Pokemon Smeraldo Upgraded (Italian/GBA)

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Hack Name: Pokemon Smeraldo Upgraded
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon Emerald
Status: Completed
Language: Italian
Category: PokemonHackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


The basic story is unchanged. This is mostly an upgrade hack of Emerald but new stuff can surprise you as well.


List of Features


  • Sprite of improved and more loyal Pokémon (except for Unown but including the Egg)
  • Improved Pokémon icons
  • Sprites of the protagonist (both M and F) and about fifty Trainers have been improved or completely changed with others
  • Several "terrains" on which the Pokémon rest during the battle have been changed (not the backgrounds)
  • Added Overworld Sprite of the new Legendaries, also improved Lugia and Ho-Oh
  • Several Overworld Sprites have been improved or corrected in some inaccuracies
  • Various graphical fixes in many maps; improved the floor of the Pkmn Center
  • Updated the logo and credits on the home screen, the year of production in the opening, and the title of the game in the ending theme


  • All 386 Pokémon are catchable: new random encounters, new post-League events (or changes to some previous ones), new gifts, updated exchanges...
  • Each Legendary can be captured only once through a specific event (battle music taken from those of RF / VF)
  • The starters of each Generation have their own event that allows them to be obtained (one of the Johto starters is obtained from Prof. Birch, as it was originally, by completing the Hoenn Pokédex)
  • Two of the Generation I fossils are recoverable in a certain place, the other is obtained by the event
  • Some other Pokémon also have a single event to be obtained
  • Statistics updated to the VII Generation
  • Capture rate of Groudon, Kyogre, Mew and Celebi lowered to 3 as for other Legendaries
  • Ninetales EVs updated to Generation V (Misdreavus and Roselia unmodified as there are no evolutions)
  • Statistics colored red (best) or blue (worst) based on Nature
  • Cartavetro ability updated to Generation IV (removes 1/8 of max Ps instead of 1/16)
  • Collected Ability no longer finds TM44 / 01/26 (as TMs are reusable), but respectively Etere Max / Bright powder / PP-Max
  • Feebas can be fished anywhere on route 119 (Super Amo 15%)
  • Some wild Pokémon have new items, for others the odds of holding them have been changed


  • Split between Physical and Special as from the IV Generation
  • Updated moves (Damage, PP, Accuracy, Effects, Priority, etc...) as from Generation VII (except Target changes and Race type)
  • Movesets updated to RF / VF; also Gardevoir modified to learn Magic Leaf at LV 1 as Kirlia
  • TM, NM, and Move Teacher learning compatibility updated to Generation VI
  • Move Teacher can teach the Move once every day, instead of just once (now Ceneride won't teach it during Groudon vs. Kyogre's fight)
  • Move Guide teaches without the need for the Heart Scale
  • HM moves that can be canceled without the Eliminator (no longer exists, changed the dialogs about it)
  • Added two Move Teachers (daily) in certain places: one teaches Nightmare, the other Synthesis.
  • Nightmare Compatibility: All Pokémon that learn Dream Eater (as in Generation VI) also learn Nightmare, except for the evolution lines of Chansey, Togepi, Skitty, and Swablu
  • Compatibility Summary: as from Generation IV


  • The following evolutions now operate using these new items on the Pokémon:
    • Alakazam - using Psychoaroma on Kadabra
    • Machamp - using the Energy Band on Machoke
    • Golem - using Aroma Rock on Graveler
    • Gengar - using Shadowstone on Haunter
    • Politoed - using King's Rock on Poliwhirl (different object from the original, the original fluttering has changed name)
    • Slowking - using King's Rock on Slowpoke
    • Steelix - using the Metal Plate on Onix
    • Scizor - using the Metalplate on Scyther
    • Kingdra - using the Dragon Scale on Seadra
    • Porygon2 - using Upgrade on Porygon
    • Milotic - using the Beautiful Scale on Feebas (which also evolves with the classic method of Beauty to the maximum)
    • Huntail - using the Deep Tooth on Clamperl (different item from the original that does not increase Clamperl's At Sp, the original is not obtainable)
    • Gorebyss - using the Ripple on Clamperl (different item from the original that does not increase Clamperl's Dif Sp, the original is not obtainable)
  • As with other Stones, these items also do not work if the Pokémon is holding the Stones


  • More than 140 Trainers have received changes (more or less) to their Pokémon team (and their eventual rematches); in some cases, the respective AI has also been improved
  • Added a fight against Ivan
  • A fight against the Magmatenente Ottavio has been changed to its female equivalent not included in the original game
  • Elite Four and Champion dialogues now change after winning the League the first time (but not the Pokémon they use, which remain the same); the professor. Birch and his rival will only appear in the first win, not the next
  • Gym Leaders now have the same battle intro animation as the Elite Four, each with their own color, even in rematches; the color of the player intro is now green, whether it is male or female
  • Fix of the name of the son of the Vinci family in Via Vittoria
  • In some places, some old acquaintances will come to life and throw completely new challenges...


