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Hack Name: Spectrobes GBA
Platform: GBA
Hack Original: Pokemon FireRed
Status: Demo v0.23, 19/06/2022, ~1-hour gameplay
Language: English
Category: HackGBA
Playable On: Mobile, Pc, Emulator


Rallen and Jeena, Planetary Patrol officers, are sent to investigate a crashed escape capsule and inside it find an aged survivor of a now-destroyed star system. He explains that his civilization was destroyed by amoebic-like creatures called Krawl who devour planetary systems throughout the universe. He then explains that the only way to fight them is to reawaken their natural enemies - the Spectrobes. Rallen and Jeena, hoping to protect their own star system from this fate, set out to gather as many Spectrobes as they can and find the source of the Krawl swarm.

The primary gameplay feature of both the original game and this Rom Hack involves you progressing through the linear story and using your spaceship to travel from planet to planet. Every planet has different environments, with different Spectrobe fossils to awaken and different Krawl to fight. Train up your team of Spectrobes and follow the central plot in a very story-driven game, all while learning as much as you can about these creatures and exploring all the different biomes in the Nanairo star system.

List of Features

Moves and Types: 

  • The plan is to make the battles more interesting/reminiscent of Spec1 by giving every Spectrobe (and Krawl) species completely unique moves. These "signature moves" will allow every Spectrobe to be useful. A number of basic moves will also be shared between species. The only things the player will currently have to pay attention to with moves are Effect, Power, Accuracy, PP, Targets, and Type, with few moves giving stat boosts and even fewer giving status effects until later in the game. This is to remove some "pokemon-ness" from the system. That doesn't mean that every Spectrobe will be stuck as generic damage-dealers but does mean that other fight styles will be a little rarer than in Pokemon, and limited by species, hopefully ending up keeping a similar mix to that of Spec1.
  • The types, Corona, Aurora, and Flash, will be unchanged from Spec1.
  • Additionally, the physical/special split has been implemented to give more range as well.
  • These changes will keep to the spirit of the original Spectrobes but still work in a turn-based strategy environment. 


  • Included as a nod to the "Beyond the Portals" mechanic where certain Spectrobe species have a unique combination attack and as a replacement to Pokemon abilities. This mechanic will be expanded upon in comparison to BtP, with many more species combinations planned to be included in the future. Simply, compatible Synergy Combos receive a 50% offensive boost in double battles.
  • Vilamasta + Bartolor --> Armored Bulk
  • Komanoto + Shimanoto --> Guardian Dogs


  • A few things to note outside of battle:
  • You always need a minimum of 2 Adult Spectrobes in your Prizmod, as opposed to 1 Pokemon. This is a nod to Spec1 and is also because double battles will become the most common form of battle as the game progresses. 
  • Fossil locations and Vortexes will respawn when you leave an area and return. Minerals and Cubes will not respawn like this (but old Mineral locations may respawn as you progress through the story).
  • Child Spectrobes can't be sent out in battle. The game will ignore any Child forms in your party. You can't use them as fodder to heal your Adults and you can't switch-train them until you evolve them. But there's still a reason to bring some Child forms with you:
  • The purpose of having Child forms right now is to hunt for Rare Deposits. These are found in precarious locations, and Child Spectrobes with unique attributes (such as being able to fly, having a hard outer shell, etc) will be needed to get the goodies inside. They will contain a lot of minerals, but also a Secret Spectrobe fossil - a fossil of a Spectrobe from Beyond the Portals, not Spec1 - that can't be found anywhere else, so any collector should look out for them.


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Developer: Asith

Original Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=459017