Pokemon Altair and Pokemon Sirius version Walkthrough, Guide

Pokemon Altair and Pokemon Sirius version Walkthrough

Info: Pokemon Altair and Pokemon Sirius version Walkthrough, Guide
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Author: Olivia R

Guide by Olivia R

Pokemon Altair and Pokemon Sirius version 13th June 2019 detailed walkthrough by Olivia R. (note these are ROM hacks, I do not own these and will not distribute these hacks, but I am the author of this walkthrough so if you use it credit me). As a reminder, you need a clean Pokemon Emerald ROM (please Google it), a patching utility like Lunar IPS and a GBA Emulator (I used VBA) to play Pokemon Altair or Pokemon Sirius (you can also google a pre-patched rom too).

I will list things that need to be listed, although for catching mons, there is a wiki of Pokemon Altair and Sirius that has a few pages worth of encounters, including trainers and such. I won’t bother with percentages unless they haven’t been shown on the wiki (up to Route 118 in other words). For the sake of things, yes, I most definitely will cover both rom hacks. They have more or less the same stories but with marginal differences. You may see things in red or blue color, which demarcates version differences. Red for Altair and Blue for SiriusPink color will be used for collecting Pretty Stones, which is for the Alto Mare quests in the endgame. Bold will indicate legendary/one time only Pokemon.

Notable things in this hack:

New story - post apocalyptic Hoenn setting

New fakemons, some of which are new evolutions of existing Pokemon.

Pokemon which weren’t in the Hoenn dex, such as Clefairy, as well as a few from Gen-4 such as Bronzor.
New moves

New music, including new battle themes everywhere


Use CTRL-F and the four-character code in square brackets to jump around

Littleroot Town [LITT]

Route 101 [R101]
Oldale Town [OLDA]
Route 103 [R103]

Route 102 [R102]

Petalburg City [PETL]

Route 104 South [104S]

Petalburg Woods [PWOD]

Route 104 North [104N]

Rustboro City [RUST]

Route 116 [R116]

Rusturf Tunnel [RUTF]
Dewford Town [DEWF]

Granite Cave [GRAN]

Route 109 [R109]

Slateport City [SLAT]

Route 110 [R110]
Mauville City [MAUV]

Route 117 [R117]

Verdanturf Town [VERD]

Route 111 [R111]

Route 112 [R112]

Fiery Path [FIER]

Route 113 [R113]

Fallarbor Town [FALL]

Route 114 [R114]

Meteor Falls [METE]

Route 115 [R115]

Mt Chimney [CHIM]

Jagged Pass [JAGG]

Lavaridge Town [LAVA]

Surf Backtracking [SURF]

Abandoned Ship [ABAN]

New Mauville [NMAU]

Route 118 [R118]

Route 123 [R123]

Route 119 [R119]

Fortree City [FORT]

Route 120 [R120]

Route 121 [R121]

Safari Zone [SZON]

Route 122 [R122]

Mt Pyre [PYRE]
Lilycove City [LILY]

BH Hideout [BHHO]

WH Hideout [WHHO]

Route 124 [R124]

Route 125 [R125]

Shoal Cave [SHOA]

Route 126 [R126]

Route 127 [R127]

Route 128 [R128]

Route 129 [R129]

Route 130 [R130]

Route 131 [R131]

Pacifidlog Town [PACI]

Route 132-134 [CURR]

Mossdeep City [MOSS]

Dive Backtracking [DIVE]

Seafloor Cavern [SEAC]

Cave of Origin [ORIG]

Sky Pillar [SKYP]

Waterfall Backtracking [WATF]

Ever Grande City [EVGR]
Victory Road [VICT]
Hoenn League [LEAG]

Post-League [POST]

S.S. Tidal [TIDA]

Alto Mare [ALTO]

Sphere Ruins [SPHE]

Appendix [APPE]


Mons found (surf/fish only): Magikarp, Marill, Goldeen, Poliwhirl, Poliwag, Seaking

There's next to nothing new in the prologue apart from character sprites. But Littleroot is much more different now, with new music even. Notice the sprites to the sides. It's one of the fakemons, a fusion of Machoke with Pikachu called Machu, and one of Pikachu's new evolutions. Yeah, it's silly. Anyways, upstairs you have your PC and your Potion there, the town map with the main Hoenn layout still intact (but as we’ll play locations will of course be significantly different), and you gotta set your clock too. Afterwards, you can head down now where you'll miss the news report as usual. Head outside. One of the guys out here says that Hoenn was battered by meteors, which explains why things look like this. Head to your opposite gender's house, upstairs, and inspect the item as usual for the usual talk. Your opposite gender counterpart has the default name of Gordon/April. You can now head north to Route 101.

ROUTE 101 [R101]

Mons found: Weedle, Caterpie, Takuni, StarlyPidgey

Birch is being chased by a Caterpie this time. You can now choose from the starters in the bag, the Grass type Nimbleaf, the Fire type Peyero, or the Water type Liquiput. Battle the Caterpie and afterwards you'll be back at the lab. Birch does mention Brendan, who in the backstory it was stated that he became the Hoenn champion, but he had then retired. As usual you keep your starter. Go back to Route 101 and go to Oldale Town.


Not much here that's really new, except that when you get the PokeMart tutorial, you'll actually get a Sun Stone!

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

North to Route 103.

ROUTE 103 [R103]

Mons found: Takuni, StarlyPidgey, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Magikarp, Dorfin, Darca (water ones require surf/fish)

A little more legwork to get to Gordon/April here. Of course he/she will have the type advantage starter but this will still be a regular battle.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: (opposing starter) Lv5, P300

Follow him/her back to Littleroot and go to the lab to get the Pokedex (the game will also erroneously call your rival by the default name of Brendan/May for a bit too) and 5 Poke Balls. Then get the Running Shoes from mom and then head back to Oldale. Route 102 is open.

ROUTE 102 [R102]

Mons found: Takuni, StarlyPidgey, Weedle, Caterpie, Cuppa, Cupricorn, Ralts, Marill, Goldeen, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Magikarp (water ones aside from Cuppa require surf/fish)

Youngster Calvin: Takuni Lv5, P80

Bug Catcher Rick: Caterpie Lv4, Weedle Lv4, P64

Youngster Allen: Takuni Lv4, Starly Lv3/Pidgey Lv3, P48

Lass Tiana: Takuni Lv4, Shroomish Lv5, P80


Mons found (surf/fish only): Marill, Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp, Gyarados, Cuppa, Psyduck, Poliwag, Poliwhirl

Mart Wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Orange Mail: P50

Not too much has changed, although the woman near the PokeCenter mentions a Billy who's missing. Also there's another woman above the PokeMart who mentions that if you know about Pikachu, she'll say that some mons gained new evolutions, and coincidentally, Pikachu's one of them! The south house has a woman who mentions that a man named Romero is the new gym leader of Petalburg. Romero apparently has a bro named Mosmero who pulls pranks on others. Now, head to the flower patch to the SE, and you'll teleport! You're behind the pond here, where you can get a Max Revive! Step on the flower patch here to teleport back. That's not all. Go to the three rocks in front of the pond and go into the middle rock. You'll teleport to the other side of the other pond, where you can pick up an Ether! In order to leave, go into the SW corner. You'll teleport back to the start of Route 102 doing this though. Enter the gym to find Romero. You'll also meet, not Wally, but Billy! It's time for that obligatory Wally scene, except with Billy who receives a Caterpie. Then you'll go to Route 102 to watch Billy catch a Shroomish Lv5. Romero gave him this task because he heard Billy was moving. Romero will then direct you to Rustboro, apparently because the first gym leader there is none other than Brock! As you try to leave to the west, a mysterious man who calls himself the Mos stops you. What's his deal? Also if you enter Wally's house above, well, his parents are there, and Billy is Wally's younger brother.

ROUTE 104 SOUTH [104S]

Mons found: Takuni, Caterpie, Weedle, PidgeyStarly, Cuppa, Cupricorn, Poliwag, Marill, Magikarp, Gyarados, Goldeen, Seaking, Tentacool, Tentacruel (last six water ones require surf/fish)

Youngster Bobby: Takuni Lv5, Cuppa Lv7, P112

Fisherman Darian: Magikarp Lv10, P400

Lady Cindy: Takuni Lv7, P1400


Mons found: Weedle, Kakuna, Caterpie, Metapod, StarlyPidgey, Shroomish, Budew

Bug Catcher Lyle: Caterpie Lv4, Weedle Lv4, Caterpie Lv5, Weedle Lv5, P80

A Parlyz Heal is to the north of Lyle, and then you'll eventually reach the enemy team grunt at the midpoint. This time it's a team called Team Black Hole!

Team BH Grunt: Cupricorn Lv9, P180 and you get a Great Ball from the Devon employee.

Bug Catcher James: Metapod Lv6, Kakuna Lv6, P96

The clearing south of James has a hidden Poke Ball. An Ether is in the NW corner. You'll need Cut to head to the NE. You can get an X Attack at the east side though. Head down the east path and one of the clearings has a hidden Tinymushroom. At the SE end is an alternate exit to the south side of Route 104, where you can pick up a Potion in the clearing. On that side of Route 104, pick up a Poke Ball. Now exit the woods to the north.

ROUTE 104 NORTH [104N]

Pick up TM09 Bullet Seed from the kid near the berry patch. Enter the grass patch behind the flower shop and inspect the hidden spaces around here to get a Poke Ball and a Super Potion, then pick up the Potion here. Enter the flower shop and pick up the Liquipail and a free berry from the girls.

Rich Boy Winston: Takuni Lv7, P1400

Lass Haley: Cuppa Lv6, Shroomish Lv7, P112

Remember the tree for later and cross the bridge.

Twins Tina&Mia: Starly Lv6, Pidgey Lv6, P144

Fisherman Ivan: Magikarp Lv6, Magikarp Lv8, Magikarp Lv10, P400

Get a free berry from the granny if you want. Then go along the outside fence of Rustboro to pick up an X Defend before entering the city proper.


A girl near the PokeCenter mentions another team, Team WH, apparently supposed to stop bad guys. They're likely opposed to Team BH. Enter the Cutter's House and pick up HM01 Cut.

Mart Wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

The Trainer's School is now the Pokemon Breeder's School, but not much is really different. Get the Quick Claw from the teacher and talk to the Mos in the corner. He'll then give you his full name, Mosmero, who we've heard about. In the apartment complex, you can get a Premier Ball from a kid. The house below it has Wilma (not Walda), and if you want, you can generate a code to make her laugh if you wanna customize your PC. The house next to the gym has a guy who'll trade you his Cupricorn if you have a Shroomish. When you're up to it, the gym's always available.

The layout is slightly different. The first trainer is to the east, but if you want to get to the leader, you'll have to reach the NW teleporter which has a hidden teleport to the second trainer and there's a weird hurdle section that only goes one way too.

Youngster Josh: Onix Lv10, P160

Hiker Marc: Onix Lv9, Geodude Lv9, P360

Youngster Tommy: Geodude Lv8, Rollder Lv9, P144

Leader Brock: P1600, Kaitos Badge, and TM39 Rock Tomb

Geodude Lv13, Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb

Liquiput Lv14, Water Gun, Pound, Growl, Hypnosis

Rollder Lv16, Rollout, Defense Curl, Leech Life, Rock Tomb, holds Oran Berry

As you leave, the Devon Corp guy gets robbed. Follow the thief to Route 116 (there's nothing in Route 115 for now)

ROUTE 116 [R116]

Mons found: Cupricorn, StarlyPidgey, Abra, Glachild

Wow this route's different. Get a Repel first, then cut the tree down for a side area with berries.

Lady Sarah: Cuppa Lv8, Takuni Lv9, P1800

Now take the south path.

Bug Catcher Jose: Weedle Lv9, Kakuna Lv8/Caterpie Lv9, Metapod Lv8, P128

Youngster Joey, Machop Lv10, P160

A few spaces east of Joey, you can search for a hidden Super Potion. An Ether is to the north. Try the north path first.

School Kid Jerry: Glachild Lv10, P200

Rich Boy Dawson: Takuni Lv8, Cupricorn Lv9, P1800

Lass Janice: Marill Lv10, P160

A Potion is in their pen. Now the south path.

School Kid Karen: Shroomish Lv9, P180

Youngster Johnson: Shroomish Lv8, Cuppa Lv9, P144

Hiker Clark: Geodude Lv9, P360

Hiker Devan: Geodude Lv8, Geodude Lv8, P320

Pick up an X Special before entering Rusturf Tunnel.


Mons found: Zubat, Ralts

The tunnel is a bit bigger. Pick up a Poke Ball and continue to find the grunt, who has a Pikachu held hostage here. Looks like Mr. Briney has a pet Pikachu named Peeka instead of a pet Wingull named Peeko.

Team BH Grunt: Zubat Lv15, P300 and the Devon Goods

 Well you'll still need Rock Smash to head to the east, so let's just head back now.

Back at Rustboro, the Devon employee comes and gives you another Great Ball, then instructs you to deliver the goods to Slateport, as well as the letter to Steven in Dewford. You'll of course get a PokeNav and a free rest too. Leave to get Match Call. If you want, return to Route 116 to register School Kid Karen and School Kid Jerry. Gordon/April will be outside near the Rustboro PokeCenter. Make sure to battle him/her since you will have to battle him/her later on Route 104 otherwise.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P900

Shroomish/Budew Lv14, Peyero Lv15 (If you chose Nimbleaf)

Slugma/Maneko Lv14, Liquiput Lv15 (If you chose Peyero)

Poliwag/Cuppa Lv14, Nimbleaf Lv15 (If you chose Liquiput)

As you backtrack, pick up an X Accuracy from behind the tree there and register Lass Haley and Rich Boy Winston if you wish. Same with Bug Catcher James in Petalburg Woods. Talk to the girl at the NE of Petalburg Woods as you use Cut to get a Miracle Seed, and a Great Ball is to the east. At the south end of Route 104, register Lady Cindy, then go to Route 102 to register Youngster Calvin. When you're ready, set sail by talking to Mr Briney in his cottage.


Pick up an Old Rod from the fisher near the gym. Pick up a Silk Scarf in the nearby house. Apart from that, the only thing left is the gym. The leader is Judy, who's looking after the place while Brawly's away. Same type, Fighting.

Battle Girl Laura: Meditite Lv13, P312

Battle Girl Lilith: Meditite Lv15, double battle with below

Sailor Hal: Machop Lv15, P840

Black Belt Takao: Meditite Lv14, P448

Black Belt Christian: Heracross Lv15, P480

Battle Girl Jocelyn: Machop Lv14, P336

Leader Judy: P2100, Scheat Badge, and TM08 Bulk Up

Meditite Lv18, Fake Out, Thunderpunch, Brick Break, Bulk Up

Liepus Lv19, Fake Out, Bite, Taunt, Double Team

Hantama Lv21, Mach Punch, Ice Punch, Rock Tomb, Bulk Up, holds Sitrus Berry

Time to head to the Granite Cave.

Fisherman Ned: Tentacool Lv12, P480

Fisherman Elliot: Magikarp Lv12, Tentacool Lv10, Magikarp Lv13, P520, registered in PokeNav

Pick up a Stardust in the rock north of Elliot.


Mons found: Geodude, Zubat, Onix, Meditite, Abra, Gastly

Get HM05 Flash from the hiker and teach it if necessary. Go west and get an Escape Rope, then continue around to the ladder. On this floor (which is dark), go east and up on the high ledge. There's a ledge where you can jump to the west. Do so and head north to get a Poke Ball. Jump the SW ledge to be back at the ladder, then go east all the way to the next ladder. There are rocks that require Rock Smash at the left side, as well as one on the right side east of the pool. The next ladder you need is here. Go around the long way, onto an elevated portion, east, and back down to reach the ladder. Here, just go to the next ladder to the west. Back at the brighter section, jump ONE ledge down, then head west to reach the cave where Steven is. He's wearing different clothing this time, but you deliver him the Letter. He then gives you TM40 Aerial Ace. You're done, now head back to Dewford and set sail for Slateport.

ROUTE 109 [R109]

One space north from Mr. Briney, walk all the way to the west shore to find a hidden Revive. Pick up a Soft Sand from the girl who's building a sandcastle nearby. Go east of the blue beach blanket near the girl and at the shore there you can pick up an Ether. Find the westernmost green umbrella and pick around for a hidden Heart Scale. A hidden Great Ball is near the western shore too, just south of a blue beach blanket.

Sailor Huey: Machop Lv15, Poliwag Lv15, P480

Tuber Hailey: Marill Lv16, P64

Sailor Edmond: Poliwag Lv16, P512

Tuber Ricky: Takuni Lv16, P64, registered in PokeNav

Tuber Lola: Azurill Lv15, Cuppa Lv15, P60, registered in PokeNav

Tuber Chandler: Dorfin Lv15, Goldeen Lv15, P60

Pick up a Potion here as well. A hidden Heart Scale is just north of the old man with the Azumarill. Now let's enter the Seashore House.

Tuber Simon: Azurill Lv14, Marill Lv15, P60

Beauty Johanna: Goldeen Lv16, P1280

Sailor Dwayne: Poliwag Lv14, Machop Lv15, Tentacool Lv15, P480

Then talk to the guy to get Soda Pop.


The SW clerk in the market sells the Azurill, Marill, and Maneko dolls for P3000. The Energy Guru will give you all the vitamin items for P9800 and the Effort Ribbon girl is still next to him.  Get a Powder Jar here too and remember the NW clerk for later once you get the TM for Secret Power.

Mart wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Repel: P350

Harbor Mail: P50

You can teach Swagger in the Pokemon Fan Club and interview with a woman. If your Pokemon are happy you can get a Soothe Bell from the woman at the top. The Name Rater is north of the Pokemon Fan Club. The Hoenn Catastrophe has shut down the Battle Tents and Pokemon Contests, and in the building to the NW, it seems you need an Alya Badge to go back here. Talk to Dock at the shipyard, then head to the Oceanic Museum, which is now the Ocean and Meteorite Museum. Pay the fee and enter. Get TM42 Thief from the first grunt you see, then head upstairs and talk to Stern to deliver the Devon Goods. You'll fight two grunts.

Team BH Grunt: Toxroach Lv18, P360

Team BH Grunt: Zubat Lv17, Toxroach Lv19, P380

The boss then shows up...wait he looks familiar. Oh my, it's Wallace! He's the leader of this organization! Leave to see Mosmero show up again. He'll register you in the PokeNav. You're done in this city, so now you should head to Route 110.

ROUTE 110 [R110]

Mons found: Cupricorn, Budew, Glameow, Meowth, LiepusLunabitt, Mareep, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Tentacool, Magikarp, Dorfin, Darca (water ones aside from Poliwag require surf/fish)

Turns out the bike you'll be using for this game is called a Scooter. Anyways it's kinda obvious we need to take the low road. Register Birch in the PokeNav and continue.

Pokefan Kaleb: Igglybuff Lv17, Liepus Lv16, P1280

Pokefan Isabel: Cleffa Lv17, Lunabitt Lv16, P1280, registered in PokeNav

Detour to Route 103 for a bit. The area has weird cave systems!

Black Belt Rhett: Machop Lv18, P576

Pokefan Miguel: Glachild Lv18, P1440, registered in PokeNav

Guitarist Marcus: Voltorb Lv18, P576

Aroma Lady Daisy: Shroomish Lv16, Budew Lv17, P680

Cut the trees near the berry patch to get a PP Up and a Guard Spec.

Twins Amy&Liv: Liepus Lv17, Lunabitt Lv17, P408, registered in PokeNav

Fisherman Andrew: Magikarp Lv15, Tentacool Lv10, Magikarp Lv15, P600

That's it here. Let's visit the Trick House. Find him under the table where the sparkle is. You will need Cut and there's an Orange Mail to get in the maze.

Lass Sally: Maneko Lv20, P320

Youngster Eddie: Takuni Lv19, Shroomish Lv19, P304

Lass Robin: Ralts Lv18, Roselia Lv18, Poliwag Lv20, P320

Your reward is a Rare Candy. Now to the rest of Route 110.

Youngster Timmy: Onix Lv16, Pidgey Lv14 (Altair) or Starly Lv14 (Sirius), P224

Pick up a Full Heal north of the trainer tips sign, then head north to battle your rival.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P1380 and the Itemfinder

Shroomish/Budew Lv22, Staravia Lv19, Infiris Lv23 (if you chose Nimbleaf)

Slugma/Maneko Lv22, Staravia Lv19, Hydrush Lv23 (if you chose Peyero)

Poliwag/Cuppa Lv22, Staravia Lv19, Leafrond Lv23 (if you chose Liquiput)

A bit to the north after him/her you can find a hidden Great Ball.

Collector Edwin: Meowth Lv15, Glameow Lv16/Glameow Lv15, Meowth Lv16, P960, registered in PokeNav

Guitarist Joseph: Mareep Lv14, Voltorb Lv15, P480

The space above them has a hidden Revive.

Triathlete Alyssa: Plasmox Lv17, P680

Psychic Edward: Abra Lv19, P456

An Elixir is here, and a hidden Poke Ball is to the north.

Fisherman Dale: Tentacool Lv14, Tentacool Lv15, Slowpoke Lv14, Slowpoke Lv16, P640


Wow! The city looks a lot more futuristic.

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Guard Spec: P700

Dire Hit: P650

X Accuracy: P950

Rydel now sells scooters instead of bikes. Same deal though, a Mach and an Acro. An X Speed is in the SE corner, while a guy nearby can teach Rollout. You can also get a Coin Case in the left of two houses as long as you have a Harbor Mail (from Slateport's PokeMart). The right house has a guy who gives you HM06 Rock Smash. If you're wondering how to get to the Game Corner, go to the tile two spaces near the sign and you'll somehow warp in. Talk to a girl at the NW to get a free doll, and a guy at the NE to get 20 coins.

50 Coins: P1000

500 Coins: P10000

TM32 Double Team: 1500 Coins

TM29 Psychic: 3500 Coins

TM35 Flamethrower: 4000 Coins

TM24 Thunderbolt: 4000 Coins

TM13 Ice Beam: 4000 Coins

Treecko Doll: 1000 Coins

Torchic Doll: 1000 Coins

Mudkip Doll: 1000 Coins

It looks like you can't go to Route 111 to the north. But you can. Just get to the ground near the two houses, go under the bridge, and head north. But we'll hold off here until we cover everything else. First you'll want to battle Billy at the gym here.

