Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokemon and Move Changes

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Pokemon and Move Changes

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Cover

Language: English

Author: tudou

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All lists of Pokémon are in National Dex Order

New Pokémon (Pokémon replaced):
Roselia (Ledian) (Roserade’s already in the game, evolves via Shiny Stone as expected)
Budew (Ledyba) 
Rotom (Chinchou)
Rotom-W (Lanturn)
Rotom-C (Teddiursa)
Rotom-H (Ursaring)
Rotom-F (Voltorb)
Rotom-S (Electrode)
Venipede (Krabby)
Whirlipede (Kingler)
Scolipede (Pinsir)
Cottonee (Meowth)
Whimsicott (Persian)
Golett (Diglett)
Golurk (Dugtrio)
Pawniard (Paras)
Bisharp (Parasect)
Larvesta (Spinarak) 
Volcarona (Ariados)
Genesect (Zangoose)
Honedge (Mankey)
Doublade (Primeape)
Aegislash (Dunsparce)
Skrelp (Grimer)
Dragalge (Muk)
Goomy (Trapinch)
Sliggoo  (Vibrava)
Goodra  (Flygon)
Phantump (Slugma) (evolves via trade stone)
Trevenant (Magcargo) 

Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde replace some of the filler slots between Celebi and Treecko.
However, they are safe to catch, so feel free to do so!

Notable altered Pokémon locations:
- A different Pokémon is given out instead of Ditto at Oceanview City.
- Bulbasaur and Squirtle are found in Geminite River, and Charmander is found in the portion of Mt. Stratus accessible from Geminite River.
- Phantump can be found on Haunted Isle’s outside, and in Espo Forest.
- Budew can be found in Milkshake Swamp. Roselia can be found at Espo Clearing.
- Rotom is given by an NPC at Northcoast Town, replacing Glaceon in the original Glazed. It is also available as a rare encounter in Icicle Tunnel and Mt. Dyno.
- An NPC in Mt. Stratus will give you a different Pokémon after finishing Fusion Labs.
- Larvesta is found in Mt. Furnace. You can also receive it at a gift in Cape Azure's music hall, but you will have to fight someone first.
- Cottonee is found in Springside Path.
- Golett is found in Haunted Rock and Temporal Tower.
- Venipede is found in Milkshake Swamp and Springside Path. Whirlipede is found in Espo Clearing. Scolipede can be found in Sinistrus Forest.
- Pawniard can be found in Espo Clearing, Palmtree Park, Safari Zone, and Sinistrus Forest
- Honedge is found in Haunted Rock, and Espo Forest. Doublade can be found in Sinistrus Forest.
- Skrelp can be found by Surfing in the Spatial Sea, or on the sea floors of both Tunod and Johto.
- Goomy can be found by surfing in the Safari Zone, or in Palmtree Park’s grass.

There are many other miscellaneous changes, such as Gligar, Scyther, Yanma, Clefairy and Lickitung being made available in Tunod. See if you can find them!

Evolution changes: All previous evolution methods have been overridden.
Tangela: Level 38
Magneton: Level 40
Eevee-Def: Vaporeon (water stone), Umbreon (moon stone), Leafeon (Leaf stone), or Sylveon (Sun Stone). Also into Eevee-Off by level up
Eevee-Off: Jolteon (thunderstone), Flareon (fire stone), Espeon(sunstone), or Glaceon (Moon Stone). Into Eevee-Def by level up
Aipom: Level 33
Yanma: Level 34
Gligar: Level 40
Sneasel: Level 40
Piloswine: Level 44
Budew: Level 14
Skorupi: Level 34
Riolu: Level 25

Rotom evolves (changes form) via stones (non-reversible): 
Rotom-W (Water) : Water Stone
Rotom-H (Fire): Fire Stone
Rotom-S (Flying): Sun Stone
Rotom-C (Grass): Leaf Stone
Rotom-F (Ice): Moon Stone

Joltik: Level 32
Mienfoo: Level 40
Pawniard: Level 42
Deino: Level 30
Zweilous: Level 54
Larvesta: Level 49
Skrelp: Level 42
There is a secret evolution in the game. Let’s just say that it allows the player to receive something they couldn’t in the original Glazed.

Type changes:
Bayleef and Meganium: Grass/Fairy
Quilava and Typhlosion: Fire/Normal
Croconaw and Feraligatr: Water/Dark
Ampharos: Electric/Dragon
Sceptile: Grass/Dragon
Mismagius: Ghost/Fairy
Luxray: Electric/Dark

