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Hack Name: Pokemon Moon Silver
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon SoulSilver
Status: Completed
Language: English
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Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The main point of all changes is to bring out the potential of every Pokemon from rarely-used to over-used so that players can use their favorite Pokemon in tough battles. That also means, not only weaker Pokemon are made better (with a reasonable stat boost, new moveset,…) the commonly-seen ones are given new abilities, moves, or even type to create a fresher experience.

List of Features


  • Fairy-type Pokemon: Beside 20 Fairy pokemon in gen VI official games, there are additionally 13 suitable Pokemon receiving Fairy as their secondary type (e.g., Meganium, Mareep line, Milotic, Misdreavus, etc.).
  • New Dragon-type Pokemon: Charizard, Onix, Steelix, Sceptile, and Huntail.
  • Other than that, some Pokemon have their type modified to match their appearance better (e.g., Gyarados – Water/Dragon, Seviper - Poison/Dark, etc.) and/or, hopefully, more competitively viable (e.g., Ledian – Bug/Fighting, Quilava & Typhlosion - Fire/Ground, Butterfree - Bug/Psychic, etc.).
  • Starters are now more competent with new abilities, moves, and type changes such as Venusaur with Thick Fat, Blastoise with Drizzle, Feraligatr with Shed Skin, Sceptile with Adaptability, or the Water/Ice-type Empoleon with Snow Warning. However, to maintain the balance in-game evolution level are raised to 25 for the 2nd stage and 46 for the final stage Pokemon, whose Lv-up rates are also changed to slow. 


  • There is a total of 157 moves receiving changes in this hack. Generally, there are 3 levels of change:
  • Slight adjustments in terms of power or accuracy.
  • More significant revamps such as type or category changes (e.g., Pay Day is now a special Steel-type move with 65 power while its ‘bonus-gold’ effect is still there). These moves are indicated in bold in the document and can now be learned by a much more suitable Pokemon when leveling up.
  • Rarely-used early status moves such as Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Smokescreen,… are now either special or physical damaging moves with their effects kept unchanged. Leer is now an early way to get items from wild Pokemon in the first routes since they may now hold some useful items.
  • Sonic Boom (Power: 15) and Power Whip (Power:30) now hits 3 times in a row with their power rising by 10 after each hit.
  • 30 moves have been totally transformed into new ones with new effects, type, and power. Some notable groups include:
  • Draining Moves: Draining Kiss, Vampiric Bite, Vampiric Aura, Purification, and Cold Embrace.
  • Raise-all-stat Moves: Sacred Fire, Primal Light, Nature Grace, and Lucky Break. All moves from this group (including Ancient Power, Silver Wind, and Ominous Wind) have had their power and effect chance boosted to 72 and 20%, respectively. Lucky Break is the only move in this group having an increased priority and it’s only available to the Lv-up movesets of low-stat Pokemon.
  • Cool-looking-but-rarely-used moves such as Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Storm Blast, Fissure, Mist Ball,… have been greatly revamped for competitive use as well as distributed to the Lv-up moveset of many relevant Pokemon.
  • Random Effect Moves (like Tri Attack): Dragon Breath, Void Vortex, and Ghost Punch
  • Gen 5 and 6 similar moves: PowerUpPunch, Volt Switch, Steam Shower (same as Scald), and some Fairy-type moves.
  • Two ‘theme’ moves of this hack: Sunraze and Moonraze have also been distributed to the movesets of 29 suitable Pokemon.

Type Match-Up Chart

  • There is a total of 32 changes made in the type chart. Overall, the idea is to, hopefully, further balance the game. 
  • Notable changes are from the Fairy type. Offensively, Fairy is now s.e. against Dark, Ghost, and Dragon; deals normal damage to Fire, Fight, and Poison; and is ineffective against Normal, Grass, and itself. 

Version Differences

  • While both versions had all the changes and add-ons, there are still differences. In SunGold, you’ll play with the followings:
  • The original story of HGSS.
  • Randomized Wild Encounter (with similar strength to the original so that it won’t break the game). However, I’ve modified it so that the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh starters will appear at the first 3 areas in-game, Route 29, 30, and 46, respectively.
  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four now all have mix-typed teams with increased difficulty and adjusted level curve.
  • Instant Text Speed
  • Prepare for this time encountering Red because his Pokemon not only got the new moves but also make you supprised for their enhanced power.
  • And MoonSilver can be regarded as an expansion of Sacred Gold & Storm Silver since it maintains most of Drayano’s scripts. However, there are changes including the followings:
  • Most trainers and Leaders’ Pokemon now have their movesets updated with the new moves.
  • Gym Leaders’ Pokemon’s levels are slightly adjusted to further reduce the gap with player’s Pokemon’s levels. Falkner and Whitney’s first team now has 4 and 5 Pokemon, respectively, instead of 6. Some trainers as well as Gym Leaders have been given new Pokemon in their team, especially those who received substantial enhancement like starters. For instance, Lance who has the full-dragon team, now has one of his Dragonairs replaced with Sceptile, a new Dragon-type in this game.
  • The places where you received Kanto starters and Sinnoh starters by Quiz Masters have been swapped so that Piplup (Water/Ice-type) or Turwig (who now learns a rock-type move very early) can assists you in the battle with Falkner. There is also a slim chance that you’ll now encounter Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle in the morning/day/night at the very first place to catch wild pokemon, route 29.
  • Cynthia now gives you a Castform instead of an Eevee.
  • Prepare for this time encountering Red cuz his Pokemon not only got the new moves but also make you supprised for their enhanced power.
  • Action Replay Codes supported.


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Developer: walnut3072

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=366156