PKMN Trainer Billy: Butterfree Lv20, P1200

And so the gym is open. Also Mosmero shows up and accidentally calls Billy Burmy. I'll cover a small snippet of Route 118 to the east as well as Route 117, Verdanturf Town, Cycling Road on Route 110, and Granite Cave before I cover the gym, so skip down when you're ready.

On Route 118 west:

Youngster Deandre: Cupricorn Lv16, Rollder Lv16, Mareep Lv17, P272

Aroma Lady Rose: Budew Lv16, Nimbleaf Lv17, Roselia Lv17, P680, registered in PokeNav

Fisherman Wade: Tentacool Lv18, P720

Guitarist Dalton: Plasmox Lv17, Voltorb Lv17, P544, registered in PokeNav

A rock near the fisherman has a Heart Scale. Go to the middle island and head for the southeast corner to pick up a hidden Iron. Now let's try Cycling Road out.

Psychic Jaclyn: Abra Lv17, P408

Triathlete Abigail: Plasmox Lv18, P720, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Anthony: Plasmox Lv17, Flaaffy Lv18, P720

Triathlete Benjamin: Mareep Lv19, P760, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Jasmine: Pichu Lv16, Pikachu Lv17, Voltorb Lv15, P600

Triathlete Jacob: Voltorb Lv13, Voltorb Lv16, Mareep Lv14, P560

Take a Mach Scooter back to Granite Cave and climb up the slope on B1F. Take the ladder (or fall down a cracked floor) and pick up a Repel. Now cross two sections of cracked floor to another ladder. Ignore it and try to traverse the cracked floor here. On the other side, the ladder has a Rare Candy. A hidden Everstone is in the nearby rock. Now let's check out Route 117.

ROUTE 117 [R117]

Mons found: Budew, Cuppa, LiepusLunabitt, Cupricorn, Glachild, Marill, Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp, Gyarados (water ones require surf/fish)

Of course the Day Care is here for breeding and leveling.

Triathlete Dylan: Pidgey Lv19/Starly Lv19, P760, registered in PokeNav

Sr. and Jr. Anna&Meg: Takuni Lv19, Velvelt Lv17, P544, registered in PokeNav

PKMN Breeder Isaac: Baizeast Lv13, Onix Lv13, Meowth Lv13/Glameow Lv13, Velvelt Lv14, Gastly Lv15, Shroomish Lv15, P600, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Maria: Starly Lv19, P760, registered in PokeNav

Battle Girl Aisha: Meditite Lv19, P456

The tree at the NW end conceals a Revive.

Triathlete Melina; Staravia Lv20, P800

Psychic Brandi: Kirlia Lv20, P480

PKMN Breeder Lydia: Marill Lv13, Ralts Lv13, Goldeen Lv14, Takuni Lv14, Budew Lv14, Glachild Lv15, P600, registered in PokeNav

Bug Maniac Derek: Butterfree Lv18, Beedrill Lv18, P1080

Last item to get here is a Great Ball. To Verdanturf!


You can learn Fury Cutter in the PokeCenter by talking to a kid. A friendship checker is in town as well. As you'd expect, there's no Battle Tent since it was destroyed.

Mart wares:

Great Ball: P600

Nest Ball: P1000

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Repel: P350

X Special: P350

Fluffy Tail: P1000

Time to go to the Mauville Gym. Now we have Poison types to contend with here. The gym has Pikachu statues and Red PCs that sort of screw things around.

Rich Boy Kirk: Grimer Lv20, Zubat Lv21, P4200

Lass Vivian: Roselia Lv19, Gulpin Lv20, P320

The leftmost and rightmost PCs move the Pikachu statue on the far side, but they don't really do anything else. The next leftmost and next rightmost don't seem to help either. The middle one on the right side is the one you want, removing one of the ones in the middle.

Bug Maniac Angelo: Toxroach Lv19, Beedrill Lv22, P1320

Youngster Ben: Clotaku Lv20, Skorupi Lv22, P352

Rich Boy Shawn: Grimer Lv20, Gulpin Lv21, P4200

I'm not sure what's the best order for the moving of statues here and had to watch a video to figure it out. The left PC seems to remove the statues on the left, but it doesn't remove one hidden behind it. Here is an order I found:

At the top, use the right PC, then go to the row below and use the right of the two middle PCs, then the left of those two PCs. Go up and use the left of the two top PCs, then head back to the middle row. Use the PC to the right of the two middle ones, then the one to the left of those. Two Pikachu statues will block the way now. Use the right of the two middle ones to access the top portion again, then use the left of the two PCs at the top. Finally, head back to the middle row and use the PC to the left of the two middle ones. Head around and to the right side to get to Barbara.

Leader Barbara: P2800, Alya Badge, and TM06 Toxic

Roserade Lv24, Protect, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Toxic

Grimer Lv23, Minimize, Sludge Bomb, Explosion, Mud Bomb

Swalot Lv26, Body Slam, Amnesia, Sludge Bomb, Toxic

Crobat Lv28, Confuse Ray, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, holds Sitrus Berry

Return to Verdanturf and enter Rusturf Tunnel here. Exit briefly to find the Blackglasses item in a sand patch near the guy and pick up an HP Up too. Go back into the tunnel and follow the much longer path.

Hiker Mike: Geodude Lv18, Onix Lv18, Machop Lv19, P760

And you'll reach the rocks to smash, along with a Max Ether. Reunite the couple and get HM04 Strength, and you're done here.

The second Trick House challenge is available. Find him in the right plant. A Wave Mail and a Harbor Mail are here.

School Kid Paul: Slugma Lv23, Jamberree Lv23, Cuppa Lv23, P460

School Kid Ted: Baizeast Lv24, P480

School Kid Georgia: Cherubi Lv23, Butterfree Lv25, P500

A Timer Ball is your reward. One other thing before we go to Route 111 is to go to the area where the Battle Tent was in Slateport. With the Alya Badge, we can head on through, only to be stopped by yet another road block. A big guy here wants his favorite "juice" while the next guy that blocks the way requires a PokeBlock Case to proceed further. Remember this for later.

ROUTE 111 [R111]

Mons found: Bronzor, Geodude, ToxroachRollder, Rynos, Lephan, Magikarp, Goldeen, Seaking (water ones require surf/fish, all others are in the desert).

Aroma Lady Celina: Budew Lv20, P800

Camper Tyron: Geodude Lv20, P320

Picnicker Fiona: Shroomish Lv21, P336

Kindler Hayden: Maneko Lv21, P672

Get an Elixir. The Trainer Hill is now the Pokemon Building, with loads of weird tiles! The woman at the east counter sells some berries all for P20, but none are really too useful. The other woman mentions that there are thirteen checkpoints to pass, and attempting to head upstairs has an invisible wall blocking your way. Now try your hand at the Winstrate house.

Winstrate Victor: Pidgey Lv21/Starly Lv21, Takuni Lv22, P880

Winstrate Victoria: Roselia Lv23, P920

Winstrate Vivi: Slugma Lv20, Shroomish Lv22, Marill Lv23, P920

Winstrate Vicky: Meditite Lv26, P1040

And you can get the Macho Brace item.

If you want to know what the Pokemon Building puzzle is, first talk to the woman at the north end.

1. The first checkpoint is north of the right entrance tile, at the small corner of the counter.

2. West eight and north three is the next checkpoint.

3. South seven and east one is the next checkpoint.

4. Go all the way to the east wall and north one for the next checkpoint.

5. Head north or south one, west seven, then onto the orange tile to get this checkpoint.

6. Head north one, west ten, then north one and the pink direction tile will take you to the next checkpoint.

7. Take the direction tiles back to the entrance, then north five, west one, and north two for the seventh checkpoint.

8. North five, then go to the northeast corner for the eighth checkpoint.

9. Go on the direction tiles west of the stairs and you'll find this checkpoint at the south end.

10. Take the direction tiles back to the entrance, then north five, west one, north five, and west one, onto the orange tile.

11. West one and north two.

12. Go back to the entrance tiles and go east six.

13. Finally go back to the entrance tiles and the last checkpoint is just one above the right entrance tile.

Talk to the woman again and you'll receive the Berry Juice! Doing this will lock you out of going upstairs as a security measure again, but that's okay, because if we go up there now, there's nothing of actual interest aside from a hiker who needs someone more reliable. What does this mean? Well, head back to the building in Slateport where the Battle Tent is and talk to the big guy in the second room. You’ll give him the Berry Juice and he'll tell you that his friend has a rare Pokemon! Said friend is the hiker on the roof of the Pokemon Building. You need a Pokemon with Megahorn (Goldeen, Seaking, Heracross, Baizeast, Goabalt, Yunesis), and if you show him one, you'll get a Munchlax!

Note that you gotta go through the thirteen checkpoints again before you can enter the top floor. Make sure NOT to talk to the woman after getting all the checkpoints; go up the steps immediately. Of course, at this point, unless you’ve heavily level-grinded a Goldeen/Seaking to get Megahorn (around Lv57), you most likely will have to come back here much later to get Munchlax.

Use Rock Smash to continue up Route 111.

Interviewer Gabby&Ty: Cupricorn Lv19, Plasmox Lv19, P1824 and an interview

Picnicker Irene: Shroomish Lv19, Marill Lv20, P320

Camper Travis: Rynos Lv21, P336

ROUTE 112 [R112]

Mons found: Marill, Maneko

Picnicker Carol: Pidgey Lv19/Starly Lv19, Maneko Lv20, P320

Camper Larry: Cuppa Lv21, P336

Hiker Trent: Geodude Lv19, Geodude Lv19, Rollder Lv20, P800, registered in PokeNav

The entrance to Fiery Path is here, but the route has also expanded a bit. Keep going to find a Nugget and another hiker. The cable car to Mt Chimney takes a little longer to get, but of course it's blocked.

Hiker Brice: Torkoal Lv20, Machop Lv21, P840


Mons found: Maneko, Slugma, Machop, Torkoal, GrimerGulpin

Yes, there's still a Strength boulder we gotta deal with once you get the fourth badge. Just head to the other end. TM34 Shock Wave is at the NW. Now to the other side of Route 112.

Kindler Bryant: Torkoal Lv20, Slugma Lv21, P672

Aroma Lady Shayla: Shroomish Lv20, Budew Lv21, P840

North side of Route 111:

Cooltrainer Wilton: Flaaffy Lv20, Slowpoke Lv21, Gastly Lv21, P1008, registered in PokeNav

Get TM43 Secret Power from the kid near the tree. And this will also allow the clerk in Slateport Market to sell the TM as well. Use the Old Lady's Rest Stop as needed as well. A girl near the berry patches gives you a free berry.

Cooltrainer Brooke: Dorfin Lv20, Peyero Lv21, Roselia Lv21, P1008, registered in PokeNav

If you have a Mach Bike, use it to get on the slope here.

Black Belt Daisuke: Machop Lv23, P736

ROUTE 113 [R113]

Mons found: Slugma, Willisp, Mintch

Youngster Jaylen: Rynos Lv23, P368

An Ether is east of the trainer tips sign in the ash pile. Three trainers guard another hidden item to the east, and a Super Repel is behind the trees too.

Ninja Boy Lung: Grimer Lv20/Gulpin Lv20, Willisp Lv21, double battle with below

Camper Lawrence: Clotaku Lv20, Hornikel Lv21, P588

Pokemaniac Wyatt: Plasmox Lv21, Onix Lv22, P1320

And the item is a Nugget.

Parasol Lady Madeline: Torkoal Lv22, P880, registered in PokeNav

Twins Tori&Tia: Mintch Lv22, Mintch Lv22, P528

Get the Max Ether and move on. Get the Soot Sack in Glass Workshop if you're interested in that thing.

Ninja Boy Lao: Toxroach Lv20, Gulpin Lv21, Gulpin Lv22, P264, registered in PokeNav

TM32 Double Team is to the west.

Youngster Dillon: Onix Lv23, P368

Picnicker Sophie: Marill Lv20, Cuppa Lv22, P352

Bird Keeper Coby: Pidgeotto Lv20/Staravia Lv20Staravia Lv22/Pidgeotto Lv22, P704


Lanette is at the PC. A girl in the PokeMart can teach Metronome. For some reason Mosmero vandalized the sign. A hidden Nugget is in the crater near Route 114's entrance, and the Move Relearner is here too (If you want to get Munchlax from the Pokemon Building, this is perhaps the earliest you can get one, assuming you got some Heart Scales and have a Goabalt, Cupricorn's final evolution, which evolves from Hornikel at Lv32. Then you can teach it Megahorn at the Relearner).

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Escape Rope: P550

Super Repel: P500

X Special: P350

X Speed: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Dire Hit: P650

Guard Spec: P700

ROUTE 114 [R114]

Mons found: Cuppa, Budew, Clotaku, Mornwing, Marill, Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp, Gyarados (water ones require surf/fish), Geodude (requires Rock Smash)

Picnicker Charlotte: Sunkern Lv22, P352

Fisherman Kai: Slowpoke Lv22, P880

Fisherman Nolan: Tentacool Lv23, P920

Get TM28 Dig from the Fossil Maniac's younger brother, then get TM05 Roar from the gentleman.

Fisherman Claude: Magikarp Lv19, Tentacool Lv21, Goldeen Lv21, P840

Picnicker Nancy: Marill Lv21, Dorfin Lv22, P352

If you have an Acro Bike, you can get an Energypowder on the island by crossing the bridges and jumping. A guy near the house can give you a berry, and Lanette gives you a Lotad Doll as usual.

Camper Shane: Rollder Lv22, Toxroach Lv22, P352

Sr. and Jr. Tyra&Ivy: Jigglypuff Lv21, Clefairy Lv21, P672

Pokemaniac Steve: Onix Lv23, P1380, registered in PokeNav

A Carbos is in a rock north of Steve. A hidden Revive is a bit further to the NW, on a small tile jutting into the lake. A Protein can be found by climbing the nearby ledge and smashing a rock.

Kindler Bernie: Mornwing Lv21, Cuppa Lv21, P672, registered in PokeNav

Picnicker Angelina: Goldeen Lv22, Marill Lv23, P368

Hiker Lenny: Geodude Lv22, Machop Lv22, P880

Hiker Lucas: Geodude Lv22, Graveler Lv23, P920


Mons found: Zubat, Lunatone, Solrock, Stellith, Golbat, Psycolt, Laquagon (lower levels for those three), Magikarp, Goldeen (water ones require surf/fish)

First off, head north, then across the bridge. Navigate this maze to get a Moon Stone. In case you're wondering, a rare mon in the lower levels of Meteor Falls known as Psycolt can evolve either with the Moon Stone or the Sun Stone. Remember that for when you want to catch one of those. Then head to the entrance and west, and there's an additional path south before the plot-relevant stuff. A Full Heal is here, as is a PP Up. Back up and it seems that the enemy team got what they wanted, the Aura Stone. Just then, Team White Hole shows up, along with Steven! Seems like he's the master of Team WH, and there must've been a rivalry between him and Wallace. He'll explain about the Aura Stone but will also tell you not to follow them as they pursue Team BH. Talk to Cozmo now, and well, yeah, you'll be going to Mt. Chimney next. How about some detouring? Head south to the Route 115 exit, but note that there's a path to the east. You can't get far going that direction due to the water, so remember it for later.

ROUTE 115 [R115]

Mons found:
Tentacool: 60% (surf), 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Dorfin: 40% (good rod), 95% (super rod)

Starly: 40% 

Pidgey: 40% 

Poliwag: 35%, 35% (surf)

Staravia: 15%
Pidgeotto: 15% 

Clefairy: 5%

Jigglypuff: 5%

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Get an Iron to the north. Note that there's a number of one-way ledges here so you'll have to take the long route to backtrack.

Black Belt Nob: Machop Lv23, P736, registered in PokeNav

A Super Potion is in the sand to the west. Use Rock Smash and jump the ledge there to get a Great Ball.

Collector Hector: Wynaut Lv22, Liquiput Lv22, P1320

Psychic Marlene: Baizeast Lv22, Kadabra Lv22, P528

The last ledge past the berry patch has a PP Up. Time to backtrack now.

Route 104's Pretty Petal Flower Shop is open for buying secret base plants, and you can get a White Herb from a girl outside. You need to go through Rusturf again, and the Devon employee from before is outside the cave entrance. He'll give you a Repeat Ball, and Rustboro's PokeMart will have it too. When you’re ready, Mt. Chimney’s cable car is open on Route 112.


As you see, you're seeing the teams face off. Steven of course realizes you're here and tells you Wallace is up to no good with the Aura Stone.

Team BH Grunt: Gastly Lv26, P520

Team BH Grunt: Glameow Lv26, P520

BH Admin Tabitha: Dorfin Lv25, Golbat Lv28, Skorupi Lv27, Maneko Lv27, P1080

BH Leader Wallace: Gyarados Lv30, Tentacool Lv29, Darca Lv32, P2560

As you can tell, they'll leave, then Steven will come to you again to tell you to stop getting involved as Team WH is to handle things. But he'll also say you might meet him yet again. Hmm... Anyways, pick up the Aura Stone from the machine. Jagged Pass is now available to the south, and you can buy Lava Cookies for P200 from the grandma. Before you go, you can take the Aura Stone to Cozmo, who's now in his home in Fallarbor, for TM27 Return.


Mons found: Machop, Maneko, Willisp

If you go down to the green patch of ground, inspect a tile two spaces east of a rock to get a hidden Full Heal.

Hiker Eric: Geodude Lv24, Lephan Lv24, P960

Triathlete Julio: Voltorb Lv26, P1040

A Burn Heal is on another green patch of ground. There's also a BH grunt here. He won't move even if you beat him.

Team BH Grunt: Toxroach Lv27, Dorfin Lv27, P540

Picnicker Diana: Jamberree Lv23, Roselia Lv23, Mintch Lv24, P384, registered in PokeNav

There's a hidden Great Ball a bit south of Diana just one space north of the rock.

Picnicker Autumn: Cherubi Lv26, P416

Camper Ethan: Clotaku Lv24, Mornwing Lv25, P400, registered in PokeNav


Mart Wares:

Great Ball: P600

Super Potion: P700

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Revive: P1500

Super Repel: P500

X Speed: P350

If it isn't obvious, that's lava at the hot springs, and you can't enter. It also appears that the Mos is rumoured to be starting arsons around! In the SE house, a boy can teach you Mimic. The granny will still give you a Egg, which actually hatches into Pressie this time, a new pre-evolution of Lapras. Pick up the Charcoal from the old man in the Herb Shop.

Energypowder: P500

Energy Root: P800

Heal Powder: P450

Revival Herb: P2800

The gym is available anytime. Despite the location, we are dealing with Ice types! With the occasional Water type for good measure. Obviously, sliding puzzles.

Swimmer Axle: Glachild Lv28, P224

Battle Girl Danielle: Kapwondo Lv29, P696

Cooltrainer Gerald: Goldeen Lv29, P1392

Swimmer Cole: Pressie Lv29, P232

Your goal is the stairs at the NW corner. This floor will freak you out, because those boulders are also moving!

Sailor Keegan: Dorfin Lv29, P928

Swimmer Jace: Frozaiden Lv28, P224

Hiker Eli: Marill Lv28, P1120

Sailor Jeff: Glachild Lv26, Cuppa Lv27, P864

The only entrance to the middle steps that lead to Alice are at the east side. The boulders that move will likely drive you mad, but you need to wait for the right moment to reach the middle.

Leader Alice: P3400, Spica Badge, and TM07 Hail

Frozaiden Lv29, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Hail

Slowbro Lv32, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Psychic, Surf

Pressie Lv31, Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Ice Shard

Aurostice Lv34, Ice Shard, Mean Look, Blizzard, Hail, holds Sitrus Berry

Leave to get the Go-Goggles from Gordon/April. Now that we can use Strength, let's do some backtracking and what not. And whenever you're ready, the fifth gym in Petalburg is open.

On Fiery Path, move the boulder in the middle, then move the series of boulders until you get a Fire Stone. Mt Chimney also has new trainers to battle.

Beauty Shirley: Maneko Lv24, P1920

Beauty Sheila: Shroomish Lv24, P1920

Expert Shelby: Meditite Lv24, Hantama Lv25, P1000, registered in PokeNav

Hiker Sawyer: Rollder Lv25, P1000, registered in PokeNav

Beauty Melissa: Marill Lv25, P2000

Now let's see what the desert has to offer. If you wanna explore Mirage Tower, it's by the south entrance to the desert, but if you don't see it, go back and forth between Routes 111 and 112. You'll need the Mach Scooter and a mon with Rock Smash, and the mons to find here are Bronzor and either Toxroach or Rollder depending on your version. Just make it to the top and use Rock Smash. You have one of two fossils to pick here. Either you can take the Wing Fossil, which is available in both game versions and will resurrect into Ptervus, a Rock/Flying type, or you can take a version-specific fossil. In Altair, it is the Fang Fossil, and will resurrect into Grindon, a Rock/Electric type. In Sirius, you could take the Dark Fossil to resurrect into Tyranos, a Rock/Dark type, and of all the fossil mons here it's the only one that could not evolve. Mirage Tower will collapse afterwards and the fossil you didn't choose will disappear. A few spaces north of where Mirage Tower was is a Protein in the sand. A Stardust is near the hiker nearby (not a trainer).

Camper Beau: Hornikel Lv26, Toxroach Lv26, Rynos Lv27, P432

Camper Drew: Solrock Lv28, P448

Picnicker Heidi: Lephan Lv27, Glameow Lv26, P416

Picnicker Becky: Meowth Lv26, Poliwhirl Lv27, P432

A Rare Candy is in the rock to the east of Becky.

Ruin Maniac Dusty: Lunatone Lv28, P1680, registered in PokeNav

The rock he's circling has another Stardust.

Picnicker Celia: Marill Lv26, Shroomish Lv26, P416

Ruin Maniac Bryan: Stellith Lv27, Bronzor Lv27, P1620

Camper Branden: Pidgeotto Lv26/Staravia Lv26, Kapwondo Lv26, P416

The far south end has TM37 Sandstorm. Now you're done with this wretched desert.

For the next Trick House challenge, first examine the drawer. You need Rock Smash. You can find Shadow Mail and Wood Mail in the NW corner and your reward here is a Hard Stone.

