Pokemon Unbound v2 Mega Stone Locations

Pokemon Unbound v2 Mega Stone Locations

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Abomasite Location: Frozen Forest

Found in the Forest east of Blizzard City (Rock Climb)

Abomasite Location

Absolite Location - Crystal Peak

Found in Crystal Peak from the female Ace trainer

Aerodactylite Location - Crystal Peak 1F

Found in Crystal Peak from a puzzle

Aerodactite Location

Aggronite Location - Lost Tunnel

Found Inside the Lost Tunnel

Aggronite Location

Alakazite Location - Route 11

Given by the Elder trainer on Route 11

Alakazite Location

Altarianite Location - Tarmigan Mansion B1F

Gift from the Mega Trainer After Defeating Her

Altarianite Location

Ampharosite Location - Thundercap Mt. 2F

Given as a reward for beating the Elder in Thundercap Mountain

Ampharosite Location

Audinite Location - Seaport City Indoors

Found in the left warehouse in Seaport City ( Opens after doing “Home for a hobo” Quest)

Audinite Location

Banettite Location - Grim Woods

Found in Grim Woods behind the large tablet (Strength)

Banettite Location

Beedrillite Location - Grim Woods

Given as a reward for completing the “Weed Whacker” Quest (Grim Woods)

Beedrillite Location

Blastoisite Location - Magnolia Town

Catherine only appears at Magnolia Cafe on Monday between

Blastoisite Location

Red Orb/Blue Orb Location - Crater Town Gym

Véga only appears at Magnolia Cafe on Thursday between 20h00-23h59

Blue Orb LocationRed Orb Locations

Cameruptite Location - Cinder Volcano 3F

Given as a reward for beating the Elder in Cinder Volcano

Cameruptite Location

Charizardite X Location - Cinder Volcano

Cinder Volcano after Opening a secret doorway

Charizite X Location

Charizardite Y Location - Magnolia Town

 Ambibola only appears at Magnolia Cafe on Tuesday between 18h00-19h59

Charizite Y Location

Diancite Location - Crater Town

Complete the task of destroying 3 collapsed doorways that litter the KBT Expressway using your ADM and Capturing 3 Carbink. Complete the “Major Miner” Quest

Diancite Location

Dragon Ascent Location - Battle Frontier

Dragon Ascent Location

Galladite Location - Antisis City - between 9h00-11h59

Found in Antisis City Port within the barricades (Dowsing Machine)

Galladite Location

Gardevoirite Location - Vivill Warehouse B2F

Found in the Vivill Warehouse (Dowsing Machine)

Gardevoirite Location

Gengarite Location - Victory Road

Rock Climb on Victory Road (Snow Zone)

Gengarite Location

Glalitite Location - Icicle Cave 1F

Found in Icicle Cave as a gift from Skiers

Glalitite Location

Metagrossite/Tyranitarite/Garchompite Location - Frozen Heights

From Prof. Log, Depends on who you choose as a starter. (Starter) Shadow HG (Post-Game) Reward for completing "Portal Purge"


Gyaradosite Location - Route 13

Given as a reward for beating the water master trainer on Route 13-14

Gyaradosite Location

Heracronite Location - Antisis City

You’ll need to complete all quests at your HQ. Given as a parting gift by James by completing the “Battle of Antisis” Quest

Heracronite Location

Houndoomite Location - Shadow Base B3F

Found in a tree in Zephs room

Houndoomite Location

Latiosite/Latiasite Location - Fallshore City Indoors

Depends on your character's gender. You’ll need to complete 45 quests.

Latiosite/Latiasite Location

Lopunnite Location - Route 2

Beat the double battle on Route 2

Lopunnite Location

Lucarionite Location - Great Desert

Complete the “Warmonger” Quest in the Great Desert

Lucarionite Location

Manectite Location - Thundercap Mt. 3F

Found in Thundercap Mountain by completing a Strength Puzzle

Manectite Location

Mawilite Location - Icicle Cave 4F

Found in the Icicle cave secret doorway

Mawilite Location

Medichamite Location - Route 10

Given by an Elder Trainer on Route 10 (Rock Climb)

Medichamite Location

Pidgeotite Location - Route 17

Found on Route 17 with Rock Climb and Surf

Pidgeotite Location

Pinsirite Location - Redwood Forest

Given as a reward by completing the “Numb Skull” Quest

Pinsirite Location

Sablenite Location - Route 18

Given as a reward for defeating the Ace Trainer on Route 18

Sablenite Location

Salamencite Location - Dresco Town, from Arthur

You’ll need to complete the events at Ruins of Void after defeating Elite 4. Talk to Aurthor after defeating Aklove in the Ruins of Void

Salamencite Location

Scizorite Location - Great Desert

Given by the Ace Trainer in the Great Desert (Rock Climb)

Scizorite Location

Sharpedonite Location - Seaport City

Given as a reward by completing the “Shark Bait” Quest

Sharpedonite Location

Slowbronite Location - Seaport City

Slowbronite Location

Steelixite Location - Crystal Peak 1F

Found east of Fallshore Beach on Route 11 (Rock Climb)

Steelixite Location

Metagrossite/Tyranitarite/Garchompite Location - Route 12

Depends on who you choose as a starter


Venusaurite Location - Magnolia Town

Given by Mahina at Magnolia Cafe

Venusaurite Location

Kangaskhanite - Redwood Forest

Obtained in Redwood Forest by Showing a lady 4 Kangaskhan

Sceptilite, Blazikenite, and Swampertite

NPC Outside of Cube Corp (5 Grass/Fire/Water Gems)

Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y are Currently Unavailable