Pokemon Ultra (Portuguese/GBA)

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Pokemon Ultra Cover

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Hack Name: Pokemon Ultra
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: v1.0, 12.11.2021
Language: Portuguese
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


A Portuguese Hack of FireRed.

List of Features

  • Balanced and cleaner change of scenarios. Making the experience More Dynamic
  • All 1st generation Pokémon are on the map.
  • Changed the levels of all NPCs in the game.
  • The GYM Leaders now have 6 Pokemons,
  • You can now acquire Safe Houses with rewards. Solve puzzles or buy.
  • High difficulty
  • Inserted a simple item creation system, inside the houses.
  • It only goes until the first generation both the Pokemons as the TMs, and HM. 
  • All catchable pokemon, and with normal evolution without needing to change.
  • All elite 4 have 6 pokemon.
  • Added pokemon center and new store.
  • After winning the final battle, there's more news.
  • High cash rewards
  • The hack version with plates has little signs scattered from route 1 to Cinnabar (Outside the cities only) showing which pokemon are on the current route you are on!


Pokemon Ultra Screenshot 00Pokemon Ultra Screenshot 01Pokemon Ultra Screenshot 02Pokemon Ultra Screenshot 03

Developer: Axson Martins