Pokemon Gaia Snagemizer (GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Gaia Snagemizer
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon Gaia
Status: v3.2
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


This is an improvement hack of Pokemon Gaia aimed almost exclusively at the Pokemon.

List of Features

  • All eeveelutions-keep Adaptability upon Evolution now, Lv. 1 Synchronoise, Lv. 1 Strongest Special STAB choice, Lv. 50 Stored Power
  • All non-cacoon evolutions will no longer lose points in a stat upon evolution (Scizor keeps Scyther's speed, etc)
  • Archeops received a MASSIVE nerf in Sp. Atk (about 70 points) in return for losing Defeatist and gaining Rock Head/Reckless
  • Teleport now has the Baton Pass effect
  • All Pokemon with Alolan variants now have the STAB options most commonly used on the Alolan variant available through Move Reminder and/or TM
  • HMs are now much more distributed and you no longer HAVE to run a water type HM slave, all of the changes being logical (Ariados having Surf because spiders swim, Garchomp learning Fly because duh, most physically large Flying types learn Waterfall, etc)
  • Most wild Pokemon now have a good chance of holding an item
  • Surf/Gust/Petal Blizzard all now have the Rapid Spin effect and remove hazards, etc
  • Delibird received a buff due to his terrible stats, as well as a combo of Aerilate or Refrigerate so Present will always be STAB. Oh, and Present now has 100 Base Power and a 50% chance to inflict a random crippling effect based on the area
  • Toxicroak-gained High Jump Kick, as well as Synchronoise to embrace the frog side and become much more terrifying
  • Absol has all disaster based moves (Earthquake, Rock Slide, etc)
  • Chimecho gained the Normal-type and has most wind or sound-based moves (Boomburst, Hurricane, Heat Wave, etc)
  • Magic Bounce will now reflect certain weak offensive moves that throw objects (Barrage, Ice Shard, Rock Throw, etc)
  • Ampharos finally gained a move he always deserved|Tail Glow| and is now a far greater threat, especially with Sheer Force Mega Ampharos
  • With Scizor's new 105 Speed and Iron Fist instead of Swarm, Meteor Mash Scizor is likely as good as Technician if not better, but now with Mach Punch and Fell Stinger, it now is far more worrying
  • Haxorus gained the Fighting-type and Sacred Sword. Enough said.
  • Absol and Mega Absol is now part Fairy, with Mega Absol embracing the terrifying Pixilate instead of Magic Bounce
  • Empoleon gained Lightning Rod becoming an Electric-type eating monster
  • Regenerator Torterra with Wood Hammer.
  • Infernape now has Technician too, as well as having lost a bunch of bulk for power and Speed
  • Levitate Magnezone
  • Bossgodora, translating to "Boss Dragon God" or Aggron, has finally received the Dragon typing that it always should have had and will always want

Developer: u/Ex_Snagem_Wes

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