Psyduck Hunt (Spanish/FanGame)

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Game Name: Psyduck Hunt
Part Of: PC Pokemon Fan Games
Status: Completed, Demo
Language: Spanish
Category: PokemonFan Game
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The year is 1934. A plague infests the streets of the Kanto region. Not even the most daring coaches are capable of making a dent in the numbers of the vile threat that runs through the cities with its furious blinking, while world geopolitics hangs by a tenuous thread. The abuses of your government become palpable day after day, which uses the invasion as an excuse to undermine the rights of the people in pursuit of the so-called security. Perhaps if the enemy disappeared, the emperor's lie would be laid bare before the eyes of your blinded society. The time has come to prove your worth. Grab your Pokéball, aim deftly.

And catch.

The hunt ... has begun.

List of Features

  • Arcade game for the whole family
  • Online scoring system
  • Ingame achievement system
  • Crowds of enemies to capture
  • Quack. Many quack.


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Developer: Kyu, Kid, Clara, Caeles

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