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Game Name: The Other Side of the Pokeball
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: Demo
Language: English
Category: PokemonUnityFan Game
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You've been captured. The last thing you see before everything fades into darkness is the faces of your family and their distressed cries, as they helplessly watch one of their own being taken away from them yet again. This time, it's your turn.

You struggle inside the pokéball's tight bonds, to no avail. You're completely trapped.

You weep for your parents and nest-mates as chances are, you'll never see them again. You've seen it happen before; none caught by the humans ever returned.

Time passes, hunger and thirst come, but the unrelenting darkness remains. You being to wonder if you'll just die there.

Suddenly, you hear an explosion through the void of the pokéball. Cracks appear around you, allowing dim light to rush in. You feel the pokéball's pressure loosen. Emboldened by the possibility of freedom, you flail inside the cramped space, and the pokéball bursts apart.

A scene of destruction is revealed before you. Dust, shards of glass, and rocks of all sizes litter the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling. However, none of that seems as important as one simple fact: You're free!

Your next thought goes to your family. You'll be able to see them again! However, you soon realize looking for them is not an option, as you have no idea where you are. You decide to look around and ask the local Pokémon for directions. Hopefully, they're friendly...

List of Features

  • 3D, real-time combat. Fun and fast-paced combat system, with heavy reliance on player skill.
  • 3 difficulty levels. Whether you want a relaxing experience without having to worry about dying at every turn, a challenge that'd make Emerald Kaizo players blush, or anything in between, The Other Side of the Pokéball has got you covered.
  • An engaging storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat every step of the way.
  • Ability to play as a wild Pokémon or as the traditional trainer. This choice is made at the beginning of the game and cannot be undone without starting on a new save file. Wild Pokémon gameplay offers a unique experience found in no other Pokémon game. Both factions have their own storyline and lore.
  • Massive open world and near-complete freedom to explore it!
  • Unique leveling and progression system, with plenty of room for customization:
  • Stats dictate your combat level and not the other way around.
  • Stats can be individually leveled up. You can gain experience in a stat by hitting a move and each move can level up a different stat.
  • Moves can also be leveled up through the same process, except each move will only grant experience for itself. Leveling up a move grants a level point in that move, which can be used to increase the move's own stats (eg: power, energy cost, etc) or to unlock perks specific to that move, with unique effects.
  • Moves cost Energy instead of PP. Energy regenerates over time, but the rate at which it does so can be modified with certain moves, items, skills, etc. Due to real-time and skill shot-based combat, some moves might have different mechanics.
  • Several Pokémon who are considered "weak" have received stat, ability, and/or movepool buffs. The goal here is to have all Pokémon have roughly equal power levels at every combat bracket. Some abilities and moves will also receive buffs.


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