  • TM reusable (changed the dialogues about it)
  • TM35 is available in a specific place, not only at the Ciclamipoli Casino as it was originally
  • TM37 now contains Netherfire instead of Earthstorm, the ball moved to another location; the ball in the desert now contains something else; also adapted the Movesets of those who can learn the move (and those who cannot) as from Generation V. The reasons for this change are two: the first and most important concerns the bug of the Eddyhg80 patch on Terrempesta 
  • Slow Choice added, which increases Atk. Sp. But they only use the first move selected
  • The original King's Rock has been renamed to Blindfold, changed the icon and the dialogues about it; the new King's Rock is only for evolutions
  • Gelomai was renamed to Gelopiù 
  • A certain Pokémarket now sells all Evolution Stones and new Evolution Items, apart from the Beautiful Scale, which can be obtained once every day in a certain location from a new NPC
  • On routes 111 and 120, NPCs who gave the same Berry daily now give more variety
  • Other very rare Berries can be obtained in a certain place via a mini-event; the only Berry not obtainable in the game now is the Puzzle Berry
  • Repellent system updated to that of Generation V (when it finishes it asks if you want to use another one)
  • To get the Bike you must first complete a small event (too many items are immediately given away...); the cycle path (and not only that one) will therefore be accessible a little later in the game
  • Heart Scales can be given away in a new location, in exchange for other items that were difficult to find in the original game
  • Some NPCs may have new events and donate previously unobtainable Items. Better to talk to everyone to find possible news!
  • Some events include new Key Items


  • More than 35 new maps added, of various sizes
  • Changed the music of some maps, especially those that had the same as others (music taken from those of RF / VF). All the original music is still present, even if a couple maybe in different places from before ...
  • Materna Island renewed
  • "Reorganized" Abyssal Lair
  • The buildings of Ceneride and Verdeazzupoli that used to serve multiplayer connections now have other purposes
  • Cave of the Times restored with all levels (and music on the top floor)
  • Monte Cordone has two more floors uphill and two less downhill 
  • Fixed the weather on the top of the Sky Tower (did not change during the fight between Groudon and Kyogre)
  • Fix route 134 and Ceneride Gym (very small parts allowed you to walk where you couldn't)
  • Trainer School graphic glitch fix (keeping Pokémon in slots 10 and 12 of the sixth box causes windows to become buggy)
  • Changed NPC sprites where there were too many of the same in close-up maps, to give just the right variety!


  • Fix for bugs to save after League
  • From the beginning of the game, a new NPC will be able to update the National Pokédex (after receiving the classic one)
  • Running Shoes are now delivered after obtaining the first Pokémon, instead of having to wait to receive the Pokédex
  • Graphic alternation day/night and based on the seasons (modified some places that were considered indoors and therefore did not receive the change)
  • You can run inside the buildings
  • You receive Exp Points. even when catching a Pokémon
  • Poisoning effect out of battle updated to Generation IV (at 1 HP the Pokémon heals instead of KO)
  • Pokémon Eggs hatch at Level 1 as from Generation IV (instead of Generation 5)
  • The animation of the Pkmn Center does not take into account the Eggs in the team
  • Decapitalized Pokémon names, Moves, Skills, and Items in menus (items still capitalized in dialogs)
  • The Ciclanova event is no longer optional but must be completed before continuing on Route 118 
  • Regenerate Fossils can also bring other Pokémon back to life (if you have multiple fossils in your Backpack, it will follow a set order)
  • Space Center dialogue fix (did not update after the Team Magma event but only after the League)
  • -More dialogue from some NPCs improved
  • Slightly increased the space that is illuminated by Flash
  • In addition to the Game Freak Team, a new NPC will also appear at the Alhepolis hotel ...


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Developer: Jabu29