Pokemon Infernal Pit of 100 Trials (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Infernal Pit of 100 Trials
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v1.02
Language: English
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Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The big bad owner of the first Pit of 100 Trials is back. And he is back for vengeance. He is threatening the entire world to bring him the child that beat him previously. He has a new pit for the child to try out. Now, our brave hero has to journey through an edgier, eviler, harder version of the pit he conquered a long time ago. Can our hero succeed? Or will the entire world be engulfed in everlasting darkness? Find out in the next butt-clenching hack by Manekimoney.

"Infernal Pit of 100 Trials" is an alternate version of the normal "Pit of 100 Trials", with the main focus of the hack being an increased difficulty. It has the bug fixes, grammar fixes, and quality of life changes that were introduced in the 1.2 patch of the original hack. It fixes some of the more severe exploits of the original hack, changes opponent teams to be more dangerous, and evens the playing field between the opponent pokemon and player pokemon.

This hack is mainly targeted to people who enjoyed the original Pit of 100 Trials and want an alternative challenge. Due to the changes, some strategies are nowhere nearly as effective as they used to be, making the experience different enough to not feel the same in terms of teambuilding and battling. The tips and the opponent team chart for the original hack may not apply to this version.

List of Features

  • Players can no longer gain EVs on their Pokemon. Neither by Vitamins nor wild battles
  • All wild Pokemon have 31 IVs in all stats (to make catching team members faster)
  • Hidden Power TM replaced with Endure (this is due to the IV change, breaking the function of Hidden Power completely in this version)
  • Blissey no longer learns Softboiled and the move was replaced by Recover (due to Blissey having enormous HP and also being able to take hits from special attackers for almost free, it was way too good at fully healing your entire team in between battles with very little resources lost. This doesn't nerf its battle capabilities whatsoever)
  • Your entire team is automatically fully healed before entering the pit
  • A story continuation of the previous pit of 100 trials (yes, it did have a story)
  • For all of you who know where to find the easter egg, it now has a new reward for finding it and finishing the pit (but might also be quite meaner in some ways to obtain)


  • Boss trainers that were redundant type specialists were replaced with different boss trainers
  • All opponent trainers use custom, more optimal movesets and have some changed team members
  • Healing items can't be used in battle


  • No money is gained on winning trainer battles
  • Shopkeepers with basic healing items (Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, and Revives) are found inside the pit itself (so no need to 100% fully prepared before entering the pit)
  • Soul Dew cost massively increased
  • Choice Band cost increased

Developer: Manekimoney

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=433038