Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter Fixed Demo Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter Fixed Demo Detailed Walkthrough by Olivia R.

Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter GBA

Language: English

Author: Olivia R.

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Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter demo-fixed version detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note this is a ROM hack, I do not own this and will not distribute this hack, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Fire Red ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

This will be a strict text walkthrough of the rom hack featuring what you need to do to get through the game as well as the trainers and their Pokemon. Due to this hack apparently having been discontinued, but turned into a PC fangame at some point, do not expect an update to this rom hack any time soon (I find it interesting that the Red Chapter continues to get updates, but the others are discontinued, which is why I am not playing Red Chapter until I know it is completed).

Notable things in this hack:
-Sprites resembling Gen-4 games
-Moves from newer generations + Fairy type

-Special evolution items

-Follow along with the Yellow chapters of the Manga

-Day/Night system

-and more


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Viridian City [VIRD]
Route 1 [RTE1]

Pallet Town [PALL]

Route 2 [RTE2]
Viridian Forest [VIRF]

Go through the prologue as usual. You will be playing as Yellow here, but can name her whatever you wish. You'll be in bed at home, reminiscing about the encounter with Red, with Uncle Wilson waking you up. You'll then have control as the young Yellow.

GLITCH: This may be a problem with my rom or something, but Yellow is discolored. Accessing the Bag or the Trainer card seems to alleviate things, but there's also a bug with the Trainer card colors too! It doesn’t really impact gameplay though.

You can't interact with anything, so just go downstairs. Wilson will mention that Prof. Oak will be visiting, and will see you off as you head to school.


Yep, you're actually starting in this city. To the north is Viridian Forest, which is closed according to Oliver (which one of the guys here is Oliver?), and the school is the only other building, at the west side. Below your house is a Nurse Joy-looking person, and it seems that they are in the process of constructing a PokeCenter here, which, of course, would end up being the PokeCenter that would eventually be in Viridian. And to the right of your house is a to-be PokeMart under construction, and the clerk is hilariously named Mart. Just head to school and Katie will tell you to sit next to her. Ms. Spring is the teacher, telling us how to choose our starter mons, but this will actually be a lesson delivered by Prof. Oak. Yeah, he's much younger too! You as the player will be spared the day one lecture, cause I'm sure you already know the basics, and Ms. Spring will announce a field trip is on the way. Where else but Viridian Forest? Excited? Ryan is! Who's Ryan? He's the kid to your left, asking you to meet him by the pond later. Katie also will meet you by the pond too.

GLITCH: Do NOT talk to Prof. Oak when you regain control, the game will freeze.

Ryan and Katie are just south of the school. Ryan's idea is to have us catch our own Pokemon at Viridian Forest instead of choosing a starter like normal starting trainers would do. This could get us into some trouble, but Ryan seems to not care, yet it sounds like it would be a good idea even then. Return home and talk to Uncle Wilson. Next morning, leave the house as usual. Viridian Forest is now open. Enter the gate and Oak will tell you to have a seat. As usual, you as in you the player will be spared the lesson part of it all, and out of convenience, Oak seems to have misplaced his bag in the classroom, and he and Ms. Spring go to get it, so we have to wait. Or do we? This is where Ryan springs his plan, of course. Head out to the right and go with your friends. A flash occurs, and you'll be alone! You could explore the forest, but there's no encounters or anything to really do. You need to go to the bottom area, where there's a sign and four rocks, then go under the sign. You'll call out to your friends, but it looks like you're lost. A Dratini comes out of the water and chases you, but gets defeated by a Venusaur. Then guess who shows up? It's Red! He'll be nice and all and tell you how to catch a Pokemon out here. Well? Head to the NE end of the forest. Interact with the Rattata and Red will show up. This is where Pikachu shows face, from Red's own team. First battle time. Just faint the Rattata, you don't have any items anyways. After the battle, Red will prompt you to throw the Poke Ball to catch the Rattata, and it will automatically be caught. From this point, the game fast-forwards two more years.

A mysterious person will have discovered the location of Silph Co. The game will fast-forward two more years. Another cutscene, without dialogue, and you'll have control of an older Yellow! In the house is your Rattata and a Doduo, and a man named Wilton is at the entrance. Oh yeah, and for some reason, your uncle's name changed from Wilson to Wilton. Talk to him, and you'll tell him that you're out to find Red's Pikachu. The Doduo is Wilton's, and it will become yours as well. Get both Rattata and Doduo by interacting with them, and you can name them whatever (their canon names are Ratty and Dody). Talk to Wilton afterwards, looks like someone forgot her Old Rod! But don't worry, you'll actually get Wilton's Super Rod! Renders the headaches of fishing quite obsolete! Wilton will say he's going to see your parents in Johto, while you of course need to save Red's Pikachu.

