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Game Name: Pokemon Triple Triad
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.4
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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This game is completed and focuses ONLY on Triple Triad.

List of Features

  • Shop to acquire booster packs.
  • Losing your most valuable cards to an NPC adds these cards to their deck.
  • Almost every NPC plays Triad.
  • When placing a card in a Triad Match, their cry will play.
  • You can acquire Pokémon with boosted stats. Look at the Ditto on Pause Menu screenshots for an example.
  • Like Final Fantasy 8, to acquire some Player cards, you must lose some cards elsewhere.

The Shop:

  • You can buy Triad Cards, but in booster packs only.
  • Booster packs come in 4 different types: Booster, Trainer, Elite, and Legendary.
  • Just because the name of a pack, I.E. Legendary, doesn't mean you will open a pack and receive a Legendary card, but it definitely has a chance to get one.
  • The pack prices are different in different areas, in these pictures, the Trainer Pack costs $6000, but in another area, it could be $5000 or $7000 (examples only).
  • Once you buy the pack, it goes into your backpack which is where you will open the packet and acquire your cards.

Pause Menu:

  • The pause menu has been changed, it no longer is a pause menu you've seen in the past. It now literally shows you the Triad Cards you own, in order of strength value between 1 and P. "A" is technically 10. "P" is all player cards. However, in PokéCenters around the world, although useless for you, you can pop inside one and use the PC, this will no longer ask you to pick between your PC or Box, but will bring up a new screen with help buttons for the game, as you progress, you will unlock new buttons and add-ons. Come here to refresh yourself on how to use them. In these pictures, you can see how to challenge NPC's to a Triad Battle.
  • New Screenshot of the secondary menu, which you can switch to, which is essentially a PokéDex view
  • You can also see how many cards in total you own, this includes duplicates of cards
  • You can access this view by pressing left or right on the keypad, and again to switch back.

Triad Battles:

  • Each NPC has a normal speech and a battle speech.
  • The normal speech will not start a Triad match.
  • When you get into a match, you will be asked to pick 5 cards. Do this and start the match.
  • If you win the match, depending on your rules, you may be asked to pick a card the opponent owns. Pick the card and continue the game.
  • Some NPC's have cards specific to their deck. Look out for these cards.
  • If you find yourself losing cards and you happen to lose your rarest card, don't fear, you can just rechallenge the same NPC and attempt to win it back, but beware, sometimes the NPC doesn't want to lose it straight away and may not use it immediately.
  • The NPC will always pick your best card if you lose.


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Developer: Nickalooose

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=377149