Pokemon Emeraude Plus + (French/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Emeraude Plus +
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: v3.0
Language: French 
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


A French Improvement Hack of Emerald.

List of Features

The choice of STARTERS:
  • When you go into the bag to choose your starting POKEMON, you will have the choice between four pockets:
    • 1 ° The three STARTERS of the first generation.
    • 2 ° The three STARTERS of the second generation.
    • 3 ° The three STARTERS of the third generation.
    • 4 ° Three POKEMON of the first form at random with at least one offensive attack.
The NUZLOCKE MODE (From Gadoin):
  • NUZLOCKE MODE can be activated or not at the start of the game.
  • Only the first POKEMON per area can be captured after obtaining the POKEDEX! (The STARTER does not count and POKEMON SHINEYS cannot be captured on an area already in use)
  • A POKEMON K.O at the end of the fight is permanently deleted.
  • Losing a fight will restart the game.
The options:
  • The options can be activated before recovering the STARTER.
    • 1 ° The POKEMONs of the trainers are random.
    • 2 ° The wild POKEMONs are random.
    • 3 ° The evolutions are random. (POKEMON will evolve at the original level but in a different species)
    • 4 ° The attacks are random.
    • 5 ° The STARTERS are random. (In this case you will not have access to the four pockets as explained above)
  • Others are available in the menu (START => OPTIONS)
    • 1 ° Adjust the level and attacks of POKEMON trainers in relation to the highest of your team. (If your team's max level is lower than the opponent's original level then it will not be adjusted)
    • 2 ° Inverted the relations between the types. (The FIRE type becomes effective against WATER, WATER against the PLANT type ... etc)
    • 3 ° Change the level of difficulty (1 = Normal, 2 = Level + 33%, 3 = Level + 66%)
  • The old options:
    • Text speed preset to 3
    • Combat animations are enabled by default
    • The SOUND preset on STEREO
Other Features:
  • All POKEMON (386) can be obtained. (Legendaries are unique)
  • All of them can be obtained multiple times. (Letters, Decorations, Items to Hold, Berries, Healing Items and items that were not available in the original Emerald Version)
  • he heroes' colors have changed from GREEN to BLUE.
  • Alternative evolutions for POKEMON which evolve by trade.
  • Tetarte => Tarpaud Bonheur, Kadabra => Alakazam Bonheur (between noon and midnight), Machopeur => Mackogneur LVL 40, Gravalanch => Grolem LVL 40, Ramoloss => Roigada Pierre eau, Spectrum => Ectoplasma Bonheur (between midnight and noon) , Onix => Steelix Beauté max, Hypocean => Hyporoi Pierre eau, Insecateur => Cizayox Beauté max, Porygon => Porygon2 Bonheur, Coquiperl => Serpang or Rosabyss at random LVL 30
  • The berry master always gives two berries at random but now all berries combined.
  • The hatch level is reduced from 5 to 1.
  • Fixed the grena bay bug.
  • Fixed the cloning bug.
  • The catch rates are reduced by 30%.
  • added Day and Night.
  • Lottery price changed. Before: MasterBall, Recall Max, Multi Exp, PP Plus. Now: MasterBall, Superbonbon, PP Max, Multi Exp.
  • Ability givers are now unlimited and new ones have been added: NIGHTMARE (Mont Mémoria), PIQUE (Cimetronelle), DESTRUCTION (Pacifville), FIRE RAFALE, VEGE-ATTAK, HYDROBLAST (Combat Zone).
  • The route 120 berry donor no longer gives a berry according to the player's ID but one of the five at random each day.
  • MOTs are unique and unlimited. (Cannot be obtained multiple times)
  • CS have become erasable.
  • Replacement of MOTs by POKéMON at the Lavandia casino. (TERHAL 6000, PORYGON 5000, DEBUGANT 4000, EVOLI 3000, M.MIME 2000)
  • A person in the Battle Zone can change a pokemon's special ability if it has a second.
  • You can pamper your Pokémon against 8Pco in the Combat Zone. (Increase happiness)
  • The NATIONAL POKEDEX is obtained at the start of the game and after the league the PROF. SEKO offers a MasterBall instead.
  • The person who gives the hidden power TC to Cimetronelle can give the type and an info on the power of this one. (On POKEMON in first position in the team)
  • Tickets for the islands are all available.
    • Pass Éon => On the floor of a POKEMON Center after having defeated MEWTWO, Old Map => At the port of the Combat Zone after having graduated from the POKEDEX REGIONAL,
    • Ticketaurora => Given by SCOTT to the Combat Zone after having all SILVER SYMBOLS,
    • Ticketmystik => Given by SCOTT to the Combat Zone after having had all the GOLD SYMBOLS.
  • In Pacifville a person gave Return and Frustration TCs now he gives a starter egg every 3 days. (One of 9 at random)
  • Possibility to face the rival in the lab again after facing MEWTWO. ( Once a day )
  • PIERRE can now request revenge from the Meteor Site
  • In each city, a musical panel has been installed and allows you to change the music.
  • 1G (RF / VF) and 2G (OAC) combat music can be played against wild POKéMON.
  • Storage Box N ° 14 has been removed for technical reasons.
  • The POKéBLOCS limit on a POKéMON is no longer in relation to the smoothness but to 51 per POKéMON.
  • Possibility to run in buildings.
  • Improved IV viewer, it no longer gives a random STAT if there are several of the same value, it will give them all.
  • In Eternara, a person will say a random sentence that matches an EV of a STAT from the first POKEMON of the team.
  • Fossils can all be obtained multiple times using Shard-Rock, once the golems have been awakened.
  • (Dome Fossil, Nautilus, Claw Fossil, Root Fossil, and Old Amber)
  • RONFLEX and LOHKLASS may reappear from time to time.
  • Modifications of the Tilsets by those of Fire Red and Leaf Green.
  • Possibility of obtaining the second bike from Rodolphe after the league.
  • Mew learns about attacks that were exclusive to POKEMON XD. ("Bluff" lvl5, "Imitation" lvl15, "Feinte" lvl25, "Hypnosis" lvl35 and "Elecanon" lvl 45)
  • Addition of other forms of DEOXYS and can be changed on the White Stone in Eternara with DEOXYS in the first position.
  • (Addition of the compatibility to the movetutor, attacks, and statistics specific to each form and the prohibition to the building of the ZDC)
  • EV limit is now 252 per STAT instead of 255.
  • The poison no longer puts K.O out of combat, it will leave 1 VP before dissipating.
  • SHINEYS encounter chance percentage has been increased.
  • Added seven special ribbons with new conditions (Combat Zone).


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Developer: Tédam

Original Source: https://www.pokemontrash.com/club/vos-fangames-et-projets/(gba)(fr)-pokemon-version-emeraude-plus-(3-0)/