We're still in Viridian City, but of course since the time had skipped, the locales are all different. Your house is now at the NW end of the town. You might be tempted to use the Super Rod at the water's edge, but the game won't let you. Katie is near the PokeMart, giving a few bits of advice in regards to Caterpie and Weedle. Ryan is also here, and funny enough, he doesn't recognize Yellow with the hat, and it seems to conceal her gender even. Two named NPCs, Frank and Olive, are in the PokeMart too.

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Paralyz Heal: P200

I have no idea why there are Voltorbs and Deoxys on top of the rocks on the west side. The next house is the school, and even includes the creator of the hack. Two more named NPCs are east and north, first is Bob, the technology guy like in every Pokemon game, and the other is Oliver, who comments on the disappearance of Red. Two more are in the PokeCenter, Rider and Sommer, both wanting to ask each other out. The center expands a bit north to a lounge area with five PCs (that's more than necessary). The people here are Old Man Mcgucket, Brooke (who has an unnamed child), a guy named Herp Derp, and Dipper (from Gravity Falls). A hiker named Jack is examining the map, and the nurse back here is actually the day care service, but it's closed. To the north is Route 2, but it's blocked off. Go through the guardhouse south of Viridian City to access Route 1.


Mons found:

Pidgey: 50%

Rattata: 50%

First thing, pick up the Potion.

Bug Catcher Larry: Metapod Lv5, P60

Move down and you're almost to Pallet Town. You'll talk with two kids as to the whereabouts of Pikachu and then the game will go somewhere else. Specifically, Oak's lab, where Pikachu is! You'll also see the names Bruno and Misty dropped, the latter remotely communicating with Oak. Pikachu is obviously injured, which means Red was defeated by someone who sent Oak a letter, which was Bruno! Back in control of Yellow, let's keep going south.

Beauty Rachel: Eevee Lv3, P24

Keep going and you'll find a Doduo farm on the west side, run by Linda. She gives you the Doduo Whistle, which can help you ride Doduo any time you like! It functions basically like the Bicycle.

GLITCH: You will be discolored every time you get off or on Doduo. Access the trainer card or bag to be back to normal.

Cooltrainer Bob: Pidgey Lv4, P80

Next, get TM27 Return at the SE end. Let's head south to Pallet Town!


Josh is in front of Daisy's house, and you can challenge Sydney to the east.

Lass Sydney: Nidorino Lv5, P20

In the PokeCenter the Bug Catcher named Bugs is excited about mega evolutions. The kid named Johnny in the lounge area wants to be left alone to play Pokemon Go. Herp Derp is here playing with a game, while a girl named Holly is annoyed with him. A nerd named Will is in the back reading books. Outside, a lady named Kari mentions about a disappeared girl. The next house has an old man sleeping in front of it, and interacting with him is strange, as if he was a Nidorino (you hear the cry and so). Don't go south, you'll find wild Lv20+ encounters with Tangela which can defeat you easily. Head east and you can find Sarah near a pond, mentioning the first event in Red Chapter. Head north to get to the lab. Go to Pikachu (talking to Oak does nothing) and it'll join your team! Funny, it really looks like you stole it right under Oak's nose. Attempt to leave back to Route 1 now, then Oak comes after you! You explain all the things that have transpired, about Red's disappearance and Pikachu's return. You won't explain everything to Oak, but do mention that Red might be held captive and you'll free him. Well, Oak isn't really gonna believe you in any case.

PKMN Prof. Oak: Spearow Lv5, P200

Oak will then tell you to come to Red's house. If you remember, it was the one where that old man was sleeping in front of. Go there and you'll automatically be at the top floor. Get the Pokedex, and Oak and Pikachu appear next to you. Well, Oak will trust you, considering Pikachu remembers and trusts you. You now have the Pokedex, and your goal is to deliver the dex and Pikachu to Red. Oak also contemplates, did you actually make Pikachu better when you took him/her (when I played I had a female Pikachu, but canonically Red's Pikachu is supposed to be male).

GLITCH: I believe, at this point, you can now fish. Though when you do it, you will turn into a "yellow" version of the FR/LG male protagonist. It's strange. Also for what it's worth, you're still rather underleveled to be battling some of the mons to catch by fishing. I'll list them for convenience (super rod only).

Horsea: 40%

Shellder: 40%

Gyarados: 15%

Seadra: 4%

Psyduck: 1%

It seems you can only fish in the oceans but not the ponds from before, and you can also fish on Route 21. If you're feeling risky about grinding, go right ahead, but whenever you're ready, the next destination is at Viridian Forest, so head all the way back to Viridian City now.


