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Game Name: Pokemon Black Widow Version
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: Pokémon Essentials
Status: v1.0.2
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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In the Pokemon Black Widow Version, you are an 18-year-old boy or girl that gets your first Pokemon in the Arachno Islands. The Arachno Islands are a group of 9 islands in the middle of a sea, 1 central island, and 8 outer islands. Throughout your journey, you will encounter a wide variety of characters, Pokemon, and the notorious Team Venom. Travel around the region training your Pokemon and catching new ones. Collect the 8 gym badges before taking on the Elite Four.

List of Features

  • A brand new island-based region
  • Each island is its own biome with unique Pokemon.
  • There are Pokemon from Gens 1-8 in the game.
  • 8 custom gym badges
  • 3 Fakemon starter lines
  • Some items and moves are obtained in traditionally abnormal places in the game.
  • New items
  • Unique puzzles throughout the story


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Developer: Prodigy3332

Original Source: https://reliccastle.com/threads/4008/