Max...

Camper Max (Lv30 Tangela, Skiploom, Tangrowth) Prize: P240 [Rematch]

...while Bridgette is hidden between the trees on the right.

Camper Bridgette (Lv30 Ivysaur, Starmie) Prize: P240

Just before we get into Stormy City, Blake meets us. Bad news - that Foreman has been kidnapped! Blake is off to investigate. We'd help but we got bigger problems right now, having our Badges stolen and all. 

[007] STORMY CITY - "Where it rains Meowth & Arcanine." 

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Dr. Friendship's House
- Pokemon Adoption Clinic

PokeBall P200
Potion P200
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Awakening P100
Escape Rope P550
Repel P350
X Speed P350
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Orange Mail P50

Should've brought an umbrella, since it rains all day everyday here, geez. Let's look around before hitting that Gym.

Dr. Friendship assesses your Pokemon's Friendship levels. 

In the house south from there we'll get TM18 (Rain Dance) and TM11 (Sunny Day). Next door is a housewife who'll teach the move Scald more than just once. Nice...until we need to learn Surf or Dive or Waterfall or maybe even Whirlpool. It's just that I'm playing this game after Adventure Red Chapter Beta 15 and in there, HMs work without needing to teach your Pokemon the moves..so switching back to the old school ways of HM usage in this game has been a little rough haha. 

Southwest corner of town is where the submarine ferry is kept, given the weather. It is also where we catch a ship which will take us to Trainer Isle, great place to prove one's worth. Far to the west as well is the Tunod League. Southeast of town is the Pokemon Adoption Clinic where we can adopt a Level 25 Grovyle (holding a Miracle Seed). Make some room in your party. Speaking of Grass...


Leader: Lief - "The Hardworking Gardener!"

Nice work on that garden maze. First 2 Gym Trainers seen are Jaime and May.

Gardener Jaime (Lv31 Ivysaur, Bayleef, Grovyle) Prize: P1488

Gardener May (Lv31 Breloom, Tangela) Prize: P1488

Top left corner has Sissy. 

Gardener Sissy (Lv30 Leafeon, Lv31 Skiploom) Prize: P1440

Last Gym Trainer is Mary. 

Gardener Mary (Lv31 Victreebel) Prize: P1488

Your turn, Lief. 

Leader Lief Prizes: P1360 + Stem Badge + TM22 (Solarbeam)
(Lv33 Jumpluff, Tangrowth, Leafeon, Lv34 Venusaur)

Now we can move aside them big boulders like a boss. Next destination is Northcoast Town for the Icicle Badge. Gotta get through Mt. Stratus to reach it. No Problem. 

We get a call from Blake, he's got more of Team Fusion than he can handle alone. Plus their boss is there too. We're going back to Mt. Stratus. 

I paid Trainer Isle a brief visit first and this is what I found out:


Places of Interest
- Power Shack
- Tower 1
- Tower 2

(Each costs P1000)
Black Belt
Dragon Fang
Hard Stone
Metal Coat
Miracle Seed
Mystic Water
Poison Barb
Sharp Beak
Silk Scarf
Soft Sand
Spell Tag

TOWER 1 - Home of the Singles, Doubles & Rapid Fire Challenges.

Leftovers 48BP
White Herb 48BP
Quick Claw 48BP
Mental Herb 48BP
Brightpowder 64BP
Choice Band 64BP
King's Rock 64BP
Focus Band 64BP
Scope Lens 64BP

(Each costs 1BP)

9 floors make up this place. 

- Standard Singles Battles. Taking on Level 30 Trainers and each win gives out 1BP. Complete this to unlock the Tough Singles mode.

- Tough Singles. 

- Special Trainers. We're told that only "very elite" participants can compete here. 

- Standard Doubles. Facing two Level 30 Trainers at a time, 2BP reward. Unlocks Tough Doubles once completed.

- Tough Doubles. 

- Rapid Fire Challenge. We battle through Level 50 Trainers with no time to heal in between matches. Unlocks Tough Rapid Fire once completed.

- Tough Rapid Fire.

9th floor is the chill spot. Got TVs and Vending Machines to keep you occupied. 

Fresh Water P200
Lemonade P350
Soda Pop P300

TOWER 2 - Home of the Endurance Challenge.

Trade Stone 48BP
EXP. Share 80BP
Master Ball 200BP

- Gym Leader Challenge. This is not yet ready at the moment. 

- Champion Challenge. Open only to the most outstanding Trainers. 

- Endurance Challenge. It's just you and your best Pokemon versus Level 80 Trainers for a major reward. Something you can go for when all is said and done, eh? Now let's go help Blake. 

Make your back to the area in Mt. Stratus where we find a boulder. That is a Super Repel blocked by the smash rock. Down the ladder and we get to work. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv32 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop) Prize: P1280

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv32 Gallade) Prize: P1280

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv32 Scrafty) Prize: P1280

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv32 Combusken, Monferno, Pignite) Prize: P1280

We see Blake and his Darkrai battling Michael and his Zoroark. The Foreman is being held on the upper floor. Continue for that ladder heading up. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv33 Lucario) Prize: P1320

Next floor has Sea Incense, the Foreman, Fusion Pikachu and Henri, who is working as a Grunt. No room for nepotism here :). He'll do his best to stop us. 

Team Fusion Henri (Lv34 Huntail, Gorebyss) Prize: P1360

Then Pikachu has his turn, claiming to be stronger now than before. He is at Level 32. But he suffers another loss, still angry and runs off. Wait, our Badges! Henri on the other hand says he was forced to join Team Fusion by his dad but he doesn't want to be a part of it. He gives back our Badges, which Pikachu dropped. Thank goodness. Henri says Team Fusion is up to something which involves Mew. He'll help us out whenever possible and frees the Foreman. Back below, Darkrai defeats Zoroark and Team Fusion retreats. Blake isn't completely sold on Henri siding with us, we'll have to keep an eye on him. Then we do another universe leap - with Blake jumping as well. 

We appear near Luke in a parking lot. He has to do the explaining to Blake too and when he asks him if he has an idea of who could be responsible for this craziness, one answer - Team Fusion. With all the activities they've been doing around ruins and the plan to go after Mew, it might not be a surprise. We'll continue to stop them. Back in our universe Blake tells us that Northcoast is closeby, the Gym Leader there is named Irene. 

Continue east. South is blocked by rocks and then a wall we can only scale down with HM Rock Climb. Another HM which is a waste of space haha, should've been a Key Item instead. Up those steps for that Repel and the exit. To the north are two other ladders going up, one across water and one in the northeast corner. The latter ladder leads to the Nitchside Cove Entrance area of Mt. Stratus. 

MT. STRATUS (Nitchside Cove Entrance)

Pokemon Found
Zubat, Snorunt, Lairon, Geodude

Bottom left corner has Rare Candy. Northwest corner has the exit taking us out to Nitchside Cove (the only Pokemon found in the grass is Beldum) while northeast corner has the exit taking us to an upper area of the route we're headed for (Icebound Chasm) where you can pick up TM13 (Ice Beam). 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Slowpoke (Super Rare), Sneasel, Swinub (Rare), Delibird (Super Rare), Snorunt
Water: Goldeen (Super Rare), Marill

First Trainer spotted is Derek on his board. 

Snowboarder Derek (Lv33 Glalie) Prize: P792

Carry on south to face Adam and pick up a Hyper Potion.

Snowboarder Adam (Lv33 Piloswine x2, Mamoswine) Prize: P792

Snowboarder Erik (Lv33 Glaceon, Froslass) Prize: P792

There's a Nugget in the area he slides down from. Few steps east and we arrive.

[009] NORTHCOAST TOWN - "A Winter Paradise!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter (Move Deleter guy is found here)
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Northcoast Museum
- Northcoast Lodge
- Name Rater's House

Great Ball P600
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Awakening P100
Burn Heal P300
Revive P2000
Super Repel P500
X Speed P350

Before we freeze to death, let's see what is happening around town. 

There's an old lady in the PokeMart who teaches Thunder Punch. The item outside the building is a Max Revive, obtained by sliding across the ice from below. There's an Ether across the ice on the western side of town. 

The one who lives next door to the Lodge is an old Trainer who'll pass her Glaceon to us now that she has retired. It is Level 30 and holds Nevermeltice. At the Lodge we can catch a lift that takes us to the Ski Lodge at the peak. There's a mini game you can do where you race down the mountain. Get an A+ ranking to receive a Trade Stone. 

The Name Rater's House is next door to the Gym. If you got any Fossils, bring them with you to the Northcoast Museum. Make some space in your party. There's a PC in the top right corner, convenient :) the revived Pokemon are each at Level 25. Those other fossils on display...I wonder if we'll get them as well sooner or later. When you're done and ready, it is Gym time.


Leader: Irene - "The Elegant Figure Skater!"

Can't be an Ice-type Gym without a frozen floor. First Gym Trainer we can get to is Aaron on the left. 

Snowboarder Aaron (Lv32 Glaceon) Prize: P768

That one on the right is Brooke. Just below her is a switch we have to hit to raise patches of floor that can help to direct our sliding across.

Picnicker Brooke (Lv31 Snorunt x2) Prize: P124

The switch we step on here reveals a patch of floor just north from Aaron. Work your way to that middle switch and the next Gym Trainer standing by another one. 

Snowboarder Ronald (Lv31 Piloswine, Swinub) Prize: P744

Mykal is the final Trainer...and up ahead is Percy??

Snowboarder Mykal (Lv31 Delibird, Lapras) Prize: P744

We've taken down the last Gym Trainer just in time to see Percy win the Icicle Badge. No suprise this place was a breeze for him, he's got Quilava. Rather than let us have our turn against Irene, Percy figures we should battle him first. Really, dude? 

Pokemon Trainer Percy Prize: P1280
(Lv32 Gardevoir, Manectric, Lv33 Quilava)

Afterwards he gives us HM03 (Surf). Would've been cool if he'd let us face Irene and if we earned the Badge, he then gave us the HM. Anyway, it's time for Irene. Cue that Gym Battle theme!

Leader Irene Prizes: P1480 + Icicle Badge + TM13 (Ice Beam)
(Lv35 Snorunt, Glaceon, Froslass, Lv37 Weavile)

Now we can swim. Just need HM Fly and we can do some backtracking. On the right of Irene is the last switch. Gotta leave this place in style. 

On a side note, back at the Icebound Chasm that Snowboarder guy Derek said something about him and the other Snowboarders will battle us more than once, despite not asking for a rematch after matches. If you go back along that route they will indeed challenge you again. 

Going east for the Blizzard Slopes and further on is Cape Azure.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Slowpoke (Super Rare), Furret, Sneasel, Delibird (Rare), Smoochum, Snorunt
Water: Slowpoke, Lapras (Rare)

First Trainer is Missy. 

Picncker Missy (Lv33 Snorunt x2) Prize: P132

You'll find an HP Up when you search that rock blocked by the smash rock above Missy. 

Snowboarder Drake (Lv32-33 Smoochum x2, Jynx) Prize: P792

That is Zinc near him. 

Snowboarder Joshua (Lv34 Glaceon x2) Prize: P816

Carbos near him. On the right from there we see a cave entrance across water. Icicle Tunnel awaits. 


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Golbat, Jynx (Rare), Sneasel (Rare), Piloswine, Delibird

Heading north then south after Henderson. 

Snowboarder Henderson (Lv33 Sneasel, Weavile) Prize: P792

Behind that smash rock is Nevermeltice. 

Picnicker Elaine (Lv34 Grotle) Prize: P136

PP Up a little further past her. Louis drops some nice info about the legendary Kyurem possibly being in this place somewhere. Noted. 

Alpinist Louis (Lv33 Steelix) Prize: P264

The exit is just below. 

[010] CAPE AZURE - "The Town of Art & Music!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Cape Azure Performance Hall
- Azure Inn
- Tunod Safari Zone
- Overseas Bridge

PokeBall P200
Ultra Ball P1200
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Awakening P100
X Speed P350
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Guard Spec. P700
Dire Hit P650
Harbor Mail P50

Waiting for us outside town is Blake with more news about Team Fusion (I almost called them Team Steam haha, it's in the morning now while I'm typing, forgive me. #PokemonLightPlatinum). They are heading for the Temporal Tower, which is east of Chocco Town. Another place of ancient ruins. We'll need the Blaze Badge in order to unlock HM Fly and then return to Chocco Town. Also, he says Chelle is looking for us. She's in the Tunod Safari Zone south from here. Could've helped us out with the HM for Fly, chief! 

Contests are held at the Cape Azure Performance Hall. You'll be given the PokeSnack Case at the front desk and you can buy Berries there too. In the next room there, you can battle aspiring Idol Ryan. He has backup singers AND a full team of Level 50 Pokemon. Legend in the making right here.

Pokemon Trainer Ryan Prize: P2000
(Lv50 Haxorus, Gallade, Weezing, Honchkrow, Shiny Umbreon, Snorlax)

As a gift for defeating him he'll give us a Level 20 Honchkrow. Says we can come back later to face him again. 

Southeast from the Hall is TM30 (Shadow Ball). 

You can stay over at the Azure Inn for the low, low price of 1 million PokeDollars/Yen/Pound Sterling/Pesos etc. Am sure I got some under a mattress somewhere, hold on...

Can't travel along the Overseas Bridge without a Bike :/ so off to the Safari Zone to meet up with Chelle. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Ponyta, Mienfoo (Rare), Murkrow, Mightyena, Nincada, Swellow
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

The Youngster we find says he'll give out a prize if we can catch 20 or more Pokemon from the Safari Zone. Who's got time for that? (the prize is MooMoo Milk. If you can do it again, go speak to him for another prize. I was not motivated enough to get that 2nd prize haha). You'll find a Star Piece behind the southern fence before reaching the Safari Zone building. Bring P500 with you. We'll get 30 Park Balls and there's no time limit. Would've been nice if we could battle other Trainers who are in the Zone. 

Pokemon Found
Grass: Deino, Axew, Wobbuffet (Rare), Mawile
Water: Psyduck

Across the water is a Max Revive and a narrow way on the left which leads to TM05 (Roar) after cutting a tree. North is Zone 2. 

Pokemon Found
Grass: Deino, Rhyhorn (Rare), Axew, Wobbuffet (Rare), Mawile, Druddigon

Pokemon Found
Grass: Deino, Axew, Heracross (Rare), Druddigon
Rock Smash: Geodude

We're told by the NPC we meet about a rock slide which has blocked off the other end of the Safari Zone. Continue on to pick up Calcium behind that red sign. Below is the scene of the rock slide and Chelle. This time though she'll ask if we want to battle her. Saying No doesn't make her do the usual thing of continuing to ask until you say Yes, she'll just carry on and give us a Dart Bike. But for those of you said Yes...

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P1240
(Lv31 Parasect, Breloom, Lv33 Raichu, Lv34 Meganium)

Yup, we'll be back for Zone 4. At the moment we can only go as far as that pool of water under the waterfall. Our Safari Zone game drive comes to an end. Get on that Bike and let's ride. 


Got 2 lanes, left and right. Here are the Trainers on the left lane:

Cyclist Marty (Lv34 Scizor) Prize: P272

Cyclist Ford (Lv33 Arbok x2, Seviper) Prize: P264

Only one on the right, Hans.

Cyclist Hans (Lv33 Luxray, Ariados) Prize: P264

Further south is Southerly City. 

[011] SOUTHERLY CITY - "Gateway to Paradise!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Battle Building
- Southerly City Airport

PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Escape Rope P550
Repel P350
Harbor Mail P50
Burn Heal P300
Ice Heal P100

Step into town and be reminded about that 3rd Rival Cato who is also out and about. He tells us that the Gym Leader Ernest is not around. 

Pokemon Trainer Cato Prize: P1240
(Lv31 Espeon, Lv34 Houndoom, Porygon2, Lv35 Feraligatr) 

He suggests we go to the Espo Forest, west of town, for some training until Ernest returns. Might as well. What else is going on in town? 

At the Battle Building you compete in a Stamina Challenge, facing 5 Trainers back to back without healing between matches. I gave it a try and here are the Trainers I took on:

Bug Catcher Randall (Lv30 Pinsir, Scyther) Prize: P240

Picnicker Maxxy (Lv30 Ivysaur, Bayleef, Grovyle) Prize: P120

Tourist Charles (Lv30 Floatzel, Glaceon, Leafeon, Gabite) Prize: P480

Engineer Frankie Prize: P960
(Lv30 Magnemite, Raichu, Manectric, Magneton, Lanturn)

Alpinist Rodalphus Prize: P240
(Lv30 Graveler, Golem, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Aron, Lairon)

Obtained a Nugget as a prize. 

Next door from there is a Captain who'll trade his Ninetales for a Kirlia. 

Behind the PokeMart (northwest corner by those flowers) is TM01 (Focus Punch).

Southeast from the Southerly City Airport is a Black Belt who teaches Fire Punch. Got a plane ready for travel to Johto but we ain't got no Ticket. Let's visit that forest. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Galvantula, Ponyta, Flaaffy (Rare), Scraggy, Leafeon, Swellow
Water: Magikarp, Gyarados (Rare), Buizel

Across the pool of water, in the top left corner is a Red Shard. 

Haley is near the forest entrance.

Esper Haley (Lv34 Kadabra, Alakazam) Prize: P408


Pokemon Found
Grass: Abra, Kadabra (Rare), Mawile, Wynaut (Rare), Ralts, Kirlia (Rare), Beldum

Home of Psychic-type Pokemon. Seeing as we have the Esper Trainer Class, would it be a stretch to hope for Esper Roba to be among these Trainers? Too much? Wrong franchise? Nevermind, We meet Grady though:

Esper Grady (Lv33 Kirlia, Lv34 Metang, Beldum) Prize: P408

Continue south to find Ken.

Esper Ken (Lv34 Wobbuffet) Prize: P408

Southeast from him is TM06 (Toxic). Then west past him. 

Esper Glimmer (Lv34 Slowbro, Slowking) Prize: P408

North from her is Blake (?) What are you doing here, shouldn't you be chasing after Team Fusion?? He's near a shrine which was built for Mew who is believed to live in this forest. Also Blake is now the new Champion (whaaa..?!) after dethroning previous Champ Grey. This means he might not have time to be going after Team Fusion now. Suddenly we leap to Luke's universe, this time appearing in a forest just like Espo, with a shrine too. Luke has some news about a 50-year old newspapar article regarding something pink but we are sent back to our own universe before he can go into more details. Now Blake thinks we should pause on getting that Blaze Badge and instead go straight to the Temporal Tower with him. Well it's not like the Gym Leader was around anyway, so let's go. He takes us there with his Honchkrow. 


Pokemon Found (Exterior)
Water: Tentacool, Omanyte (Rare), Kabuto (Rare), Wingull

Seems quiet, Blake goes in to investigate. We try to enter and bump into Fusion Pikachu. Fancy meeting you here for another scuffle. He is at Level 35. Afterwards he goes back into the Tower to let the others know that we're here. That little...

Pokemon Found (Interior)


Team Fusion Grunt (Lv34 Gurdurr) Prize: P1360

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv34 Riolu, Lucario) Prize: P1360

Top right corner has a Pearl. Blake is on the left near a ladder heading up. Most recent history is near the top of the tower. 


That Engineer guy on the right will heal our team. Past him is a Twistedspoon. Next ladder is to the south after these 2:

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv34 Combusken, Blaziken) Prize: P1360

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv34 Machoke) Prize: P1360


Team Fusion Grunt Prize: P1360
(Lv34 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop)


On the left side is a Grunt and a hole in the floor. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv35 Scraggy x3) Prize: P1400

Back to 3F, left side now. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv35 Primeape, Machoke) Prize: P1400

Ladder takes us back to 4F is right there. The item we see first back on 4F is a Black Flute. This takes me to the Gen 3 days :) remember collecting the ash along Route 113 in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald with the Soot Sack? Made for good exercise, eh? I wonder if the White Flute is somewhere in this game. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv35 Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar) Prize: P1400

South from her is the ladder leading to the 5th and final floor.


We've caught up with Blake and who do we see but Michael and his missus, Regina (?!). Like before, we've shown up just as Team Fusion have finished their business :/ but battle we must. Regina takes on Blake while we face Michael.

Fusion Boss Michael (Lv36 Ditto, Zoroark) Prize: P2160

Michael has found out that Mew went to an alternate reality 50 years ago and he has figured out how to retrieve it. Darn it. After the couple leave, Blake gives us HM02 (Fly) and we return to Southerly City. We were exploring Espo Forest before flying off, but now that we're back in town we could check if Ernest is at the Gym now. 


Leader: Ernest - "The Guy with Good Firepower!"

Nice touch with the lava. First Gym Trainers are in the northwest corner. Double Battle. 

Picnicker Klaus & Firebreather Barry Prize: P840
(Lv35 Arcanine & Ninetales, Houndoom & Magcargo)

Klaus will put out the fire blocking the way to the right afterwards. Defeat Marvolo to get rid of the other fire barrier. 

Alpinist Marvolo (Lv35 Rapidash) Prize: P280

North from him is final Trainer Henrique and the last fire wall. 

Firebreather Henrique Prize: P700
(Lv35 Charmeleon, Quilava, Combusken)

Let's get that Blaze Badge!

Leader Ernest Prizes: P1560 + Blaze Badge + TM38 (Fire Blast)
(Lv37 Magmortar, Lv38 Infernape, Charizard, Typhlosion, Lv39 Blaziken)

HM Fly unlocked :) I'm thinking we'll do some backtracking after we get that final Badge from the next Gym Leader, Nicole. Going west through Espo Forest and touch down at the Palmtree Resort. 

You can write a short note at that Mew shrine, next to other notes people have left behind there over time. Small touch but thumbs up for it. Up ahead is Marco. 

