Pokemon Heart Gold Golden Edition (NDS)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Heart Gold Golden Edition
Platform: NDS
Hack Original: Pokemon HeartGold
Status: v1.1
Language: English
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Category: PokemonHackNDS
Playable On: 
Mobile, Pc, Emulator


A small hack of HGSS that mostly contains Quality of life and Aesthetic changes.

List of Features

  • All pokemon use their new gen 6 mini sprites on the party menu.
  • Your Mom now gives you the pokegear at the very beginning, similar to the original Gold and Silver
  • Repels now use the Gen5 system. You will be prompted to use another when it wears off.
  • Various cut-scenes in new bark town have been streamlined so you can get to Route 29 much faster
  • All attacks now have their power, accuracy, etc updated to gen 6 standards.
  • All pokemon have their movesets updated as close to Gen8 as possible.
  • Lyra has been replaced with Kris and is referred to as "Kris" by all NPCs. (sprites courtesy of Gregarlink10 @ deviantart)
  • Both Game Corners at Celadon and Goldenrod have been restored to their original designs. (Voltorb Flip replaces the actual slots, however. Game coins can be bought again ) The in-game text refers to Voltorb Flip now instead of slots including NPC blurb.
  • Coin Case is now located in Goldenrod Underground like in the Originals.
  • Your mom now gives you the GB Player at the start of the game.
  • Kurt now gives you your finished Apricorn pokeballs immediately after asking him to make them. Apricorns still have a 24hr respawn.
  • All pokemon that evolve via trade withheld items can now also evolve by just "using" the item on them. Trading withheld item still works as a second option.
  • Pokemon that require trading to evolve, can now also evolve by using a new item called "Covenant Orb". (See Game Corner Prizes)
  • Move re-learner will now happily re-learn a pokemon's move free of charge.
  • Razor Fang and Razor Claw can now be obtained at a house in Cinnawood City
  • Up-Grade can now be obtained from a scientist a the safari zone's Pokemon center
  • Magmarizer can be found at Ice Path
  • Electirizer can be found at Route 44
  • Dubious Disc can be found at Route 26
  • Protector can now be found at Victory Road
  • Many Pokemon have had their sprites and palettes edited to be more in-line with their official artwork.
  • Pokemon that had their base stats changed with the release of Gen 6 and on have been updated accordingly.
  • TMs are now reusable and TMs that are originally obtained at the battle frontier can be bought from different Marts across Kanto.
  • Move tutors are now free, have had their moves re-arranged, and have been moved from the Battle Frontier to the following locations: Cianwood City, Lake of Rage (Magikarp Fisherman's House), Pewter City
  • New side-quest at the Ruins of Alph imported from sacredgold/stormsilver. - credit to Drayano
  • 28 brand new crafted sprites for all the Unow
Game Corners have their prizes re-adjusted accordingly:
  • Goldenrod City
  • Top Vendor:
  • TMs and Evolution Stones,
  • Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone, ThunderStone, Ice Stone - 1,000 coins.
  • Moon Stone, Sun Stone, - 1,500 coins
  • All TMs have their prices reduced by 25% approx
  • New Items: "Evolutionary Items"
  • Up-Grade - 2,000 coins
  • Protector, Electirizer, Magmarizer - 3,000 coins
  • Voltaic Ore: Evolves Magneton and Nosepass - 3,000 coins
  • Covenant Orb: Evolves Kadabra,Machoke,Graveler and Haunter - 3,000 coins NOTE:Trading said pokemon will still trigger evolution as a second option.
  • Lower Vendor
  • Pokemon
  • Ekans(HG),Sandshrew(SS), - 800 coins
  • Pikachu - 1,600 coins
  • Dratini - 2,100 coins
  • Porygon - 3,500 coins
  • Additionally a new Treasure Hunter Vendor will appear when you complete the Team Rocket Story in Goldenrod. He sells:
  • -Dawn Stone - 3,000 coins
  • -Dusk Stone - 3,000 coins
  • -Shiny Stone - 3,000 coins
  • Celedon City
  • Pokemon
  • Mr.Mime - 3,333 coins
  • Eevee - 6,666 coins
  • Larvitar - 9,999 coins


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Developer: BlazingMagmar

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=347879