Pokemon Roaming Red (GB)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Roaming Red
Platform: GB
Hack Original: Pokemon Red 
Status: Beta v3.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGB
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The goal of this hack is to let players traverse the Kanto region with more freedom than ever before. To do this, a randomizer is sewn into the game, which allows you to customize the random drop of wild Pokémon, sets of trainer teams, random attacks, TM, and items. If a randomizer is not needed, other pleasant innovations are prepared for the player.

Many locations, routes, and quests were refined to free the player from unnecessary boundaries, dynamic settings for wild Pokemon, and trainers encounters were set - the level and evolution of the enemy now depends on the strongest Pokemon in the player's team.

List of Features

  • Fully in-game randomizer that lets you randomize the following aspects:
  • Wild Pokemon(if selected minimum catch rate will be applied, every ball will have at least 1/3 chance to catch)
  • Trainer Pokemon
  • Learnsets(if selected all Pokemon will be compatible with every HM to avoid scenarios where the player can't progress)
  • Items received
  • User interface that allows the user to choose which parts of the randomizer to enable and allows them to modify their seed when starting a new game
  • Tweaks to level scaling:
  • Scaling is less likely to result in trainers with large parties having a high number of overleveled Pokemon
  • Scaling is toned down until the player receives their first badge
  • Level variance for trainer Pokemon now uses the same stable random approach as the randomizer, meaning that variance will be consistent for a given trainer's Pokemon on any given save file
  • An improved run button implementation courtesy of Anniversary Red
  • Instant text is now hold to progress
  • Further updates to movepools to make more Pokemon more viable
  • Updates to evolution levels so that they're in line with the evolution scaling
  • Made Missingno. appear in its familiar form again


Pokemon Roaming Red screenshot 00Pokemon Roaming Red screenshot 01Pokemon Roaming Red screenshot 02Pokemon Roaming Red screenshot 03

Developer: The Shadow Knight

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=403522