Esper Marco (Lv36 Wynaut) Prize P432

From him go all the way south to find a Dawn Stone. Carry on back north to Tammy.

Esper Tammy (Lv35 Kadabra, Alakazam) Prize: P420

The exit is just up ahead.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Butterfree, Beedrill, Chansey, Eevee (Rare), Scraggy (Rare), Scrafty (Super Rare), Vibrava, Spinda (Rare)
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

Fusion Grunts ahead, blocking the road to the resort. What's going on here?? They say nobody enters or leaves, one would have to Fly in. Alright. 

[012] PALMTREE RESORT - "The Name Says it All!"

Places of Interest
- Gym
- Fusion Co.
- VIP Villa
- Mt. Stratus entrance

Ultra Ball P1200
Net Ball P1000
Dive P1000
Hyper Potion P1500
Full Heal P400
Revive P2000
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550

As soon as we land, Henri finds us. He says that his boss dad and company are looking to catch Dialga, Palkia and Giratina (!). A beam of light will be shot from Michael's lab to Haunted Rock, Temporal Tower and Spacial Ruins. Henri has been sent to catch Dialga but he contacted Blake so he goes after Giratina. That leaves the Spacial Ruins and Palkia to us. They are to the south from here. 

Not much to be done at the moment because there are Grunts blocking places. In the Fusion Co. building we can't go to upper floors without a Pass. East of the resort is a path blocked by a Cut tree, at the end of it is TM19 (Giga Drain). Double battle waiting for us by the beach. 

Team Fusion Grunts (Lv36 Electivire & Magmortar) Prize: P2880


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

Got Fishermen out and about. To the left is Tennek.

Angler Tennek (Lv37 Milotic) Prize: P1480

To the right is Akroyd. He has 6 Pokemon...wait a minute, why would a Fisherman have a full team...? Ohh, he's a trap!

Angler Akroyd (Lv35-40 Magikarp x6) Prize: P1600

There's ALWAYS one of these Fishermen in a game, having a big team of Magikarp. Speaking of Magikarp, the next Fisherman will sell you a Golden Magikarp for only P500. Just a regular, but REALLY shiny looking Magikarp (which goes to evolve into a Red Gyarados. Not too shabby). Which ROM hack had that version of Splash called Sprash which actually dealt some damage? Was it Liquid Crystal?? Can't remember now but it would've been a little fun to give Sprash to this Magikarp. Like a move from a shounen battle manga/anime series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or something haha - GOLDEN SPRAAASH!

Continue west, swimming into the Spatial Sea. 


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

Curious Dive spot seen here. Noted.

Swimmer Macie (Lv36-37 Floatzel x2) Prize: P148

Swimmer Barry (Lv36 Shellder, Cloyster, Slowbro) Prize: P144

Angler Mathais (Lv37 Gyarados) Prize: P1480

Just past him we'll see a Fusion Grunt on the island where the Spatial Ruins are located. If you continue west you'll find Ricardo...

Angler Ricardo (Lv36 Empoleon) Prize: P1440

...and a mountain face, on top of which sits Darkwood Town, home of the 8th Gym. We'll need HM Dive to reach an underwater cavern that leads to Darkwood. Back to the Grunts. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv36-37 Lucario x2) Prize: P1480

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv36 Aggron, Conkeldurr) Prize: P1440


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Abra, Ralts
Water: Golbat (Rare), Tentacool

Team Fusion Grunts Prize: P2920
(Lv36 Hitmonlee & Lv37 Breloom, Hitmonchan & Lucario, Poliwrath & Hitmontop)

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv36 Pignite, Lv38 Emboar) Prize: P1520

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv37 Rhydon, Lv38 RHyperior) Prize: P1520

To the northwest is a cave opening and our unofficial 4th Rival Fusion Pikachu. We'll need HM Rock Climb to reach that opening or wind round from the south. There's a path going on north after that Grunt by the steps, let's have a look.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Machamp) Prize: P1520

We appear to be on the right side of the entrance area we came from (oO?), seeing those Double Battle Grunts and the one running around. At the end of this path we're on is another Grunt. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Conkeldurr) Prize: P1520

And to the right is the bridge which takes us to Pikachu. Back for more punishment, he has moved up to Level 45. But afterwards he finally decides that this was it. Joining Team Fusion clearly didn't help him much, so he won't be in our way anymore. Farewell Pika! Through the opening and there's Michael and as usual we're late. His lab has prepared the beams. Then we see Giratina, Dialga and Palkia appearing at their respective places of summoning. Summoning on a level which would make a Naruto fan proud. Palkia doesn't look too happy about being disturbed but that doesn't bother Michael and his trusty Master Ball. Just like that, ladies and gentlemen. He and the Fusion crew leave, going to the Fusion Labs which are at the top of Mt. Stratus for the final showdown. Blake calls us, the Champ failed to save Giratina. Dude, really?? Regina got there first, no surprise, and caught it. Him and Henri are meeting back at the Palmtree Resort. So what were we even doing here then?

Back at the Resort, now that Team Fusion is gone we can challenge Nicole before catching up with Henri and Blake. 


Leader: Nicole - "The Nerdy Geologist!"

Nice touch on the excavation site. Let's get to work. Pretty simple Gym setup, we're going below ground level:

Alpinist Jock (Lv36 Graveler, Lv37 Golem) [forgot to note the prize]

Engineer Melvin (Lv37 Slugma, Lv38 Magcargo) Prize: P1216

Engineer Arnie (Lv38 Omastar, Aerodactyl, Kabutops) Prize: P1216

Alpinist Darryl (Lv37 Larvitar, Pupitar x2) Prize: P296

Alpinist Malachai (Lv38 Lairon) Prize: P304

We're ready for Nicole. 

Leader Nicole Prizes: P1680 + Core Badge + TM39 (Rock Tomb)
(Lv40 Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Lv41 Cradily, Shuckle, Lv42 Aggron)

7th Badge in the bag and we can Dive now. Final Gym Leader is named Tyson. Inspired by the legendary boxer...or by the legendary Beyblader?

Blake tells us the next plan - him and Henri will get into the Fusion Labs. Henri gives us TM08 (Rock Climb). Great, it's not an HM. Now I just have to find Pokemon that can learn the damn thing because none of my current party crewmembers can even learn it to save their lives, ha. When you're ready, we go back into the abyss known as Mt. Stratus. Bring along Pokemon that can climb walls, smash rocks, move boulders and swim.

Above the wall we gotta scale is a ladder heading below. We'll pop up by that ladder which was across water, southeast from it is the exit leading out to Icebound Chasm. We're going back to that area where we found the Foreman, the TNT Room. Surf to the left and head up the ladder. In the TNT Room surf to the right and go up the ladder found in the southeast. And here we are:

MT. STRATUS (Strength Puzzle Room)

Pokemon Found
Golbat, Gabite, Graveler, Shuppet, Banette (Rare), Lairon
Water: Seel, Dewgong, Seadra (Rare)

Fusion Grunt spotted above near an opening and one below. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv39 Lucario) Prize: P1560

The opening leads to an area with a waterfall and a Black Belt who's not a fan of the goons in orange. Make a note of that Black Belt, we'll be back for him..and of course that waterfall, someday. Go on south. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv37 Mienfoo, Lv38 Mienshao) Prize: P1560

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv37-38 Scraggy x2) Prize: P1520

Surf to the right and continue. The puzzle is ahead. 

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv39 Snorlax) Prize: P1560

Not too bad this puzzle, get through and meet the next Grunts. 

Team Fusion Grunt Prize: P1520
(Lv38 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Poliwrath)

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv39 Granbull) Prize: P1560

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Heracross, Pinsir) Prize: P1520

Through the opening and we get that much closer to them Labs. 

MT. STRATUS (Team Fusion HQ Entrance)

Pokemon Found
Golbat, Absol (Rare), Banette, Lairon, Bagon (Super Rare)
Water: Seel, Dewgong, Seadra

The Hiker standing by the rock wall will heal your team. One Grunt by the opening and another below. 

Team Fusion Grunt Prize: P1520
(Lv36 Timburr, Lv37 Gurdurr, Lv38 Conkeldurr)

The opening just leads to the top of the mountain, nice view and everything. We'll be back later. South and beyond.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Sceptile, Blaziken) Prize: P1520

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv39 Toxicroak) Prize: P1560

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv39 Poliwrath) Prize: P1560

Across the water is TM02 (Dragon Claw). Surf west to the guarded entrance. You'll find a Full Restore just past it and the waterfall where we met that Black Belt below it. 

Team Fusion Grunts Prize: P3000
(Lv37 Hitmonlee & Lv38 Hitmonchan, Electivire & Magmortar)

We'll be outside, snowy slope and find Blake and Henri. The Labs are closeby so Blake goes on while Henri will stay here and if you need to heal the team, he's the man. 


(Entrance Area)

PC in the top left corner if you need it. The second Engineer we see on the right will battle us. 

Engineer Maverick (Lv39 Magneton, Magnezone) Prize: P1248

Then he tells us about a Password that we'll need to unlock the gate just up ahead. The clue he gives is that it has to do with the month of April. Right. The computer next to him offers information on Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, with certain words highlighted. Noted. 

Engineer Eli (Lv39 Electabuzz, Electivire) Prize: P1248

His clue says it is something Dialga uses extensively. Huh...

Engineer Wesley (Lv39 Lanturn) Prize: P1248

What's the hardest known material? Anybody?? Because that's the password. DIAMOND. All CAPS. Gate comes down and we continue. Coming through, Grunts.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Machoke, Machamp) Prize: P1520

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38 Gurdurr, Conkeldurr) Prize: P1520

(Area 2)

Another gate, another password to be figured out. The intern Engineer on the right will heal our team. 

Engineer Daniel (Lv39 Magnezone) Prize: P1248

Clue: has something to do with Palkia. Hmm, I'm sensing a pattern here...I went and tried the password I was thinking of aaaand nope. Wrong.

Team Fusion Grunt (Lv38-39 Mienfoo x3) Prize: P1560

Engineer Paxton (Lv39 Dratini, Dragonair) Prize: P1248

There's a Master Ball in the room below him. The password for this second gate is SPATIAL. One more. 

On the right we have Adam and Lucian.

Engineer Adam (Lv39 Luxray x2) Prize: P1248

Engineer Lucian (Lv39 Beldum, Metang) Prize: P1248

And on the left are Grant

Engineer Grant (Lv41 Machop) Prize: P1312

Punch in GRISEOUS and let's move on up-- Henri's mom Regina comes down to stop us. One boss isn't enough, gotta have 2.

Fusion Boss Regina Prize: P2460
(Lv40 Zoroark, Lv41 Ditto, Roserade, Lv42 Kecleon)

Then she spills the beans on Team Fusion is up to - attempting to make an ultimate TM that any Pokemon can learn, thanks to Mew. Sounds interesting...but I have serious questions. What if the move itself is lousy?? And what type would it be?? PP amount?? Base power?? Special or Physical?? She goes back upstairs, letting us continue. We arrive just in time for the festivities. There's Michael and the legendaries, ready for a boss battle that could very well transcend time and space, I think. 

Fusion Boss Michael (Lv42 Dialga, Palkia, Giratina) Prize: P2520

We survive that fight but Michael isn't done, he has the trio perform a summoning of Mew. The New Species Pokemon attacks Michael and flies into a rage. We have to subdue it before it destroys the place. Speak to the Engineer if you need to heal up. Mew is at Level 45. Don't waste that Master Ball on it. After the battle it will disappear. Michael underestimated the power of the legends, he'll have to change tactics. Everyone leaves and Blake enters the room, he was held up. Then we vanish again and reappear in the Dreamspace, an area between our universe and Luke's. Looks like we've succeeded because he says the universes are separating now, so this is probably the last time we'll see Luke. Not the best place to say goodbye but it is what it is. 

Back in our universe Blake gives us HM08 (Dive). Next stop, Darkwood Town and that last Badge. Outside the Labs, still out in this horrible weather, is Henri. He tells us that Michael will no longer be the CEO of Fusion Co. He'll be travelling now and so will Henri. Rival #4, then?? Don't do it, Henri! After he leaves, the game asks us if we want to take the long way to Palmtree Resort. Saying Yes sends us back to Palmtree Resort immediately. But saying No gives you a chance to speak to that Black Belt again and he'll give you a Level 30 Timburr, if you got room. 

Back at Sunshore Beach, got new faces around and some of them will battle us. The couple relaxing side by side are Nathaniel & Rosy.

Esper Nathaniel (Lv38 Gallade) Prize: P456

Esper Rosy (Lv36 Umbreon, Lv37 Espeon) Prize: P432

Running up and down near that Fisherman who sells the Golden Magikarp is Jose.

Tourist Jose (Lv37 Glaceon, Leafeon) Prize: P592

Swimmer Rachel (Lv36 Empoleon) Prize: P144

From the first Dive spot we reach, this is what you'll find:

TUNOD SEA FLOOR (Route to Darkwood)

Pokemon Found
Chinchou, Lanturn (Rare), Clamperl

You can pick up a Heart Scale by the sea plant on the left. 

We return to that mountain face, Dive, enter the underwater cavern and resurface in the Darkwood Grotto. 


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Mankey, Primeape (Rare), Machop, Machoke (Rare), Mienfoo
Water: Zubat, Slowpoke
Underwater: Chinchou, Lanturn (Rare)

That Black Belt we see is Foo.

Sensei Foo (Lv39 Blaziken, Infernape) Prize: P312


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Primeape, Machoke, Mienfoo, Shuckle
Water: Zubat, Slowpoke, Slowbro (Rare)
Underwater: Chinchou, Clamperl, Huntail (Rare), Gorebyss (Rare)

Sensei Nob (Lv40 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan) Prize: P320

Dive spot to the right from him. Under there, resurface from the right and pick up TM29 (Psychic) in the next area. Back to the Dive spot and carry on to the one at the end of this stream and go under. Resurface from the northwest. We'll reappear in the northwest corner of that first area. Got a Black Belt standing near a ladder going up and to the right is a Full Restore. 

Sensei Ming (Lv40 Poliwrath) Prize: P320


Pokemon Found
Zubat (Rare), Primeape, Machoke, Mienfoo, Scraggy

That is a Dusk Stone you see there. On the left is a Black Belt and his partner Mienfoo. Beat him and he'll teach your Pokemon the move Superpower more than once. Mienfoo, Scraggy and Croagunk can't learn it, not sure of which others can't learn as well. 

Sensei Con (Lv50 Mienfoo, Mienshao) Prize: P400

Sensei Terr (Lv40 Gallade x2) Prize: P320

Sensei Vir (Lv41 Breloom) Prize: P328

Interesting information from Vir about the Swords of Justice being somewhere here. To the right from this Black Belt is, yes you guessed it, another Black Belt. The item, not another Trainer :) the exit is to the left. We've arrived:

[013] DARKWOOD TOWN - "Enter as a Trainer & leave as a Fighter."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Gym
- Cameron's Dojo
- Fighters Fountain
- Darkwood Pharmacy

Pokemon Found
Water: Magikarp


MooMoo Milk P500
Energypowder P500
Energy Root P800
Heal Powder P300
Revival Herb P2800
Lava Cookie P200
Berry Juice P100

Last stop before we step up to challenge the League. Look who's blocking the Gym entrance - Percy. Really dude? He'll wait there until you're ready to battle him. Gives us time to check around. You can make a wish at Fighters Fountain. Same deal as the Mew Shrine. The woman living next door to the Darkwood Pharmacy will give us TM40 (Aerial Ace). She was a Trainer during the time of previous Gym Leader Bruce. 


You can buy 10 battles to raise a certain stat, only P5000. Or go to next room and face the man himself. 

Gentleman Cameron Prize: P2800
(Lv50 Gallade, Infernape, Heracross, [Shiny] Breloom, Scrafty, Machamp)

For defeating him we'll receive a Level 40 Blaziken (holding Charcoal).

Back to Percy for another match. 

Pokemon Trainer Percy Prize: P1600
(Lv40 Gardevoir, Seadra, Scraggy, Lv39 Manectric, Lv41 Quilava)

After that he gives us HM07 (Waterfall), needed to make our way through Waterfall Gorge, west of town. All good. For the last time (in this region anyway) it is Gym time.


Leader: Tyson - The Toughest of Tunod!"

Fitting that the Gym...looks like an actual gym. Here we go.

Sensei Tao (Lv41 Gallade) Prize: P328

Sensei Lin (Lv39 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan) Prize: P312

Sensei Hiro (Lv40-41 Primeape x2) Prize: P328

Sensei Jun (Lv39 Gurdurr, Lv40 Conkeldurr) Prize: P320

Sensei Shiro (Lv39 Machoke, Lv40 Machamp) Prize: P320

Sensei Ran (Lv40 Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee) Prize: P320

Step into the ring and let the fight begin. 

Leader Tyson Prizes: P1840 + Clobber Badge + TM01 (Focus Punch)
(Lv43 Hitmonlee, Gallade, Scrafty, Lv45 Lucario, Lv46 Conkeldurr)

Done and done, got all the Badges and we can conquer waterfalls. Now we turn towards the League. I know I'd said we'd do some backtracking after getting the last Badge, but I think I'll do that after getting through the League. Along with Pokemon that can swim, scale waterfalls, bring one that can climb rock walls


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeotto, Sandslash, Ditto, Scrafty, Ursaring, Gabite (Rare)
Water: Buizel, Tentacool, Pelipper (Rare), Floatzel (Rare)

Up the waterfall and first Trainer spotted is Benny.

Swimmer Benny (Lv41 Tentacruel) Prize: P164

Below the next waterfall is Larz. Cave opening nearby.

Swimmer Larz (Lv40 Buizel, Lv41 Floatzel x2) Prize: P164


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Golbat (Rare), Sableye, Banette

Heading west. The item spotted above a rock wall is an Old Amber. Of all places to be picking this up haha, wow. 

Outside is Dill. 

Swimmer Dill (Lv40 Politoed, Poliwrath) Prize: P160

Swimmer Missy (Lv41 Vaporeon) Prize: P164

Going west.

Sensei Iroh (Lv41 Snorlax) Prize: P328

Tourist Trip (Lv39 Conkeldurr, Lv40 Gabite) Prize: P624

Down the next waterfall for Cyrus.

Swimmer Miley (Lv41 Milotic) Prize: P164

Just to the left is the cave entrance for Mt. Furnace and beyond that is the Badge Check building. 


Pokemon Found
Vulpix, Arcanine, Koffing, Magmar, Slugma, Magcargo (Super Rare), Magby, Magmortar (Rare)

Nothing we can do here for now but we'll be back. Inside the Badge Check building speak to the Tourist if you want to trade a Seadra for his Fraxure. Next is the Path of Victory. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot (Rare), Zweilous, Fraxure, Heracross, Linoone, Manectric (Rare), Seviper, Castform (Rare)
Water: Tentacruel, Pelipper (Rare), Floatzel

Percy was waiting outside the Darkwood Gym and here we find Chelle. Why are you bothering with us, go face the League already.

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P1680
(Lv42 Raichu, Parasect, Breloom, Gabite, Lv44 Meganium)

She says someone in an orange suit is waiting for us ahead. Henri? Damn. On the right is Lucbui's Lab. He's the maker of this hack. Get outta here man, xD I'm yet to play a hack where the maker is the Champion. That would be hilarious. We have a chance to battle him. Sure.

Pokemon Trainer Lucbui Prize: P2000
(Lv55 Quilava, Lv50 Jolteon, Breloom, Porygon-Z, Metagross, Manectric)

Extra prize is a Level 30 Quilava (holding an Everstone). Fine looking game you got here so far, Lucbui.

Back on the road, we see Hishiro. 

Sensei Hishiro (Lv42 Machamp x2) Prize: P336

Esper Hilda (Lv40 Beldum, Lv41 Metang, Lv42 Metagross) Prize: P504

And the first Cooltrainer met in this game, Riley. 

Cooltrainer Riley (Lv41 Riolu x2, Lv42 Lucario) Prize: P1640

Up ahead is the entrance to the mysterious Sinustrus Forest. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Umbreon, Murkrow, Misdreavus (Rare), Houndoom, Zorua, Absol (Rare), Mismagius (Super Rare)

Pinicker Taylor (Lv42 Ninjask, Shedinja) Prize: P168

Sensei Liam (Lv41 Gurdurr, Lv42 Gurdurr, Conkeldurr) Prize: P336

Cooltrainer Matheson (Lv43 Gabite, Dragonair, Druddigon) Prize: P1720

Picnicker Jeffrey (Lv43 Venusaur, Sceptile, Serperior) Prize: P172

That item above the ledge is a Smoke Ball, reached via a shortcut just to the left from Jeffrey, blocked by a tree. Carry on to meet Penny up north and then there's the exit. 

Picnicker Penny (Lv43 Jumpluff, Victreebel) Prize: P172

Back on the Path of Victory.

Sensei Shiro (Lv42 Breloom, Poliwrath, Heracross) Prize: P336

By the beach is Samantha and the reminder about Victory Road still yet to be gotten through haha, what we've been through so far (starting from Waterfall Gorge) could qualify as a Victory Road. 

Picnicker Samantha Prize: P164
(Lv41 Zangoose, Lv42 Pidgeot, Lv43 Swellow, Noctowl)

Into the water and swim like you mean it. 

Swimmer Vanessa Prize: P168
(Lv40 Feebas, Lv41-42 Tentacruel x2, Milotic)

Swimmer TJ (Lv43 Qwilfish, Tentacruel) Prize: P172

On solid ground again and there's Phil. 

Esper Phil (Lv44 Gardevoir) Prize: P528

Past the Badge Checkpoint is a PokeCenter and the orange suited person Chelle told us about, not Henri but his old man! Michael has become a good guy now and to make up for his bad guy ways he gives us the CEO Keypass. An associate of Michael's wants to meet us at the top floor of Fusion Co. That's fine, but Michael won't let us through into Victory Road until we meet this associate of his. Come on, man. This better be worth it.

