Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition POC Guide by Metleon

Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition POC Guide by Metleon

Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition Cover

Language: English

Author: Metleon

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Mission 1: Mt. Moon (51 Pokémon)
Rattata Gift from Proton
Raticate         Evolve Rattata at Lv 20
Spearow Steal from Little Girl Susie in Celadon City
Fearow Evolve Spearow at Lv 20
Pidgey Wild on Route 7
Pidgeotto         Evolve Pidgey at Lv 18
Pidgeot Evolve Pidgeotto at Lv 36
Growlithe Wild on Route 7
Arcanine         Evolve Growlithe with a Fire Stone
Meowth Wild on Route 7 (Catch 5 with Pickup)
Persian Evolve Meowth at Lv 28
Oddish Wild on Route 7
Gloom Evolve Oddish at Lv 25
Vileplume Evolve Gloom with a Leaf Stone
Poliwag Steal from Gambler Robert on Route 7
Poliwhirl         Evolve Poliwag at Lv 25
Poliwrath Evolve Poliwhirl with a Water Stone
Eevee Gift in Celadon Apartment Complex
Umbreon Evolve Eevee with a Moon Stone
Magikarp Buy from the salesman in the Mt Moon Pokemon Center
Gyarados         Evolve Magikarp at Lv 20
Zubat Wild in Mt Moon
Golbat Evolve Zubat at Lv 22
Crobat Evolve Golbat with High Friendship
Geodude Wild in Mt Moon
Graveler         Evolve Geodude at Lv 25
Golem Evolve Graveler at Lv 40
Paras Wild in Mt Moon (it's guarenteed on the middle floor)
Parasect         Evolve Paras at Lv 24
Clefairy         Wild in Mt Moon (the lowest floor is best)
Clefable         Evolve Clefairy with a Moon Stone
Caterpie/Weedle Steal from Bug Catcher Kent in Mt Moon
Metapod Evolve Caterpie at Lv 7 / Steal from Bug Catcher Robbie in Mt Moon
Butterfree Evolve Metapod at Lv 10
Kakuna Steal from Bug Catcher Robbie in Mt Moon / Evolve Weedle at Lv 7
Beedrill         Evolve Kakuna at Lv 10
Jigglypuff Steal from Little Girl Amanda in Mt Moon
Wigglytuff Evolve Jigglypuff with a Moon Stone
Nidoran M/F Steal from Youngster Josh in Mt Moon
Nidorino/a Evolve Nidoran M/F at Lv 16
Nidoking/Queen Evolve Nidorino/Nidorina with a Moon Stone
Abra Buy from the Celadon Game Corner for 180 Coins
Kadabra Evolve Abra at Lv 16
Alakazam Evolve Kadabra at Lv 33
Dratini Buy from the Celadon Game Corner for 2800 Coins
Dragonair Evolve Dratini at Lv 30
Dragonite Evolve Dragonair at Lv 55
Scyther Buy from the Celadon Game Corner for 5500 Coins
Scizor Evolve Scyther at Lv. 44
Porygon Buy from the Celadon Game Corner for 9999 Coins
Porygon2 Evolve Porygon at Lv. 36
Mission 2: Bill (65 Pokémon)
Venonat Steal from Bug Catcher Cale on Route 24
Venomoth Evolve Venonat at Lv 31
Sandshrew Steal from Youngster Timmy on Route 24
Sandslash Evolve Sandshrew at Lv 22
Mankey Steal from Camper Ethan on Route 24
Primeape         Evolve Mankey at Lv 28
