Pokemon Sardonyx: Raised to Win (RMXP)

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Game Name: Pokemon Sardonyx: Raised to Win
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokemon Essentials
Status: Demo 2, v2.8.6
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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You begin in Granite Town in the Altaris Region, a small town by the region's standards but beginning to expand and urbanize. Though you already sort of have a Pokémon- a family "pet" belonging to a relative that is no longer available- you decide that you need to go get a Pokémon of your own and become a trainer. Your neighbor and best friend tags along with you as you head to Shardil Town, where the professor will give you a choice between three Pokémon: Eevee, Mienfoo, and Solosis.

Very soon you begin to become aware of a gang, similar to those in other regions and yet somehow different. Reportedly, they almost never steal the Pokémon of other trainers. There are no grunts. There is no consistent uniform or identifying aspect aside from the raven they use as an emblem. These phantom whispers of a gang calling themselves Team Mortis reach you nearly everywhere you go, as does news of their illegal activities: pitting Pokémon against each other in battles to the death.

But are they the only criminal activity in the region?

Adventure through the island region and forge your own story. One might instinctively aim for the Gym challenge and Pokémon League, but none of this is required if you wish to take a more unorthodox path. Talk to everyone you meet, investigate every nook and cranny, explore every hidden passage and you will be rewarded for your efforts with deep worldbuilding and expansions on the established Pokémon lore.

As long as there is life in us.
As long as we hold the will to survive.
Knowing no different, we fight for our masters...
...For we are born to fight...
... And raised to win.

List of Features

    • Dark, branching storyline
    • Sarcastic NPCs and poking fun at official games
    • Interactable items are everywhere- if something seems out of place, try interacting with it
    • Tie-ins to the official games
    • Sidequests
    • Mix of generation 4 and 5 graphics
    • Custom and Free-Use-With-Credit music
    • Custom and Free-Use-With-Credit tiles and sprites
    • Custom UI textures
    • Following Pokémon
    • Optional gyms
    • HM replacements
    • Type chart adjustments: Normal is now Super Effective on Fairy and Psychic, Ice resists Ground/Grass/Water, Poison is Super Effective on Water
    • Turbo button that works at any time
    • Multiple save files and Quicksave
    • Pokémon permadeath in certain battles
    • Mystery Gift
    • Full Pokédex access (generation 6 and 7 Pokemon only available in Safari Zone or through limited in-game events)
    • Mega Evolutions, some custom
    • Regional variants, similar to Alola forms-- currently 60 and counting!
    • Pokémon rebalances: many Pokémon now have altered base stats and movesets


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Developer: KudaKeileon

Original Source: https://sardonyxrtw.weebly.com/