Camper Justin: Haunter Lv30, P480

Hiker Alan: Onix Lv28, Torkoal Lv28, Graveler Lv29, P1160

Picnicker Martha: Psycolt Lv28, Azumarill Lv29, P464

Remember you can revive your fossil at Rustboro City's Devon Headquarters on the second floor. Now we should challenge Petalburg Gym. The dominant type is Dark. No real changes to gym layout.

Cooltrainer Randall: Bakeko Lv32, P1536 (Speed Room)

Cooltrainer Mary: Goabalt Lv32, P1536 (Accuracy Room)

Cooltrainer Parker: Darca Lv32, P1536 (Confusion Room)

Cooltrainer Alexia: Ajarimus Lv32, P1536 (Defense Room)

Cooltrainer George: Liepus Lv32, P1536 (Recovery Room)

Cooltrainer Jody: Absol Lv32, P1536 (Strength Room)

Cooltrainer Berke: Tyranos Lv32, P1536 (One-hit KO Room)

Leader Romero: P3700, Deimos Badge, and TM46 Thief

Bakeko Lv35, Night Slash, Flamethrower, Psychic, Thief

Goabalt Lv34, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Stardust, Rock Slide

Blakjak Lv36, Silver Wind, Air Slash, Heat Wave, Psychic

Dizasol Lv37, Aerial Ace, Extremespeed, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, holds Sitrus Berry

Billy's dad will then take you and you will get HM03 Surf! Yep, get ready for LOTS of backtracking, cause that's what I'm here for. First off, return home to Littleroot and register Mom in the PokeNav if you haven't done so, then talk to her again to get the Amulet Coin. Try Surfing on Route 103 now.

Swimmer Pete: Tentacool Lv30, P240

Swimmer Isabelle: Marill Lv30, P240

While you're here, go to the Trick House for the next challenge. He's in the left window and you'll need Strength. A Mech Mail is in the NW corner and your reward is a Smoke Ball.

Battle Girl Cora: Kapwondo Lv36, P864

Black Belt Yuji: Machop Lv33, Machoke Lv34, P1088

Battle Girl Paula: Breloom Lv36, P864


For this backtracking segment, I will go from Mauville north to Route 111, around to Rustboro, then the sea routes where Dewford is, until I get back to Mauville to do the New Mauville sidequest. Skip to any section for more. First off, on Route 117, surf to the small island to get a hidden Repel. That's all here.

On Route 111, pick up an HP Up beyond the pond where the Winstrate house is.

At Meteor Falls, enter the northern cave at the entrance room. Take the ladder at the east end. This area is the area accessed from the SE cave in the entrance room, and you can surf to that place should you want to leave. For now, go surf north (taking the ladder leads nowhere special) and into a cave. Now, you will be in an area that requires Waterfall. However, this is also a location where you have a better chance of catching both Psycolt and Laquagon (called Laquagon's nest in the wiki, the previous floors have only a 1% chance of getting Psycolt, so it's easier to catch it there).

North part of Route 115 now.

Battle Girl Cyndy: Meditite Lv30, Breloom Lv32, P768, registered in PokeNav

A Heal Powder is on the island to the north. A hidden Heart Scale is in the right crater.

Ninja Boy Jaiden: Willisp Lv30, Gulpin Lv32/Grimer Lv32, P384

Triathlete Kyra: Mintch Lv30, Flaaffy Lv31, P1240

Black Belt Koichi: Machop Lv29, Heracross Lv31, P992

Expert Timothy: Machoke Lv32, P1280, registered in PokeNav

Psychic Alix: Kadabra Lv32, Kirgicia Lv32, P768

Battle Girl Helene: Meditite Lv29, Machoke Lv31, P744

Relax, you don't need an Acro Scooter to cross those bridges, and you have Surf anyways. Climb the cliff and pick up TM01 Focus Punch. You don't need the Mach Scooter either as nothing is above the mudslide there.

On Route 104 North, pick up a PP Up east of the bridge. South to Route 105.

Swimmer Imani: Marill Lv31, P248

Swimmer Dominik: Tentacool Lv32, P256

Ruin Maniac Foster: Lephan Lv30, Bronzor Lv30, P1800

Swimmer Luis: Liquiput Lv31, P248

Ruin Maniac Andres: Lunatone Lv31, Solrock Lv31, double battle with below, registered in PokeNav

Bird Keeper Josue: Mornwing Lv30, Staravia Lv31/Pidgeotto Lv31, P2852

A Big Pearl is in the trees east of the last two trainers.

Swimmer Beverly: Cuppa Lv30, Goldeen Lv30, P240

Remember the Island Cave entrance for later. South from Luis, head to the small sand island to find a hidden Heart Scale, then pick up an Iron to the west. To Route 106 now.

Swimmer Douglas: Dorfin Lv30, Psyduck Lv31, P248

Swimmer Kyla: Azumarill Lv33, P264

Pick up a Protein to the south. Surf east onto a longer strip of land and the westernmost point has a hidden Poke Ball. You're now at the Granite Cave section of Route 106. Heal at Dewford before proceeding on Route 107.

Swimmer Denise: Poliwag Lv30, Goldeen Lv31, P248

Swimmer Tony: Slowpoke Lv32, P256, registered in PokeNav

Sis And Bro Lisa&Ray: Hydrush Lv33, Psyduck Lv31, P744

Swimmer Darrin: Tentacool Lv29, Tentacool Lv29, Kapwondo Lv30, P240

Triathlete Camron: Poliwhirl Lv33, P1320

Swimmer Beth: Goldeen Lv32, P256

To Route 108.

Swimmer Missy: Pressie Lv32, P256

Swimmer Matthew: Dorfin Lv31, P248

Swimmer Tara: Cuppa Lv30, Marill Lv31, P248

Inspect the rock south of Tara to find a hidden Rare Candy. The Abandoned Ship is to the north.

Cooltrainer Carolina: Ajarimus Lv31, Pidgeotto Lv31/Staravia Lv31, Blitzune Lv33, P1584

Sailor Cory: Poliwag Lv29, Tentacool Lv30, Machop Lv30, P960, registered in PokeNav

A Star Piece is between these trainers.

Swimmer Jerome: Tentacruel Lv33, P264


Mons found: Magikarp, Tentacool, Tentacruel

Enter and go in the NW cabin to get a Harbor Mail.

Youngster Demetrius: Plasmox Lv30, Percussoon Lv32, P512

Beauty Thalia: Cuppa Lv30, Poliwag Lv30, P2400, registered in PokeNav

Sailor Duncan: Glachild Lv30, Machoke Lv31, P992

Grab an Escape Rope in the leftmost cabin at the south end and remember the middle cabin for later when you get Dive. A Dive Ball is in the right cabin at the north wall.

Tuber Charlie: Marill Lv32, P128

The next cabin has a Revive and three trainers.

Young Couple Kira&Dan: Meowth Lv30, Glameow Lv30, P1920, registered in PokeNav

Ruin Maniac Garrison: Stellith Lv32, P1920

Tuber Jani: Marill Lv32, P128

Get to the captain's quarters and pick up the Storage Key. Take it back to the storage room to get TM13 Ice Beam. You're done here. Now to the rest of Route 109.

Young Couple Sam&Paul: Clefairy Lv33, Jigglypuff Lv33, P2112

A Heart Scale is in front of the couple.

Bird Keeper Elijah: Pidgeotto Lv30, Blakjak Lv31, P992

Fisherman Carter: Poliwag Lv30, Tentacruel Lv31, P1240

Pick up a PP Up on the island NE of those two.

Swimmer Sue: Goldeen Lv30, Poliwag Lv30, Seaking Lv33, P264

Swimmer David: Tentacool Lv30, Dorfin Lv30, P240

Tuber Gwen: Marill Lv32, P128

Tuber Austina: Marill Lv32, P128

On Route 110, take the low road and surf up when you get the chance to pick up a Rare Candy. Now head to Mauville and talk to Barbara, who's now outside between the PokeCenter and the scooter shop. Apparently old man Wattson decided to turn the generator on again. You get the Basement Key, now it's back to Route 110 and surf down and right.


Mons found: Voltorb, Plasmox, Electrode, Flaaffy, Ampharos

Use the Basement Key and head in. Use the blue switch, then west and use the green switch there. Continue and ignore the blue switch. Head straight east first and pick up an Ultra Ball, then pick up an Escape Rope on the blue switch, then use it to gain access to the NW. East of that gate is a Voltorb on a green switch, which you'll probably use to leave. Heading to the NW, two more items. A Voltorb is on the right switch, which is blue, while a Parlyz Heal is on the left switch, which is green. Don't step on any switches here, just go north, through the open gate, and to two more switches. Left one has a Voltorb, right has a Full Heal, and you should step on that switch. Head east to the generator switch and a Thunderstone. After using the generator switch, leave and head to Mauville again. Barbara will give you TM24 Thunderbolt. Also for some reason, Wattson is in Ecruteak City. Now that we're done with all that optional stuff, let's journey to Route 118!

ROUTE 118 [R118]

Mons found: Takuni, Percussoon, Skorupi, Sunkern, Mareep, Flaaffy, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Magikarp, Tentacool, Dorfin, Darca (water ones require surf/fish)

See the section before the Mauville gym for the west half of trainers and items on Route 118. On the other side of the water, you'll see Brendan. Yes, Brendan, who you probably know from the backstory as a former champion in this game. He'll think you resemble him, but you'll then register him in the PokeNav and he'll go east.

Fisherman Barny: Tentacool Lv30, Slowpoke Lv32, P1280

Interviewer Gabby&Ty: Hornikel Lv33, Plasmox Lv33, P3168 and an interview

The fisherman near the berry patch gives you the Good Rod.

Bird Keeper Chester: Mintch Lv31, Staravia Lv31/Pidgeotto Lv31, P992

Bird Keeper Perry: Mornwing Lv32, P1024

A Hyper Potion is nearby. Detour to Route 123.

ROUTE 123 [R123]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 35% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 95% (good rod)

Cupricorn: 20%
Roselia: 20%
Gastly: 20%

Hornikel: 10%

Haunter: 10%

Poliwhirl: 10%, 5% (surf)

Sunkern: 9%

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Skorupi: 1%

Bug Catcher Davis: Scyther Lv33, P528

Cooltrainer Jazmyn: Absol Lv33/Girafarig Lv33, P660

Aroma Lady Violet: Roselia Lv32, Snalo Lv33, P1320

Pick up your berries in and outside the Berry Master's house as well as a hidden Revive behind the fence. A little pond and fence to the south conceals an Ultra Ball.

Twins Miu&Yuki: Jamberree Lv32, Cherubi Lv32, P768

A Revival Herb is situated behind the twins. Surf on the pond to the north to find a Calcium.

Psychic Jacki: Kirlia Lv33, Baizeast Lv33, P792, registered in PokeNav

Expert Fredrick: Meditite Lv33, Machoke Lv33, P1320

Cooltrainer Braxton: Pidgeotto Lv31, Graveler Lv31, Slowpoke Lv32, Strawna Lv32, Ampharos Lv33, P1584

A PP Up is behind the bike bridge.

Guitarist Fernando: Electrode Lv33, Violo Lv32, P1024, registered in PokeNav

Bird Keeper Alberto: Staravia Lv33/Pidgeotto Lv33, Blakjak Lv32, P1024

A tad to the east of those two trainers (use Surf near the water to the south, go on the higher ledge and go all the way north to the tree. The space in front of it has a hidden Super Repel. Cross the bike bridge and jump the ledge to get an Elixir.

Cooltrainer Wendy: Velvelt Lv33, Girafarig Lv32, Haunter Lv32, P1536

This is all we can get with Route 123 at the moment. Now to that always rainy route in Route 119.

ROUTE 119 [R119]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 35% (surf)

Takuni: 30%

Roselia: 20%

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 95% (good rod)

Cuppa: 15%

Percussoon: 15%

Snalo: 14%

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Baizeast: 5%
Skorupi: 1%

Feebas: 50% (fish in special tiles, can modify them by changing the trends in Dewford Hall)

Bug Catcher Kent: Skorupi Lv32, P512

Bug Maniac Donald: Caterpie Lv31/Weedle Lv31Metapod Lv31/Kakuna Lv31Butterfree Lv31 /Beedrill Lv31, P1860

Bug Catcher Greg: Rollder Lv32, Heracross Lv32, P512

A Super Repel is by the grass exit. There's a few more "Mimic Circle" trainers to find past the bridges, as well as a Hyper Potion.

Bug Catcher Doug: Toxroach Lv34/Rollder Lv34Cocrogue Lv34/Rotillo Lv34, P544

Bug Maniac Taylor: Weedle Lv33/Caterpie Lv33Kakuna Lv33/Metapod Lv33Beedrill Lv33 /Butterfree Lv33, P1980

Bug Maniac Brent: Scyther Lv33, P1980

In the set of six trees near Taylor, inspect the NE tree to find a hidden Full Heal.

Fisherman Chris: Feebas Lv25, Feebas Lv30, Feebas Lv35, Gyarados Lv31, P1240

A Zinc is to the NW. Surf back and go to the rocks, then the grass to the west. If you have an Acro Scooter, cross the bike bridge and go to the NE corner. Inspect the flower for a hidden Calcium, then head back.

PKMN Ranger Catherine: Sunkern Lv32, Cherrim Lv32, P1536, registered in PokeNav

PKMN Ranger Jackson: Breloom Lv33, P1584, registered in PokeNav

Parasol Lady Rachel: Goldeen Lv32, P1280

Bird Keeper Fred: Pidgeotto Lv32/Staravia Lv32, P1024

A Hyper Potion is near a mudslide which can function as a shortcut if you have the Mach Scooter. Otherwise, take the path through the grass. East of the rocks is an Elixir.

Kindler Dayton: Slugma Lv31, Willisp Lv32, P1024

Ninja Boy Takashi: Zubat Lv31, Skorupi Lv32, P384

Bird Keeper Hugh: Mornwing Lv32, Blakjak Lv34, P1088

Enter the Weather Institute and use the bed and PC as needed.

Team BH Grunt: Hornikel Lv37, P740

Team BH Grunt: Zubat Lv36, Haunter Lv36, P720

Team BH Grunt: Toxroach Lv36, Tentacool Lv37, P740

Team BH Grunt: Glameow Lv37, Willisp Lv36, P720

Team BH Grunt: Maneko Lv36, Purugly Lv36, Cocrogue Lv37, P740

BH Admin Tabitha: Darca Lv39, Golbat Lv39, P1560

Team WH seems to be approaching Mt. Pyre after that last battle, which tells you that Team BH is behind. Afterwards the scientists thank you and give you a Hantama in Altair or a Spelven in Sirius (both will be holding a Lucky Egg). If you want my opinion, Hantama is way better, especially since it doesn't have two 4x weaknesses. At least you get a freebie here. Heal up again and set off on Route 119's last leg. After the bridge, head south to pick up an Elixir. Surf to the river and head north to the waterfall. Land at the east island and inspect the north spot for a hidden Max Ether. You'll be back here later once you get Waterfall. Surf downriver until you see some grass. Land there and search the open space in the middle for a hidden Ultra Ball. The last item to get here is a Leaf Stone near the rocks. Now head north for your obligatory rival battle.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P2400 and HM02 Fly

Breloom/Roselia Lv39, Staraptor Lv37, Astignite Lv40 (if you chose Nimbleaf)

Magcargo/Bakeko Lv39, Staraptor Lv37, Correncid Lv40 (if you chose Peyero)

Poliwhirl/Kapwondo Lv39, Staraptor Lv37, Syleafid Lv40 (if you chose Liquiput)

Mosmero shows up afterwards, and says you made Gordon/April cry. I doubt that, since the rival played it pretty cool after you win. Honestly I'm starting to not like this character.

Guitarist Fabian: Blitzune Lv32, P1024

Ninja Boy Yasu: Skorupi Lv33, P396

Something unseeable is in the area to the west of these two, so remember it for later.

Ninja Boy Hideo: Zubat Lv31, Grimer Lv32, P384


Well, this city has seen much better days. Not a lot of treetop village going on here, sadly.

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Super Potion: P700

Hyper Potion: P1200

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P200

Awakening: P250

Revive: P1500

Super Repel: P500

Wood Mail: P50

The gym leader here is Mel, and is a Steel type expert. But first we gotta figure out that problem with the invisible thing. A Secret Base shop is at the SE corner.

Small Desk: P3000

Pokemon Desk: P3000

Heavy Desk: P6000

Ragged Desk: P6000

Comfort Desk: P6000

Brick Desk: P9000

Camp Desk: P9000

Hard Desk: P9000

Small Chair: P2000

Pokemon Chair: P2000

Heavy Chair: P2000

Ragged Chair: P2000

Comfort Chair: P2000

Brick Chair: P2000

Camp Chair: P2000

Hard Chair: P2000

A kid in the NW house wants a Maneko and will trade for a Poliwhirl. You can get TM10 Hidden Power from the granny in the next house, and you can teach Sleep Talk by talking to the old man in the same house. Detour to Route 120 for now.

Parasol Lady Clarissa: Roselia Lv35, Goldeen Lv36, P1440

Go under the bridge and cut the tree, then head to the dead end to pick up a hidden Rare Candy.

Interviewer Gabby&Ty: Hornikel Lv37, Blitzune Lv37, P3552, an interview, and they will be back on Route 111 like usual.

Bird Keeper Robert: Mintch Lv37, P1184, registered in PokeNav

You'll soon meet up with Brendan, who's got a Devon Scope which he picked up from Steven a long time ago. Agree to help and guess what? The invisible mon you uncover is none other than a Ditto! Deal with it and you'll then get the Devon Scope from Brendan. Head back to the steps that lead to the water to find another invisible Ditto, then pick up the Nest Ball. Visit the Scorched Slab to pick up TM11 Sunny Day. Now go back to the Fortree Gym and startle the Ditto there. Before entering, you can also go back to Route 119 for a brief bit with another hidden Ditto in a small side path near the Fortree entrance. However, you'll find out there's nothing behind this Ditto!

The layout for Fortree's gym is unchanged.

Triathlete Humberto: Steelix Lv37, P1480

Picnicker Ashley: Bronzor Lv35, Steelix Lv36, Yunesis Lv36, P576

PKMN Ranger Jared: Beldum Lv35, Rotillo Lv35, Goabalt Lv36, P1728

Camper Flint: Hornikel Lv36, Rotillo Lv37, double battle with below

Triathlete Edwardo: Infiris Lv36, Scizor Lv37, P2072

PKMN Ranger Darius: Yunesis Lv38, P1824

Leader Mel: P4400, Regulus Badge, TM47 Steel Wing

Metang Lv41, Earthquake, Bullet Punch, Aerial Ace, Explosion

Astignite Lv40, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, Iron Head

Pteriarch Lv43, Steel Wing, Silver Wind, Rock Slide, Brave Bird

Bronzong Lv43, Psychic, Earthquake, Hypnosis, Magnet Bomb

Feroceros Lv44, Iron Head, Earthquake, Quick Attack, Rock Slide, holds Sitrus Berry

Awesome, we can now Fly. The next Trick House challenge is available, the quiz one. Find the guy in the left plant. The questions are different to coincide with the changes in the rom hack. TM12 Taunt is the prize.

ROUTE 120 [R120]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Seaking: 40% (super rod)

Cupricorn: 20%

Hornikel: 20%
Roselia: 15%

Cuppa: 15%

Snalo: 14%

Marill: 10%, 99% (surf)

Absol: 5% 

Girafarig: 5% 

Tentacool: 4% (super rod)

Skorupi: 1%

Tentacruel: 1% (super rod)

Goldeen: 1% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 40% (super rod)

Proceed past the bridge where you met Brendan for the rest of the route. The first batch of trainers were already covered earlier.

Bird Keeper Colin: Staravia Lv35/Pidgeotto Lv35, Mornwing Lv35, P1120

Head south first to pick up a Revive, then go back and east.

Ninja Boy Riley: Gulpin Lv35, Willisp Lv35, P420

Battle Girl Callie: Meditite Lv35, Medicham Lv35, P840

PKMN Ranger Jenna: Sunkern Lv35, Snalo Lv35, Sunflora Lv36, P1728

Cooltrainer Leonel: Poliwhirl Lv37, P1776

You'll find a Nugget behind Leonel and a ledge that leads further south, where you'll notice you need Cut to get between areas (which means that you can't backtrack to Fortree if you jump this ledge and don't have a mon with either Cut or Fly). You may notice the middle half of the route has a big crater in it, and that it no longer rains. At the lowest point in this crater, using the Itemfinder in the SW corner will reveal an "item", except I could never pick up anything there for some reason. There's also a hidden Ditto here too.

Parasol Lady Angelica: Rumpet Lv36, P1440

Cooltrainer Jennifer: Frozaiden Lv37, P1776

PKMN Ranger Lorenzo: Snalo Lv35, Breloom Lv36, Leafrond Lv36, P1728

Bug Maniac Jeffrey: Skorupi Lv35, Toxroach Lv35/Rollder Lv35, Heracross Lv35, P2100, registered in PokeNav

Get a Hyper Potion behind the grass nearby. You can get a rare berry by talking to a green-haired girl near the berry patch there too. Surf across the pond to the west to get a Full Heal, and also a hidden Rare Candy at the west side of that area.

Ninja Boy Keigo: Golbat Lv36, Grimer Lv36, P432

Ruin Maniac Chip: Bronzor Lv36, Lephan Lv36, Stellith Lv36, P2160

Remember this tomb location for later (there's a hidden Ditto behind it too if you have interest in that) and set off for Route 121.

ROUTE 121 [R121]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 35% (surf)

Gastly: 25%

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 95% (good rod)

Cupricorn: 20%

Haunter: 15%

Roselia: 10%

Hornikel: 10%

Poliwhirl: 10%, 5% (surf)

Sunkern: 9%

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Skorupi: 1%

Hex Maniac Tammy: Duskull Lv37, Misdreavus Lv37, P888

Bug Maniac Cale: Beedrill Lv36, Butterfree Lv36, P2160

A hidden HP Up is at the east end of the south grass patch.