Ekans Steal from Camper Shane on Route 24
Arbok Evolve Ekans at Lv 22
Weedle/Caterpie Catch on Route 24 or 25
Slowpoke Steal from Youngster Dan on Route 25
Slowking         Evolve Slowpoke with a Water Stone
Nidoran M/F Steal from Picnicker Kelsey on Route 25 (Steal the one you don't already have)
Nidorino/a Evolve Nidoran M/F at Lv. 16
Nidoking/Queen Evolve Nidorino/Nidorina with a Moon Stone
Mission 3: S.S. Anne (90 Pokémon)
Hitmonlee/chan Reward from the Fighting Dojo Master after completing his sidequest
Psyduck Steal from Camper Ricky on Route 6
Golduck Evolve Psyduck at Lv 33
Pikachu Steal from Picnicker Nancy on Route 6
Raichu Evolve Pikachu with a Thunder Stone
Farfetch'd Steal from Pickier Isabelle on Route 6
Doduo Steal from Camper Jeff on Route 6
Dodrio Evolve Doduo at Lv 31
Horsea Steal from Gambler Hugo on Route 11
Seadra Evolve Horsea at Lv 32
Kingdra Evolve Seadra at Lv 50
Bellsprout Steal from Gambler Jasper on Route 11
Weepinbell Evolve Bellsprout at Lv 21
Victreebell Evolve Weepinbell with a Leaf Stone
Vulpix Steal from Gambler Darian on Route 11
Ninetales Evolve Vulpix with a Fire Stone
Magnemite Steal from Gambler Dirk on Route 11
Magneton Evolve Magnemite at Lv 30
Drowzee Catch on Route 11
Hypno Evolve Drowzee at Lv 26
Diglett Catch in Diglett's Cave
Dugtrio Catch in Diglett's Cave/Evolve Diglett at Lv 26
Mr. Mime Trade an Abra on Route 2
Ponyta Steal from Gentleman Lamar on the S.S. Anne
Rapidash Evolve Ponyta at Lv 40
Mission 4: Pokemon Tower (107 Pokémon)
Krabby Steal from Captain Arab on the S.S. Anne
Kingler Evolve Krabby at Lv 28
Jynx Steal Poliwag from Gambler Stan on Route 8, evolve it into Poliwhirl, and trade it for Jynx in Cerulean City
Voltorb Catch on Route 10
Electrode Evolve Voltorb at Lv 30
Machop Catch in Rock Tunnel (the upper floor is best)
Machoke Evolve Machop at Lv 28
Machamp Evolve Machoke at Lv 45
Onix Catch in Rock Tunnel (the lower floor is best)
Steelix Evolve Onix at Lv. 36
Exeggcute Steal from Picnicker Martha in Rock Tunnel
Exeggutor Evolve Exeggcute with a Leaf Stone
Gastly Steal from Gambler Alphonse on the 3rd floor of the Pokemon Tower
Haunter Evolve Gastly at Lv 25
Gengar Evolve Haunter at Lv 40
Cubone Catch in the Pokemon Tower (the highest floor is best)
Marowak Evolve Cubone at Lv 28
Mission 5: Professor Oak (110 Pokemon)
Ditto Steal from Mr. Fuji in the Pokemon Tower
Tentacool Steal from Lass Sally on Route 3
Tentacruel Evolve Tentacool at Lv 30
Mission 6: Blaine (135 Pokémon)
Chansey Steal from Daisy in Pallet Town
Blissey Evolve Chansey with High Friendship
Staryu Steal from Swimmer Connie on Route 19
Starmie Steal from Sis & Bro Lil and Ian on Route 21
Omanyte/Kabuto Steal a fossil from the Researcher in the Pewter City Museum and revive it on Cinnabar Island
Omastar/Kabutops Evolve your fossil Pokemon at Lv 40