Fly back to Palmtree Resort and take the elevator. The cleaning lady in the hallway will give us TM15 (Hyper Beam). In the office on the right we find Fusion Pikachu. Well, well. Another former bad guy who has turned good and wants a battle, for closure. Really? He's at Level 50 now. And then he becomes our Pokemon. How, what, where, why? If you already got a Pikachu (or even a Raichu at this point) then congratulations, here's another one haha. Could've done this AFTER clearing Victory Road. He has the "Lightning Rod" Ability, knows Volt Tackle, Double-Edge, Light Screen and Zap Cannon. 

Back to the Victory Road entrance. Despite turning his life around, Michael says Regina is divorcing him and now he'll being leaving this region for the Sonarai region (future region for a later Beta, or a reference to another game from Lucbui?). He also released Dialgia, Palkia and Giratina. All good, we'll go after them after the business with the League. Michael flies off and that finally opens up the next obstacle. 



Pokemon Found
Zubat, Golbat, Onix, Glaceon (Rare), Luxio, Aron, Lairon
Water: Golbat

Tunod Victory Road, let's see what you've got :)

Sensei Miro (Lv44 Lucario, Poliwrath, Breloom) Prize: P352

To the right is a rock wall and a ladder heading to an upper section on the next floor. Pause on that for now and let's clear this area first. 

Alpinist Willard (Lv42 Rhydon, Lv43 Rhyperior) Prize: P344

Cooltrainer Ed (Lv43 Electivire, Lv44 Dugtrio) Prize: P1760

North from him is a bridge and we'll wind round to the left and end up under the bridge to meet Turrel and see another ladder also heading up to the next floor. 

Alpinist Turrel (Lv45 Steelix) Prize: P360

Back to that rock wall ladder. 

(2F - Middle section)

Pokemon Found
Golbat, Onix, Glaceon, Aron (Rare), Lairon
Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler
Water: Golbat

That is a Super Repel near the ladder. Follow the path north to Marty.

Youngster Marty (Lv45 Scyther) Prize: P360

Below from him is a ladder going up to Jimmy and a deadend on the next floor. 

Youngster Jimmy (Lv44 Alakazam, Galvantula) Prize: P352

Back to 1F and that ladder next to Turrel. 

We are now on the bottom level of 2F. Across the pool are a left path and a right path. Starting on the left, where there's Simpson and 2 ladders leading to the left side portion of 3F: 

Alpinist Simpson (Lv44 Aerodactyl, Steelix) Prize: P352

One ladder near him and the other is up above from him. Take that one near him. 

(3F - Left Side)

Pokemon Found
Golbat, Sableye, Banette (Rare), Lairon
Water: Golbat

Surf down to a Super Repel and Dodger below the waterfall.

Angler Dodger (Lv44 Floatzel, Lanturn) Prize: P1760

North from him is Manshu and a ladder which takes us back to where Simpson is. 

Sensei Manshu (Lv44 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan Hitmontop) Prize: P352

Right path, where we find Phillipe and another ladder bound for 3F.

Cooltrainer Phillipe (Lv45 Rapidash) Prize: P1800

We'll pop up near the southeast corner and just under the deadend area. To the left is Robin. 

Cooltrainer Robin (Lv44 Shelgon, Lv45 Metagross) Prize: P1760

Wind round to the northeast corner for a ladder going back to 2F's northeast corner. Marcello is there.

Alpinist Marcello (Lv45 Marowak) Prize: P360

Near a ladder going back to 1F, southeast corner. Wind round to Yue. 

Sensei Yue (Lv44 Conkeldurr, Machamp) Prize: P352

Continue until you reach the Youngster below and the upward ladder. 

Youngster Perry (Lv44 Mightyena, Arcanine) Prize: P352

Back to 2F. Here's Ping.

Sensei Ping (Lv45 Gallade) Prize: P360

Below him is a ladder takes us back to 3F, middle area. From there, south all the way to the exit. Freedom! Tunod Victory Road, you were a fair opponent.

We are back on the Path of Victory. Core Badge Checkpoint and a potential Double Battle you could easily walk into. 

Sensei Lai (Lv45 Poliwrath) Prize: P360

Engineer Julius (Lv45 Magnezone) Prize: P1440

Straight ahead for the safe zone, finally here!

[014] TUNOD LEAGUE - "The Final Challenge for Trainers!"

Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Full Heal P400
Revive P2000
Max Repel P700

The lady on the left says the Elite 4 here are not type specialists but theme their teams based on colours. Interesting. On the right is the Move Deleter. Upstairs get a free hug from Quilava if you're feeling them nerves before stepping through the doorway. Heal up, gear up and let's see what the Tunod League is made of-- but we're stopped right at the doorway by the forgotten Rival #3 Cato, remember him? 

Pokemon Trainer Cato Prize: P1800
(Lv44 Houndoom, Porygon-Z, Lv45 Espeon, Gabite, Lv46 Feraligatr) 

I'd be happy if we've seen the last of Cato and company, because what else do they have going on besides bothering us for battles? It's not like we'll team up with them to stop the next villains now that Team Fusion is no more. 

No tournament style League here unfortunately nor will we be taking on the Elite 4 in whichever order we want. Going old school, enter a room and the door is locked behind you. First Elite is Rosaline and her Blissey, powered by pink. I'm reminded of Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney :) guess we'll be seeing her later. Cue that Elite 4 theme!

Elite 4 Rosaline Prize: P4800
(Lv46 Lickitung, Lv47 Slowking, Milotic, Chansey Lv48 Blissey)

Next is Magnus and Drapion, stepping up with mysterious purple. 

Elite 4 Magnus Prize: P4900
(Lv47 Arbok, Sableye, Lv48 Mienshao, Gengar, Lv49 Drapion)

Third is Tanya and her Dragonite, rocking orange like a certain ramen-loving ninja.

Elite 4 Tanya Prize: P5200
(Lv49 Floatzel, Shedinja, Lv51 Infernape, Arcanine, Lv52 Dragonite)

Hm, are you sure Shedinja is orange? Not brown..?

Final Elite is the former Champ himself and his Skarmory. Nice that we get the chance to fight him.

Elite 4 Gray Prize: P5300
(Lv51 Zoroark, Aggron, Lv52 Mightyena, Machamp, Lv53 Skarmory)

You have a chance to heal up and prepare because in the next room you'll go straight to Blake and Darkrai. He may be the Champ but in terms of being helpful during our tangles with Team Fusion, his record is a little sketchy haha. For the Donut title, here we go!

Champion Blake Prize: P6840
(Lv54 Weavile, Houndoom, Honchkrow, Umbreon, Lv55 Snorlax, Lv57 Darkrai)

Congratulations, new Champion! Or are we...? Blake says if we're going to be traveling then the region won't have a Champion. Really? And who walks in just to be installed the new Champion - Percy. We just went from being new Champion to former Champion in one go. We didn't even forfeit the title. So we have to come back to battle Percy for the millionth time at some point? That's pretty lousy. 

No credits roll. After the Hall of Fame we wake up back home. Prof. Willow is outside with news about Prof. Oak and his student, they've flown in from Johto. We'll find them at the Southerly City Airport. 

Before going over there, I'll be doing some backtracking to cover some areas we couldn't explore without the right HMs. If you're ready to go meet Oak now, just skip down to "Back at the Southerly City Airport". Starting south of Glenwood:


Pokemon Found
Grass: Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Wingull
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

**NOTE** There are no grassy areas along this route, maybe in a previous version of the game? The only other place where Zigzagoon is located, according to the Pokemon Locations guide, is the Johto Safari Zone. Doesn't really make sense since Linoone is found in this region.  

There's a cave with a Pokemon Egg left behind. Got some room? A Lapras will hatch from it. At the end of the channel is Nitchside Cove and an HP Up. Next stop, the Temporal Sea east of Chocco Town.


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Omanyte (Rare), Kabuto (Rare), Wingull

First Trainer found is Jamie.

Swimmer Jamie (Lv30 Staryu x2, Lv31 Starmie) Prize: P124

Star Piece near the Fisherman. 

Swimmer Marc (Lv30 Wartortle, Croconaw, Marshtomp) Prize: P120

Swimmer Harriet (Lv29 Wingull, Lv30 Pelipper) Prize: P120

On the tiny island with the gray rock is a Rare Candy and the end of this side of the Temporal Sea, with the Tower being on the other side. Next stop is Zone 4 of the Safari Zone now that we can scale waterfalls. Get there and follow the path which goes on further south.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Zweilous (Super Rare), Lickitung, Tauros, Fraxure (Super Rare), Roserade (Rare), Granbull (Rare), Miltank, Druddigon, Zoroark (1/40 chance as an NPC)
Water: Psyduck, Mantine (Rare)

To the right from the Black Belt is TM22 (Solarbeam). Southwest across the lake is the area where a Youngster heard about Zoroark appearing there sometimes. If you're lucky to see it, excellent. Unless this is some special edition Zoroark, I'm good. Already got one, as I'm willing to bet some of you got one as well at this point. Next stop, Soheal's Strait so we can pay this so-called great battler a visit. West of Seaspray Town.


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

Stay near the edge of the mainland to find an Elixir to the south. Rare Candy on Soheal's island. The man is part of the Elite 4 in another League. Well now, and here I was just expecting a regular Trainer battle :) bring it.

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Special Edition)
Elite 4 Soheal Prize: P5000
(Lv50 Dragonite, Lucario, Infernape, Gliscor, Espeon, Victini ?!)

Not too bad. For defeating him we receive that Victini, Level 40. Off to Turquoise Bay. 


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Horsea, Wingull (Rare), Pelipper (Super Rare)

Surfing south under the Serene Bridge until we find the path heading west to the Haunted Isle. Before going that way, carrying on south. I see Jackson and past him is Forlorn Cape.

Swimmer Jackson (Lv30 Staryu x2, Starmie) Prize: P120

Going west, stopped by Carly.

Swimmer Carly (Lv28 Wingull, Lv30 Pelipper) Prize: P120


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Goldeen (Super Rare), Wingull (Rare)
Rock Smash: Geodude

Swimmer Bailey (Lv30 Floatzel, Krabby) Prize: P120

The Fisherman on the next island will give us a Level 25 Chinchou if you have room. Past him is the Haunted Isle and further on is Seaspray Bay.


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

On the island occupied by Tony, search that top right rock for Iron and that bottom left one for a Heart Scale. 

Youngster Tony (Lv29 Swellow, Floatzel) Prize: P232

Hyper Potion on a tiny patch of land further on and we'll reach Seaspray Town soon enough. Backtracking done, time to see Samuel L. Oak. 

Back at the Southerly City Airport. Oak is with his student Kris, who gives us the Plane Ticket. Destination Johto! 


[015] CHERRYGROVE CITY - "The City of Cute, Fragant Flowers!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Guide Gent's House

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Pelipper (Rare), Qwilfish (Rare)

We touch down and are met by the legendary Guide Gent, still at it. He suggests we get a Starter from New Bark Town and won't let us leave via the northwest exit until we do. Let's look around before going east. 

That offline machine outside the PokeCenter is for Teleportation, because Flying has been banned in Johto thanks to those flying machines. I wouldn't mind Teleporting if it was via a Key Item we can carry with us and just like Fly we can select destinations. What we've got instead will only make travelling and backtracking through Johto not really fun. 

Southwest of town, hidden among those trees is Mystic Water. We also hear that Mt. Silver erupted and destroyed the Indigo Plateau. So no chance of Kanto being another region to be explored in a future Beta? Damn, and a certain silent Trainer has lost his legendary training spot. Eastward now, eyes on Route 29. Familiar roads. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Raticate, Furret, Noctowl, Linoone (Rare)
Headbutt: Spearow, Aipom
Water: Tentacool, Wingull, Pelipper (Rare)

The woman we meet says there's a Move that is used to jump the rocks by the ledges and Falkner's Badge enables it. That fine Move is Bounce. Another TM we have to look forward to haha, great. For those of you who love getting Berries, we got a tree just up above from that woman. Guess that makes sense since we're Johto. Got Headbutt trees too, that man standing next to them will teach the Move. Mario is by the Gate leading to Route 46.

Youngster Mario (Lv48 Arcanine) Prize: P384

We can have a peak. 

ROUTE 46 (Southside of Mountain Road)

Pokemon Found
Grass: Raticate, Fearow, Graveler, Axew (Rare)

Curious note from the guy found here about Blackthorn City possibly not being around, given what happened to Mt. Silver. Back to Route 29. 

Northwest corner has Theseus and a Shiny Stone. 

Bug Catcher Theseus (Lv46-47 Scyther x2, Lv47 Scizor) Prize: P376

Sensei Sugo (Lv47 Scrafty x2) Prize: P376

Here we are, where it all begins. 

[016] NEW BARK TOWN - "Where Winds of a New Beginning Blow!"

Places of Interest
- Prof. Elm's Lab
- Ethan's House
- Kris's House

Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Tentacruel, Qwilfish (Rare)

There's a Luxury Ball in Kris' room. In Ethan's room is an email from two years ago on his computer. The guy's been places :) is he somewhere in Johto though? East of town is Route 27, what's left of it now. There is also the Johto Badge Check building. At the Lab we find Chelle and her brother, an original Rival - Silver (brother?!) Now he's a Gym Leader (guess all Rivals are destined to become Gym Leaders sooner or later, haha. Blue, Bede from Sword/Shield and now Silver). Another challenger has popped up at his Gym so he leaves. No battle from Chelle, for now? Have some room in your party and speak to Prof. Elm for those Johto Starters. 

Then back to Cherrygrove and receive the Badge Case from Guide Gent. All good, our Johto journey can finally get started.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Butterfree, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Ledian, Jumpluff (Rare)
Headbutt: Aipom, Spearow
Water: Poliwag, Poliwhirl (Rare), Poliwrath (Super Rare)

Bug Catcher Eli (Lv45 Butterfree x2) Prize: P360

On the other side of that pool is a Sharp Beak. You'll get a Sitrus Berry from the man living in that house. North from there is Mansford, standing at a legendary spot :)

Tourist Mansford (Lv49 Garchomp, Samurott) Prize: P784

Stick to that path on the right, going to see another legend up ahead. The item found is a Star Piece. The house of Mr. Pokemon, a big fan of ours apparently. He has a Pokemon Egg (Togepi Egg) if you got room. 

Along that path on the left is Billy. 

Bug Catcher Billy (Lv49 Ninjask, Shedinja x2) Prize: P392


Pokemon Found
Grass: Butterfree, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Weepinbell, Lickitung (Rare), Ledian
Water: Poliwag, Poliwhirl (Rare), Politoed (Super Rare)

It suddenly gets dark when we step onto this route, like when it's raining. Up ahead is classic Dark Cave. Got a Lantern so let's put it to work and see what's in there. 


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Graveler, Dunsparce (Super Rare), Ursaring (Rare)
Rock Smash: Krabby, Shuckle
Water: Magikarp, Gyarados (Super Rare)

Follow that path north and drop down a ledge to pick up a Shiny Stone. North across the water is an opening which leads to a deadend, unless you're coming down from Blackthorn. Continue along the way to the south past the smash rock. Northeast has a Max Elixir. Down along that east wall leads to two paths, the left path has a Hard Stone. At the end of either path is the exit leading to Route 46 and Mushu right outside.

Sensei Mushu (Lv49 Breloom x2) Prize: P392

Back to Route 31. Sleeping guy is still around but no Bug Catcher Wade in the grass. In the Gate a woman mentions the PokeGear+. Will we get that later? Stepping out into the rain and the next town. 

[017] VIOLET CITY - "The City of Nostalgic Scents!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Sprout Tower
- Pokemon School


Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacruel, Pelipper (Rare)

Waiting past the PokeCenter is Henri, no longer in orange haha. Bad news though, his mom has now formed Team Fusion 2.0 and they'll be going after as many legendary Pokemon as they can. They just don't quit these guys. Henri spotted them entering the Ruins of Alph. So we have a remix of Team Fusion and for now it's just us and Henri. Blake is nowhere and I doubt our friendly neighbourhood Rivals will be of much help, we'll see. 

Speaking of Rivals, there's Cato standing by the Gym. Business as usual with these people, even in a new region haha. He's not there to battle us (yet) just to tell us that Falkner isn't there. He has gone to the Ruins to Alph. Let's look around first. In the house southwest from the PokeCenter is the man looking to trade his Onix for a Bellsprout (which can only be found in the Johto Safari Zone according to the Location guide. Makes zero sense). I believe there was such a man back in the Gen 2 days, right?

At Pokemon School, Earl is still around and some of his students are willing to battle us. 

Beauty Megan (Lv50 Linoone, Furret) Prize: P800

Bug Catcher October (Lv50 Pidgeot, Noctowl) Prize: P400

Youngster Nero (Lv49 Charizard, Blaziken) Prize: P392

Across the pool above the School is a Leaf Stone. We learn that the Head Sage no longer gives out the HM Flash but now teaches Pokemon the move Bounce. Let's pay him a visit.

SPROUT TOWER - "Experience the Way of Pokemon."

That's an X Defend in the corner to the right. Are the Sages active?


Indeed they are, first one is Nico. 

Sage Nico (Lv50 Bellsprout x3) Prize: P10000

Next to him are steps going to the northeast corner of 1F. Back there, Chow is in the northwest corner.

Sage Chow (Lv50 Bellsprout x3) Prize: P10000

Steps leading to the northwest corner of 2F. 

Sage Edmond (Lv50 Bellsprout) Prize: P10000

There's a Trade Stone northeast from him and those steps go up to the top floor. 


Got Neal on the right and Jin on the left.

Sage Neal (Lv50 Bellsprout) Prize: P10000

Sage Jin (Lv50 Bellsprout) Prize: P10000

Then there's Troy but you can avoid him and go straight to the Head Sage. 

Sage Troy (Lv52 Victreebel, Lv50 Noctowl) Prize: P10000

Head Sage Li is talking to a man named Pius, having some opposing views. Before Pius leaves he says we can contact him at the Church of Alpha if we get motivated to learn more about Arceus. In the right corner is an Escape Rope. Then comes the time to figure out which Pokemon can even learn Bounce. If none of the Pokemon you've got so far can learn it, well, I don't know what to tell you haha Ponyta is one that can learn it. Spoink, Grumpig too but they ain't even in the game. 
Mienfoo learns it at Level 40. 

Then we chase after Falkner. South from the Gym is the exit leading to Route 32 and the eastern entrance to the Ruins. 


Pokemon Found (Outside)
Grass: Kadabra, Alakazam (Super Rare), Smeargle
Water: Wooper, Quagsire

The new goons have been spotted. Team Fusion 2.0, bigger and better than before? No more Grunts, they got Drudges now.

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv50 Zangoose) Prize: P2000

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv50 Crobat, Drapion) Prize: P2000

Enter that puzzle chamber and drop down. Nice to know that someone solved all the puzzles. Only Pokemon found down here are still Unown. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv49 Floatzel, Lv50 Magnezone) Prize: P2000

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv51 Ampharos) Prize: P2040

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv49 Gligar, Lv50 Gliscor x2) Prize: P2000

Below is a guarded ladder heading back up. Can't battle those 3 guarding it so we move on. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv50 Emboar, Blaziken) Prize: P2000

The next 2 Drudges are almost hidden near the doorway to the south area. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv51 Magmortar) Prize: P2040

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv48 Lapras, Lv49 Gyarados, Milotic) Prize: P1960

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv52 Swampert) Prize: P2080

In the hall ahead we see Regina enter another chamber to retrieve whatever is in there. So we're doing this again, showing up to stop the bad guys but even after battling them they still get away with whatever they came to collect. Come on. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv50 Bagon, Shelgon, Lv51 Salamence) Prize: P2040

We enter the chamber to see Regina take the Volcano Orb. You know how this ends, let's get on with it.

Fusion Boss Regina Prize: P3120
(Lv52 Ditto, Kecleon, Miltank, Wobbuffet, Zoroark)

The Volcano Orb has power to summon Entei. Team Fusion leaves. Rinse and repeat :/ seriously, Team Fusion is back and we're just going to be doing the same stuff as before? That's rather disappointing because there are more legends involved now so more chasing and futile battles. 

Outside we are met by Falkner, who has trapped with other members of staff in the Research Center building, hence why he was nowhere to be seen until now. He'll go back to the Gym now. South from the Gate we came through is not another pick up item or TM but the Penthouse Key for that top floor at the Fusion Resort! We'll take that, thank you. We'll check that out after defeating Falkner. The north Gate leads to Route 36. The Legendary Pokemon Research Lab is there. West of the Lab is that spot where a certain tree-looking Pokemon used to block the road back in the day. This time though we'll bump into an unknown Engineer who has been looking for that Pokemon, Sudowoodo. 

Engineer ??? (Lv50 Sudowoodo, Lv51 Magnezone) Prize: P1600

This is Lars, a researcher at that Lab. He is an expert on Latias and Latios and he'll tell us their locations, which change from time to time. Right now he says that Latias has been seen near Glenwood Town. We'll be right back, Falkner.

Fly back home and go to west. There she is, Level 50 Latias. Catch her while you can! 

Well, since we're back in Tunod, might as well check out that top floor at the Fusion Resort. 

Turns out to be a secret Fusion lab. Got some Engineers looking for trouble. 

Engineer Tulio (Lv50 Chinchou, Lanturn) Prize: P1600

Engineer Juarez (Lv50 Magneton, Magnezone) Prize: P1600

On the table near him is a Dragon Fang. 

Engineer Liam (Lv51 Manectric) Prize: P1632

Engineer Elson (Lv52 Raichu) Prize: P1664

These guys have been busy despite Michael shutting down Team Fusion. They have the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orbs. 

Engineer Mikael (Lv53 Raichu) Prize: P1696

There they are on the table. Now we can search for those legends. 