Mons found:

Rattata: 55%

Pidgey: 55%

Caterpie: 5%

Weedle: 5%

School Kid Max: Bulbasaur Lv5, Rattata Lv4, P32 (double battle, also I wonder if this guy is the Max from the anime)

Young Couple Duo: Metapod Lv7, Kakuna Lv7, P392 (double battle, their real names are Rich and Lauren btw)

The path to the east is blocked by officers, so head to the forest. If you go to the north, the guardhouse has three NPCs, Fred and Rachel, who are loving each other, and a rather suspicious-looking unique character next to them (gee, I wonder who it could be with his look?). To the right, another person named Fred and a girl named Sam, with some info. Exit north.


Mons found:

Caterpie: 40%

Weedle: 40%

Kakuna: 10%

Metapod: 5%

Pikachu: 5%

As soon as you enter, you want to immediately go to your personal fishing spot. Mike is in front of you, wanting to find some bamboo. Guess what? You can actually find some, but only if you go into the grass patch NE from him and inspect between the trees to the north. Well, you get the Bamboo key item, but bringing it to Mike does nothing. Plus, for some reason, it functions like the Powder Jar. Pick up an Awakening at the SE grass patch, then head back and north of the tree where Mike is at. Head west from there, and you can inspect a bush at the north end for more Bamboo. The sign here notates the fishing spot! Head to the corner, face left, and press A. It's a fishing cutscene, and Pikachu is with you. Then you hook a Seaking at Lv7! Yellow did not catch this Seaking, so if you follow the main story, don't worry about catching it. After the battle, another cutscene showing you trying to catch the Seaking, but fail to. Then, oddly enough, you have control of Pikachu!

GLITCH: As Pikachu, do NOT inspect the sign that normally says "Viridian Forest". Doing this will fade to black but softlock the game.

As Pikachu, there are no random encounters. Return to the entrance of the forest and head NE, then across a bridge. A girl named Jacoba references the XY moment. Head up, right, and down, then across a log. Guess who it is? It's Bill! A Weezing and a Sandslash then show up. Then he notices Pikachu, chases it, and then is dunked into the water. You gain control of Pikachu again. Return to your character, who will read Pikachu's mind and figure out what's happening.

GLITCH: I should mention, when you gain control of Pikachu in that one brief segment, the day/night system doesn't work.

Cooltrainer AJ: Ekans Lv6, Rattata Lv5, P240

Return to where Bill is and you'll get a cutscene. We need three sticks of Bamboo. Well? You should have two. The last one is in the NW corner of the pond next to Jacoba. Head back there now and get it, then return to Bill. As you do, a Seadra appears!

PKMN Seadra: Seadra Lv7, P56

If that looks weird, well, it is. Although in the manga, this is in fact a Seadra that Yellow captures, this Seadra is treated like a trainer battle, with the music and everything (even a money value!?) but don't expect to actually catch the thing. After you defeat the Seadra, it threatens to use powerful currents to sweep Bill away. You think, then a Poke Ball appears, is thrown to Bill, then immediately catches the Seadra. Bill is saved! Talk to him again. He recognizes the Pikachu, but you also need to heal the Seadra that was caught, and basically freely heal it! This surprises Bill, who's of course wondering if that's the same Pikachu that Red has (he's right of course).

GLITCH: It is about at this point that you can now run as if you had Running Shoes, but note what happens when you run, your character spins! This game is really unpolished.

Continue up across another bridge. Bill and Pikachu will be with you, but who's speaking? Whoever it is wants Pikachu! The person pops from the trees, doesn't she look familiar? She orders Dewgong to use Blizzard, making it snow. She then tells you of how Red battled Bruno, and Bill wonders what happened to him. As you already know, this Pikachu is Red's, and the Elite Four have a battle record to apparently preserve. If it isn't obvious to everyone, this woman here is Lorelei. The confrontation is halted when you order Doduo to use Whirlwind, then escaping. You and Bill are now in a cave, telling Bill of the circumstances surrounding Red's disappearance. After healing Pikachu in cutscene, you outline your mission to Bill. The conversation is interrupted by a shaking, with that mysterious figure from before appearing again outside (savvy Pokemon fans will know that this is the Elite Four member Agatha, of course). And Lorelei is also ready for an attack on your characters. This is where you gain control.