Koffing Catch in the Pokemon Mansion
Weezing Evolve Koffing at Lv 35 or catch in the Pokemon Mansion
Grimer Catch in the Pokemon Mansion
Muk Evolve Grimer at Lv 38
Politoed Steal Poliwag from Swimmer Melissa on Route 20 and evolve Poliwhirl at Lv. 40
Goldeen Steal from Picnicker Missy on Route 20
Seaking Steal from Swimmer Tiffany on Route 20
Shelder Steal from Swimmer Nora on Route 20
Cloyster Evolve Shelder with a Water Stone
Seel Steal from Swimmer Shirley on Route 20
Dewgong Evolve Seel at Lv 34
Slowbro Steal Slowpoke from Swimmer Anya on Route 19 and evolve it at Lv. 37
Lickitung Trade a Golduck on Route 18
Rhyhorn Catch in the Safari Zone (the Center Area is best)
Rhydon Evolve Rhyhorn at Lv 42
Kangaskhan Catch in the Safari Zone (the Right Area is best)
Tauros Catch in the Safari Zone (the Left Area is Best)
Tangela Steal from Picnicker Yazmin on Route 15
Mew Catch under the truck next to the SS Anne (requires Strength)
Mission 7: Silph Co (135 Pokémon)
Mission 8: Master Ball (140 Pokemon)
Flareon Steal from Policeman Gavin on the 7th floor of Silph Co.
Magmar Steal from Burgular Cain in Rocket Hideout
Hitmonlee/chan Steal from Crush Kin Ron & Mya on Route 15 (Steal the one you don't already have)
Pinsir Steal from Pokémaniac Elvin in the Safari Zone
Bellossom Evolve Gloom with a Sun Stone
Mission 9: The Catastrophe (141 Pokemon)
Wobbuffet Wild in Cerulean Cave (2F is best)
Mission 10: Oak's Basement (142 Pokemon)
Missingno. Catch the Catastrophe as part of the story
Mission 11: Champion (164 Pokemon)
Aerodactyl Steal from Lance
Granbull         Steal from Guard Eric
Noctowl Steal from Guard Douglas
Murkrow Steal from Guard Sam
Ursaring         Steal from Guard Bret
Houndoom Steal from Guard Ben
Skarmory Steal from Guard Jordan
Omastar/Kabutops Steal from Brock (Steal the one you don't already have)
Vaporeon         Steal from Misty
Jolteon Steal from Lt. Surge
Furret/Donphan/Ampharos Steal from Cooltrainer Naomi
Ariados/Jumpluff/Aipom Steal from Cooltrainer Rolando
Magcargo/Corsola/Miltank Steal from Pokemaniac Dawson
Hitmontop/Heracross Steal from Blackbelt Daisuke
Xatu/Girafarig Steal from Juggler Nelson
Schuckle/Octillery/Togetic/Stantler Steal from Cooltrainer Alexa
Pupitar Steal from Cooltrainer George
Tyranitar         Evolve Pupitar at Lv. 55
Espeon Steal from Cool Couple Ray & Tyra
Mantine/Azumarill/Quagsire/Lanturn Steal from Cooltrainer Colby
Sunflora/Sudowoodo/Forretress Steal from Cooltrainer Caroline
Misdreavus                 Steal from Agatha
Post-game (171 Pokemon)
Charizard/Lapras/Snorlax Steal from Red
Venusaur         Steal from Oak
Electabuzz Catch in the Power Plant
Articuno         Catch in Seafoam Islands
Zapdos Catch in the Power Plant
Moltres Catch in Victory Road
Mewtwo Catch in Cerulean Cave