Stat changes:
All starters have a catch rate of 135
Beldum has a catch rate of 45
Pidgeot: +10 attack
Arbok: +20 HP
Sandslash: +5 hp, +10 speed
Rapidash: +5 attack, +10 speed
Jynx: +10 special attack
Ditto: +30 defense and special defense, +60 hp
Flareon: +30 hp, -30 special attack 
Dratini and Dragonair: -14 attack, +14 special attack
Jumpluff: +10 attack
Mantine: +20 HP
Manectric: + 10 attack
Kecleon: +20 hp
Shuppet: +20 speed
Banette: +30 speed
Sableye: 50/85/125/85/115/20 (Mega’s Stats)
Mawile: 50/105/125/55/95/50 (Mega’s Stats)
Absol: +15 special attack, +15 speed
Torterra: +5 defense
Luxray: +7 speed
Regigigas: -20 attack, +20 special attack, -75 Speed
Whimsicott: -10 attack, +10 special attack
Bisharp: +10 speed
Aegislash: 60/125/150/55/70/60 
Trevenant: +10 hp
Scarf Pikachu: 60/100/55/100/80/110 (Raichu’s Stats, +10 attack and special attack)

All extremely powerful legendaries (have 670 or more, excluding Arceus) have had their base stats decreased:

Mewtwo: 86/90/80/144/80/120

Ho-Oh: 96/120/80/90/134/80

Lugia: 96/80/120/80/134/90

Groudon: 90/140/120/90/70/90

Kyogre: 90/90/70/140/120/90

Rayquaza: 95/140/70/130/70/95

Dialga: 90/100/110/140/90/70

Palkia: 70/100/90/140/110/90

Giratina: 140/110/80/110/80/80

Reshiram: 90/100/80/140/100/90

Zekrom: 90/140/100/100/80/90

Kyurem: 105/120/80/120/80/95

Kyurem-B: 105/160/90/110/80/95

Kyurem-W: 105/110/80/160/90/95

Xerneas and Yveltal: 106/111/85/121/88/89

Ability Changes:
No secondary abilities are present if only one is listed.

Venusaur: Chlorophyll
Charizard: Tough Claws 
Blastoise: Mega Launcher
Beedrill: Adaptability
Spearow line: Keen Eye/Sniper
Hitmonchan: Iron Fist
Horsea Line: Swift Swim/Sniper
Scyther Line: Technician
Eevee: Adaptability
Marill line: Huge Power (only ability)
Togepi line: Serene Grace (only ability)
Smeargle: Own Tempo/Technician
Hitmontop: Intimidate/Technician
Breloom: Technician
Infernape: Iron Fist
Roserade: Natural Cure/Technician
Ambipom: Technician/Pickup
Gible and Gabite: Sand Veil/Rough Skin
Garchomp: Sand Force/Rough Skin
Skorupi line: Battle Armor/Sniper
Froslass: Inner Focus
Rotom-S (Flying): Volt Absorb
Regigigas: Speed Boost
Timburr line: Guts/Iron Fist
Scolipede: Speed Boost
Golett line: Iron Fist
Genesect: Clear Body
Honedge line: Hyper Cutter
Skrelp line: Adaptability
Goomy line: Rain Dish/Water Absorb

New moves (moves replaced):
Drain Kiss (Sweet Kiss)
Flare Blitz (Sacred Fire)
Wild Charge (Volt Tackle)
Aqua Tail (Crabhammer)
Icicle Crash (Icicle Spear)
Flash Cannon (Luster Purge)
Nasty Plot (Torment)
Dark Pulse (Doom Desire)
Dragon Pulse (Mist Ball)
Bug Buzz (Spit Up) 
X-Scissor (Crush Claw)
Night Slash (Guilllotine)
Earth Power (Fissure)
Air Slash (Air Cutter)
Iron Head (Slam)
Power Gem (Egg Bomb)
Zen Headbutt (Psycho Boost)
Brave Bird (Aeroblast)
Snarl (Snore)
Leaf Storm (Petal Dance)
Shadow Claw (Shadow Punch)
Drain Punch (Dynamic Punch)
Wood Hammer (Bone Club)
Rock Polish (Sharpen)
Flame Burst (Stockpile) 
Bulk Up (Pay Day)
Ominous Wind (Razor Wind)
Fire Fang (Comet Punch)
Ice Fang (Vicegrip)
Thunder Fang (Bind)
Sucker Punch (Rolling Kick)
Roost (Kinesis)
Hurricane (Magic Coat)
Bullet Punch (Sky Attack)
Cotton Guard (Cotton Spore)
Grass Knot (Meditate)
Aqua Jet (Skull Bash)
Sacred Sword (Dizzy Punch)

Poison Jab is already in the game, but is given increased distribution.
Same goes for Shadow Sneak.

Move changes:
Knock Off: 80 power
Covet: Fairy
Ancientpower, Silver Wind, and Ominous Wind: 15 pp
Shadow Claw: 80 power
Astonish: 60 power
Aerial Ace: 80 power
Giga Drain and Drain Punch: 15 pp
Cut: Bug type
Rock Climb: Rock type
Rock Slide: 95 accuracy
Blizzard: 80 accuracy
Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang: 75 power, don't cause flinches
Extremespeed: 10 pp
Hurricane: 20% confuse chance, 80 accuracy (unaffected by rainy or sunny weather)
Sucker Punch: 10 pp, 60 power (doesn't fail if the opponent uses a status move)
Cotton Guard: raises +2 defense stages instead of +3 defense
Sacred Sword: High Crit rate, replacing previous effect