First one - go back to Chocco Town and surf across the Temporal Sea to that wall of rock separating this part of the sea from the Temporal Tower one. The Adamant Orb will suddenly react and a cave opening is made in the rock. Level 50 Dialga awaits in that small cave. 

Second one - along the Haunted Sea, near the island occupied by the Fisherman. The Griseous Orb reacts and a cave entrance appears. The Renegade Pokemon is in there, Level 50 and all.

Third one - surf from Palmtree. That rock face near the Dive spot, the  Lustrous Orb reacts there. Level 50 Palkia, present.

That's all for now. Back to Johto.

If you return to Lars he'll just say he hasn't seen Latias or Latios' locations yet. Later on he'll tell us that Latios is near Darkwood. Specifically he is found north of the waterfall after Subfalls Cave. Level 50 too. 

Now to deal with Cato. Should we tell him about Team Fusion chasing legends? 

Pokemon Trainer Cato Prize: P2080
(Lv50 Porygon-Z, Lv51 Houndoom, Espeon, Lv52 Gabite, Lv53 Feraligatr) 

Gym time.


Leader: Falkner - "The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon."

No tricks, no gimmicks in this Gym like always. Simply going north. 

Tourist Martin (Lv53 Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow) Prize: P848

Youngster Ajax (Lv51 Gligar, Lv52 Gliscor) Prize: P416

Exactly how much stronger has Falkner gotten after all these years?

Leader Falkner Prizes: P2280 + Zephyr Badge + TM40 (Aerial Ace)
(Lv56-57 Pidgeot x2, Gliscor, Gyarados, Salamence)

Now we can Bounce, out of this Gym and as a Pokemon move :) off to Azalea Town to see Bugsy. 


The Pokemon Location guide has no information about this route unfortunately so the Pokemon shown here are just what I saw on the way. If I missed any, I'm sorry for that.

Pokemon Found
Grass: Raticate, Arbok, Pidgeot, Weepinbell
Water: Quagsire, Tentacruel

That Hiker above the ledge will battle us. 

Alpinist Darcy (Lv50 Steelix) Prize: P400

There's a Max Revive between those trees in the corner above him. 

Bug Catcher Martin (Lv49 Scyther, Scizor) Prize: P392

We reach the fishing spot. 

Angler Rojo (Lv50 Magikarp x2) Prize: P2000

Angler Popo (Lv49 Milotic x2) Prize: P1960

Youngster Consuelo (Lv48 Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape) Prize: P384

Close to the PokeCenter where someone used to sell Slowpoke Tails. Entrance into Union Cave close by.

Picnicker Johnny (Lv49 Skiploom, Lv50 Jumpluff) Prize: P200

Picnicker Alice (Lv49 Weepinbell, Lv50 Victreebel) Prize: P200

Behind the PokeCenter is TM32 (Double Team). There's a guard blocking the entrance into Union Cave, saying that there's something going on in Goldenrod City so we can't go to Azalea Town. Really? Back to Violet then west for Route 36. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Growlithe (Rare), Arcanine (Super Rare), Weepinbell, Ledian, Sudowoodo (Super Rare)

We're close to Ecruteak City, let's have a look. Besides, the Gate leading to the National Park is also blocked because of what's going on in Goldenrod and that shortcut which leads to Route 35 isn't there. Lovely.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Ariados, Pidgeot, Growlithe, Ledian

Bug Catcher Marley (Lv52 Pinsir, Scyther, Scizor) Prize: P416

Tourist Ford (Lv53 Garchomp, Hydreigon) Prize: P848

Esper Melissa (Lv54 Espeon) Prize: P648

Here we are, Ecruteak.

[018] ECRUTEAK CITY - "A Historical City!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Brass Tower
- Bell Tower
- Kimono Dance Hall

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

We find that Pius man when we arrive. He takes us to the restored Brass Tower. Restored by the residents. He'll ask us an interesting question, should people be able to catch legendary Pokemon? His church believes they should be left alone. Does our answer change the storyline or anything? He's aware of what happened at the Ruins of Alph and says his Church of Alpha will fight Team Fusion. We can contact him in a place called Whitewood City. Sure, but we'll keep an eye on his fella. Let's look around. 

Can't enter the Brass Tower without permission and can't enter the Bell Tower too. 

Working on the Teleport machine is none other than the man responsible for it - Bill, the world's greatest PokeManiac! He's been putting final touches on it until now. Only the red ones allow us to travel back and forth while the blue ones are one way. Gotta remember to register each time we reach a new town and now that it is online, you have to rush back to register in previous places. Best to do it now and then simply teleport back to Ecruteak. 

At the Kimono Dance Hall, if we can defeat the Kimono Girls we'll get some Sacred Ash from the Director. Would've been nice if he noticed that we have HM Surf and he remembers giving that HM to worthy Trainers back in the day. Starting from the left side:

Kimono Girl Zuki (Lv60 Umbreon) Prize: P12000

Kimono Girl Naoko (Lv60 Espeon) Prize: P12000

Kimono Girl Miki (Lv60 Flareon) Prize: P12000

Kimono Girl Sayo (Lv60 Jolteon) Prize: P12000

Kimono Girl Kuni (Lv60 Vaporeon) Prize: P12000

Time to see Morty.


Leader: Morty - "The Mystic Seer of the Future"

Certainly darker in here than it used to be haha but there is a visible path so minus the Gym Trainer ambushes, all good :) first one to see us is Felicity.

Esper Felicity (Lv54 Gengar) Prize: P648

Esper Calvin (Lv54 Banette x2) Prize: P648

The path will then branch left and right. Continue along the middle way to face Eddy. 

Esper Eddy (Lv54 Haunter x2, Lv55 Gengar) Prize: P660

The right side way leads to Sarah and then the man himself.

Esper Sarah (Lv54-55 Misdreavus x2, Froslass) Prize: P660

For the Fog Badge, here is Morty:

Leader Morty Prizes: P2480 + Fog Badge + TM30 (Shadow Ball)
(Lv60 Froslass, Mismagius, Sableye, Lv61-62 Gengar x2)

Hmm, we can either go on west to Route 38 and beyond or head east to Route 42 and beyond. The big destination is Goldenrod so we can try to do other things on the way there. I'm thinking of heading east, see how far we get and then return to Ecruteak and continue west. Ready?


Pokemon Found
Grass: Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, Fearow (Rare), Ekans, Arbok (Rare)
Water: Goldeen, Seaking

First Trainer spotted and the left side entrance into Mt. Mortar. 

Alpinist Roque (Lv53 Graveler, Lv54 Golem) Prize: P432

Roque is right about Mt. Mortar being a maze. Not fun to navigate through in text form like this, so I say let's pause on Mt. Mortar for  now and carry on to Mahogany City and beyond. On our way back to Ecruteak we'll dive into the mountain and hope for the best :) Phil is way on the other side near the right entrance.

Angler Phil (Lv53 Gyarados, Milotic) Prize: P2120

Snowboarder Salem (Lv55 Weavile) Prize: P1320

[019] MAHOGANY CITY - "Home of the Ninja!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Souvenir Shop
- Pryce's House
- Gym (Closed)

Heal Powder P300
Energypowder P500
Energy Root P800
Revival Herb P2800
Lava Cookie P200

Still a quiet little place with not much going for it, good old Mahogany. But no Gym now that Pryce has retired. He's home and he'll give us TM14 (Blizzard) + a little history about Mt. Silver's eruption. A new part of Mt. Mortar called the BlackWhite Ruins was opened up because of the eruption. We also learn that Whitewood City has a Gym, Psychic-themed and run by Brian. At the infamous Souvenir Shop we'll find those stairs leading to the old Team Rocket hideout, but they are closed off now. One more place to visit before we leave town. North bound. Bring a Pokemon that can Cut.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Mienshao, Furret, Linoone, Glalie
Rock Smash: Shuckle
Water: Magikarp

Tourist Eli (Lv53-54 Gabite x2, Garchomp) Prize: P864

There's a Nugget across the river from him. Follow the river up to Nolan.

Angler Nolan (Lv57 Floatzel) Prize: P2280

Northeast from Eli is Hiiro.

Sensei Hiiro (Lv55 Mienshao) Prize: P440

Alpinist Flitt (Lv52 Graveler, Onix, Lv54 Golem, Steelix) Prize: P432


Pokemon Found
Grass: Hoothoot (Rare), Spinarak, Mareep, Aipom, Scraggy, Gligar (Rare), Snubbull (Rare), Roserade (Rare)
Water: Azumarill, Quagsire

We're told that a girl found a Red Gyarados here in the past. Same girl who solved the Ruins of Alph puzzles? In the Fisherman's Hut we find out about a special Pokemon living in the lake, identified by bubbles on the surface appearing sometimes. Because of Team Rocket's antics all those years ago, there are now higher chances of finding Red Gyarados now than ever before. Well, thanks Team Rocket :) if you did buy that Golden Magikarp from that Fisherman, then those higher chances don't really mean anything now. Let's explore. 

That Fisherman near the sign will battle us. 

Angler Barny (Lv55-56 Tentacruel x2) Prize: P2240

Three more Fishermen northeast from him: Wade, Carter and Elliot

Angler Wade (Lv58 Swampert) Prize: P2320

Angler Carter (Lv55 Mantine, Lv57 Qwilfish) Prize: P2280

Are you another trap, Elliot??

Angler Elliot (Lv53-57 Gyarados x5, Lv90 Magikarp) Prize: P3600

No bubbles I'm seeing so far. Going back south and then northwest to circle the lake. Got a maze of trees. 

Picnicker Louise Prize: P220
(Lv54 Lapras, Lv55 Garchomp, Zweilous, Delibird)

She says at the end of the maze is a house occupied by a man who'll give us the Hidden Power TM. The first tree to be cut is just up ahead from her. After it, continue with that path and ignore the next tree. After the 3rd tree, you can go left for the house or all the way to the northeast corner for a Big Pearl. After getting TM and Pearl, return to town and let's move on. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Poliwhirl, Mienshao, Lickitung, Jynx (Rare), Smoochum (Rare)
Water: Poliwag, Poliwhirl (Rare), Poliwrath (Super Rare)

Snowboarder Gregory (Lv54 Snorunt, Glalie, Froslass) Prize: P1296

Grant will spot us from the other end of the path going east. 

Alpinist Grant (Lv54 Onix, Steelix x2) Prize: P432

Cross the small pool, raising an eyebrow at that random Dragonite standing above a tree haha, to pick up Nevermeltice. Grant says Ice Cave caved in, screwing up any travels to Blackthorn. Continue past him and circle the next pool of water, going left to find Ansem. Not THAT Ansem. If only.

Picnicker Ansem (Lv56 Meganium) Prize: P224

That Hiker near the cave entrance will give us TM28 (Dig), needed to excavate through divots we'll find on the ground. But we can't do that without the Night Badge from another place called Evergreen. Into the cave so we can assess the damage.


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Jynx (Rare), Sneasel (Rare), Piloswine, Delibird (Rare), Glalie
Water: Slowbro, Dewgong (Rare), Cloyster (Rare)

You'll find a Max Repel while surfing southeast. At the end is a ladder going up. Next area is small, surf north to another ladder going to the 3rd area. That item on the left is more Nevermeltice. All the way south then west to a rock wall we scale down. Got a ladder going down but can't be reached and another ladder below which is going up. 4th area, to the left is Rare Candy and a ladder going up. 5th area, the only item here is a Nugget and then to the south is the exit. 

[020] BLACKTHORN CITY - "A Quiet Mountain Retreat."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym (Closed)
- Dragon's Den
- Move Deleter & Relearner's House


Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Pokemon Found
Water: Gyarados, Dratini, Dragonair (Rare)

Blackthorn lives! Normally the last stop of the Johto Gym Badge collecting adventure, but this time round though it's become a tourist spot basically. Let's see what's going on. 

In the house northeast of the PokeCenter is a guy looking to trade his Ampharos for a Dragonair. 

The Gym is closed because Clair isn't accepting challengers now, she's still in quite a state after not knowing what has happened to her cousin Lance since the eruption. I guess that explains the new Gym cities Whitewood and Evergreen. Got Pryce and now Clair out of commission. We can't enter Dragon's Den. That's Blackthorn done. Going south to Route 45.


Pokemon Found (North)
Grass: Glalie, Gligar, Ursaring, Piloswine, Delibird, Skarmory (Rare), Bagon (Rare)

There's an entrance into Dark Cave on the left, go south and circle round. Got a couple of Dragon Tamers spotted.

Dragon Tamer Thane (Lv66 Fraxure, Lv67 Haxorus) Prize: P3216

Dragon Tamer Nigel (Lv66 Dragonair) Prize: P3168

DARK CAVE (Blackthorn Entrance)

Pokemon Found
Golbat, Graveler, Wobbuffet (Rare), Teddiursa (Rare), Ursaring (Rare)
Water: Magikarp, Gyarados (Rare)

If you surf to the southeast corner, you'll meet Marlo and pick up a Timer Ball.

Alpinist Marlo (Lv71 Golem) Prize: P568

Northwest from him, across the water, is a rock wall. Above it is TM36 (Sludge Bomb). North from there, up the stairs and you'll see an item in the northwest corner - Big Mushroom. Then you just leap off ledges going south to reach the exit leading back to the main area of Dark Cave. From there go to the southeast exit which leads to Route 46 and the southern end of Route 45. 


Pokemon Found (South)
Grass: Graveler, Gligar, Skarmory (Rare), Donphan, Cloyster (how random, xD)
Water: Magikarp 

Southeast from the cave is a Hiker who'll mention divots in the ground which could lead to an underground tunnel along this route. To see such a divot you'd have to Bounce up the ledge and go north. Ronny is there. 

Youngster Ronny (Lv49 Linoone, Furret) Prize: P392

Just up those stairs, that's the divot. It is connected to another divot which is in the southeast area above the Hiker. Back to the cave and carry on south along Route 46. Down the ledge on the right to pick up a Dire Hit while the ledge on the left leads to Ted.

Picnicker Ted (Lv48-49 Jumpluff x2) Prize: P196

You drop down from there to return to the south end of this route. Done and done (for now). We'll be back to explore that underground section of Route 45. Teleport back to Mahogany and head west. We are diving into Mt. Mortar next. Brace yourselves, bring a Pokemon that can use Waterfall and Rock Climb.

MT. MORTAR (Mahogany Town Entrance)


Pokemon Found
Raticate, Golbat, Machoke, Graveler (Rare), Heracross (Rare), Gurdurr

Going north to find the entrance leading to B1F.


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Machoke (Rare), Graveler (Rare), Hitmontop
Water: Tentacool, Tentacruel (Super Rare)

Two ladders here, one straight ahead and the other one is northwest. Both going up. Can't reach that first one. Second one just leads to an area above the waterfall found in the middle cave. Big Pearl. Head back outside and continue west for that middle entrance. 

MT. MORTAR (Waterfall Entrance)


Pokemon Found
Raticate, Golbat, Machoke, Graveler (Rare), Heracross (Rare), Gurdurr
Water: Dewgong, Seaking, Marill

Got a ladder going below. Above the waterfall in front of us is TM48 (Skill Swap). Take the ladder, leading to that B1F under area we couldn't reach. There's a Nest Ball and that ladder. Takes us above the waterfall, southeast corner. Circle round and we'll be above the wall of rocks in the water. Got an entrance to the north, reached after scaling a rock wall on the left and another rock wall above it on the right. That entrance is for the BlackWhite Ruins.


There's a white cave entrance on the left (contains a warm white rock) and a black cave entrance on the right (contains a sparky black rock). Between them is a tablet with Braille on it. Talk about a throwback haha, damn. Some advice ladies and gentlemen, always have a Braille alphabet/number codebreaker saved somewhere. So what does this fancy message say, hm?


Noted. Back outside and we finish up with the left side. 

MT. MORTAR (East of Ecruteak Entrance)


Pokemon Found
Raticate, Golbat, Machoke, Graveler (Rare), Heracross (Rare), Gurdurr

Cave entrance ahead leads to a new area of 1BF where you just go all the way to right to pick up a Max Revive. Yup, that's Mt. Mortar done. Wow, here I was thinking it'll be the major maze it used to be. So in a way that eruption did have some blessings in disguise. Back to Ecruteak and onwards to the west.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Raticate, Magneton, Pinsir (Rare), Persian (Special Encounter)

First Trainer spotted. 

Captain Blair (Lv53-54 Gyarados x2, Milotic x2) Prize: P1728

At the end of that path is Major and if you go through the grass above, you'll meet Templeton the trap.

Captain Major (Lv54 Seadra x2, Lv55 Kingdra) Prize: P1760

Engineer Templeton Prize: P1728
(Lv53-54 Magneton x3, Magnezone x3)

Past them is Llewelyn.

Youngster Llewelyn (Lv54 Seviper, Zangoose) Prize: P432


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Raticate, Magneton, Tauros

Moment we step onto this route, here comes Chelle. Besides being worried about Cato, rinse and repeat.

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P2120
(Lv53 Seadra, Absol, Lv54 Raichu, Lv55 Breloom, Garchomp, Lv56 Meganium)

Silver is the Gym Leader of Evergreen from what she says afterwards. Interesting, also what has happened to Cato? 

MooMoo Farm on the left but straight ahead is a wall of bamboo blocking an entrance. The man near it says we need Fury Cutter to clear it and that move is activated by the Hive Badge from Bugsy. Noted. At the farm go in the house and speak to the farmer to buy some MooMoo Milk for P500. Out back is MooMoo, she's still around after getting those berries all those years ago. I remember that, haha...wasn't fun running around hunting for 7 berries. In the fields, speak to the woman to receive a free bottle of MooMoo Milk. Northwest pen has Mildred the Miltank we are allowed to catch because she has become troublesome. But if you already got a Miltank, just defeat her to calm her down. 

Carrying on south for Olivine. 

Youngster Benjamin (Lv57 Raticate) Prize: P456

Captain Thorold (Lv54 Magnemite, Tentacruel) Prize: P1728

Tourist Yewford (Lv56 Zweilous) Prize: P896

[021] OLIVINE CITY - "The Port with Sea Breezes!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Olivine Lighthouse
- Olivine Harbor
- Olivine Cafe

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Still looking good, Olivine and with a bridge connecting you to Cianwood too :) impressive. What's happening around town?

We learn that there's no more Gym in Cianwood because Chuck decided to open a Dojo instead. Dammit, Chucky! xD.

You can trade a Magikarp for a woman's Slowpoke at the house northeast of town. A Magikarp she'll end up cooking, just so you know. 

At the Olivine Cafe, sit by the counter to be served a cup of cocoa for P100. Isn't this where we received an HM back in the day? Strength?? 

No ticket so no business at the Olivine Harbor but there's some information about the Rankor Crew, 4 future opponents to look forward to. 

Got ourselves another Challenge at the Olivine Lighthouse. Here we go:


Youngster Flynn (Lv61 Charizard, Skarmory) Prize: P488


Bug Catcher Anthony (Lv62 Scizor) Prize: P496


Tourist Boris (Lv63 Granbull, Gardevoir, Togekiss) Prize: P1008


Esper Laverne (Lv64 Mismagius, Froslass) Prize: P768


Alpinist Orion (Lv66 Aggron) Prize: P528


Engineer Drake (Lv66 Umbreon, Absol) Prize: P2112


Esper William (Lv67 Wobbuffet) Prize: P804


Dragon Tamer Alduin Prize: P3264
(Lv68 Dragonite, Salamence, Hydreigon)

At the top we meet the owner of this lighthouse, who decided to set up a Challenge here after seeing the Serenity Isle one succeed. We get 2 prizes this time: TM35 (Flamethrower) and the chance to meet Jasmine's Ampharos. Good to see that she's doing alright. 

With all that done, we can see Jasmine.


Leader: Jasmine - "The Steel-clad Defense Girl!"

We got a couple of Gym Trainers this time, nice step up :) there used to be none!

Alpinist Solidad (Lv56 Steelix x2) Prize: P448

Picnicker Marlene (Lv55 Magneton x2, Lv56 Magnezone) Prize: P224

How's it going, Jasmine?

Leader Jasmine Prize: P2520 
(Lv59 Aggron, Magnezone, Lv60 Metagross, Scizor, Lv63 Steelix)

We only get the prize money because just before we get the Mineral Badge, another Gym Leader runs in looking for Jasmine - Whitney. Trouble still going on in Goldenrod and there's smoke coming from Ilex Forest. Instead of giving us the Badge Jasmine has to leave, says she'll meet us on Route 36. Pretty lame :/

For those of you who curious about that Cianvine Bridge, it is not open to the public yet so no hopping over to Cianwood. Off to sort out this mess. Return to Violet and the Gate leading to the National Park. Whitney talks to the guard so we can go through. Jasmine has gone on ahead. No Bug Catching Contests until this situation is taken care of.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Butterfree (Rare), Beedrill (Rare), Pidgeot, Nidorina, Nidorino, Ledian

Here are the Trainers roaming about in the tall grass:

Bug Catcher Jolinn (Lv57-58 Butterfree x3) Prize: P464

Bug Catcher Sylvester (Lv58 Scizor) Prize: P464

Here are the Trainers roaming about in the regular grass:

Bug Catcher Tarquin (Lv56-57 Pinsir x2) Prize: P456

Bug Catcher Jack (Lv58 Armaldo) Prize: P464

There's a path from the northeast bench, going around the park from outside the fence. Round it to the southwest corner for a Max Repel. Done with the park for now. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Jigglypuff (Rare), Growlithe, Kadabra, Ditto (Rare), Yanma (Super Rare), Granbull, Yanmega (Rare)
Headbutt: Spinarak, Noctowl, Pineco
Water: Golduck

Follow that path on the right all the way round to get that Big Pearl behind the fence. You'll find Cyclon too.

