Pokemon Vicious Black (NDS)

Download Patched Pokemon Vicious Black NDS ROM Hack

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Hack Name: Pokemon Vicious Black
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon Black, Pokemon Blazed Black
Status: Completed
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is a hard hack that uses Pokemon Blaze Black made by Drayano as a base Rom. 

ALL the trainers and gym leaders have pokemon that are faithful to their movesets based on their level, meaning you wouldn't find a rattata lv 5 with aeroblast, sacred fire, EQ, draco-meteor. Also since some pokemon had moveset changes don't be surprised.

List of Features

  • Every Trainer has AT LEAST 2 Pokemon(some may have 1 but are rare like .1%)
  • Every Trainer has AT LEAST 1 Full Restore
  • Every Trainer has CHAMPION LEVEL AI value of 7
  • Every Trainer's Pokemon has maxed out EV's
  • GYM Leaders have 6 Pokemon(follows a level curve), 4 Full Restores, and their Pokemon have held items
  • Team Plasma grunts are a THREAT
  • Elite four and Champion have Pokemon with competitive movesets
  • N's final fight and Ghetsis have a special team, which took some creativity
  • E4 and Adler can be re-battled but their pokemon will be at lv 100 the second time around


Pokemon Vicious Black Screenshot 01Pokemon Vicious Black Screenshot 02

Developer: cloudforgiven

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=431597