Beauty Jessica: Lunabitt Lv37, Velvelt Lv37, P2960, registered in PokeNav

Team WH is moving to Mt Pyre now. It's tempting to chase after them, but we've got a Safari Zone here too. Of course, you need a PokeBlock Case to utilize it, which means heading to Lilycove, right? Let's cover the rest of the route. A Zinc is to the right of the Route 122 entrance.

Sr. and Jr. Kate&Joy: Glameow Lv36, Persian Lv38, P1216

PKMN Breeder Myles: Kirgicia Lv34, Goldeen Lv34, Snalo Lv34, Psycolt Lv35, Blitzune Lv35, Munchlax Lv35, P1400

Cooltrainer Cristin: Baizeast Lv39, Grissly Lv38, P1824, registered in PokeNav

Gentleman Walter: Bakeko Lv39, P3120, registered in PokeNav

A hidden Nugget is on a flower in the NW patch of this annoying maze (by the way it's a good idea to not battle PKMN Breeder Pat near the berry patch since she will block the way when she walks to you). You'll find a tree to cut soon, and behind it is a Revive.

PokeFan Vanessa: Pikachu Lv39, P3120

Cooltrainer Marcel: Ampharos Lv39, Girafarig Lv38, P1824

Pick up a Carbos, as well as a hidden Max Revive on the NE flower.

PKMN Breeder Pat: Absol Lv33/Girafarig Lv33, Sunflora Lv33, Rynos Lv34, Azumarill Lv34, Mornwing Lv35, Grimer Lv35/Gulpin Lv35, P1400

I won't cover Lilycove just yet, but heal there and check out the Pokemon Arena which is south of the PokeCenter. This kinda reminds me of the Monster Arena in Dragon Quest games, where you basically place bets on the Pokemon you want to win and have no control over the action. As far as I can tell, it's totally random, but if you bet correctly go to the prize corner to pick up the PokeBlock Case. Aside from using it to enter the Safari Zone, you can go back to Slateport's new building in the NW corner and enter the next room. This is the place where you can use the Berry Blender for PokeBlocks. I don't believe there is anything past that last door, so this is the last room here.


Mons found:

SE Area:

Violo: 30%

Budew: 20%

Cherubi: 15%
Jamberree: 15%

Wobbuffet: 10%
Roselia: 5%

Pikachu: 5%

SW Area:

Psyduck: 95% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Violo: 30%

Seaking: 20% (super rod)

Budew: 20%

Cherubi: 15%
Jamberree: 15%

Wobbuffet: 10%
Roselia: 5%

Pikachu: 5%

Golduck: 5% (surf)

NE area:

Geodude: 100% (rock smash)

Budew: 30%
Velvelt: 30%

Roselia: 15%

Jamberree: 15%

Heracross: 5%
Tauros: 5%

NW area:

Psyduck: 95% (surf)

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Pianon: 30%

Budew: 30%

Seaking: 20% (super rod)

Velvelt: 15%

Roselia: 10%

Cherubi: 10%

Scyther: 5%

Golduck: 5% (surf)

If you have the Acro Scooter, you can access the NE area. A Calcium is behind the grass in the NW corner of this area. The SW corner has a lake with a Max Revive on the other side. If you have the Mach Scooter, you can access the NW area. Beyond the pond in that area is TM22 Solarbeam. No other items, catch what you can.

ROUTE 122 [R122]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 35% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 95% (good rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

While Mt Pyre is here as well, I'm covering the other side of Route 123 for convenience before you head in. The Grass-type lover is near a berry patch and gives you TM19 Giga Drain.

Psychic Cameron: Spelven Lv38, P912, registered in PokeNav

Ninja Boy Jonas: Willisp Lv38, double battle with below

Parasol Lady Kayley: Strawna Lv38, P1976

A PP Up is behind these trainers, and a Rare Candy is at the south junction. Head west now to find a Hyper Potion in a rock past the grass.

Collector Ed: Ptervus Lv37, Grindon Lv37, P2220

Hex Maniac Kindra: Misdreavus Lv37, Duskull Lv37, P888

That's it for trainers here before the one-way split in the route. Go back to Mt Pyre now.


Mons found:

First three floors:

Gastly: 85%
Haunter: 15%

Last three floors:

Gastly: 70%
Haunter: 15%

Duskull: 10%5%

Misdreavus: 5%10%

Path to summit:

Gastly: 70%

Haunter: 15%

Meditite: 15%


Gastly: 60%

Haunter: 15%

Meditite: 10%

Duskull: 9%4%

Misdreavus: 4%9%
Yucarlia: 2%

Pick up a Cleanse Tag on the first floor from the woman in the NE. Now you can go west to get to the summit or explore the inner chambers. Let's start with those chambers!

Pokemaniac Mark: Tyranos Lv37, P2220

Hex Maniac Leah: Yucarlia Lv37, P888

Black Belt Zander: Medicham Lv37, P1184

Young Couple Dez&Luke: Clefairy Lv39, Jigglypuff Lv39, P2496

Ultra Ball on this floor. To 3F.

Psychic Kayla: Wobbuffet Lv36, Psycolt Lv36, Kadabra Lv36, P864

PKMN Breeder Gabrielle: Tauros Lv36, Percussoon Lv36, Slugma Lv36, Pikachu Lv37, Cherrim Lv37, Rotillo Lv37/Cocrogue Lv37, P1480, registered in PokeNav

Psychic William: Kadabra Lv38, Kirlia Lv38, Girafarig Lv38, P912

Get the Super Repel before moving up to 4F.

Hex Maniac Tasha: Misdreavus Lv38/Duskull Lv38, P912

Black Belt Atsushi: Machoke Lv38, P1216

Hex Maniac Valerie: Duskull Lv39/Misdreavus Lv39, P936, registered in PokeNav

Psychic Cedric: Kinegasus Lv39, P936

Pick up TM30 Shadow Ball, then start falling down the holes. You'll get a Lax Incense next, now take the bottom hole to pick up a Sea Incense. Fall down to 1F and take the left exit now. Along the way up you should pick up TM48 Skill Swap. A Max Potion can be found as you continue up, and an Ultra Ball is in the NW gravestone. Finally you can pick up a Max Ether in the orange gravestone past the grass near the summit entrance.

It turns out we'll have to battle Team WH grunts on the way up.

Team WH Grunt: Skorupi Lv41, P820

If you head left of that grunt, then south, pick up a hidden Zinc in the SW gravestone.

Team WH Grunt: Rynos Lv41, P820

Team WH Grunt: Rollder Lv40, Golbat Lv40, double battle with below

Team WH Grunt: Meowth Lv40, Cocrogue Lv40, P1600

Hmm, what's Steven up to? Turns out not only are you too late, but Steven as well. Wallace and Team BH have beaten you both. And is that Tate & Liza, former gym leaders of Mossdeep? Steven will then take the Red Orb. After Team WH leaves, you'll then be informed that the Blue Orb has been taken too, and that Steven and Wallace had acted strangely ever since the Hoenn Catastrophe. Both had left Hoenn, with Wallace abdicating his champion title, but returned. You'll also receive the Shady Emblem, which could be a key to entering their hideout! You can listen to the tale of old again if you want, but it's referring to the one from the original Emerald. Anyways, before you leave, let's get one more item. Head east, where the female grunt was blocking, and at the dead end in the grass you can find a hidden Rare Candy. Now you can start the infiltration of Team BH's hideout now, but let's explore Lilycove City first.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 95% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 9% (surf)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Pressie: 1% (surf)

I've already covered the PokeCenter and the Pokemon Arena, so let's see the rest. Team WH grunts are around in the city, concerned about Team BH's plans in Mossdeep. A sailor mentions that Lapras are blocking the way east too. At the far SE end you can pick up a Max Repel. The Move Deleter is here as usual, and you can talk to the gentleman to the east to get a free berry. The old Aqua Hideout here is now owned by Team WH. Get TM44 Rest from a big guy in the house near the beach. Go there and find the leftmost rock, which contains a Heart Scale. Now head directly east and inspect the rock near the shore to pick up a Poke Ball. Naturally, you can't head east yet, and the new Team WH hideout is also locked off, but you can pick up a PP Up in the rocks nearby. The Art Museum is now a library. Not much to really note, but if you talk to the gentleman, he says that the back room (probably behind that last bookshelf) is off-limits unless you're a great scholar, or perhaps a Pokemon League Champion. Remember it for later. Some of the shelves have books on the history of Hoenn. When you're done, battle Gordon/April in front of the department store.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P2760

Breloom/Roserade Lv43, Staraptor Lv42, Dusclops Lv45/Mismagius Lv45, Astignite Lv46 (if you chose Nimbleaf)

Magcargo/Bakeko Lv43, Staraptor Lv42, Necrosia Lv45/Dusclops Lv45, Correncid Lv46 (if you chose Peyero)

Politoed/Kapwondo Lv43, Staraptor Lv42, Mismagius Lv45/Necrosia Lv45, Syleafid Lv46 (if you chose Liquiput)

Anyways the department store is open now. As usual, first floor has the Lottery Corner. 2F has basic items.

Left clerk wares:

Poke Ball: P200

Great Ball: P600

Ultra Ball: P1200

Escape Rope: P550

Full Heal: P600

Antidote: P100

Parlyz Heal: P250

Burn Heal: P250

Ice Heal: P250

Awakening: P250

Fluffy Tail: P1000

Right clerk wares:

Potion: P300

Super Potion: P700

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Revive: P1500

Repel: P350

Super Repel: P500

Max Repel: P500

Wave Mail: P50

Mech Mail: P50

To 3F.

Left clerk sells all vitamin items at P9800

Right clerk wares:

X Speed: P350

X Special: P350

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Dire Hit: P650

Guard Spec: P700

X Accuracy: P950

On 4F.

Left clerk wares:

TM38 Fire Blast: P5500

TM25 Thunder: P5500

TM14 Blizzard: P5500

TM15 Hyper Beam: P7500

Right clerk wares:

TM17 Protect, TM20 Safeguard, TM33 Reflect, and TM16 Light Screen all at P3000

Fifth floor has secret base items, which are more or less unchanged. A girl on the rooftop can teach Substitute, possibly the closeout sales, and the vending machines. We're done here exploring Lilycove, so now we must pursue Team BH. Remember that their hideout was on Jagged Pass, so go there now.


Get to the middle of Jagged Pass to open the way in. Don't forget to bring a mon with Strength.

Mons found (all areas):

Geodude: 50%

Torkoal: 35%

Graveler: 15%

On the first floor, exploring the west and north sections reveals nothing of interest. Take the small path going east to the boulders. Ignore the nearby steps as they lead nowhere, then move the boulders.

Team BH Grunt: Glameow Lv43, P860

Next cave, go along the path until it forks. Head south for a grunt and a Max Elixir. The grunt nearly mentions what they're trying to awaken (but Emerald players probably already know).

Team BH Grunt: Tentacruel Lv43, P860

Now head north for a Full Restore and go west.

Team BH Grunt: Skorupi Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Goabalt Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Golbat Lv43, P860

In the next cave, just go up as there's nothing to the south.

Team BH Grunt: Zubat Lv42, Hornikel Lv42, P840

Team BH Grunt: Willisp Lv42, Purugly Lv42, P840

Team BH Grunt: Dorfin Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Gastly Lv43, P860

At this fork, go up first and enter the cave at the end. You'll be in the first area, in the SE corner that was enclosed.

Team BH Grunt: Wisplode Lv43, P860

Grab the Rare Candy and take the south path to the next cave.

Team BH Grunt: Toxroach Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Maneko Lv43, P860

Another fork here, go east and pick up a Nugget in the hole, then head north into the cave. Pick up a PP Max here, and there's an additional grunt to fight.

Team BH Grunt: Gyarados Lv43, P860

Return to the last fork and take the cave to the south. We're almost there.

Team BH Grunt: Haunter Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Gengar Lv43, P860

Team BH Grunt: Cocrogue Lv43, P860

BH Admin Tabitha: Darca Lv43, Crobat Lv45, Drapion Lv45, Bakeko Lv46, P1840

Get a Max Revive before you confront Wallace. What's that brown thing that Wallace calls? It's something called Aldina, which seems to be a new legendary for this hack. The cutscene is the same otherwise, Groudon will go away, but then Aldina will run.

BH Leader Wallace: Tentacruel Lv45, Darca Lv45, Milotic Lv48, P3840

Confident aren't we? Well turns out that Aldina was created by Team BH. Exit to the east to pick up an Escape Rope. I recommend using it now, since there's nothing else in the hideout overall. What now? Well if you attempt to go to Lilycove and the WH Hideout, you'll realize you gotta go to Slateport instead. Do so and go to the shipyard where Stern is being interviewed, as normal. And this time, Team WH is stealing the sub. Now you should go for their hideout in Lilycove.


Team WH Grunt: Meowth Lv44, P880

Take the right teleporter first to get a Max Elixir, then go back and take the left one.

Team WH Grunt: Hornikel Lv44, P880

Team WH Grunt: Grimer Lv43, Cocrogue Lv43, P860

Team WH Grunt: Zubat Lv43, Persian Lv43, P860

Take the SW teleporter first. In this area with multiple teleporters, it's pretty much the same as in the original Emerald. Therefore, take the left teleporter, the one to the left, the one to the left again, then the leftmost teleporter to reach the main office. Here, two of the items are Lv45 Electrodes, while the Nugget and Master Ball are still here. Go back to the room with three grunts and take the east teleporter, then down the steps.

Team WH Grunt: Onix Lv44, P880

Take the SW teleporter first for a Nest Ball, then take the east teleporter and up some stairs.

Team WH Grunt: Golbat Lv44, P880

Team WH Grunt: Rotillo Lv44, P880

Team WH Grunt: Voltorb Lv44, P880

WH Admin Matt: Rynos Lv46, Electrode Lv46, P1840

As you might come to expect, you're too late to stop the sub. Now before we continue with the overall game I'm going to go over every single water route. Skip to the Mossdeep City section when ready.

ROUTE 124 [R124]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)
Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Darca: 19% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 9% (surf), 90% (underwater)

Gyarados: 6% (underwater)
Pressie: 4% (underwater)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Grace: Azumarill Lv40, P320

Swimmer Declan: Gyarados Lv40, P320

Sis and Bro Lila&Roy: Poliwhirl Lv42, Dorfin Lv40, P960, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Spencer: Cuppa Lv40, Seaking Lv41, P328

Swimmer Jenny: Goldeen Lv40, P320, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Chad: Tentacool Lv39, Psyduck Lv39, P312

Triathlete Isabella: Kapwondo Lv41, P1640

Swimmer Roland: Darca Lv41, P328

Remember the location of the Treasure Hunter's house for later and heal at Mossdeep, then explore Route 125 and the Shoal Cave above.

ROUTE 125 [R125]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)
Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Darca: 19% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 9% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Sharon: Pressie Lv41, P328

Sailor Ernest: Poliwhirl Lv40, Machoke Lv40, P1280, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Nolen: Tentacruel Lv40, P320

Sr. and Jr. Kim&Iris: Torkoal Lv39, Guldawn Lv41, P1312

Swimmer Tanya: Psyduck Lv40, P320

Swimmer Stan: Slowpoke Lv40, P320

Bird Keeper Presley: Pidgeot Lv42, Staraptor Lv42, P1344

Expert Auron: Blitzune Lv42, Machamp Lv42, P1680

The island with Auron and Presley has a Big Pearl.


Mons found:

Main areas:

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Zubat: 40%, 30% (surf)

Glachild: 40%

Frozaiden: 10%

Golbat: 10%, 9% (surf)

Pressie: 1% (surf)

Ice area:

Zubat: 40%

Glachild: 40%

Frozaiden: 9%

Golbat: 9%
Aurostice: 2%

If it’s low tide, head into the first cave and ignore the next one. Go up the steps, then go until you find a ladder. The next area has an Ice Heal and Shoal Salt. Up the steps to the next ladder to return to the previous area, then go across the bridges till you reach the next ladder. Talk to the black belt to receive a Focus Band, then pick up some Shoal Salt. If you take the SW exit, you can find two more Shoal Salts. Go back and use Strength to access the icy area at the end of the low tide path. In here, slide across until you get to the middle in order to get a Nevermeltice, and go to the north side to pick up, rather ironically, TM50 Overheat.

If it’s high tide, surf to the NW cave and surf north. This area has all of the four Shoal Shells to get, along with a Rare Candy. Take the SE exit to get a Big Pearl.

ROUTE 126 [R126]

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)
Poliwag: 30% (surf)
Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Darca: 19% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 9% (surf), 90% (underwater)

Gyarados: 6% (underwater)
Pressie: 4% (underwater)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

Triathlete Isobel: Psyduck Lv41, P1640

Swimmer Leonardo: Kapwondo Lv41, P328

Swimmer Dean: Dorfin Lv39, Tentacool Lv39, Darca Lv40, P320

Swimmer Sienna: Poliwag Lv39, Poliwhirl Lv41, P328

Triathlete Pablo: Slowpoke Lv40, Tentacruel Lv42, P1680, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Barry: Gyarados Lv41, P328

Swimmer Nikki: Marill Lv40, Pressie Lv40, P320

ROUTE 127 [R127]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Darca: 19% (super rod)

Slowpoke: 9% (surf)

Poliwhirl: 1% (surf)

From Mossdeep, land on the NW shore to get a Zinc. Continue south to the next island.

Cooltrainer Minerva: Electrode Lv41, Percussoon Lv41, P1968

Bird Keeper Aidan: Blakjak Lv41, Guldawn Lv41, P1312

The item you find here is a Rare Candy. Now head east across the deep water to get to the island with the fishermen.

Fisherman Jonah: Psyduck Lv38, Tentacool Lv38, Darca Lv39, P1560

Fisherman Henry: Dorfin Lv39, Tentacruel Lv40, P1600

Fisherman Roger: Feebas Lv15, Gyarados Lv40, Gyarados Lv45, P1800

Further south a bit.

Triathlete Camden: Cuppa Lv38, Kapwondo Lv40, P1600

Black Belt Koji: Machoke Lv40, P1280, registered in PokeNav

Triathlete Donny: Tentacool Lv38, Seaking Lv40, P1600

ROUTE 128 [R128]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Slowpoke: 40% (good rod), 100% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Cooltrainer Alexa: Cherrim Lv41, Pianon Lv41, P1968

Cooltrainer Ruben: Strawna Lv41, Graveler Lv41, P1968

On the island Ruben is on, you can find a hidden Heart Scale. Go to the island SE of where he's at and find another hidden Heart Scale. Follow the deep water to the SW island and under the rock is another hidden Heart Scale.

Triathlete Isaiah: Slowpoke Lv40, P1600, registered in PokeNav

Fisherman Wayne: Tentacool Lv39, Tentacruel Lv41, Poliwhirl Lv41, P1640

Triathlete Katelyn: Slowpoke Lv40, P1600, registered in PokeNav

Swimmer Harrison: Azumarill Lv41, P328

Swimmer Carlee: Seaking Lv41, P328

ROUTE 129 [R129]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Slowpoke: 20% (good rod), 95% (super rod)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 4% (surf)

Slowbro: 1% (surf)

Swimmer Reed: Goldeen Lv41, Darca Lv41, P328

Triathlete Chase: Dorfin Lv40, Golduck Lv40, P1600

Triathlete Allison: Cuppa Lv40, Slowbro Lv40, P1600

Swimmer Clarence: Darca Lv41, P328

Swimmer Tisha: Marill Lv41, P328

ROUTE 130 [R130]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Wynaut: 80% (if Mirage Island is present)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Slowpoke: 20% (good rod), 95% (super rod)

Munchlax: 20% (if Mirage Island is present)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Swimmer Rodney: Gyarados Lv40, P320

Swimmer Katie: Goldeen Lv40, Psyduck Lv40, P320

Swimmer Santiago: Tentacool Lv39, Tentacruel Lv41, P328

ROUTE 131 [R131]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 100% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Slowpoke: 20% (good rod), 95% (super rod)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Triathlete Talia: Lapras Lv42, P1680

Swimmer Kevin: Poliwhirl Lv42, P336

Swimmer Richard: Slowbro Lv42, P336

Swimmer Kara: Seaking Lv41, P328

Swimmer Herman: Tentacruel Lv41, Poliwag Lv39, P312

Swimmer Susie: Psyduck Lv41, P328

Sis and Bro Reli&Ian: Azumarill Lv41, Kapwondo Lv39, P936


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod), 15% (super rod)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

Confused? Sadly, Pacifidlog Town is decimated completely, with the only thing remaining being a PokeCenter. You can learn Explosion by talking to the blonde dude in the SE corner, as well as heal and use the PC. But that's all there's to it here!

ROUTES 132-134 [CURR]

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Slowpoke: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Darca: 15% (super rod)

Slowbro: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Tentacruel: 5% (surf)

We'll be doing this north to south. Surf as north as you can and catch the current until you reach the clearing.

Swimmer Gilbert: Darca Lv40, P320

Go north now and ride the current.

Swimmer Dana: Azumarill Lv40, P320

Swimmer Linda: Psyduck Lv39, Golduck Lv40, P320

Pick up a Star Piece and continue west.

Swimmer Laurel: Marill Lv39, Azumarill Lv40, P320

Swimmer Jack: Slowbro Lv42, P336

Surf west to the next island, and to get the next two trainers, you can surf south near the rock and walk east.

Black Belt Hitoshi: Machop Lv39, Machoke Lv41, P1312

Battle Girl Reyna: Meditite Lv39, Grissly Lv41, P984

The island also has a Carbos. Fly back to Pacifidlog now and head back to where Gilbert was, then surf south. You'll reach a Rare Candy.

Back to Pacifidlog and to the south end. Ride the currents to the island that has a fisherman.

Fisherman Ronald: Gyarados Lv20, Gyarados Lv25, Gyarados Lv30, Gyarados Lv35, Gyarados Lv40, Gyarados Lv45, P1800

To get to the black belt on the other side of that island from before, head to the north end of the island you're on and ride the current, which'll take you there.

Black Belt Kiyo: Machoke Lv40, P1280

Left again.

Expert Conor: Yucarlia Lv39, Poliwrath Lv41, P1640

Expert Mollie: Mismagius Lv39/Dusclops Lv39, Medicham Lv41, P1640

Pick up the Big Pearl and continue left.

Bird Keeper Beck: Ptervus Lv41, P1312

One more time left, I promise.

Sailor Hudson: Poliwrath Lv42, P1344

Fly back and surf to the island where Ronald was, then just go straight west to the next island with four trainers.