Cooltrainer Cyclon (Lv59 Metagross) Prize: P2360

Picnicker TJ (Lv57 Scyther, Pinsir) Prize: P228

Picnicker Teela (Lv57 Lapras, Lv58 Starmie) Prize: P232

Then we finally arrive:

[022] GOLDENROD CITY - "The Festive City of Opulent Charm."

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Goldenrod Department Store
- Gym
- Radio Tower
- Bike Shop (Closed)
- Goldenrod Underground
- Bill's House
- Goldenrod Flower Shop
- Goldenrod Game Corner
- Train Station (Closed)
- Trade Building
- Name Rater's House


PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Revive P2000
Antidote P200
Parlyz Heal P300
Burn Heal P300
Ice Heal P100
Awakening P100
Full Heal P400
Escape Rope P550
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
PokeDoll P1000
Fab Mail P50

X Attack P500
X Defend P550
X Speed P350
X Special P350
X Accuracy P950
Guard Spec. P700
Dire Hit P650

(Each costs P9800)
HP Up 

TM17 (Protect)
TM16 (Light Screen)
TM33 (Reflect)
TM22 (Solarbeam)
TM38 (Fire Blast)
TM25 (Thunder)
TM14 (Blizzard)
TM15 (Hyper Beam)
TM08 (Rock Climb) formerly Bulk Up
TM42 (Facade)
TM43 (Moonblast) formerly Secret Power
TM31 (Brick Break)

(All except the Shiny Stone cost P3000 each)
Shiny Stone P2100

Team Fusion reborn, at it again. They've blocked off access to many places except the PokeCenter, the Dept. Store across from it and the northwest entrance to the Goldenrod Underground. Let's go down there first. 

That old doorway leading to the Dept. Store basement has been blocked off. Speak to the Day Clerk for some goods:

Yellow Flute P200
Black Flute P400
Shoal Salt P20
PokeDoll P1000
(Each costs P9800)

The hairstylists are gone now so no haircuts for the team. We'll resurface on the left of the PokeCenter, near the Teleport machine and Bill's House. He's not too happy about Team Fusion being around. Nothing else we can do, carry on to Ilex Forest. 


Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeot, Raticate, Jigglypuff (Rare), Kadabra, Ditto (Rare)
Water: Tentacruel, Kingler (Rare)

That is a Silk Scarf in the grass on the right. Surfing all the way south leads to what used to be a secret training spot for a trio of sisters. All that's there now is a Black CD in the bottom left corner. Hold on to these, keep 'em in your PC if you have to. Back on the road, got trouble on the way:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv59 Tyranitar) Prize: P2360

At the Day Care there's Egg Guy selling Pokemon Eggs for P500 each. A little hilarious that he's conducting his operations here at the Day Care haha. If you got the cash...

Left Egg -> Goldeen
Middle Egg -> Kangashan
Right Egg -> Ledyba

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv57 Starmie x3) Prize: P2280

Then the smoke from the forest rolls in. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv56 Lucario, Lv58 Togekiss) Prize: P2320

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv57 Zweilous, Lv58 Hydreigon) Prize: P2320

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv59 Electivire) Prize: P2360

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv59 Magmortar) Prize: P2360

Through the Gate and into what's left of the once majestic Ilex Forest. 


Pokemon Found
Butterfree, Beedrill

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv59 Samurott) Prize: P2360

Follow the path north then south from him. There's fire blocking the right side way.

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv58 Ambipom, Clefable) Prize: P2320

Southwest corner. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv58-59 Donphan x2) Prize: P2360

Past her the path splits left and right. Left side has a Drudge standing next to fire, probably started it xD. Carry on right. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv58 Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon) Prize: P2320

At the end are Whitney, Jasmine and Regina. Behind her is the legendary Shrine for the forest's time-travelling guardian. She starts some fires and we step up to battle her, again. 

Fusion Boss Regina Prize: P3660
(Lv60 Zoroark, Banette, Ditto, Kecleon, Lv61 Aggron)

Celebi appears and Regina demands that it give her the Aurora Orb. Celebi uses its time-travel power to send us to a different time. It claims to not have the Orb but here it is now and Regina takes it. We return to the present time. Got 2 Gym Leaders with us and they did absolutely nothing to stop Regina, who leaves now that her business here is done. This is getting a little boring. 

Pius shows up and aftering hearing about Celebi he flies off with Jasmine, who still hasn't given us that Gym Badge. Whitney will return to Goldenrod and that gives us a chance to explore the forest and finally step into Azalea Town and finish off with checking out Union Cave. Enter the Gate to the south and come back to the forest, at least now the smoke is gone. At the end of that right side path we couldn't use before is some Charcoal. 

[023] AZALEA TOWN - "Living Happily with Pokemon!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Gym
- Kurt's House
- Charcoal Kiln
- Slowpoke Well

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Thanks to Ernest and his team of firefighters, the forest fires didn't reach town. Let's look around.

The man who used to give out HM Cut years ago now teaches Fury Cutter if we come back to him with the Hive Badge. His famous Farfetch'd isn't around, would've been nice to hear what it has to say since we got the PokeComm. 

Kurt is still making PokeBalls if you can provide him with Apricorns. There's a White Apricorn tree in his yard. 


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Slowpoke, Slowbro (Super Rare)
Water: Slowpoke, Slowbro

Northwest corner has a King's Rock. Southwest is a ladder going below, where we find a Net Ball and a nice simple Braille message:


Gym time.


Leader: Bugsy - "The Walking Bug Pokemon Encylopedia!"

Ernest steps out of the Gym after having a chat with Bugsy. He invites us to see him again in Cianwood at that Dojo. Friendly rematch to look forward to. The Gym is designed like a mini forest, with spider webs blocking off paths. No problem getting to the first Gym Trainer, Delila.

Picnicker Delila (Lv58 Ninjask x2, Shedinja) Prize: P232

She advises us to avoid walking through the spider webs. 

Bug Catcher Chadwick (Lv60 Pinsir) Prize: P480

Picnicker Perry (Lv59 Yanma, Yanmega) Prize: P236

Bug Catcher Antoine (Lv59 Ledian, Ariados) Prize: P472

Then we battle Bugsy.

Leader Bugsy Prizes: P2640 + Hive Badge + TM36 (Sludge Bomb)
(Lv64 Forretress, Yanmega, Lv65 Armaldo, Pinsir, Lv66 Scizor)

Nice, no fuss no problem. Now we can learn Fury Cutter and afterwards we head east for Union Cave. 


Pokemon Found
Headbutt: Pineco

Alpinist Duncan (Lv61 Golem) Prize: P488


Pokemon Found (1F/B1F)
Raticate, Sandslash, Golbat, Graveler, Onix (Rare)
Water: Quagsire

One thing we've heard about Union Cave is the presence of a special Lapras. Let's try to find it. 

Alpinist Jarod (Lv59 Rhydon x2, Lv60 Rhyperior) Prize: P480

There are 2 ladders, one to the west and another in the southwest corner, both going below. The southwest one leads to another ladder descending further. In the basement, northeast has Sammy.

Youngster Sammy (Lv62 Porygon-Z) Prize: P496

The item on the left is an Ultra Ball. On the right is Jeremia. 

Alpinist Jeremia (Lv60 Gurdurr, Conkeldurr, Machamp) Prize: P480

Tourist Chester (Lv59 Floatzel, Garchomp) Prize: P944

This is where the mysterious singing has been heard from. No Lapras seen at the moment. Just like the Zoroark situation. If you were lucky to find Lapras, all good. Back to the top area. The other ladder leads to another basement area where we find a Blank CD and Floyd.

Archeologist Floyd (Lv61 Unown, Kabutops) Prize: P1952

Past him are 2 exits, one in the northwest corner and one blocked by a boulder. According to Floyd they lead to the Ruins of Alph. Northwest exit takes us to the section that has grass while the other exit takes us to the chamber in the southwest and southeast sections of the ruins. The Braille message found on the wall in the southwest chamber is this:


Back to Union Cave and continuing north. 

Youngster Terle (Lv60 Breloom) Prize: P480

From him, southeast corner, hidden behind a rock is TM29 (Psychic). 

Sensei Lun (Lv60 Lucario, Conkeldurr) Prize: P480

Alpinist Hulio (Lv61 Marowak x2) Prize: P488

The exit is on the right and we're done with Union Cave. Teleport back to Goldenrod and we have a look around town. 

No more trains running between Johto and Kanto after what happened. The Bike Shop is closed now. You can buy berries at the Flower Shop. Receive a Coin Case from the dark-haired guy at the Goldenrod Game Corner. 

50 Coins P1000
500 Coins P10000

Abra 100 Coins
Cubone 700 Coins
Dratini 2100 Coins

TM32 (Double Team) 1500 Coins
TM29 (Psychic) 3500 Coins
TM35 (Flamethrower) 4000 Coins
TM24 (Thunderbolt) 4000 Coins
TM13 (Ice Beam) 4000 Coins

Check out the books on the left side shelves at Bill's house. Interesting info about Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno and the Whirl Islands. 

Looking to trade? Visit the Trade Building. Prof. Oak is there too on the 2nd floor and he brought with him the Kanto Starters. Make room. Top floor is where Pokemon which appear during some events can be picked up. 

No PokeGear+ so we can't get the Radio App at the the Radio Tower. Can't go up to the upper floors because of recent happenings. That's pretty much it, the Gym is next.


Leader: Simon - "The Luckiest Man on Earth!"

Has Whitney retired or something? Simon is in charge now and Fairy-type is the theme here. Is he building his own harem??

Beauty Carroll (Lv58 Clefairy, Clefable x2) Prize: P928

From her continue on ahead, going round and seeing Whitney with Simon. 

Beauty Nikky (Lv59 Granbull x2) Prize: P944

Beauty Diane & Tourist Cirrus Prize: P1888
(Lv59 Wigglytuff & Azumarill) 

Beauty Leann (Lv58 Togetic x2, Togekiss) Prize: P928

Turns out that Simon is Whitney's boyfriend and Whitney is now part of the Johto League. Nice upgrade, so why couldn't you stop Regina though?? Here's Simon:

Leader Simon Prizes: P2520 + Plain Badge + TM45 (Attract)
(Lv61 Clefable, Lv62 Mawile, Azumarill, Togekiss, Lv63 Gardevoir)

Done and done. Got the Hive Badge, we have Pokemon that know Fury Cutter so let's go clear that bamboo. 

If you return to Route 35 you'll find a Fisherman by that pond. Defeat him to receive a Level 30 Feebas. More than once.

Angler Freed (Lv60 Milotic x3) Prize: P2400

There's a Bug Catching Contest going on now. Have one Pokemon in your party and get out there. First prize is a Fire Stone.


Pokemon Found
Paras, Weedle, Caterpie, Joltik

Speak to the lady sitting with a Cyndaquil to receive a Quick Claw. 

Several hours later...

Past the bamboo is the Bamboo Forest.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Drapion, Lickitung, Tangela, Skiploom, Jumpluff (Rare), Yanma, Forretress, Tangrowth (Rare)

First 2 Trainers spotted, on the left is Gigi and up ahead is Tory.

Picnicker Gigi (Lv60 Skiploom, Lv61 Jumpluff) Prize: P244

Picnicker Tory (Lv62 Breloom) Prize: P248

Continue on past Tory, northeast has Jill. 

Picnicker Jill (Lv60 Tangela, Lv61 Tangrowth) Prize: P244

Northwest to find Jack. There's a joke in there somewhere :) 

Picnicker Jack (Lv60 Haxorus, Yanmega) Prize: P240

The exit is on the right, leading to Route 48.


Pokemon Found
Grass: Rapidash, Nincada, Gligar
Water: Wooper

There's a "glitch" here too: when you press Start there's no Bag or Save listed. Can't even change the party positions of your Pokemon. What's up with this? Let's get to Whitewood ASAP, hopefully this glitch doesn't extend that far. Follow that grassy path on the right if you want to pick up a Blank CD.

Hooligan Alex (Lv60 Fraxure, Lv61 Haxorus) Prize: P976

Youngster Rolf (Lv59 Bagon, Lv60 Shelgon) Prize: P480

Hooligan Beck (Lv60-61 Zweilous x2) Prize: P976

Beauty Verna (Lv62 Gardevoir) Prize: P992

[024] WHITEWOOD CITY - "A Spiritually Cleansed City!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Gym
- Church of Alpha
- Whirlpool Tutor's House
- Whitewood Graveyard

Catching a conversation in progress by the Church: a Deacon won't allow Whitney to disrupt the service. She tells us that Jasmine hasn't gone back to her Gym since flying off with Pius, who is a pastor here. Once we have more information we'll go back to Whitney, so let's look around.

Curious looking tombstone in the Whitewood Graveyard, "RIP GHS" on it. 

There's a man who teaches Whirlpool, he lives northwest from the PokeCenter. We can't reach the southeast section of town, where the Gym is, because the draw bridge has been retracted by Brian. Time for church.


Pius is finishing up the service with some scripture. We speak to him afterwards, he doesn't know about Jasmine. A Deacon shows up to talk to him about the graveyard and an issue, but they move the chat to Pius' office. Back to Whitney to let her know and then we return to the graveyard. Inspect that tombstone and reveal a secret stairway.

We find 4 doors, two are open while one has a red lock and the other has a yellow lock. There's a Deacon near the far left door. 

Alpha Deacon (Lv60 Kadabra, Ampharos) Prize: P3600

Going through the doorway on the right. 

Alpha Deacon (Lv62 Lucario) Prize: P3720

Past him is a door with a blue lock. 

Alpha Deacon (Lv61 Kangaskhan, Kadabra, Lv62 Azumarill) Prize: P3720

In that room on the right is a Red Key. Back to the main corridor to unlock the door. Leads to more Deacons guarding a prisoner:

Alpha Deacon (Lv61 Chansey, Lv62 Blissey) Prize: P3720

Alpha Deacon (Lv61 Absol, Drapion x2, Kecleon) Prize: P3660

Alpha Deacon (Lv61 Absol x2, Lv62 Kadabra, Alakazam) Prize: P3720

We find Whitney, locked up because she couldn't tell Pius where Celebi is. A password is needed to unlock the cell but she doesn't know it. She gives us the Blue Key though. This unlocks a storage room where we find a cleaner guy who tidies up the Sexton's office. He doesn't know the password but he'll give us the Yellow Key. Bust into the office and hear from the man about not looking behind the southeast tombstone. Behind it the Roman numerals MMXIII are scratched on. That's our password. Go back and release Jasmine. She doesn't want to leave without dealing with Pius, but his office is locked. Who could have the key for this?

Return to the Sexton. He has to leave to ring the church bells. While he does that we can look around the office. Open his desk drawer to find the Ornate Key. Back to Jasmine and when you're ready, step in. Just when it looks like it'll be 2 vs 1, the Sexton shows up and we have ourselves a tag team match. Got Jasmine as our partner, pick your best 3 Pokemon and let's dance.

Alpha Leader Pius & Alpha Sexton Prize: P8900
(Lv64 Gallade & Lv63 Milotic, Absol & Gardevoir, Noctowl & Pidgeot)

Seriously Steelix, all you did was use Toxic haha. Pius can't believe they lost but he has other business to attend to and leaves. Jasmine FINALLY gives us the Mineral Badge and TM47 (Steel Wing). Outside Pius' office we meet up with Whitney, who did nothing. Another member of the Elite 4 who wants help taking on the bad guys but at the end of the day doesn't really help us much haha. 

We can cross to the southeast corner of town now and say Hi to Brian.


Leader: Brian - "The Brains of Whitewood!"

Got a library here, not bad. Gotta defeat all the Gym Trainers or Brian won't face us. Silent combat. 

Engineer Chip (Lv63-64 Jynx x2) Prize: P2048

Esper Jessibelle Prize: P732
(Lv61 Kadabra, Alakazam, Kirlia, Gardevoir)

Esper Jerry (Lv63 Wobbuffet) Prize: P756

Engineer Manuel (Lv62 Alakazam x2) Prize: P1984

Esper Linda (Lv62 Slowbro, Slowking) Prize: P744

Now we find out whose mind is greater:

Leader Brian Prizes: P2720 + Psyche Badge + TM04 (Calm Mind)
(Lv65 Starmie, Espeon, Lv66 Gardevoir, Alakazam, Lv68 Gallade)

He's cool enough to heal our team afterwards, and predicts that there's trouble ahead for us. Kinda expected :) danger follows us everywhere. Outside we meet Henri and he needs our help with Team Fusion again. You better help out this time dude. There's an important object that was left behind for Regina at that old hideout in Mahogany. He'll wait for us there. 

Good news, the Cianwood Bridge is open now so let's head west. 

Back in Olivine and then Route 40. 


Pokemon Found
Water: Tentacool, Tentacruel

Near the bridge is a woman named Bridgette (Ha) She and her friends have a little challenge going on here - defeat all 5 of them and we get a prize. Shades of the Nugget Bridge challenge from back in the day. 


Pokemon Found
Wingull, Pidgeotto (Rare), Pidgeot (Rare), Taillow, Swellow, Pelipper

Youngster Nigel (Lv66 Azumarill) Prize: P528

Picnicker Diane (Lv65 Floatzel x2) Prize: P260

Beauty Twee (Lv66 Blissey) Prize: P1056

Sensei Fo (Lv65 Conkeldurr, Machamp) Prize: P520

Tourist Grant (Lv66 Hydreigon, Haxorus) Prize: P1056

Go back to Bridgette to collect a Lucky Egg, neat. Onwards to Cianwood!

[025] CIANWOOD CITY - "A Port of Crashing Waves!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- Cianwood Pharmacy
- Chuck's Dojo
- Obedience House
- Cliff Edge Cave entrance


Heal Powder P300
Energypowder P500
Energy Root P800
Revival Herb P2800

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Full Heal P400
Revive P2000

A little sad to hear that the Whirl Islands sank. No nostalgic sea route between Olivine and CIanwood. What's new in Cianwood?

The Photo studio is no longer there. We got the Obedience House though, if you have any Pokemon who are giving you trouble in battles bring them here. 

The Pharmacy is still running, good to see. No Gym, so let's see this fancy Dojo Chuck has now.


So-called Dojo haha this is a hangout lounge! What have you done, Chuck? The Gym Leaders present are Tyson, Flo, Lief and Silver. On other days, according to Chuck, there could be different Gym Leaders. Who's up for a rematch?

Leader Flo Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Swarmpert, Vaporeon, Gyarados, Lv67 Starmie, Milotic, Lv68 Kingdra)

Leader Lief Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Tangrowth, Jumpluff, Sceptile, Lv67 Breloom, Leafeon, Lv68 Venusaur)

Leader Tyson Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Heracross, Toxicroak, Lv67 Mienshao, Scrafty, Lucario, Lv68 Conkeldurr)

I thought Ernest would be here. Speak to Silver, he enjoyed our battles and leaves for his own Gym. That's Cianwood done. Our western journey continues, going through Cliff Edge Cave to reach Route 47. 


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Machoke, Graveler (Rare), Onix, Kingler, Quagsire, Steelix (Super Rare)
Water: Wooper, Quagsire

Those items you on the right are a Rare Candy and a Hard Stone. The exit is in the southwest corner above us. 


Grass: Raticate (Rare), Spearow (Rare), Fearow (Rare), Weepinbell (Rare), Ditto, Noctowl, Miltank
Water: Tentacool, Seel, Staryu

First Trainer is Colt.

Alpinist Colt (Lv61 Onix, Lv62 Golem, Steelix) Prize: P496

Across the bridge from him is Silverpowder then back into the mountain. In the cave are 2 ladders, one descends to the beach and the other takes us to the northwest exit. 

Beach area has that glitch as well. Surf west, don't worry about the 2 waterfalls on the way, until you find a rock wall waiting to be climbed. At the top of it is the entrance for the Embedded Tower, where at some point we will return to find Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Noted. Go back and use that other ladder. 

That guy going in circles is Cedric the Picnicker. 

Picnicker Cedric (Lv63 Yanmega) Prize: P252

Across the bridge is Yoric.

Alpinist Yoric (Lv62 Lucario, Machamp) Prize: P496

Almost hidden by those 3 slim trees is Diana. 

Picnicker Diana (Lv61 Breloom x2, Gallade) Prize: P244

Carrying on north leads to the Johto Safari Zone while to the west is Tiana and Evergreen Town. Let's go there first and then we'll jump into the Safari Zone before teleporting to Mahogany. 

Beauty Tiana (Lv62 Wigglytuff, Clefable, Persian) Prize: P992

[026] EVERGREEN TOWN - "Where the Grass is Greener!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter
- PokeMart
- Chelle's House
- Gym
- CD Shop
- Captain Sean's House


Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Speaking of Chelle, she's waiting near the Gym and of course she wants another battle, but you can choose to decline. Or...

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P2560
(Lv63 Absol, Lv64 Breloom, Garchomp, Kingdra, Lv65 Raichu, Lv66 Meganium)

She's going to prepare for the battle against Clair. That's good news, at least she has recovered now. Thought maybe the Blackthorn Gym was closed indefinitely. Let's look around before facing Silver. 

Chelle and Silver's mom is home, used to be a Rocket Grunt back in the day. No mention of our guy Gio though haha. 

Saved up those Blank CDs which we've found during our travels? Good, bring them to the CD Shop and have them turned into TMs. Speak to the owner's sister to receive a free CD. She says sometimes wild Porygon have one. 

When we've got permission from the League or have a ticket we can talk to Captain Sean about transporting us to this danger zone known as Rankor. For now, let's see Silver. 


Blacker than the blackest black x infinity in here :) shades of Morty's Gym from back in the day because there's an invisible path to be followed...but if you look carefully you'll see clear squares on the bigger stars. Use them as a guide. From the entrance just walk straight up to the right side of the first Gym Trainer:

Esper Victor (Lv63 Mightyena, Zweilous) Prize: P2520

Continue on straight ahead to the next platform. 