You can control Pikachu by talking to it, and can re-control your character by talking to yourself. TM28 Dig is to the left. Attempt to exit south and boom, the exit gets blocked right away. There's a hole to the north, which has wind blowing through it. Inspect it and Bill thinks it's a getaway for us. Doduo will break a way out. Although it won't work, and it looks like we're sitting ducks here while missiles are coming for the two of you. What do we do? First, switch to Pikachu, then examine the wall east of the hole. Pikachu will hop up. Hop again, then exit the hole. Approach where Lorelei is, then jump to the ledge to the east by pressing A at the dead end. A cutscene occurs, and it seems like your character is communicating through Pikachu. A combined attack from Lorelei makes the Pikachu flee back into the cave. Switch to your character and inspect the hole, which will prompt you to leave. Your character will be on Doduo, but we need a diversion, so you control Pikachu again. Go back and the game takes over, sending Pikachu back to the top. Lorelei tries again, but the Pikachu you controlled was a decoy, and your character appears at the NE end, having escaped. When you regain control, head up to get to Bill and Pikachu, and Lorelei will catch up. Your speed increases at this point, and the music changes once you cross the bridge.

Mons found:

Caterpie: 39%

Pidgey: 30%

Weedle: 11%

Rattata: 10%

Bulbasaur: 10%

Okay so where to? Well, if you take a left at the next fork and down, the Pinsir here functions as a trainer!

PKMN Pinsir: Pinsir Lv5, P40

Head south and west for another Pinsir encounter.

PKMN Pinsir: Pinsir Lv5, P40

This is a dead end. Head up and left to the first Pinsir and head west of there. The path ends in a Sharp Beak, ideal for your Doduo. Go back to the first fork and head north.

PKMN Pinsir: Pinsir Lv5, P40

The fenced-in section has a Kangaskhan which functions as a nifty healing spot. Further north you go! A Pinsir to the left and a Beedrill to the right.

PKMN Pinsir: Pinsir Lv5, P40

PKMN Beedrill: Beedrill Lv5, P40

Hidden to the SE of the Beedrill is TM31 Brick Break! West across a bridge, ignore the dead end to the south.

PKMN Beedrill: Beedrill Lv5, P40

Down now.

PKMN Beedrill: Beedrill Lv5, P40

North is a dead end. Head south to the bridge and ignore the path east as it's a dead end. West, then north.

PKMN Pinsir: Pinsir Lv5, P40

PKMN Beedrill: Beedrill Lv5, P40

PKMN Beedrill: Beedrill Lv5, P40

North and Lorelei pops out of the grass! For some reason, this warps you back to the entrance of this area. Head back to where she was and you'll be with Pikachu and Bill. Lorelei attempts to attack once again with Spike Cannon, but you order Pikachu to Thundershock. Time for an actual battle!

Elite Four Lorelei: Cloyster Lv8, Dewgong Lv8, P128 (double battle)

Yeah, despite being an Elite Four member, it would be totally awful for you to get curb-stomped by her right here, which is why her Pokemon levels aren't that big despite both mons being evolved. The cutscene from before is supposed to be where Pikachu destroys Cloyster's main spike, which Bill confirms that Lorelei cannot do combination attacks. You order Pikachu to use Flash (funny, cause Pikachu doesn't normally know the move without the HM). You then say your name, or actually, the Spanish version of Yellow. Amarillo del Bosque Verde! After you leave, a cutscene plays involving Blue's Jigglypuff (I believe Blue in this game is supposed to be Green, as that's the character who owns the Jigglypuff, and everyone knows Blue is a guy, but for some reason the creators of the Adventure hacks got the two mixed up). She's mad about how you sort of revealed your identity to Lorelei.

When you gain control, head up (don't go down, that leads back to the previous area). Just follow the path. It's fairly linear, with a couple of dead ends, but your destination is the lake with rocks. There's a Poke Ball in the lake, but it seems that you and Bill are cornered as Lorelei blocks the path and orders Dewgong to use Ice Beam as you try to use Doduo to hop the pond. This freezes the pond, and Cloyster uses Supersonic to trap you and Bill. Your Rattata pops out, using Hyper Fang to free you and Bill, while Green (I'm gonna refer to her as Green, cause that's who she is) arrives with her Horsea to stall Lorelei. Lorelei then decides to consider you an enemy in another cutscene, before you regain control back on the first part of Viridian Forest.

Beauty Crystal: Vulpix Lv8, P64

Pick up an Antidote, and I guess the Bamboo to the left if you want as well.

Bug Maniac Rex: Butterfree Lv8, Beedrill Lv8, P128 (double battle)

And with that, go to the guardhouse, and congratulations, you have just finished Beta 1 of Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter. Well, wasn't that short! Looks like the vast majority of features that were stated here didn't happen. I was already aware of several bugs when I played this game, and it's a shame that we unfortunately won't see the rest of Yellow's actual chapters come to fruition. Well, not in ROM hack form, but there seems to be a PC fangame in the works. This wasn't much of a walkthrough, but thanks for reading it in case you needed any help with anything.