Cooltrainer Darcy: Grindon Lv39, Gardevoir Lv41, P1968

Expert Paxton: Staraptor Lv39/Pidgeot Lv39, Breloom Lv41, P1640

Expert Makayla: Roserade Lv39, Medicham Lv41, P1640

Cooltrainer Jonathan: Ganerth Lv39, Scizor Lv41, P1968

Get the Protein, then go to either the NE end of this island and get on the water to the north, but behind the current that goes north (so one tile west of it) or just surf near the NW end. You'll be carried west. The island to the north has one trainer.

Cooltrainer Warren: Graveler Lv40, Serplant Lv42, P2016

Surf and take the southernmost current you can. The island you come to is just one away from the Sealed Chamber entrance (if you surf in the middle on the west side), but we'll ignore it since we can't dive yet. Go to the north end of the island and ride the current from there until you reach calm water. Navigate the maze here to two trainers on a small island.

Cooltrainer Marley: Gallade Lv41, P1968

Dragon Tamer Aaron: Laquagon Lv41, P1968

Instead of taking the current, go back through the maze and to the westernmost point, then ride the current there.

Sailor Kelvin: Machoke Lv39, Poliwhirl Lv40, P1280

Bird Keeper Alex: Guldawn Lv39, Pidgeot Lv40/Staraptor Lv40, P1280

Get the Star Piece. We're almost done, stay sharp. Fly back and go to the island with four trainers again, this time surfing at the SW end.

Swimmer Debra: Lapras Lv42, P336

Swimmer Franklin: Kapwondo Lv42, P336

Surf to the west to get a Max Revive from the island. That's it. Now we can cover Mossdeep City.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 40% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Tentacruel: 15% (super rod)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 5% (surf)

Golduck: 5% (surf)

So you've probably either skipped all the optional water routes that I've covered prior to this or not, either way, you probably did stop to heal, and when you did, you'll notice how much Mossdeep has been affected. It's not a total loss like Pacifidlog, but you can tell the island has been pretty much cleaved in half. The PokeCenter and gym are on the same island. Go to the island just east of there and talk to a guy walking about for a King's Rock. The black belt here can teach Dynamicpunch. Enter the left house and you can get a free Beldum! And you can do this prior to defeating the Hoenn League too. Surf to the eastern half of Mossdeep now. The mini-game house is here, but you're probably not interested.

Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Net Ball: P1000

Dive Ball: P1000

Hyper Potion: P1200

Full Heal: P600

Revive: P1500

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Route 125 is to the north, between the landmasses, in case you haven't gone that way yet. A free Net Ball can be nabbed at the SE end of the eastern landmass. Mosmero is lollygagging near the space center entrance, but denies being involved in their letter fiasco. Get the Super Rod from the fisherman's hut west of the space center. Enter the space center and talk to the first BH grunt you see to get a Sun Stone. Brendan is here next to the intent-to-steal notice, although it seems to be from Team WH instead of BH. When you're ready, check out the gym. You've got to deal with Fire and Electric types in tandem for this challenge, but the layout is unchanged from the original.

Kindler Preston: Magcargo Lv45, P1440

Picnicker Maura: Blitzune Lv45, P720

Picnicker Samantha: Pikachu Lv45, P720

Kindler Blake: Torkoal Lv45, P1440

Guitarist Nicholas: Raichu Lv45, P1440

Gentleman Clifford: Electrode Lv45, P3600

Hex Maniac Kathleen: Willisp Lv45, P1080

Picnicker Macey: Bakeko Lv45, P720

Kindler Virgil: Maneko Lv45, P1440

Gentleman Nate: Flaaffy Lv45, P3600

Hex Maniac Millie: Voltorb Lv45, P1080

Picnicker Hannah: Guldawn Lv45, P720

Leader Chaz&Maya: P10200, Dios Badge, and TM35 Flamethrower

Wisplode Lv49, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Solarbeam

Scimitooth Lv49, Sunny Day, Thunderbolt, Rock Slide, Earthquake

Solarisen Lv51, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Dragon Rush, Solarbeam, holds Sitrus Berry

Sphericoil Lv51, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, holds Sitrus Berry

So now after you get the badge, go to the space center to see Steven and the WH crew going in for the steal. Looks like the BH grunts to the left side are useless. You'll be fighting off Team WH here.

Team WH Grunt: Toxroach Lv45, Persian Lv45, P900

Team WH Grunt: Bronzor Lv46, P920

Team WH Grunt: Beldum Lv46, P920

Team WH Grunt: Psycolt Lv44, Golbat Lv46, Steelix Lv45, P900

Get ready for a three-in-a-row when you head upstairs.

Team WH Grunt: Electrode Lv46, P920

Team WH Grunt: Muk Lv46, P920

Team WH Grunt: Drapion Lv46, P920

It looks like Steven is trying to awaken Kyogre by using Aldina. Brendan's here also, battling Steven. Brendan by the way mentions something called Nemea, which may end up being important later. You'll join up with him to battle Steven and admin Shelly. Brendan has Gengar, Staraptor, and Gallade at his disposal (all Lv50), you choose three mons of your own.

WH Admin Shelly: Crobat Lv49, Feroceros Lv48, Goabalt Lv51, double battle with below

WH Leader Steven: Metang Lv49, Sphericoil Lv52, Bronzong Lv54, P6360

As usual, a pyrrhic victory as Steven and WH have already gotten Aldina. Brendan will then ask you to meet him at Steven's old home. As you'd probably expect, he'll give you a gift: HM08 Dive. Teach it to a mon and let's do some backtracking now.


Our first stop is Slateport. Before doing anything involving Dive, we'll see the next Trick House challenge seeing that we beat a gym earlier. Find the guy in the NE cupboard. You'll deal with the rotating walls again. A Glitter Mail is in the maze, and solving the maze has you earning a Magnet for a reward.

PKMN Ranger Sophia: Laquagon Lv48, Sunflora Lv48, P2304

PKMN Ranger Sebastian: Poliwhirl Lv49, P2352

Bird Keeper Benny: Mintch Lv48, Guldawn Lv49, Blakjak Lv49, P1568

Now we will actually get to dive. Back to Slateport and to the Abandoned Ship on Route 108. Dive in the area with water and go to the next room, where you'll of course deal with the six rooms. Enter the third one and go to the NE corner to get the Rm. 1 Key. Also pick up a Water Stone. In Room 1, pick up TM18 Rain Dance and the next key, the Rm. 4 Key, which is at the left wall. Go to Room 4 (ignore the door above you for now) and pick up the Rm. 6 Key in the trash. In Room 6, pick up a Luxury Ball, then enter Room 5 next door. The Rm. 2 Key is just south of the left trashcan. The Scanner is in Room 2. Now, what's that door to the north? Enter it to find a chair, a trashcan, and three cave entrances.

Do it in this order to proceed:

Sit at the chair to see the message "You sense something strange". Now, take the right cave and sit at the chair to see "You sense something unusual". Take the right cave, then sit to find a message saying "You sense something odd". Middle cave this time, the message should be "You sense something ominous". Take the right cave now for "You sense something suspicious", then the right cave again to get "You sense something cold". Now take the left cave to get "You sense something weird", then when you go through the left cave again: "You hear something". Now, take the middle path to get "You sense something...". Take the left cave and the message will be all ellipses. The left cave will lead you to the first legendary of the hack, the Ground-type Lylapse! It's Lv50, and one of the three meteorite Pokemon featured in Altair, Sirius, and Vega. Lylapse is in fact the mascot of Pokemon Sirius.

Before going anywhere now, return to Slateport and deliver the scanner to Capt. Stern. He'll offer a Nugget or a PP Max for your reward. Neat.

Fly to Pacifidlog and bring a mon with Dive and one with Dig. Go along the routes with currents on the south end to where the diving entrance is of the Sealed Chamber, then go down and up when you reach the Braille inscription. Go to the northernmost inscription and use Dig. In the next chamber, ignore all of the inscriptions and go to the northernmost one. Now, since the mons in this hack are different, I'll tell you which ones you need. They are Machu and Metagross. Machu is a new evolution of Pikachu, so you need to catch one from the Safari Zone and then you should evolve it with happiness (it may be easier to breed a Pichu and train that, since that evolves by happiness anyways) instead of with a Thunderstone. As for Metagross, you of course picked up a Beldum from Steven's house, so train it up to Lv45. When you have both mons in your party, go up to the inscription and place Metagross in the first slot and Machu in the last slot in your party, then read the inscription. Now you can go to all the sealed areas!

Start with the Island Cave on Route 105. As you'd expect, you gotta walk around while hugging the edges to open the chamber, and, well, you'll be surprised. No Pokemon, but six items! They are Brightpowder, TM04 Calm Mind, TM45 Attract, a Mystic Water, a Black Belt, and a Sacred Ash!

Next, go to the Desert Ruins in Route 111, enter, go up to the inscription, go left two spaces, down two spaces, then use Rock Smash. The items are a Scope Lens, TM21 Frustration, TM41 Torment, a Twistedspoon, a Dragon Fang, and a Moomoo Milk.

Now to the Ancient Tomb. Go to the middle of the room and use Flash to open the way forward. The room in the back has a Choice Band, TM27 Return, a Sharp Beak, a Silverpowder, a PP Max, and finally, a Rare Candy. Phew!

Time to dive in the many spots of Route 124. Start from Lilycove and find the first diving spot. Underwater, go to the small dark spot to the south for a Green Shard. Resurface and go directly east to the next spot. Head south, and when the path forks, go east to the seaweed and pick up a Carbos from the dark spot. Continue south and don't surface, instead go west and surface at the end there. Surf northeast to pick up a Blue Shard.

Go back to the main route and head east again, diving at the next spot you see. Inspect the dark spot for a Heart Scale, then head all the way north. In the bright spot, you can find a Calcium, but there's nothing if you surface there. Go all the way west now. When you surface there, pick up a Red Shard.

Dive back down and head all the way east and south to get back to the main route, then go all the way to the northeast end. Dive there, resurface at the other end, and you'll be able to get a Yellow Shard. Back to the main route, head south to two diving spots. Enter the north one and you can find a hidden Pearl.

Stop at the treasure hunter and cash your chips...I mean shards in, then take the spot SW of the island for a Big Pearl. From there, head SE to the diving spot there for another Heart Scale, then head back to the previous spot and go to the one just SW of it. Cross to the next surfacing spot, then surf SW to the next one (you'll be in a snippet of Route 126 now). This enclave has a Green Shard.

Surf to Route 126 proper and dive. At the NE end, head west and into the small hook to get an Ultra Ball, then go back to the NE corner to find a Stardust. Head directly south to pick up a Big Pearl, then go to the NW section, beyond the dark water, to get another Heart Scale. Surface there as well and head south for a trainer and another diving area.

Swimmer Brenda: Goldeen Lv40, P320

The diving spot has three items! An Iron, a Pearl, and a Yellow Shard. Go back to Route 126 and head for the SW corner. Take the diving spot here and go through the seaweed for a Blue Shard. When you're ready, enter Sootopolis City through the south entrance.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 60% (surf), 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Goldeen: 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod)

Psyduck: 30% (surf)

Poliwag: 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Poliwhirl: 15% (super rod)

Seaking: 5% (super rod)

Marill: 5% (surf)

Gyarados: 5% (surf)

There's a nifty little staircase connecting the two side areas of Sootopolis if you don't want to surf across to the other sides of the city, although you'll still need to surf to the gym (and it's currently locked at the moment anyways).

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Full Heal: P600

Revive: P1500

Max Repel: P700

X Attack: P500

X Defend: P550

Shadow Mail: P50

Asking around town, you'll hear about Lylapse, Ganimede, and Nemea, three new legendaries (and we encountered one already if you followed this guide!), and we also hear that Norman is now an Elite Four member. Get TM31 Brick Break from the NW house. The Cave of Origin isn't open yet, but you can take a new path to the east side at the top of the city as well. The house with the fisherman and hiker will instead boast about moves, while the house east of it has a girl who'll give you a Wailmer Doll. You can teach a mon Double-edge in the PokeCenter.

Now to Routes 127 and 128. If you came from Route 126, dive at the nearest trench you find and head north to the rock to get a Star Piece. Leave and go east across, not into, the central trench, until you reach another one. Dive in and move north to find an HP Up in a rock. Go to the island with the three fishermen next. To the east is a trench where you can pick up a Red Shard. Go back to the previous trench and head south to the island with Koji. A diving spot is nearby, take it, then go across to resurface. The island you find has a Carbos.

Now you want to go to the main trench and dive in. As you head south, pick up a Heart Scale. Continue south, then head east as far as you can. Resurface and go east to a different trench to dive into. You will find a Pearl. Finally, you can pick up a Protein in the waters in the middle of the atoll there, just above the Seafloor Cavern.


Mons found:

Zubat: 90%, 35% (surf)

Tentacool: 60% (surf)

Golbat: 10%, 5% (surf)

Use Rock Smash and Strength to proceed.

Team WH Grunt: Rotillo Lv48, P960

Team WH Grunt: Yunesis Lv48, P960

The cave entrances here lead to separate rooms that require Strength and Rock Smash. In either of these caves, if you make it to the southernmost exit, you will be in the same area with a ledge going to a cave to the south, which takes you to the entrance, so you might as well avoid these exits. If you take the exit by the second grunt, then go to the SE exit, you will also be in the same area, but can access two trainers.

Team WH Grunt: Steelix Lv48, P960

Team WH Grunt: Goabalt Lv48, P960

Go back to the first cave with the first two grunts and take the north exit. In here, you should go for either of the two exits to the north. These two areas have water and currents to surf on. If you took the left route, there's a cave in the middle, but you should avoid it because it leads back to the start. Either way you went, take the north exit; both water areas lead there.

Team WH Grunt: Cocrogue Lv48, Golbat Lv48, P960

WH Admin Shelly: Crobat Lv51, Feroceros Lv52, P2080

One more strength puzzle, and you can then get TM26 Earthquake here before confronting Kyogre. Steven will arrive with Aldina.

WH Leader Steven: Metagross Lv53, Sphericoil Lv54, Bronzong Lv56, P4480

So it seems that Steven will activate Aldina, who will suddenly scream in terror. This of course is followed by the activation of the orbs and Kyogre fleeing. Doesn't seem to matter to Steven, who says that things are going as planned. Just then, Wallace comes in too. Wallace thanks Steven for awakening Kyogre for him and his team, but Steven vows to catch Rayquaza before they do.

Back on Route 128, the scene does indeed play out like before with a few differences. Unlike Archie and Maxie from old, it turns out Steven and Wallace are happy with what's happening. Of course, they are still in competition to get Rayquaza. Aldina then speaks to you. All of a sudden, Latios calls and Aldina is swooped off. Fly to Sootopolis yourself to see the iconic battle scene once again. If you talk to Steven or Wallace, they will basically be playing the waiting game to see if Rayquaza will come like last time, although the game-savvy player knows that won't actually happen until you get involved. Talk to Brendan, on the west side of the city, and he'll direct you to the Cave of Origin. In particular, Brendan wants you to see May, who's inside.


Mons found:

1st hallway:

Zubat: 90%

Golbat: 10%

2nd hallway:

Zubat: 80%

Golbat: 15%

Spiritomb: 5%

The path is short and linear and you'll reach May at the third screen. As in the original Emerald you'll get the info dump, as well as a pointer to Rayquaza. Answer Sky Pillar, and you gotta know this by now of course, and then May will leave. Make note of the boulder here. You can't move it, but it's bound to be important for later. Hopefully you followed this guide, because you can fly to Pacifidlog if you did to get to Sky Pillar faster. In any case, go to Route 131, zigzag through the rocks, and you'll be at Sky Pillar.


Mons found:

Main floors:

Golbat: 35%

Haunter: 35%

Dusclops: 24%5%

Mismagius: 5%24%

Gengar: 1%

Second-to-last floor:
Haunter: 34%

Golbat: 30%

Dusclops: 25%5%

Mismagius: 5%25%

Guldawn: 5%
Gengar: 1%

After you go through the initial cave, May will tell you that she unlocked the pillar. An earthquake occurs and you are directed in. As usual, the first time you go through Sky Pillar, the obstacles won't be around. Once you fall in a hole and reach the middle door, you'll have to face Wallace one more time.

BH Leader Wallace: P4640

Slowking Lv53: Psychic, Surf, Earthquake, Thunder Wave

Lapras Lv54: Ice Shard, Psychic, Blizzard, Confuse Ray

Gyarados: Lv56: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Double-edge, Surf

Tentyrant Lv56: Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Devastate, Toxic

Milotic Lv58: Hydro Pump, Recover, Aqua Jet, Ice Beam

Despite losing Wallace is still ever-so-confident. Maybe he'll let Steven reach Rayquaza and try to take it from his grasp? In any case, once you get to the top of this linear route, you'll find Steven waiting for you. He surmises he should have dealt with you sooner. In any case, you'll battle him once again.

WH Leader Steven: P4640

Goabalt Lv54: Aerial Ace, Metal Blast, Ice Beam, Earthquake

Bronzong Lv56: Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Psychic, Earthquake

Yunesis: Lv53: Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Thunder Wave, Stardust

Astignite Lv55: Will-O-Wisp, Thunderbolt, Metal Sound, Overheat

Metagross Lv58: Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Psychic, Bullet Punch

He too believes he has some sort of chance despite losing, so he's going to wait at Sootopolis. Approach Rayquaza to awaken it, then fly back to Sootopolis. Well, you can't on the top floor. First go down a floor and use an Escape Rope, then use Fly. The same cinematic you're familiar with will play. Now, go to Steven and Wallace. It turns out that this Nemea, which is who they sought, had corrupted their minds and have made them evil team leaders. Talking to both of them will have them leave. Now talk to Brendan and May. Brendan seems to hint that they went to Mt Pyre, while May will give you HM07 Waterfall while moving out of the way to the gym.

A couple of odds and ends before we start this gym challenge. First off, if you decide to see Steven and Wallace again, they are at Mt Pyre's summit, returning the orbs to where they were. Wallace stops for a bit, but is still mostly wordless. You can hear a different story from Tate and Liza if you want to, which involves three evil Pokemon, one of which we have already encountered as Lylapse (which can warp time). Another is Ganimede, which can confuse senses, and finally the one known as Nemea, which can reveal the unfathomable. The three have disappeared, but they may be in hiding. And well, if you followed this guide, you’ve already encountered Lylapse!

Rayquaza will of course be available for catching at the top of Sky Pillar. Bring a Mach Scooter and some repels to get up there; the path is the same as always. It's Lv70.

Well, there's one more thing you can do. Fly to Sootopolis, then go to the Cave of Origin. Talking to the old man will have him get out of the way. Go back to the cave where you found May, and the boulder will be removed.

This chamber is weird. Go up two spaces, only two, and follow this pattern very carefully. This area has a few weird floors that do strange things. The bubbly tiles (which can be hard to see due to the fog) warp you back to the start. These basically are the boundaries that you need to be confined to. But it’s a bit more complicated than just following a path:

Whenever you enter a tile that isn’t bubbly, you will be pushed up.

Moving again will push you down.

Moving again will push you left.

Moving again will push you right.

Moving will not push you.

Then the pattern repeats.

This will be the pattern for this room. You can vaguely see the bubbly tiles that will warp you back to the start, but you will have to basically loop around the room and get to the center. Move carefully so that you don’t get stuck with the pattern pushing you to a bubbly tile.

Here’s another mini-guide (taken from a Tapatalk forum thread) on how to get through this challenge in case you still cannot figure it out.

2U 3L 1U 1L 1D 2L 2U 2D 2U 1L 2U 1R 5U 1R 2U 1R 3U 1R 1U 1R 1U 1D 1L 1R 1U 2R 1D 2R 1U 1R 1D 1L 1U 1R 1L 1D 1R 1U 2R 1D 2R 5D 2L 2D 1U 4D 1U 2D 1R 1D 2R 2D 1L 1R 2L 1D 1R 4L 3U 3L 1R 1U 1L 1U

Okay so if you make it, another trial awaits. You've got this huge chasm ahead of you. What you gotta do here is go to the second-to-last tile on the right side and go up. The fog will then take the entire screen. When this happens, here's how to get through:

Move left two, up three, right two, up three, left six, down one, left three, down one, left six, up two, left two, up five, right four, down one, right three, up one, right two, down two, right three, down one, right three, up three, left three, and up will lead you out!

If you still couldn’t get through it, the Tapatalk thread I mentioned before has a map without the fog. It’s linked in the Credits section below.

Still not done yet, you've got some more boulders to deal with in this trial. Here, you will first want to get on the rock to the south. Do so and an “amazing power” will flow in you when you go around. Leave the rock and head south, then onto the next rock. Near the north central part of it, you can feel another “amazing power”. Leave the rock and move the boulder to the east, then another one blocking another rock with “amazing power” on it. Move boulders as you head east to the next rock and get on it for more “amazing power”. From here, make your way north to the boulder, push it all the way west (ignore the rock here, there's no power to get), then go north to the middle of a four-way intersection. Going to it will have you leaping across it. Head north and keep pushing boulders until you can go on the rock that you looped around. The SW corner will grant you “power”. Now make your way east (the rock you see along the way won't have power). At the east side are three rocks, each with “power” on them. After you take them all, go west and up the steps to the larger rock which also has “power”. Leave and jump the rock to the west, then up the steps to find more “power” on this rock. This is the last "power" you need. You may be wondering why you are getting all this. Well, when you go west from that last power, you will have a slight delay in your movement (assuming you're running). If you haven't gotten all of the power, then you wouldn't be able to proceed further. Since you got all the power, take the ladder down to find the fruit of your labor, one of the meteorite Pokemon, Nemea! It is also Lv50, and is Steel type.

Time to tackle the Sootopolis gym. Anzu and cohorts are supposedly masters of the Dragon type, but the type is rare in this hack, so you’ll deal with those that can evolve into Dragon-like Pokemon mostly. The layout will be quite different than before. The ground glitters beneath you as you run around. Go and you'll eventually find a Poke Ball. Touching it removes it. Go to the next one and grab it, then past that, head all the way east and take the Poke Ball in the small room. Now head north to a fork. Head west first to get the two Poke Balls there, then take the one in the right room near the hole. Now enter the hole to reach the second half of the gym, where all the trainers are.

