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Game Name: Super Sludge Islands
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Based On: PokΓ©mon Essentials
Status: Demo, 10-15 min.
Language: English
Category: PokemonRPG Maker XPFan Game
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A game inspired by Undertale and Mario. Jump and run through this demo with 2 levels! Has a speedrun world record of 2m 47.72s but if you're doing a casual playthrough it's about 10-15 minutes. You will travel around the Sludge Islands and maybe find the secret boss fight. There is also a (very small) completion bonus if you have all 6 stars and talk to Swablu.

List of Features

  • The new combat system
  • Platforming
  • Fast Movement
  • World Map
  • Custom Art
  • Custom Sludgemon


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Developer: πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΅

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