Pokemon Supreme Fire Final Remake Move Changes

Pokemon Supreme Fire Final Remake Move Changes

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Move Changes

PWR-UP-PUNCH = Original move is Mega Punch = Fighting move

CUT = Have 55% chance of flinching the foe = Flying Move

PWR-UP-KICK = Original move was Mega Kick = Steel Move

Take Down = Slows Down foe instead of recoil

Thrash = Breaks Shield (like Brick Break)

Disarm = Originally Double-Edge = Lowers foe's attack stat

Pin Missile and Twin Needle = Have more Power now

Disable = Priority Move and aim all enemies

Dracarys = Flamethrower (i love GoT)

Blizzard = raises def instead of freezing

Submission = No more recoil damage

Surf = Chance to lower sp attk of foe (because water nice. High chance)

Strength = Chance of gaining All Stat boost

Fissure = High Damage but can damage self (think of Hi-Jump Kick)

Hypnosis = 80% accuracy = Ghost move

Recover = Priority Move

Light Screen = Priority mMove

Reflect = Priority Move

Haze = Priority Move

Selfdestruc and Explosion = ??? type 

Egg Bomb = Priority Move and ??? type

Waterfall = Chance of flinching

DreamEater = Ghost Move

Transform = Priority Move

Spore = Priority Move

Flash = Aim all Foes

Dark Force = Priority Move

Sharpen = Raises Sp Att by 2 stage

Power UP = Original Move was Struggle = 50% chance to increase all Stats by 1 stage

Snore = ??? type

Destiny Bond = Priority Move

SEAL! = Original move SafeGuard, Priority move

Aura Punch = Fighting special attack move

Encore = Priority

Drain Smaash = Original Move, Rock Smash = Fighting move and heals the user (think of Drain punch)

Beat up = 45 power

Memento = Priority move, Hits all Foes

Feint Crush = Priority move = Steel type

Blast Burn, Frenzy plant and Hydro Cannon does not need to Recharge anymore

Sheer Cold = 100% freezes opponent if hit

Rock Blast = Hit twice

Doom Desire = Use after foes use their moves. Jirachi and Rayquaza Exclusive move

Extrasensory and Psycho Boost = Works like fury cutter (as long as you dont miss or not hit someone immune to psychic, the next time you use the move will be stronger)