Beauty Connie: Mornwing Lv52, P4160

Talk to this trainer again to get a hint, as the Poke Ball nearby will actually reset all the other ones. In other words don’t touch it. Now, to the south, there shouldn't be a Poke Ball, but if there is, you may have reset the puzzle on accident, so go back to the previous floor and get all the Poke Balls there.

Lady Daphne: Dragune Lv51, Dragune Lv51, P10200 (both mons hold a Nugget (?))

Daphne may or may not be in the room at the SE end of this floor. I think if you leave and reenter the second area of the gym, she'll be there. Just don't touch the Poke Ball as you do.

Lass Andrea: Dragune Lv52, P832

PokeFan Annika: Mareep Lv51, Gyarados Lv51, P4080 (both mons hold an Oran Berry)

Beauty Tiffany: Laquagon Lv50, Gyarados Lv50, P4000

Beauty Olivia: Mareep Lv49, Flaaffy Lv51, Flaaffy Lv51, P4080

Beauty Bridget: Dragune Lv51, P4080

Lady Brianna: Guldawn Lv51 (holds Nugget (?)), P10200

Lass Crissy: Mornwing Lv50, Guldawn Lv50, P800

PokeFan Bethany: Laquagon Lv49, Laquagon Lv49, Guldawn Lv51, P4080 (all three mons hold an Oran Berry)

Leader Anzu: P5900, Syrma Badge, and TM02 Dragon Claw

Gyarados Lv55, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Iron Head

Ampharos Lv56, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Shock Wave

Solarisen Lv58, Outrage, Flamethrower, Supersonic, Dragon Rush, holds Persim Berry

Milotic Lv58, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray

Nostratos Lv59, Stardust, Hydro Pump, Outrage, Dragon Claw, holds Persim Berry


Before you start with the waterfall backtracking, the next Trick House challenge is available. Check the right window. Don't miss the Tropic Mail. A PP Max is your reward.

Psychic Joshua: Gallade Lv55, Alakazam Lv56, double battle with below

Hex Maniac Patricia: Mismagius Lv55, Gengar Lv56, P2688

Psychic Mariela: Ganerth Lv57, double battle with below

Gentleman Everett: Wisplode Lv57, P5928

Psychic Alvaro: Kinegasus Lv56, Bronzong Lv56, P1344

Psychic Alexis: Yunesis Lv56, Gardevoir Lv56, P1344

Get an Acro Scooter and go to Route 119. Surf north to the waterfall and scale it, then get off. Get on the scooter and you can reach a Nugget and a Rare Candy.

Go to Route 114 next. Another Rare Candy can be reached by scaling the waterfall.

Go to Meteor Falls now and enter the cave at the north end. Two waterfalls are on this screen. You need to scale the wide one in front of you (the other one leads nowhere).

Old Couple John&Jay: Medicham Lv48, Slowking Lv48, P3840, registered in PokeNav

Dragon Tamer Nicolas: Dragune Lv49, Solarisen Lv49, P2352, registered in PokeNav

Take the ladder near the old couple and take the next ladder to get TM23 Iron Tail. Go back and take either of the two other ladders, then surf to the northernmost cave (Laquagon's Nest). Scale the waterfall there. Pick up TM03 Water Pulse, what's this ladder? If you go down, you feel a strange power and your senses confused. The area seems open, but crossing anywhere in the center will move you in specific directions. In addition, there's some teleporters around in the form of dark swirls. The teleporters will take you back to the starting point, so you gotta avoid them.

What you want to do is go all the way north, hugging the left wall, then go east towards the teleporter, so that you are one tile SW of it. Head down two spaces, the second will actually push you east. East one will push you east as well, and going east will actually push you up. When that happens, go up twice, and when you turn left, move left. You should be just above the teleporter from before. Go up one and east two, and you will be pushed to the northern wall. Go east two and south two, the second time will push you south one space. South two and you'll be facing east now. East one and you'll face south again. South twice, then east four until you face south. Don't head south, go east this time, twice. At this point, head south one, then east again thrice. You will move north a space. North one, and you will be just SE of the steps. Head west and you can now attempt to catch the final meteorite Pokemon, the Flying type Ganimede Lv50!

An alternate and much faster way to get Ganimede has been taken from a Tapatalk forum thread. Go to the SE corner first, then go to the east side of the rock that is to your west. Go to the NE corner of that rock and take one step west (you are two steps from a teleporter). From here, go north until you face west, west until you face north, north until you face east, east until you face north, and north and you should reach Ganimede faster. If you’re still confused, the forum thread is linked in the Credits section and comes with a handy map.


Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod), 60% (good rod)

Tentacool: 60% (surf), 30% (old rod), 20% (good rod), 80% (super rod)

Poliwag: 30% (surf)

Dorfin: 20% (good rod)

Darca: 5% (super rod)

Pressie: 5% (surf)

Seaking: 4% (surf)

Tentacruel: 1% (surf), 15% (super rod)

Heal and talk to the Mos. Turns out he's one of the Elite Four! Get ready for Victory Road now.


Mons found:

1st area:
Meditite: 25%
Onix: 20%
Golbat: 15%
Medicham: 14%
Machoke: 10%
Hornikel: 10%
Zubat: 5%
Goabalt: 1%

2nd area:

Onix: 30%
Geodude: 30% (rock smash)
Golbat: 20%
Machoke: 15%
Bronzor: 14%

Graveler: 10%, 70% (rock smash)

Goabalt: 5%

Bronzong: 5%
Steelix: 1%

3rd area:

Golbat: 90%

Spiritomb: 10%

The layout of this place has changed considerably, but I'll still do what I can to walk through it. Head east and up.

Cooltrainer Edgar: Politoed Lv54, Mismagius Lv54/Dusclops Lv54, P2592

Cooltrainer Quincy: Tauros Lv54, Dusclops Lv55, P2640

You need to go SE anyways, and when there you go up onto the rock head west.

Cooltrainer Albert: Scyther Lv53, Muk Lv53/Swalot Lv53, P2544

First take the south path for a Max Elixir, then go north to see some ledges. Jump the ledges that go right, because going left leads nowhere but back to the start. Take the ladder down.

You may need Flash here. Go east first for a trainer.

Cooltrainer Shannon: Stellith Lv55, P2640

There's a number of pathways you can take. First off, go back to the ladder you came from, then down the steps south of it. Go NW of the rock the ladder was on to find a ladder. Take it to the icy third area (which is also dark).

Cooltrainer Vito: Machamp Lv52, Kinegasus Lv52, Wigglytuff Lv53, Astignite Lv53, P2544

Get a Full Heal and take the ladder. What's this? The Marine Cave? You get your chance to get Kyogre Lv70!

Return to the second area and go back to where Shannon is, then go south and east, smashing the rock and taking the ladder (you should be taking the ladder that goes up, in the SE corner of the area). Pick up a PP Up to the west, then go back to where Shannon is and take the east path to a ladder going down to the third area.

Cooltrainer Julie: Yunesis Lv53, Necrosia Lv53, Machu Lv53, P2544

Don't go on the ice yet, head around it.

Cooltrainer Felix: Medicham Lv53, Pteriarch Lv54, P2592

Again, ignore the ice path you come to. Head north when you get the chance.

Cooltrainer Owen: Kirgicia Lv52, Golem Lv52, Crobat Lv52, P2496

Cooltrainer Dianne: Baizeast Lv53, Aurostice Lv54, P2592

Ignore the ladder for now and take the skinny path slowly. Press A as you do and you'll eventually pick up a hidden Max Repel. Go all the way to the NW corner to pick up a hidden Elixir. Now go back to that ladder. Jump two ledges west and go through the Strength/Rock Smash puzzle to get a Full Restore. From this point, you need to go back to the third area, where Julie is, and slide around until you reach the SW part of the area.

The best way to do this is: north, west, north, east, south, east, north, east, south, west, north, east, south, east, north, west, north, west, south, west, south, east, and south.

Cooltrainer Caroline: Yunesis Lv53, Nostratos Lv53, P2544

Take the ladder back up.

Cooltrainer Michelle: Torkoal Lv52, Solrock Lv52, Correncid Lv53, P2544

Cooltrainer Halle: Swalot Lv54/Muk Lv54, Tyranos Lv54, P2592

Up first before down.

Cooltrainer Mitchell: Lunatone Lv54, Gengar Lv54, P2592

Cooltrainer Samuel: Scimitooth Lv52, Jarmit Lv52, Alakazam Lv52, P2496

Get TM29 Psychic, then take the path down the steps you ignored before. Head all the way north and push a boulder to access a ladder. Back on the first floor, go up first and cross one bridge.

Cooltrainer Hope: Roserade Lv55, P2640

Don't go further left, nothing is over there. Back to the ladder and head east for another trainer.

Cooltrainer Katelynn: Gardevoir Lv54, Clefable Lv55, P2640

Again, there's nothing further to the right, and the ledge just leads back to the start of this area, so go back to the ladder and head down the steps to the SW and up. Just then, May shows up for a battle!

PKMN Trainer May: P3300

Munchlax Lv55, Metronome, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Earthquake

Maneko Lv55, Fake Out, Slash, Fire Blast, Quick Attack

Spelven Lv55, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Recover

Serplant Lv55, Energy Ball, Hydro Pump, Thunder Wave, Rain Dance

Ampharos Lv55, Shock Wave, Thunder, Substitute, Thunder Wave

Go north and east now, there's two caves! Take the one to the north to get to Terra Cave where you get your chance at Groudon Lv70! Afterwards, leave. At the Pokemon League, heal and get ready.


Mart wares:

Ultra Ball: P1200

Hyper Potion: P1200

Max Potion: P2500

Full Restore: P3000

Full Heal: P600

Revive: P1500

Max Repel: P700

The highest level mon you will have to face will be Lv74. And as an additional heads-up, the Elite Four will have held items on their mons! So you’ll probably get annoyed at the healing of Leftovers, Brightpowder making your attacks miss, etc.

Your first Elite Four Member is Phil, a Grass type expert. A balanced team will likely be able to pull off their weaknesses, but keep on your toes.

Elite Four Phil: P6400

Strawna Lv59: Fire Punch, Giga Drain, Wood Hammer, Dark Pulse, holds Salac Berry

Breloom Lv63, Spore, Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut, Poison Jab, holds Focus Band

Roserade Lv60, Toxic, Extrasensory, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, holds Brightpowder

Serplant Lv62, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Leech Seed, Refresh, holds Leftovers

Syleafid Lv64, Wood Hammer, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Frenzy Plant, holds King's Rock

After him is Athena, a Psychic user.

Elite Four Athena: P6600

Spelven Lv61, Psychic, Trick, Hypnosis, Dark Pulse, holds Choice Band

Slowbro Lv65, Psychic, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Earthquake, holds Petaya Berry

Bronzong Lv64, Psychic, Explosion, Calm Mind, Earthquake, holds Quick Claw

Gallade Lv64, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Rock Tomb, holds Brightpowder

Alakazam Lv66, Psychic, Recover, Energy Ball, Shock Wave, holds King's Rock

Who else but Mosmero will be the third member of the Elite Four! He apparently specializes in Dark types, just like his brother Romero.

Elite Four Mosmero: P6800

Spiritomb Lv63, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Silver Wind, holds Leftovers

Tentyrant Lv64, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Toxic, Devastate, holds Brightpowder

Tyranos Lv67, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-edge, Fissure, holds Focus Band

Drapion Lv66, Gunk Shot, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Confuse Ray, holds Salac Berry

Dizasol Lv68, Extremespeed, Night Slash, Psychic, Perish Song, holds Scope Lens

Past the Mos, guess who? Yep, Norman is a member of the Elite Four in this game. Of course he's a Normal type expert, but you can expect that he won't pull his punches.

Elite Four Norman: P7000

Tauros Lv65, Earthquake, Rest, Double-Edge, Iron Head, holds Chesto Berry

Grissly Lv66, Slash, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Cross Chop, holds Scope Lens

Folifarig Lv69, Psychic, Amnesia, Baton Pass, Thunder Wave, holds Ganlon Berry

Staraptor Lv69, Silver Wind, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, holds King's Rock

Snorlax Lv70, Belly Drum, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Selfdestruct, holds Leftovers

So as I've said, if you already know the backstory, Brendan had apparently retired as champion. So who could the real champion actually be? Did you guess...Wally? Yep, it's Wally.

Champion Wally: P14800

Necrosia Lv68, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Destiny Bond, holds Brightpowder

Raichu Lv73, Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Fake Out, Thunder Wave, holds Petaya Berry

Steelix Lv70, Raze Earth, Explosion, Rock Slide, Iron Head, holds Quick Claw

Milotic Lv70, Mirror Coat, Aqua Jet, Hypnosis, Hydro Pump, holds Leftovers

Heracross Lv72, Megahorn, Brick Break, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, holds Focus Band

Gardevoir Lv74, Calm Mind, Energy Ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt, holds Salac Berry

Gordon/April will come in like any rival does, as does Birch. You of course get Hall of Fame, credits, and will be back in Littleroot. Back at home, Wally will be there, and he'll give you an S.S. Ticket. You then get to figure out if Latias or Latios is roaming yet again. This has no bearing, since both can be retrieved in this hack. Leave for Birch to greet you and take you and Gordon/April to the lab. The dexes get loaded into the machine but that does basically nothing.


First off, if you haven't gotten any of the legendaries listed so far:

-Groudon and Kyogre are in Victory Road

-Rayquaza of course is in Sky Pillar

-Ganimede is in Meteor Falls, past "Laquagon's Nest" (requires Waterfall), see Waterfall Backtracking.

-Lylapse is in the door puzzle area of the Abandoned Ship (requires Dive), see Dive Backtracking

-Nemea is in the Cave of Origin with several trials (requires Strength), see section before Sootopolis Gym.

At some point after your League win, you'll be contacted by the Mos, telling you to go to either Slateport or Lilycove. While this part of the walkthrough goes to Lilycove at the moment, don't go to the harbor yet. First, go to the Pokemon Trainer Fan Club to get some fanservice, although this is just a small tidbit. The Safari Zone unfortunately isn't extended, so that's about it here for now.

You can take the eighth and final Trick House challenge since you beat the league. Check the SW cushion in the room. This is the polished floors challenge where you slide around. Don't forget the Bead Mail. Beating this challenge will have you choose between a Red Tent or a Blue Tent.

Cooltrainer Keira: Syleafid Lv64, Feroceros Lv63, P3024

Cooltrainer Vincent: Astignite Lv64, Kinegasus Lv62, Yunesis Lv62, P2976

Cooltrainer Leroy: Correncid Lv64, Spiritomb Lv63, P3024

Fly to Fallarbor and enter the Fossil Maniac's house. You can go into the new cave.

Mons found:

Ditto: 100%

At the end is the fossil you didn't get back in Mirage Tower. Feel free to resurrect it at Devon Corporation.

GLITCH: In both my Altair and Sirius playthroughs, I picked up the Wing Fossil (since this is the one that's available in both versions), meaning that the Fang Fossil/Dark Fossil was submerged and later found in the Desert Underpass. Oddly, in both versions, I somehow got the Fang Fossil, even though it's only revivable in Altair. In my Sirius game I was unable to revive the Fang Fossil. This actually means that (in Sirius) if you want to get Tyranos, you need to get it at Mirage Tower first, instead of later in the Desert Underpass, as it seems that the fossil is permanently missable otherwise in Sirius.


Now you should go to either Lilycove or Slateport harbor and board a ferry. The Mos comes and tells you about a city of water, known as Alto Mare. Explore the ship and battle as usual. Start with the bottom floor.

Sailor Phillip: Tentacruel Lv55, Machamp Lv55, P1760

Sailor Leonard: Kapwondo Lv55, Machu Lv55, Poliwrath Lv55, P1760

The NW trashcan has Leftovers. Now we'll check out the cabins. Note that No. 2 is yours.

Young Couple Lea&Jed: Clefable Lv55, Wigglytuff Lv55, P3520

Rich Boy Garret: Azumarill Lv55 (holds Nugget), P11000

Gentleman Micah: Bakeko Lv55, Blitzune Lv55, P4400

The NE cabin has a guy who'll give you TM49 Snatch.

Gentleman Thomas: Grissly Lv55, P4400

Lady Naomi: Serplant Lv55 (holds Nugget), P11000

PokeFan Colton: Maneko Lv30, Meowth Lv30, Glameow Lv30, Bakeko Lv55, Persian Lv55, Purugly Lv55 (his first three mons have Oran Berries and his last three have Sitrus Berries), P4400

After your first voyage from Slateport to Lilycove or vice versa, you can then set sail for Alto Mare. I actually forgot, but since I landed in Lilycove by then, you can in fact enter the back room of the Lilycove Library now that you are champion. You can read about the "Problems of Artificial Pokemon" here, look at a horrifying machine, as well as get a ? mark over your head by going west. You can also read the bookshelf at the west end for stuff about three major meteors, which, well, those are the three Meteor Legendaries I have already mentioned. The guy here mentions that he's looking for a popular book. Well, inspect the book south of the machine. It seems to be a journal, with the writer locked in a back room by a father. Read the next entry, then the ones after that. The story is quite harrowing and seems that the writer is losing their mind, even going with one entry dated April 45th. After reading the entries, attempt to leave and a voice will tell you to give it back. You'll then see a Necrosia, and be given a one-time only chance to catch a Lv35 one. If you haven't caught Yucarlia (a rare encounter on Mt. Pyre's summit), you can get a Necrosia here! Note that you gotta defeat or catch it, if you run, you'll be back in battling it again. When you're done with that spooky encounter, get ready for Alto Mare.


Well, the Battle Frontier's been destroyed by meteors, so we got this instead. What is this place? There's a Pikachu blocking the way east, so head north. Just as you do, confetti falls and some weird girl named Bianca shows up congratulating you. Except she mistook you for someone else. She also mentions the Pikachu is hers and there's also a gym here. Go back to where the Pikachu was and you can surf. Surf around the land to the east until you reach its south side. When you get there, the Pidgeotto will move a bit. This area is Mare Park. Inspect the sign to get a Pretty Stone. If you can catch the Pidgeotto, you can get a Nugget!

This action automatically takes you to the PokeCenter. Use it as needed, then head to the dock to the south. Surf to the single rock in the water and inspect it to find another Pretty Stone. Go back to the ferry for a bit and inspect the bases of the pillars, which are actually statues of Latias (left) and Latios (right). The third Pretty Stone is at the base of the Latias statue.

From the PokeCenter, head north to two houses. Enter the right one and inspect the Pidgeotto statue to the right for the fourth Pretty Stone. You can also teleport to another house by talking to the girl on the right. Instead of doing that though, enter the left house. Inspect the shield to get your fifth Pretty Stone, while the guy at the back of the house wants you to deliver a package to the Alto Mare Department Store. Hold off on his request for now.

Head between these two houses north to the next big house, where the sign states that Pokemon eggs are hatched here. A Pretty Stone (#6) is in the plants on the right side. Inspect the second from the top. If you have any eggs to hatch, and don't want to waste a ton of steps, this guy apparently can hatch them right away!

To the east of that house is the Legendary Pokemon Exhibition. View the mons here and register them in your dex if you haven't caught them or so, but you can't catch anything here. Head north of the exhibition to reach the plaza, which has the Cathedral and Sun Tower. If you cross the bridge to the east, you'll see Latias and Latios fly by. The fountain can be drank from, apparently. Inside the Cathedral, you can see fossils of Grindon and Tyranos, and the seventh Pretty Stone can be found by inspecting the NW part of the Tyranos fossil. The thing to the right is what's known as a Mirage System. This huge thing generates a random battle with certain wild mons, such as Bakeko, Onix, Magcargo, Spiritomb, Medicham, Gyarados, and Ditto, all at Lv60. I don’t think I got all of them, but let me know if there’s any I missed.

Head south from the Legendary Pokemon Exhibition to an area with multiple houses. West of the sign that directs you to the PokeCenter are five houses. It looks like you can enter three of them, but go to the east side of the leftmost house and you can actually head inside (this is hinted by a bug catcher in the plaza). In here, you can find a Pretty Stone (eighth one so far) by inspecting the plant in the SW corner (inspect its left side).

In the building to the right of that one, the guy in the back tells you a secret. Examine the ivy in the department store (we'll get there eventually), well, something might happen! Examine the big tree to the right on its left side to get the ninth Pretty Stone.

The house to the right of that one has the tenth Pretty Stone in the flowers (inspect the left side again). A kid here mentions that Psychic Pokemon behind the scenes may have made those weird boulders in the Lavaridge Gym move. The guy on the right will trade you his Ditto if you have a Nostratos.

Go to the sign that directs you to the PokeCenter and head directly west into the red-walled building. This one is identical to the other building that you entered from the east side, and there's a Pretty Stone (#11) in the plant. This time it's on the right side of the plant.

Enter the other red-walled building with the visible entrance. The blue balloon here has your twelfth Pretty Stone.

Two purple-walled buildings are to the east. Don't bother to enter the left one, nothing of importance is inside. The right house has a Pretty Stone (#13) in the red plant.

Above these two houses is the department store. There's ivy outside, and if you look at it, you'll get the message "WRONG!" If you go back to the guy who told you, he'll just chastise that you shouldn't listen to what old men tell you to do. So much for all that. Enter the department store. Nothing of importance on 1F, although there's a random Team BH grunt here.

Left clerk wares:

Luxury Ball: P1000

Max Revive: P4000

Max Elixir: P4500

Right clerk sells all the evolution stones, all for P2100.

On 3F you can buy TMs that you couldn't at the department store or otherwise:

Left clerk wares:

TM02 Dragon Claw: P3000

TM04 Calm Mind: P3000

TM06 Toxic: P3000

TM08 Bulk Up: P3000

TM11 Sunny Day: P2000

TM12 Taunt: P3000

TM13 Ice Beam: P3000

TM18 Rain Dance: P2000

TM19 Giga Drain: P3000

TM22 Solarbeam: P3000

TM23 Iron Tail: P3000

TM24 Thunderbolt: P3000

Right clerk wares:

TM26 Earthquake: P3000

TM28 Dig: P2000

TM29 Psychic: P2000

TM30 Shadow Ball: P3000

TM32 Double Team: P2000

TM35 Flamethrower: P3000

TM36 Sludge Bomb: P1000

TM40 Aerial Ace: P3000

TM44 Rest: P3000

TM46 Thief: P3000

TM50 Overheat: P3000

Enter the house above the department store. There's a kid who wants sweets and you can get the 14th Pretty Stone by inspecting the television. We'll get back to the kid for later.