By Metleon

Introduction: In Pokémon Rocket Edition, you play as a member of Team Rocket and are able to steal Pokémon from more trainers as you go up in rank in addition to ones you could normally catch in the wild. You can get all 8 badges, but they're not required to beat the game. Because of this, I've divided the game into the 11 missions you go on and the post-game. Some Pokémon can be stolen from the bosses of missions, however, I have these counted as part of the next mission. All of my reccomendations for the best places to catch Pokémon are based on the original Fire Red, but I can confirm that all of these Pokémon can be found in those areas. This game never gives you the Pokédex, so you'll need to keep track of your Pokémon obtained manually.

"Start out by picking up your Rattata and completing the stealing tutorial as normal. Make sure to steal Spearow, as you'll be able to catch a wild Pidgey on Route 7. After that, you want to buy as many Great Balls as possible. You can obtain a hidden PP Up in the bottom right plant of the B1F of the hideout and a second one at the dead end just south of where you exit to Route 7. You can also buy one of each drink on the roof of the Celadon Department Store and give them to the little girl in exchange for TMs. Selling all of this loot will net you 22 Great Balls.

You can now begin to capture wild Meowths on Route 7. You want to catch 5 of them with the Pickup Ability, which can give you items after battle. This Ability will mostly give you Berries, but can give you Rare Candies, PP Ups, Nuggets, and TM10. The Rare Candies will save you a lot of time grinding for levels, and the other items can be sold for money. Despite this game giving out terribly low ammounts of money after battles, you shouldn't have much trouble with money due to all the items you get. The best way to use Pickup is to have one Pokémon you're training in the front of the party and fill up the rest of it with 5 Pickup Meowths. The drop table doesn't depend on level like it does in later games, so you don't need to bother leveling them up. You'll almost certainly get a Technician Meowth at some point, so evolve that one to keep your Pickup squad.

You may as well catch the other wild Pokémon and steal a Poliwag from Gambler Robert while you're here. You want to steal Poliwag instead of Bellsprout because you'll need two more Poliwag later, and there's a trainer later on who only has Bellsprout and Oddish. You can also grab the Eevee from the top of the Celadon Appartment Complex where it normally is. You'll need to evolve it into Umbreon, since you can steal the original three Eeveelutions later, and there's only one Sun Stone in the game, which you'll be using to evolve Gloom into Bellossom. You can steal Espeon later on, as well, so you'll be able to get all 5 Eeveelutions.

After that, teach Fly to a Pokémon and head to Mt. Moon. After watching the couple cutscenes in the beginning of Mt. Moon, head down and pick up the Moon Stone they point out to you and the hidden one at the end of the cave. Be sure to not trigger the cutscene with the fossil Pokemaniac, as that's considered the start of the end of this mission. You now need to steal 4 Pokémon from trainers, catch 4 wild Pokémon in the caves, and buy the Magikarp from the salesman in the Pokémon Center. Your current rank only lets you steal from Little Girls, Gamblers, Bug Catchers, Youngsters, Campers, Picknickers, Gentlemen, Captain Arab, and Mr. Fuji, but you can fight the other trainers in the cave for experience; you don't need to worry about skipping them because you won't need to steal any of their Pokémon later on. Note that you can only steal either Caterpie or Weedle from Bug Catcher Kent and will have to steal the other's evolved form Bug Catcher Robbie. Whichever you choose, you can get the other first form Bug in the next section.

You're going to need two more Moon Stones in this section to evolve all of your Pokémon, so you need to use Thief to steal them from wild Clefairy. The TM for Thief can be found in the same area as Little Girl Amanda and can be taught to Rattata and Meowth, among other Pokémon. Just make sure that your Pokémon isn't holding an item at the time and remember that wild Clefairy only hold Moon Stones 5% of the time. Also, the encounter rate for caves is even lower in this game than the original Fire Red, so I think using Oddish's Sweet Scent is the fastest way to generate encounters.

After you watch the cutscene outside Mt. Moon, you have access to the B3F of the Hideout. Go to this floor and head straight down from the stairs to find the Coin Case. You're going to need a total of 18,479 Coins to buy everything here, which requires 364,000 Pokédollars after picking up the hidden coins in the Game Corner. You shouldn't have much trouble buying everything after taking care of grinding, since your Meowths will keep Picking Up items you can sell. If you're really concerned about money, you can train a Meowth up to Lv. 30 without evolving it to learn Pay Day. This will give you extra money equal to the Pokemon's level x 5 every time you use it.

The best place to grind levels right now is Route 7. It has a much higher encounter rate than Mt. Moon, and the Pokémon give about the same Experience. Remember that Trade Evolution Pokémon like Graveler and Kadabra can be evolved via leveling up in this game. Gen 2 evolutions can also be obtained right away. Most of these are simply through level up. Pokemon like Magikarp and the second stage Bug you steal will have to be switch trained for the majority of their levels, and other Pokemon may need to be switch trained for their first couple levels. Abra, however, can learn Hidden Power, so you may not need to switch train it if you get a good Base Power.

After you've evolved everything, head to the end of Mt. Moon to watch the fossil cutscene and defeat Red for a ton of money. He should be no problem with your over-leveled team. After the next cutscene, report to Giovanni for your next mission."