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Hack Name: Pokemon Pit of 100 Trials
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v1.2
Language: English
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Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This hack takes the concept that was introduced in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where there is a challenging area (The pit of 100 trials). There, you have to battle 100 different enemies that appear all throughout the game, with progressing difficulty and it has a super boss and a reward at the end. While this hack doesn't exactly have a pit in the literal sense, I think the name still fits for what it tries to accomplish.

In this hack you can easily get yourself any team of Pokemon you want, EV train them almost instantly, and battle 100 battles that represent the progression throughout Fire Red. For example, you start with battling Bug Catchers, then you battle Youngsters, then Brock, then Rocket Grunts in Mt. Moon, then Nugget Bridge trainers, etc. Of course, these trainers are only the same by the type of Pokemon they use. Their Pokemon are all level 100 and can be from any Generation from 1-3. You battle these types of trainers up to a certain point. The final 10 trainers are all a bit more special.

List of Features

  • 2 versions of the hack: a Normal version and the Double battles version
  • 100 level 100 trainers to battle in a row
  • All "balanced" fully evolved Pokemon easily catchable + some non-fully evolved ones
  • Easy EV training (just give 4 vitamins of a single type to max out a single stat (for example, 4 PROTEINs will give 252 ATK EVs in total))
  • Move Tutor that can teach almost any non-TM move
  • Buy the items you want for the pit with limited money. Spend carefully!
  • A loss is a GAME OVER!
  • A different story. A barebones one, but a story nonetheless
  • With the hack releasing close to Easter, of course, it has to have an easter egg
  • You get more money to buy items in the Double battle version since it can be quite harder at times

How the hacks works

  • You start by getting 50 Masterballs (check your PC), 1 copy of every TM in the game, and catch yourself a team of Pokemon that you want.
  • You can only catch fully evolved Pokemon that are allowed in the Emerald Battle Frontier, others are not available.
  • You can then use the Move Tutor and TMs (remember, only 1 copy of each TM) to make their movesets better.
  • The Move Tutor can teach your Pokemon any move that they can learn in Fire Red, including egg moves and other Move Tutor moves (except for some useless moves + some Pokemon get elemental punches that they could only get in Emerald otherwise).
  • The Dept. Store has access to free Master Balls, free Big Mushrooms (for the Move Tutor), free Vitamins (that can easily max out EVs), and many items that you will need in the pit.
  • It is important to buy items wisely since money is limited, or you could not even have a chance of clearing "the pit".
  • Once you enter "the pit", you cannot exit.
  • Every regular trainer has 2 Pokemon. Trainers that were story important in Fire Red can have more than that.
  • You can heal in between battles by using your items.
  • If you lose a battle it's game over, and you either have to reload your save or start a new game with a different team and items.

Bonus challenge (that is more true to the original Paper Mario pit) for those feeling like it

  • Anyone can beat this by saving and reloading between each battle, to have a good outcome. But can you beat it from start to finish without reloading? It is possible, however, it probably won't be easily doable on the first try. After about 4 test runs I could memorize what the team for most of the trainers is, so I could prepare accordingly for them and know which tactics work on specific Pokemon (on both single and double versions of the hack). But because I know how short the attention span is these days, you can check out this chart that shows all the Pokemon that the trainers have. Be warned that you still might have to learn which strategies work best on some Pokemon


  • Speed and Attack/Special Attack are the most important stats
  • Choice Band OP
  • You can sell TMs that you won't use for some extra money.
  • You can save TMs for the pit and teach them at the point when you actually need them
  • Talk to the NPCs. They have some tips on their own
  • Having multiple moves with the same STAB can be useful for having more PP for a move type
  • Don't teach TMs to Pokemon before you check the Move Tutor. TMs are one use only, Move Tutor is infinite
  • Try to at least have a nature that raises a good stat for your Pokemon
  • Having a good mix of Potions, Ethers/Elixirs, and Revives is crucial
  • Even if Revives are expensive, they are probably the most important items. Don't be a cheapskate!
  • Just because the item is more expensive than others, doesn't mean that you will have a better use for it!

Special changes

  • Return now has 102 base power at all times (Frustration is unchanged)
  • Pickup is gone
  • Payday gives no money
  • Some useless moves cannot be learned by the Move Tutor (that's because the Tutor can only have 18 moves to learn at the same time. Pokemon with very big movesets were otherwise unable to learn some moves that they should)
  • Scyther, Onix, Pikachu, and Clamperl are catchable along with all the other fully evolved Pokemon

Known bugs/oddities

  • Free items can only be bought 1 at a time, so it can take a while. Use dispensers to get some of those items faster
  • If you play the Double battle version and have only 1 Pokemon alive in your party, the battles will be somewhat glitched, with you having 2 copies of the same Pokemon on your side, however, if one of them faints, you lose the entire battle


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Developer: Manekimoney

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=433038