The big castle-like building to the north is something you can go through. However, there's a hidden entrance if you go west inside here that leads to the Sphere Ruins! We'll hold off on this until later though. Go through to the last building here and enter the green-walled building through its east entrance. The 15th Pretty Stone is in the tree (right side). The grandma here is a fan of the Pikachu evolution line. If you show her a Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, or Machu, she will teach you the move Stardust.

Cross over the bridge east of the department store to see three buildings, one of which is the gym. Brendan and May are here too, and there's a vandalized sign to the south (thanks a lot, Mos). Looks like they're waiting for Sylvia, the gym leader, and May is making a promise to battle later. The gym's open, but sadly, no one's inside. Check out the two houses east of it. The first one with purple walls has a Pretty Stone (#16) in the shield in the back.

The house with blue walls can be entered from the left side. It's actually Bianca's house. She'll ask you to collect Pretty Stones, which, well, you've been doing. So far you should have sixteen. The seventeenth Pretty Stone is in the sand ornament to her right.

How about a fun little minigame? Head to the dock south of the houses and talk to the sailor. He reminisces about the races that used to happen here, but now they've been cancelled. He does promise to give you something good if you pass through all of the checkpoints while surfing:

-First, surf west until you hear a sound. This is the first checkpoint.

-Keep going west and the next checkpoint will trigger.

-Head south as if you were going to Mare Park to get the next checkpoint.

-Head back north and west, then north for the next checkpoint.

-Land on the bridge and surf north of it.

-Surf to the dead end area to the NE to get this checkpoint.

-Go back on dry land and head to the plaza. Go to the bridge where you saw Latias and Latios fly by, then surf north to get this checkpoint.

-Go back to the bridge and surf south, then east for this checkpoint.

-Go back to the area with the gym and dock and head east, then north through the yellow castle structure. Get on the water just to the west, then head west and north through another yellow castle. Head around the island where Billy is (we'll get to him later) and west until you see the yellow castle with the Sphere Ruins entrance. Head north from there through the rocks to get this checkpoint. You can go further, but we'll hold off on the area beyond until later in the walkthrough.

-Backtrack to the road that has the cyclist (south of the first yellow castle), then head east and south. Get to the bridge and into the water south, then head around the east island and a checkpoint is there at the dead end.

-The last checkpoint can be reached by going south, all the way west, and all the way north, then east to the dead end. You will hear a different sound play indicating you got all the checkpoints.

After you get the last checkpoint, go to the small, thin island nearby and inspect the flower to get your 18th Pretty Stone. Go back to the sailor who wanted to have you go through the checkpoints and the reward he gives you is, well, several, really. I got a Rare Candy at times, and others I got rare berries. I believe you can retake this challenge again if you wish.

The area east of the docks is called Egg Road. The cyclist here mentions that people would normally use the road to hatch eggs, but the luxury of a man we met earlier in this city has the ability to instantly hatch eggs instead. So now let's continue exploring. The area to the right was briefly explored while doing the checkpoint challenge, but go there right now. This area has the Move Tutor's house. This is actually the house you will teleport to if you talked to that girl in one of the first houses I covered here. I believe there's supposed to be a Pretty Stone in one of the Pidgeotto statues, but I couldn't find one. The Move Tutor is at the opposite end of the table, but you must have three Rare Candies to give him.

Moves to learn:

Energy Ball, Swords Dance, Gunk Shot, Pain Split, Silver Wind, Poison Jab, Dark Pulse, Iron Head, Thunder Wave, Baton Pass, Psych Up, Hyper Voice, Will-O-Wisp, Magnet Bomb, Magic Coat, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch

Go to the bridge to the east and surf north. You can land on the dock here to find two houses and a man named Lorenzo, who'll block access to the area to the east. Go into the house south of him (on the left side) to get your next Pretty Stone, which is on the left side of the north tree. Inside the other house, the SW plant has a Pretty Stone, but be careful not to fall in the holes! They lead you to the Sphere Ruins. As I said, we'll cover this later.

Time to check out the southern part of Alto Mare. Head west of Egg Road and you'll find five houses. Start by entering the purple house. The statue has a Pretty Stone (#21). The blue house doesn't have a Pretty Stone, but you can talk to the guy on the mat. He wants a Nugget and in exchange he'll give you an Ultra Ball. If you want to get a Nugget, head back to Mare Park and catch the Pidgeotto, then bring it to him. You can do this many times. In the green house, a Pretty Stone (#22) is in the red plant. The old man here can teach Latias and Latios the move Psycho Boost, but only those Pokemon. We're gonna get to that in a bit, so hold on.

Now enter the big yellow house with two doors. Lots of decorations, but you need to interact with the blue brick in the back to get the next Pretty Stone (#23). In the red house next to it, the next Pretty Stone (#24) is in a yellow balloon, and a girl here will trade you a Skorupi if you have a Machu. Enter the large purple house next to that one and inspect the blue brick for yet another Pretty Stone (#25).

Head north from that house and to the one all by itself at the north end. The NW plant has the 26th Pretty Stone. This is Mosmero's Restaurant, and for P500 you can dine in. You'll also get a Moomoo Milk as a souvenir. Hold on to it for now. Leave and head south to the purple house. All the gym leaders are here! Go to the NE side and inspect the flowers in the middle, on the right side, to get the 27th Pretty Stone. If you sit at the chair there, you'll get involved in a meeting with the gym leaders (and try to filch off of Romero). Their discussion about the Pretty Stones doesn't really lead anywhere though.

Leave and enter the tall red building next to the gym leader's building. The 28th Pretty Stone is inside the SE plant. Three more buildings to go. Enter the big red one SE of the previous one. The TV has the 29th Pretty Stone. Leave and enter the blue house to the left. The SW plant has the 30th Pretty Stone. Turns out the glassblower from Route 113 has set himself up nicely here. He'll ask for the Soot Sack back and in exchange he'll give you one of each flute. Finally, the purple house at the west side. The yellow brick has the 31st Pretty Stone. There's also a Ranger here who seems to have lost his Styler in Petalburg City.

Time for a small fetch quest. To get to Styler, go to Petalburg and talk to a gentleman in the town. He'll say that a Blakjak has taken it to Lavaridge Town. The nearest old man mentions that the Mos may be responsible, but then you correct him saying that it was a Blakjak, who dropped it in a PokeMart truck. Welp, fly to Lilycove now. Talk to the nearest person who then directs you to Slateport. Go to the market, and a woman at the south end mentions a Meowth may have taken it. Now to Verdanturf! The nearest guy (who owns the Meowth) gave the Styler to his friend, and well, it's time to head home to Littleroot. It's the big guy who has the Capture Styler. Return to the ranger in Alto Mare and he'll give you 10 Heart Scales!

Okay, let's check out the northern side. You probably went in this direction to pick up a checkpoint, but let's go ahead. there. Go through the yellow castle north of Egg Road and surf to the west now and through the next yellow castle you find. Land on the island that you see Billy on and you will find three rocks. Inspect the northernmost rock to get the 32nd Pretty Stone. You can battle Billy here if you want.

PKMN Trainer Billy: P3600

Clefable Lv52, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Cosmic Power, Metronome

Azumarill Lv54, Surf, Double-edge, Rollout, Defense Curl

Breloom Lv56, Sludge Bomb, Mach Punch, Swords Dance, Spore

Aurostice Lv58, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Hail, Ice Shard

Butterfree Lv60, Bug Buzz, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Double Team

Okay, now go through the rock maze to the left of Billy's island (where you found that checkpoint earlier). Is that Gordon/April in front of a cave entrance? Before you do anything, there's a small, square island that if you inspect, you can find the 33rd Pretty Stone. Gordon/April has taken a job from Lorenzo guarding this Sphere Ruins cave entrance, as there was a recent cave-in. You can battle him/her.

PKMN Trainer Gordon/April: P5100

(if player chose Nimbleaf):

Breloom/Roserade Lv75 (holds Lansat Berry), Yunesis Lv77 (holds Brightpowder), Dusclops/Mismagius Lv79 (holds Leftovers), Staraptor Lv80 (holds Liechi Berry), Nostratos Lv82 (holds Persim Berry), Astignite Lv85 (holds Focus Band)

(if player chose Peyero):

Magcargo/Bakeko Lv75 (holds Lansat Berry), Yunesis Lv77 (holds Brightpowder), Necrosia/Dusclops Lv79 (holds Leftovers), Staraptor Lv80 (holds Liechi Berry), Nostratos Lv82 (holds Persim Berry), Correncid Lv85 (holds Focus Band)

(if player chose Liquiput):

Politoed/Kapwondo Lv75 (holds Lansat Berry), Yunesis Lv77 (holds Brightpowder), Mismagius/Necrosia Lv79 (holds Leftovers), Staraptor Lv80 (holds Liechi Berry), Nostratos Lv82 (holds Persim Berry), Syleafid Lv85 (holds Focus Band)

He/she does mention a legendary mon with "As" as its first two letters, but nothing else. You can rematch him/her any time until a certain point.

Okay you should have 33 Pretty Stones if you've been following this guide. (the Tapatalk thread I used as a reference mentions there's 34, but it seems that the one at the Move Tutor's home was deleted, so you only could get 33). Go back to Bianca's house (two east of the gym) and show her. A door noise happens and it seems to come from the gym. Sure enough, Brendan and May are not outside, but rather inside. They seem to want to be gym trainers, but neither is willing to battle yet. At the next room you'll find Sylvia and...Aldina? Sylvia isn't ready to battle either. What to do? Well, you can go to the NE side of Alto Mare, as Lorenzo is no longer blocking the way. There's a random Team WH Grunt here blocking an entrance and I don’t believe you can enter it. This area is the Alto Mare Square and Botanical Tunnel. In the square, you can enter the west building through the east entrance. The purple-haired guy will give you one of each vitamin item. And you can get more by talking to him repeatedly!

Back at the square, head north to what seems to be a dead end. On the right side, move up and you'll access a hidden area! This place is known as the Secret Garden. A cutscene occurs and you will meet Bianca again. She'll take you to see her friends, Latias and Latios! They were the ones who brought Aldina here. The Soul Dew is in the fountain, and it was used to power up the Mirage System in the Cathedral. Some bad guys stole the Soul Dew and apparently did terrible things, but who cares now? The Soul Dew is of course for a legendary trainer and Latias and Latios determine who can make use of it. Eventually you'll regain control. The pond here actually requires Surf. North of it, you can inspect the monument to hear that Latios was the one who saved Alto Mare. Go back up and you will get your chance at catching both Latias or Latios! Both are Lv70. Once you defeat or capture them, you can now get the Soul Dew!

There’s a neat tidbit here if you step on the plain square of the fancy tiles between where Latias and Latios were, having to do with the Soul Dew.

Once you have captured or defeated both Latias or Latios, return to the gym. Now we can challenge it!

PKMN Trainer Brendan: P1540

Tyranos Lv74, Rock Slide, Double-edge, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, holds King's Rock

Lapras Lv74, Psychic, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Body Slam, holds Lansat Berry

Solarisen Lv74, Dragon Rush, Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Agility, holds Salac Berry

Gallade Lv75, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, holds Brightpowder

Staraptor Lv76, Brave Bird, Agility, Steel Wing, Endeavor, holds Liechi Berry

Gengar Lv77, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, holds Petaya Berry

To figure out this little puzzle, go to the northernmost tree and you'll automatically flip a switch, rearranging the room's layout. You can challenge May now.

PKMN Trainer May: P4620

Heracross Lv74, Megahorn, Reversal, Earthquake, Swords Dance, holds Focus Band

Bakeko Lv74, Fire Blast, Night Slash, Slash, Fake Out, holds Scope Lens

Spelven Lv74, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Recover, holds Salac Berry

Serplant Lv75, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Reflect, Toxic, holds Leftovers

Ampharos Lv76, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Fire Punch, Light Screen, holds Petaya Berry

Snorlax Lv77, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Rest, holds Chesto Berry

Use the tree to the east of May from the bottom end. This rearranges the tree layout but you should be at the south end of the room. Use the SW tree twice, then use it again, but this time from the north side. Go back to the north tree and use it twice, and you should now be able to access Sylvia's room! She seems to be a Ghost-type expert. All of her mons in this battle hold a Sitrus Berry.

Leader Sylvia: P1600

Hantama Lv77, Shadow Ball, Bulk Up, Mach Punch, Earthquake

Correncid Lv78, Blizzard, Surf, Hypnosis, Destiny Bond

Mismagius Lv79, Dark Pulse, Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt, Perish Song

Dusclops Lv79, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Disable, Will-O-Wisp

Gengar Lv79, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

Necrosia Lv80, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, Slash, Curse

Don't expect a badge, this isn't an official gym. She'll instead offer Aldina to you, but the thing is shy and leaves the gym. Sylvia wants you to have it journey with you, and that's our next goal. Where to? Try the Secret Garden again. Sylvia will be there too. You and her will go to the top of the Secret Garden, where she'll ask Aldina to come out to become your Pokemon, but of course there's no response. You then gain control, and what you are supposed to do is to find her in an annoying hide-and-seek game. The thing is, Aldina is completely invisible, and there are several tiles where you can actually find Aldina. You have to find her several times however, and it can get quite boring. In any case, I'll list the tiles where you can find Aldina.

-Middle of the right staircase

-Pond below the Soul Dew fountain, a bit to the right (use Surf)

-Middle of six flowers below Soul Dew fountain

-Walkway south of the steps, somewhere near the right side

-Flower patch to the east of the Latios monument (the one that is one tile above the other flowers)

-NW corner of the same area, behind a bush and a flower

-SW of the gray wall, between the wall and a bush

-In the middle of the pond with the lilypads (use Surf)

-In the middle of the ring of flowers at the SE end

You basically have to check each and every one of those spots, and her appearance in any one of those spots is random. Refer to Tapatalk’s guide on catching Aldina (posted below in Credits) if you need the exact spots. If you haven't found it in all of those spots, this means that the last spot to check is a few spots just south of where Sylvia is standing. Aldina will then battle you. It's Lv10. In order to progress with the post game, you MUST catch it. It will hold a free Soothe Bell as well.

If you read about Aldina's Pokedex entries in either game, you'll realize that Aldina was originally a human girl, from Pacifidlog, who had been experimented heavily (we know that Team BH was responsible) and altered into a Pokemon through unknown means. Catching Aldina will now open up the Sphere Ruins entrance that Gordon/April was guarding, so head there now!


Mons found:

Wigglytuff: 34%

Wobbuffet: 25%

Clefable: 20%

Grimer: 15%

Gulpin: 15%

Ditto: 6%

The Braille ahead says "WELCOME TO SPHERE CITY". Before moving the Strength boulder, you can find a hidden Brightpowder in the NW corner. You'll be stuck for a minute, but press A to free yourself, then take the ladder to the up.

Mons found:

Geodude: 65% (rock smash)

Graveler: 35% (rock smash)

Goabalt: 20%

Heracross: 20%

Scyther: 20%

Scizor: 20%

Gallade: 6%

Machop: 5%

Machoke: 5%

Hornikel: 4%

In this room, go down the steps and a guy will briefly stop you. He thinks, as you are friends with Bianca, that you have what it takes. An area to the NE requires the Acro Scooter, but is a dead end, so we're not covering it yet. Use Rock Smash to find an exit to the south and a mudslide that requires the Mach Scooter. If you have that, and go down the ladder, you'll eventually find dead ends too, so instead of taking bike routes, head south.

Mons found:

Machu: 100%

This room's Braille messages say "SAVE" and "LOAD". Against your better judgment, save your game, then re-load it. All of a sudden, stairs will appear! Take them to the area with the bridge. A Machu is here, and you can speak to it to find out it can speak human language too! Anyways, this bridge unfortunately has hidden teleporters, and you also gotta do this while the Machu is going back and forth across the bridge. Move three spaces right on the south side of the bridge, then up one, east two, down one, east two, up one, and you can go across without teleporting. Take the ladder to the south.

Mons found:

Torkoal: 20%

Steelix: 20%

Geodude: 10%

Graveler: 10%

Magcargo: 10%

Poliwrath: 10%

Skorupi: 5%

Drapion: 5%

Rynos: 4%

Feroceros: 4%

Snalo: 2%

At the west side is a Braille inscription saying "UPPER LEFT DARK ROCK". Go east now and you'll find moving boulders! You have to get around them, but the last few can be tough to squeeze through. Eventually you will get to the dark rock. For now, ignore it and find the next Braille inscription (rest of the area is a dead end). It says "COUNTER CLOCKWISE SQUARE". What does this mean? Go back to the rock and go to the NW corner near it. Then head south to the wall, east to the wall, north four spaces, and west three, to make a sound play. Go back to the Braille inscription and fall in the nearby hole.

Mons found:

Stellith: 60% (rock smash)

Solrock: 30% (rock smash)

Aurostice: 20%

Golduck: 20%

Lunatone: 10% (rock smash)

Baizeast: 10%

Ampharos: 10%

Gastly: 10%

Haunter: 10%

Abra: 5%

Kadabra: 5%

Laquagon: 4%

Dragune: 4%

Nostratos: 2%

Examine the inscription to hear a loud noise from above. If you examine it again, well it's not a Braille inscription, but rather some more vandalism from the Mos. Take the ladder up.

The area you come to is the same as the one with the dark rock and moving boulders, but you are on the higher ground now. Head west and north to the ladder. This is the area that had the rocks to smash, the hopping stones that require the Acro Scooter, and the mudslide that required the Mach Scooter. In particular, you're at the location above the mudslide, but instead of going back down, go north of the ladder and you'll automatically hop to the cave behind it.

Mons found:

Goabalt: 20%

Solrock: 20%

Grissly: 19%

Velvelt: 15%

Scyther: 10%

Scizor: 10%

Gallade: 6%

This room starts with a fork. If you attempt to go right and up, something will spin you back, so go left. When you reach a rock in the middle, don't go up near the ladder as that will spin you too. Go below the rock, and you can access the ladder. There's also steps that lead to an item here. The item is a Ruby, and you need this later. Take the ladder now.

You're back at the area with the boulders, but at the far north end. Head south, and you can choose to head further south, or up the steps. Head south first, up two sets of steps, then examine the rock to get TM02 Dragon Claw. Go back and take that set of steps, then cross the bridge and down more steps. There are four boulders here. Move one to access the ladder (NOTE: if you haven't examined the inscription that triggered the loud noise earlier, a fifth boulder will be blocking this ladder).

This is the area that had the inscription from earlier, but at the north side. You can go up the steps to the north and find another entrance, or head south past the smashable rocks and Strength boulders. The entrance to the north isn't an entrance, but rather it has two indentations for fitting items in, namely the Ruby and another item you don't currently have. Ignore it and take the south path. Past the obstacles, ignore the set of steps here and take the next set to see two girls. The script for this doesn't trigger the first time, but I think it triggers once you talk to the girls and go back towards the steps. They are supposed to ambush you. You will then have to battle the thief sisters Annie and Oakley. It's gonna be back to back.

Thief Sister Annie: P1600

Bakeko Lv75, Fire Blast, Night Slash, Quick Attack, Fake Out

Persian Lv76, Slash, Fake Out, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis

Lapras Lv77, Surf, Perish Song, Sheer Cold, Ice Shard

Necrosia Lv78, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, Pain Split

Solarisen Lv79, Dragon Rush, Fire Blast, Solarbeam, Sunny Day

Scimitooth Lv80, Grandboulder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Swagger

Thief Sister Oakley: P1600

Cocrogue Lv75, Aerial Ace, Bug Buzz, Slash, Quick Attack

Alakazam Lv76, Psychic, Calm Mind, Recover, Energy Ball

Aurostice Lv77, Blizzard, Psychic, Hail, Ice Shard

Gengar Lv78, Dark Pulse, Fire Punch, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray

Pidgeot Lv79, Air Slash, Quick Attack, Featherdance, Heat Wave

Tyranos Lv80, Fissure, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Double-edge

Head south first and go west until you get an Escape Rope. Return and head up the nearby steps. Move the boulder west until you can go north, and go north all the way to pick up a Sapphire. Now that you have this, head back (ignore the SW path for now) and go back to that cave near the north end, which you will then have to place both the Ruby and Sapphire in. Now that you have done this, go back to that SW path that was on the way to the Sapphire and take the south exit out of this room.

Mons found:

Gardevoir: 20%

Kapwondo: 20%

Cuppa: 10%

Baizeast: 10%

Ampharos: 10%

Golduck: 10%

Plasmox: 5%

Blitzune: 5%

Laquagon: 4%

Dragune: 4%

Nostratos: 2%

The Braille inscription says "FROM CRACKS TO ROCK". A boulder is blocking the way to the south. To get it, first step on the cracked tile in the NW, then examine the rock. Afterwards, go up the steps nearby, then back down. Then, go to the SW cracked tile, step on it, then return and examine the dark rock again. Go up and down the nearby stairs, then head east and step on the final cracked tile. Go back to the rock once more, then inspect the rock twice. The second time you do, the boulder to the south disappears.

Mons found:

Gardevoir: 20%

Aurostice: 20%

Kapwondo: 15%

Golduck: 10%

Haunter: 10%

Kadabra: 10%

Roserade: 5%

Laquagon: 4%

Dragune: 4%

Nostratos: 2%

This room is straightforward. Pick up the Emerald and take the next ladder down.

Mons found:

Pikachu: 20%

Raichu: 20%

Zubat: 10%

Golbat: 10%

Meditite: 10%

Medicham: 10%

Meowth: 5%

Purugly: 5%

Glameow: 5%

Persian: 5%

Mintch: 4%

Blakjak: 4%

Crobat: 2%

The area you have is nine squares with boulders blocking the exits at the SW and the NE ends.The sign here says "BACK", then "LEFT", "LEFT" again, "FORWARD", "RIGHT", "RIGHT", "RIGHT", "FORWARD", "RIGHT", "RIGHT", "FORWARD", "RIGHT", "FORWARD", "RIGHT", "RIGHT", all in that order. For this puzzle, you basically have to follow this order, but from your character's point of view. Therefore, as you start in the SW square, you need to head right into the next square, up, up, right, down, left, left, up, right, right, down, down, left, and up. My directions are the cardinal directions by the way. If you do it right, you should enter the middle square and a sound will play. This will NOT remove the boulders, but there is one thing you can do before we move on. Go to the SW square and move the right boulder down twice, then go west, all the way north, and finally east to a rock. Inspect it to get a Berry Juice. Hold on to this, you will need it much later.

