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Hack Name: Pokemon Yuval
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Demo/Beta, v1.0.1, 21.06.2022
Language: English
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Pokemon Yuval is highly inspired by the events and stories in Pokemon X and Y and the anime. But this is like a whole different universe than the Kalos one. You will play the role of a New Trainer who is about to start his brand new adventure in the Macva Region. This region is different than other regions you know and love. No gym, no Elite Four. You will do something similar to the trials you probably know in the Sun and Moon games. You will have to do some puzzles or something interesting that makes you play the game using your brain. And the trials will be based on Mega Evolution. There will be some Pokemon that can mega evolve. If you finish your trial, they will challenge you to a battle. They will be hard to beat but if you manage to beat them, they will offer you their Mega Stones. It depends on how the story goes. It replaces the gym thing. This game won't be hard. But it won't be easy either. You will need to grind your levels in order to pass some of the events and you might have to come back to the pokemon center after most of the battles even though they are not that hard.
- Macva Region will have 5 Mega Evolution Gurus who will watch you with care and help you to be stronger. If you manage to do all their trials, they will challenge you which kinda works like Grand Trials on Alola. They will use strong Pokemon and also Mega Evolve their Pokemon in battle. They might use some special kind of Mega Evolved Pokemon too! As Macva has 5 areas, there will be 5 Mega Gurus too! They all are going to teach you something that you need to know later on. They will hold some mysteries that you will need to figure out by yourself.

You will meet your friendly rival, Serena. She's got intelligence and she loves to read various kinds of books. She might teach and help you about learning about the lores and legends of the Macva Region and even other Regions! A very energetic personality and is good in Pokemon Battles. You will also meet another Rival Alain[If you know, you know] who kinda does the same job as you do. Collecting Mega Energies. He will be tougher than Serena in battles but his personality is far deeper than others. He stays quiet but has the potential to so a lot that others can't. He will be the strong rival who really wants to beat you.

Team Haze will be the team that tries to conquer something important to the region and tries to Re-create this world by any means. You will face them eventually. But they are not as ordinary Evil Team as you know in normal Pokemon games. Their wills and actions are deeper than what you think in a Pokemon Game.

List of Features

  • Mega Evolution
  • A Brand new Region
  • Hidden Grottos
  • 251 Pokemon catchable in the Pokedex
  • Gen V soundtracks
  • Shiny Riolu starter
  • Gen-8 EXP-all
  • Sideway stairs
  • Pokemon from Gen1-8
  • Gen4 and Gen5 mixture Sprites
  • New Mega evolved Pokemon
  • Regional Forms (Alola, Galar, Macva)
  • Trials
  • 2 Rivals
  • Mystery gifts


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Developer: Ishrak's PokeTips