Pokemon Blazed Glazed Item Changes

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Item Changes

Pokemon Blazed Glazed Cover

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Author: tudou

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Item changes:

- Trade Stones are purchasable from the Northcoast Poke Mart,
but they can still be gotten for free by getting A+ rank in the
Skiing minigame.

- If you want to use a Gallade or a Froslass, you can pick up
a Dawn Stone somewhere before the third gym (it’s hard to miss).

- Dusk Stones, Shiny Stones, and Dawn Stones can be bought in
Palmtree resort. 

- A Choice Scarf can be found in Team Fusion's lab.

- You can pick between Choice Specs and Choice Band when talking
to an NPC in Darkwood Town. (yes for band, no for specs)

- Leftovers + Choice items can be bought from the Day/Night Clerks
in Goldenrod City's underground.

- Some gyms hand out different TMs: 
Sparky gives Shock Wave instead of Thunderbolt
Terry gives Dig instead of Earthquake
Leif gives Giga Drain instead of Solarbeam
Ernest gives Flamethrower instead of Fire Blast
Tyson gives Brick Break instead of Focus Punch
Simon gives out Moonblast instead of Attract
Bugsy gives out Signal Beam instead of Sludge Bomb.

- The old TMs the Tunod gym leaders handed out are
still found in the Seaspray Department Store after
beating the Tunod Elite 4, along with some being
scattered around Tunod (Thunderbolt for example is
found in Icicle Tunnel).

- The Fire Blast, Thunder, Blizzard, and Hyper Beam TMs in Seaspray
Town’s Department Store are replaced by Substitute, Thief, Return,
and Hidden Power TMs. The former three are now found in Goldenrod’s
department store, while the Hyper Beam TM had an alternate location
in the original Glazed.

- Goldenrod's TM selection is revamped overall.

- The girl running around in the Fusion Resort gives a TM09 to you,
but you can also pick one up at in the Oceanview Park if you missed it. 

- TM 01 now teaches Drain Punch.

- TM 09 now teaches Grass Knot.

- TM 21 now teaches Knock Off

- TM 22 now teaches Earth Power.

- TM 32 now teaches Substitute.

- TM 41 now teaches Signal Beam.