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Game Name: Pokemon Project Chasm
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: Alpha v0.1.10.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Explore the Makya region, where old and new collide. Host to dozens of ancient caves and tunnels, Makya was settled anew by the disbanded members of Team Chasm, who 20 years ago sought the power of the Regis. When a strange new group puts those plans back into motion, the people of Makya need a newcomer like yourself to delve deep and find the truth. Can you keep Makya from repeating its past?

List of Features

Dive Into Fresh Content:
➤ Permanent megas -- Canon mega/gigantamax forms become regular evolutions
➤ Expanding options -- 200+ new moves, 100+ new abilities
➤ 800+ viable pokemon -- The most ambitious Pokemon rebalance, ever
➤ Ice and Grass fans rejoice -- Big type chart rebalance
➤ Bye bye freeze -- Status effect reworks make fights more strategic

Discover Makya:
➤ Make your own path -- Explore a complex world of mysterious caverns.
➤ Danger Looms Large -- Face dozens of "Avatar Pokemon" in 2v1 battles
➤ Unforgettable characters -- Fully realized NPC questlines span the whole region
➤ A land of diversity -- Makyan regional forms bolster rare typings

Face Hardcore Challenges:
➤ Achieve perfection -- Rewards for beating trainers without fainting
➤ Prove your worth -- Gym leaders guide skilled players to secret bosses
➤ Fight fate -- Optional "curses" make fights brutally difficult

Use Powerful Tools:
➤ The ultimate Pokedex -- All the info you'll ever need, and every way to search it
➤ Control stats directly -- "Style Points" replace EVs/IVs
➤ Copy moves between Pokemon -- Unlock new options with "Move Mentoring"
➤ Keep soldiering on -- The "Aid Kit" keeps your team healed in the field

Respect Your Time: 
➤ Streamlined progression -- New EXP mechanics eliminate grinding
➤ Take breaks -- Check the "What Next?" feature to get your bearings
➤ Transparency -- In-game "Battle Guide" explain mechanics changes
➤ Finely tuned -- Dozens of quality of life features remove tedium


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Developer: Brickbat

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/4568/