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Bug - (Cafe) Obtain from Benjamin on Thursday (8AM - 11:59AM)
Dark - (Cafe) Obtain from Vega on Thursday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Dragon - (Cafe) Obtain from Penny on Friday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Electric - (Cafe) Obtain from Galavan on Monday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Fairy - (Cafe) Obtain from Anabelle on Wedneday (12PM - 1:59PM)
Fighting - (Cafe) Obtain from Big Mo on Tuesday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Fire - (Cafe) Obtain from Alford on Wednesday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Flying - (Cafe) Obtain from Alice on Sunday (12PM - 1:59PM)
Ghost - (Cafe) Obtain from Elias on Monday (5PM - 7:59PM)
Grass - (Rematch) Battle Mirskle under his Gym to Obtain
Ground - (Cafe) Obtain from Moleman on Tuesday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Ice - (Quest) Complete "Home for a Hobo"
Normal - (Cafe) Obtain from Mel on Sundary (12PM - 1:59PM)
Poison - (Tablet) Found in Crystal Peak behind the Tablet.
Psychic - (Area) Found in the Tomb of Borrius
Rock - (Area) Found in the Torture Chamber (Victory Road)
Steel - (Cafe) Obtain from Galavan on Monday (8PM - 11:59PM)
Water - (Cafe) Obtain from Tessy on Wednesday (12PM - 1:59PM)
Kommo-o - Victory Road Lava Room Behind the Tablet (Post-Game)
Marshadow - Ruins of Void Behind the Tablet
Lunala - Valley Cave Behind the Tablet
Solgalio - Frost Mountain Behind Tablet (Press A on Aggrons Back)
Necrozma - Elite 4 Complete "You Are My Only"
Tapu's - Fallshore Beach Show the Swimmer the 4 Island Guardians
Decidueye - Obtain from Zeph after Defeating Him (Post-Game)
Primarina - Ruins of Void Obtained after Defeating Aklove (Pokeball)
Incineroar - Currently Unavailable
Pikachu - Found in Thundercap Mountain
Pikachu - Obtain from Red at Magnolia Cafe
Snorlax - Obtained in Redwood Forest after Defeating Snorlax
Lycanroc - Complete the "Lost Hanky" Quest
A-Raichu - Currently Unavailable
Eevee - Show the Girl in the Blizzard City Pokemon Mart all the Eeveelutions
Mimikyu - Obtain from the Devil Duo in Frost Mountain
Mew - Complete the "Darwin was Right" Quest