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Game Name: Pokemon Rocket Invasion
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: Beta v0.31, Possibly Abandoned
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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Pokemon Rocket Invasion is a game that follows Team Rocket's invasion and growth in the Bento Region. You play a grunt who will rise through the ranks of Team Rocket, eventually becoming an Admin and in charge of your own base. Main missions will involve expanding power throughout the region. Side quests will give you further options to explore areas and receive extra rewards.

List of Features

  • Stealable Pokemon: The are very few areas where wild Pokemon are available. As such you'll have to steal as many as you can. You have access to rewards the more Pokemon you steal.
  • Missions: Unlike Main series Pokemon games, your quest is not to challenge Gyms and beta the Elite Four. You will be carrying out missions for Team Rocket to help them expand their interests in the Bento Region. You will be rewarded not only for completing the mission but how well you complete the mission. Some missions will have you completing tasks like causing mayhem to allow other operatives to complete their objective. Others may have you collecting fossils or resources for Team Rocket. Not only will you have your main story missions, but also side quests that let you explore more of the world and get extra rewards.
  • Brand New Region: Explore the Bento Region a brand new adventure. The Bento region has many towns and caves etc to explore, not every area is directly linked to the main quest and you may only have access to certain areas after certain story missions or base upgrades.
  • Dark Pokemon: Based on the Pokemon TCG set. You will be able to access Dark Pokemon. These Pokemon are more aggressive in nature after undergoing scientific experiments. They differ in color, stats, typings, and abilities. So far there are only 6 available Dark Pokemon. 
  • Rocket Points: These will signify the increasing influence of Team Rocket in the B[ento region. The more you perform actions in line with Team Rocket's goals, the more Rocket Points you will receive. You will be able to access the Team Rocket Quartermaster who will be able to provide better quality items the more Rocket Points you receive. Certain conversation options will allow you to use your Rocket Points to show Team Rocket's influence.
  • Choices Matter: So earning Rocket Points is important, but certain choices may backfire if you try to extort the wrong person. As an example, you might be able to rob a PokeMart, getting a good deal of items in the process. However, PokeMart may not be able to continue business and as such you will no longer be able to buy items from them. In essence, being evil will usually gain you some reward, but sometimes you might get a better reward being nicer. Unless you save beforehand, you will not be able to go back on your choices. In certain cases, choices will have a big impact on the story, which allies are available and access to side quests.
  • Mission UI: After you have received your Pokegear and first Pokemon, you'll receive your Mission UI which allows you to track your quests and gives you hints on how to proceed.
  • Triple Triad: Those of you who love Card Games, Triple Triad is a fairly big thing in this game thanks to the creators of Pokemon Essentials adding it. There are currently 2 side quests revolving around Triple Triad. The game will now track your wins and losses and you'll be ranked based on your score. 
  • Additional Functions: Speed Up button and very limited controller support
  • PokeGear: As alluded to previously. Your call function will allow you to access additional features such as Triple Triad Rankings and info. Also, you can access your Mission UI and check your Pokedex from PokeGear. You can also chat with various characters you meet.
  • And More: Added some Gen6/7/8 Pokemon and custom-ish trainer sprites for player characters. I am very new to sprite art but hope to improve over the course of development.


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Developer: FlumpFlump

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=431358