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Game Name: Pokemon Guild: A Warrior's Fantasy
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: Demo, v1.1
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Instead of becoming a trainer and traveling around regions building up a team, battling against other trainers, evolving them, and collecting badges in preparation for the Elite Four and the Champion at the end, what if we weren't able to actually send them out to do the battling for us, instead having to do the fighting ourselves with weapons and skills, not just against other people, but against Pokemon themselves? This is exactly what that is. Throughout the world, there are organizations where people band together for a common cause called guilds. Guilds typically work towards making the world a better place, though that isn't always the case. In some instances, they are actually quite evil and underhanded in the way they go about getting things done, usually only involved in what they are doing for the money and fame.
Pokemon Guild is set up in a manner similar to Dragon Quest, with some Final Fantasy IX splashed in. In it, you assume control of either Red, Blue, or Leaf, a young swordsman/swordswoman who seeks to join a guild themselves in order to help anyone and everyone in need, as well as the opportunity to explore the world they live in.

List of Features

  • EQUAP Skills - You don't learn any skills as you gain experience and level up. Instead, all the skills you can learn throughout the game are bound to your equipment. As long as you have it equipped to a character, they can use the skill and gather points as they win battles in order to learn them; removing the item before one is mastered removes it from your list of available skills. Once learned, you can move on to another piece of equipment.
  • Passive Skills - Special skills given to equipment that give bonuses to stats, gold, exp, or any combination of them.
  • Auto States - Upon a character's HP reaches a certain percentage, they enter into a state of empowerment, giving them a variety of bolstering effects. These effects do not run out once they are activated, so long as your HP doesn't go above the threshold for activating the auto-state.
  • Quest System - Main thing here is that quests are broken into 2 different categories, Main and Side. Main quests progress the game itself and mainly offer exp or gold as a reward, occasionally items that you can't find in shops. Side quests usually break away from the main and are opposite in terms of rewards.
  • Skill Separation - This is mainly done in 3 ways: Physical, Special, and Status. Physical moves require you to expend your own HP in order to perform them; Special and Status moves consume your SP in order for them to be used. Occasionally, you'll find a move that falls into either the Physical/Special category that actually consumes both, so you've been warned.
  • Forging - Yeah, that's right. You can take your old junk to a smithy, throw in a few other items (if needed), and get something better out of the deal. Items can be crafted into different, more powerful versions of themselves, weapons and armors can be imbued with elemental properties, gain improved stats, and sometimes come with a learnable skill. But be careful; Should you choose to do the opposite with items that can be broken down, you'll get only half of what you spent to make it and you might get a base component out of it.
  • Difficulty System - You can either make the game super easy by nerfing the enemy's damage and making gold, exp and your damage OP, or super frustrating by nerfing all of that in the game and making the enemy's damage OP. Plain and simple.

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Developer: AngelusMortis

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