At this point, use an Escape Rope to leave the ruins. If you do not have the Acro Scooter, get it now. Re-enter the ruins, move the boulder, and head down the ladder. Bunny-hop the rocks to the NE entrance, then enter. This is the right side of the room that had the Ruby. There's a new path to a hole here (this originally was a dead end room).

This is the NE part of the area with the dark rock and moving boulders. A ledge to the SW leads back to the dark rock. Ignore it and fall down another hole nearby. You'll be in the NE part of the area where you met Annie and Oakley, and a ledge to the SW is there in case you need to backtrack. In any case, nothing else to do other than fall down another hole.

Mons found:

Magikarp: 70% (old rod)

Poliwhirl: 60% (surf)

Ampharos: 40% (super rod) (!?)

Plasmox: 40% (super rod) (!?)

Blitzune: 15% (super rod) (!?)

Kapwondo: 30% (surf), 30% (old rod)

Wisplode: 29%

Willisp: 20%

Lephan: 20%

Ganerth: 19%

Politoed: 12%

Cuppa: 5% (surf), 60% (good rod)

Baizeast: 4% (surf), 20% (good rod) (!?)

Laquagon: 4% (super rod)

Dragune: 1% (super rod)

Golduck: 1% (surf), 20% (good rod)

(I don't know why Baizeast and the electric types can be found with a fishing rod here)

Pick up a Metal Coat and head south to the next room (bunny-hop with the Acro Scooter). You'll be back in the puzzle room with nine squares at the NE side. Pick up the Poison Barb at the east side, and the rock which had the Berry Juice is to the west too if you forgot. Return to the previous room and surf to the cave entrance, which is another indentation. Insert the Emerald. This causes rocks to fall somewhere. Leave the ruins again.

Back in Alto Mare, head for the NE Square, but instead of going there, head to the house that has holes. Fall in the nearest hole (the other ones won't let you) and you're back in Sphere Ruins. This area has no Pokemon, just follow the linear path to the ladder. Before using it, grab a hidden Rare Candy in the dead end to the east. I recommend holding on to this too, don't use it, the Moomoo Milk, or the Berry Juice you acquired. We'll need these items later on. In any case, use the ladder.

No Pokemon in this long room either. The first inscription says "WELCOME TO SPHERE CITY" again. The second says "SPHERE CITY WILL COLLAPSE SOON." "AT LEAST ASPHERE IS IN A SAFE PLACE." So now we know that the mon at the end of all this is Asphere. Keep going and you'll find a hole. This hole will be here only if you inserted the Emerald earlier. If you take the ladder further on, you'll find a one-way path leading to a ladder, which actually takes you to the castle entrance of the Sphere Ruins. So that path was a dud anyways. In any case, fall in the hole.

Mons found:

Wigglytuff: 20%

Scizor: 20%

Feroceros: 18%

Ganerth: 10%

Aurostice: 10%

Kapwondo: 10%

Steelix: 10%

Wobbuffet: 1%

Goabalt: 1%

First thing you should do is go up the steps to pick up TM41 Torment. Follow the linear path all the way to the north exit, but don't forget the Spell Tag to the south before entering.

Mons found:

Wobbuffet: 20%

Goabalt: 20%

Magcargo: 18%

Ganerth: 10%

Kapwondo: 10%

Aurostice: 10%

Steelix: 10%

Scizor: 1%

Wigglytuff: 1%

In here, go to the left and into the small divot. Use Rock Smash three times to carve a path to the north. Pick up a Dragon Scale in the NW corner, then run east and pick up a Max Ether. Use Rock Smash nearby to carve your way east, picking up an Antidote in that room, then Rock Smash west to reach the next exit. Before doing so, go to the dead-end to the left, use Rock Smash once more, and you'll get a Heart Scale by inspecting the south wall.

You'll be back in the previous area. Get TM48 Skill Swap and a Shell Bell before you continue down.

Mons found:

Gallade: 20%

Crobat: 20%

Wisplode: 15%

Raichu: 15%

Roserade: 10%

Magcargo: 10%

Liepus: 10%

Lunabitt: 10%

This room will drive you crazy. Inspect any rock and you'll jump in a random direction. I don't think there's any pattern, so you're probably gonna save-scum your way to the north.

The next room has no Pokemon. Nothing else here except to go through the north exit. No Pokemon to find here either, but you can get a PP Up and a Sacred Ash in the corners. Go to the middle of this room and you will hear rocks falling somewhere once you use the inscription. It's supposed to do this, assuming you have placed both the Ruby and Sapphire in the indentations earlier. If you only get a Braille message instead ("GEMSTONES"), go back to the indentation where you put them and examine them, then return to this room and it should work. Once this is done, go back to the previous room. The Braille inscription here will be accessible, and it too triggers rocks falling somewhere. The message afterwards says "DREAMS". Backtrack to the room to the north again and go east and up to the ladder.

No Pokemon here. Move the boulder with Strength and go to the south end for a hidden Full Heal, then head back to the ladder and go south. Read the inscription for rocks to fall ("PO"), then back up the ladder you came from. Head south and the room will be a bit different. However, you can access the south side, where you will find an Escape Rope and a hole. Here, a ladder is in the middle, while you can pick up TM43 Secret Power and a Rare Candy in the corners.

While this room has no Pokemon, be on your toes. When you go up the steps, a Lv100 Goabalt will ambush you! This room will have several more fixed Lv100 encounters as soon as you step on certain tiles and you must battle them. If you try to run, or even if you catch a Pokemon here, you will teleport to the entrance of the room. You MUST defeat each Lv100 encounter to proceed. After the Goabalt, go on and defeat the Lv100 Blitzune next. Pick up TM10 Hidden Power and you will face a Lv100 Kapwondo next. At the fork, turn left and go up first to get TM05 Roar, then go back and take two steps down to find TM37 Sandstorm. Go back to the east wall and south to pick up TM45 Attract, then head for the south wall. A Lv100 Magcargo is next. To the west and north is a Lv100 Heracross, and down the steps is a Lv100 Aurostice. The final wild encounter (with different music!) is a Lv100 Nostratos.

In this room, push the boulder twice, and then go to the right. You will teleport to the ladder (if you go left and teleport, you will be in the middle, and attempting to get to the ladder then will teleport you back to the entrance). Take the ladder, but go back and pick up TM07 Hail/TM18 Rain Dance. The fruits of your labor are in this last room, where you can now attempt to catch the fabled Asphere! It is Lv90, and depending on the game your playing, its form will be different. You'll either deal with an Ice/Dragon in Altair, or an Electric/Dragon in Sirius! Catch or defeat it, your choice, but afterwards pick up the Sacred Ash in the rock behind it. You're all done here!

Back in Alto Mare, you will want to ensure you have the following items: a Rare Candy, a Moomoo Milk, a Berry Juice, a Soda Pop, and a Lemonade. The latter two can be purchased from a vending machine in Lilycove's department store. I have already said to keep the former three, but if you somehow don't have any of them or used them, dine in the Mos's restaurant to get a Moomoo Milk; go back to the Pokemon Building and get all the checkpoints, then talk to the receptionist to get Berry Juice (assuming you don’t have the one from Sphere Ruins); and if you need Rare Candies, one place to go would be to do the surfing checkpoint minigame repeatedly until you get a Rare Candy as a prize.

Remember that one of the houses north of the PokeCenter (the purple one) has a man who wants you to run an errand? Now is the time to do it. You'll get a Package. Deliver it to the 1F clerk at the department store here. Go back to the guy who gave you the errand and you'll get Tea. What to do with it? Well, go to the south side of Alto Mare and go west all the way until you reach the last red building. The woman in red inside will ask for the Tea, so hand it to her.

Leave the house and go east to Egg Road. On the right side, you'll run into Mosmero. After the chat, go east of the PokeCenter to the residential area in the middle and enter the first purple house. Mosmero is inside. Talk to him, and, assuming you followed MY walkthrough of the Sphere Ruins (yes, he seriously asks) and have encountered Asphere, you'll get a...slightly worn-out Master Ball. Well, that was something.

The next thing you want to do is go inside the house north of the department store. Remember that kid who asks for sweets? Yes, this kid wants all five of the items I told you to keep: Berry Juice, Moomoo Milk, Rare Candy, Lemonade, and Soda Pop. With all of them in your inventory, give them to him. He'll now tell you that the Elite Four is here in town!

Well, you've already met Mosmero, so that rules him out. Let's see where the others are located. First off, head south to the sign in the residential area that directs you to the PokeCenter and enter the red building to the west. Athena is inside. Talk to her, then leave afterwards. Next, go to the purple building east of the gym to find Norman. After you talk to him, leave and head back to the south side of Alto Mare. The building you wanna enter is the yellow one with two entrances. Phil is on the glitter tiles at the north end.

Once you have talked to the Elite Four members, go back to the gym. It is now time to challenge Sylvia once again, this time using a full Lv100 team! The ultimate challenge!

Leader Sylvia: P2000

Hantama Lv100, Shadow Ball, Mach Punch, Bulk Up, Baton Pass, holds Brightpowder

Tentyrant Lv100, Devastate, Surf, Double Team, Confuse Ray, holds Petaya Berry

Pteriarch Lv100, Grandboulder, Brave Bird, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, holds Focus Band

Metagross Lv100, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Explosion, holds Metal Coat

Snorlax Lv100, Double-edge, Earthquake, Rest, Belly Drum, holds Chesto Berry

Latios Lv100, Psycho Boost, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Recover, holds White Herb

And that's it for Sylvia! She gives you a Rare Candy as a treat, and her nickname of "Silver Witch" is a story for another time. In any case, after the recent events involving Mosmero and Sylvia, there is one more thing to do before we close off Altair/Sirius for good. Go to the plaza in Alto Mare and south of the cathedral will be Bianca. Her painting is done. She for some reason painted you in the picture. You'll then get a letter with its own image too!

This is the last official event in Alto Mare and the game as a whole. We're done with this walkthrough! I really hope you enjoyed playing this hack. I played both versions in tandem while writing this, and it took quite a long time to get just about everything! Go ahead and rematch trainers, gym leaders, Elite Four, etc., but that's it for events in the game! Feel free to browse my other detailed walkthroughs and such (links at the bottom) and look forward to a possible detailed walkthrough of Pokemon Vega if and when I get to it!



Note this will list the new evolution methods if necessary. If you don’t see a new evolution method for obtaining a certain Pokemon that’s because it’s unchanged from the regular game.

001: Nimbleaf: Starter choice

002: Leafrond: Evolve Nimbleaf (Lv16)

003: Syleafid: Evolve Leafrond (Lv34)

004: Peyero: Starter choice

005: Infiris: Evolve Peyero (Lv18)

006: Astignite: Evolve Infiris (Lv32)

007: Liquiput: Starter choice

008: Hydrush: Evolve Liquiput (Lv14)

009: Correncid: Evolve Hydrush (Lv36)

010: Takuni: Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 118, 119

011: Percussoon: Routes 118, 119, evolve Takuni (Lv20)

012: Caterpie: Petalburg Woods, Routes 101, 102, 104

013: Metapod: Petalburg Woods, evolve Caterpie

014: Butterfree: Evolve Metapod

015: Weedle: Petalburg Woods, Routes 101, 102, 104

016: Kakuna: Petalburg Woods, evolve Weedle

017: Beedrill: Evolve Kakuna

018: Pidgey: Petalburg Woods, Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 115, 116

019: Pidgeotto: Route 115, evolve Pidgey

020: Pidgeot: Evolve Pidgeotto

021: Starly: Petalburg Woods, Routes 101, 102, 103, 104, 115, 116

022: Staravia: Route 115, evolve Starly

023: Staraptor: Evolve Staravia

024: Cupricorn: Routes 102, 104, 110, 116, 117, 120, 121, 123, trade for a Shroomish in Rustboro City

025: Hornikel: Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, Routes 120, 121, 123, evolve Cupricorn (Lv18)

026: Goabalt: Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, evolve Hornikel (Lv32)

027: Cuppa: Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Sphere Ruins, Routes 102, 104, 114, 117, 119, 120

028: Kapwondo: Sphere Ruins, evolve Cuppa (Lv28)

029: Shroomish: Petalburg Woods

030: Breloom: Evolve Shroomish

031: Slugma: Fiery Path, Route 113

032: Magcargo: Mirage system in Alto Mare, Sphere Ruins, evolve Slugma

033: Abra: Granite Cave, Sphere Ruins, Route 116

034: Kadabra: Sphere Ruins, evolve Abra

035: Alakazam: Evolve Kadabra (Lv38)

036: Dorfin: Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, Routes 103, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127 (fish)

037: Darca: Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, Routes 103, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (fish), evolve Dorfin (Lv24)

038: Goldeen: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Sootopolis City, Meteor Falls, Victory Road, Safari Zone, Routes 102, 104, 111, 114, 117, 120 (fish)

039: Seaking: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Sootopolis City, Meteor Falls, Victory Road, Safari Zone, Routes 104, 111, 114, 117, 120 (fish), evolve Goldeen

040: Magikarp: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Pacifidlog Town, Sootopolis City, Ever Grande City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Abandoned Ship, Meteor Falls, Safari Zone, Shoal Cave, Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, Routes 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 114, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (fish)

041: Gyarados: Petalburg City, Slateport City, Sootopolis City, Victory Road, Routes 104, 114, 117, 124, 126 (fish), Mirage System in Alto Mare, evolve Magikarp

042: Azurill: Breed Marill/Azumarill

043: Marill: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Sootopolis City, Routes 102, 104, 112, 114, 117, 120, evolve Azurill

044: Azumarill: Evolve Marill

045: Zubat: Rusturf Tunnel, Granite Cave, Meteor Falls, Shoal Cave, Cave of Origin, Victory Road, Sphere Ruins

046: Golbat: Meteor Falls, Victory Road, Cave of Origin, Shoal Cave, Sky Pillar, Sphere Ruins, evolve Zubat

047: Crobat: Sphere Ruins, evolve Golbat

048: Geodude: Granite Cave, Jagged Pass, Safari Zone, Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, Routes 111, 114, use Rock Smash on rocks you find.

049: Graveler: BH Hideout, Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, evolve Geodude

050: Golem: Evolve Graveler (Lv38)

051: Glachild: Shoal Cave, Routes 116, 117

052: Frozaiden: Shoal Cave, evolve Glachild (Lv20)

053: Aurostice: Shoal Cave, Sphere Ruins, evolve Frozaiden (Lv30)

054: Lunabitt: Sphere Ruins, Routes 110, 117

055: Liepus: Sphere Ruins, Routes 110, 117

056: Machop: Jagged Pass, Fiery Path, Sphere Ruins

057: Machoke: Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, evolve Machop

058: Machamp: Evolve Machoke (Lv38)

059: Torkoal: Fiery Path, B.H. Hideout, Sphere Ruins

060: Meditite: Granite Cave, Mt Pyre, Victory Road, Sphere Ruins

061: Medicham: Victory Road, Sphere Ruins, Mirage system in Alto Mare, evolve Meditite

062: Rollder: Mirage Tower, Route 111

063: Rotillo: Evolve Rollder (Lv25)

064: Toxroach: Mirage Tower, Route 111

065: Cocrogue: Evolve Toxroach (Lv25)

066: Tentacool: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, Abandoned Ship, Shoal Cave, Routes 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (surf/fish)

067: Tentacruel: Dewford Town, Slateport City, Mossdeep City, Pacifidlog Town, Ever Grande City, Abandoned Ship, Routes 103, 104, 120, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (surf/fish), evolve Tentacool

068: Tentyrant: Evolve Tentacruel (Water Stone)

069: Voltorb: New Mauville

070: Electrode: Evolve Voltorb

071: Sphericoil: Evolve Electrode (Thunderstone)

072: Willisp: Jagged Pass, Sphere Ruins, Route 113

073: Wisplode: Sphere Ruins, evolve Willisp (Fire Stone)

074: Plasmox: New Mauville, Sphere Ruins

075: Blitzune: Sphere Ruins, evolve Plasmox (Thunderstone)

076: Budew: Petalburg Woods, Safari Zone, Routes 110, 114, 117

077: Roselia: Safari Zone, Routes 119, 120, 121, 123, evolve Budew

078: Roserade: Sphere Ruins, evolve Roselia (Leaf Stone)

079: Poliwag: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Pacifidlog Town, Sootopolis City, Ever Grande City, Lilycove City, Mossdeep City, Routes 102, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (surf/fish)

080: Poliwhirl: Littleroot Town, Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Slateport City, Mossdeep City, Sootopolis City, Pacifidlog Town, Sphere Ruins, Routes 102, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134 (surf/fish), evolve Poliwag

081: Poliwrath: Sphere Ruins, evolve Poliwhirl

082: Politoed: Sphere Ruins, evolve Poliwhirl (high friendship)

083: Baizeast: Sphere Ruins, Route 119

084: Mintch: Sphere Ruins, Route 113

085: Blakjak: Sphere Ruins, evolve Mintch (Lv18)

086: Maneko: Fiery Path, Route 112

087: Bakeko: Mirage system in Alto Mare, evolve Maneko (Lv18)

088: Meowth: Sphere Ruins, Route 110

089: Persian: Sphere Ruins, Evolve Meowth

090: Glameow: Sphere Ruins, Route 110

091: Purugly: Sphere Ruins, evolve Glameow

092: Gulpin: Fiery Path, Sphere Ruins

093: Swalot: Evolve Gulpin
094: Grimer: Fiery Path, Sphere Ruins

095: Muk: Evolve Grimer

096: Clotaku: Route 114

097: Ajarimus: Evolve Clotaku (Lv16)

098: Jarmit: Evolve Ajarimus (Lv32)

099: Hantama: Weather Institute (only one)

100: Spelven: Weather Institute (only one)

101: Gastly: Granite Cave, Sphere Ruins, Mt Pyre, Routes 121, 123

102: Haunter: Mt Pyre, Sky Pillar, Sphere Ruins, Routes 121, 123, evolve Gastly

103: Gengar: Sky Pillar, evolve Haunter (Lv38)

104: Misdreavus: Mt Pyre

105: Mismagius: Sky Pillar, evolve Misdreavus (Lv37)

106: Duskull: Mt Pyre

107: Dusclops: Sky Pillar, evolve Duskull

108: Cherubi: Safari Zone

109: Cherrim: Evolve Cherubi

110: Jamberree: Safari Zone

111: Strawna: Evolve Jamberree (Lv25)

112: Mareep: New Mauville, Routes 110, 118

113: Flaaffy: New Mauville, Route 118, evolve Mareep

114: Ampharos: New Mauville, Sphere Ruins, evolve Flaaffy

115: Mornwing: Route 114

116: Guldawn: Sky Pillar, evolve Mornwing (Lv36)

117: Solarisen: Evolve Guldawn (Lv45)

118: Tauros: Safari Zone

119: Sunkern: Routes 118, 121, 123

120: Sunflora: Evolve Sunkern

121: Absol: Route 120

122: Dizasol: Evolve Absol (Lv30)

123: Girafarig: Route 120

124: Folifarig: Evolve Girafarig (Lv30)

125: Skorupi: Sphere Ruins, Routes 118, 119, 120, 121, 123
126: Drapion: Sphere Ruins, evolve Skorupi

127: Snalo: Sphere Ruins, Routes 119, 120

128: Serplant: Evolve Snalo (Lv40)

129: Velvelt: Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins

130: Grissly: Sphere Ruins, evolve Velvelt (Lv35)

131: Pichu: Breed Pikachu/Raichu/Machu

132: Pikachu: Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins, evolve Pichu

133: Raichu: Sphere Ruins, evolve Pikachu

134: Machu: Sphere Ruins, evolve Pikachu (high friendship)

135: Psyduck: Petalburg City, Sootopolis City, Safari Zone

136: Golduck: Mossdeep City, Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins, evolve Psyduck

137: Wynaut: Mirage Island

138: Wobbuffet: Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins, evolve Wynaut

139: Onix: Granite Cave, Victory Road, Mirage System in Alto Mare

140: Steelix: Sphere Ruins, evolve Onix (Lv30)

141: Scyther: Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins

142: Scizor: Sphere Ruins, evolve Scyther (Lv30)

143: Heracross: Safari Zone, Sphere Ruins

144: Psycolt: Meteor Falls

145: Kinegasus: Evolve Psycolt (Moon Stone)

146: Yunesis: Evolve Psycolt (Sun Stone)

147: Lephan: Sphere Ruins, Route 111

148: Ganerth: Sphere Ruins, evolve Lephan (Lv40)

149: Rynos: Route 111

150: Feroceros: Sphere Ruins, evolve Rynos (Lv40)

151: Slowpoke: Lilycove City, Shoal Cave, Routes 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134

152: Slowbro: Shoal Cave, Routes 129, 132, 133, 134, evolve Slowpoke

153: Slowking: Evolve Slowpoke (high friendship)

154: Violo: Safari Zone

155: Rumpet: Safari Zone

156: Pianon: Safari Zone

157: Igglybuff: Breed Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff

158: Jigglypuff: Route 115, evolve Igglybuff

159: Wigglytuff: Sphere Ruins, evolve Jigglypuff

160: Cleffa: Breed Clefairy/Clefable
161: Clefairy: Route 115, evolve Cleffa

162: Clefable: Sphere Ruins, evolve Clefairy

163: Bronzor: Mirage Tower, Victory Road, Route 111

164: Bronzong: Victory Road, evolve Bronzor

165: Yucarlia: Mt Pyre

166: Necrosia: Lilycove City (only one), evolve Yucarlia (Lv35)

167: Spiritomb: Cave of Origin, Victory Road, Mirage System in Alto Mare

168: Feebas: Route 119

169: Milotic: Evolve Feebas (high friendship)

170: Lunatone: Meteor Falls

171: Solrock: Meteor Falls, Sphere Ruins

172: Stellith: Meteor Falls

173: Ralts: Rusturf Tunnel, Route 102

174: Kirlia: Evolve Ralts