Hooligan Hurls (Lv62 Houndoom x2) Prize: P992

From facing him go straight down and take 2 steps off the platform, turn left and continue to the next one.

Cooltrainer Marx (Lv63 Zoroark) Prize: P2520

1 Step off the platform from the right edge, turn north and go on to the 2 clear squares just under the moon platform where Silver stands. Turn right to the next platform. 

Hooligan Spitz (Lv64 Murkrow, Lv63 Houndoom x2) Prize: P1008

Walk off the platform from that top edge and we reach the moon. Here is Silver:

Leader Silver Prizes: P2720 + Night Badge + TM46 (Thief)
(Lv65 Honchkrow, Lv66 Weavile, Absol, Umbreon, Lv68 Hydreigon)

Now we can use Dig through those divots in the ground. Next stop, the Johto Safari Zone. 


...which we're told has 12 zones! Makes the Tunod Safari Zone seem like it's not serious. Each zone has different Pokemon and it costs P100 to travel from zone to zone. We're shown the zones and pick a destination. The Pokemon Location guide doesn't indicate by zone though, just in general like any other areas:

Pokemon Found
Grass: Pidgeotto, Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, Fearow, Ekans, Arbok, Sandshrew, Sandslash, Nidoran[F], Nidorina (Rare), Nidoran[M], Nidorino (Rare), Clefairy, Clefable (Super Rare), Jigglypuff, Zubat, Golbat (Rare), Psyduck, Golduck (Rare), Abra, Machop, Machoke, Bellsprout, Geodude, Graveler, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Magnemite, Magneton, Grimer, Gastly, Haunter, Onix, Krabby, Kingler (Rare), Marowak, Koffing, Weezing, Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan, Jynx, Magmar, Tauros, Ditto, Sentret, Furret (Rare), Marill, Hoppip, Skiploom, Wooper, Quagsire (Rare), Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Mawile, Heracross, Piloswine, Delibird, Phanpy, Donphan, Roserade, Smeargle, Smoochum, Snorunt, Glalie, Froslass

Rock Smash: Raticate, Fearow, Golduck, Geodude (Rare), Machoke, Ponyta, Slowbro (Rare), Muk (Rare), Kingler, Skorupi, Lickitung, Rhydon, Chansey, Electabuzz, Ditto (Rare), Furret, Fraxure (Super Rare), Mareep, Skiploom (Rare), Wobbuffet, Granbull, Shuckle, Houndour, Houndoom, Donphan, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Breloom (Rare), Spinda, Riolu (Super Rare), Lickilicky (Super Rare), Buizel, Floatzel (Rare), Gible (Super Rare), Electrike, Manectric (Rare), Mamoswine, Toxicroak (Super Rare), Luxio (Super Rare), Absol (Rare), Shuppet (Rare), Banette (Rare), Seviper, Zangoose (Rare), Aron (Rare), Lairon (Rare), Shelgon (Super Rare), Beldum (Rare)

Water: Poliwag, Poliwhirl (Rare), Shellder, Cloyster, Seaking, Magikarp, Lapras (Rare), Marill (Rare), Skiploom (Super Rare), Wooper, Qwilfish, Mantine, Huntail (Rare), Gorebyss (Rare)

Not sure which version of Glazed this guide is for but there are no rocks you can smash anywhere, even in zones where you'd expect to find them. When you've had enough, return to Mahogany. 

Fusion Drudges are blocking the Gate to the north and the eastern exit. At the Shop we hear that Pryce went into the Hideout. How far has he gotten??


Pokemon Found
Arbok, Meowth (Special Encounter), Golbat, Houndoom, Persian (Special Encounter), Wobbuffet, Murkrow, Weezing, Rhydon

(Area 1)

Been a while, this place. Just missing statues linked to alarms :) 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv62 Breloom) Prize: P2480

Far left has a closed gate, carry on south. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv61-62 Mienshao x2) Prize: P2480

2 paths, middle one and right one. Middle path leads to a battle and Rare Candy:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv62 Zangoose, Seviper) Prize: P2480

Pryce already took care of that guy by the computer. Back up for that right side way:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv61 Glaceon, Lv62 Mamoswine) Prize: P2440

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv62 Floatzel x2) Prize: P2480

Another closed gate and the panel which operates it has been ripped off. Same for the other gate then. Doorway below.

(Area 2)

First Drudge in the new area can't open another gate.

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv63 Toxicroak) Prize: P2520

Continue to right, there are steps going below. 

(Area 3)

Encountered Electrode here. Got Engineers too, first 2 in the room above. We battled them at the Fusion Labs:

Engineer Wesley (Lv64 Lanturn) Prize: P2048

Engineer Eli (Lv63 Electabuzz, Electivire) Prize: P2016

The 3rd Engineer will heal our team. Going northeast for steps heading up. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv62 Aggron) Prize: P2480

(Area 4)

Another Engineer from the Fusion Labs. 

Engineer Maverick (Lv63 Magnezone x2) Prize: P2016

Convenient PC in the corner from him if you need to switch up. 

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv62 Espeon, Umbreon) Prize: P2480

(Area 5)

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv63 Magmortar) Prize: P2520

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv63 Electivire) Prize: P2520

Past them, on the left are steps leading to a small area where you pick up TM06 (Toxic) and on the right we see Henri talking to Pius. But Henri doesn't know about the man and oddly enough our character, whom we know can talk, doesn't say a thing. Pius plays the good guy who doesn't agree with Team Fusion's plans and we just play along. Seriously? We go in to confront Regina. This is where Pryce is. Another Orb is about to be taken, the Thunder Orb which Pryce has had since his days with Team Rocket (?!) and he retrieves it for Regina. Come on. Now she's off to the Bell Tower. No help from Henri. Pryce did this for the money, of course. You used to be cool old man, no pun intended, but this is just sad xD.

Zip on back to Ecruteak. At the end of the Bellchime Trail we find Henri and Pius battling Drudges so we can go on ahead. 


Only Pokemon found here are Rattata and Raticate. No trouble on the ground floor/1F. 


Team Fusion Drudge (Lv65 Aggron) Prize: P2600

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv63 Zangoose, Seviper) Prize: P2520


Can't have a Bell Tower without those hurdles to jump over (if they have a official name, apologies for not knowing it haha). The steps heading up are in the northeast corner.  

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv65 Tauros) Prize: P2600


Got 3 steps here, northwest, southeast and southwest. All lead to 5F. Southwest just leads to an Escape Rope. Southeast leads to another Drudge and deadend:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv65 Poliwrath) Prize: P2600

Drudge near that northwest steps:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv64 Electivire, Magmortar) Prize: P2560


The steps we need are all the way to the south. 


Drudge running around the central beam:

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv64 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop) Prize: P2560

Steps are on the left.


Bring in the warp panels :) things getting interesting now. That warp panel up top (let's dub this one Warp 1), because it's connected to the right panel (Warp 2) on that middle platform. The left panel (Warp 3) sends us to the right side of 9F. 

(9F right side)

To the south is a Drudge standing between 2 panels (right panel is Warp 3 and left is Warp 4). Both lead to 8F, but use Warp 4 to reach a Shiny Stone on the south plaform.

Team Fusion Drudge Prize: P2560
(Lv64 Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Electivire, Magmortar) 

Back to 7F, there's a Drudge in the bottom right corner, next to a warp panel (Exit Warp, leads back to the ground floor):

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv66 Togekiss) Prize: P2640

Next panel (Warp 5) sends to the left side of 8F.

(8F left side)

Team Fusion Drudge (Lv65 Wobbuffet) Prize: P2600

Below from her is Warp 6, connects to the north platform on 9F. 

(9F top side)

Warp 7 on the left returns us to 8F, right side. North has Warp 8 and TM11 (Sunny Day) in the top left corner. Warp 8 sends us to the center plaform on 9F, where we find another Exit Warp and the final steps. 


Have we reached the end of this ridiculous chase after Regina? We see her place the 3 Orbs down and summon Ho-oh! Even though he won't obey her, she catches him anyway. No Master Ball needed, damn. Now with a legend on her side she's got some swagger. Another match, hopefully with something new afterwards:

Fusion Boss Regina (Lv50 Ho-oh, Lv65 Absol, Lv66 Zoroark) Prize: P3900

Pius and Henri show up, but Regina won't release Ho-oh even after being defeated again. She flies off with it. Pius hasn't given up on her and chases after. Henri says he will continue searching for her while we continue our regular journey. At least the Orbs have been returned. 

We'll receive permission from the Sages to enter both towers now, so out of the Bell Tower and into the Brass Tower.


Pokemon Found
Pidgeot (Rare), Raticate, Fearow (Rare), Pikachu (Rare), Raichu (Rare), Golbat, Haunter, Ledian

Got a warp panel on the right and the first steps on the left. 


Sage Lung (Lv66 Alakazam) Prize: P13200

Those steps take us back to 1F. 

Sage Pao (Lv65 Gardevoir, Gallade) Prize: P13000

Back to the basement. 

Sage Ti (Lv65 Alakazam) Prize: P13000

Tells us that one of the Johto Elite 4 came by here. Whitney again?? Back to 1F. 

Sage Wan (Lv65 Espeon, Umbreon) Prize: P13000


2 sets of steps we can access, both going up to 3F. Top right corner steps lead to a Max Repel. 


Wind round to reach those steps. They take us back down to the 2F's closed off section, where we meet Shiu.

Sage Shiu (Lv65 Arcanine, Ninetales) Prize: P13000

Then we reach 3F's middle area. That is the Exit Warp and on the left are the final steps.


Even though he doesn't give us his name, that man we find up here looks to be the Mysticalman himself Eusine! Now part of the Elite 4, that's pretty neat. He says that the 3 Legendary Beasts Entei, Raikou and Suicune are out and about now. Good news or a sign of the End Times in Johto??

Get back to the Bell Tower rooftop and meet the first of those Beasts, Level 50 Entei. It came to see Ho-oh but no luck. Raikou and Suicune fled from here. Maybe they'll come back once we've returned with Ho-oh?

What's left now is a date with a certain Dragon lady. Final Badge, next.


Leader: Clair - "the Blessed User of Dragon Pokemon."

The place still looks like a dungeon :) some things never change. Those statues of various Dragon-type Pokemon are a nice touch. Let's get to work, taking on the Dragon-type sages:

Dragon Tamer Nate (Lv66 Dragonite) Prize: P3168

Dragon Tamer Kingsley (Lv66 Kingdra) Prize: P3168

Dragon Tamer Sal (Lv66 Salamence) Prize: P3168

Dragon Tamer Edgar (Lv66 Garchomp) Prize: P3168

Dragon Tamer Dryle (Lv67 Hydreigon) Prize: P3216

Showdown with the strongest Gym Leader in all the land. 

Leader Clair Prizes: P2800 + Rising Badge + TM02 (Dragon Claw)
(Lv69 Garchomp, (Shiny) Druddigon, Lv70 Salamence, Dragonite, Lv72 Kingdra)

Got all the Badges and the road to the Johto League narrows now. But before we quantum leap back to New Back Town, let's dig into the underground portion of Route 46. 

ROUTE 45 (South) (Underground)

Pokemon Found
Ekans (Rare), Arbok (Rare), Sandshrew, Sandslash, Diglett, Dugtrio

The one item found down here is an M. Ball Base. Who dismantled a Master Ball?? Kurt wouldn't know what to do with it so we'll hang onto it for now.

I went back to Chuck's Dojo, it was yesterday when we found Flo, Lief and Tyson there. Today there's a new character named Alexa, who does research for Prof. Willow, Gym Leaders Nicole and Terry and the game maker himself Lucbui. What are you doing here haha, go make another game dammit :)

Pokemon Trainer Alexa Prize: P2720
(Lv67 Alakazam, Nidoking, Espeon, Lv68 Dragonite, Lucario, Lv69 Swampert)

Leader Nicole Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Omastar, Rhyperior, Kabutops, Lv67 Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Lv68 Aggron)

Leader Terry Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Steelix, Mamoswine, Garchomp, Lv67 Gliscor, Dugtrio, Lv68 Donphan)

Pokemon Trainer Lucbui Prize: P2720
(Lv66 Porygon-Z, Breloom, Lv67 Latias, Aggron, Magnezone, Lv68 Typhlosion)

Done. Back to New Bark Town. Bring a Pokemon that can Dive. Surf east, into the Gate, guard sees our Badges and lets us through. 


Pokemon Found
Water: Horsea, Seadra, Pelipper
Underwater: Clamperl, Lanturn (Rare), Buizel, Floatzel (Rare)

2 islands, 4 Dive spots. Go under the first spot to find an underwater cavern where Soul Dew can be picked up. On the first island there's Harv and Butch:

Youngster Harv (Lv67 Raticate, Furret, Linoone) Prize: P536

Angler Butch (Lv67-68 Seaking x3) Prize: P2720

Next island has Ashleigh and Doog

Beauty Ashleigh (Lv67 Clefable, Wigglytuff) Prize: P1072

Angler Doog (Lv68 Gyarados) Prize: P2720

Go under the third Dive spot and resurface from the southwest corner. We'll pop up next to an island occupied by 2 Fishermen and a Sailor. 

Angler Clarence (Lv67 Milotic x2) Prize: P2680

Angler Jonas (Lv67-68 Floatzel x2, Vaporeon) Prize: P2720

Captain Riley (Lv69 Pelipper) Prize: P2208

Continue on south to Timtim and the island where the entrance for Victory Road is located.

Swimmer Timtim (Lv69 Empoleon) Prize: P276

Convenient PokeCenter for last minute preparations and then we tackle Victory Road (Johto Remix).


Pokemon Found (Entrance)
Graveler, Golem (Rare), Magneton, Onix, Lickitung (Rare), Rhydon, Steelix (Rare)

Huh. There are 2 guards standing under a long flight of steps. They say that this Victory Road is short. If we're ready for the League we can go straight there, but if not then we can stay and train some more. That is certainly interesting, I've never seen anything like this in any other games. I'm going to cover Victory Road then go for the League, but if you're already beyond hyped for the League then just skip down a couple of paragraphs to after the Peak area. 

First Trainer is Niu.

Sensei Niu (Lv67 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan) Prize: P536

Then Jorge near a ladder going down. 

Youngster Jorge (Lv69 Infernape) Prize: P552

Next area is the Ice Room. 

Pokemon Found (Ice Room)
Jynx (Rare), Granbull, Sneasel, Piloswine, Delibird, Glalie, Mamoswine

Those steps on the right lead to a Max Revive. First Trainer here is Lila, at the end of that narrow gap to the south. 

Beauty Lila (Lv67 Miltank, Tauros) Prize: P1072

Nino is on the right. Northeast has a ladder going further below to a water level. 

Tourist Nino (Lv67 Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise) Prize: P1072

Pokemon Found (Flooded Room)
Lanturn, Floatzel, Clamperl

Make your way to the northeast corner and resurface. Back in the Ice Room, going for the ladder heading up on the left. Back in the Entrance area but at the top of the stairs. Down the rock wall on the right to pick up a Blank CD and climb the ladder heading up. 

Pokemon Found (Lava Room)
Ninetales, Arcanine, Rapidash, Magmar, Houndoom (Rare), Lairon, Aggron

Firebreather Flebian (Lv68 Magmortar, Emboar) Prize: P1360

Picnicker Trish (Lv68 Torterra, Tangrowth) Prize: P272

We'll reach a rock wall, at the top of which is an exit. 

Pokemon Found (Peak)
Grass: Deino (Rare), Muk, Chansey, Scyther, Ursaring, Kecleon, Blissey (Rare? Super Rare?)

Search by the rock up ahead for a PP Max. Nice view of the Victory Road exit below :) nice way to finish exploring this place. Back to the Entrance area. Show the guards them Badges and proceed up and outside. 

Hit that Teleporter machine and march on to the League building...only to be stopped by Chelle. For crying out loud. Could this be the last time we have to be bothered by her?

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P2760
(Lv69 Kingdra, Lv70 Breloom, Garchomp, Absol, Lv71 Raichu, Lv72 Meganium)

And off she goes, with plans for something else. This could've been one chance to make something of her. An example: after defeating the League we arrive in the Champion's room to see Chelle get defeated. Though disappointed and upset she stays to not only heal our team but to watch our battle, as a friend cheering us on. Then maybe at some point later we battle her one final time as the Champion defending the title against a challenger. Now that she has run off again, perhaps we won't be seeing her again. Anyone complaining?

[027 JOHTO LEAGUE - "The Pinnacle of the Johto Region!"

Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Full Heal P400
Revive P2000
Max Repel P700

Shade thrown on the Tunod Elite 4 by the girl on the left, haha. No colours here, the Johto Elite 4 keep it old school and are type specialists. And on the right is the forgotten Rival Cato. Remember when Chelle was worried about him? That went nowhere, but here he is and he lost to the Elite 4. Battle him if you must:

Pokemon Trainer Cato Prize: P2720
(Lv68 Hydreigon, Lv69 Houndoom, Espeon, Lv70 Porygon-Z, Salamence, Lv71 Feraligatr)

And off he goes to train. Was that the last time we see him?

Get sorted and let's challenge Johto's best of the best. 

First up is Ivan and his Seviper, experts of Poison-types.

Elite 4 Ivan Prize: P7900
(Lv77 Muk, Tentacruel, Lv78 Crobat, Gengar, Lv79 Seviper)

Next is Whitney and her famous Miltank. Still making Normal-types look cool before Norman showed up on the scene :)

Elite 4 Whitney Prize: P8000
(Lv78 Ambipom, Lickilicky, Lv79 Blissey, Kangaskhan, Lv80 Miltank)

No crying from her, thank goodness xD

Third room has Powell and her Ampharos, ready for the most Electrifying match in all of sports entertai-- wait, wrong franchise.

Elite 4 Powell Prize: P8200
(Lv79 Raichu, Lv80 Galvantula, Electivire, Lv81 Jolteon, Lv82 Ampharos)

And then we meet Eusine again, with his legendary partner Suicune. Damn, so if he's already got Suicune then no chance for us....or will we find another Suicune down the road? For now though we'll face Eusine, Suicune and a team of Water-types. 

Elite 4 Eusine Prize: P8300
(Lv80 Gyarados, Starmie, Lv82 Milotic, Swampert, Lv83 Suicune)

Who's the Johto Champion? Someone new? Big surprise?? Waiting for us in the last room with partner Feraligatr is Champion Kris. No Ethan sadly, if there are any Ethan fans among you out there. So that email on his computer may have been the big clue to him not being the Champ, he's away. No problem with Kris, I just wasn't expecting her to be the Champion. Current Champ vs (former) Tunod Champ, for the Johto League title!

Champion Kris Prize: P10200
(Lv82 Heracross, Garchomp, Metagross, Sceptile, Lv83 Arcanine, Lv85 Feraligatr)

There we go ladies and gentlemen, we are the new Johto Champion! No fuss, no nonsense about us travelling and not being able to be Champion unlike back home haha. We'll have to go back there and reclaim the title, I think Percy has enjoyed it long enough. 

After the Hall of Fame we get a call from Henri with an update - Pius and Regina have been located. He'll meet us in Evergreen Town. All good, that's our destination. But first, now that we're Johto Champion it is a good time to be Double Champion. Back to the Tunod League!

New dialogue, full teams and indeed the Elite 4 got stronger. As they should :) here we go, again:  

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Rosaline Prize: P7500
(Lv75 Lickitung, Chansey, Gorebyss, Lv76 Milotic, Slowking Lv77 Blissey)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Magnus Prize: P7600
(Lv76 Arbok, Sableye, Espeon, Lv77 Gengar, Mienshao, Lv78 Drapion)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Tanya Prize: P7600
(Lv76 Mamoswine, Lv77 Floatzel, Infernape, Shedinja, Lv78 Arcanine, Lv79 Dragonite)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Gray Prize: P7800
(Lv78 Machamp, Aggron, Registeel?!, Zoroark, Lv79 Mightyena, Lv80 Skarmory)

And then we meet up with Percy, new Champion who got the title handed to him as soon as he walked in. We came to collect, yo. Let's go:

Champion Percy Prize: P9600
(Lv80 Gardevoir, Manectric, Steelix, Lv81 Scrafty, Kingdra, Lv85 Quilava)

Double Champion and also 2-time Tunod Champion. Can't beat that :) well, you could try to sweep through the Johto League again to be 2-time Johto Champion...?

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Ivan Prize: P9500
(Lv93 Muk, Tentacruel, Lv94 Gengar, Crobat, Lv95 Seviper, Mega Venusaur?!)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Whitney Prize: P9600
(Lv94 Ambipom, Lickilicky, Lv95 Kangaskhan, Blissey, Lv96 Tauros, Miltank)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Powell Prize: P9700
(Lv95 Raichu, Mega Manectric!, Lv96 Electivire, Jolteon, Lv97 Magnezone, Ampharos)

>>ELITE 4 BATTLE<< (Rematch)
Elite 4 Eusine Prize: P9900
(Lv96 Gyarados, Starmie, Lv97 Swampert, Lv98 Kingdra, Milotic, Lv99 Suicune)

Not only do we battle Kris again but we let her continue serve as Champion...?? But why though? Champions can't travel and meet challengers out in the world? 

Champion Kris Prize: P12000
(Lv100 Heracross, Garchomp, Metagross, Arcanine, Feraligatr, Sceptile)

Thought maybe we'd be back in this room to take on a new challenger or Kris aiming to regain the title. A bit of let down. 

Looks like Cato will be hanging out in the Johto League building for now. Return to Evergreen. Henri and Captain Sean are waiting for us with a boat ready for the Rankor region. But old Cap' can't take us beyond Reefen Isle, we'll have to board again from there. 


[028] REEFEN ISLE - "Where the Currents of a New Adventure Begin!"

Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Reefen Port
- Prof. Cypress' Lab
- Reefen Villa

PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

We arrive in no time. Capt. Sean will be waiting here for when we need to return to Johto. Reefen is where we get tickets for the ferry to Olcan Isle. 

Outside we meet the new professor, Prof. Cypress. Before long we're marching off behind her to the Lab to pick a new Starter. Do we have to? The Starters this time are the Unova trio Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Make room. Then we receive a Rankor Ticket, allowing us to catch ferries between islands. Defeat a Gym Leader to get passage to the next island. Once 4 Gym Leaders are defeated we can go to Reign Isle to face the Champion. For now we can only go to Olcan and Nitro Isles. 

Looking around, in the house at the center of town is a girl who wants to trade her Scyther for a Croagunk.

The Reefen Villa is for sale but we can't buy it.

The only island we can Fly to and from here is Reefen Isle :/

We learn that Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres live on Kolo, Nitro and Olcan Isles. Return to the Port and let's move on to Olcan Isle. We can choose to go there right away or explore the ship as it travels. There are Trainers onboard. Sounds good. 

Cabin 4 is ours, if we want to fast travel to the next destination we just take a nap in our bed. Who are the Trainers onboard for this trip?

In Cabin 6 is Pearl.

Picnicker Pearl (Lv75 Milotic) Prize: P300

Daniel is out in the hallway, to the right of that cabin.

Captain Daniel (Lv70 Pelipper x2, Lv72 Golduck) Prize: P2304

Upstairs is the kitchen and we got fighting chefs too. 

Chef Guillame (Lv73 Mega Blastoise) Prize: P2044

The one running up and down is Antoine.

Chef Antoine (Lv73 Charizard Y) Prize: P2044

Pierre is the other runner.

Chef Pierre (Lv73 Mega Venusar) Prize: P2044

Done, sleep time and we arrive on Olcan.


Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Mt. Tritorch

PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Pokemon Found
Grass: Arcanine, Magmar, Gligar, Skarmory (Rare), Houndoom, Tyranitar (Super Rare), Shelgon

The ever-blazing island...wait, who's that in the grass on the right? Dear god no. There's only one person with hair greener than grass. Chelle is back, folks :/ new region, but same old script x 9000. Why are we still stuck with this girl?

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P2920
(Lv73 Skarmory, Tyranitar, Lv74 Kingdra, Garchomp, Absol, Lv75 Meganium)

She has gotten more annoying as the game has progressed, now she's become rude as well? Shades of her brother from back in the day, ha! She leaves for Nitro Isle to challenge the Gym there. 

Can't reach for that item (Lava Cookie) above us because of the slippery slope. Dart Bike won't ride up over it. Carry on through the grass to Takato and then Dany.

Sensei Takato (Lv73 Conkeldurr x2) Prize: P584

Alpinist Dany (Lv72 Golem, Steelix, Lv74 Aggron) Prize: P592

Tourist Rafael Prize: P1152
(Lv72 Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, M. Lucario, Luxray)

PokeCenter/Mart reached and you can get that Lava Cookie below if you really need it or if you got that magical Walk through Walls code :)

Alpinist Shamus (Lv74 Tyranitar, Lv75 Hitmonchan) Prize: P600

Up ahead is the entrance to Mt. Tritorch. Shamus says a lady and a blonde-haired child passed by on their way to the volcano. Noted.


Pokemon Found
Ninetales, Arcanine, Magcargo, Houndoom, Aggron, Shelgon, Salamence (Super Rare)

(Area 1)

Alpinist Arti (Lv73 Larvitar, Pupitar, Lv74 Tyranitar) Prize: P592

Curious looking mark in the ground on the left after passing him, it is a hot spot you shouldn't stand on or one of your Pokemon gets burned. 

Sensei Iesnes (Lv74 Conkeldurr, Machamp) Prize: P592

(Area 2)

Alpinist Anderson (Lv76 Nidoking) Prize: P608

North from him is an entrance to a deadend area where we find Tokuyo.

Sensei Tokuyo (Lv74 Breloom x2) Prize: P592

Circle round from Anderson, going southwest to Lou and the exit. 

Tourist Lou Prize: P1136
(Lv71 Omastar, Charmeleon, Flareon, Lv72 Nidoking, Lapras, Lv73 Pidgeot)

(Area 3)

Going northeast. 

Beauty Lisanna (Lv71 Togekiss, Lv72 Clefable, Azumarill) Prize: P1152

Picnicker Hue (Lv72 Gardevoir, Lucario, Zoroark, Delphox) Prize: P288

In the final area we find Henri, Regina and Moltres. Really, so we're back to watching Regina catch more legends and chasing after her?? Moltres is caught with a Master Ball this time. Pius appears, still pleading with Regina, but she flies off and now the island's natural balance has been shaken. Pius flies off after Regina. Henri will also continue chasing after his mom despite failing to stop her here. He suggests we go to Nitro Isle for the Gym. Henri is okay but it is getting a little old how almost useless he is when it comes to stopping Regina. 

Back on the ship bound for Nitro Isle, new Trainers found. 

In Cabin 2 is Busch.

Gentleman Busch (Lv71 Quagsire, Pinsir, Lv72 Serperior) Prize: P4032

Left side corridor has Jacques.

Tourist Jacques (Lv71 Chesnaught, Greninja, Delphox) Prize: P1136

Cabin 6 still has Pearl. 

Picnicker Pearl (Lv75 Milotic) Prize: P300

In the kitchen, same chefs and everything. Get to bed already :)


Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Gym
- Powell's House
- Thor's House
- Rock Slide Tutor's House
- Mt. Dyno

PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

Pokemon Found
Grass: Pikachu, Nidorina (Rare), Nidorino (Rare), Poliwhirl, Mienshao, Staryu, Starmie (Rare), Ampharos, Manectric

This wet weather reminds me of another all-round rainy city back home :) right in the middle of town we find a new character and his Jolteon putting an end to their battle against Chelle and her Skarmory. She goes away without a word. This is Tye, who has been training Jolteon with help from Gym Leader Thor. 

Pokemon Trainer Tye Prize: P3040
(Lv75 Vaporeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Flareon, Leafeon, Lv76 Jolteon)

Looks like we may have a new Rival, with a full team of Eeveelutions. Multiple Rivals man, who thought this was a great idea for the ROM hack/fan-made game world? Sounds cool on paper but as far as application goes...you have to give these characters more than the usual "Hey, we're Rivals now, so I'm going to bother you for battles again and again even if you beat me again and again and again." 

Looking around: there's a Hiker in the house on the left who'll teach Rock Slide. 

At Powell's House is her husband - Mauville Gym Leader Wattson! Haha, of course, Electricity. Care to battle him?

Leader Wattson Prize: P3120
(Lv78 Electabuzz, Electrode, Magnezone, M. Manectric, Raichu)

He'll gift us with a Light Ball. Also, Tye is their grandson. Them connections though. Speaking of Powell, she is at the park looking at the ancient Nitro Jewel. We've encountered Trainers who have Mega Evolved Pokemon and this rock has the power to enable Mega Evolution. Powell gives us the Mega Ring. We get Mega Stones from the Jewel. But the Mega Evolutions are permanent and the Stones are one-time use so you have to come back to recharge the Ring. The blue portion of the jewel gives out the X Mega Stone. The Stones will be sent to the Items pocket, you can only carry one of each at a time. So just move them from the pocket to your PC and come back for more. Use them just like regular Evolution Stones. 

At Thor's house there's a PokeBall in the top left corner containing one of his Pokemon, a Level 50 Weezing (if you decide to take it...). Serves as the clue for Thor's type. Now for the Gym, first one for the Rankor region. 


Leader: Thor - Poison-type specialist.

What we got for this Gym are 3 logic puzzles that we have to solve before we can face him. Interact with either of those 2 grey tablets (?) on the left and right for these clues:

Round one potions: Wine, warp back, Battle, Unlock.

Round two potions: Wine, warp back, Battle, Unlock, Poison

Round two potions: Wine, warp back, Battle, Unlock, Poison, Heal

Right. Step through either doorway for the first room, minding the door as it gets locked behind us after we enter. Got a table with 4 bottles. The tablet here says:

Peril and passage look the same,
Bottle number three is tame, 
Restart hides as simple wine, 
Tallest bottle, battle's thine.

In layman's terms, drink from the tall bottle to face a Gym Trainer, Jeremiah:

Engineer Jeremiah (Lv76 Muk) Prize: P2432

He'll keep coming back if you continue drinking that potion. Drink the one on the left to unlock the doors. 

Next room has 6 potions and this:

None in line are near its brother, 
Think an odd one? Choose another.
Wine and poison far away, 
Choosing blood will make you pay, 
Death and progress look the same, 
Purple's back the way you came.

2 potions on left, 2 in the middle and 2 on the right. Between the left side potions, choose to drink the right one to unlock the doors. Between the middle potions, the right choice brings out Melody.

Beauty Melody (Lv75 Nidoqueen, Nidoking) Prize: P1200

3rd room, 8 potions and this:

If you do not want to die,
Pick red, but neither let you by, 
Orange has reward and risk, 
Something that rhymes with risk,
Left of poison, continue forward, 
Right of poison, return backward,
Two poisons live side-by-side,
Choosing leftmost, you won't die.

The potion on the far left heals the party while the one on the far right brings down Hoob.

Hooligan Hoob (Lv77 Weezing) Prize: P1232

Go for those 2 potions on the left and drink the right one to unlock the doors. Can't go wrong with keeping things simple - having a well-designed Gym with strong Gym Trainers and a stronger Gym Leader. This logic stuff doesn't really work. We find Thor and his Shiny Nidoking. These two just haven't been smacked around enough times, so shall we?

Leader Thor Prizes: P3280 + TM06 (Toxic)
(Lv78 Crobat, Weezing, Lv79 Gengar, Toxicroak, Lv80 M. Venusaur, Lv82 Shiny Nidoking)

He punches our Rankor Ticket, allowing us to travel to Kolo Isle where Gym Leader Ricky resides. Then there's a sudden scream from Mt. Dyno. Wanna guess who's up there? 


Pokemon Found (Interior/Exterior)
Golbat, Galvantula, Magneton, Electabuzz (Rare), Ampharos (Super Rare), Manectric (Rare), Electrode, Absol, Magnezone (Rare? Super Rare?)

Alpinist Doog (Lv75 Aggron, Steelix) Prize: P600

Exit is southeast. Top portion of this area unreachable thanks to that slippery slope. Outside we find Juarez.

Engineer Juarez (Lv76 Magneton) Prize: P2432

Carry on north to Tito.

Sensei Tito (Lv75 Breloom, Primeape) Prize: P600

South from him is the next entrance and a yellow mark on the ground, it'll paralyse one party member when stepped upon. 

We're now on the top side, in time to meet Xavier.

Hooligan Xavier (Lv75 Zoroark, Lv76 Smeargle) Prize: P1216

Tourist Lamar (Lv75 Hydreigon, Haxorus) Prize: P1200

Northwest from him is the exit. Outside, straight north to Jaime and back inside.

Engineer Jaime (Lv77 Rhyperior) Prize: P2464

Alpinist Paul (Lv75 Golem, Lv76 Aggron) Prize: P608

Below him is just a shortcut back to where Lamar is, carry on up to the exit. From there, straight north to the peak where we see something new for a change - Henri and Lucario vs Regina and her Zoroark. He defeats her and she flies off. Nice one, guy! Zapdos isn't captured, until after Henri asks it for help and he throws a Master Ball. Erm...that was kinda gangster, guy xD. At least he ain't powerless anymore but thanks to him getting Zapdos, this island's weather shifts from rain to snow. Back to the ship, off to Kolo Isle.

New Trainers on the ship: Sally in Cabin 5 and Mayley near the stairs.

Beauty Sally (Lv71-72 Swellow x2, Nidoqueen) Prize: P1152

Beauty Mayley (Lv73 Yanmega) Prize: P1168


Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Gym
- Ricky's House
- Ski Lodge (Closed)
- Mt. Frozon


PokeBall P200
Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

The Gym is located north of town, reached by ski lift. Before going there, what's down here? 

PP Up in the southeast corner of town.

Climb up the rock wall near Ricky's house to get TM14 (Blizzard). In his house is another PokeBall that has been left there (Level 50 Honchkrow holding a Reignet, which boosts Critical Hits). Dark-type Gym?

Upper Kolo now. You can learn Ice Punch at the house next door to the PokeCenter/Mart. 

The entrance to Mt. Frozon is under a wall of snow, no go. Let's see Ricky and his Dragon-type Gym :)


To get around we'll be flying on Gym Trainers' Pokemon from platform to platform. No problem. First Trainer is Nole.

Dragon Tamer Nole (Lv76 Dragonite) Prize: P3648

Dragonite takes us to Fleming and Oriole.

Dragon Tamer Fleming (Lv74 Garchomp x2) Prize: P3552

Engineer Oriole (Lv74 Dragonite x2) Prize: P2368

Oriole's Dragonite moves us up. 

Dragon Tamer Lenar (Lv74-75 Dragonite x3) Prize: P3600

Alpinist Mendras (Lv74-75 Garchomp x3) Prize: P600

Dragon Tamer Pinak (Lv74-75 Hydreigon x3) Prize: P3600

Pinak's Hydreigon takes us northwest to Silas. 

Dragon Tamer Silas (Lv75 Dragonite, Garchomp, Hydreigon) Prize: P3600

Then go back and fly with Lenar's Dragonite to reach Ricky and his Shiny Flygon. Do all 4 Rankor Gym Leaders have a Shiny signature Pokemon?

Leader Ricky Prizes: P3280 + TM35 (Flamethrower)
(Lv80 Salamence, Lv81 Haxorus, Kingdra, Charizard X, Dragonite, Lv82 Shiny Flygon)

Done, off to Alpha Isle and Gym Leader Sora. The island where it all began, by Arceus.

On the ship, the only new Trainer is a new chef.

Chef Jean (Lv80 Raichu) Prize: P2240


Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Gym
- Alpha Graveyard
- Joltysan's House
- Sora's House
- PokeBall Shoppe
- Alpha Temple
- Peaks of Alpha

If you got time to learn about our lord and saviour Arceus, speak to the first guy we find at the port. I'm guessing this place will be like Whitewood but hyped up?

Joltysan is another guy who helped with this game whom we can battle. He only has one Pokemon, probably the most powerful Magikarp known to man :)

Pokemon Trainer Joltysan (Lv100 Magikarp) Prize: P6000

And wouldn't you know it, for defeating him we receive what he implies to be a special Lv60 Magikarp. Haha, that P500 Golden Magikarp wasn't special enough?? 

Next door to that curious looking PokeCenter/Mart is Sora's house. Her little brother is home and he points us to that PokeCenter because it seems that reaching Sora is quite the feat. In the left corner is Sora's Level 50 Absol, holding a Glazed Donut (raises Attack). 

Then there's the PokeBall Shoppe and that Master Ball Base makes sense now. Master Balls are sold as 2 parts here, top and base. Buy a top and BAM, check your Bag - Master Ball. Impressive :)

Can't visit the Peaks of Alpha because we're not holy enough. 

Right side corner of the Alpha Temple, there's a Twistedspoon. Inside though, you can confess your sins to the Sexton and be absolved. Confess!

Standing outside the Gym is that guy Tye, telling us that he can't find Sora but he was told to check the PokeCenter. He'll also ask for a battle. Give him credit for not yet being annoying, haha. 

Pokemon Trainer Tye Prize: P3200
(Lv79 Glaceon, Umbreon, Flareon, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Lv80 Jolteon)

He runs off check for Sora. We can go into the Gym just to look and then head for the PokeCenter. Nurse Joy's hair looks darker than usual, who is this? After telling her that we want to heal our Pokemon she reveals the trap set for us and we fall down into the sewers. That was Sora and now we really have to find her. 


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Magneton (Rare), Muk, Ariados (Rare), Scrafty (Rare), Toxicroak (Rare), Seviper, Zangoose
Water: Golduck, Muk, Gyarados

Go on west along this dodgy corridor until we're spotted by Marx from outta nowhere.

Hooligan Marx (Lv78 Tentacruel, Galvantula, Jolteon) Prize: P1248

He stepped out of a hidden passageway, and there's another one directly opposite on the left. Go through it, finding your way in the dark to the southwest corner where you can pick up a Poison Barb. You might also bump into Teresa.

Cooltrainer Teresa (Lv78 Dragonite, Floatzel, Kingdra) Prize: P3120

There's an opening on left just close to where Teresa spots us (check the screenshot image provided, I'll stand just outside the opening) and continue on until Oli stops us.

Cooltrainer Oli (Lv78 Slowbro, Vaporeon, Toxicroak) Prize: P3120

You can either get in the water and surf across to the left and smash the rock for a shortcut or just walk right round to where Spenser appears.

Hooligan Spenser (Lv78 Milotic, Starmie, Poliwrath) Prize: P1248

Right next to him is Rose. 

Cooltrainer (Lv78 Cloyster, Venusaur, Quagsire) Prize: P3120

Then we meet Will, the man who put together this area, and the source of this rain - Kyogre (?!). He won't be battling us with it because it is weak. So what else does he have?

Gym Guardian Will Prize: P3120
(Lv78 Politoed, Galvantula, Zapdos?!, Empoleon, Red Gyarados)

He'll give us a key which opens the screen at the Gym and let's us through to Sora. Jump in the water where Kyogre was and surf up to the doorway...taking us back to the PokeCenter, now back to normal except for the 2 NPCs we can't talk to. 


Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400


Leader: Sora - "The Alluring Princess!"

Will is here but no second round, continue to that screen ahead and there's Sora with her Shiny Gardevoir. Ready?

Leader Sora Prizes: P3360 + TM04 (Calm Mind)
(Lv81 Alakazam, Jirachi?!, Delphox, Lv82 Slowking, Gallade, Lv84 Shiny Gardevoir)

Reign Isle and Gym Leader Makunouchi are next. Makunouchi? Is that a Hajime no Ippo reference there?? For those of you who don't know, Hajime no Ippo is a legendary and long-running boxing manga/anime series. One of the longest running series known, with over 1000 chapters :) 

On the way back to the port, we meet Pius. He knows where Regina is - back on Kolo Isle to catch Articuno. The Alpha Pope has allowed Pius to catch Pokemon, so off he goes. After him!

The entrance to Mt. Frozon is open now, in we go. 


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Jynx, Piloswine, Glalie, Mamoswine (Rare), Froslass, Aggron (Rare)

Alpinist Forst (Lv77-78 Steelix x2) Prize: P624

Snowboarder Max (Lv78 Mamoswine, Froslass) Prize: P1872

Sensei Thu (Lv78 Machamp x2) Prize: P624

Can't get that item on the ice from where we are, unless you can walk through walls. Continue on up to the next frozen floor. There's a hole in the ice to the left, freezes a Pokemon. Not too difficult, eventually you'll make it to the right and meet Isabella.

Beauty Isabella (Lv79 Clefable) Prize: P1264

North to Shwartz then Solis. 

Snowboarder Shwartz (Lv78 Glalie, Glaceon) Prize: P1872

Alpinist Solis (Lv78 Golem x2, Conkeldurr, Lv79 Ampharos) Prize: P632

Mini puzzle to reach that opening ahead. Through there to see Articuno but Regina stops us before we can approach it. Another round with the boss lady.

Fusion Boss Regina Prize: P4800
(Lv80 Ho-oh, Moltres, Lv81 Zoroark, Absol) 

While we were fighting Regina, Pius gets to Articuno and attacks it with his Dragonite until it flees. He's not after Articuno but the other legendary which appears - Lugia! Pius catches it and tells Regina that they will have one more battle at the Peaks of Alpha, if she wins he'll give her Lugia. The two fly off and Henri comes in but nothing new from him besides chasing after his mom. They can hold on, let's move on to Reign Isle and take care of business there first. 

New Trainer on the ship, in Cabin 2 is the guy responsible for these remixes of Glazed that have been out and about - Trainer X. I guess it was only a matter of time before even he showed up haha. 

PokeFan Trainer X Prize: P6560
(Lv82 Feraligatr, Porygon-Z, Scarf Pikachu, Drapion, Granbull, Arceus?!)

You got Arceus and it has the Color Swap ability, come on haha! Away with you :) we've arrived. 


Places of Interest
- PokeCenter/Mart
- Gym
- Soul Stadium
- Makunouchi's House
- Reign Donuts

Potion P200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1500
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Repel P350
Super Repel P500
Max Repel P700
Revive P2000
Escape Rope P550
Full Heal P400

(Each costs P500)
Glazed Donut
Choc. Donut
Sugar Donut
Donut Hole
Jelly Donut
Plain Donut

Pokemon Found
Water: Golduck, Seaking, Huntail (Rare), Gorebyss (Rare)

Last stop on the Rankor region tour. What do we see here?

At the PokeCenter is Grandma Prof. Cypress and a special visitor, Prof. Sycamore. He brought with him the Kalos Starters. 

There's a Level 50 Mienshao at Makunouchi's House. It holds a Plain Donut. I thought maybe his mom would be home to fit with the reference. 

It wasn't enough to have a whole region named Donut backwards, no, we needed a donut shop as well! Tremendous, xD.

At the house directly south from Makunouchi's House you'll get TM43 (Moonblast). Not a bad substitute for Secret Power. 

We learn that Rankor Champ Soul likes making a big spectacle of his matches, hence Soul Stadium. People are put on a waiting list too. We'll get to him soon enough, Makunouchi first.


Leader: Makunouchi - "Home to the Strongest Boxers & Gym Leader!"

Gotta have a boxing ring inside the Gym. To face him we have to defeat his best prizefighter Muhammad. 3 Round match! 


Boxer Muhammad (Lv80 Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop) Prize: P1920


Boxer Muhammad (Lv81 Breloom x2, Mienshao x2) Prize: P1944

Got him on the ropes, Final Round!


Boxer Muhammad Prize: P1968
(Lv82 Poliwrath, Scrafty, Primeape, Gallade, Chesnaught)

Ring that bell, he's down. Before we battle Makunouchi we have some room to breath and heal up if needed. Then move on to see him and his Shiny Machamp. 

Leader Makunouchi Prizes: P3480 + TM31 (Brick Break)
(Lv85 Conkeldurr, Lv86 Blaziken, Infernape, Gliscor, Greninja, Lv87 Machamp)

4th and final Rankor Gym Leader defeated. That SHOULD mean we can challenge Soul now, right? Well no. At the Stadium we're reminded about that long waiting list. Gotta wait until they alert us if any cancellations happen. In the meantime we go back to Alpha Isle for a showdown. 

The Sexton blocking the entrance to the Peaks of Alpha is looking for a fight this time.

Alpha Sexton (Lv83 Mega Lucario) Prize: P4980

The will of Arceus compels him to move aside and we step onto holy grounds.


Pokemon Found (Interior/Exterior)
Pidgeot, Primeape, Kangaskhan, Mawile, Absol

(Area 1)

Going north, ignoring the opening we see on the right because there's nothing inside (for now?). The Alpha Deacons are back in action, and maybe in some style too:

Alpha Deacon (Lv79 Absol x2) Prize: P4740

Alpha Deacon (Lv79 Haunter x2, Gengar) Prize: P4740

Alpha Deacon (Lv79 Lucario x2) Prize: P4740

Alpha Deacon (Lv80 Linoone, Furret) Prize: P4800

(Area 2)

Super high above the ground here, still aiming north. 

Alpha Deacon (Lv80 Infernape) Prize: P4800

Alpha Deacon (Lv80 Azumarill) Prize: P4800

Alpha Deacon (Lv79 Rhyperior, Magmortar, Electivire) Prize: P4740

On the next platform after him, there's a Sharp Beak at the end of that left side way. Along the other way is what appears to be an ancient keyboard which we can type something on. Noted. 

Alpha Deacon (Lv80 Ninjask, Shedinja) Prize: P4800

Another Sexton in the way of us reaching Pius and company. 

Alpha Sexton (Lv81 Togekiss, Breloom) Prize: P4860

We arrive to see Regina vs Pius already started. Ho-oh vs Lugia. Henri asks us to choose between them so we can stop this. Or let Henri make his choice and he'll face Regina. Choose, player.

Alpha Leader Pius Prize: P4920
(Lv82 Absol, Gallade, Torterra, Noctwol, M. Lucario, Lv83 Lugia)


Fusion Boss Regina Prize: P4980
(Lv82 Zoroark, Roserade, Ditto, Banette, Moltres, Lv83 Ho-oh)

Regina won't change her ways despite losing and she's about to Revive her Pokemon for more fighting when 3 more legends make their appearance - the Swords of Justice! Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion have had enough. Virizion and Terrakion free Lugia and Ho-oh, letting them fly away. Cobalion frees Moltres. Henri releases Zapdos. Then the Swords leave now that everything is back to normal again...oh, and Pius and Regina have fallen for each other. Where, what, how, why, huuuuh?? So random, but if that can keep them out of trouble then all good haha. Henri is in good spirits, glad that the legends have returned to their homes and says if we can find him we can battle him. Where on earth will you go, bro?

There's a white rock here as well but nothing we can do to it. Back to Reign Isle so we can hopefully face Soul.

Don't worry about Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres for now, they're back at their places but won't battle us until we find their feathers. Thunder Plume, Ice Plume and Fire Plume. 

At the Stadium we find Tye and Chelle, arguing about which of them should battle Soul first. You two can't battle each other to settle this?? But Tye has a better idea - they battle us. Now, hold on just a min--

Pokemon Trainer Tye Prize: P3440
(Lv85 Leafeon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Espeon, Lv86 Jolteon)

Geez, we just got here. Guy wins a one-man game of Rock-Paper-Scissors for that battle. Chelle has her turn. 

Pokemon Trainer Chelle Prize: P3440
(Lv86 Garchomp, Skarmory, Kingdra, Tyranitar, M. Absol, Lv87 Meganium)

She battled Soul already and lost. So she's off to Hoenn now, which isn't in this game so that's totally fine haha she can go and enjoy that region. As for Tye, he lost to Soul 3 times. Back to training for him. Get yourselves ready and speak to the receptionist. Soul has moved us up on the list. 

Double Champion vs Double Champion because Soul is also the Sinnoh Champ. His time at the top of the Rankor mountain ends now.

Champion Soul Prize: P11280
(Lv91 Heracross, M. Salamence, Gliscor, Roserade, Lv92 Houndoom, Lv94 Shiny Empoleon)

Triple Champion, well done! There's the option to skip the credits. If you do watch them you get a Trainer Star but if you can't save, don't watch them. 


After the credits, or if you skipped them, we'll wake up back home. Step outside and let's begin the next chapter of our journey. What to do now? Where to go? Good questions :) there are a couple of rematches and then perhaps we can search for legends, eh?

Former Tunod Champ Blake is staying in that VIP Villa at Palmtree Resort now, how about paying him a visit?

Pokemon Trainer Blake Prize: P3120
(Lv75 Banette, Lv76 Weavile, Houndoom, Snorlax, Lv77 Umbreon, Lv78 Darkrai)

Soul has had time to rebuild and is ready for another fight.

Champion Soul Prize: P12000
(Lv100 Heracross, Houndoom, M. Salamence, Gliscor, Roserade, Shiny Empoleon)

With them out of the way, let the search begin!


He is found at the top of the Brass Tower, now Level 75. 


Return to the Ruins Alph, that chamber where we found the Braille message above going counter-clockwise. Remember how to get there? Via Union Cave. Once back in the chamber read the Braille message from the middle tablet then turn left and walk, stay along those tiles and go around the room until you are back facing the middle tablet. A hole will appear there, go in and step on the white button. Something far away has been triggered. How far away? Azalea Town-level far away.

Back to that Braille tablet we found at the bottom of Slowpoke Well. This time we'll drop to an even lower level where we pick up the Sapphire. Now we can enter the Embedded Tower for the first of 3 times.


Pokemon Found
Zubat, Golbat

We'll see an opening and 2 ladders. Go down below and meet the ultimate rainmaker Kyogre, Level 75. Kazuchika Okada would be proud :)


Back at the Shrine in Ilex Forest. Level 50.


Have a Pokemon that can Surf and Dive then go to Route 40, west of Olivine. Near the Cianvine Bridge building is a Sailor who says someone saw Lugia return to the ocean. He'll take us to the spot where Lugia dove. 


Pokemon Found
Seadra, Gyarados, Mantine (Rare)

Not the Whirl Islands of old but at least this version is short haha. Surf south to find the cavern where the legend rests, all grown up and at Level 75. Still my favourite legendary, 8 generations into this damn franchise :) 


Bring a Pokemon that can scale waterfalls and return to Geminite Village and enter Mt. Stratus. In that first area surf across the little pool to the ladder going below. 

Pokemon Found
Zubat, Aron, Lairon, Bagon (Rare)

This area has a waterfall, at the top of it is a Nugget and a ladder going up. 


Pokemon Found
Sudowoodo, Skarmory, Snorunt

There are 3 caves and a central platform. Left cave has the Rock Peak Pokemon at Level 40. Right cave has the Iron Pokemon, also Level 40. North cave has the Iceberg Pokemon, Level 40. Back out to that central platform, a cave will be revealed and we find their creator, Level 50. 


Same place where we last saw it - the Fusion Labs on Mt. Stratus. Have some room in your party so that it can join your crew without a fight. Level 50.


Remember that random Dragonite we find above a tree on Route 44? Yeah, that one. Go back there. East from Mahogany, the Dragonite will approach us while we're walking past that pool of water. It has a message for us from the Pokemon League - we're asked to go to New Island, via a ferry we take from Olivine. 

But when we get to Olivine the weather has gone sour. No boat will travel under these conditions. Bring a Pokemon that can Dive and jump off from the pier at the Harbor. 


Pokemon Found (Route to New Island)
Lanturn, Clamperl, Huntail (Rare), Gorebyss (Rare)

Simple path going all the way south and resurface on New Island. Inside the building, that item on the left is a Blank CD. The only wild Pokemon found here are Ditto. Head on to the next room to see Mewtwo, who sent out that invitation. Still believes we harmed Mew and will fight us with its own full team of Pokemon. Not just any Pokemon but clones of whatever Pokemon you've got in your current party, same levels too! That is mighty impressive I have to say. Prize money is P1600. Defeated, Mewtwo will then face us alone, Level 60. Throw that Ball!


Back to that Shrine in Espo Forest and leave this message:


Hit Select until you get to the section which has the "..." and after typing an opening will appear ahead. Leads to a new area where we see Shaymin before it runs off into the bushes. Chase after it until you see it moving through the bushes and you can confront it. Level 30. 

Speaking of typing things...


Bring Pokemon that can use Rock Climb and Surf. On that ancient keyboard at the Peaks of Alpha type NOT ALONE... and return to that opening we first find when we get here. That area has been expanded now, go all the way to the right for the exit. Outside we'll be on the northeast coast from town. Surf east to an island with cave entrances. 


Pokemon Found
Sandslash, Golbat, Hydreigon (Rare), Dugtrio, Crobat (Rare), Haxorus, Steelix
Water: Gyarados, Dragonair (Rare), Dragonite (Super Rare)

We find a ladder going below. 

There's a sign saying we can either look around for items and find a proper path or go north for a shortcut. For the longcut I'll just list down the items found because it's not fun trying to guide along in a text walkthrough. The Bell Tower is a walk in the park compared to this haha, please understand. You can explore using the longcut at your own time, at your own pace anyway. 


Past the sign, up the steps and go on north then all the way to the northeast corner for a ladder going up. Next area has the exit and outside we find a rock which will take us back to town and ahead of it is Attack Forme Deoxys, Level 60. 


Items Found
Escape Rope 
Full Restore
Full Heal
Focus Band
X Special
Silk Scarf
Max Repel
Master Ball Top


Rise to the top of the Peaks of Alpha for that white rock we found before. This time there are engravings in it: Acumen, Virtute, and Veritatem. Each leads to a floating island occupied by one of the three. All 3 are at Level 75.


Get to the peak of Johto Victory Road (with the nice view) and find the man who had his cousin all worried about him for some time - former Johto Champ and Kanto Elite 4 member Lance! It's great to see he's alive. He's worried about Red, who was on Mt. Silver when it erupted. Classic Red, of course, he'd be on Mt. Silver. Even at the worst of times, xD. Lance wants us to meet him at the Train Station in Goldenrod. He speaks to the Conductor and gets us a minecart. Bring a Pokemon that can Rock Climb. 



Pokemon Found 
Garchomp, Sandslash

Follow Lance through the entrance. That eruption sure did a number on this once formidable area, damn. 


Pokemon Found 
Donphan, Golbat (Rare), Paras, Golduck, Misdreavus, Larvitar (Rare), Garchomp (Rare)

Up the rock wall, east and down the next wall. Going left along the railroad takes you to an exit leading back to the minecart room and a Magnet. Back to the track room and go south and east to another rock wall. From there carry on up to the northwest corner for another exit. 


Pokemon Found 
Parasect, Ditto, Misdreavus, Larvitar, Pupitar (Rare), Tyranitar (Rare), Gabite, Garchomp

Straight north to the opening takes us to the peak (?). Lance has found Red and more importantly - Red TALKS! After surviving an eruption, who could stay silent? He shows us Heatran, what could've caused the eruption. It attacks Red and Lance but we are lucky and get to face it. Level 75, go get it. Afterwards we'll return to Goldenrod with Lance while Red, no surprise, says he'll stick around. This guy, xD. But Lance has spoken to the Conductor to allow us to revisit Mt. Silver anytime. Which means only one thing...

Pokemon Trainer Red Prize: P4000
(Lv100 Pikachu, Venusaur, Lapras, Snorlax, Charizard, Blastoise)

He'll give us the Ruby afterwards, nice! So back to the Embedded Tower...


...and enter the central chamber to meet the Level 75 'Don. Certainly takes me back to the Gen 3 days, Ruby version was the first game I had. Hours upon hours of fun exploring Hoenn with my younger brother, getting used to this new generation because until we got Ruby all we knew of Pokemon was Gen 1 and 2 (mainly thanks to the anime). Good times. Now to complete the trilogy.


Back to Blackthorn and enter the Dragon's Den. 


No info from the Pokemon Location guide about this place so I've listed what I encountered.

Pokemon Found
Zoroark, Graveler, Geodude
Water: Magikarp

There are also 4 Dragon Tamers training here that are willing to battle us more than once:

Northwest has Darius.

Dragon Tamer Darius (Lv70 Dragonair) Prize: P3360

West side has Feegal.

Dragon Tamer Feegal (Lv70 Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon) Prize: P3360

Southwest has Ellis.

Dragon Tamer Ellis (Lv67 Kingdra, Lv70 Seadra) Prize: P3216

And southeast has Grim.

Dragon Tamer Grimwald Prize: P3360
(Lv70 Druddigon x2, Gabite, Garchomp)

Above from him is a Dragon Fang. In the Dragon Shrine speak to the Master to learn Draco Meteor. His Dragonite tells us that there's a relic related to Rayquaza located here somewhere. Go outside and behind the building to a Braille tablet which has this to say:


Then we find ourselves in another area of the Den where we pick up that relic, Emerald. Then back to the Embedded Tower for the 3rd and final time. Level 75 Sky high battle.


Fly back to Darkwood Town and enter the Grotto. To the right past that Black Belt who mentioned the Swords being in here somewhere, smash the rock and into the chamber that is open now. All 3 are present, not too pleased to see us show up. They'll attack us one after the other, each at Level 75. Catch them and feel a little bad afterwards. 


Make a wish at the fountain in Darkwood Town: JUSTICE!!!

A cave will open between the fountains - the Cave of Justice! I'm reminded of that Toppo guy from Dragon Ball Super haha and one of his signature moves Justice Flash. The Colt Pokemon is at Level 40. Now I'm reminded of another game, Pokemon Resolute. Thanks Keldeo.

I've been going back to the Bell Tower to check for Raikou and Suicune but I haven't seen them since we found Entei up there. Not sure what's up.


We get to explore Mt. Furnace properly now. Bring a Pokemon that knows Rock Climb. The one item found here is a Fire Stone, in the northern area. Then make your way round to the left then south to an entrance to the next area. It's waiting right there to greet you, Level 50. Afterwards it leaves behind the Fire Plume, which will allow us to battle/catch Moltres. 


Found on the roof of the Oceanview Power Plant. Just up there for a recharge, also at Level 50. Thunder Plume acquired.


Found in a chamber that has opened up in Icicle Tunnel. Bring a Pokemon that can use Rock Climb. The chamber is above a rock wall near the Hiker who first told us about Kyurem. The Cold One is at Level 50. Ice Plume picked up. Then return to the BlackWhite Ruins with Kyurem. Decision time. White Kyurem? Black Kyurem? Or stay with Kyurem regular flavour? You're warned though, once its forme changes the new Kyurem will lose its EVs and whatever moves it knew before. Good luck :)


Each one is at Level 80. Mt. Frozon, Mt. Dyno and Mt. Tritorch. 


Have a Pokemon that knows Roar and go back to Route 31. We need to wake up that sleeping man near Dark Cave. He'll jump to battle us as soon as he's awake.

Pokemon Trainer Webster (Lv50 Fearow) Prize: P2000

He apologises and gives us the Lunar Wing. Fly back to Cape Azure and visit the Azure Inn, the Innkeeper sees the Lunar Wing and will give us a room in exchange for it. Get the room, take a nap and dream of Cresselia, Level 50.


There's only one man we know who has it. Fly back to Palmtree Resort and stop by the VIP Villa. Darkrai has been acting up according to Blake and it suddenly comes out of its PokeBall to confront us. We're then sent to Darkrai's dimension where it'll give us an Egg. Back to reality where we tell Blake what happened. The Egg contains a Darkrai. 

This time when I went to the Brass Tower I found Eusine. He says Entei and Raikou have returned plus another Suicune has appeared, given that he has one. Went back to Bell Tower, still nothing. 


For this one, first we have to take 1st place in the Surfing Race at Evergreen Town. The prize is the Sea Jewel. Take it with you to the Spatial Sea. Bring a Pokemon that can use Rock Climb and can Dive. Surf along until you see Manaphy above a Dive spot, it'll go under as soon as it is seen. Follow it. Level 50. 

If you're lucky enough to find Raikou and Suicune at the Bell Tower, no problem. Send me an email and let me know where you found them so that I can pass on the information: allenchngnzh22@gmail.com 

They are not needed for the Arceus encounter to work. We've seen all the legends which are needed, so it is time to meet the maker.


Climb to the top of Mt. Stratus. Arceus notes who we are and makes a path for us to reach it. Lv100 for the Alpha Pokemon. 

Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde unfortunately are not in Glazed, they are in Blazed Glazed. So on that note we've completed the search for legends, completed the post-game section and have reached the end of this walkthrough. 


Hey again, how's it going? Welcome to a new section I've introduced that will cover stuff which didn't appear in the previous versions of the walkthrough. Could be stuff I missed or didn't know about or didn't do and so on while playing through the game that other players will notify me about sooner or later. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to help so far. 

(Wednesday 17 June 2020) - Mystery Island

I received an email from Yoko Riou a few weeks ago to inform me about this place. To get there, return to Seaspray Town after defeating the Tunod League. Find Soheal at the docks, he has found a new island that he wants to show us. 


Have fun here because you will find Starter Pokemon out and about in the grass :) Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova Starters plus Shinx and Riolu. Many thanks to Yoko for sharing information about this!


Here are some Evolution notes I made while playing the game, maybe some of you might find them useful:

Kirlia -> Gallade via Dawn Stone
Snorunt -> Froslass via Dawn Stone
Haunter -> Gengar via Trade Stone
Electabuzz -> Electivire via Trade Stone
Graveler -> Golem via Trade Stone
Tangela -> Tangrowth via Sun Stone
Misdreavus -> Mismagius via Dusk Stone
Feebas -> Milotic via Trade Stone
Seadra -> Kingdra via Trade Stone
Clamperl -> Huntail in the Lv30s
Poliwhirl -> Politoed via Trade Stone
Magmar -> Magmortar via Trade Stone
Croagunk -> Toxicroak at Lv37
Porygon -> Porygon2 -> Porygon-Z via Trade Stone
Kadabra -> Alakazam via Trade Stone
Scraggy -> Scrafty in the late Lv30s
Joltik -> Galvantula in the late Lv30s
Sneasel -> Weavile via Dusk Stone
Skorupi -> Drapion in the late Lv30s
Axew -> Fraxure in the late Lv30s
Slowpoke -> Slowking via Trade Stone
Togetic -> Togekiss via Shiny Stone
Machoke -> Machamp via Trade Stone

Mega Evolution-possible Pokemon:

If you found out other evolutions please let me know so that I can share the information. 


- 3 well-designed regions, even though one of them is named Donut backwards haha. If you have a game which features an older generation region like Johto or others, I think it's a nice idea to show that time has progressed since the generations those regions are from. Changes have happened and so on. Gives the region a fresh feel. 
- Rematch function for NPC Trainers. It was only available early in the game but it is a cool feature. Great for training. 


- Pokemon Location. Came off a bit backward, where you find the evolved forms of some Pokemon in Tunod while the pre-evolved forms are in Johto or they can only be obtained by breeding. 
- A lot of the Trainers would have the same teams that keep popping up again and again e.g. the Hitmon trio or the Magmortar/Electivire combo and so on. Also, this is another game I've noticed where Lucario and Zoroark are in a lot of Trainer teams. The mascot of this whole franchise isn't featured as much as Lucario and Zoroark are in these games haha, enough already. They're cool Pokemon, I get it, but no need to have almost every NPC and major character Trainer owning either or both in their teams. Holding Leftovers too, like many other Pokemon. 
- Multiple Rivals. Might sound great on paper but if the Rivals are all basically following the same script of showing up at bad times for one unnecessary battle after the other, then you just need one or maybe give them more to do in the story of the game. It gets boring when the game goes on and there's no change shown by the Rivals despite all the major events happening that players have to deal with. 
- Team Fusion Johto storyline. We dealt with Team Fusion in Tunod, chasing after them as they searched for legendary Pokemon and even though it involved battles that still resulted in us failing to stop them until the end, the group disbanded and the major boss Michael left. So why have the same basic plot in the next 2 regions? Pius and the Church of Alpha were introduced, that could've made for a fresh storyline for Johto (which doesn't involve chasing after the villains as they hunt down more legendaries again). A different story for the Rankor region would've been nice too.
- Teleport system. If travel via Fly is not possible for a game with more than one region because of programming troubles or anything else, I understand. So teleportation becomes the substitute mode of travel in other regions and for it to be a good substitute it has to be possible to teleport from places outside towns and cities. It's why I bring up the idea of a teleportation Key Item. Is that not possible? Saves players from needing to go back to the nearest town/city/PokeCenter just so they can travel. Or like in this game where we had to rush back to previous towns/cities to register on the machine after meeting Bill in Ecruteak.

I don't know if there's going to be more content added to this game by Trainer X since from the looks of things it is a done game. No indication of travelling to other regions like Kanto or Hoenn or anywhere else new (unless you want to count Ethan's email or Chelle's decision to travel to Hoenn as hints). But the creativity is clearly there and I'd be happy to see a new story if Lucbui and Trainer X are still motivated enough.

That's my feedback for the game, what about yours? What did you think of the game? Any feedback, thoughts, comments, questions etc that you may have, please send it to Lucbui and Trainer X. If you got feedback and so on for this walkthrough, you can reach me via email at allenchngnzh22@gmail.com or if you are part of the PokeCommunity forums site then drop me a message there, I'm Allen Ceedos.

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